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7th Science Wolf in a Dog Show?

Name: _______________ Mod: ____ Date:________

The Westminster Dog Show is deciding whether or not to include wolves next year as a breed of dogs. You
are going to write a letter to them about your opinion! You can support the wolves entry or you can support
excluding the wolves. Before you make your sign, you need to do your research and then choose your side
of the argument. You will be graded on your research outline and your final draft. Many resources are
available to you at:

Research Outline
Claims: To make an educated decision if wolves should be entered in the dog show, you should research
both sides of the argument. Start with both possible claims that you could make: (2 pts)

Pro Wolves Claim: Anti Wolves Claim:

Evidence: Your Evidence should be a combination of these 2 types of research:

Specific evidence (ex. DNA or traits) from your research that supports your claim.
Specific data (e.g. numbers) from your research that supports your claim (8 pts)

Pro Wolves Evidence: Anti Wolves Evidence:

7th Science Dog/Wolf Outline

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7th Science Dog/Wolf Outline
Once you have completed your research, choose your side.

The claim I am choosing to support is: (3pts)

To catch peoples attention, rewrite your claim as an interesting slogan:

I am choosing this claim because

Reasoning: In this section you need to explain why your evidence supports your claim. Be specific and use
your scientific vocabulary

Explain how the

evidence you
researched support
your claim (2 pts)

The importance of Natural Selection:

Natural Selection and
Selective Breeding as
it relates to dogs and
wolves (2 pts)

Selective Breeding:

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7th Science Dog/Wolf Outline
The relevance of Variation:
variation, adaptation
and speciation to the
evolution of the dog
and wolf (2 pts)



Your final sign will be graded with this rubric on its Claim, Evidence and Reasoning.
Claim Evidence Reasoning
A statement or Scientific data that supports the claim. The A justification that connects the evidence
conclusion that data needs to be appropriate and sufficient to the claim. It shows why the data counts
answers the original to support the claim. as evidence by using appropriate and
question/problem. sufficient scientific principles.
0 Does not make a Does not provide evidence, or only Does not provide reasoning, or only
claim, or makes an provides inappropriate evidence or vague provides inappropriate reasoning like
inaccurate claim evidence, like the data shows me it is dogs are mans best friend and wolves
true or wolves wont attack humans arent
1 Makes an accurate but Makes a general statement about how in Repeats evidence and links it to the claim,
vague or incomplete wolves and dogs but does not include but does not include scientific principles
claim specific data.
2 Makes an accurate Provides less than 4 pieces of evidence. Links the evidence to the claim and the
and complete claim Including: scientific principles.
Specific evidence (ex. DNA or Provides 1 of the following 2 reasoning
traits) from your research that components:
supports your claim. The importance of Natural
Specific data (e.g. numbers) from Selection and Selective Breeding
your research that supports your The relevance of variation,
claim adaptation and speciation to the
evolution of the dog and wolf
3 X Provides 4 pieces of evidence. Including: Links the evidence to the claim and the
Specific evidence (ex. DNA or scientific principles.
traits) from your research that Provides 2 of the following 2 reasoning
supports your claim. components:
Specific data (e.g. numbers) from The importance of Natural
your research that supports your Selection and Selective Breeding
claim The relevance of variation,
adaptation and speciation to the
evolution of the dog and wolf
3 additional points will be awarded for your letters visuals. The letter needs to include at least three
picture, be colorful, well organized and be easy to read.

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