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Logic Pre-Mid Exam

Course and year:
Answer one question in not more than half of this bond paper.
Logic (10 points)
1. In what way is logic an organon (instrument)?

Critical Thinking (10 points)

Answer only the underlined questions.
The Ship of Theseus
1. The legendary ship in which Theseus sailed was preserved for many years. Each time
a part of the ship broke or rotted, it was replaced by a new part. Eventually, every part
of the original ship had been replaced. At this point, is the ship still Theseus ship? If
not, when did it cease to become identical to the original ship?
Now, let us call the ship just described Ship 1. Imagine that, as parts of this
ship are gradually replaced, a band of scavengers collected all the discarded parts.
Gradually, they manage to build a new ship out of the discarded partslet us call this
new ship Ship 2. This ship (Ship 2), while rather run-down, contains all of the
original parts of Theseus ship. Which ship is Theseus ship, Ship 1 or Ship 2? Why do
you say so?

Rubrics for your Answers

Logic and coherence of argument (40%)
Understanding of lectures (40%)
Organization, clarity and correctness of writing (20%)