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Elected Youth Council Meeting September 13, 2016

Austin Youth Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:14pm, by AYC facilitator, Dr. Chiquita Eugene.

Members Present:
Ilsa Siddiqui, District 1
Enrique Avila-Martinez, District 3
Marlene Mora, District 5
Radha Sathyanarayan, District 6
Annemarie Manley, District 7
Colista Nemec, District 8
Sarah Biggs, District 9

Not Present:
Rebecca Gomez, District 2
Bonfilia Singh, District 4
Ilisha DSouza, District 10

Approval of Minutes

No meeting minutes to approve at this time.

Citizens Communication

Tammy Nguyen: Suggested to council that there be an additional optional committee on the council
were members can work to carry out and plan different service/volunteer events that may not be
related to the main item the Austin Youth Council chooses to focus on.


Discussion on the focuses/issues the council would like to work on for 2016-2016 year.

Motion from Marlene Mora: To make focus teen job services/teen poverty & work on Diversity in Austin
and acceptance.
Motion is seconded by Colista Nemec
Marlene would like to rescind motion because she does not want have combine the two items
as the one focus for the year
Vote on motion: 7 in favor
Resolved: Motion carried; and the original motion has been receded.
Motion: to bring awareness to youth on issues of diversity and acceptance in Austin.
Amendment: To include mental health disparities within the initiative on diversity and awareness.
Motion is seconded
Vote on motion: 6 in favor, 1 against
Resolved: Motion carries AYC will focus on spreading awareness on the need for acceptance of
diversity in Austin.
Motion from Sarah Biggs: For the Austin Youth Council to focus on spreading awareness and fundraising
for the needs of Animal Shelters in Austin
Motion is seconded by Radha Sathyanarayan
Vote on motion: 3 in favor, 1 against, 2 abstain
Resolved: Motion failed

Motion from Marlene Mora (?): To make job services and awareness on teen poverty an additional focus
of the AYC.
Motion is seconded
Vote: 7 in favor
Resolved: Motion carried; job services and teen poverty will be an additional focus of the Austin
Youth Council
Motion by Colista Nemec: To have a committee for additional service projects related to other issues,
not voted on as an official focus for the year
Motion to table this item.
Vote: 4 in favor, 3 against
Item is tabled for the next meeting.
Motion for the meeting to be adjourned.
7 in favor

Meeting Adjourned at 7:30pm.