FADE IN: TELEVISION SCREEN - ANIMATED NEWS REPORT A poorly animated flash cartoon of a REPORTER sits at a news desk.

REPORTER And in other news, reports are coming out of the Engelsikarios Corporations of a a powerful computer virus that has infected the company's mainframe. If these reports are true this could be bad for us... this could be a big bad thing that could destroy society as we know it. We called an Engelsikarios representative to find out if there's any truth to these reports. This was his response...

ENGELSIKARIOS REP (V. O.) (filtered) Don't call here again! CUT TO: INT. DRAKE'S APARTMENT - NIGHT

Drake is sitting on the couch in his apartment watching TV. He changes the channel. ADVERTISTMENT (O. S.) A place to go when your old, A place that's always warm and never cold, Sometimes you need a little help, You'll never feel the need to yelp, It's a place you can call home, Come stay at Elderly Living Center. DRAKE (yelling) That last part didn't rhyme! Off goes Mister TV! Drake turns the TV off.

The SOUND of someone trying to break the door down. Drake YELLS and tries to hide under some throw pillows. The SOUND stops. The muffled SOUND of someone talking outside the door. The doorknob turns, the door opens, and Smolder and Scullery walk into the apartment. Scullery is carrying Alan. SMOLDER (to Drake) There's a thing called locks. They keep people safe. You should use them. DRAKE Are you here to kill me? SCULLERY No! ALAN We're here to... save you I guess. DRAKE Are you here to save me from this-Drake lifts up his shirt and shows them the claw marks on his stomach. Smolder nods his head. DRAKE Oh good. Smolder and Scullery walk over to the couch and sit down. Scullery places Alan on the coffee table. DRAKE So what happens next? SMOLDER

I guess I'll insert myself into your dreams and fight whatever's trying to kill you. DRAKE That's not very original... and that's impossible! SMOLDER Says you! Smolder gets behind Drake, reaches around him, and grabs his forehead. DRAKE What are y--Smolder and Drake both SUDDENLY fall asleep. CUT TO: NOTE: Smolder and Drake's P. O. V.'s should be filmed with handheld digital cameras to differentiate the scene as a dream. This whole scene should be shot like an otherworldly First Person Shooter. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. He's in a room with Drake. There's a table in front of them and it's covered with crime scene photos. Smolder picks up one of the photos and looks at it. It's of a giant tree covered in large black garbage bags. The garbage bags are full of something heavy. A POLICE OFFICER walks into the room. POLICE OFFICER We've identified most of the bodies. Drake grabs the photo out of Smolder's hand and stares at it. DRAKE Who ever did this is sick! POLICE OFFICER There are three killers and they must live near the death tree.

SMOLDER Drake, what are we doing here? Drake puts down the photo and looks at Smolder. DRAKE'S P. O. V. DRAKE We're trying to find out who killed all those people in the picture. SMOLDER This is a dream... Smolder points at the police officer. SMOLDER And he isn't real. POLICE OFFICER (to Drake) I think he's onto something. DRAKE You're right Smolder. Drake points at the police officer. DRAKE He's the three people who killed them. Drake grabs a bunch of the crime scene photos and throws them at the police officer. DRAKE Take that foul denizens! SMOLDER'S P. O. V. Smolder puts his hand on Drake's shoulder. SMOLDER

Let's go find the thing that's been trying to kill you. DRAKE Okay. Smolder and Drake turn around. DRAKE'S P. O. V. Drake and Smolder are standing outside of a large building. SMOLDER Is this where the thing is? DRAKE Probably. Six women wearing brightly colored clothes SUDDENLY run over to Drake and Smolder. Weird Disco MUSIC starts playing and the women start dancing. SMOLDER What's going on? DRAKE This happens for some reason...

Smolder heads over to the building's door. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. Smolder opens the door and turns to Drake. SMOLDER Come on. Drake heads over to the door. Smolder turns around and notices an elevator. Drake walks over to the elevator. DRAKE It goes up and down sometimes.

DRAKE'S P. O. V. Smolder presses the elevator button. DRAKE Are you sure you can handle the thing? The doors open and they both enter the elevator. DRAKE Did you hear me? The elevator doors close. SMOLDER No... Smolder crouches down out of Drake's line of sight. DRAKE No you didn't hear me or no you can't handle the thing? Drake presses a button and the elevator starts moving. Drake sits down on the floor and rests his back against the elevator wall. SMOLDER No, I'm not sure I can handle him... Drake looks over at Smolder. Smolder is piecing together a gun. He attaches some of the pieces with duck tape. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. The gun continues to grow in size as Smolder attaches more pieces to it. SMOLDER This'll probably help though. DRAKE

Where'd all of that come from? DRAKE'S P. O. V. The gun Smolder's holding is extremely large now, it looks completely different, and it has a strap that goes over Smolder's shoulder to help him hold it up. Smolder looks over at Drake. SMOLDER From your subconscious... I liked those movies too. The elevator stops and the doors open. DRAKE You go first. Smolder walks out of the elevator and Drake follows him. They come to a corner. Smolder turns to Drake. SMOLDER You wait here. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. Smolder turns away from Drake and goes around the corner. Smolder is looking down a dim hallway. It's slightly foggy. There's some boxes laying around. Smolder creeps forward. SUDDENLY a MYSTERIOUS FIGURE appears at the end of the hallway. The very dramatic SOUND of someone pressing a bunch of keys on a piano. DRAKE'S P. O. V. Drake is peeking around the corner. DRAKE What the... Drake turns around and notices DREAM JEFF sitting at an electronic piano. He's wearing a big colorful afro wig. Dream Jeff turns to Drake.

DRAKE Go away Dream Jeff! Drake turns around and peeks around the corner again. The MYSTERIOUS FIGURE at the end of the hallway's closer now and he is revealed to be PHOBETOR. His head, hands, and bare feet are wrapped in gauze. He's wearing black loose fitting clothing and he's holding a black trident. Phobetor looks over at Drake peeking around the corner. Smolder looks back at Drake too. Drake YELPS and hides behind the corner. He notices Dream Jeff packing up the electronic piano. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. Smolder turns away from the corner and looks at Phobetor. SMOLDER (yelling) Get away from him you bastard! Smolder starts running towards Phobetor, holds up the gun, and fires it at him. A quick burst of energy leaves the gun and hits Phobetor in the face. Smolder pulls the gun strap over his head and throws the gun to the floor. He keeps running at Phobetor until he's a few feet away. Without losing any momentum he drops to the floor and slides between Phobetor's legs. Phobetor barely misses Smolder's head with his trident. DRAKE'S P. O. V. Drake is looking around the corner again. Smolder QUICKLY gets up off the floor and kicks Phobetor in the back, knocking him to the floor. Phobetor rolls over and tries to stab Smolder with his trident but Smolder dodges it. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. Phobetor jumps up off the floor and smacks Smolder on the side of the head with the back end of his trident. Smolder gets knocked against the wall and falls to the floor near one of the boxes. Smolder reaches into one of the boxes and pulls a large metal flashlight out. Smolder turns the flashlight on and tries to shine it in Phobetor's face but

it doesn't give off any light. Phobetor grabs Smolder's leg, drags him across the floor, and tries stabbing Smolder in the face with his trident. Smolder grabs the Trident with his left hand, stopping it, and struggles to keep it from getting any closer. Phobetor puts more pressure on the trident. Smolder SUDDENLY slides a little to the left, lies the right side of his head on the floor, and brings the trident down to the floor, just inches away from his face. Phobetor lifts the trident and gets ready to stab Smolder in the head. Smolder QUICKLY sits up and bashes Phobetor in the face with the flashlight. DRAKE'S P. O. V. Phobetor falls back as Smolder stands up. Smolder gets ready to hit Phobetor with the flashlight again. Phobetor holds the trident up in an attempt to block Smolder's blow. Smolder hits the trident with the flashlight breaking it in half. Phobetor drops the trident pieces to the floor. Drake SUDDENLY rushes over and grabs the trident pieces. As he turns to run back to the corner Phobetor grabs his leg. Smolder stomps on Phobetor's arm and he lets go of Drake's leg. Drake heads back to the corner. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. Smolder watches as Drake hides behind the corner. SUDDENLY Phobetor kicks Smolder back , stands up, picks up Smolder, turns around, and throws him down the hallway. Smolder lands on the floor DRAKE'S P. O. V. Drake sees Smolder slide to a stop. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. Smolder gets up, runs down the hallway towards Phobetor, turns to the wall, transitions running to the wall, and finally launches himself at Phobetor. Phobetor grabs Smolder as they both hit the wall and Phobetor throws him against the opposite wall. Smolder hits the wall and Phobetor launches himself at Smolder. Smolder QUICKLY dodges Phobetor and steps back a little bit. Phobetor tries kicking Smolder but Smolder dodges it. Smolder turns to the wall, runs up onto the ceiling, faces Phobetor and punches him right in the face. Phobetor falls to the floor. Smolder waits for a few seconds and then falls off the ceiling landing on his feet. DRAKE'S P. O. V. Drake rushes over to Phobetor's motionless body.

DRAKE Is he dead? SMOLDER I'm not sure. Maybe you should stab him with his trident. DRAKE Okay... Drake takes the trident, lifts it up, and brings it down into Phobetor but looks away right before it stabs him. SMOLDER'S P. O. V. Smolder starts pulling the gauze off of Phobetor's head. DRAKE What are you doing? SMOLDER I wanna see his face. Smolder pulls off all the gauze revealing a mannequin type head with the words "Property of the Engelsikarios Corporation" written on it. SMOLDER Oh... crap... FADE OUT: THE END