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"Translators are the shadow heroes of literature, the often forgotten instruments that make it possible for

different cultures to talk to one another, who have enabled us to understand that we all, from every part
of the world, live in one world. Paul Auster

I would like to start this paper quoting the words from one of my favorite writers and movie directors.
This quote from Paul Auster can perfectly sum up what I expect from this interpreter and translator role.
I consider that it is not only necessary to obtain the linguistic elements when you learn a second language,
it is also mandatory to acquire all the essential elements in the process to understand cultural awareness
in order to make the speakers of two different languages to find in their linguistic and metalinguistic
knowledge a bridge that support them during all the stages of the communication process.
If I receive the role as the interpreter, then I will know that is an enormous responsibility. This role is not
only about translating words from the mother tongue to one of the speakers to their second language. It
is a complex process that involves the cultural particularities of each one of them. Moreover, it
incorporates the interpretation process and the pertinent explanations to the prohibitions and rules and
codes that requires a deep exploration of the host culture. I, as an interpreter and translator for the host,
will give the possibilities of enrichment to their own experiences, live in various scenarios and qualify their
abilities; not only as an instructor but as a citizen of a globalized world that is linked by the English
As a Sena Instructor, this experience will transform my pedagogical practices and help directly the
bilingualism process that is being developed in Boyac. My students have some lack in communication.
However it is not an obstacle for them to learn from this experiences. They will be facing new
communication challenges. Now that they are involved in a virtual exchange course, they have noticed
that it is not only a matter of memorizing all the grammatical structures but it is also a matter of ensuring
an excellent communication process. With my students, it is not a matter of being bilingual anymore. It is
a matter of being bicultural, it is about acquiring a cultural competence with the English speakers; not
only in English-native speaker countries but all around the world. In my opinion, that would be an
incredible path to follow in order to obtain tolerance and peace all around our mother Earth. Speeches,
texts and writings can be misunderstood. My goal after this experience is to transform their perception
about the real importance of speaking a second language. They can have not only better professional
opportunities, but they can contribute to change the future of their country. Perhaps I am a dreamer, but
that is what I want to obtain with this experience; changes, not only my personal experience but in my
apprentices lives and opportunities.
Now using my own words, I would like to thank in advance all of your effort as bilingualism Team, because
all this experiences are oriented and addressed for those whom we develop our labor, our apprentices
and their second language process, My effort will be always with them no matter what.