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Asking for and expressing certainty

Asking for Certainty Expressing of Certainty

- are you sure ? - of course
- really ? - yes, I am sure
- are you positive about it ? - I am absolutely sure about the news
- are you certain ? - I have no doubt about it
- are you really certain about it, Maam ? - I am positive that she will arrive
here tomorrow
- Im certain
- I am sure
- it is confirmed
- no doubt about it

Example :
Wahyu : I think I will not visit my parents this year.
Puput : Are you sure ? They will surely be disappointed if you do not come.

Expressing and responding to doubt

Expressing doubt Responding to doubt
- I doubt it - dont worry
- I am not really sure - please dont worry. He will come
- I am sorry I am not quite sure about it - everything will be fine
- I am not sure that I will get a good score - dont worry too much about it.
in Math Next time will be better
- Im not certain - calm down. Things will get better
- I am not sure soon
- I dont know

Example :
Ella : Do you think father will come home early today ?
Vina : I doubt it. He texted me this morning that he had to attend a monthly meeting in
Jakarta and wont probably be back until seven this evening.
Asking for repetition

Asking for repetition

- sorry ?
- pardon ?
- pardon me ?
- I beg your pardon ?
- sorry. Can you say it again ?
- I am sorry. What did you say ?
- sorry I wasnt listening. Would you mind repeating what you just said ?
- could you repeat what you said ?
- excuse me ?
- could you repeat that ?

Example :
Ben : What did you say your name was ?
Cathy : Its cathy Henderson.
Ben : Did you say Anderson or Henderson?
Cathy : Henderson, with an H.

To show attention
Showing Attention
- I see
- really ?
- tell me more about it.
- so ?
- you must be joking.
- are you serious ?

Example :
Hafiz : My father bought me this PS4 because I got 90 in Math.
Hikam : you must be joking !

To show admiration
Showing Admiration
- wow, what a big house you have!
- how wonderful the scenery is!
- awesome!
- thats marvelous!
- you look gorgeous in that dress!

Example :
Rheina : Wow, you really look fantastic in that new blouse!
Pooja : Thank you. I thought that the color didnt really suit me.

Choose the best answers by crossing a, b, c, or d!


1. Amabelle : The film was fantastic! Lanny : .

Bella : . Fariz : Yes, its great, isnt it ?
Amabelle : Yes, you have to see it
a. what is it ?
b. wow, its horrible !
a. you must be kidding! c. how beautiful it is !
b. really ? d. what an awkward thing it is !
c. I have watched it
d. I am not sure I will go 6. Jahida : I am Jahida. Whats your name
2. Rahma : Do you know that Katy Perry Jeremy: My name is Jeremy.
will hold her concert this Jahida : .
weekend in our town ? Jeremy: Jeremy, with J.
Rifqi : Really ? Where ? J E R E M Y.
Rahma : At the town hall. Do you want Jahida : Oh, sorry. Jeremy, right?
to come and see it ? Thank you.
Rifqi : Of course. Ive looking forward
a. Did you say your name is Geremy ?
to seeing her live concert.
b. What ? Are you joking ?
a. yes, I do c. I think it is a weird name
b. no, I dont d. Thank you for giving me your name
c. I doubt it
d. I am completely sure 7. Dimas : Excuse me, can you please
tell me what time it is ?
3. Lala : I am not sure I can do the test Angga : .
tomorrow. Dimas : What time is it ?
Ghaida: Dont worry. . Angga : Oh, its five forty.
Dimas : Thank you.
a. Iam sure you will get a good mark
b. the test will be very difficult a. I am not wearing any watch
c. we will have test tomorrow b. I dont care
d. lets not go to school tomorrow c. pardon ?
d. sorry, you are blocking my way
4. Narada : Are you sure you will drive to
school tomorrow ? Its been 8. Ibrahim : How was your holiday going?
raining all day. The road will Bobby : . we went skiing there.
be very slippery. Ibrahim : Really ? I wish I could have
Azkia : Ill be very careful. gone with you.
Bobby : Lets go there next vacation.
a. I am okay c. I am not so sure
b. dont worry d. I doubt it a. terrible! c. boring!
b. annoying! d. fantastic!

9. Alif : Studying is boring!

5. Fariz : Look at the rainbow ! Syahna: we know many things from

studying. Ghifari : my father bought me

a. I think so
Sandy : I wish my father would buy
b. I agree with you
me one too.
c. you are absolutely correct !
Ghifari : You can just ask him, cant
d. I dont think so
you ?
Sandy : I dont think I can. We have
10. Caesar : What is it ?
to pay for the rent this month.
Iqbal : Thats my newest painting I
made when I was in Bali last a. you did it ?
month. b. awesome!
Caesar : . c. I got a new one, too
Iqbal : Thank you. I am still learning d. terrible!
to get the perfect color
combination. 13. Oksa : We went to Bangka Island last
a. I think you are not that talented in
Alfa : Really ? .
Oksa : Yes, we went fishing and
b. you have to learn more
snorkeling there. It was fun!
c. this is the ugliest painting Ive ever
seen! a. tell me more about it
d. marvelous! You really did it well b. I dont want to hear about it
c. he told me about it yesterday
11. Athiqa : What are you reading ? d. dont worry about it
Agustina : Snow White and the Seven
Dwarfs. 14. Harman : My printer is not working
Athiqa : . well.
Agustina : Snow White and the Seven Ronald : Really ? .
Dwarfs. Its a great book. Herman : Yes, maybe it was just not in
You should read it. good condition that time. It
was my fault that I did not
a. sorry ?
check it first.
b. Ive read the book
c. I dont really like reading a. you just bought it last week
d. really ? b. you must be very upset
c. we have to fix it
d. maybe you can ask Rudy to have it

12. Ghifari : Look at my new skateboard. 15. Wildan : Excuse me, Maam ? I
Sandy : where did you get it ? cannot hear you well from

back here. Annisa : Wow! . it must be

Teacher : Yes, but maybe you should expensive.
move to the front desk here, Nabila : Maybe. I dont know for sure.
a. what a beautiful necklace you have!
a. can you please come here ? b. what is it ?
b. could you please explain it again ? c. I am not so sure either
c. would you mind sitting beside me ? d. what did she give you ?
d. will we go home earlier today ?
19. Lucy : Are you sure you will still
16. Fahri : I am not sure that we will be remember me ?
able to play kite today. Elsa : we will still keep in touch,
Zahra : Me neither. . and the wind is wont we ?
not strong enough either.
a. I dont know c. are you joking ?
a. are we going to go swimming ? b. remember you ? d. of course
b. it looks like the rain is on the way
c. I am not so sure 20. Nick : that our team will win the
d. I dont agree with you competition ?
Fiandis : Yes, I am. We have practised
17. Zidan : Can you please tell me the a lot. Just go and try your
nearest way to the gas station best.
a. do you think c. I am not sure
Hisyam : Go straight along the street
b. are you sure d. I am sure
and when you see a three
junction please turn left. The
Teacher : Can I have your attention, please
gas station is on your right.
Zidan : .
Students : (21)
Hisyam : Its OK. Go straight along the
Teacher : We are going to have a trip to
street and when you see a
Jatim Park II.
three junction please turn left.
Students : Hurray!
The gas station is on your
Teacher : Listen to me, please.
Students : Yes, maam.
Zidan : Thank you. I hope I will be
Teacher : (22). So, I want you to bring a
able to find it
raincoat or umbrella with you.
a. sorry. I dont like the way youre The students are very noisy.
talking They are too excited.
b. I am in a hurry Teacher : Excuse me, class!
c. I dont know the name of this street Students : Yes, maam.
d. sorry. Can you please speak more Teacher : ? (23)
slowly ? Students : We do, maam.
Teacher : ? (24)
Students : Umbrella and raincoat.
Teacher : Good.

18. Nabila : My mother gave me this on my 21. a. alright c. I dont believe it

birthday. b. no, you cant d. are you kidding?

What do you think ?

22. a. Malang is sunny at this time Putu : he is always helpful.
b. we are going to go in dry season a. I dont think so c. Impossible
c. we are going to go in a sunny day b. I dont agree d. I think so
d. Malang rains a lot at this time of the
year 28. Sugeng : Congratulations on your
success, Irfan.
23. a. are you alright Irfan : .
b. what do you do a. thanks c. well done
c. do you follow me b. good job d. you are nice
d. what are we doing
29. Bagus : Shall we have a picnic to
24. a. what should you bring to Jatim Park Watu Ulo beach this
II weekend?
b. what can we do at Jatim Park II Wiwik : it will be fun.
c. when do we go to Jatim Park II a. oh, I disagree
d. why do we go to Jatim Park II b. Im sorry I cant
c. that would be great
Rudi is helping Alim doing his d. what a tiring journey
30. Mr. Wiyono : What do you think of our
Rudi : This enzyme helps our body new house, dear ?
digest the food. Hanik : I dont have anywhere
Alim : Mmmm, I dont get it. to store my stuff
Rudi : (25) properly.
Alim : Well, Im not sure that I know a. it is the best place I believe
what you mean. b. I think its too small
Rudi : (26) c. it is beautiful I think
Alim : Yes, please. d. I think it is lovely

25. a. do you know what Im talking about? Retno : Did you do well at the test, Eny ?
b. can you tell me once again ? Eny : (31) I dont have a hope of
c. do I bother you ? passing this test.
d. where do you want to go ? Retno : Are you sure ?
Eny : Im afraid yes. Not a hope!
26. a. do you want me to repeat it ? Retno : (32)
b. can you do me a favor ?
c. does that make any sense ? 31. a. Yes, I did
d. do yo want to leave ? b. No, definitely, not
c. you did it well, too
d. the test was interesting

27. Made : I think, Mario is the nicest 32. a. you must be happy
student in our class ? b. you must understand

c. dont give hope to somebody going to be international ones in the

d. dont worry. Next time you will do future. You are sure about it.
better Your friend : I believe that one day
Indonesian Athletes will
Warno : Do you see what the fireman did ? be internationally
Mampu : Yes. He saved the lady just in famous. What do you
time. He climbed the ladder so think ?
quickly and jumped into the fire You : .
so bravely (33)! a. its hard to believe it
Warno : Yeah, (34) he is a dedicated b. I have no doubt about it
person. c. I have to say thats not true
d. you know we have no future
33. a. what a brave man he is
b. what a careless man 38. You and your friend are talking about
c. what a poor man the latest crime that happened in your
d. how poor city. Your friend mentions a suspect for
committing the crime. You are not sure
34. a. Im c. I like about it.
b. I do d. Im sure Your friend : The police shold sentence
Andre to death. He is
Umi : What do you think of Sofi ? such a cruel criminal.
Jati : Ive never met such a nice person. You : .
She is always ready to help others a. I dont think he did it
even when she is busy herself b. yes, thats true
(35) she is! c. absolutely
d. he is
35. a. what a helpful person
b. what a happy 39. You and your friend are waiting for a
c. how happy guest. You two have been waiting for
d. how busy twenty minutes. You are sure he will
36. Your classmate is telling you about his Your friend : I doubt he is going to
score on his Indonesian test. come. What do you
Your friend : Im the happiest person think?
in the world today. I got You : .
90 percent on my a. you are right
Indonesian test. b. he should call me first
You : . c. I dont know about him
a. sorry. What did you say ? d. he is going to come. Believe me
b. Im sorry to hear that ?
c. are you happy ?
d. you are great ?

40. In two weeks, your class is going to

37. Your friend is asking for your opinion have a tour to Bandung. However, one
about whether Indonesian Athletes are

of your friends is sick and she is not

sure she can join the tour.
Your friend : I really want to join the
tour, but Im not sure
about it.
You : .
a. dont worry too much. Im sure youll
be alright a. can you clean the whiteboard
b. dont worry too much. Its just b. can you clean the window
kidding c. can you sweep the floor
c. you know you have to stay at home d. can you clean the wall
d. dont be sad. You know see you soon
44. A : I want to read todays news.
41. Think it a I very interesting is film B : Certainly.
1 234 5 6 7 8 a. can you lend me an encyclopedia ?
a. 4 1 2 7 3 5 6 8 b. will you bring a piece of paper here ?
b. 4 1 7 5 2 3 8 6 c. can you get me the newspaper ?
c. 4 1 2 8 6 3 5 7 d. could you hold this ?
d. 4 1 3 5 6 2 7 8
45. Rehan : May I help you carry those
42. She am that will I come to meeting sure boxes ?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Ivan : I can do it myself.
this the evening a. yes c. of course
10 11 12 b. sure d. no, thanks
a. 5 2 9 3 11 4 6 7 1 8 46. A : Can you get me any drink ?
10 12 B : .
b. 5 2 9 3 1 4 6 7 11 8 a. you could, too c. get yourself
10 12 b. Ill make sure d. sure
c. 5 2 9 6 1 4 3 7 11 8
10 12 47. A : Could you lend me some money ?
d. 5 2 9 3 1 4 6 12 11 8 B : .
10 7 a. no, thanks
b. you are right
c. sorry. I forgot
d. sorry. I dont have any

43. A : , please ? 48. A : would you like any help ?

B : Certainly. B : , but I think I can manage myself.

a. no, thanks c. here it is

b. yes, sure d. you are right

49. Clerk : May I help you ?

Customer : .
Clerk : The mens wear department
is over there, to the right of
the shoe department.
a. is the mens-wear department open
now ?
b. could you tell me where the mens-
wear department is ?
c. do you mind if I use the lift to the
mens-wear department ?
d. I need to go to the drugstore before
going to the mens-wear department

50. Mrs. Riska : Would you mind not

talking during the lesson ?
Defrioka : .
a. excuse me. Ill talk to you
b. Im sorry. Ill keep silent
c. I am still happy
d. OK, thanks





A procedure is a text that explains how people make or do something step by step.
This text uses temporal conjunctions, such as first, second, after that, then, next, finally, etc.
The structure of a procedure text is :
- aim/goal or title
- materials
- steps

Supporting features :
- Imperatives
Examples : Add two spoons of sugar into the glass, stir well, wait for ten minutes, etc.
- Noun phrases
Examples : thick layer, ground peanut, a tight knot, etc.
- Adverbs of manner
Examples : tightly, well, thoroughly, etc.

An example of a procedure :
How to make a glass of pineapple juice
- first, cut up a piece of pineapple
- Then, put the pineapple into the blender
- Pour a half glass of water into the blender. Add a spoonful of sugar.
- Add some ice cubes into the blender.
- Turn on the blender. Wait for several minutes.
- Now, your juice is ready to serve.


Choose the best answers by crossing a, b, c, or d!

Text is for questions 1 4.

3. What should we do after we out the
How to Insert Sim Card Cell Phone battery in ?
a. slide the SIM Card
Cell phone is a modern communication b. insert the two catches of the back
device which connects one to the others by c. switch the phone on
voice, written message and data. However d. lock the phone
this device cannot work until the SIM card is
inserted. 4. The word remove has the similar
meaning with .
When inserting the SIM Card to the cell a. recover c. take away
phone, make sure that the cell phone has b. give d. put
been switched off and follow the direction
below. Text is for questions 5 8 !
First of all, press the locking catch and slide
the cover then lift it of the phone. After that, How to Operate a Fan
push two catches in the opposite directions
and remove the abttery. 1. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet.
Next, slide the SIM card carefully into the (AC 120 Volts 60 HZ)
slot and make sure that the golden connect 2. To make the fan move sideways, push pin
arson are facing to the connector of the on top of the motor
phone. 3. to move the fan up or down, first pull up
Then, put the battery and align it until it the oscillating pin, then press the tilt
snaps into its place. adjustment knob
Finally, insert the two catches of the back 4. To change the pseed of the fan, press one
cover corresponding slot in the phone and of the switches at the bottom
slide the cover forward button of the phone
until they lock into place. 5. What is the first step in operating a
Dont forget to switch on the cell phone. fan ?
Wait until it is ready to use. a. adjusting the speed of the fan
b. unplugging the power cord
1. What should we do first before inserting c. plugging the power cord
the SIM Card ? d. changing the power of the electricity
a. we make sure the phone is switched
off 6. How can we make the fan move
b. we plug the phone into the wall outlet sideways ?
c. we have to unplug the charger a. by pressing one of the switches
d. we are not using the phone b. by pushing the pin on top of the
2. How many steps are there to insert the c. by pressing the tilt adjustment knob
SIM card into the cell phone ? d. by plugging the power cord into the
a. 4 c. 6 wall outlet
b. 5 d. 7

Then, release the bubbles and top it up.

Releasing the air bubbles will eventually
7. The word knob can be replaced with make the candle sink, so you will need to
. top it up with more melted wax.
a. knot c. bottom Finally, remove it from the mould. After
b. button d. swicth four or five hours, the candle can be taken
out of its mould.
8. From the text we can conclude that . Your candle is now ready for display.
a. there are several switches at the Remember, you must always leave it for a
bottom of the fan day before lighting it.
b. we have to push the fan to make it
move 9. Why should we use a double boiler ?
c. operating a fan is a difficult task a. the wax can melt successfully
d. we cannot change the speed of the b. so that the wax will not catch on fire
fan c. to enable the wax to melt slowly
d. to minimize spillage
Text is for questions 9 15.
10. What is the wick for ?
Making Candles a. to make the candle more beautiful
b. to make it easier to be taken away
Tools and Ingredients : c. to give scent
- wax moulds d. to light the fire on
- wick
- dye disc 11. When can we add the scent ?
- essential oils a. before the wax is melted
- and a double boiler b. after pouring the wax in the mould
c. when the wax is melted
Steps : d. before preparing the wick in the
first of all, melt the wax. All was has a mould
flash point, so to prevent it from bursting
into flames; you must melt it in a double 12. We have to tip the wax all in one go,
boiler, with water in the bottom pan. because .
Then, prepare the mould with the wick. a. it can minimize spillage and air
Thread the wick through the mould and bubble
make sure that you leave a good few b. otherwise they can burst into fire
centimeters sticking out of the hole in the c. we have to prevent the wick from
bottom. drowning into the wax
If you want a scented candle, add a few d. we do not want the scent to spill
drops of essential oil to the melted wax. outside the mould
You can use any essential oil you like, as
long as it doesnt contain water.
Next step, pour the wax into the mould.
Try and tip the wax into the mould
quickly, all in one go, to minimize
spillage and air bubbles.


13. How long should we wait before we can 3. Drizzle the avocado with the condensed
light the candle ? milk. Toss (or mix) until the avocados are
a. as soon as possible thoroughly coated with the milk. (Yes,
b. four or five hours you can add an extra helping of the milk
c. a day if you like).
d. as long as possible
4. Chill in the fridge or the freezer. Do not
freeze. If you do freeze it, you can
14. as long as it doesnt contain water.
reconstitute it by placing the dish in a hot
The underlined word refers to
water bath (the bowl, not the dish)
a. wick c. essential oil
b. wax d. mould 5. Serve in a bowl with an extra drizzle of
milk and some ice chips.
15. The word melt means .
a. dissolve c. drown (taken from
b. broken d. burn
16. How many steps are there to make the
Text is for question 16 20 ! avocado dessert ?
a. 4 c. 6
Avocado Dessert b. 5 d. 7

Materials : 17. What is the lemon juice for ?

- Avocado a. to add the flavor
- Lemon juice b. to prevent further oxidation
- Condensed milk c. to enhance the color
- Ice chips d. to keep the freshness

How to make it : 18. According to the text above, we do the

1. to easily scoop out the meat of the followings to the avocado, except .
avocado, slice across the avocado until a. scoop it c. slice it
your knife hits the pit. G rab both halves b. mash it d. grind it
and twist in opposite directions. Take one
half of the avocado, set aside. To take out 19. to take out the pit, and tap it with
the pit, and tap it with the sharp blade of the sharp blade . The underlined
your knife so the blade gets stuck into the word refers to .
pit. Then twist the lower half. If you are a. knife c. avocado
planning to delay the preparation, keep b. pit d. meat
the pit on the avocado and put the other
half back to prevent oxidation. 20. The word drizzle can be replaced with
2. Scoop out the meat into the bowl. Add a. drip c. slice
lemon juice to prevent further oxidation. b. pour d. drink
If you prefer, you can slice the avocado
into smaller pieces, or you can mash it
with a fork.


Text is for questions 21 26. 21. What should we do to the potato ?

a. chop it
Apparatus and Materials : b. mince it
c. cut it into two
- salt - a potato - a plate d. soak it in salt water
- a knife - sugar - water
22. What is the second step in the
Steps : experiment ?
- Remove the potatos peel and cut it a. make a hole in the center of the
into two parts. potato
- Make a hole in the center of the b. fill the potato bowl with concentrated
potato so that it is shaped like a bowl salt water
with +/ c. prepare plate and fill it with water
- 0,5 cm of thickness d. put the potato bowl into the plate
- Fill the potato bowl with
concentrated salt water. 23. What happens to the salt water level in
- prepare a plate and fill it with water the potato bowl ?
to +/- half the height of the potato a. it increases
bowl. b. it decreases
- Put the potato bowl filled with salt c. it remains the same height
water into the plate. d. it changes into salt concentrate
- wait for several minutes, and then
observe what is happening in the 24. Osmosis is a process of .
plate and to the salt water surface a. substance movement from a dilute
inside the potato bowl. solution to a more concentrated one
b. creating salt water in the potato bowl
Result : c. substance movement from different
If you take a careful look at the water heights
level in the plate and the salt water d. water escape from the big hole made
level in the potato bowl, you will find by the salt
that the water level in the plate
decreases and the salt water level in 25. Prepare a plate and fill it with .
the potato bowl increases. It happens (fourth step).
because there is movement of some The word it refers to .
water from the plate to the potato a. bowl b. plate
bowl. This process is called osmosis. b. potato d. hole
Osmosis is a process of substance
movement from a dilute solution to a 26. Remove the potatos peel and cut it
more concentrated solution. into two parts. (first step)
The underlined word means .
a. boil c. cut
b. take away d. move back


27. Complete the following message using b. after cutting the hole for ears
the appropriate words ! c. when trying the mask on
Dear Hafiz, d. before cutting the picture
Could you buy me Ummi magazine ?
You will find the money on the dining 30. What should we do after making the
table. small hole on each ear ?
But you can ask Mang Rudi if you a. try the mask on
Mom b. tie a rubber band on each hole
c. make holes on the eyes
a. do nothing d. color the drawing
b. have something else to do
c. are at home 31. The word pattern in the first step has
d. dont have anything the similar meaning with .
a. design c. picture
The following text is to answer questions b. hole d. line
28 31.
A Paper Mask Read the following text to answer
questions 32 36.
Materials : Thick paper
scissors Banana Mini Muffins
two rubber bands
coloring pencils Banana mini muffins are perfect for snacks.
a cutter They are so easy to make and suitable for
a pencil any occasions.
You need :
Steps : Muffin cups
1. draw a pattern of face as you like on cup butter, room temperature
thick paper 1 cup granulated sugar
2. color your drawing 2 large eggs
3. use the scissors to cut the picture, 2 large bananas, ripe, mashed
follow the line 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4. use the cutter to make the holes on the 2 cups all-purpose flour
eyes. teaspoon salt
5. use the cutter to make a small hole on 1 teaspoon baking powder
each ear. teaspoon baking soda
6. tie a rubber band on each hole.
7. now, try your mask on. Hook the
rubber bands on your ears.

28. The text mainly discusses . Instructions :

a. the way to make a paper mask
1. Grease 12 muffin cups.
b. how to cut the paper using scissors
c. the materials needed to make a mask 2. Cream butter and sugar with an electric
d. the steps of wearing a paper mask hand-held mixer until light and fluffy.
29. When do we color our drawing ? 3. Beat in eggs, one at a time, beating after
a. before drawing the pattern each addition.

4. Add bananas and vanilla and beat until 36. Which of the following statements is
smooth. not true ?
5. Mix together the flour, salt, baking a. we need an oven to make the muffins
b. we need more than 18 minutes to
powder and baking soda.
make the muffins
6. Stir flour mixture into butter mixture. c. the recipe needs twelve muffin cups
7. Stir until the ingredients are moistened. d. the muffins should be served while
8. Spoon banana muffin batter into they are still hot
prepared muffin cups.
9. Bake at 4000 F for about 15 to 18 The following text is for questions 37 40.
minutes, all until tops are lightly
Smart Tips For Smart Pet Owners
10. Cool muffins by turning them out onto Taking your pet to pet care centre regularly
rack. is not a guarantee for the healthiness of your
beloved pet. Knowing how to take care of
32. What should we do to the eggs ? your pet on a daily basis is what matters the
a. mix them with the grease finely most. Here are the tips of pet care :
b. crush them until soft and smooth 1. Give it food and drinks at least three times
c. beat them into the butter and sugar a day.
cream 2. Wash it at least once a month or every 10
d. spoon them into the prepared cups days (the most often).
3. Give it special vitamins for its fur and
33. How much baking powder do we need multivitamins every day.
to make the muffins ? 4. Give it herbals to help it secrete bits of fur
a. one teaspoon swallowed unintentionally.
b. a quarter of tablespoon 5. Dont give it too much salt or salty food,
c. a half teaspoon chocolate and fatty food because it is bad
d. a quarter of teaspoon for its digestive system.
(Adapted from : CnS Vol.3 No. 18, 2003)
34. When do we add bananas and vanilla ?
a. before putting the eggs in 37. How often should we give our pet
b. after mixing flour, salt, baking multivitamins ?
powder and baking soda together a. three times a day
c. after the ingredients are mixed and b. once a month
moistened c. every ten days
d. after beating the eggs into the cream d. every day

35. Why do we have to grease the muffin

cups ?
a. to make the muffin chips hot 38. Give it special vitamins for its fur .
b. to enhance the muffins flavor The underlined word refers to .
c. to make the muffins easy to take out a. pet c. tip
d. to make the muffin soft and fluffy b. pet owner d. multivitamin

39. Why should we give herbals to our pet ?


a. to make the fur glossy

b. to emit the fur unintentionally The text is for questions 44 47.
c. to enhance the disgestive system How To Make Duck Satay
d. to prevent the animals from (for 12 Skewers)
swallowing its fur
Materials needed :
2 ducks breast (450 gr) cut into
40. The followings are what we should not
give our pets except . stretch and thin size 10 3 cm
a. fatty good c. chocolate 12 bamboo satay skewers
b. salty good d. healthy good Sauce, mixed evenly :
75 ml sweet soy sauce
The following text is for questions 41 43. spoon table of coriander, make it
How To Play Marbles 1 lemon squeeze
Before beginning the game, we draw a 2 red onions, sliced
triangle by stone on the ground. The 1 tablespoon of salt
size depends on the number of marbels How to make it
we have. Put all our marbles into the 1. Put slices of duck breast in satay
triangle. Shoot our favorite marble at skewers then smear sauce on its
the others so that we can win some surface. Wait for 30 minutes to let
marbles by throwing the others out of the spices absorbed.
the triangle. The game continues until 2. Roast on the fire until it is cooked
all the marbles are gone. and brown. Take and serve while
41. The first thing before we play the
marbles is . 44. What does the text tell us about ?
a. preparing the field a. how to put satay on skewers
b. arranging the marbles into the shape b. the detailed description of duck satay
of a triangle c. retelling story of making satay
c. shooting the marbles out of the d. how to make duck satay
d. drawing a triangle by stone

42. A player can be a winner if .

a. his marbles are gone 45. What should we do after putting the
b. he throws more marbles out of the duck slices in the skewers ?
triangle a. smear sauce on its surface
c. he draws a triangle b. wait for an hour to let it absorbed
d. he puts his marbles in the triangle c. roast the duck on the fire
43. The game ends when . d. serve while warm
a. one of the players give up
b. the stone triangle is broken 46. Why do we have to wait for half an
c. all marbles are gone hour before roasting the satay ?
d. the players shoot the marbles beyond a. to let the spices absorbed by the meat

b. to make it more well-cooked Garnish with strawberries on the brim of

c. to keep it warm the glass
d. to make the meat tender Serve soon. For 4 glasses.

47. Roast on the fire until it is cooked and 48. a. fruit c. juice
brown. (second step) b. liquid d. blend
The underlined word means .
a. boil c. burn 49. a. garnish c. drink
b. grill d. iron b. juice d. snack

How To Make Grape Cruzz 50. a. cut c. mix

b. stir d. squeeze
Materials needed :
1 tablespoon of lemon water
2 tablespoon of orange water
lemon cut into a small trigonal
75 gram fresh strawberries, diced
100 gram apples, diced
300 ml sweet plain soda drink
500 ml grape (35) .
Ice cubes
Fresh strawberries for (36) .


Steps :
(37) lemon water and orange water in a
Put ice cubes in
Add strawberries and apples
(38) soda drink and grape juice.


Functional text is a text used for everyday information. It it called functional because it helps
you function in your day-to-day life. For example, traffic signs tell you what or what not to do on
the road, to help your drive safer and more comfortable. If you want to know your friends phone
number, you will look it in a phone book. If you are going to take medicine, you have to read the
directions and dosage.

The followings are some of the functional texts you are going to learn in this chapter :

Short messages
Short messages are sent when people want to ask or share short information to other people.
People can send short messages by writing them on either a piece of paper or by using cell
phones. The function is to ask or give information to other people.

People use graphs and charts to display detailed information of data in the form of table of
diagram. It can be in the form of line charts, bar, charts, pie charts, etc.

Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade and audience (viewers,

readers or listeners) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to
drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering, although political and
ideological advertising is also common. The purpose of advertising may also be to reassure
employees or shareholders that a company is viable or successful. Advertising messages are
usually paid for by sponsors and viewed via various traditional media; including mass media
such as newspaper, magazines, television commercial, radio advertisement, outdoor advertising
or direct mail; or new media such as websites and text messages.

Choose the best answers by crossing a, b, c, or d!

Text 1 is for questions 1 3! 08155827634

To : Annie Please forward to others. No English


club meeting today. Miss Rheine hasnt c. an advertisement

been back from Singapore. Its d. a note
cancelled until shes back.
5. What item is being offered for free ?
Sender : Najwa a. local service
082143567598 b. multiple lines
c. monthly subscription
1. To whom does the message have to be d. start up
forwarded ?
a. Annie 6. The writer thinks that multiple lines are
b. Najwa .
c. Miss Rheine a. needed c. costly
d. Other club members b. extravagant d. expensive

2. What is the purpose of the text above ? Read the message below to answer
a. to show attention to someone questions 7 9!
b. to announce about an English club
meeting From : 94932
c. to ask someone to forward news to
others New line of juicy Jeans arives Sat June
d. to give information about someones 1st. come in before theyre gone! Get 30%
departure on 1st pair, Sat Only.

3. Please forward to others. [coupon: 343434]

The word forward is similar to . (Replay STOP to unsub)
a. call c. say
b. tell d. send 7. What is the message about ?
a. Jeans new line
Read the following text to answer b. Mall discount
questions 4 6 ! c. Weekend sale
d. Ad subscription
Telephone Service Offer !

Sign up now for our long distance service

and receive free activation. Thats right, no
charge! Our connection gives you single or 8. From the messages we can conclude
multiple lines for one low price. Today, that .
more than ever, an extra line is a necessity, a. we can get 50% discount if we buy
not a luxury. more than one pair of jeans
Dont pay more with other companies, when b. the offer is at the end of June
you can choose up to three lines for the c. we can get the discount only on
same price. Its easy! Saturdays
d. if we want to buy the product, we
4. What kind of text is it ? have to replay the message
a. a short message
b. an announcement

9. What should we do if we do not want to 12. What is the text about ?

subscribe anymore ? a. invitation to see a film for free
a. we have to come to the shop b. an offer of free pizza delivery
b. we have to visit Juicy Jeans website c. free soccer tickets
c. we have to buy a pair of jeans d. invitation for a university visit
d. we have to type STOP and send it to
the sender of the message 13. Where can we see the film PIZZA for
free ?
Look at the bar chart below to answer a. On May 24
questions 10 11 ! b. At 6:45 pm
c. At university Crossings Screening
10. What search engine gets the highest hit Room
in April ? d. At a pizza stalls
a. google c. msn
b. yahoo d. SERIE 4 14. What should we do if we want to see
the film ?
11. How many hits did yahoo get in a. but the ticket
March ? b. call 215-895-0352
a. 300 c. 420 c. come to INDIGENT FILMS
b. 400 d. 580 d. buy pizza

Read the text below to answer questions Read the message below to answer
12 14 ! questions 15 16!

EAT FREE PIZZA Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to

And see the film our VP nominee.
PIZZA Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live
For FREE at 3pm ET on

Writer-Director Mark Christopher 15. What is the message about ?

(Miramax 54) will screen and discuss his a. the debate between Obama and Biden
wonderful, affecting and offbeat comedy b. a Vice President nominee
PIZZA about the unexpected relationship c. a rally
that develops between a thirty something d. a new president
pizza deliveryman (Ethan Embry) and an
overweight and friendless 18-year-old.
PIZZA was a hit at this years
PHILADELPHIA FILM FESTIVAL and 16. When can we watch the live news ?
will soon be released nationally by a. in the morning c. on Tuesday
INDIGENT FILMS. b. in the afternoon d. every day

May 246:45 pmUniversity Crossings Read the text and answer questions 17 to
Screening Room 19!
Seating is limited and reservations are essential.
For free tickets call 215-895-0352 WINDY RESTO


Holiday Special We are looking for ADVERTISING

- Beef burger EXECUTIVE
- Tuna fillet (part time or full time)
- Oriental Pizza
- Duck crispy If you think that you could fulfill the
Each of the above comes with a soft drink, a qualification, do e-mail me your resume
salad, French Fries and onion rings. (inclusive of most recent photo, time
Special offer only Rp. 57,990.00* available to start, time available to meet) to
Normal price Rp. 85,000.00 Only short listed
- Free drink refills candidate will be informed for the interview.
- Available from noon to 3 p.m. only. If you are serious, please do so.
- Normal prices apply outside stated time.
Offer valid at all Windy Resto, except for Requirements :
Palembang outlet. Valid until 31 August 201 1. Self-motivated and target-oriented
only. 2. Preferable college or university student
*terms and conditions applied 3. Flexible time
4. Must be a good team player
17. Which of the following statements is 5. Training will be provided
TRUE about the advertisement ? 6. Hardworking
a. the offer is valid for all Windy Resto Remarks income will be passed on total
outlets sales achieved.
b. you can get the special offer only at Log on to or e-mail
3.00 p.m.
c. you have to pay normal prices outside
the specified hours. 20. What position is needed ?
d. soft drinks salad, French fries and a. marketing executive
onion rings are not included for the b. advertising executive
Holiday Special offer c. marketing manager
d. advertising manager
18. The purpose of the text is .
a. to tell how to have your meal at 21. Only short listed candidate
Windy Resto The underlined word can be replaced by
b. to inform the holiday menu .
c. to promote Windy Resto a. employee c. applicant
d. to describe Windy Resto b. employer d. labor

19. Free drinks refills. What does the Read the advertisement below to answer
sentence means ? questions 22 25!
a. you can refill drink by yourself
b. all drinks are free BLACK BIRD
c. you will have free drink if you eat in
d. no charge for more drinks We provide : 52 passenger bus
29 passenger bus
Read the text to answer questions 20 to 21 Full AC, Music, Toilet, TV/Video
! We serve : Java, Bali, Sumatera


Office : Jl. Wijaya 12, Jakarta a. we can get 2 couches by buying the
For further information call 8802309 furniture
b. we can get two chairs by buying the
22. The advertisement above tells us about furniture
. c. the set is about one year old
a. travel a agent d. the set is covered in black fabric
b. a holidays package tour
c. a transportation number 28. and is in excellent condition.
d. a transportation company The underlined word can be best
replaced by .
23. The company will take the passengers a. exclusive c. extreme
to some cities in islands. b. ordinary d. marvelous
a. five c. three
b. four d. two 29.
Dear Hafiz,
24. Where can we rent the Black Bird Could you buy me Ummi magazine ?
bses ? You will find the money on the dining
a. Java c. Sumatera table.
b. Bali d. Jakarta But you can ask Mang Rudi if you
25. For further information, call 8802309 a. do nothing
The underlined word means . b. have something else to do
a. ask c. phone c. are at home
b. tell d. join d. dont have anything

Read the text and answer questions 26 Read the chart below to answer questions
28! 30 31.

For sale :
A 3-pieces of living room furniture,
consisting of a couch and 2 comfortable
chairs. The set is covered in a light brown
fabric, is only 2 years old, and is in excellent

Price : $200 (negotiable)

Tel. 736-3245
30. How many students are there in 9C ?
26. What is the advertisement about ? a. 30 c. 32
a. living room furniture b. 31 d. 33
b. a couch
c. comfortable chairs 31. What job do most parents have ?
d. brown fabric a. doctor
b. policemen
27. Which statement is TRUE according to c. businessmen
the text ? d. government officers

in Toronto
Read the text and answer questions 32 c. we cannot call for the home visit
and 33. d. it is about a doctor advertisement

Dear Ghifari, 36. Where does the computer doctor live ?

a. in his office
Ill be late. Ill be home at 7 p.m. b. in toronto
Please warm the soup for dinner. You c. in his clients home
can use the microwave. d. on site

Mom Read the chart below to answer questions

37 38!
32. The message is addressed to .
a. Ghifari c. the maid
b. father d. mother

33. From the above message, we can

conclude that .
a. mother is always on time
b. the soup will be served cold
c. mother will not come on time
d. Ghifari will make the soup
37. How many students like reading short
Read the advertisement below to answer stories ?
questions 34 36! a. 6 c. 13
b. 10 d. 31

38. What do most students of 8F like to

read ?
a. magazines c. novels
b. short stories d. comics

34. What is the text about ? The text is for questions 39!
a. a doctor
b. a computer mechanic Dear Damas,
c. doctor visit I borrowed your English textbook. I
d. office service need it because I left my book at home.
I will return your book tomorrow.
35. From the text we know that . Thank you.
a. the computer doctor works every day
b. it is claimed to be second best rated

Wiwin d. has an S2 certificate in Mandarin

39. Why did Wiwin write the message ? To answer questions 42 43, read the
a. to remind Damas to bring the book following advertisement!
b. to tell about the book she borrowed
c. to persuade Damas to give the book
d. to lend Damas an English textbook

The text is for questions 40 41!


42. What is being advertised ?
Requirements : a. a modem USB c. a mouse
Graduated S1 in Mandarin from reputable b. a flashdisk d. an MP3 player
Experience in teaching (fresh graduate is 43. How much do you save if you buy the
welcomed) product on sale ?
Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, a. Rp. 200,000.00 c. Rp. 499,000.00
and English b. Rp. 699,000.00 d. Rp. 35,000.00
Computer literate
Self motivated and hard working Read the text and answer questions 44 to
Job Location : Serang 47.
Salary : Negotiable
Job Type : Full Time, Permanent Katya
If your qualifications meet our requirements, Just got back from Lombok and got some
please send your complete CV, latest things for you and Jill. Can you come
transcript, recent photograph, and expected over ? I wont be long here; Dad insists I
salary to : had to accompany him to Makassar
PT Masnico Gemilang tomorrow. I wont complain, though, its a
Human Resource Department great opportunity to see Indonesia. So can
Jalan Raya Serang Km. 71 you make it to come over tonight ? it
would be even better if you sleep over at
my house.
40. If you are interested in applying this 44. Where did Katya arrive from ?
job, you should do these, except . a. Lombok c. Indonesia
a. send your CV b. Makassar d. Her house
b. send your latest transcript
c. attach your recent photograph 45. Why does Katya insist that her friend
d. enclose an envelope of salary must come over that night ?
a. because she will go to Makassar the
41. What qualification should an applicant next day
have ? b. because she is very busy
a. has a teaching experience c. because she wants to have a long
b. fluent in more than three languages vacation
c. has a driving license d. because her father will come over

that night c. she must go to the market to buy

some things
46. Who is the receiver of the message d. she doesnt know Nicoles home
above ? phone number
a. Katya
b. Jill 49. What does Maya want Nicole to do ?
c. Katyas father a. to call her back
d. The name is unknown b. to get mingled with Kimmys friends
c. to come before 6
47. What is better according to Katya ? d. to come to the party with Kimmys
a. to stay longer in Lombok friends
b. to have her friend sleep over that
night 50. Why doesnt Maya let Nicole join
c. to go to Makassar earlier Kimmys friends ?
d. to spend the holiday at home a. because they are annoying
b. because they are funny
Read the text and answer questions 48 to c. because they are famous
50. d. because they are beautiful

From : Maya
Nicole, where are you ? Ive called you
all day but your phone is off. I dont know
your houses phone number. I cant come
over to your house because we are very
busy all day preparing for tonights party.
So I hope youre online to read this.
I just want to tell you to come before 6, so
you wont be mingled with Kimmys
friends. Theyre so annoying, youll see.
Ill wait for you then. Dont be late.

48. The following are the reasons Maya

send the message online except .
a. she cant call Nicole because her
phone is off
b. she is busy all day preparing for the


Purpose : to describe something in

general. 3. What is the suitable title for the text
generic structure : general above?
classification a. A trees nutrient
descriptive b. Parts of a tree
Ex : c. how to plant a tree
There are three main parts of a tree. d. food factories of a tree
They are crown, trunk and root. The
crown is At the top of the tree. It 4. How many main parts does a tree
consists of leaves, branches, and twigs. have?
The crown filters dust and other a. three c. nine
particles from the air. The leaves are b. six d. ten
the food factories of a tree. They
contain chlorophyll. The chlorophyll 5. The statements below are correct,
helps the photosynthesis and gives except .
green color to the leaves. a. leaves are the food factories of a tree
The trunk, or stem, of a tree
supports the crown and gives the tree b. stem supports the crown
its shape and strength. The trunk c. chlorophyll is in fruit
consists of the roots to the leaves, and d. some roots can go down more than
they carry sugar down from the leaves four meters
to the branches, trunk and roots.
A trees absorb water and nutrients 6. and they carry sugar down from the
from the soil, store sugar and hold the leaves to the branches, trunk and
tree upright in the ground. Roots also roots.
have a lot of branches. Some roots can (second paragraph). The underlined
go down more than four meters. word refers to .
a. leaves c. crowns
Choose the best answer. b. roots d. layers

1. What is the kind of the text above?

a. descriptive c. report
b. narrative d. recount
Read the text and answer
question 7 to 9
2. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to describe a photosynthesis process. Butterflies start out as eggs. Butterflies lay
their eggs on leaves. The egg hatches into a
b. to describe how to plant a tree. caterpillar with a tube shaped body. The
c. to describe parts of a tree. caterpillar eats leaves, buds, or flowers of
d. to describe how a tree eat.

plants. Caterpillar eat a lot and grow fast. they contain many vitamins, especially
Some caterpillars harms plants. vitamins A and C, and many minerals, such
as calcium, potassium, and zinc. They also
When a caterpillar as full size, it goes into provide fiber for a healthy digestive system
another stage called a chrysalis. Caterpillars and carbohydrates that the body needs to
attach themselves to something solid before make energy. They dont have a lot of
becoming a chrysalis. calories to make us fat.

The caterpillar inside the chrysalis changes People use fruits for many things. We make
into butterfly. Some butterflies make the juices from them. We cook bread and pie
change in one week. Some butterflies take with them. We make jams and jellies and
years to change. sweets. We freezer them to eat later. We
even make alcohol from fruit. Beer comes
When the change is complete, the adult from grains, wine comes from grapes, and
butterfly splits the chrysalis. The insect some brandies are made from plums,
unfolds its wings and pumps blood and air apricots, or other fruits.
into them. It spreads out the wings until the
dry and harden. The beautiful butterfly then But most of the time, we dont do anything
flies off to slurp nectar from flowers. Most special with fruits. We eat them fresh, just as
butterflies live only one or two weeks. they are !

7. What does a butterfly change from? 10. What is the text about ?
a. an egg a. vitamins c. fruits
b. a chrysalis b. energy d. minerals
c. a caterpillar
d. a tube shaped body 11. What is the main idea of the second
paragraph ?
8. What do butterflies eat? a. we make juice from fruits
a. flowers c. nectar b. people use fruits for many things
c. some beer and brandies are made of
b. leaves d. bud fruits
d. we freeze fruits to eat whenever we
9. What does the text tell us about? need later
a. the life of butterflies
12. Which substance do we need to have a
b. the story of butterflies healthy digestive system ?
a. vitamins c. fiber
c. the change of butterflies b. calories d. carbohydrate
d. the hatch of eggs to butterflies

Read the text and answer 13. We freezer them to eat later. (part 2)
questions 10 to 15 ! The word freeze in the sentence is
similar in meaning to .
Fruits are a source of nourishing substances a. liquidate c. preserve
that keep us alive and healthy. For example, b. ice up d. cool

c. William Dampier
14. People can be fat because they eat a lot d. Juan Fernandez
of .
a. sweets c. cereal 17. The word imprisoned in the first
b. poultry d. avocado paragraph means .
a. praised c. written
15. We eat them fresh, just as they are! b. put into jail d. awarded
(last paragraph)
The word they in the sentence refer 18. Why did Selkirk ask to be put ashore ?
to ? a. he wanted to be a real sailor
a. fruits c. jellies b. he had an argument with the captain
b. jams d. sweets c. he had to explore the island by
Text is for questions 16 19. d. he didnt want to be rescued

ROBINSON CRUSOE 19. How old was Selkirk when he died ?

a. 44 years old c. 69 years old
Daniel Defoe (1660 1731) was an b. 45 years old d. 71 years old
English author who wrote hundreds of work:
books, pamphlets, articles. A brave journalist Text is for questions 20 24.
and satirist, he was imprisoned for his
writing. When he was nearly sixty, he turned HOUDINI
to writing novels, and in 1719, published WHO WAS HOUDINI ?
what is now held to be the first true English
novel, entitled The life and Strange and Born in America in 1874, Erich Weiss
Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, became one of the most famous magicians
of York, Mariner. It tells the story of a man who ever lived. He took the stage name,
who is marooned on a desert island, and it Houdini, in honor of Robert Houdini, a
was inspired by a real event. French conjurer and magician who died in
Alexander Selkirk (1676 1721) was 1871. Houdini was now renowned most of
born in Largs, Scotland, and became a sailor all from his escapes from bonds of every
under the English explorer and buccaneer, kind locks, hundcuffs, straightjackets, and
Captain William Dampier. In 1704, Selkirk sealed chests under water. We refer
quarreled with Dampier in the Juan nowadays to people who escape from
Fernandez Islands off the west coast of impossible situations as Houdinis.
South America. He asked to be put ashore at One of Houdinis greatest tricks on
Mas a Tierra Island, where he remained stage was called the Vanishing Elephant.
alone for four years and four months before An elephant was led to a cabinet with
he was rescued. curtains at the front and doors at the back.
The curtains were closed and then opened.
(taken from Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 Depdikbud) The cabinet was empty and the elephant had
16. Who wrote The life and Strange and vanished! The audience saw all around and
Surprising Adventures of Robinson below the cabinet, but they cold not see the
Crusoe ? secret compartment on one side where the
a. Daniel Defoe elephant was hidden.
b. Alexander Selkirk

20. Why was Houdini famous ? Born in 100 BC, a member of an

a. he is the son of a great French important Roman family, Julius Caesar was
magician one of the greatest men who ever lived. He
b. he could escape from every kind of was outstanding as a statesmen, a general,
bonds an orator, an historian, a law maker, a ruler
c. he could hypnotize the audience and, as even his enemies said, a
d. he took the name Houdini as his conversationalist!
stage name From his youth he held public office, and in
60 BC he became one of the three equal
21. He took the stage name, Houdini, in heads of government.
honor of Robert Houdini, a French For ten years he commanded the
conjurer (paragraph 1) Roman armies in Gaul, conquering large
The underlined word refers to . parts of Britain and Germany. He then
a. Robert Houdini returned to Italy and, by crossing the River
b. A French conjurere Rubicon, began a civil war in which he was
c. Eric Weiss victorious.
d. The audience He became the master of the Roman
Empire and was largely responsible for the
22. What is the main idea of paragraph 2 ? shape of todays Europe. He was
a. the elephant was put into a cabinet assassinated in 44BC but even 2,000 years
b. Houdini was one of the greatest later, rulers were still using his name:
magicians ever lived Kaiser, Tsar or Czar, Shah all were
c. One of Houdinis greatest tricks Caesars.
d. Houdini could escape from any kind (taken and modified from My Book of Questions and
of bonds Answers, Ref: 083, England: Peter Haddock
23. The followings are things Houdini
could escape from, except . 25. What is the most suitable title for the
a. cubicles c. handcuffs text ?
b. straightjackets d. sealed chests a. a famous Tsar c. a Roman family
b. Gaul conqueror d. Julius Caesar
24. The cabinet was empty and the
elephant had vanished! (paragraph 2) 26. Julius Caesar was famous as the
The word vanished can be best followings, except .
replaced with . a. a general c. an enemy
a. run away c. died b. a law maker d. an orator
b. disappeared d. jumped
27. The word victorious in the third
paragraph has the similar meaning
with the followings, except .
a. wining c. triumphant
Text is for questions 25 28. b. defeated d. successful

JULIUS CAESAR 28. How old was Julius Caesar when he

was assassinated ?
a. 100 c. 56

b. 60 d. 44 29. How do animals living in water carry

on respiration ?
Text is for questions 29 33. a. they get the oxygen from the water
b. they drink the water
WHAT LIVING THINGS NEED c. they eat the plants living in the water
d. they produce the oxygen by taking
In hot weather, it is very likely that in carbon dioxide
your mouth and throat feel dry. You are
thinking of having a glass of cold water. 30. It needs air . (paragraph 2)
Youre thirsty and your body needs water. The underlined word refers to .
All living things need water. When you dive, a. water c. your body
your body will show a reaction. Even though b. air d. living thing
enough water is available. Your body needs
something else. It needs air. Water and air 31. The following statements are correct
are two out of many things needed for living based on the text, except .
things to stay alive. a. living things need water and air
All living things carry on respiration. b. we can find nitrogen, oxygen,
To breathe, they need air. Air contains carbon dioxide, water vapour and
nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water other gases in the air
vapor, and other gases. Without oxygen in c. lions get minerals from the deer they
the air, living things will die soon. Oxygen eat
is also found in the water. Most organisms d. not every living thing grow and
living in water get the oxygen that they develop
need. Plants and animals need oxygen to get
energy. 32. Animals obtain these important
Besides water, air, and oxygen, minerals when they eat plants
organisms need other chemicals called The underlined word means .
minerals to live. Minerals are chemicals, a. get c. give
such as sodium and chloride, found in the b. take d. put
air, soil, and water. When plants take in
water through their roots, they absorb 33. Living things get energy for their fuel
minerals that are dissolved in the water at from .
the same time. Animals obtain these a. the minerals c. the water
important minerals when they eat plants or b. the air d. the food
when they eat plant-eating animals.
Living things need water, air, mineral, Text 5 is for questions 34 38.
space, and food. Each living thing has a
different need, for example plants need light Oceanography is the study of the sea.
to get energy to produce food. You have The scientists who study the sea are called
noticed that living things grow and develop, oceanographers. They go down to the sea in
respond to any stimulus, and do other ships, not ordinary ships but special research
activities. Where do they get the energy ships. They write down things that they see
from ? like cars which need fuel, living and preserve what they find.
things also need fuel (energy) from the food. Man has explored a few parts of very
shallow seas. Where the water is warm and
clear, diving is easy and pelasant. The deep

ocean is cold and dark. Scientists know very a. changes c. floats

little about it. Oceanographers have mapped b. turns d. moves
the bottom of the sea. They begin to
understand how water circulates or flows 39. Arrange the following words to make a
from one part of the ocean to another. The correct sentence !
water is not the same everywhere. Light nocturnal firefly which is beetle
Most oceanographers study the water of 1 2 3 4 5 6
the sea but the marine biologists are produces a
interested in the creatures that live in it. We 7 8
may wonder why men try to explore the a. 2 5 8 3 6 4 7 1
strange world of the sea. In fact, they are b. 3 5 8 2 6 4 7 1
curious. But there is also the chance to get c. 1 5 8 3 6 4 7 2
great riches. There are minerals to be mined d. 6 5 8 3 1 4 7 2
on the ocean floor. And more valuable is the
large amount of food that the sea produces. 40. Arrange the sentences below to make a
coherent paragraph !
34. The scientists go down to the sea to . 1. it can destroy farms and houses and
a. do research kill animals and people
b. enjoy the marine life 2. it is a violent drift of snow ice
c. catch fishes 3. when snow piles and piles, it can
d. find valuables change to glacier
4. it carries cold wave and it can
35. What does the text tell us about ? destroy anything that is on its way
a. oceanography 5. and when there is strong wind, this
b. a research ship snow ice may change into a blizzard
c. oceanographers 6. however, snow can also be a hazard
d. marine biologists a. 6 3 5 2 4 1
b. 6 5 2 1 3 4
36. The third paragraph tells us about . c. 6 2 5 3 1 4
a. what oceanographers do under the d. 6 4 3 5 2 1
b. why men explore the sea Complete the following text.
c. what has been mapped under the sea
d. how oceanographers go down to the A greenhouse is (41) of glass and a place
sea where (42) are kept cold, so they may
(43) well. Greenhouse gases in the earths
37. How do the oceanographers go down atmosphere let in sunlight and prevent the
to the sea ? heat that is given out from escape back into
a. in submarines the (44) this is what we call the
b. in traditional boats greenhouse (45) .
c. in ordinary ships
d. in special research ships

38. They begin to understand how water 41. a. making c. being made
circulates (paragraph 3). b. made d. make
The underlined word means .

42. a. human being c. animals b. dark brown fur with white highlights
b. plants d. we c. black fur with dark brown highlights
d. white fur with black highlights
43. a. grow c. grew
b. are growing d. has grown 47. They have a chunky body, a small
44. a. earth c. sun The underlined word can be best
b. moon d. space replaced with .
a. small c. stout
45. a. effect c. affect b. big d. thin
b. reflect d. aspect
48. What is the function of the barbed
Read the text below to answer questions quills ?
46 49. a. to kill the prey
b. to protect them from the cold
Porcupines c. to defend their body from the enemy
d. to remove their old skin
Porcupines are mammals. They are
native of North America. These animals are 49. What do we know about the
the only ones who have antibiotics in their porcupines ?
skins. a. they are native of Central America
Porcupines usually have dark brown or b. they cannot see far away things
black fur, with white highlights. They have a c. they move around fast
chunky body, a small face, short legs and a d. they attack their enemies
short thick tail. The upper parts of their body
are covered with sharp, barbed spines or Read the text and answer questions 50.
quills, which they use for their defense.
Porcupines do not throw their quills, but the Seahorses
quills detach easily and the barbs make them
Seahorses are strange-looking sea
difficult to be removed. When the animals
creatures with heads like horses. They are
are not disturbed, the quills are usually
actually fish. They make their homes in
flattened against the body. They also swing
warm, shallow waters, where they live
their quilled tail when they recognize threat.
amongst sea plants.
Porcupines are nearsighted and slow-
moving. Porcupines are selective in their
eating; out of 1,000 trees in the Cat skill 50. Seahorses are actually .
forest, they only eat several, like lindens- a. mammals c. birds
kinds of lime trees, and big tooth aspens. b. fish d. horses
Consequently, porcupines have the ability to
remember and find their way to their food Nilai
although through difficult paths.

Adapted from://

46. How do porcupines usually look like ?

a. light brown fur with black highlights



Complete the following

paragraph with suitable words 11. In 1998. East Timor still (belong) to
in the box! Indonesia.
12. Last holiday, Budi (not go)
seasons climate continents anywhere. He just (stay) at here.

temperature archipelago oceans 13. Formerly, our forests (be) still very
equator wet large, but now, they are cut down for

14. They (wait) for their friend for a long

To number 01 08! time.

The Indonesian (01) lies between 15. Susan (eating) when father came from
the ... (02) Asia and Australia and it also office.
lies between two (03) the
16. My brother always (cook) our meal
Indonesian and the Pacific oceans. Because
Indonesia lies along the (04) it has a
tropical (05) The average ... (06) is about 17. My brother (spend) his money at SKA
26 to 27 degrees on the Celcius scale. mall last week.
It has two (07) They are dry and
(08) seasons. The dry season lasts from May 18. Tuti (buy) a new refrigerator to her
to October and the wet season lasts from parents next week.
November to April.
19. The cobbler (sew) the customers
shoes at this moment.
Put the verbs in the brackets
into the right forms! 20. Every student (follow) the Flag raising
ceremony next Monday.
9. Our country (sell) a lot of liquid gas
to Japan last year. Correlative conjunctions

10. In 1883. Mount Krakatau (erupt) 21. Mrs. Miller is a busy woman that
causing an earthquake. she cant come here right now.

a. so c. either
b. such d. neither

29. my grandmother is sick. I take care

22. He felt very scared he saw same of her.
dogs and a huntsman with a black face a. because c. after
and horn behind them coming nearer. b. although d. before
a. when c. but
b. although d. however 30. Wanda : Nelly, why do you like him
Nelly : He is handsome I
23. my mother my father is English. like him.
They are American. a. so that
a. Both of c. Neither nor b. such that
b. Ether or d. So that c. not only but also
d. either nor
24. Jimmy reads a sport magazine eats
cassava. 31. Mandra : Which do you want?
a. and c. or Malang apple
b. but d. although American apple?
Atun : Both of them.
25. Sandra : Josh. Where are you going? a. and c. but
Josh : Its not your business. b. or d. so
Sandra : Oh OK. I dont care
youll go. 32. I talk to her as Im eating in the
a. where c. if canteen.
b. wherever d. when The sentence above is .
a. subordinate conjunction of time
26. Mother : Why do you come home
late? b. subordinate conjunction of place
Ghifar : There was a school football
match, Mom. I watched c. subordinate conjunction of cause
it first with my friend. effect
Mother : Dont do it again without d. subordinate conjunction of condition
telling me before.
Ghifar : Okay, Mom. 33. Mirada waited for you I finished
a. so c. but my lunch yesterday.
b. and d. or a. as soon as c. after
b. when d. until
27. you eat more and talked less, we
would both enjoy our dinner. 34. Chris : Excuse me. I must go to bed
a. after c. as now.
b. before d. if Steve : Why? It only quarter to
28. Ill be here for you you want. Chris : Well, I dont want to
a. because c. when come late for the conference
b. as long as d. since tomorrow morning. Good

night. happened, I was there.

Steve : Have a good sleep. d. Because I knew what exactly
a. when c. because happened, I was there.
b. thought d. but

35. Mr. Chaniago : Welcome to Jakarta ! 38. Although Im not a smart student, I try
Mr. Bill : Thanks. Its terrific to do the in this exam. The italic word
city. above can be changed by .
Mr. Chaniago : Yes. Its the busiest a. As c. however
city in Indonesia. By b. because d. even though
the way ... I will
take you Round the 39. Martina is such a diligent worker that
city this afternoon. she gets promotion . It is similar with
Mr. Bill : Great Id love to I .
want to see the a. Martina is so diligent that she gets
miniature Park of promotion.
Indonesia and the b. Martina is not only a diligent worker
National Monument. but she also gets promotion.
a. because you are not tired c. Martine gets promotion that she is
so diligent worker.
b. if you are not tired d. Martina is so diligent and she gets
c. if you are tired
d. after you take a bath 40. Dont disturb me youll be charged
to our teacher!
36. Since/got/Marsha/studied/good/harder/ a. or c. but
she/scores b. and d. because
Arrange the jumbled words above into
a good sentence! 41. Simon : Jess, Ill tell you something.
a. since Marsha studied harder, she got But I cant tell it right now.
good score When do you have Time?
b. Marsha got good score, since the Jessice : Ok. You can see me on next
studied harder Friday, at one three pm.
c. Marsha got harder score, since the Simon : I prefer at three pm than one
studied good pm. Thanks and see you
d. Since Marsha studied good, she got Jessica : See you.
harder score a. and c. because
b. but d. or
37. As I was there. I knew what exactly
happened. The sentence above has 42. A magazine belongs to mass media.
similar meaning with . A radio also belongs to mass media.
a. When I was there, I knew what a. Neither a magazine nor a radio
exactly happened belongs to mass media
b. I knew what exactly happened b. Not only a magazine but also
because I was there. c. A magazine belongs to mass media
c. Since I knew what exactly but a magazine

d. Only a radio belongs to mass media 49. Siti is not only beautiful smart.
but a magazine doesnt a. and c. but
b. or d. but also
50. youre a bad person, I cant hate
43. My grandfather was born in 1942 you.
Japans aggression happened. a. although c. since
a. because c. and b. because d. if
b. when d. where

44. In the before time. Dinosaurus

tyrannosaurs lived together.
a. because c. and
b. when d. where

45. Shafina is a student of Harapan Junior

High School. Dolly is a student of
Harapan Junior High School. The
combination of two sentences above is
a. Shafina or Dolly is a student of
Harapan Junior High School.
b. Both Shafina and Dolly are students
of Harapan Junior High School.
c. Either Shafina or Dolly isnt a
student of Harapan Junior High MESKI TAKSI BERJALAN
d. Neither Dolly nor Shafina is a METERNYA TETAP NAIK ?
student of Harapan Junior High Perhitungan tarif ongkos taksi
School. dilakukan berdasarkan kecepatannya.
Seperti di Indonesia sekarang ini,
46. In this life, we may relax serious. pertambahan ongkos taksinya
a. but c. or Rp2.500/km. Tapi jika macet sehingga
b. and d. because taksi harus berjalan pelan-pelan, ongkos
taksinya dihitung menurut waktu, yakni
47. Teacher : Give me your research Rp25.000/jam. Karena itu, meski mobil
findings you find berjalan pelan, argometernya berjalan
them. terus.
Budi : Yes, Sir. Ill give it soon.
a. as soon as c. if
b. as long as d. when

48. You may see me youre ready. Ill

always be there for you. Nilai
a. because c. whenever
b. since d. when




Choose the correct answer!

1. Wahyu : Lets go for playing a kite. b. youre right

Boni : Well, whether I can go c. thats absolutely terrific
out. d. thats very terrible
Wahyu : What about watching on TV 5. Arman : .
in my house ? Bagas : They are still traditional.
Boni : Sorry. Next time may be. a. what do think about Indonesian
a. its too difficult c. Im not certain farmers ?
b. its not certain d. Im afraid b. do you know that Indonesian farmers
are still traditional ?
2. Ari : . ? c. how do you know that to live is very
Doni : We can make a kite from comfortable ?
bamboo and paper. d. why is tractor called modern
a. what for do you make a kite equipment ?
b. what do you need to make a kite
c. can you tell me the way to make a 6. Irwan : What does the doctor use to
kite know the blood tension ?
d. what from can we make a kite Hilya : Of course, he uses a .
a. stretcher c. tensionmeter
3. Silvia : What does your mother use a b. stethoscope d. thermometer
fridge for ?
Lia : She uses it to . 7. Indri : Tin, look! There are many
a. make fruity juice empty bottle. Can you make a
b. freeze water pencil box from them ?
c. wash clothes Tina : I never do it before.
d. make shirts neat a. its confirmed
b. I am doubtful
4. Rino : What do you say if you agree c. no, doubt
to your friends opinion that d. absolutely Im sure
your Hand Phone is too
expensive ? 8. Toni : Lina, do you know that Tiara
Eko : . works in the hospital as a nurse
a. I dont think so ?

Lina : . b. turn off d. get off

a. I am sorry to hear that
b. I am happy to hear that
c. what a pity !
d. I offer my condolences

9. Dina : What conversation gambit This text is for questions no 14 to 16.

below tells about asking for
information ? Landslide
Anggi : .
A landslide is a geological
a. surprised ?
phenomenon which includes different
b. pardon ?
types of ground movement, such as rock
c. what is it ?
falls, deep failure of slopes and shallow
d. Ive got something to tell you
debris flows. We usually also say that a
landslide happens when a large amount of
10. Novi : What is the equivalent of the
soil and rocks fall down the side of a hill,
conversation gambit Sure.?
cliff or mountain.
Fajar : .
A landslide can occur naturally or
a. do you know what I mean ?
because of humans action. Natural causes
b. of course
of landslide include erosian by river,
c. well what can I say ?
heavy rains, snow or glacier melting,
d. I dont think so
ocean waves which create over steepened
slopes, earthquakes, volcanic eruption,
11. Indah : Tell me, sir ?
thunder and lighting, and ground water
Teacher : Prepare an empty plastic
pressure. Human cause of landslide
bottle, a cuter, a piece of
includes vibrations from machinery,
color paper and some glue.
traffic and road construction, blasting,
a. what can I do for you ?
mining, and logging.
b. what do you want to do
c. why dont you make a pencil box
d. what do we need to make a pencil 14. What is the purpose of the text ?
box a. to tell what a landslide is
b. to describe a landslide
12. Bimbo : Most vegetables and fruits are c. to entertain the readers about
now polluted by chemicals. landslide
Bonar : Yeah, it happens because a d. to tell the readers about the past
great amount of farmers use landslide disaster
pesticide and artificial .
a. fertilizer c. plants 15. , such as rocks falls, deep failure of
b. sprayer d. medicine slopes and shallow debris flows.
(sentence 1).
13. Eni : Susi, please the radio. Im The antonym of the word shallow is
trying to study. Tomorrow I will .
have a final test. a. deep c. dull
Susi : OK, I will . b. vast d. steep
a. turn on c. switch on

16. A landslide happens because of the

following phenomenon, except . 21. People use the wood for .
a. road construction a. fertilizer and shelter
b. earthquake b. fuel and medicine
c. volcanic eruption c. shelter and building
d. traffic jam d. fuel and house

This text is for questions no 17 to 25. 22. It is gas the animate creatures need to
breathe. It is an .
BIOLOGICAL AND MINERAL a. carbon dioxide
RESOURCES b. oxygen
c. hydrogen
Biological resources are the most
d. nitrogen
important natural resources. All the food
we eat comes from plants or animals.
23. Animals cannot live without .
Since early days, people have used wood
a. air c. friends
from trees for fuel and shelter. Biological
b. clothing d. shelter
resources, in turn, are dependent on the
other natural resources. Most plants and
24. Sunshine is used by the plants for .
animals could not live without air,
a. killing the germ
sunshine, soil, and water.
b. photosynthesis
Mineral resources are also extremely
c. brightening the world
important to modern living. Mineral fuels
d. taking the photo
including metal, coal, oil, and natural gas
provide heat, light, and power. Mineral
25. Plastics are .
serve as raw materials for making finished
a. biological resources
goods, such as cars, plastics, and
b. chemical things
c. raw materials
d. finished goods
17. Why are biological resources the most
important natural resources ? This text is for questions 26 to 27.
a. because it is difficult to get them
b. for all the food comes from them
How to operate a fax Machine
c. because they are available anywhere
d. for they depend on other resources 1. First, place the paper to be faxed in the
upper section.
18. The synonym of important is . 2. Next, enter the phone number that you
a. available c. essential want to send the fax.
b. easy d. simple 3. Then, press the send button.
4. After the fax is received, you will get a
19. The text above belongs to . printed confirmation.
a. description c. recount
b. report d. procedure 26. What does the text tell you about ?
a. a fax machine
20. The following is metal . b. how to get a fax machine
a. silver c. wood c. tips to buy a fax machine
b. plastic d. coal d. how to operate a fax machine

a. release dust bag

b. clean the dust bag
c. keep the vacuum cleaner
d. turn of the vacuum cleaner

27. What is the second step based on the This text is for questions no 31 to 33.
text ?
a. place the paper to be faxed in the How to Charge the Battery of Your Cell
upper section Phone
b. enter the receivers fax number 1. Connect the charger to a wall outlet.
c. face the paper in the upper section 2. Connect the charger to the phone. The
d. press the send button Battery indicator bar starts scrolling. If
not charging is displayed, wait for a
This text is for questions no 28 to 30. while, disconnect the changer, plug it
in again, and retry. If charging still
How to Operate Vacuum Cleaner fails, contact your dealer.
3. When the battery is fully charged, the
1. First, make sure that all parts of the
bar stops scrolling. Disconnect the
equipment are fixed correctly, then
charger from the phone and the wall
plug in the socket.
2. After that, press the power button.
3. Next, move the vacuum cleaner on the
31. Which of the following words refers to
floor from the front part of the house to
a wall outlet ?
the back part.
a. stop kontak c. lampu
4. When you finish cleaning the floor turn
b. kabel listrik d. HP
off the power.
5. Press the red button to release dust bag.
32. What sign shows the charging is in
6. Empty the dust bag and fix it again on
process ?
a. the lamp blinks
b. the cell phone vibrates
28. Which of the following button you
c. the battery indicator bar scrolls
should press before taking off the dust
d. the battery is fully charged
bag ?
a. the red button
33. What should we do when the bar has
b. the green button
stopped scrolling ?
c. the power button
a. disconnect the charger
d. the yellow button
b. press the wall outlet
c. press the ON button
29. What is the text about ?
d. contact the dealer
a. how to keep vacuum cleaner
b. how to make vacuum cleaner
The following text is for questions 34 to
c. how to operate vacuum cleaner
d. how to clean vacuum cleaner
Book Signing and Sharing Session
30. What does the fourth step tell you about
Divergent Trilogy

By Veronica Roth
Matraman Bookstore 38. I am so happy you finally got the
November 27, 2015 at 01:00 p.m. promotion
Buy the Divergent Trilogy The underlined word is closest in
Before November 1, 2015 in Matraman meaning to .
Bookstore and get free ticket for this event a. prize c. higher position
34. What should we do to get into the b. advertising d. favourite
event ? 39.
a. Pay for entry NOTICE
b. Contact Veronica
c. Buy Veronicas trilogy book
d. Visit Matraman Bookstore
35. When will the event be held ?
a. November 27, 2015
What does the notice mean ?
b. November 21, 2015
a. The audience is not allowed to see the
c. November 7, 2015
d. November 1, 2015
b. The audience is allowed to record the
performance freely
36. Buy the Divergent Trilogy
c. The performance is not having an
The underlined word means .
exclusive right
a. having three sides
d. The audience is prohibited to record
b. a group of three related things
the performance
c. a thing shaped like a triangle
d. speaking three languages fluently
For questions 40 to 42, complete the
following text with the correct words.
The following is for questions 37 and 38.
Australia has 13 species of large
Dear Elle,
Australian Possums. (40) are an
Congratulations! I am so happy you arboreal herbivorous marsupial. Putting
finally got the promotion you have been simply arboreal means that they live in
dreaming of. I wish you all the best in trees, and herbivorous (41) that they
your new role as marketing are plant eaters. All possums are
representative. marsupials so just like the koala and the
Your beloved friend, kangaroo they have a pouch in which they
Tonny carry their (42) .
37. According to the text, we know that .
a. Elle receives a job that she does not 40. a. they c. theyre
desire b. theirs d. themselves
b. Tonny is not happy if Elle gets the
promotion 41. a. show c. indicates
c. Elle gets a new position on her job b. perfect d. appointed
d. Elle does not like her previous
position 42. a. children c. descent


b. heritage d. inhabitant b. komodo has the same gigantic

appearance with dragon
c. komodo cannot fly
d. it intimidates its enemies

The following text is for questions 43 to

46. 46. one look from them might render
you speechless.
Real dragons spurt no fire, have no The underlined word is closest in
need to fly, and cast no magic spells. And meaning to .
still, one look from them might render a. give c. take
you speechless. These komodos, the real b. weak d. speak
life dragons, are a sight indeed. Gigantic,
the lizard-like creatures are about two or For questions 47 to 49, complete the
three meters in length. They can easily following text with the correct words.
weigh about 165 kilograms. Depsite of
their sheer size and appearance, they are Well, let me tell you about my (47)
not active hunters. What makes them holiday. Lat week, I visited uncle Bob
intimidating is the fact that they are a in Yogyakarta. I went there at noon. Then
patient predator. In the wild, they stalk a I arrived at my uncles house at dinner
victim, usually a weak or injured one. time. My uncle was little (48) to my
One bite and thats what it usually takes. visit. But he felt happy to see me.
After following the victim for a while, In yogyakarta, I travelled around. I visited
sometimes up to several days time, the Kraton, Kukup and Baron Beaches, and of
komodos will then devour the dying prey. course Malioboro street.
Source: I was very tired at the end of my
holiday but I felt very (49) .
43. What does the text tell us about ?
a. definition of lizard 47. a. last c. present
b. gigantic dragon b. future d. up coming
c. real dragon
d. description of komodo 48. a. dull c. surprised
b. awful d. strange
44. Why do the komodos are described as a
not active predators ? 49. a. unhappy c. satisfied
a. they have sheer size and appearance b. so sad d. scared
b. they intimidate when they are patient
c. they look for weak or injured preys 50. Arrange the jumled words into the
d. they are fed by human correct sentence.
Found mangrove species there are
45. Why does the writer open the paragraph 1 2 3 4
by comparing komodo and dragon ? all over the world tree several of
a. they both spurt fire and can fly 5 6 7 8

a. 2 6 1 5 8 7 3 4
b. 4 7 3 8 2 6 1 5
c. 6 8 5 1 2 7 3 4
d. 7 8 3 4 6 2 5 1



The following text is for questions 1 to 3. 3. Three winning teams will be awarded
cash prize and trophies
To students of SMP Bintang Kejora, The underlined word is closest in
meaning to .
To celebrate school anniversary, we
a. given c. covered
will hold a ceremony on Wednesday, 23
b. asked d. delivered
March and a choir competition right after
the ceremony.
Each class may send one team
The following text is for questions 4 and
consisting of 15 students for the
competition. Three winning teams will be
awarded cash prize and trophies.
89 Riverview street
For more info, meet Ms. Andini
Dalkeith, W.A.6009
14 March 2016

1. According to the text, 23 March is Dear Parto,

commemorated as . Thank you for your letter. Im really sorry
a. Choir Day anniversary to hear that illegal logging and forest
b. the schools principal birthday destructions are still happening in your
c. the school anniversary country. Thats why Im not surprised to
d. Ms. Andinis special day see the news on TV. Flood and landslides
are happening everywhere in your
2. To whom should we meet to get the country. I really hope that the government
detailed information ? and all the people will take good care of
a. The principal this immediately.
b. Ms. Andini
c. The winning team Yours,
d. The students of SMP Bintang Kejora Patrick
4. What causes floods and landslides in
Partos country ?

a. Government prohibition for people to Golden Bird Oriental Restaurant

take care of the problem Jl. Sedap Malam 150 Banyumas
b. Governments tough rules about Weekdays: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
forest destructions Weekends: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
c. Illegal logging and forest destructions
d. The surprising news on TV Student Price: Show your valid student
card to get a 20% discount for certain
5. From the text we learn that . foods and drinks
a. Patrick knows nothing about the
problems in Partos country Infromation about our special packages
b. illegal logging, flood, and landslides for lunch and dinner please contact 0879
are not interrelated 2251 104
c. illegal logging has made prosperous
d. Patrick shows his sympathy to Parto
The following text is for questions 6 and
7. 8. Why do students need to show their
student cards ?
Nadia, a. to reserve a table during the
I took your electronic dictionary from b. to order food for oriental people
your drawer. Sorry, I didnt ask your c. to find out the special menu
permission in advance because I had to d. to get a special price
finish Mr. Aryas assignment. I have to
submit it today. I will return the dictionary 9. On weekdays, Golden Bird Oriental
after school. Restaurant serves customers than on
P.S Greeting from Octo. Hes also using a. worse c. earlier
your dictionary. b. longer d. better

Your friend, The following text is for questions 10 to 12.

6. Who wrote the message ? To all students of grade VIII. There will
a. Reza c. Nadia be a school holiday for two weeks. Please
b. Octo d. Mr. Arya do a project of descriptive text in writing.
It should be about any animal around your
7. The underlined word in I have to house. You can describe your own pet or
submit it today. Is closest in meaning your neighbours. Dont forget to put the
to . animals photo in your writing. You have
a. take c. collect to submit it on the first day of the second
b. return d. withdraw semester.
Mr. Hasan
The following text is for questions 8 and
9. 10. What is the announcement about ?
a. Semester holiday

b. Neighbours pet From : Andrew

c. Writing project Phone Number: +6242897640
d. Picture description
11. What should the student do during their The monthly meeting is postponed due
holiday ? to the technical reason.
a. doing project of descriptive text Further information will be conveyed
b. describing the first day of semester soon.
c. being away from school Call him, when you are back.
d. taking pictures of a pet
12. You have to submit it on the first day

What does the underlined word mean ?
a. bring c. take
b. collect d. send
The following text is for questions 13 and 15. Who delivered the message to Mr.
14. Winfield ?
a. Andrew
b. Mr. Winfield
Friends and family
c. Andrews secretary
Join us to celebrate
d. The secretary of Mr. Winfield
Caseys 15th Birthday!
Saturday, 21 May 2016
16. From the text we know that Mr.
5:00 p.m.
Winfield will call Andrew back to of
123 Main Street Perth
the meeting.
Charlotte a. ask the place
b. fix the date
RSVP to Lisa at 123-456-7891
c. ask information about
d. clarify the postponement
13. When will Caseys birthday be held ?
a. at night c. in the morning
The following text is for questions 17 to
b. in th evening d. in the afternoon
14. What can we conclude from the
A month ago after finishing all my
invitation ?
homework, I wanted to relax. While I
a. the invitation is written by Lisa
was walking on the beach on a warm
b. for confirmation, we can contact Lisa
evening. I saw to small children playing
c. charlotte and Lisa are Caseys
with the sand. They found something. It
was big, reddish-brown, and made of
d. Lisa is the owner of the house at 123
metal. When I looked at it, I knew
main street Perth
immediately that it was an old bomb.
First, I told the children to move
The following text is for questions 15 and
away from the bomb. Fortunately, I had
my mobile phone with me, so I called
the police and told them what we had
To : Mr. Winfield

found. Fifteen minutes later, the police water to go through it for optimum
arrived and I explained everything to growth.
them. Then I went home again. There are some important advantages of
The next day, I read in the Jasmine. In medication, this flower is
newspaper that the police had blown up often used for shooting headaches,
the bomb. It was highly explosive. It stimulating brain, and restoring balance.
had been in the sand on the beach for Its extract is also widely used in the
over sixty years. It was from the Second making of parfume.
World War, and it was very dangerous.
20. When does Jasmine release the most
17. What is the main idea of paragraph fragrance ?
one ? a. in the morning c. in the afternoon
a. The bomb was very old b. in the evening d. at dawn
b. Two children found a bom
c. The bomb was made of metal
d. The children avoided the bomb 21. What is the main idea of the last
18. What did the writer ask the children ? paragraph ?
a. to call the police a. Jasmine is grown worldwide
b. to play around with the sand b. Jasmine has various benefits
c. to move away from the bomb c. Jasmine can cause headache
d. to explain everything to the police d. There are some varieties of Jasmine

19. Why was the bomb dangerous ? 22. The underlined word in it is often
a. it was big and made of metal associated with is closest in
b. it had a high explosive power meaning to .
c. it had been blown by the police a. attached c. compared
d. it was in the sand for over sixty years b. connected d. propagated

The following text is for questions 20 to 23. In planting Jasmine, the soil should be
23. kept moist to make it .
a. go through the water easily
Jasmine is a native flower to some b. grow up to 6 inch in length
tropical areas in South Asia, Africa and c. produce optimum fragrance
Australia. In India, some varieties of d. grow optimally
Jasmine are used for religious purposes.
The flower can grow up to 3 meters high The following text is for questions 24 to
and 2 meters wide. It releases its 27.
fragrance mostly after the sun sets
especially nearing the full moon. Using Your Electric Kettle
Therefore, it is often associated with
When you first buy an electric kettle, the
soothing night-time moods.
first thing to do is removing all packaging
The planting of Jasmine is started by
materials. To remove any dust or residue
putting some cuttings in 3 inch posts
from the manufacturing process, you have
within 4 weeks. After the roots grow, they
to boil some water for two or three times
are put into 6 inch pots. The soil in pots
before initial use.
should be kept moist but possible for the

A hungry crow saw an oyster on the

Here are the steps in boiling water: beach one day. He wanted to eat the tasty
1. Remove the unit from the base meat inside the shell, so he tried to open
2. Open the cover by depressing the the oyster.
button near the handle First, he used his beak, but he could
3. Fill in the kettle with your desired not open the shell. Then, he hit it with a
amount of water, but do not fill above stone, but the shell stayed tightly shut. He
the maximum (max) line. even jumped up and down on the oyster,
4. Close the lid by pressing down it gently but still he could not open it.
until it locks Another crow came by. He saw what
5. Place the kettle on the base and ensure the first crow was trying to do and said,
that it is correctly engaged My friend, may I offer you some good
6. Connect the cord to the power outlet advice? I suggest that you pick up the
and switch the unit ON oyster in your beak, fly high into the air,
7. The kettle will switch off automatically and then drop the oyster onto the wide
when the water is boiling rock below. The oyster shell will break
24. Why do we have to boil water two or open and you will be able to have your
three times before initial use ? meal.
a. to clean the residue The hungry crow thought that it was
b. to discard the dirty water a very good idea. He picked up the oyster
c. to complete the boiling cycle with his break, and then he flew as high
d. to remove all packaging materials as he could. When he was sure that he
was high enough, he dropped the oyster
25. What happens when the water is boiling onto a wide rock far below.
? The oyster shell broke wide open.
a. the unit switches off automatically However, the other crow was waiting
b. the unit locks into the base nearby, and he reached the broken oyster
c. the cord is connected first. He enjoyed a tasty meal, while the
d. the unit switches on hungry crow had nothing to eat.

26. The underlined word in until it 28. How did the other crow trcik the hungry
locks. Refers to . crow ?
a. the unit c. the kettle a. by giving a suggestion to drop the
b. the base d. the lid oyster onto the rock
b. by telling that he was so hungry and
27. The underlined word in fill the kettle needed some food
with your desired amount of water, c. by saying that he had a nice and
is closest in meaning to . strong beak
a. followed c. wanted d. by picking up the oyster with his
b. cooked d. believed beak

The following text is for questions 28 to 29. Where did the crow drop the oyster ?
30. a. onto the sand c. near the beach
b. near the water d. onto a wide rock
The Crow and The Oyster
30. What is the moral value of the story ?

a. do not fly high on the sky 33. Where does a caterpillar change into a
b. it is not easy to fool anybody butterfly ?
c. always trust people who offer help a. on the flower
d. do not be fooled by people who offer b. on the leaves
help c. inside the chrysalis
d. inside the nectar
The following text is for questions 31 to
34. 34. The underlined word in The insect
unfolds its wings is closest in
Butterflies are a type of insect with meaning to .
large and often colorful wings. They start a. opens c. flies
out as eggs. They lay their eggs on leaves. b. closes d. eats
The eggs hatch into caterpillars with
tubular body. The caterpillar eats leaves,
buds, or flowers of plants.

The following text is for questions 35 to

When a caterpillar is full sized, it goes 37.
into another stage called chrysalis.
Caterpillars attach themselves to something Aris grandmother is a very gentle,
solid before becoming a chrysalis. The loving, and caring person. She never
caterpillar inside the chrysalis changes into raises her voice at anyone. She has lived
a butterfly. Some butterflies make the with Ari for as long as he can remember.
change in one week. Some others take She takes care of him when his Mom and
years to change. Dad go to work.
When the change is complete, the adult Aris grandmother is a very neat and
butterfly splits the chrysalis. The insect tidy person. She has very dry grey hair
unfolds its wings and pumps blood and air which she usually pulls up into a bun. She
into them. It spreads out the wings until has dark brown eyes that twinkle
they become dry and harder. The beautiful whenever she sees him. I hardly ever see
butterfly then flies to get nectar from them wet.
flowers. Most butterflies live only for one Aris grandmother likes to tell stories.
or two weeks. She usually tells him brief stories of her
childhood. She can act and imitate the
31. What is the text mostly about ? people in the stories. Sometimes, she also
a. Butterflies life stages tells story about Aris grandfather who has
b. how a caterpillar lives passed away. Ari really loves his
c. how butterflies lay their eggs grandmother.
d. Physical characteristics of butterflies
35. What is the text about ?
32. Why do butterflies fly to some flowers ? a. Aris story
a. to get nectar b. Aris grandmother
b. to pump blood c. grandmothers hobby
c. to get some food d. grandmothers childhood
d. to dry their wings


36. The main idea of the third paragraph is village head sent a message to the king
that Aris grandmother . telling him that his wife was safe.
a. likes to tell brief stories of her Several days later, the King and his
childhood guards came for the queen. They thanked
b. is a very gentle, loving and caring the villagers for their kindness and brought
person the old women to their palace.
c. loves Aris grandfather very much
d. always takes care of Ari 38. What happened when the old woman
found the snail ?
37. She takes care of him when Mom and a. she reported it to the head of the
Dad go to work. (paragraph 1) village
The underlined phrase is closest in b. she helped it to find the queens
meaning to . husband
a. be wise c. it helped cleaning and cooking in her
b. play with house
c. give money d. she brought it to her house and took
d. be responsible for care of it
The following text is for questions 38 to 39. What does the second paragraph tell
40. you about ?
a. the queen lived as a golden snail
Once upon a time, there was a b. the enemy who attacked the kingdom
kingdom in Java that was attacked by c. the old woman who looked after a
another kingdom. The king asked his snail
Queen to save her life. Alas! In the middle d. the kings guards who were killed by
of the jungle, the enemy killed all her enemy
guards. However, the Queen was lucky
because she changed herself into a golden 40. In the end of the story, the old woman
snail and survived. live in .
One day, an old woman saw the snail a. the kings palace
and took it home. She looked after it. b. a small village
Whenever the old woman was not at home, c. the village heads
the snail turned into a human being. She d. the middle of the jungle
cooked and did the household chores.
When the old woman got home, the Queen For questions 41 to 43 choose the correct
quickly changed into a snail again. It words to complete the text below.
happened several times and made the old
woman curious. One day, the old woman Koala is a mammal living in a tree. It
peeped and saw what was going on. She has a (41) diet which is mostly leaves
broke in, immediately. She asked, Why of eucalyptus trees. Koalas are sometimes
did you changed yourself into a snail ?. called koala bears. However, koalas are
The Queen told her what happened. The old not bears. Young bears (cube) are grown
woman was surprised to know that the snail (42) outside their mothers body, but
was a Queen. young koalas (43) their development
Later, from the head of the village they inside the mothers pouch.
discovered that the king had won the battle
and he was looking for his wife. Then the 41. a. special c. essential

b. crucial d. commercial 46. a. smackers c. fielders

b. trainers d. players
42. a. fully c. largely
b. coolly d. quickly For questions 47 and 48, arrange the
words into the correct order.
43. a. start c. convert
b. grow d. complete 47. When in came a were stranger
1 2 3 4 5 6
sleeping they
7 8
a. 1 8 3 1 4 6 5 7
b. 1 3 2 8 5 7 4 8
c. 8 5 7 1 4 6 3 2
d. 8 5 1 4 3 6 2 7

For questions 44 to 46, choose the correct 48. Joko but go doesnt students to
words to complete the text below. 1 2 3 4 5 6
all agree
Last Friday evening, I went to sleep over 7 8
at my cousins place. My cousin, Imam is a. 1 3 2 7 5 4 6 8
about my age and we are best friends. b. 1 4 8 6 3 2 7 5
However, he is not (44) teenager. He is c. 7 5 4 8 6 3 2 1
a footballer and wants to play in a major d. 7 5 8 6 3 2 1 4
league in Europe. During my stay, I tried
to follow Imams routine. We woke up For questions 49 and 50, arrange the
very early on Saturday, did our prayer, sentences into the correct order.
and headed to the national stadium (45)
foot where Imam was going to practice 49.
for five hours. We only had some milk, How to use a digital camera
plain bread, and a little fruit for breakfast. 1. Move closer or zoom to get the
We started the training with some warm- picture you want.
up. After that I sat by the field watching 2. Finally, press the shutter button.
Imam and his teammates practice. They 3. Second, hold up the camera.
trained very hard and they were all very 4. Then, centre the object.
good (46) when they finished. I joined 5. First, turn on the camera.
them for some snacks and nice morning
talk. I had a good time with them and a. 5 3 4 2 1 c. 5 3 2 1 4
hoped to join again sometime. b. 5 3 4 1 2 d. 5 3 1 2 4

44. a. a special c. a popular 50.

b. a famous d. an ordinary 1. A flock of travelling ravens are
sometimes called a conspiracy.
45. a. in c. at 2. A raven is an omnivore.
b. on d. by 3. It travels in packs.
4. However, it usually eats carrion

(dead body of animals). b. 2 3 1 6 4 5

5. Although they eat carrion, they are c. 2 4 6 3 1 5
considered as one of the most d. 2 4 6 5 1 3
intelligent animals.
6. It usually flies above the carrion and
makes a deep low noise.

a. 2 3 5 4 1 6

The following text is for questions 1 to 3. The following text is for questions 4 and 5.

Announcement Dear Una,

Hi honey, I hope you are doing well.
Due to extreme weather, our school is
How is school? I hope you can cope with
closing 4 hours earlier, at 11.00 a.m. If
your study.
you pick up your child, please be at
I am writing to tell you that Uncle
school no later than 10.30 a.m. Buses will
Hasan has just come. He informed that
follow their normal routes.
Nana is going to get married next month.
You know we have to prepare the gowns.
1. Why will the school be closing earlier ?
I really want to know whether you can go
a. there are fewer school activities
home this weekend so that we can buy the
b. there is a threat of terrible weather
fabric and send it to the tailor
c. parents want to pick up their children
immediately. Remember we only have
limited time to prepare the gowns.
d. school buses have new routes and
OK dear, let me know as soon as
possible. I am looking forward to seeing
2. What time will classes be over ?
a. 10.30 a.m. c. 03.00 p.m.
4. What does Mom want Una to do ?
b. 11.00 a.m. d. 04.00 p.m.
a. buy the fabric by herself
b. wear a new gown soon
3. Due to extreme weather,
c. get married soon
The underlined word is closest in
d. go home soon
meaning to .
a. mild c. pleasant
5. The text suggests that Mommy is afraid
b. warm d. severe
that .

a. the gowns are not ready in time forget.

b. the marriage will be cancelled
c. Una will not buy the fabric 8. Why will the diners get unforgettable
d. Una will go home soon experience ?
a. the atmosphere is solemn and
The following text is for questions 6 and serious
7. b. the restaurant is a good place for
family events
Dear Afi, c. the dishes are from Europe, China,
and Indonesia
I really need your help with the science
d. the chefs prepare delicious food, and
homework, I dont understand the chapters
the scenery is very pleasing
on force and motion. Could you please
come to my house to study together after
school ? My mother will cook dinner for
you and my brother will drive you home in
the evening.
Please let me know.
6. Who does not understand the chapter 9. What is the best suggestion taken from
about force and motion ? the text ?
a. Afi c. Mother a. the restaurant is an old restaurant
b. Farah d. Brother b. the restaurant only serves guests who
come with their family
7. I dont understand the chapters on c. customers can enjoy a lot of cuisines
force and motion. only for morning meals
The underlined word is closest in d. customers can get a refreshing and
meaning to . relaxing atmosphere with a stunning
a. addition c. movement view
b. question d. improvement
The following text is for question 10 to 12.
The following text is for questions 8 and
9. Last weekend I and my classmates
went to the countryside to have a picnic.
Introducing Beore leaving, we made some sandwiches
The New Site For Family Dining for lunch. We left quite early to avoid the
With a solemn athmosphere traffic jam.
Silentio After driving for two hours, we
arrived at a very nice place. It was near a
We serve you tasty European, Chinese, and
river with some big trees around it. The
Indonesian traditional cuisines in a
driver parked the car under the tree.
refreshing and relaxing atmosphere with a
Seeing the clear and cool water of the
forest landscape for a full day service.
river, my friends and I decided to swim.
Professional cooks will tempt your tongue
After having lunch together, we went
with the art culinary. Come with your loved
around the area to enjoy the scenery. We
ones. Get the experience you will never
saw some beautiful birds and butterflies.

After walking for about an hour, we Chlorophyl in the leaves prepare the
decided to return to the car and go home. food like a machine. It converts the
Unfortunately, we could not start up the carbon dioxide taken from the air and
car. Finally after sometime, we could water from the ground into sugar with the
make the car start up by pushing it. We help of sunlight. This chemical reaction is
were happy although we felt a bit tired called photosynthesis.
when we got home. Sugar is further converted into starch
and is stored in the plant. The minerals
10. What is the main idea of the second are converted by chemical processes into
paragraph ? proteins, juice, oil, and other edible
a. the writer made sandwiches for lunch materials. The plants use these materials
b. the writer did some fun activities as their food for growth.
during their picnic
c. after doing some activities, the writer 13. What is the job of root-hairs ?
went home by car a. to prepare the food
d. last weekend the writer prepared to b. to absorb food from the air
have a picnic in the countryside c. to absorb water from the soil
d. to get food from the earth and the air
14. What is the main idea of the third
11. Why did the writer and his friends paragraph ?
decide to swim in the river ? a. the process of how the plants take
a. they felt hot after having lunch their food is interesting
b. they felt tired after having a walk b. chlorophyl in the leaves prepare the
c. the water was cool and clear food like a machine
d. it was a tiring day c. plants take their food from the earth
and the air
12. Because of the trouble they had at the d. the root hairs in the plants absorb
end of their picnic, they probably . water
a. got home a bit late
b. decided to swim again 15. Sugar is further converted into starch
c. had to spend the night there and is stored in the plant. (Paragraph 4)
d. decided not to have a picnic again The underlined word is closest in
meaning to .
The following text is for questions 13 to a. processed c. hidden
16. b. passed d. kept

Trees and plants are also living 16. What is proper suggestion given from
beings. They need food, water and air for the text ?
survival. It is interesting to know how a. photosynthesis is a process to make
they take their food. sugar from carbon dioxide and water
Plants get their food both from the b. the trees and plants dont need food,
earth and the air. If you look at their roots water and air
they are like fine fibres. We call them root c. the plants dont use root-hairs to
hairs. They absorb water and minerals and absorb water
transport them upwards to the leaves d. plants and trees are not living things
through the trunk and the branches.

The following text is for questions 17 to The underlined word in is closest in

20. meaning to .
a. client c. victim
FIRST AID FOR NOSE BLEEDING b. patient d. customer
What to do :
The following text is for questions 21 to 23.
Let the casualty sits down with
his/her head well forward, and ask
The Monkey and The Crab
him/her to breathe through his/her
mouth and to avoid speaking,
Long ago, at the foot of a mountain,
swallowing, coughing or sniffing.
lived a crab. On a warm spring day, the
Get the casualty to pinch his/her nose
crab walked leisurely along a nearby
just below the bridge.
river. Suddenly a big rice ball dropped in
After about 10 minutes, get him/her
front of her. Oh my God! What a good
to release his/her nose. If the
thing I found, she said to herself.
bleeding does not stop, repeat the
process for a further 10 minutes. If
there is still no improvement, the
Then a greedy monkey came. He
casualty should be taken to the
wanted to have the rice ball, so he said,
hospital, still leaning forward and
Hey, lets trade the rice ball with my fruit
pinching his/her nose.
seed. This seed is better than that rice ball.
Once the bleeding stops, tell the
When you eat the rice ball, it disappears,
casualty to avoid blowing his/her but if you put this seed on the ground, it
nose for a while. will grow and produce a lot of fruits. The
crab agreed to exchange the rice ball.
17. What should you do if the bleeding does Then she took the seed home and planted
not stop ? it.
a. avoid to breathe Soon the seed grew into a small bud
b. wait for 10 minutes and became a big tree. It made a lot of red
c. pinch the nose regularly fruits. The crab wanted to eat the fruit, but
d. take him or her to the hospital she could not climb the tree. Then the
monkey come again, climbing the tree
18. What should the casualty avoid when he and eating the fruits. The crab begged the
gets nose bleeding ? monkey to pick some for her and her
a. sniffing kind. Yet, the selfish monkey took a hard
b. sitting down green fruit and threw it to the crab. She
c. pinching the nose was smashed very hard.
d. getting medical help The crabs kids started to cry and their
noise attracted other animals. They soon
19. The underlined word in , still found out what happened. The king of the
leaning forward and pinching his/her animals decided to give the monkey a
nose. Refers to . punishment.
a. nurse c. helper
b. doctor d. casualty (adapted from :

20. Let the casualty sits down,


21. Why did the crab beg the monkey for their bright wings and then close them
some fruits ? again to confuse the predator.
a. she was greedy
b. she couldnt climb the tree 24. What is the text mostly about ?
c. the monkey was a kind animal a. the diet of the stick bug
d. the monkey had not eaten lots of b. the size of the stick bugs body
fruits c. the special ability of stick to
22. What did the moneky offer to trade with d. the characteristic of the stick bug
the rice ball ?
a. fruit c. fruit seed 25. Why is it difficult to notice the stick
b. plant d. seed ball bugs ?
a.becuase they are great in size
23. What important lesson can be taken b. because they look similar to their
from the text ? surroundings
a. nobody is perfect c. because they cover their body with
b. honestly is everything colourful wigs
c. bad deeds are punished d. because they transform their body
d. good deeds never help you into a twig
The following text is for questions 24 to 26. Which of the followings is one of the
27. camouflage ability of stick bugs ?
a. they can outstretched their body to 22
The stick is a type of insect that inches
actually looks like a stick. It uses b. they can grow in a foot long size
camouflage to look like the stick or c. they can get smaller rapidly
branches of the trees where it lives. There d. they imitate the movement of a twig
is also a leaf type bug that looks like
leaves. Together they make up the order of 27. but have other features that mimic
insect called Phasmatodea. There are the branches of trees. The underlined
around 3,000 species of insect in this order. word is closest in meaning to .
Stick bugs vary in size. Some are as a. look like c. follow to
small as half in inch long while others can b. use for d. borrow from
grow to just over a foot long. Counting
their outstretched legs, the longest females The following text is for questions 28 to
can reach up to 22 inches long ! 30.
Sticks bugs are some of the best
camouflaged animals in the animal Mr. Wahid is my grandfather who is
kingdom. Some can change colors to match also my best friend. My grandfather is
the tree or leaf in the background. Others sixty four years old and he is retired now,
not only look like sticks but have other so he has plenty of time to play with me. I
features that mimic the branches of trees. love him very much and I know he really
Many also look like a twig blowing in the loves me too. We spend a lot of time
wind. together.
Some stick bugs have wings. They My grandfather is a very tall and
may be bright colored. When a predator strong man. My grandfather is smart,
comes near the stick bugs they may open patient, and caring. When I am sad, he

can always make me laugh with his funny Overtime, they become a rock. This rock
faces. He puts me on his shoulders and is called a limestone. This (43)
tells me many stories. becomes the inner part of the reef. The
Everyday my grandfather drives me living coral animals form the top part of
to school and picks me up at the end of the reef.
classes. He also does sports and many
other activities with me. He takes me to 31. a. live c. manage
the swimming pool. He plays chess with b. swim d. commute
me. During starry nights, we count the
stars together in our backyard. I love my 32. a. while c. when
grandpa. b. where d. whether

28. What is the text about ? 33. a. shell c. colony

a. the writers family b. polyp d. limestone
b. the writers grandfather
c. a very tall and strong man
d. the writers sports activities

29. What is shown by paragraph three ? For questions 34 to 36 choose the correct
a. the writers activities words to complete the text below.
b. the activities of Mr. Wahid
c. Mr. Wahids characteristics Lying on a sofa, Risma laughed
d. the description of the writers family remembering what she experienced last
holiday. On that (44) , Risma and her
30. My grandfather is sixty four years old classmate planned to climb a mountain.
and he is retired now. They agreed to meet at a bus stop in front
The underlined word is closest in of a big mall in the city.
meaning to . When she reached the bus stop, she
a. very weak could not find her friends. She saw no one
b. not energetic in front of the bus except the driver. Risma
c. having no money wondered if she came too early. She (45)
d. no longer working she was mistaken about the time. The
driver then asked her to get on the bus.
For questions 31 to 33, choose the correct (46) she got in, Risma was very
words to complete the text below. surprised and embarrassed to know there
were no one in the bus except her and the
Coral animals do not move around. These driver. As the bus left, she realized that she
tiny creatures (41) together in groups mistakenly came to a wrong bus stop.
called colonies. One single coral animal is
called a polyp. Its body shape is like a 34. a. day c. sofa
tube. Its mouth is on the top of the tube. b. seat d. bus
There are little tentacles around the
mouth. They function to help the polyp 35. a. asked c. stated
catch food. The polyp dies, the shell is left b. thought d. cried
behind. The shells form colonies of polyp.

36. a. as soon as c. so that 40.

b. in order d. if only 1. One snake, called the spitting cobra,
has found another way to kill its
For questions 37 and 38, arrange the victim
words into the correct order. 2. The cobra aims between the eyes to
blind its victim
37. Games lunch we preparing 3. It can spit accurately from more than
1 2 3 4 30 centimeters away from its victim
playing while they were were 4. Not all poisonous snakes kill their
5 6 7 8 9 victims
5. There are hundreds of different
a. 7 8 4 1 6 3 9 2 5
kinds of snakes
b. 7 8 4 2 6 3 1 5 9
6. Not all of them are poisonous
c. 6 3 9 5 1 7 8 4 2
7. It spits poison through the air
d. 6 3 9 5 1 7 2 8 4
The right order is .
a. 5 6 4 1 7 3 2
b. 5 6 4 1 2 3 7
c. 1 2 3 7 5 4 6
38. Asks after dinner to wash d. 1 2 3 6 4 7 5
1 2 3 41. Tono : Hello, can I speak to Nita ?
every night the dishes Budi Mum Mother: Sorry, I didnt catch what you
4 5 6 7 said. Can you repeat again,
please ?
a. 4 7 1 6 3 5 2 The italicised sentence is showing .
b. 4 7 1 6 2 5 3 a. certainty c. agreement
c. 3 5 1 6 2 4 7 b. repetation d. hesitation
d. 3 5 1 6 4 7 2
This text is for questions no 42 45.
For questions 39 and 40 arrange the
sentences into the correct order. How to Operate an Electric Fan
1. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet.
39. (AC 120 volts 60 Hz).
How to use a photo copy machine 2. To make the fan moves sideways, push
1. Then, put the paper that you want the pin on top of the motor.
to copy on the top 3. To move the fun up or down, first pull
2. First, plug in the copier up the oscillating pin, the press the tilt
3. Finally, wait for the pages to adjustment knob.
come out To change the speed of the fan, press on the
4. Second, turn it on switches at the bottom.
5. Next, press the copy button
42. What is the purpose of the text ?
The best arrangement is . a. to inform something
a. 2 4 3 1 5 c. 2 3 5 4 1 b. to report about something
b. 2 4 1 5 3 d. 2 1 3 5 4 c. to tell the steps to do something
d. to retell past event

7. Stir until the ingredients are moistened.

43. How do we power the fan ? 8. Spoon banana muffin batter into
a. by adjusting the knob prepared muffin cups.
b. by pressing the oscillating pin 9. Bake at 4000 F for about 15 to 18
c. by pulling up the oscillating pin minutes, or until tops are lightly
d. by plugging the power cord into a browned.
wall outlet Cool muffins by turning them out onto rack
to cool longer.
44. We can change the speed of the fan by
. 46. How many ingredients do we need to
a. pushing the oscillating pin make banana mini muffins ?
b. adjusting the motor of the fan a. 8 c. 10
c. pressing the tilt adjustment knob b. 9 d. 11
d. pressing the switches at the bottom

45. To make the fan move sideways, push

the oscillating pin.
The underlined word means .
a. turn c. switch
b. fix d. press
This text is for questions no 46 50. 47. What should we do to the banana ?
a. cut them finely
BANANA MINI MUFFINS b. eat them while they are ripe
c. crush them until soft and smooth
What you need :
d. warm them up in the oven for about
- Muffin cups
15 to 18 minutes
- cup butter, room temperature
- 1 cup granulated sugar
48. How many instructions do we need to
- 2 large eggs
make banana mini muffins ?
- 2 large bananas, ripe, mashed
a. 8 c. 10
- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
b. 9 d. 11
- 2 cups all-purpose flour
- teaspoon salt
49. Stir until the ingredients are
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
moistened. (7th step).
- teaspoon baking soda
The underlined word means .
a. slightly wet c. thin
Steps :
b. thick d. dry
1. Grease 12 muffin cups.
2. Cream butter and sugar with an electric
50. Why does the writer ask the readers to
hand-held mixer until light and fluffy.
grease the muffin cups ?
3. Beat in eggs, one at a time, beating after
a. to make the muffin cups hot
each addition.
b. to make the muffin cups dirty
4. Add bananas and vanilla and beat until
c. to make the muffin more delicious
and light browned
5. Mix together the flour, salt, baking
d. to make the muffins easy to be taken
powder, and baking soda.
out of the muffins cups
6. Stir flour mixture into butter mixture.


Choose the corect answer!

The following text is for questions 1 to 3. c. read the anouncement

d. welcome the governor
Due to the governors visit to our school 3. All classes on Monday (4 April) are
compound suspended.
ALL CLASSES ON MONDAY (4 April) The underlined word is closest in
ARE SUSPENDED meaning to .
For more information, please contact RIS
a. continued c. explained
Office or Send an email to b. combined d. pstponed

Reddley International School

1. Why are Monday classes suspended ? The following text is for questions 4 and
a. because of electricity problem 5.
b. because of the governors visit
c. to commemorate governors birthday Silver Vista Restaurant
d. to get more information from RIS Weekdays
office 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
2. How can students get more details about 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
the school suspension ?
a. send an email to the governor Information about our special lunch and
b. contact the school office dinner at 087863995602


Jl. Kemuning No 19

4. You can ask some information about the

menu via .
a. a letter c. a facsimile
b. a telegram d. a mobile phone

5. What is the message given from the text

a. it opens earlier on weekdays
b. it closes earlier on weekends
c. the restaurant opens longer on
d. the restaurant does not open on

The following text is for questions 6 to 8.

All his life, Guntur had dreamt about

travelling abroad. One day his school
announced a competition for a scholarship
to study in Singapore. As he really wished
to go abroad, he followed the competition.
He prepared well for the competition
because he didnt want to miss the chance.
He won the competition and could go
abroad, studying in Singapore.
Guntur was pleased when he heard about
his winning the scholarship. He was going
to study in Singapore. He actually felt
cheerless when he had to say goodbye to
his family and friends. However, he was
excited about going to the university and
meet people from all over the world.
The first few weeks in Singapore was
not easy for Guntur. Sometimes, he felt
homesick and lonely. The other students
were nice, but he found it hard to get along

with people from the countries with Guava is a plant native from Mexico
different backgrounds, cultures, and and Central America, Northern South
languages. He tried his best to adjust to the America, parts of the Caribbean, some
new environment. The classes were parts of North Africa, and some parts of
interesting, but they were hard. He had to India.
spend time in the library many hours A guava tree is not big. It is about 33
everyday. Guntur didnt want to give up. feet with spreading branches. The bark is
He knew he had to do his best and succeed. smooth with green or reddish brown
color. The plant branches are close to the
6. What is the main idea of the last ground.
paragraph ? Guavas are cultivated in many tropical
a. Gunturs first few weeks was not easy and sub tropical countries for their edible
b. Guntur felt bad about leaving his fruit. The fruit is round or oval depending
family on the species. It is usually green when
c. Guntur is sad thinking about leaving unripe, but becomes yellow or maroon
his hometown when ripe. The flesh of the fruit is sweet
d. Guntur made friends with people or sour. The color of the flesh may be
from other countries white, pink, yellow, or red, with the seeds
in the central part of the flesh. The seeds
are numerous but small. In some good
varieties, they are edible. Guavas are rich
with vitamins A and C, omega-3 and
Omega-6, gutty acids and dietary fibers.

7. What can we conclude from the text ? 9. The Guava is usually when unripe.
a. because of feeling homesick and a. white c. yellow
lonely, Guntur decided to go back b. green d. maroon
b. his cheerless feeling took over his
excitement about leaving 10. Based on the text, what does the third
c. Guntur wanted to be successful in his paragraph talk about ?
overseas study a. the fruit of guavas
d. Gunturs parents did not allow b. the taste of guavas
Guntur to leave c. the size of a guava tree
d. the colour of guava flesh
8. Why did Guntur find difficulties in his
first few weeks in Singapore ? 11. The underlined word in for their
a. he had difficulties to adapt and edible fruit is closest in meaning to
sometimes missed his family something that can be .
b. the class he took that semester were a. eaten c. planted
really hard and boring b. edited d. harvested
c. he wanted to treat his friends like
family, but they refused 12. Guavas can be good for weight loss
d. almost all his friends didnt like him because they contain .
a. small seeds
The following text is for questions 9 to 12. b. Omega-3
c. dietary fibers

d. vitamins A and C a. slowly c. at once

b. basically d. on time
The following text is for questions 13 to
16. This following text is for questions 17 to
METAL Once upon a time there lived a lion who
was afraid of nothing except a crow of a
Materials : cock. A chill would go down is stomach
- a rough steel string whenever he heard a cock crowing.
- a thick plastic glass One day, the lion met an elephant and told
- three tablespoons of vinegar him what he was afraid of. The elephant
Steps : laughed and said, How can a cocks crow
1. Place the string in the glass scare you ? You are the king of all
2. Pour the vinegar over the string animals. A cock is only a small animal.
3. Observe the colour of the string The lion felt very embarrassed.
immediately and after a period of two Just then a mosquito came and began
hours circling the elephants head. The elephant
4. Pay attention to the colour of the string, became very scared and screamed, If it
it is silver in the beginning, but some gets into my ears, I will die. He tried to
parts of it will become reddish brown fight the mosquito with his trunk, but it
didnt give up. He finally ran away.

13. The rusting of the steel string is Seeing this, the lion laughed very loudly
significantly indicated by . and said, The mosquito is far smaller
a. the vinegar in the glass than the cock, yet you are afraid of it very
b. observing the steel string much.
c. placing the string in the glass
d. the change of colour of some parts of 17. What happened to the lion when he
the string heard a cock crowed ?
a. he was amused c. he felt afraid
14. What should you watch carefully after b. he was very sad d. he ran away
pouring the vinegar over the string ?
a. the plastic glass 18. What was the elephant afraid of ?
b. the tablespoon a. a cock c. a mosquito
c. the vinegar in the glass b. a lion d. a crow
d. the colour of the steel string
19. What is the lesson taken from the
15. The word it in some parts of it story ?
will become refers to . a. we should be afraid of the lion
a. string c. glass b. we have to help other people
b. vinegar d. colour c. we have to be aware of other people
d. we should not look down on other
16. The word immediately in step 3 is people
closest in meaning to .

The following text is for questions 20 to

23. 22. What is the main food of the black
widow spider ?
The black widow spider is an a. fish c. insects
extremely poisonous spider of North and b. birds d. reptiles
South America. Only the female one is
dangerous. The bite of the male is 23. The underlined word in as long as
generally harmless. Although it is greatly female and have more slender bodies.
feared, it is not aggressive and generally is closest in meaning to .
bites only to defend itself. a. huge c. slim
This kind of spider has long legs and b. small d. thick
smooth, black bodies. The female spider
is about twice as big as the male. It has a The following text is for questions 24 to
round, shiny, black abdomen, with a 26.
distinctive mark shaped like an hourglass
on the underside. The male spider is only If you visit my school, you will notice
about half as the long as females and has a person with a gentle smile on his face.
more slender body. It has four pairs of red He is Mr. Naravane, my favourite teacher.
dots along the sides of the abdomen. It is He is an English teacher. I like him very
rarely seen and is harmless. much for several reasons.
Black widow spiders primarily eat Mr. Naravane teaches English very
insects that they trap in their webs. They well. He speaks English fluently. He is
kill their prey by biting and then inserting very good at teaching and managing the
their venom. Birds and other animals class. He uses many kinds of teaching
learn not to eat the spider by identifying methods which are interesting and makes
hourglass mark on their body. The venom his students active. He can make English
makes the animal sick but usually does esy for us. His humorous style of teaching
not kill them. keeps the class active and lively.
Mr. Naravane is a kind person. He
20. What does the text mostly tell us pays much attention to the poor students.
about ? He is always ready to help them. He gives
a. the black widow spiders enemy free teaching to poor students. He wants
b. the habitat of black widow spiders his students to be successful in the future.
c. the black widow spider in general Sometimes, he buys some of his poor
d. the danger of black widow spiders students lunch.

21. What happens when an animal eats a 24. The text tells us about Mr. Naravane as
black widow spider ? .
a. the animal will soon die because of a. a good teacher and a kind person
the venom b. a helpful man and a humorous father
b. the animal will get sick because of c. a good character and an active citizen
the venom d. a successful person and a rich teacher
c. the spider shows hourglass mark on
its body 25. The main idea of paragraph two is that
d. the animal will become more Mr. Naravane .
aggressive a. is a good English teacher

b. was born in a teacher family tube so mom would think that it was
c. often speaks English with students blood. There was also some mess that we
d. does not have a good sense of prepared in the kitchen. We wanted to
humorous make her angry on her birthday. However,
our plans did not work at all. Mom only
26. you will notice a person with a smiled and (32) the mess that we
gentle smile (paragraph 1) made. She is the most patient woman in
The underlined word is closest in the world. We love you Mom!
meaning to .
a. see c. know 30. a. early c. nicely
b. call d. understand b. lately d. quickly

For questions 27 to 29 choose the correct 31. a. my c. her

words to complete the text below. b. our d. their

Adult butterflies can only feed on 32. a. set in c. made in

(27), usually nectar. Their mouth parts are b. grew up d. tidied up
modified to enable them to drink, but they
cannot chew solids. A proboscis, which
functions (28) a drinking straw, stays
curled up under the butterflys chin until it
finds a source of nectar or other liquid
nutrition. It then opens the long, tubular
structure and (29) up the nectar.
For questions 33 and 34, arrange the
27. a. fruits c. leaves following words into the correct order.
b. mud d. liquids
33. Came when we Dodi were
28. a. for c. at 1 2 3 4 5
b. in d. as tickets for queuing train
6 7 8 9
29. a. touches c. brings
a. 4 5 8 7 9 6 2 3 1
b. drinks d. sets
b. 4 5 8 7 9 6 3 1 2
c. 3 5 8 7 9 6 2 4 1
For questions 30 to 32 choose the correct
d. 3 5 8 7 9 6 4 1 2
words to complete the text below.
34. Is she manner but the girl has
Last Sunday my sister and I woke up
1 2 3 4 5 6
very (30) long before dawn. We
bad beautiful a
wanted to prepare a surprise birthday
7 8 9
celebration for our mother. First we put
some dolls and other stuffs in the isle a. 5 6 7 3 4 1 9 2 8
outside our parents bedroom so that mom b. 2 1 8 4 5 6 9 7 3
would trip over on (31) way to the c. 5 1 8 4 2 6 9 7 3
bathroom. We also changed the tooth d. 2 6 8 3 4 5 9 1 7
paste, too. We put red thick liquid inside a

For questions 35 and 36, arrange the 3. Add water into the inner pan. Marking
sentences into the correct order. inside the pan show the amount of water
required. Example: if you have used two
35. 1. Aim carefully at the pins at the end of measures of rice, add water to line
the lane marked 2, and so forth. You may (38)
2. Cheer if you are happy with the score it depending upon the type of rice and
3. Finally, crouch down and roll the ball your preference.
toward the pins 4. Be sure to wipe dry the outside of the
4. Firstly, pick up the ball carefully with inner pan. Then, place the inner pan into
your thumb, middle and ring fingers the body and turn it slightly to the right
5. Then take a step forward toward it and left until it seats (39).
6. Next, as you take the next two steps 5. Close the outer lid. Make sure to lock
swing the ball behind you forward properly until it clicks.
6. Plug cord to AC outlet. The WARM
The correct procedure for playing
lamp will turn on.
bowling is .
7. Press the switch. When the cooking
a. 1 4 5 6 2 3
process has started, the COOK lamp
b. 1 4 5 6 3 2
will (40).
c. 4 1 5 6 2 3
When rice is (41), the switch will pop
d. 4 1 5 6 3 2
up and WARM lamp lights to show
that the rice warmer function is working.
After the switch pops up, leave the lid
closed for at least 15 minutes before
serving the rice.
36. 1. A subway is a train that runs 37. a. immerse c. take
underground b. wash d. rinse
2. People save a lot of money and time
by using it 38. a. fill c. adjust
3. Transportation is the way people b. measure d. slimmer
travel from one place to another
4. It is cheap and runs fast 39. a. nicely c. properly
5. In big cities, many people use buses b. sweetly d. beautifully
and subway to get around
40. a. turn on c. take off
The right order is . b. put on d. switch off
a. 3 1 5 4 2
b. 3 5 1 2 4 41. a. closed c. done
c. 5 1 2 4 3 b. ripe d. dried
d. 5 2 1 4 3
42. Diana : I have got the news about the
This text is for questions 37 41. flat TV.
Ryan : Tell me more about it.
How to Cook Using a Rice Cooker From the dialogue we know that .
a. Diana is offering something
1. (37) the rice in a separate bowl.
b. Diana is asking for information
2. Then, place the washed rice in the inner
c. Ryan is showing an attention

d. Ryan is asking for repetition Danny : They are still traditional

a. what do think about Indonesian
43. Andi : Why are household appliances farmers ?
called modem equipment ? b. Do you know that Indonesian farmers
Budi : Because . are still traditional ?
a. they need electricity to work c. How do you know that to live is very
b. they are large and heavy comfortable ?
c. one of them has machine d. Why is tractor called modern
d. none of them uses battery to work equipment ?

44. Rudi : Dwi, give me examples of 48. Faisal : Kri, do you know that Tiara
household appliances. works in the hospital as a nurse
Dwi : The examples are . ?
a. radio, towel Fikri : .
b. washing machine, pliers a. I am sorry to hear that
c. refrigerator, air conditioner b. I am happy to hear that
d. broom, garbage can c. what a pity!
d. I offer my condolences
45. Siti : Why does mother need an
electric iron ? 49. Vero : What must you do before
Hafid: She needs it to . watching TV ?
a. make fruity juice c. wash clothes Riana : We must the power first.
b. freeze water d. make shirts neat Then choose the channel we
46. Dony : What do you say if you agree like.
to your friends opinion that a. switch up c. switch off
your VCD player is too b. turn down d. turn on
expensive ?
Tommy: . 50. Desi : I prefer to drink hot tea to iced
a. I dont think so tea. It is fresh and healthy.
b. youre right Tika : .
c. thats absolutely terrific a. I dont either c. I did too
d. thats very terrible b. neither do I d. so do I

47. Albert : .