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The Ultimate Simple Protocol For Cancer

Stage IV Protocol

by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

TREATMENT RATING: This is a new alternative cancer treatment (in

2011) which is composed of several highly proven cancer
treatments which are each very simple to use!!

This protocol will likely be used by patients who cannot afford, or

do not want to deal with the intensity of, the more powerful and
faster-starting protocols (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride,

Note that this protocol does not have the alkaline power to stop
fast-spreading cancers or cancers that have already spread

This protocol is designed to use several nutritional protocols which

start working quickly and will "buy time" until the Bob Beck
Protocol can kick-in. Limu Juice is at the head of these protocols,
so this is not a cheap protocol!! However, this is a very, very good
protocol which contains several treatments which have cured
cancer by themselves.

FDA and ICRF Disclaimer

Please click this link to see the disclaimer:

Introduction: The Ultimate Simple Protocol for Cancer

Every human being has cancer cells in their body and every human being
has an immune system. As long as a person has a "balance" between
the strength of their immune system versus the number of cancer cells in
their body they will likely not be diagnosed with cancer.

However, if the strength of the immune system drops or the number of

cancer cells increases; the number of cancer cells may grow out of
control and the person may be diagnosed with cancer.

There are many, many things which can weaken the immune system.
Many of these things are considered to be "causes of cancer."

Other things, such as a highly acidic diet, can cause the number of
cancer cells to grow faster than the immune system can routinely kill the
cancer cells. Many of these things are also considered to be "causes of

Thus, things which weaken the immune system or encourage the growth
of the number of cancer cells can "cause cancer."

Thus, to cure cancer you can safely kill cancer cells or safely revert
cancer cells into normal cells (see the "What Causes Cancer" article
which is linked to on the left side-bar to understand this concept).

The third way to cure cancer is to supercharge the immune system.

This protocol is designed to strengthen the immune system and safely

get rid of cancer cells both by killing them and reverting them into normal
cells. Thus, this protocol is designed to restore the balance and cure the

Not only will this protocol be very effective on newly diagnosed cancer
patients, but it will also be effective on all except the most advanced
cancer patients. And for very advanced cancer patients this protocol can
be considered a very strong supplemental protocol or a protocol to use
after the first treatment is finished.

In summary, there are five ways this protocol works:

1) Safely and gently revert cancer cells into normal cells,
2) Safely and gently kill the cancer cells,
3) Supercharge the immune system,
4) Energize the non-cancerous and cancerous cells (i.e. "buy time"),
5) Protect the patient from the damage done by chemotherapy and

Here are the details:

(*) means the protocol works by reverting cancer cells into normal cells.
(**) means the protocol works by safely killing cancer cells.
(***) means the protocol works by supercharging the immune system.
(+) means the protocol is for advanced cancer patients who need their
cells energized with super-nutrients.
(++) means the protocol may revert cancer cells into normal cells, but it is
designed primarily to protect the patient from damage from
chemotherapy and radiation.

Here are the elements of this protocol:

1) (***) The Bob Beck Protocol provides an incredible long-term boost to
the immune system,
2) (*) The Modified MSM/CS protocol reverts cancer cells into normal
3) (**) Limu juice safely kills cancer cells and "buys time" for the Bob
Beck Protocol to become fully effective,
4) (**) (***) (+) Aloe arborescens by itself safely gets rid of cancer cells
and builds the immune system,
5) (*) Kelmun Protocol is an up-and-coming protocol which has been
around a long time, but has been largely ignored,
6) (*) (++) Protandim is a supplement which almost certainly reverts
cancer cells into normal cells. It also relieves the symptoms of cancer.
7) (*) The Honey and Cinnamon protocol reverts cancer cells into normal
8) (**) Asparagus, which has a long history of curing cancer,
9) (+) Eniva Vibe liquid is a super vitamin and mineral supplement to also
"buy time,"
10) (***) Transfer Factor Plus is a superb immune builder,
11) (***) The "Cancer Diet" (i.e. the things a patient should and should not
eat) helps slow down the spread of cancer and helps build the immune

Thus, this protocol is designed to restore the balance between the

strength of the immune system and number of cancer cells by
removing cancer cells from the body in two different ways and by
supercharging the immune system!!

#1) The Bob Beck Protocol For Cancer

The Bob Beck Protocol is a very effective and potent cancer treatment,
but it is considered a long-term treatment, not a jack rabbit!! If used for
life, it not only supercharges the immune system to the point that the
immune system totally decimates the cancer cells, but it will also turn
your blood into "immortal blood." See the Bob Beck videos in Granada
and Ventura on YouTube to understand what "immortal blood" is all

So why do we have so many cancer treatments in this protocol if the Bob

Beck can cure cancer by itself?

There are several reasons, but mainly it is because the Bob Beck
protocol takes 2 or 3 months to really kick-in and become highly effective.
Remember, the immune system has to be rebuilt virtually from scratch
before the Bob Beck Protocol fully kicks-in.

For example, the GB-4000 protocols are frequently used because they
become very effective in much less time and the GB-4000 M.O.P.A. can
certainly be programmed to do the same things the Bob Beck Protocol
does. But the M.O.P.A. is priced out of the range of many people.

But another weakness in the Bob Beck Protocol is that there are no
natural products in the protocol and natural products are needed by the
body, especially if the patient has had extensive orthodox cancer
treatments (which can damage the lining of the stomach, among many
other things).

A couple of very, very important concepts need to be discussed at this


First, the Limu Juice and the modified MSM/CS protocol are the key
protocols to "buy time" for the Bob Beck Protocol to kick in. These, and
other protocols, would cure many cancer patients by themselves, but
they are used to keep the patient alive until the Bob Beck Protocol can
fully become effective.
Second, this protocol also includes several products that build the
immune system. It is critical to provide the immune system the things it
needs to be supercharged, in addition to simply getting rid of all of the
microbes in the body (which is how the Bob Beck Protocol builds the
immune system).

The bottom line is that this protocol restores the balance between the
immune system and the number of cancer cells. Actually, there ends up
being a huge imbalance in favor of the immune system!!

If you know someone who can build the devices in the Bob Beck Protocol
(the ozonator would be helpful, but it can be replaced by hydrogen
peroxide if cost is an issue - see the article on hydrogen peroxide on the
left side-bar) it will reduce the cost of this protocol significantly.

Here is the article on the Bob Beck Protocol:

Bob Beck Protocol

#2) A Modified MSM/CS Protocol For Cancer

This is the most complicated part of this protocol because it requires you
to make a schedule. Once you get the schedule down pat, it is actually
quite simple.

The MSM/CS Protocol, as modified, includes four substances:

1) MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane),
2) Colloidal Silver,
3) Vitamin D3,
4) LIPH (a homeopathic product pronounced: "Life")

All four of these items are antimicrobial!! But because the microbes that
cause cancer are inside of the cancer cells, simply flooding the body with
antimicrobial substances will NOT cure cancer.

This is where the MSM comes in. MSM targets and "opens" the ports of
the cancer cells, allowing the other substances an open door to get inside
the cancer cells. When you kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, the
cancer cells will revert into normal cells (see the "What Causes Cancer"
article, linked to on the left side-bar, for more information).
The unmodified MSM/CS protocol (this is a modified version) requires a
"build-up," thus the explanations for using this protocol are fairly
extensive and are discussed on another web page:
Details of MSM/CS Protocol [STUDY the Safety Issues!!]

I want to emphasize the synergy between the Bob Beck Protocol and this
modified MSM/CS protocol. The Bob Beck Protocol will make the
modified MSM/CS far more effective and vice versa.

A microbe-killing substance will kill (and be "used up" by) the first microbe
it comes into contact with. If there are many microbes in the bloodstream,
the MSM, colloidal silver, Vitamin D3 and LIPH may never make it to the
cancer cells because they will be "used up" by killing the microbes inside
the bloodstream.

Likewise, the Bob Beck protocol does not become really effective until it
has completely cleared the blood and lymph system of microbes!!

Collectively, the Bob Beck Protocol and the MSM/CS will quickly get rid of
the microbes in the bloodstream!! This means that the Bob Beck Protocol
will become more effective more quickly and it means the MSM/CS will
become more effective more quickly. This is the definition of synergy!!

Here is how to use this protocol.

One Hour Before Each Meal (MSM)

Note: For the breakfast instructions, do not eat anything until you eat
breakfast, meaning you will take the products prior to eating anything.

Starting one hour before each meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner or
supper), do the following:

Do not eat or drink anything during this hour before each meal,
except for the protocols discussed herein.

One hour before EACH meal take FOUR tablespoons of "MSM Water"
(the MSM/CS article explains the build-up), combined with some purified
water to dilute the taste,
Forty-Five Minutes Before Each Meal (Colloidal Silver)

Forty-five minutes before EACH meal take colloidal silver. Every brand
of colloidal silver has a different dosage!!!

If you make the colloidal silver using the recommended machine in the
MSM/CS article, Silver Edge, drink 8 ounces of colloidal silver before
each meal.

If you make the colloidal silver as discussed by Bob Beck, then take 1/2
of a glass of colloidal silver (use only the very, very pure colloidal silver)
before each meal,

If you use ASAP Plus silver, MesoSilver or Utopia Silver, use two
TABLEspoons before each meal.

Thirty Minutes Before Each Meal (LIPH Water)

Thirty minutes before EACH meal, but only for breakfast and dinner, take
4 TABLEspoons of "LIPH Water". See this article to learn how to make a
gallon of "LIPH Water." Remember, you are drinking FROM THE
MSM/LIPH (pay attention to how to make "LIPH Water")

Fifteen Minutes Before Each Meal (Vitamin D3)

Fifteen minutes before EACH meal, but only for lunch and dinner, take 5
Vitamin D3 pills (the small 2,000 I.U. pills, which means you will be taking
10,000 I.U. a day total).

Breakfast: MSM Water, Colloidal Silver and LIPH (all are taken before
eating anything),
Lunch: MSM Water, Colloidal Silver and Vitamin D3,
Dinner: MSM Water, Colloidal Silver, LIPH and Vitamin D3
#3) Limu Juice

Limu Juice contains seaweed extract. This seaweed extract includes a

molecule called: fucoidan. Many, many scientific studies have identified
fucoidan as being able to safely kill cancer cells. In fact, there are many
testimonials about Limu Juice curing cancer by itself.

Thus, Limu Juice is a stand-alone protocol for cancer. Use only the
vendor recommended by this website because they have the key patents
to extract fucoidan.

No one would drink straight seaweed so this product also has several
other ingredients (mostly to mask the taste of seaweed). The ingredients
Reconstituted pure Tongan limu moui extract, (Limu Juice)
organic papaya puree,
organic mango puree,
pear juice concentrate,
apple juice concentrate,

The cost of a therapeutic dose (16 ounces a day) is about $125 a week.
However, the 16 ounces should be spread out by taking several
small doses spread throughout the day!!

There is only one brand of Limu Juice that I recommend. Here is more
information about how to buy Limu Juice and a link to a vendor:
To Purchase Limu Juice

#4) Aloe Arborescens

Like Limu Juice, Aloe Arborescens is a stand-alone cure for cancer. The
Aloe Arborescens product both kills cancer cells and builds the immune
system. This protocol has been around for many years, but not in the
United States.

The important thing to know about Aloe Arborescens is that the dose can
be increased at any time to any level. In other words, if one TABLEspoon,
three times a day, is not strong enough, then increase the dose to two
TABLEspoons, three times a day. And so on.

Here is an article on Aloe Arborescens:

Article on Aloe Arborescens Protocol

#5) The Kelmun Protocol

Do NOT take this protocol within an hour of the Honey and

Cinnamon protocol below.

The protocol is a combination of baking soda and maple syrup. It is a

superb cancer treatment by itself.

Whether you take this protocol once, twice or three times a day (which is
the maximum long-term dose for an adult) is up to you.

The instructions for this protocol are in this article:

The Kelmun Protocol

#6) Protandim

Protandim is an herbal product. There are two massive benefits in taking


First, Protandim is by far the best anti-oxidant product in the world.

Protandim is more than one million times more effective at getting
rid of free radicals than anti-oxidants!! This has been scientifically
proven over and over again. This is critical for all cancer patients, but
especially for those who have had chemotherapy.

Protandim "turns on" an enzyme in the body: Superoxide Dismutase

(SOD). This enzyme is a scavenger of free radicals and ONE SOD
enzyme can neutralize up to one-million free radicals EVERY SECOND
for up to 13 days!!!

Second, it is strongly suspected that Protandim is able to revert cancer

cells into normal cells. This is based as much on case studies as on
theory. In other words, it is a highly potent cancer treatment.

The dose for those who are using this product as an anti-oxidant is 2 pills
a day. However, since a cancer patient is using this product primarily for
their cancer, a cancer patient should take 5-6 pills a day (which costs
about $5 or $6 a day).

Here is more information and a vendor of Protandim:

Protandim Article and Vendor

#7) Honey and Cinnamon Protocol

The Honey and Cinnamon protocol consists of three items (buy them
from a health food store):
First, high quality honey, the darker the better,
Second, cinnamon, hopefully from Viet Nam, where they have the
highest percentage of cinnamon oil,
Third, "Cinnamon Bark," an essential oil from the Young Living company
(use Google to find a vendor).

Three times a day, mix these things together and eat it:
1) One TABLEspoon of honey,
2) One TEAspoon of cinnamon,
3) Eight drops of "Cinnamon Bark" essential oil.

The honey is both anti-cancer and acts to help get the cinnamon and
cinnamon oil inside of the cancer cells, where they can kill the microbes
inside the cancer cells, thus allowing the cancer cells to revert into
normal cells.

Aloe Arborescens, mentioned above, also contains honey.

This protocol, the modified MSM/CS, the Kelmun and Protandim all work
by reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

#8) Asparagus (For Those Who Are Not on Blood Thinners)

Asparagus has been shown over and over to be an excellent cancer


To use asparagus as a cancer treatment do the following:

1) Cook the asparagus,
2) Puree the asparagus,
3) Take FOUR TABLEspoons, TWICE a day

Note that the patient will take 8 tablespoons during the entire day.

#9) Eniva Vibe

Every superb cancer treatment needs a world-class vitamin and mineral

supplement. For example, the Cellect-Budwig protocol uses Cellect.

For this protocol I chose Eniva Vibe. It is much easier to use than Cellect,
is less expensive, and it is absolutely a superb mineral supplement.

One of the things it can do is extend someone's life (i.e. you "buy
time"), meaning the patient has far more time to treat their cancer.
By itself, Eniva Vibe has extended the lives of patients with only two
weeks to live!!

This product super-energizes the very weak non-cancerous cells. It is the

best supplement for cancer patients I know of for working quickly and
neutralizing the patient's situation.

Here is one of many vendors:

Vendor of Eniva Vibe

#10) Transfer Factor Plus

The 4Life brand of Transfer Factor Plus may be the best immune building
product available to cancer patients. It consists of:

Beta Glucans polysaccharides, immune builder, anti-cancer, anti-

Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial,
cellular function (immune system)
Cordyceps polysaccharides, sterols (immune system and many other
Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) - anticancer
Beta Sitosterol phytosterol (immune system and anti-inflammatory)
Olive Leaf Extract antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial (even used for

It is in this protocol to help the Bob Beck Protocol supercharge the

immune system with nutrients specifically chosen for the immune system.

Use the doses as recommended by 4Life.

Vendors of 4Life Transfer Factor Plus:

#11) The "Cancer Diet" For This Protocol

The "Cancer Diet" is a list of things that you should not eat or drink during
this protocol. Since you are trying to kill microbes, or revert them into
normal cells, it is not good to eat or drink things that feed microbes!!

You should avoid all dairy products and as many sugar products as you
can. In fact, any acidic food can feed microbes.

See this article for more information about a "cancer diet:"

The "Cancer Diet"

Important Note: Dealing With Cachexia (A Patient Who is Very


For those cancer patients who are already weak from their cancer, there
are several supplements that can help deal with this issue. To understand
the issues and treatments see the "Best Cancer Treatment" article.

The cancer protocols in this article (e.g. GB-4000 with M.O.P.A.) are far
too expensive for this protocol, but in this article there is a long
discussion of "buying time" and dealing with cachexia, thus it should be
studied by every cancer patient:
The Best Cancer Treatment Article

Other Inexpensive Protocols

For more ideas on using inexpensive cancer treatments, see this article:
Inexpensive Cancer Treatments