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3 Grade
Grammar &
Vocabulary Skills

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Table  of  Contents  


Nouns                                                                                                      3  
Plural  Nouns                                    8  
Subjects                                13  
Verbs                                  17  
Pronouns                                                        21  
Verb  Tenses                                                        28  
Complete  Sentences                              38  
Commas                                      42  
Conjunctions,  Commas,  and  Compound  Sentences                    47  
Types  of  Sentences                              52  
Subject  -­‐  Verb  Agreement                                                    55      
Conjunctions                                                        58  
Titles  of  Books                              60  
Capitalization                                62  
Quotation  Marks                              66  
Adjectives                                70  
Adverbs                                78  
Vocabulary  (Synonyms  &  Antonyms)                                                83  
Vocabulary  (Prefixes  &  Suffixes)                            87  
Vocabulary  (Homophones)                        107  
Assessments                                    119-­‐127  




The  flowers  in  our  yard  will  bloom  in  the  spring.  ____________________   2.   1. Some  trees  even  produce  flowers.  or  idea.  thing.   Example  1   The  girl  went  to  the  park.  or   Idea   The  nouns  are  underlined.   ____________________.  ____________________   3.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Place. Plants  produce  their  own  food.   ____________________.  ____________________   5.  ____________________     3   .  ____________________.  ____________________   4.     girl  =  person          park  =  place   Example  2   The  backpack  was  full  of  books.   backpack  =  thing          books  =  thing   Guided  Practice   Underline  the  nouns  in  the  following  sentences.       Thing.Nouns                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NOUN                             =   Person.     Look  at  the  following  examples.   ____________________. Flowers  and  trees  need  sunlight  to  grow.    Then  tell  if  the  noun  is  a  person.   ____________________.  or  idea.   A  noun  is  a  person.   thing.  ____________________.  place. Large  plants  grow  in  her  backyard.   ____________________.  place.

 ______________________________   4.  ______________________________   2.  or  idea.  ______________________________   8. Did  you  buy  a  dog  last  week?   ______________________________.  dog  –  thing   1.  ______________________________   5.   ______________________________.   _____________________________.  ______________________________   6. There  are  hundreds  of  different  breeds  of  dogs.   ______________________________.Nouns                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Independent  Practice   Write  the  nouns  from  the  following  sentences  on  the  lines. The  most  popular  breed  of  dog  is  the  Labrador. The  Great  Dane  grows  to  be  very  tall. Puppies  will  need  a  lot  of  training. Fred’s  dog  likes  to  eat  meat.   Example   The  little  boy  wanted  a  dog.  ______________________________. Some  dogs  bark  day  and  night.  ______________________________   3.   _____________________________.   ______________________________.   boy  –  person.  ______________________________.  ______________________________.   ______________________________.  ______________________________.   ______________________________.  ______________________________.  ______________________________     4   .    Then  tell  whether  the  noun  is  a   person. Dogs  chew  on  everything  so  it  is  important  to  give  it  a  chew  toy.  ______________________________   7.  place.  ______________________________.  thing.

Nouns                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Independent  Practice  2   Write  the  nouns  from  the  following  sentences  on  the  lines.     1.  ______________________________.  ______________________________. Many  dogs  chase  their  tail.   ______________________________.  ______________________________.  ______________________________   4. Beagles  came  from  Great  Britain. You  should  give  your  dog  a  treat  when  it  does  what  you  want  it  to. The  Mastiff  weighs  more  than  most  other  types  of  dogs.   ______________________________.  ______________________________   7.  ______________________________   2. A  dog  should  visit  a  veterinarian  for  a  check-­‐up  every  year.   ______________________________.   ______________________________.  ______________________________.  ______________________________   6.  ______________________________.  or  idea.   ______________________________.  ______________________________. Sally’s  dog  scratches  when  it  has  fleas. A  special  membrane  in  a  dog’s  eye  allows  it  to  see  in  the  dark.  place.  ______________________________   3.   ______________________________     5   .  ______________________________.  ______________________________   5.  ______________________________.  thing. Some  dogs  grow  long  hair  that  must  be  brushed  daily.   ______________________________   8.           ______________________________.    Then  tell  whether  the  noun  is  a   person.   ______________________________.   ______________________________.

 thing.    You  can  tell  a  story  about  something  your  dog  has  done  or  you  can  describe   what  your  dog  means  to  you.  or  a  dog  you  would   like  to  have.    Then  underline  all  of  the  nouns  in  the  sentences.  place.  a  dog  you  have  seen.  or  idea.Writing   Write  a  story  (1  to  3  paragraphs)  about  your  dog.   a  noun  is  a  person.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     6   .    Remember.

  5.   4. Birds  live  all  over  the  world.     Person/People   Place   Thing   Idea     World     Birds                                               7   .   7. Some  birds  build  their  nests  on  the  ground. My  family  bought  a  bird  feeder. The  mother  bird  protects  her  babies.   1.   8. Bella  found  a  bird’s  nest  in  the  tree. My  friend  bought  a  bird  for  a  pet.   9. The  mother  bird  feeds  her  baby  birds.   10.   6.   3.   2.Nouns   Independent  Practice   Underline  the  nouns  in  the  sentences  and  then  write  the  nouns  in  the  correct  box. Bailey  saw  an  owl  flying. Baby  birds  eat  worms. Bird  feeders  attract  birds.

   computer     5.   Use  rule  3  to  complete  the  chart.    key       3.   toy/toys                        key/keys                                  donkey/donkeys   • Rule  4:    If  a  singular  noun  ends  in  a  consonant  followed  by  y.  or  idea.     Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun       1.  z.  or  ss.    boy       5.    paper     1.  then  change  the  y  to  i   and  add  es  to  make  the  noun  plural.    candy           8   .Plural  Nouns   Plural  nouns  name  more  than  one  person.    day             Use  rule  2  to  complete  the  chart.   • Rule  1:    Usually  you  just  add  s  to  a  singular  noun  to  make  it  plural.    lady       3.    donkey       4.   fox/foxes                                      bush/bushes                    dish/dishes   • Rule  3:    When  a  noun  ends  in  a  vowel  and  y.    family     •   4.    beach     5.  then  just  add  s.  sh.    sandwich     4.   baby/babies                          city/cities            candy/candies   Guided  Practice   Use  rule  1  to  complete  the  chart.    Look  at  the  examples  below.     Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun     1.  s.    boss     1.    chair     3.    bush     3.    book     2.   paper/papers                    drink/drinks                    school/schools   • Rule  2:    If  a  singular  noun  ends  in  ch.    toy       2.  thing.  then  you  need  to  add  es  to     make  the  noun  plural.    baby       2.    There  are  different  ways  to   form  plural  nouns.  place.    folder     4.   Use  rule  4  to  complete  the  chart.    tax     2.  x.    story     5.

   ray     4.    reflex     1.    school     1. The  team  has  had  many  ____________________. The  ____________________  smell  wonderful.    bus     2.    beauty     2.    tray     5.    way         Use  rule  2  to  complete  the  chart.   2.   7.   3.    victory         Use  one  of  the  plural  nouns  above  to  complete  the  sentences.   8.    play     3.   Use  rule  4  to  complete  the  chart.   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   1.Plural  Nouns   Independent  Practice   Use  rule  1  to  complete  the  chart.    alley     2.   1.    hand     2.    plastic     5.     9   .    wish     5.    dress     3.    pencil     3. All  of  the  ____________________  in  our  town  have  computers  in  them. Have  you  seen  all  of  the  ____________________  the  team  won  playing  soccer?   5.    dish     4. The  girl  has  a  lot  of  ____________________  in  her  closet.   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   1.   6.    flower     4.    berry     3. The  sun’s  ____________________  are  very  strong  in  the  summer.    party     4. The    ____________________  that  pick  up  students  in  the  morning  arrive  early.   Use  rule  3  to  complete  the  chart.    trophy     5.   4. When  all  of  the  students  finish  eating  please  put  the  ____________________  up.

  Use  rule  8  to  complete  the  chart.    shelf     5.    Here  are  more  examples.    person       10       .    zero       Use  rule  6  to  complete  the  chart.    For  all  nouns   that  end  in  a  vowel  and  an  o.   ox/oxen                                          mouse/mice                        child/children   • Rule  9:    Some  nouns  do  not  change  from  singular  to  plural.    woman     4.    buffalo       5.   solo/solos                                  logo/logos                              studio/studios   • Rule  7:    Some  nouns  that  end  in  o  are  spelled  with  es  to  make  the  plural.     Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun       1.  just  add  an  s  to  make  it  plural.    studio     3.   fish/fish                      moose/moose                  headquarters/headquarters                    deer/deer   sheep/sheep                        species/species            series/series                                                                                cattle/cattle                               Guided  Practice   Use  rule  5  to  complete  the  chart.    These  nouns  have  the   same  singular  and  plural  forms.   knife/knives                          half/halves                            shelf/shelves   • Rule  6:    For  most  nouns  that  end  in  o.    solo     1.    elf     1.    They  are  irregular  plural  forms.   The  spelling  of  these  nouns  will  need  to  be  memorized.    tomato       3.    tooth       2.  add  an  s  to  make  the  plural  form.    radio     4.     Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun     1.   buffalo/buffaloes        hero/heroes                        tomato/tomatoes   • Rule  8:    Some  nouns  do  not  follow  these  rules.  or  idea.  thing.  change  the  f  or  fe  to  v  and  add  es.    echo       4.Plural  Nouns   Plural  nouns  name  more  than  one  person.    hero       2.   • Rule  5:    For  nouns  that  end  in  f  or  fe.   Use  rule  7  to  complete  the  chart.    logo     2.    zoo     5.    knife     3.    man     5.    calf     2.  place.    child         3.    loaf     4.

  Use  rule  7  to  complete  the  chart. There  are  many  ____________________  in  our  area  where  we  can  see  animals.   4.    elf     1. You  do  not  want  ____________________  on  your  homework  assignments.    buffalo     5. We  bought  several  ____________________  of  bread  for  the  picnic.    solo     1.    radio     4. Put  the  groceries  on  the  ____________________  in  the  pantry.   3.   6.   8.     11   .   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   1. The  children’s  baby  ____________________  had  come  out.   Use  rule  8  to  complete  the  chart.    zoo     5.   2.    logo     2.    hero     2.    woman     4.    studio     3.    tooth     2.    child     3.Plural  Nouns   Independent  Practice     Use  rule  5  to  complete  the  chart.    tomato     3.    knife     3.    loaf     4. How  many  ____________________  are  growing  on  the  vines  in  the  garden?   7.    zero         Use  rule  6  to  complete  the  chart.    man     5.    shelf     5.   1.   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   1.    calf     2.   5.    person         Use  one  of  the  plural  nouns  above  to  complete  the  sentences.    echo     4. She  has  two  ____________________  so  she  can  listen  to  music. The  ____________________  go  to  school  everyday.

Plural  Nouns  -­‐  Independent  Practice   Write  the  plural  form  of  the  noun  and  then  tell  which  rule  you  used.   Singular  Noun   Plural  Noun   Rule  #   Church       Pass           Mess         Moose         Nanny         Fox       Elf       Foot       Bus         Boat         Fly         Hat         Life         Glass         Way         Child         Photo         Torpedo         Person         Fish         Marsh       Buzz         Fairy         Wish         Variety               12   .

  4.     Subject = Example  1                                                                                                                                                         Noun The  boy  went  to  the  store.   5.   6. Flowers  and  trees  need  sunlight  to  grow.   7.Subjects   A  subject  is  a  noun  that  tells  who  or  what  the  sentence  is  about.   8.   3.       13   . Plants  produce  their  own  food. Large  plants  grow  in  her  backyard.   Who  went  to  the  store?    Boy     Example  2   The  large  machine  made  a  lot  of  noise.   2. Some  trees  even  produce  flowers.  a  subject  must  be  a  noun. Her  friend  chose  to  buy  a  lily. Beautiful  daisies  grow  in  her  yard. The  type  of  flower  that  she  likes  is  a  tulip.    Remember.     Look  back  to  page  3  to  see  the  nouns  that  have  already  been  identified. The  flowers  in  our  yard  will  bloom  in  the  spring.     What  made  a  lot  of  noise?  Machine     Guided  Practice   Underline  the  subject  in  the  following  sentences.       1.

          12. Sally’s  dog  scratches  when  it  has  fleas.   3.   4.   5. Did  you  buy  a  dog  last  week?   8.Subjects   Independent  Practice   Underline  the  subject  in  the  following  sentences. Many  dogs  chase  their  tail. A  dog  should  visit  a  veterinarian  for  a  check-­‐up  every  year.   13. Most  dogs  are  loyal  to  their  owner.   14.       1.   18. The  Mastiff  weighs  more  than  most  other  types  of  dogs.   11. The  Great  Dane  grows  to  be  very  tall. Fred’s  dog  likes  to  eat  meat. Some  dogs  live  in  the  backyard. There  are  hundreds  of  different  breeds  of  dogs.   16.     Look  back  to  pages  4  and  5  to  see  the  nouns  that  have  already  been  identified.  a  subject  must  be  a  noun.   19.   9. Some  dogs  bark  day  and  night. The  most  popular  breed  of  dog  is  the  Labrador.   10. Puppies  will  need  a  lot  of  training. You  should  give  your  dog  a  treat  when  it  does  what  you  want  it  to. Some  dogs  live  inside  of  their  owner’s  home.   6.   7.   2.   15. Beagles  came  from  Great  Britain.     14   .   17. A  special  membrane  in  a  dog’s  eye  allows  it  to  see  in  the  dark.    Remember. Dogs  chew  on  everything  so  it  is  important  to  give  it  a  chew  toy. Some  dogs  grow  long  hair  that  must  be  brushed  daily.

Bella  found  a  bird’s  nest  in  the  tree.     15   . Bird  feeders  attract  birds.   12.   15.  a  subject  must  be  a  noun.   18.   17.   16.   5. My  friend  bought  a  bird  for  a  pet.   3. The  school  playground  offers  many  ways  for  students  to  get  exercise  while  playing.   4.   11.   9. Some  children  love  to  play  basketball.   10. Exercise  is  important  to  for  your  body. Baby  birds  eat  worms. Some  kids  like  to  just  walk  and  talk  at  recess.   13. Others  love  to  play  soccer.   7. Bailey  saw  an  owl  flying.   2.Subjects   Independent  Practice   Underline  the  subject  in  the  following  sentences. Birds  live  all  over  the  world.   8. All  children  should  play  for  exercise.         1. Some  birds  build  their  nests  on  the  ground. The  mother  bird  protects  her  babies.   14.    Remember. It  is  just  important  that  you  do  some  type  of  exercise. Some  children  climb  on  the  jungle  gym. My  family  bought  a  bird  feeder.   6.     Look  back  to  page  7  to  see  the  nouns  that  have  already  been  identified. The  mother  bird  feeds  her  baby  birds.

   Remember.  a  subject  is  a  noun.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     16   .    Then  underline  the   subject  in  each  sentence.Writing   Write  a  paragraph  describing  someone  you  know  who  is  a  kind  person.

    Example  1   Verb=Action Sarah  dances  everyday.   2.         The  verb  tells  who  or  what  the  subject  does. The  flowers  in  our  yard  will  bloom  in  the  spring.       1. Large  plants  grow  in  her  backyard.   5.   4.   6.   What  does  Fred  do?    Plays     Guided  Practice   You  have  already  found  the  nouns  and  the  subject  of  these  sentences  on  previous  pages.       What  does  Sarah  do?    Dances     Example  2   Fred  plays  baseball. Some  trees  even  produce  flowers.   7.         17   . The  type  of  flower  that  she  likes  is  a  tulip.   8.Verbs   An  action  verb  shows  action. Plants  produce  their  own  food. Flowers  and  trees  need  sunlight  to  grow. Her  friend  chose  to  buy  a  lily.   3. Beautiful  daisies  grow  in  her  yard.

Most  dogs  are  loyal  to  their  owner. Puppies  will  need  a  lot  of  training.Verbs     Independent  Practice   You  have  found  the  nouns  and  the  subject  of  each  of  these  sentences  on  previous  pages. Sally’s  dog  scratches  when  it  has  fleas.   14.   19.   13.   17. A  special  membrane  in  a  dog’s  eye  allows  it  to  see  in  the  dark.   11.   18. There  are  hundreds  of  different  breeds  of  dogs. Fred’s  dog  likes  to  eat  meat.           12.     18   .   16. Some  dogs  live  inside  of  their  owner’s  home. Some  dogs  grow  long  hair  that  must  be  brushed  daily.   2. Dogs  chew  on  everything  so  it  is  important  to  give  it  a  chew  toy. The  Mastiff  weighs  more  than  most  other  types  of  dogs.   1. Did  you  buy  a  dog  last  week?   8. Some  dogs  live  in  the  backyard. A  dog  should  visit  a  veterinarian  for  a  check-­‐up  every  year.     Now  underline  the  verb  that  shows  the  action  of  the  subject. Some  dogs  bark  day  and  night.   3. Beagles  came  from  Great  Britain.   7. You  should  give  your  dog  a  treat  when  it  does  what  you  want  it  to. Many  dogs  chase  their  tail.   15. The  Great  Dane  grows  to  be  very  tall.   9.   5.   10.   6. The  most  popular  breed  of  dog  is  the  Labrador.   4.

      19   .   12.   9. Some  birds  build  their  nests  on  the  ground. Some  kids  like  to  just  walk  and  talk  at  recess. My  friend  bought  a  bird  for  a  pet.   5. Bella  found  a  bird’s  nest  in  the  tree. The  mother  bird  feeds  her  baby  birds. Bailey  saw  an  owl  flying. Others  love  to  play  soccer.   14. The  school  playground  offers  many  ways  for  students  to  get  exercise  while  playing.   7.   3. My  family  bought  a  bird  feeder. Some  children  climb  on  the  jungle  gym. It  is  important  that  you  do  some  type  of  exercise.   18.   17.   2. All  children  should  play  for  exercise. Bird  feeders  attract  birds.   15. Baby  birds  eat  worms.     Now  underline  the  verb  that  shows  the  action  of  the  subject. Exercise  is  important  to  for  your  body.   10.   4.   13.     1. Birds  live  all  over  the  world.   11.Verbs  -­‐  Independent  Practice   You  have  found  the  nouns  and  the  subject  of  each  of  these  sentences  on  previous  pages.   6. Some  children  love  to  play  basketball.   16. The  mother  bird  protects  her  babies.   8.

Writing  –  Write  a  paragraph  describing  your  favorite  way  to  exercise.    Underline  the  verb   in  every  sentence.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________       20   .

  Pronouns  take  the           place  of  a  noun.  Is  she  coming?   2. Can  you  come  with  us?         21   .  you. Where  is  she?   5.  doesn’t  he?   3.   4.  she.       Singular  Pronouns:    I.  he. It  is  her  boat.  him.   6. List  the  plural  pronouns. He  wanted  to  eat  pizza.    _________________________________________________________________   3.  her. My  dog  barks  a  lot.  them     1. We  talked  for  hours. He  got  a  new  truck. The  shoes  belong  to  her. What  do  pronouns  take  the  place  of?    _____________________________________________________   2.  us.  they.  it   Plural  Pronouns:    we.     9.  me.   8.       1.   7.Pronouns   Pronouns  are  words  that  take  the  place  of  a  noun  or  noun  phrase.    ___________________________________________________________________         Guided  Practice   Underline  the  pronoun  or  pronouns  in  each  sentence.  you. You  will  love  the  beach!   10. List  the  singular  pronouns.

Everyone  laughed  with  _______________  when  they  told  a  joke.Pronouns   Independent  Practice   1. Tomorrow  _______________  will  exercise.   7.   13. Are  you  going  to  go  to  the  park  with  _______________?   11.   12. _______________  will  be  fun!   3.   4.                 22   .   8.   14. The  boy  broke  the  vase  and  then  tried  to  fix  _______________. The  mouse  ate  _______________. Are  _______________  going  swimming?   15.  _______________  am  going  swimming. When  the  washing  machine  finished  _______________  buzzed. The  boy  took    the  book  with  _______________. Yes.   6. Did  you  see  _______________?   10.   5.   9. _______________  and  your  brother  should  go  to  the  park. Have  you  seen  _______________  play  football?   2. _______________  dad  is  going  to  fix  the  car. Fred  knocked  on  the  door  before  he  opened  _______________.

 their     Used  By  Itself:  mine.   4.  our.  ours.           23   .   1.  yours.  his. _______________  dog  is  fun. _______________  hair  is  beautiful.   3.   Use  one  of  the  possessive  pronouns  that  are  used  by  itself  to  complete  the  following   sentences.  her. What  are  examples  of  possessive  pronouns?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________     Guided  Practice   Use  one  of  the  possessive  pronouns  that  are  used  before  a  noun  to  complete  the  following   sentences.  hers. That  ball  is  _______________.  theirs   Possessive  pronouns   show  ownership.  its.  your.     Short  Answer     1.  his.   2. It  is  yours  and  _______________. What  is  a  possessive  pronoun?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.Possessive  Pronouns  are  pronouns  that  show  ownership.       Examples  of  Possessive  Pronouns     Used  Before  a  Noun:  my.

   See  the  examples  on  the   previous  page  if  needed. _______________  voice  is  lovely.    See  the  examples  on  the  previous   page  if  needed.   9.   4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________   Write  a  sentence  using  a  possessive  pronoun  by  itself.     Write  a  sentence  using  a  possessive  pronoun  before  a  noun.   6.   11. That  purse  is  _______________.  she  noticed  _______________  colors  were  inviting.   8.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________       24   . Have  you  brushed  _______________  dog  this  week?   3. Can  we  play  with  _______________  dog?   2. _______________  mom  and  dad  bought  her  a  present. As  she  walked  into  the  room.Possessive  Pronouns   Independent  Practice     Write  a  pronoun  in  the  blank  to  complete  the  sentence.   7.   10. _______________  clothes  are  so  pretty.   12.   5. The  bag  and  _______________  contents  are  heavy. _______________  room  is  messy  so  our  mom  made  us  clean  it. Please  hand  me  _______________  jacket.   1.

   Replace  the  underlined  nouns  with  a  pronoun  or  a   possessive  pronoun.Pronouns  and  Possessive  Pronouns   Independent  Practice   Rewrite  the  following  sentences.    Have  you  read  the  book?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. Birthdays  are  so  much  fun  because  birthdays  are  celebrations.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   1.  Smith.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________       25   .    Are  you  going  with  Bella  and  Bailey?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.  Smith  is  a  good  doctor. The  book  is  full  of  good  information.      You  should  go  see  Dr. Dr. The  house  is  beautiful  with  the  house’s  big  pillars. Mariah  invited  Clara  to  Mariah’s  birthday  party. Bella  and  Bailey  are  going  to  the  mall  together.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.

  15. The  football  soared  through  the  air.   Usually  the  subject  comes  before  the  verb.   6. The  volleyball  team  won  the  game.   A  sentence  needs  a   subject  &  a  verb. The  farm  grew  cotton. Have  you  visited  another  country?   11. The  ballet  dancers  performed  a  beautiful  dance. The  wind  blows  the  rain  against  the  window. The  large  library  was  filled  with  books.       26   .   13.   10.   1.   The  verb  shows  ____________________.     4. She  ran  for  five  miles.   9.   7.   12. Most  people  watch  too  much  television. The  doorbell  rang  at  dinnertime. Technology  provides  a  way  to  communicate. Did  you  ride  the  bus  to  school?   14.  the  subject  has  to  be  a  ____________________.     Underline  the  subject  and  circle  the  verb.   5.Subject  and  Verb  Practice   Remember.     8. Her  mom  cooked  a  great  meal.       The  subject  tells  who  or  what  the  sentence  is  about.   3. Everyone  needs  to  read  books!   2. She  painted  a  beautiful  picture.

  5.      ____________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     27   . Caves  are  formed  underground  when  water  wears  away  the  rock. The  canyon  had  steep  sides. Barrier  islands  are  located  out  from  the  seashore  and  protect  the  shoreline. Sally  went  to  see  a  canyon.   9.   Your  Turn!   Write  two  sentences  about  your  favorite  holiday. A  volcanic  mountain  forms  over  time  as  the  lava  hardens.   8.      Then  underline  the  subject  and  circle  the   verb  in  both  sentences.   15.   13. Many  types  of  landforms  are  located  on  the  Earth’s  surface. Some  mountains  are  tall  and  rocky.   10. A  valley  is  a  lowland  area  between  mountains.   7.   14. A  river  can  wear  away  land  to  form  a  valley.Subject  and  Verb  Practice   Underline  the  subject  and  circle  the  verb. A  cavern  is  also  called  a  cave.   3.   1.   2.   12. Trees  grow  on  some  mountains. Mountains  are  higher  than  the  land  that  surrounds  them. When  a  volcano  erupts  lava  pours  out.   11.   6.   4. Sometimes  islands  are  located  in  lakes. Land  surrounded  by  water  is  an  island.

Verb  Tense  

Present  tense  verbs  show  actions  that  are  currently  happening.      

• In  order  to  make  the  verb  agree  with  a  singular  subject,  then  just  add  s  or  es  in  most  


Example:    The  soccer  player  kicks  the  ball.                    The  little  boy  catches  fireflies.  

• Do  not  add  s  or  es  to  make  the  verb  agree  with  a  plural  subject.  

Example:    Soccer  players  kick  the  ball.                    Little  boys  catch  fireflies.  


Guided  Practice  

1. What  are  present  tense  verbs?    _____________________________________________________________  

2. When  do  you  add  s  or  es  to  present  tense  verbs?    ________________________________________  


Write  the  verb  in  parenthesis  correctly  to  make  it  present  tense.  

3. The  backpack  ______________________________  a  lot.    (weigh)  

4. The  backpacks  ______________________________  a  lot.    (weigh)  

5. She  ______________________________  water  every  day.    (drink)  

6. They  ______________________________  water  every  day.    (drink)  

7. Dogs  ______________________________  really  loud.    (bark)  

8. The  dog  ______________________________  really  loud.    (bark)  

9. They  ______________________________  their  friends  every  year.    (visit)  

10. He  ______________________________  his  friends  every  year.    (visit)  




Verb  Tense  -­‐  Present  Tense  

Independent  Practice  

Write  the  verb  in  parenthesis  correctly  to  make  it  present  tense.  

1. Fish  ______________________________  in  rivers.    (swim)  

2. Birds  ______________________________  in  the  air.    (fly)  

3. The  bird  ______________________________  in  the  air.    (fly)  

4. The  flamingo  ______________________________  shrimp.    (eat)  

5. Bears  ______________________________  in  the  winter.    (hibernate)  

6. The  boy  ______________________________  the  basketball  down  the  court.    (dribble)  

7. The  man  ______________________________  the  furniture.    (move)  

8. The  students  ______________________________  their  backpacks  to  school  everyday.    (carry)  

9. He  always  ______________________________  on  the  door  before  he  opens  it.    (knock)  

10. Bailey  and  Bella  ______________________________  together  everyday.    (play)  


Write  a  paragraph  describing  something  you  are  involved  in  right  now.    (present  tense)  










Verb  Tense  

Past  tense  verbs  show  actions  that  have  happened  before  the  current  time.      

In  order  to  show  past  tense,  just  add  ed  to  most  verbs.    However,  you  will  need  to  change  

the  spelling  of  some  regular  verbs  before  you  add  ed.  

• Rule  1:    For  verbs  that  end  in  e,  drop  the  e  and  add  ed.  

Use   Used      
Untie       Untied    
Bake     Baked  
Decide     Decided    

• Rule  2:    If  the  verb  ends  in  a  consonant  and  y,  change  the  y  to  i  and  add  ed.  

Try     Tried    
Study     Studied    
Tidy     Tidied    
Cry     Cried    

• Rule  3:    One-­‐syllable  verbs  that  end  in  one  vowel  followed  by  one  consonant  need  to  
                                             have  the  consonant  doubled  and  then  add  ed.  
Plan     Planned    
Tip     Tipped    
Travel     Travelled    
Refer     Referred    

• Rule  4:    Some  verbs  are  irregular  verbs.      You  do  not  add  ed  to  irregular  verbs  in    
     the  past  tense.    These  verbs  do  not  follow  a  pattern.    Some  of  these  verbs    
     include  the  following  verbs.  
Become     Became  
Buy     Bought    
Go     Went    
Sing       Sang    



How  do  you  change  the  spelling  of  verbs  that  end  in  e?    _________________________________   3.Verb  Tense  -­‐  Past  Tense   Guided  Practice   1. How  do  you  spell  verbs  that  end  in  y?    _____________________________________________________   4. How  do  you  spell  verbs  that  end  in  one  vowel  followed  by  one  consonant?       _________________________________________________________________________________________________   Write  the  verb  in  past  tense  form  correctly.   Verb   Use  Rule  1   Verb   Use  Rule  3   Smile       Stop       Enforce       Hop       File         Jog       Graduate       Beg       Handle       Clap       Ignore       Zip       Locate       Sip         Verb   Use  Rule  2   Verb   Use  Rule  4   Marry     Break       Hurry       Bring       Copy       Catch       Spy       Come       Apply       Drink       Justify       Fall       Multiply       Get           31   . What  are  past  tense  verbs:    _________________________________________________________________   2.

Verb  Tense  -­‐  Past  Tense  

Independent  Practice  

Write  the  verb  in  parenthesis  correctly  to  make  it  past  tense.  
Past  tense  means  it  
1. The  backpack  ______________________________  a  lot.    (weigh)   already  happened.  

2. The  dog  ______________________________  really  loud.    (bark)  

3. He  ______________________________  his  friends  every  year.    (visit)    

4. The  horse  ______________________________  over  the  fence.    (jump)  

5. The  runner  ______________________________  to  run  the  marathon  in  record  time.    (try)  

6. The  field  trip  was  ______________________________  for  next  month.    (plan)  

7. They  ______________________________  the  document.    (sign)  

8. The  boy  ______________________________  the  girl  when  she  walked  by.    (trip)  

9. Have  you  ______________________________  to  her  letter  yet?    (reply)  

10. The  student  ______________________________  she  had  made  a  mistake.    (realize)    

11. The  baby  was  ______________________________.    (cry)  

12. Have  you  ______________________________  all  of  the  presents  yet?  (buy)  

13. They  ______________________________  to  the  beach  last  week.    (drive)    

14. She  ______________________________  her  friend.    (call)  

15. He  ______________________________  to  school.    (hurry)  

16. Have  you  ______________________________  the  numbers  correctly?    (multiply)  

17. Yes,  I  ______________________________  all  the  answers.    (check)  

18. The  boy  ______________________________  2  miles  yesterday.    (jog)  

19. She  ______________________________  a  song  in  front  of  her  peers.    (sing)  

20. We  ______________________________  after  her  performance.    (clap)  


Verb  Tense  -­‐  Past  Tense  

Writing  –  Write  a  paragraph  describing  something  you  have  done  in  the  past.    Underline  all  

past  tense  verbs.  






















Verb  Tense    

Future  tense  verbs  show  action  that  will  happen  in  the  future.    In  order  to  make  the  future  

tense,  add  the  helping  verb  will.  

Example:    She  will  win  the  race.                    It  will  rain  tomorrow.  

1. What  are  future  tense  verbs?    ______________________________________________________________  

2. How  do  you  show  future  tense?    ___________________________________________________________  

Guided  Practice  

Correctly  write  the  future  tense  of  the  verb  in  parenthesis.  

1. The  rabbit  ____________________  across  the  field.    (hop)  

2. The  dog  ____________________  all  day.    (play)  

3. The  birds  ____________________  south  for  the  winter.    (fly)  

Independent  Practice  

Write  the  verb  in  parenthesis  correctly  to  make  it  future  tense.  

1. Fish  ______________________________  in  rivers.    (swim)  

2. Birds  ______________________________  in  the  air.    (fly)  

3. The  bird  ______________________________  in  the  air.    (fly)  

4. The  flamingo  ______________________________  shrimp.    (eat)  

5. Bears  ______________________________  in  the  winter.    (hibernate)  

6. The  boy  ______________________________  the  basketball  down  the  court.    (dribble)  

7. The  man  ______________________________  the  furniture.    (move)  

8. The  students  ______________________________  their  backpacks  to  school  everyday.    (carry)  

9. He  ______________________________  on  the  door  before  he  opens  it.    (knock)  

10. Bailey  and  Bella  ______________________________  together  everyday.    (play)  


  _______________  9.   _______________  5.  past.     35   .    He  used  a  measurement  for  a  quantitative  observation.    She  will  weigh  the  material  for  accuracy.    Write  present.   _______________  7.  or  future.    Scientists  use  their  senses  to  make  observations.     _______________  2.  Past.    The  conclusion  to  the  investigation  was  interesting.    Tomorrow  we  will  start  a  new  experiment  in  science.    (future  tense)   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Present.    We  have  learned  about  plants  and  animals.    The  students  are  wearing  goggles  to  protect  their  eyes.  We  will  look  forward  to  your  presentation.  and  Future  Tense  -­‐  Independent  Practice   Underline  the  verb  in  each  sentence.    Are  you  looking  for  more  information?     _______________  10.Verb  Tense  –  Future  Tense  -­‐  Writing   Write  a  paragraph  describing  something  you  plan  to  do  in  the  future.   _______________  1.    We  will  study  about  the  solar  system  next  year.   _______________  3.   _______________  8.   _______________  4.     _______________  6.

the  present  tense  of  cook   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.   1.Verb  Tense:    Independent  Practice   Write  a  sentence  using  the  verb  and  verb  tense  given. the  past  tense  of  grow   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3. the  past  tense  of  try   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   9. the  present  tense  of  try   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. the  future  tense  of  grow   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. the  future  tense  of  cook   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7. the  past  tense  of  cook   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. the  future  tense  of  try   _________________________________________________________________________________________________           36   . the  present  tense  of  grow     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.

  VERB   PRESENT   PAST   RULE  #   FUTURE   succeed           jump           kick           love           hurry           flip           rip           smile           try           carry           went           sing           catch           drive           eat                   37   .Verb  Tense   Independent  Practice   Write  the  correct  tense  for  each  verb.  making  the  verb  agree  with  a  singular  subject.    Write  the  rule  you  used  from  page  30  for  the  past  tense.    The   last  five  verbs  are  irregular  verbs.

   The  exception  to  this  rule  is  when  you  write  an  imperative  sentence   (command)  and  the  subject  is  understood.  or  RU  for  a  run-­‐on  sentence.    Example:    Clean  this  mess.   _____  3.Complete  Sentences   A  complete  sentence  must  express  a  complete  thought.   Complete  Sentence  Examples:   • Fred  will  go  to  the  store.  and  the  girl  went  with  him.    The  children  that  were  in  class  today.   Guided  Practice   Write  CS  for  complete  sentence.)   • Likes  to  play  in  the  mud                                                                                  (This  does  not  have  a  subject.   • The  girl  went  with  him.)   Run-­‐On  Sentence  Example:   • The  boy  went  to  practice  the  girl  went  with  him.  SF  for  sentence  fragment.   • The  boy  went  to  practice.         • The  girl  with  the  pink  ribbon  in  her  hair  likes  to  play  in  the  mud.    The  students  like  going  to  school  they  go  everyday.     38   .   _____  1.   RUN-­‐ON  CORRECTED:   • The  boy  went  to  practice.  it  is  called  a  run-­‐on  sentence.   Sentence  Fragment  Examples:   • The  girl  with  the  pink  ribbon  in  her  hair                    (This  does  not  have  an  action  word.    When   more  than  one  sentence  is  used  without  correct  punctuation.    Everyone  was  excited  about  going  on  a  vacation!   _____  2.   When  a  sentence  does  not  express  a  complete  thought  it  is  a  sentence  fragment.    A  complete  sentence  must  have   a  subject  and  a  verb.

  _____  18.   _____  5.    The  white  paper.  All  of  us  should  go  swimming!     _____  13.   subject  and  a  verb.   _____  7.   _____  1.   _____  11.    The  little  girl  with  the  ponytail  was  excited  about  the  party.   _____  17.   _____  4.    Did  you  see  the  stars  last  night?   _____  9.    The  little  girl  with  the  ponytail.  The  huge  bear  with  the  brown  fur.Complete  Sentences   Independent  Practice   Write  CS  for  complete  sentence.  Her  favorite  holiday  is  the  Fourth  of  July  because  she  likes  the  fireworks.    Have  you  ever  seen?   A  sentence  needs  a   _____  10.   _____  12.  Some  people  like  to.  Your  performance  was  fabulous!       39   .    The  students  studied  hard  for  their  test.  You  need  to  sweep  the  floor  and  clean  your  room.   _____  8.  Summer  time!   _____  14.    Was  excited  about  the  party.    The  boy  like  to  play  baseball  he  plays  everyday.  She  lost  a  tooth.  SF  for  sentence  fragment.   _____  19.    The  sweet  smell  of  flowers  is  filling  the  air.   _____  2.  Have  you  turned  in?   _____  16.  Because  she  likes  it.   _____  6.  or  RU  for  a  run-­‐on  sentence.   _____  3.   _____  15.    Was  torn  into  pieces.   _____  20.

Huge  glaciers  in  the  ocean   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. Are  places  where  students  can  learn   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________             40   .   1.     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.  or  RU  for  a  run-­‐on  sentence.  SF  for  sentence  fragment. Rivers  are  flowing  bodies  of  fresh  water  that  usually  empty  into  a  sea  or  ocean. Had  so  much  fun  playing  in  the  ocean  today.     Then  write  and  SF  or  RU  sentences  correctly  on  the  lines.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. The  beautiful  lakes  and  ponds  in  the  area     _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.Complete  Sentences   Independent  Practice   Write  CS  for  complete  sentence.

   In  addition.  dogs  keep  you  company  when  there  isn’t  anyone  to  play  with  you.    First.    Dogs  are  a  lot  of  work  they   are  worth  it!     _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________       41   .  dogs   teach  responsibility.       Dogs  are  great!    Should  have  a  dog  for  a  pet.    Correct  any  sentence  fragments  or  run-­‐on  sentences.    Because  dogs  need  to  go  for  a  walk  everyday.Complete  Sentences   Independent  Practice   Rewrite  the  paragraph  below.    Feed  your  dog  and  give  it  water  everyday.    There  are  several  reasons  why  dogs  are   great  pets.    Dogs   also  help  you  to  exercise.

 sledding.   Some  people  like  to  go  skiing.  or  ice  skating  in  the  winter.     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.               Commas       Always  use  commas  to  separate  a  series  of  three  or  more  things.   Use  a   comma  in   Example:   a  series  of   3  or  more.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________     42   .  and  soccer. Many  explorers  came  from  England  Spain  and  France.   He  likes  to  play  basketball.     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   Guided  Practice     Rewrite  the  sentences  and  add  commas  where  they  belong  in  the  sentences.   1.       _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. Hernando  de  Soto  Jean  Ribault  Juan  Pardo  and  William  Hilton  all  explored  South   Carolina.  football. Explorers  came  for  different  reasons  such  as  claiming  new  lands  for  “king  and   country”  expanding  their  knowledge  of  the  world  and  to  spread  Christianity. European  explorers  wanted  to  find  gold  silver  and  precious  metals.

Europeans  traded  with  the  Native  Americans  for  furs  in  exchange  for  knives  guns   and  other  manufactured  goods. The  children  in  the  colonies  enjoyed  hopscotch  jump  rope  tag  and  swimming.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.    ______________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. Inhabitants  of  early  colonies  included  Native  Americans  immigrants  and  enslaved   peoples. The  women  in  the  English  colonies  were  responsible  for  daily  chores  such  as   cooking  cleaning  and  sewing.     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.Commas   Independent  Practice   Rewrite  the  sentences  and  add  commas  where  they  belong  in  the  sentences. Diphtheria  measles  smallpox  and  malaria  were  diseases  that  were  spread  by  the   explorers.    ____________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. The  men  women  and  children  who  first  came  to  settle  the  colonies  were  very  brave.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________     43   .   1.

 France.   name  of  a   city  and  a   • Always  use  a  comma  between  the  name  of  a  city  and   state.  We  drove  through  Boston  Massachusetts.Commas   •  Always  use  a  comma  between  the  name  of  a  city                       and  the  name  of  a  state. Disney  World  is  in  Orlando  Florida.  Texas   separate  the   The  Dallas  Cowboys  play  football  in  Dallas.  France     Many  people  visit  Paris.   Example:    Paris.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     Guided  Practice   Read  the  following  sentences  and  add  a  comma  where  it  belongs.   4.   a  country.     Where  should  you  always  include  a  comma?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Write  a  sentence  and  include  the  name  of  the  city  and  state  you  live  in. Have  you  been  to  Phoenix  Arizona?     44   . Have  you  visited  London  England?   2.  Texas.   Use  a   comma  to   Example:    Dallas.   3.   1.

Commas   Independent  Practice   Rewrite  the  sentences  and  include  the  commas  where  they  belongs.S.  is  Los  Angeles  California. New  York  City  New  York  is  a  very  busy  city.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. Venice  Italy  is  a  beautiful  city. Many  people  go  snow  skiing  in  Denver  Colorado.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.     1.A.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________       45   . Soccer  is  a  favorite  sport  in  Barcelona  Spain. The  Summer  Olympics  have  been  held  in  Atlanta  Georgia. The  second  most  populated  city  in  the  U.

__________________________________________________   4.Commas  -­‐  Independent  Practice   Match  the  name  of  the  capital  to  the  correct  state. __________________________________________________   2.                                                                                                       CAPITALS   STATES         Sacramento   Wisconsin   Dover     Hawaii   Honolulu   South  Carolina   Augusta     Washington   Raleigh   New  Mexico   Columbia     Texas   Santa  Fe   California   Austin     Maine   Olympia   Delaware   Madison     North  Carolina         1. __________________________________________________   3. __________________________________________________   10. __________________________________________________   8. __________________________________________________   5. __________________________________________________   9. __________________________________________________   6. __________________________________________________   7.    Then  write  the  city  and  state  correctly   on  the  lines. __________________________________________________     46   .

 Commas.         47   .   Examples   AND   Use  the  conjunction  ‘and’  to  connect  two  similar  thoughts.   BUT     Use  the  conjunction  ‘but’  to  connect  contrasting  thoughts.   Use  a  conjunction  &  a   comma  to  join  two  simple   Example:    I  washed  the  car.   OR   Use  the  conjunction  ‘or’  to  show  alternative  thoughts.Conjunctions.   Example:    We  can  go  to  the  water  park.   sentences.  __________  I  cleaned  my  room.   I  washed  the  car.  and  Compound  Sentences   A  conjunction  is  a  connecting  word.  and  or.  __________  we  can  go  to  the  swimming  pool.   Example:    She  wanted  to  go  to  the  store.   She  wanted  to  go  to  the  store.     Always  use  a  conjunction  and  a  comma  to  connect  two  simple  sentences  into  one   compound  sentence.    I  cleaned  my  room.    He  wanted  to  go  to  the  park.  __________  he  wanted  to  go  to  the  park.   Why  should  you  use  a  compound  sentence?    A  compound   sentence  may  help  to  create  better  sentence  fluency.  but.     .    The  most  common  conjunctions  are  and.   We  can  go  the  water  park.    We  can  go  to  the  swimming  pool.

Science  is  an  ongoing  process.    There  is  always  more  to  learn. When  do  you  use  the  conjunction  ‘but’?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.  Commas. What  two  things  do  you  need  to  join  two  simple  sentences  into  one  compound   sentence?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   Use  the  conjunction  given  to  combine  the  two  simple  sentences  into  a  compound  sentence. All  of  the  your  senses  may  be  needed  for  an  observation.   5. When  do  you  use  the  conjunction  ‘and’?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.    (and)   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. There  are  many  skills  a  scientist  can  use.    (or)   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________       48   .    The  six  basic  process  skills  are  essential. When  do  you  use  the  conjunction  ‘or’?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.  and  Compound  Sentences   Guided  Practice   1.   (but)    __________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7.Conjunctions.    You  may  only  need  to  use   one  of  your  senses  for  an  observation.

Igneous  rock  was  once  melted.  (but)  _______________________________________________________________________       _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.    It  feels  like  powder.    Communication  can  take  place   through  a  written  form.    (and)     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.    Now  it  has  cooled  and  hardened.Conjunctions.  (and)     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3. Sedimentary  rocks  are  made  up  of  sediments  that  have  been  pressed  together. You  can  communicate  information  through  talking.  Commas. Silt  has  pieces  that  are  smaller  than  sand.    Clay  has  very  small   grains.   1.     Sandstone  is  an  example  of  a  sedimentary  rock.  and  Compound  Sentences   Independent  Practice   Use  the  conjunction  given  to  combine  the  two  simple  sentences  into  a  compound  sentence.    (but)    _________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.    Metamorphic  rocks  are  created  deep   inside  the  Earth.    (or)       _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     49   . Igneous  rocks  are  created  around  volcanoes. Sand  has  large  grains  with  large  spaces  between  the  grains.    (but)     _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.

   Land  is  formed   where  eroded  material  is  deposited.    (but)       _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.    Volcanic  eruptions  can  also  build  up  a   volcanic  mountain  over  time.  Commas. Deposition  occurs  when  eroded  material  is  put  in  a  new  location. Volcanic  eruptions  can  rapidly  harm  the  land. Land  can  change  due  to  slow  processes.    Water  can  also  cause   erosion.    (and)       _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.    (but)   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________         50   . Wind  causes  erosion  and  carries  away  weathered  rock.    Land  can  change  due  to  fast  processes.Conjunctions. Weathering  is  when  the  Earth’s  rocks  are  being  broken  down.    (and)   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.    This  can  be  cause  by   wind  and  water.    (or)   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.  and  Compound  Sentences   Independent  Practice     1.

Writing   Write  a  paragraph  about  your  favorite  thing  to  do.                   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     51   .    You  must  include  at  least  two   compound  sentences.    First.  complete  prewriting  in  the  area  below.

   It  ends  with  a  question  mark.  interrogative.   When  did  the  economy  change  from  being  based  on  agriculture  to  being     based  more  on  the  production  of  manufactured  goods?       An  imperative  sentence  gives  a  command  or  makes  a  request.    ____________________         52   .    It  ends  with  an  exclamation  mark. Did  you  know  that  seas  are  large  bodies  of  salt  water  that  are  often  connected  to  an   ocean?    ____________________       4. Bring  me  that  fishing  pole  so  we  can  fish  in  the  lake.    The   subject  (you)  is  not  shown.    It  ends  with  a  period.   An  interrogative  sentence  asks  a  question.    ____________________       2.    ____________________       5.   An  exclamatory  sentence  shows  strong  feeling.   Inventions  helped  to  promote  industrial  growth  in  the  late  19th  century.Types  of  Sentences   A  declarative  sentence  makes  a  statement.   People  were  so  excited  to  travel  west  on  the  Transcontinental  Railroad!       Guided  Practice                       Write  whether  each  sentence  is  declarative.  or  exclamatory.  imperative.    It  ends  with  a  period.  but  understood.    It  declares  something. The  river  is  full  of  fish. Oceans  are  large  bodies  of  salt  water  that  surround  a  continent.   1.     Underline  the  subject  in  each  sentence  one  time  and  circle  the  verb. That  glacier  is  huge!    ____________________       3.       Please  turn  on  the  electricity.

  ____________________   2. Are  you  going  to  travel  this  year?   ____________________       53   .   ____________________   9.   ____________________   6.  imperative.  the  side  of  a  slope  or  cliff  drops  down  to  a  lower  location. Take  cover. Let’s  go. Does  lava  always  come  out  of  a  volcano  during  a  volcanic  eruption?   ____________________   3. We  need  to  leave  immediately  because  it  is  flooding!   ____________________   4.   ____________________   8. You  must  take  cover  and  protect  yourself  if  an  earthquake  occurs.       1.Independent  Practice   Write  whether  each  sentence  is  declarative.  or  exclamatory.   ____________________   5. Are  you  going  to  move  to  a  town  where  they  do  not  have  earthquakes?   ____________________   7.   ____________________   10.  interrogative. When  a  landslide  occurs. The  Earth  is  amazing. “I  can’t  wait  to  see  a  real  volcanic  island!”    She  exclaimed.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.   Declarative  Sentences   1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   Interrogative  Sentences   1.Independent  Practice   Write  2  examples  of  each  type  of  sentence. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________       54   . _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   Imperative  Sentences   1.    Be  sure  to  use  the  correct  punctuation. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   Exclamatory  Sentences   1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.

 add  s  or  es  to  most  verbs.   3.                  Joe  carries  the  groceries  inside.   2.   2. If  the  subject  is  a  plural  noun.   1.    It  usually  does  not  sound  correct  when  a  subject   and  a  verb  do  not  agree.  do  not  add  s  or  es  to  the   verb. Water  (is/are)  the  universal  solvent.    Make  sure  the  subjects        &  verbs  agree.   Example:    Joe  mows  the  yard.                Trees  sway  in  the  wind.         55   .                  Joe  washes  the  car.  change  the  y  to  i  before  adding  es.   4.    If  a  verb  ends  in  a   consonant  and  y.   Example:    Dogs  bark  loudly.   3.  follow  these  rules.Subject-­‐Verb  Agreement   Subject-­‐verb  agreement  is  not  difficult. Solids  (is/are)  are  not  going  to  change  shape. Gas  (expand/expands)  to  fill  its  container.     Guided  Practice   Circle  the  correct  form  of  the  verb  in  parenthesis  to  complete  each     sentence. Use  the  linking  verb  ‘is’  with  a  singular  subject. If  the  subject  is  a  singular  noun.   1.    In  order  to  have  subject-­‐verb  agreement.   4. Use  the  linking  verb  ‘are’  with  a  plural  subject. Liquids  (change/changes)  into  a  solid  at  freezing  temperatures.

When  solid  ice  (melt/melts). The  students  (measure/measures)  volume  using  a  graduated  cylinder. Metal  objects  (is/are)  good  conductors  of  heat.   5. Rubbing  two  objects  together  (cause/causes)  heat.   4.   18. Many  modern  inventions  (is/are)  possible  because  of  electricity.   3.   13.   1.   15. Solid  ice  (form/forms)  when  water  freezes. Solids  (melt/melts)  when  they  are  heated  enough  to  change  to  a  liquid.   14. Insulators  (do/does)  not  allow  heat  to  move  easily  through  them. A  liquid  (freeze/freezes)  when  it  is  cooled  enough  to  form  a  solid.   10.   8. Light  bulbs  (use/uses)  electricity.   9.   12.Subject-­‐Verb  Agreement   Independent  Practice   Circle  the  correct  form  of  the  verb  in  parenthesis  to  complete  each  sentence.  mass  (is/are)  measured  using  a  balance.   11.   7. Conductors  (allow/allows)  heat  to  move  easily  through  them.   16. Heat  (is/are)  produced  when  materials  are  burned  in  a  fire. Use  caution  when  you  (use/uses)  an  oven. An  example  of  condensation  (is/are)  liquid  water  forming  on  the  outside  of  a  glass   of  ice  water. Electricity  can  (cause/causes)  heat.  it  changes  to  liquid  water.   17.   2. In  science. The  evaporation  of  liquids  (occur/occurs)  when  the  liquid  changes  to  a  gas.   6. Electrical  wires  (carry/carries)  electricity  through  them.       56   .

   The  flowers  blooms  in  spring.       Spring  are  the  most  amazing  time  of  the  year  for  several  reasons.     Spring  is  also  an  amazing  time  of  the  year  because  of  Spring  Break!    Families   can  go  on  vacation  and  enjoys  the  beautiful  spring  weather!    Kids  gets  to  sleep  in  and   take  a  break  from  homework.  and  the  daylight  last  longer.    First  of  all.    It  is  like   everything  in  nature  wakes  up!    Spring  is  definitely  the  most  amazing  time  of  the  year!                 57   .   the  weather  become  warmer  in  spring.    After  spring  break.  and  the  trees  grow  their  leaves  again.    Cross  out  the   incorrect  verb  form  and  write  the  correct  form  above  it.Subject-­‐Verb  Agreement   Independent  Practice   Edit  the  following  essay  to  correct  the  ten  errors  in  subject-­‐verb  agreement.  everyone  feel  refreshed!         Finally.    Make  sure  subjects  are  used  with   the  correct  verb  form.    Kids  are  able  to   run  outside  without  a  coat  and  play  longer  with  their  friends!    Don’t  you  just  love   having  more  daylight  everyday?    Spring  are  like  an  unexpected  present  when  it  finally   arrive.  spring  is  amazing  because  it  are  quite  simply  a  beautiful  time  of  the   year.

 but.   1. The  Earth  orbits  around  the  sun.   Look  at  the  following  purposes  for  conjunctions  to  determine  when  you  use  each   conjunction.    ____________________   5.  or   compound  sentence. The  Earth  and  the  other  planets  orbit  the  sun.    _________________         58   .  and  or  are  conjunctions  that  can  connect  words  or  sentences.Conjunctions   The  words  and. The  sun  produces  and  gives  off  its  own  heat. Astrolabes  and  compasses  helped  early  explorers  navigate.   Conjunction   Purpose   and   joins  related  ideas   but   joins  contrasting  ideas   or   suggests  a  choice You  have  already  learned  how  to  use  conjunctions  in  a  compound  sentence.    ____________________   2.    ____________________   3. The  Earth  orbits  the  sun  and  rotates  on  its  axis.   Guided  Practice   Underline  the  conjunction  and  then  tell  if  it  is  a  compound  subject.  and  the  moon  orbits  around  the  Earth.     ____________________   4.    You  also  use   conjunctions  when  you  use  two  subjects  to  make  a  compound  subject  or  when  you  use  two   verbs  to  make  a  compound  predicate.  compound  predicate.

 __________  the  tilted  axis  changes  the   number  of  daylight  hours  throughout  the  year.  __________  then  spring.  __________  it  is  dark  on  the  other  side   of  the  world.   9.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Write  a  sentence  using  the  conjunction  ‘or’.   7. Autumn  __________  spring  occur  when  neither  part  of  Earth  is  pointed  directly  toward   __________  away  from  the  sun. The  sun  rises  in  the  east  __________  sets  in  the  west.Conjunctions  -­‐  Independent  Practice   Add  the  conjunction  and. The  Earth  has  seasons  because  its  axis  is  tilted.   4.     3.  __________  sun  are  all  in  the  solar  system.  but.   8.  moon. Earth  rotates  on  its  axis  __________  completes  one  rotation  in  24  hours. The  Earth. Summer  occurs  when  part  of  Earth  is  tilted  most  toward  the  sun.  winter.  or  or  to  complete  the  sentence. The  northern  __________  southern  part  of  Earth  point  toward  the  sun. The  Earth  is  rotating  __________  revolving  at  the  same  time.   10.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     59   .   5.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Write  a  sentence  using  the  conjunction  ‘but’.  autumn.       1.   2.  __________  winter   occurs  when  part  of  Earth  is  tilted  away  from  the  sun. The  seasons  of  the  year  include  summer.   6. Right  now  it  is  daylight  on  this  side  of  the  world.   Your  Turn!   Write  a  sentence  using  the  conjunction  ‘and’.

 and.   4.       __________________________________________________   7.  such  as  holes. What  two  things  should  you  always  do  when  writing  a  book  title?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.   __________________________________________________       60   .       __________________________________________________   6. My  librarian  recommended  that  we  read  zoobreak. Some  books.  a”. You  do  not  need  to  capitalize  words  in  the  title  such  as  ‘of.  and  he  recommended  that  I  read  it  too.  or. If  you  are  writing  the  title  yourself.       __________________________________________________   5.   Guided  Practice   1.  have  also  been  made  into  a  movie.Titles  of  Books   How  do  you  signify  the  title  of  a  book?   1. What  should  you  always  do  when  typing  a  book  title?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   Underline  and  capitalize  the  book  titles  in  the  sentences  correctly. If  you  are  using  a  computer.   3.   2. Henry’s  freedom  box  is  a  book  about  the  Underground  Railroad. Always  capitalize  the  main  words.  the  title  should  be  typed  in  italics  or  underlined.  then  underline  the  title. Have  you  read  Muggie  Maggie?       __________________________________________________   4.   3. My  friend  read  the  book  frindle.

Have  you  read  tales  of  a  fourth  grade  nothing?  ___________________________________   2.   __________________________________________________   3. I  love  the  book  Because  of  Winn  Dixie!    __________________________________________________   4.   •Tell  about  the  main  characters. We  read  zoobreak  as  a  class.   •Give  the  book’s  title  and  author.   1.   •Why  would  you  recommend  the  book?     _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     61   . Have  you  ever  read  charlotte’s  web?    __________________________________________________   Write  a  book  recommendation  for  a  book  you  have  read. Henry  huggins  is  a  good  book.   •What  did  you  like  or  not  like  about  the  book.  __________________________________________________   5.Independent  Practice   Write  the  title  correctly  on  the  line.   •Share  a  brief  summary  of  the  book.

 Civil  War   • Titles   A  title  can  come  in  different  forms.  place.  an.   o Always  capitalize  a  title  that  comes  before  a  name.  titles.  Thomas  Jefferson.  the).    However.   Example:    Mayor  John  Smith.  or   thing.   o When  do  you  use  a  capital  letter?    _________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________       62   .  ABC  Elementary  School.  Atlanta   o Things  –  Revolutionary  War.  short  conjunctions.    This  includes  the  name  of  a  person.  or  specific  things.Capitalization   A  capital  letter  is  needed  anytime  you  use  the  word  ‘I’.  and  other  titles.     Examples:   o People  –  Abraham  Lincoln.  movies.  Benjamin  Franklin   o Places  –  the  United  States  of  America.    A  proper  noun  is  a  specific  person.  and  short  prepositions.  place.  or  begin  a  new   sentence.   Examples:    How  to  Eat  Fried  Worms.  The  Hungry  Caterpillar   • The  Beginning  of  a  Sentence   Don’t  forget  to  always  begin  a  new  sentence  with  a  capital  letter.  Doctor  John  Smith   o Always  capitalize  the  titles  of  books.  Declaration  of  Independence.       • Proper  Nouns   A  noun  is  a  person.  a  proper  noun.  do   not  capitalize  articles  (a.  place.  or  thing.

have  you  read  the  best  school  year  ever?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.  smith  went  to  college?   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________     63   .   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. do  you  know  where  dr. Most  students  in  america  have  a  two  week  break  in  december.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. The  boy  has  to  go  see  dr.    Write  the  words  correctly  on  the   line. My  family  visited  disney  world  in  orlando. His  favorite  team  is  the  dallas  cowboys. We  have  been  studying  about  the  revolutionary  war  at  abc  elementary  school.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. My  brother  and  I  plan  to  read  the  article  “how  to  train  your  dog  in  7  days”.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   9.Capitalization  -­‐  Guided  Practice   Put  one  line  through  any  letter  that  should  be  capitalized.  williams  to  get  a  check-­‐up. Bailey  likes  to  go  shopping  at  dillards. I  can’t  wait  to  see  all  the  fireworks  at  the  fourth  of  july  celebration!   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   10.  Florida.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7.   1.

 days  of  the  week.  etc.    Be  sure  to  capitalize  and  spell  each  one  correctly.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.  restaurants.    Can  you  think  of  other  types  of  nouns  that  would  be  considered  proper  nouns?   1.  the  names  of   school.  stores.  etc.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.Capitalization   Independent  Practice   Proper  nouns  include  months.    Be  sure  to  capitalize  and  spell  each  one   correctly.  people’s  names. Write  the  names  of  at  least  five  specific  places  (towns.)               Be  sure  to  capitalize  and  spell  each  one  correctly. Write  the  months  of  the  year. Write  the  days  of  the  week. Write  the  names  of  at  least  five  holidays.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________       64   .   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.  holidays.    Be  sure  to  capitalize  and  spell  each  one  correctly.

Write  a  sentence  telling  who  your  favorite  friends  are.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. Write  a  sentence  about  your  favorite  holiday. Write  a  sentence  telling  when  your  birthday  is  each  year. Write  a  sentence  about  a  city  you  would  like  to  visit. Write  a  sentence  recommending  a  book  to  others. Write  a  sentence  about  a  famous  person.    Be  sure  to  use  capital  letters  and   punctuation  correctly.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. Write  a  sentence  telling  your  favorite  sports  team.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   9. Write  a  sentence  telling  the  title  of  your  favorite  movie  or  television  show.Capitalization  -­‐  Independent  Practice   Follow  the  directions  for  each  sentence  you  write. Write  a  sentence  and  tell  what  you  would  name  a  pet.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.   1. Write  a  sentence  about  your  favorite  month.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________     65   .   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   10.

   What  is  different?    You  should  notice  several   specifics  about  writing  quotations.”  said  Mrs.     66   .    What  is  different  about  these  examples?   o “Did  you  know  that  the  Panama  Canal  made  it  much  quicker  to  travel  the  east   coast  to  the  west  coast?”  asked  Mrs.  I  did.       • You  usually  put  a  comma  before  the  last  end  quotation  marks  unless  you  are  writing   an  interrogative  or  exclamatory  sentence.  Smith  also  added.”   o “The  United  States  tried  to  remain  neutral  during  World  War  I.   • Use  a  comma  to  separate  what  someone  said  from  the  words  that  tell  who  is  being   quoted.       o Mrs.    You  add  quotation  marks  before  and   after  someone’s  exact  words.    Use  end  punctuation  and  a  capital  letter  if  a  new  sentence   begins.   Smith.    If  the  second  part  of  the  quote  does  not  begin  a  new  sentence   then  use  a  comma.”   Look  at  the  examples  of  quotations  again.  “but  eventually  America  became  involved  in  the  war.    When  you  tell  exactly   what  someone  said  you  are  giving  a  direct  quote.  Smith.  then  two  sets  of   quotation  marks  are  needed.”  said  Tim.Quotation  Marks   Quotation  marks  are  used  to  show  exactly  what  someone  has  said.   o “Yes.   • If  words  that  tell  who  is  speaking  interrupt  a  direct  quotation.    Use  a  comma  or  end  punctuation  after  the  words  that   tell  who  is  speaking.     Look  at  the  following  example.  “The  Panama  Canal  allowed  American  commercial   and  war  ships  to  travel  from  the  Atlantic  to  the  Pacific  more  quickly.

  Write  NC  if  they  are  not  correct.”   __________  5.  Smith.Quotation  Marks    -­‐  Guided  Practice   Put  the  correct  punctuation  in  the  sentence  and  correct  any  capitalization  errors.   __________  1.  then  put  a  line  through  what  is  wrong  and  write  it  correctly  above  it. Mr.  but  I  have  other  plans  explained  Mr. Are  you  going  to  the  football  game  tonight  asked  Joe   3.       If  you  write  NC.   __________  4. Joe  replied  We  will  let  you  know  who  wins  the  game   5.  they  were.    Mr.    “Do  you  like  to  learn  about  history”?  asked  Mr.”   __________  3. Thank  you  answered  Mr.  Smith  answered  “Yes.  said  Tim.  Smith.   1.           67   .       __________  2.”  said  Mr. I  would  like  to  go  to  the  football  game  tonight.  and  it  ends  with  a  formal  statement  declaring  that                                                    the  colonists  are  independent  from  England.  “because  it  took  a  lot  of  courage  to  stand  up  to                                                    Great  Britain.  Smith     Write  C  if  the  quotation  marks  are  correct.    “Did  you  know  that  the  Declaration  of  Independence  also  includes  a  list  of                                                        grievances  against  King  George  III?”    asked  Tim.  Smith  said  your  assignment  is  due  tomorrow   2.    “Yes.   Smith   4.    “The  colonists  were  brave  people”.

Mom  said  Don’t  forget  your  homework. Are  you  hungry  asked  Dad. Can  you  pass  the  potatoes  asked  the  boy.   7.   _________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   1.   10.   1. Bailey  said  It  is  cold  in  here   8. I  want  a  new  dog  said  Emma   _________________________________________________________________________________________   2. I  love  to  read  the  girl  said.  commas.   3. Let’s  go  see  a  movie  Lilly  said.   6. her  friend  replied  let’s  go  to  the  library. The  dog  barked  all  night  said  the  girl.  and  capital  letters  correctly.   Use  quotation  marks.   9.   2. let’s  go  exclaimed  Emma   _________________________________________________________________________________________     68   .   4. let’s  go  look  at  puppies  at  the  pet  store  said  Emma’s  friend.  end  punctuation. ted  asked  can  I  go  too   _________________________________________________________________________________________   4. Can  we  go  to  the  store  asked  Bella.   5. Here  are  your  shoes  Mom  said. I’ll  ask  my  mom  said  Emma   _________________________________________________________________________________________   5.Quotation  Marks    -­‐  Independent  Practice   Add  quotation  marks  and  other  punctuation  marks  to  complete  each  sentence.

   What  would  you  ask?     What  do  you  think  they  would  say?    Use  quotation  marks  to  show  exactly  what  is  said.Quotation  Marks    -­‐  Independent  Practice   Write  a  conversation  you  would  like  to  have  with  someone  famous.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     69   .

Use  a  before  words  that  begin  with  a  consonant  and  are  singular.  a  noun  is  a  person.  an  hour   3.    Articles  are  used  before  nouns  or  before   words  that  describe  a  noun.    Remember.  an  observant  student.  the  animal.  an.Adjectives   Adjectives  are  words  that  describe  a  noun.   • an  interesting  thought.  a  wonderful  day. Use  the  before  singular  or  plural  words.  place.  or  thing.   • a  party.  and  the  are  called  articles. Use  an  before  words  that  begin  with  a  vowel  or  a  silent  h.   1.  a  panoramic  view   2.  the  animals             70   .  the  schools.         Adjectives  can  answer  three  questions…   • What  kind?   • Which  one?   Adjectives describe nouns. • How  many?         The  words  a.       Adjectives  often  come  before  the  words  they  describe.   • the  school.     Adjectives  add  description  and  help  your  writing  to  be  more  interesting.

  3. What  are  three  questions  that  adjectives  can  answer?    __________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.    Remember. She  wrote  a  five-­‐paragraph  essay  and  received  positive  feedback  from  her  teacher. We  went  to  a  long  movie  and  then  had  chocolate  ice  cream.Guided  Practice   1. The  fair  skinned  girl  knew  it  was  important  to  wear  strong  sunscreen  on  a  sunny   day. The  shaggy  dog  had  a  bark  that  could  startle  even  the  bravest  boy. The  printer  would  not  work  because  it  had  an  empty  ink  cartridge. What  do  adjectives  do?    _____________________________________________________________________   2.    Not  all  nouns  have  an   adjective  that  describes  it. When  is  the  article  the  used?    ______________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   Circle  every  noun. Have  you  ever  seen  the  magnificent  Statue  of  Liberty?   4.    However. The  large  classroom  was  full  of  chapter  books  and  bright  posters.   9.   6.   7.     71   .    Then  underline  every  article  and  every  adjective. When  is  the  article  a  used?    _________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.   5. An  empty  plate  means  there  was  good  food  on  it.  finding  the  nouns  first  will  help  you  to  find  the   adjectives.   2. The  old  computer  did  not  work  as  well  as  the  new  computer.  an  adjective  can  answer  three  questions. When  is  the  article  an  used?    _______________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.   8.   1.

 The  ____________________  baby  smiles  a  lot.     ____________________  14.       Then  tell  what  question  the  adjective  answers.   1.  There  are  ____________________  baby  birds  in  that  nest.    Is  that  an  ____________________  tree?   ____________________  4.    Her  ____________________  hair  was  hard  to  brush.    The  ____________________  dog  was  barking  at  the  child.    His  ____________________  tennis  shoes  need  to  be  washed.  The  ____________________  clouds  probably  mean  it  is  going  to  rain.   ____________________  12.   ____________________  8. What  kind?                 What  kind?    Which  one?     How  many?   2.  she  had  a  ____________________  voice.    Respectful  students  use  ____________________  manners.       72   . How  many?   ____what  kind____  1.   ____________________  7.   ____________________  9.  How  many  ____________________  cookies  do  you  want?   ____________________  15.    Do  you  like  ____________________  ice  cream?   ____________________  5.    In  ____________________  days  we  will  graduate.    This  is  a  beautiful  day  to  go  to  the  park.   ____________________  10.  When  she  sang.Adjectives   Independent  Practice   Write  the  adjective  on  the  line  to  complete  each  sentence. Which  one?   3.    The  mouse  scurried  in  the  ____________________  hole.   ____________________  3.    The  baby  is  just  ____________________  days  old.     ____________________  2.   ____________________  13.   ____________________  11.   ____________________  6.

The  bird  flew  the  trees. The  principal  spoke  to  the  student.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________       73   .   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   9.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. Did  you  see  the  flowers  in  her  backyard.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. She  enjoyed  the  party. The  ice  skater  won  a  medal. The  crowd  cheered  for  the  athletes.    Then  rewrite  the  sentence  adding  at  least   one  adjective  to  describe  a  noun.   1.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. She  was  so  excited  to  win  a  trip. The  girl  learned  to  speak  a  new  language.Adjectives   Independent  Practice   Underline  the  nouns  in  the  following  sentences.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. The  paper  was  thrown  into  the  trash.

   When  you  compare  two  things  then   you  add  er  to  the  adjective.Comparative  and  Superlative  Adjectives   Sometimes  adjectives  are  used  to  make  comparisons.    Use  most  to  compare  more  than  two  things.     Use  more  to  compare  two  things.   ADJECTIVE   COMPARATIVE   SUPERLATIVE     (Comparing  2)   (Comparing  3  or  more)   Good     Better       Best       Bad     Worse     Worst               74   .    When  you  are  comparing  more  than  two  things  then  add  est  to   the  adjective.   ADJECTIVE   COMPARATIVE   SUPERLATIVE     (Comparing  2)   (Comparing  3  or  more)   Fresh   Fresher   Freshest   Slim     Slimmer     Slimmest       Sometimes  with  a  longer  adjective  you  use  the  words  more  or  most  to  make  comparisons.   ADJECTIVE   COMPARATIVE   SUPERLATIVE     (Comparing  2)   (Comparing  3  or  more)   Wonderful     More  wonderful     Most  wonderful     Intelligent     More  intelligent   Most  intelligent       The  adjectives  good  and  bad  have  irregular  forms  when  used  in  the  comparative  or   superlative  forms.    Do  not  use   more  or  most  with  er  or  est.

   She  is  the  (nice)  girl  in  the  class.    That  slide  is  (long)  than  the  one  at  our  park.Comparative  and  Superlative  Adjectives   Guided  Practice   Circle  the  correct  adjective  in  parenthesis  to  complete  each  sentence. A  bird  is  (smaller/smallest)  than  a  dog.   ____________________  5. He  had  the  (worse/worst)  cold  ever.   ____________________  7.  A  sleeping  bag  is  (warm)  than  a  blanket.   ____________________  6.    My  brother  is  (funny)  than  yours.   2.   6.   1.   ____________________  10. Summer  is  (more  wonderful/most  wonderful)  than  winter.   Independent  Practice   Use  the  correct  form  of  the  adjective  in  parenthesis  to  complete  each  sentence.    The  dog  crate  is  the  (small)  one  they  make.    He  made  (good)  grades  than  she  did.   5.     75   .    A  cabin  is  (large)  than  a  tent.   7.   ____________________  3.    August  is  the  (hot)  month  of  all.   4. She  makes  the  (better/best)  cake  in  the  world. Flying  in  an  airplane  is  the  (faster/fastest)  type  of  transportation. Jogging  is  (faster/fastest)  than  walking.   ____________________  4.   ____________________  1.    Her  dog  is  the  (big)  kind  of  dog.    Did  you  know  that  Mount  Everest  is  the  (tall)  mountain  in  the  world?   ____________________  9.   3. That  book  was  the  (more  interesting/most  interesting)  book  we  have  ever  read.   ____________________  2.   8. Your  house  is  the  (bigger/biggest)  on  your  street.   ____________________  8.

Comparative  and  Superlative  Adjectives  -­‐  Independent  Practice   Complete  the  chart  below.   ADJECTIVE   COMPARATIVE   SUPERLATIVE     (Comparing  2)   (Comparing  3  or  more)   Nice           Cleaner           Strictest     Late           Skinnier           Most  intelligent   Dark           Brighter           Funniest     Dry           More  beautiful         Best     Bad           Later           Most  famous   Hot           Colder           Fastest           76   .

  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     77   .    Complete  your  prewriting  on  another  sheet  of  paper.     Underline  the  adjectives  that  you  use.Adjectives   Writing   Write  a  paragraph  about  your  favorite  food.    Describe  the  food  and  tell  why  you  like  it.

  2.   ____________________  8.    Write  whether  it  tells  how.    Then  circle  the  adverb  that  gives  more  information   about  the  verb.  or  where  on  the  line.Adverbs   Adverbs  give  more  information  about  verbs. When?       Example:    She  ran  daily.   1.   ____________________  3.   ____________________  5.    The  famous  chef  has  dinner  ready  nightly.       There  are  many  adverbs  that  end  in  ly.                                                                                                                                      (Where  did  she  run?)       Guided  Practice   Underline  the  verb  in  each  sentence.       78   .    She  sang  beautifully.   ____________________  4.  They  are  moving  somewhere  else.    She  exercises  nearly  every  day.    The  dog  barked  annoyingly.   ____________________  1. Where?     Example:    She  ran  there.   There  are  three  questions  that  an  adverb  can  answer.    He  changes  the  filter  annually.   ____________________  10. How?       Example:    She  ran  quickly.    The  classes  are  divided  evenly.   ____________________  6.   ____________________  9.  when.   ____________________  2.   ____________________  7.    The  professional  athlete  easily  won  the  race.    She  is  an  excellent  student  and  completes  her  homework  daily.                                                                                                                                            (How  did  she  run?)       Adverbs  describe   verbs.    You  can  find  your  jacket  and  lunch  box  lying  over  there.                                                                                                                                          (When  did  she  run?)     3.

  3.     briskly   cheerfully   loosely   continuously   inside   elegantly   truthfully   sloppily   everywhere   yesterday   1.   8.   5. The  boy  spoke  ____________________  to  his  mom. The  man  gripped  the  dog  leash  ____________________  in  his  hands. They  let  their  dog  come  ____________________  when  it  started  raining.       2.           79   . The  dancer  danced  ____________________.   7. The  woman  walked  ____________________  through  the  rain.   9. I  wonder  if  it  rained  ____________________. She  is  ____________________  talking.Adverbs   Independent  Practice             How?    When?    Where?     Choose  from  the  list  of  adverbs  and  write  the  adverb   on  the  line  to  complete  each  sentence.   4.   6.   10. Those  flies  are  ____________________. The  bird  chirped  ____________________  throughout  the  day. He  made  his  bed  ____________________.

  ADVERB   COMPARATIVE   SUPERLATIVE     (Comparing  2)   (Comparing  3  or  more)   Fast   Faster     Fastest     Quick       Quicker     Quickest       Use  the  words  more  or  most  with  adverbs  that  end  in  ly.   6.   1.    Use  more  to  compare  two  actions.     Use  most  to  compare  more  than  two  actions.   3.   4. Her  mom  cheered  (more  excitedly/most  excitedly)  than  her  brother. Athletes  run  (longer/longest)  than  anyone.    When  comparing  more  than   two  actions  then  add  est  to  the  to  the  adverb.Comparative  and  Superlative  Adverbs   Add  er    to  an  adverb  if  the  two  actions  are  being  compared.   ADVERB   COMPARATIVE   SUPERLATIVE     (Comparing  2)   (Comparing  3  or  more)   Excitedly   More  excitedly   Most  excitedly     Cheerfully   More  cheerfully   Most  cheerfully     Guided  Practice   Circle  the  correct  form  of  the  adverb  in  parenthesis. She  runs  (faster/fastest)  than  he  does.   5.   2.    Do  not  use  more  or  most  with  er  or  est. Her  mom  cheered  (more  excitedly/most  excitedly)  out  of  all  her  relatives. She  runs  (faster/fastest)  of  all.   7. The  dancer  danced  (more  graceful/most  graceful)  than  she  had  before. That  was  the  (more  graceful/most  graceful)  dance!     80     .   8. People  in  shape  run  (longer/longest)  than  people  not  in  shape.

  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________     81     .Adverbs   Writing   Write  a  paragraph  about  something  you  like  to  do  during  recess.    Describe  the  activity.    Be   sure  to  use  at  least  two  adverbs  and  underline  the  adverbs  that  you  use.    Circle  any   adjectives.

              VOCABULARY                             82     .

Synonyms  &  Antonyms   Synonyms  are  words  that  have  similar  meanings.             83     .                             Antonyms  are  words  that  mean  the  opposite.    Choose  a  word  for  the  first  color  block   and  then  find  synonyms  that  mean  the  same  as  that  word.    Find  a  word  that  means  the  opposite  of  the   first  word  listed  in  each  color  block.

   Choose  a  word  for  the  first  color  block   and  then  find  synonyms  that  mean  the  same  as  that  word.                             Antonyms  are  words  that  mean  the  opposite.Synonyms  are  words  that  have  similar  meanings.    Find  a  word  that  means  the  opposite  of  the   first  word  listed  in  each  color  block.             84     .

   Find  a  word  that  means  the  opposite  of  the   first  word  listed  in  each  color  block.                             Antonyms  are  words  that  mean  the  opposite.Synonyms  are  words  that  have  similar  meanings.             85     .    Choose  a  word  for  the  first  color  block   and  then  find  synonyms  that  mean  the  same  as  that  word.

   Find  a  word  that  means  the  opposite  of  the   first  word  listed  in  each  color  block.Synonyms  are  words  that  have  similar  meanings.    Choose  a  word  for  the  first  color  block   and  then  find  synonyms  that  mean  the  same  as  that  word.                 86     .                             Antonyms  are  words  that  mean  the  opposite.

 they  may  have  a  consequence  for  not   obeying.  and  then  use  the  information  for  the  next  activity.  along  with  the  context  clues  to   complete  the  sentences.     1. If  children  ____________________  their  parents.    You  will   need  to  use  the  meanings  of  the  prefixes  and  words.   WORD   PREFIX   ROOT  WORD   MEANING  OF   MEANING  OF   PREFIX   WORD   Disagree   dis   agree   not   To  not  agree   Disuse           Dislike           Disobey                       Nonuse     non   use   not   Not  in  use   Nonsense           Nonstop           Nondairy                       Unread     un   read   not   Not  read     Unsafe           Unlike             Unplug                       Reread   re   read   again   To  read  again   Reuse             Retry             Rerun               Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘dis’  to  complete  the  sentences.   PREFIXES   PREFIX  MEANINGS                                     dis-­‐   not     non-­‐   not     un-­‐   not     re-­‐   again     Complete  the  table  below.     87     .

Don’t  forget  to  ____________________  the  toaster  before  you  leave  the  house. Someone  started  the  race  too  quickly  so  the  runners  will  need  to  ____________________   the  race  again.   4. We  should  ____________________  plastic  containers  so  we  do  not  create  more  pollution.    When  you  do  not  understand  something  you  have  read  it  is  important  to   ____________________  the  information  again. Muscles  need  to  be  used  to  stay  strong  or  they  can  get  weak  from  ____________________. That  is  ____________________  because  none  of  it  makes  sense.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘un’  to  complete  the  sentences. You  cannot  go  bungee  jumping  because  it  is  ____________________  and  you  could  get   hurt.   3.   3.       4.   2. That  book  has  been  ____________________  for  many  years  because  people  did  not  know   about  it.  they  may   ____________________  on  a  topic.       1.   2.     1. If  you  do  not  get  something  right  the  first  time  you  try. The  dessert  is  ____________________  any  other  ecosystem  because  it  has  a  different   climate.   4.   2. If  you  ____________________  the  ice  cream.   4. 2. Some  people  are  allergic  to  dairy  so  they  have  to  drink  ____________________  products.  then  ____________________.  then  you  can  try  other  flavors  until  you  find   one  you  do  like. When  two  people  have  a  debate  to  discuss  their  views  on  a  subject.       88     .   3.       Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘re’  to  complete  the  sentences.       1.   3. Telegraphs  have  been  in  ____________________  for  decades  because  we  have  telephones.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘non’  to  complete  the  sentences.  We  want  to  find  a  ____________________  flight  to  Hawaii  because  we  do  not  want  to  have   to  make  any  stops  or  layovers.

                          dis   non     (not)   (not)                                                   un   re     (not)   (again)                     89     .At  the  end  of  each  line  add  a  new  word  that  begins  with  the  prefix.    Give  the  definition  of   the  new  word  also.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________             90     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8.    Be  sure  to  use  the  word   correctly!     1.   Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  two  words  that  you  found  from   each  of  the  prefixes  on  the  previous  page  to  write  sentences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.

PREFIX  MEANINGS                                     pre-­‐   before     mid-­‐   middle   bi-­‐   two     de-­‐   opposite     Complete  the  table  below.   WORD   PREFIX   ROOT  WORD   MEANING  OF   MEANING  OF   PREFIX   WORD   Prewash     pre   wash   before   To  wash  before   Preteen             Prepaid             Preprint                       Midnight     mid   night   middle   The  middle  of   the  night   Midway             Midweek             Midwinter                       Bilingual     bi   lingual   two   Speaking  two   languages   Bicolor             Bicycle           Bimonthly                     Defrost     de   frost   opposite   Remove  the  frost   Declaw             Decode             Derail                       91     .  and  then  use  the  information  for  the  next  activity.

    1.    You  will   need  to  use  the  meanings  of  the  prefixes  and  words. She  is  ____________________  and  can  speak  two  languages. He  gets  paid  ____________________. The  ____________________  has  two  wheels. We  are  at  the  ____________________  point  now  that  we  are  half  way  there. They  needed  to  break  the  code  and  ____________________  the  message. Sometimes  you  need  to  ____________________  clothes  before  the  regular  washing   because  of  a  stain. Wednesday  is  considered  ____________________.       1. That  shirt  is  considered  a  ____________________  shirt  since  it  has  both  yellow  and  red  on   it.  but  the  vet  is  going  to  ____________________  her  pet. Most  pets  have  their  claws. Before  you  are  a  teenager  you  are  a  ____________________. We  will  need  to  ____________________  the  document  because  the  first  one  got  water  on   it. ____________________  we  will  be  going  snow  skiing.   4.  or  do  you  need  to  pay  now.   3.         92     . The  company  did  not  know  why  the  train  would  ____________________.   4.  along  with  the  context  clues  to   complete  the  sentences.   4.   2.   2. Sometimes  she  wakes  up  at  ____________________.   4.   3.  which  is  in  the  middle  of  the  night.       Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘de’  to  complete  the  sentences.Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘pre’  to  complete  the  sentences.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘mid’  to  complete  the  sentences.   3. Have  you  already  ____________________.       1.   3.   2. He  will  need  to  ____________________  his  car  so  that  there  will  not  be  frost  on  the   windows.       1.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘bi’  to  complete  the  sentences.   2.

  At  the  end  of  each  line  add  a  new  word  that  begins  with  the  prefix.    Give  the  definition  of   the  new  word  also.                           pre   mid   (before)   (middle)                                                     bi   de     (two)   (opposite)                   93     .

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  two  words  that  you  found  from   each  of  the  prefixes  on  the  previous  page  to  write  sentences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________                 94     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.    Be  sure  to  use  the  word   correctly!     1.

 and  then  use  the  information  for  the  next  activity.  wrong   To  lead  someone   the  wrong  way   Misjudge             Misbehave             Mistreat                       95     .   PREFIX  MEANINGS                                     semi-­‐   half   co-­‐   together   en-­‐   put  into  or  on   mis-­‐   bad/wrong     Complete  the  table  below.   WORD   PREFIX   ROOT  WORD   MEANING  OF   MEANING  OF   PREFIX   WORD   Semiannual     semi   annual   half   Occurs  every   half  a  year   Semicircle             Semifinal             Semisweet                       Codriver     co   driver   together   Share  the  driving   with  another   Coteach             Costar             Cofounder                       Engulf     en   gulf   put  into  or  on   To  plunge  in  or   immerse   Enact             Endanger             Enroll                       Mislead     mis   lead   bad.

Did  the  new  student  ____________________  in  Mrs.  along  with  the  context  clues  to   complete  the  sentences.    You  will   need  to  use  the  meanings  of  the  prefixes  and  words. Sometimes  students  change  classes  between  two  teachers  that  ____________________.   3.       Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘co’  to  complete  the  sentences. If  you  ____________________  by  acting  in  the  wrong  way.   2. Half  of  a  circle  is  a  ____________________.   2.  then  it  may  not  act  nice.  therefore  you  cannot  ____________________  these   animals. If  you  ____________________  a  dog.   2.   4.   3.   3.   4. The  waves  began  to  ____________________the  swimmer  so  the  lifeguard  jumped  in  and   pulled  the  swimmer  to  safety. The  two  businessmen  put  their  money  together  and  are  now  ____________________  of  a   company. The  driver’s  ed  teachers  ____________________  with  their  students.     1.  you  will  have  a  consequence.       1.     1. Every  six  months  they  have  a  ____________________  business  meeting.Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘semi  to  complete  the  sentences. Sometimes  referees  will  ____________________  a  play  by  making  a  wrong  call.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘en’  to  complete  the  sentences.  Smith’s  class?     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  prefix  ‘mis’  to  complete  the  sentences. The  will  have  a  ____________________  match  before  the  final  match.   4.   4.   3.       1. Some  animals  are  almost  extinct. It  is  important  to  lead  people  in  the  right  way  and  not  ____________________  them  in  the   wrong  way. Bailey  wants  to  ____________________  with  Bella  in  a  movie.   2.       96     . The  Congressman  wanted  to  ____________________  a  new  bill. ____________________  chocolate  is  not  as  sweet  as  regular  chocolate.

   Give  the  definition  of   the  new  word  also.                           semi   co   (half)   (together)                                                     en   mis   (into/on)   (bad/     wrong)                     97     .At  the  end  of  each  line  add  a  new  word  that  begins  with  the  prefix.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________                   98     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7.    Be  sure  to  use  the  word   correctly!     1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  two  words  that  you  found  from   each  of  the  prefixes  on  the  previous  page  to  write  sentences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.

 and  then  use  the  information  for  the  next  activity.   WORD   ROOT  WORD   SUFFIX   MEANING  OF   MEANING  OF   SUFFIX   WORD   Washer     wash   er   doer   Able  to  do  the   washing   Treasurer             Teacher             Employer                       Agreeable     agree   able   able  to   Able  to  agree   Changeable             Excusable             Perishable                       Adventurous     adventure   ous   full  of   Full  of  adventure   Coniferous             Continuous             Courageous                       Alertness   alert   ness   state  of  being   Being  alert   Boldness             Cheeriness             Dullness                         99     .     SUFFIXES   SUFFIX  MEANINGS                                     -­‐er   doer   -­‐able   able  to   -­‐ous   full  of   -­‐ness   state  of  being     Complete  the  table  below.

    Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  suffix  ‘able’  to  complete  the  sentences. The  ____________________  of  the  light  made  it  hard  to  see. When  people  are  full  of  ____________________  they  make  others  smile. Tim  isn’t  afraid  to  speak  up  because  of  his  ____________________.   4. I  cannot  excuse  the  absence  because  it  is  not  ____________________.Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  suffix  ‘er’  to  complete  the  sentences. The  food  is  ____________________  and  is  not  able  to  stay  good  for  a  long  period  of  time.    You  will  need   to  use  the  meanings  of  the  suffixes  and  words.   3.     1. The  ____________________  is  able  to  keep  up  with  the  money  for  our  group. Do  you  want  to  be  the  ____________________  or  the  dryer  when  we  do  dishes  today?   2. Our  ____________________  is  able  to  teach  us  new  things. Todd  is  very  ____________________  and  gets  along  with  everyone.     1. She  is  full  of  adventure. The  ____________________  of  the  baby  was  amazing  as  we  watched  her  look  across  the   room.   2. She  is  ____________________  and  is  able  to  do  things  other  people  would  be  afraid  to  do.   3.   3.     1.   2. The  air  conditioner  was  on  a  ____________________  cycle  and  worked  all  the  time.   4.   4.   3.             100     .  along  with  the  context  clues  to  complete  the   sentences.    You  might  even  call  her  ____________________. The  ____________________  tree  was  full  of  cones. An  ____________________  is  someone  who  can  give  you  a  job.   2.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  suffix  ‘ness’  to  complete  the  sentences.   4.     1.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  suffix  ‘ous’  to  complete  the  sentences. The  weather  in  the  area  is  ____________________  and  they  don’t  know  if  they  like  that  the   weather  is  able  to  change  so  quickly.

   Give  the  definition  of  the   new  word  also.                           -­‐er   -­‐able   (doer)   (able  to)                                                     -­‐ous   -­‐ness   (state  of     (full  of)   being)                     101     .At  the  end  of  each  line  add  a  new  word  that  begins  with  the  suffix.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________                   102     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  two  words  that  you  found  from   each  of  the  prefixes  on  the  previous  page  to  write  sentences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.    Be  sure  to  use  the  word   correctly!     1.

 and  then  use  the  information  for  the  next  activity.plenty   Careful             Colorful             Harmful                       Actively     active   ly   in  what  manner   Characterized  by   energetic  work   Boldly             Clearly           Dimly                       Agreement     agree   ment   state  of   Being  in   agreement   Settlement             Amusement             Excitement                       Endless     end   less   without   Without  an  end   Harmless             Motionless             Priceless                           103     .SUFFIX  MEANINGS                                     -­‐ful   full  of   -­‐ly   in  what  manner   -­‐ment   state  of   -­‐less   without       Complete  the  table  below.   WORD   ROOT  WORD   SUFFIX   MEANING  OF   MEANING  OF   SUFFIX   WORD   Bountiful     bounty   ful   full  of   Abundant.

    Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  suffix  ‘ly’  to  complete  the  sentences.  along  with  the  context  clues  to  complete  the   sentences.     1. The  sun’s  rays  can  burn  your  skin  and  be  ____________________  to  you.   2. No  amount  of  money  could  purchase  the  type  of  friendship  the  two  girls  had   because  their  friendship  was  ____________________. Bella  wished  for  summer  to  be  ____________________  because  she  didn’t  want  it  to  end.   4. There  was  so  much  ____________________  in  the  room  that  no  one  could  sit  still.     1. The  settlers  found  a  place  to  settle  and  built  a  ____________________  along  the  river.   2.Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  suffix  ‘ful’  to  complete  the  sentences.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  suffix  ‘less’  to  complete  the  sentences. She  likes  to  play  dress  up  for  ____________________.     1.                 104     .   3.   3. You  do  not  want  to  get  hurt  so  be  ____________________  to  take  care  of  yourself. Fred  sat  ____________________  while  the  others  tried  to  catch  the  bug.   4. Some  spiders  will  not  harm  you  because  they  are  ____________________.   2.   3.   4. She  participates  ____________________  in  many  sports.   4. The  two  boys  are  in  ____________________  about  what  they  should  do  together. There  was  a  ____________________  supply  of  cotton  this  year.     1.    You  will  need   to  use  the  meanings  of  the  suffixes  and  words. The  clean  window  allowed  us  to  see  ____________________  outside.   2.     Use  the  meanings  of  the  words  with  the  suffix  ‘ment’  to  complete  the  sentences.   3. The  ____________________  lit  candles  did  not  give  very  much  light. The  little  girl  likes  clothes  full  of  color  because  ____________________  clothes  make  her   happy. The  candidate  spoke  very  ____________________  on  the  topics.

              -­‐ful   -­‐ly   (full  of)   (in  what     manner)                                                   -­‐ment   (state  of)   -­‐less   (without)                                     105     .

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________           106     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  two  words  that  you  found  from   each  of  the  prefixes  on  the  previous  page  to  write  sentences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.    Be  sure  to  use  the  word   correctly!     1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7.

 but  are  spelled  differently.   For  the  pairs  of  homophones  below.  look  up  the  meanings  of  each  word  and  then  draw  a   simple  picture  to  show  the  meaning  of  each  word.  you  could  draw  a  crown  and  write  ‘throne’  to   mean  a  king  wears  a  crown  on  his  throne.    Then  write  the  word  and  the  meaning  of   the  word  under  the  picture.                                     Throne   Thrown     Plain     Plane     Waist     Waste     Break       Brake         107     .    For  example. HOMOPHONES   Homophones  are  words  that  sound  alike.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________     108     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  the  homophones  on  the   previous  page  to  write  sentences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8.    Be  sure  to  use  the  words  correctly!     1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.

 look  up  the  meanings  of  each  word  and  then  draw  a   simple  picture  to  show  the  meaning  of  each  word.                                                   Blue       Blew       Ball       Bawl     Creek       Creak       Read       Reed                 109     .For  the  pairs  of  homophones  below.    Then  write  the  word  and  the  meaning  of   the  word  under  the  picture.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7.Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  the  homophones  on  the   previous  page  to  write  sentences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________     110     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.    Be  sure  to  use  the  words  correctly!     1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.

                                                  Rap       Wrap         Our         Hour       Threw     Through     Aloud       Allowed                 111     .  look  up  the  meanings  of  each  word  and  then  draw  a   simple  picture  to  show  the  meaning  of  each  word.For  the  pairs  of  homophones  below.    Then  write  the  word  and  the  meaning  of   the  word  under  the  picture.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   112     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.    Be  sure  to  use  the  words  correctly!     1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  the  homophones  on  the   previous  page  to  write  sentences.

 look  up  the  meanings  of  each  word  and  then  draw  a   simple  picture  to  show  the  meaning  of  each  word.                                                   Reel         Real       Cent       Scent       Board     Bored     Coarse         Course                 113     .    Then  write  the  word  and  the  meaning  of   the  word  under  the  picture.For  the  pairs  of  homophones  below.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   114     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.    Be  sure  to  use  the  words  correctly!     1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5.Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  the  homophones  on  the   previous  page  to  write  sentences.

                                                  There     Their         They’re       Were     We’re       Where       Stair           Stare           115     .For  the  pairs  of  homophones  below.    Then  write  the  word  and  the  meaning  of   the  word  under  the  picture.  look  up  the  meanings  of  each  word  and  then  draw  a   simple  picture  to  show  the  meaning  of  each  word.

Your  Turn  to  Write!     Now  you  will  write  sentences  to  show  what  you  know!    Use  the  homophones  on  the   previous  page  to  write  sentences.    Be  sure  to  use  the  words  correctly!     1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   116     . _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   6.

 include  them  on  these  blank  pages  to  help  you  learn  them.New  Homophones   As  you  find  new  homophones.                                                                                                                   117     .

                            118     .

    Assessments                                           119     .

Noun  and  Subject  Test                                                                                                                  Name  ______________________  
         1.    A  noun  is  a  __________,  __________,  or  __________.  
         2.    Give  two  examples  of  a  common  noun.  
                     ___________,  __________    
         3.    A  proper  noun  is  a  __________  noun.  
         4.    Give  two  examples  of  a  proper  noun.  
__________,  __________  
   Underline,  with  one  line,  the  nouns  in  the  following  sentences.        
5.    Our  class  is  going  on  a  field  trip.  
6.    Mr.  Smith  is  the  principal.  
7.    The  dog  barked  at  the  cat.  
8.    The  cat  ran  up  the  tree.  
9.    The  huge  house  was  filled  with  the  smell  of  a  baked  turkey.  
           10.  The  children  played  basketball  on  the  court.  
Now  look  at  the  same  sentences  and  circle  the  subject.  
11.    Our  class  is  going  on  a  field  trip.  
12.    Mr.  Smith  is  the  principal.  
13.    The  dog  barked  at  the  cat.  
14.    The  cat  ran  up  the  tree.  
             15.    The  huge  house  was  filled  with  the  smell  of  a  baked  turkey.  
16.  The  children  played  basketball  on  the  court.  
Proper  Nouns  
Correct  the  proper  nouns  in  the  following  sentences  by  placing  a  line  through  the  letter  that  
should  be  capitalized  and  write  the  letter  correctly  above  it.  
14. The  washington  monument  is  located  in  the  washington  d.c.  
15. Dr.  smith  is  a  dentist.  
16. Diary  of  a  wimpy  kid  is  a  great  book.  
17. He  attends  abc  elementary  school.  

Verb  Test                          Name  ______________________  
Underline  the  verb  in  each  sentence.  
1. Mrs.  Smith  teaches  third  grade.  
2. Ms.  Piper  helps  with  Safety  Patrol.  
3. Mrs.  Williams  loves  dogs.  
4. Mrs.  Shed  lived  in  Alaska.  
5. Mr.  Thompson  likes  to  read.  
6. Mrs.  Cranberry  gives  us  band-­‐aides.  
7. The  boy  will  go  to  the  park.                                  
8. The  child  played  all  day.    
9. The  bird  flies  high  in  the  sky.                              
10.  They  like  playing  at  recess.                                                  
Underline  the  subject  once  and  the  verb  twice.  
10. Third  graders  work  hard.  
11. Third  graders  learn  a  lot.  
12. The  class  talks  too  much.  
13. She  ran  in  a  marathon.  
14. Have  you  cooked  dinner  before?  
Underline  the  linking  verb  in  each  sentence.  
15. A  butterfly  is  pretty.  
16. I  am  ready  for  spring  break.  
17. You  are  ready  for  this  test.  
18. She  was  not  cold.  
19. The  kids  will  be  happy  on  Christmas  day.  
20. The  tree  must  have  been  knocked  down  by  the  wind.  

Commas  and  Compound  Sentences                                                                                    Name  ______________________________  

Place  commas  in  the  sentences  where  they  belong.  

1. I  would  like  a  cheeseburger  french  fries  and  a  coke.  

2. It  would  be  exciting  to  visit  London  England.  

3. She  rides  her  bike  plays  basketball  and  jogs  for  exercise.  

4. Have  you  been  to  Atlanta  Georgia.  


Use  a  conjunction  and  comma  to  combine  the  following  sentences  to  make  compound  


5. She  likes  pizza.    He  likes  hot  dogs.  


6. Susie  likes  pizza.    Susie  likes  hot  dogs.  


7.      I  like  to  shop.    She  likes  to  eat.  


8.    I  like  vanilla  ice  cream.    I  like  chocolate  ice  cream  too.  








My  dogs  fur  is  pretty. Did  you  see  the  birds  nest?       17.    Did  you  go  to  the  zoo?   ____________________  8.   Write  what  type  of  sentence  each  one  is  on  the  line. A/an  ____________________  makes  a  statement.       13. She  and  I  like  to  dance. The  teams  trophy  is  large.   Possessive  Nouns   Place  the  apostrophe  in  the  right  place  for  the  underlined  word  to  form  a  possessive  noun.    The  book  was  about  Europe.   4.   Pronouns   Underline  the  pronouns  in  the  following  sentences. A/an  ____________________  sentence  asks  a  question.   Declarative   Exclamatory   Interrogative   Imperative   ____________________  5.   3. They  look  forward  to  learning  every  day.Types  of  Sentences.   18.   2.     10. A/an  ____________________  sentence  shows  excitement.  All  of  the  boys  toys  are  cool.  Pronouns.   14.       11. A/an  ____________________  sentence  gives  a  command. She  bought  ballet  slippers.  and  Possessive  Nouns  Test   Types  of  Sentences  -­‐  Write  the  type  of  sentence  on  the  correct  line.    I  love  chocolate!   ____________________  7. We  went  to  the  store.   12.     9.   ____________________  6. Her  dog  is  loud.    Pick  up  your  clothes. The  dog  is  hers.     16.     123     .                 15. Declarative   Exclamatory   Interrogative   Imperative     1.

 plays)  in  the  sandbox. The  performer  (dance.   12.    Use  the  past  tense  in  one  sentence. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   14.   2.  present  tense   in  the  second. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________       124     . Tadpoles  (change.     1.  changes)  into  frogs. Birds  (call.   5.  calls)  to  each  other.   6.   3. Her  dog  (bark.   7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   13.  and  future  tense  in  the  third  sentence. The  child  (play.  and  future  tense  in  the  third  sentence.   9.  dances)  on  the  stage. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   10.   8.Subject-­‐Verb  Agreement  and  Verb  Tense  Test   Subject-­‐Verb  Agreement   Circle  the  correct  verb  in  parentheses  to  make  the  noun  and  verb  agree  in  each  sentence.  sails)  by  on  the  lake. Beautiful  boats  (sail.  present  tense   in  the  second. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   11.    Use  the  past  tense  in  one  sentence. The  teacher  (appreciate.   4.  plays)  all  day. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     Use  the  verb  play  and  write  3  sentences. Those  children  (play.  appreciates)  good  manners.     Use  the  verb  laugh  and  write  3  sentences.  barks)  at  the  mailman.

  10. I  went  to  florida  on  a  vacation. Does  Santa  claus  live  in  the  north  pole?   7.  sally.   8. The  boy  likes  to  read  the  hungry  caterpillar.   11.   2.   5. Do  you  know  where  amy  lives?   3. She  likes  to  play  with  her  next-­‐door  neighbor.  patrick’s  day  in  germany?   6. Zoobreak  is  a  book  many  kids  like  to  read.Capitalization.     1.  Most  kids  have  read  goldilocks  and  the  three  bears. Let’s  go  to  washington  D.  Titles  of  Books. Do  you  know  what  grade  i  made?   9. I  like  to  buy  the  kool-­‐aid  brand  drinks. She  likes  working  in  north  america  with  dr. Have  you  read  the  diary  of  a  wimpy  kid?       _________________________________________________________________________________________________   12.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________                   125     .       ______________________________________________________________________________________________   13.C.  smith. Is  it  in  africa?   4. Do  you  celebrate  st.  and  Quotation  Marks  Test   Capitalization   Draw  three  short  lines  (proofreading  marks)  under  the  letters  that  should  be  capitalized   and  write  the  capital  letter  above  it.       ______________________________________________________________________________________________                  13.     Titles  of  Books   Write  the  titles  of  the  books  correctly.

can  i  go  too  asked  ellen     _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   3.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________                           126     . i  cant  wait  until  valentines  day  exclaimed  eli   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   4.    Write  the  sentences.Quotation  Marks   Please  place  all  punctuation  in  the  correct  place  for  the  following  sentences.    Each  sentence   contains  a  quote. what  do  you  want  for  dinner  asked  mom. Sidney  said  however  i  think  thanksgiving  is  the  best   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   5. everyone  is  going  to  go  to  the  zoo  tomorrow  frank  said   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________   2.     1.

   The  pretty  girl  was  singing.  the  nouns  in  the  following  sentences.  with  one  line.        Underline.   7.     127     .   5.    The  dog  barked  loudly. Do  you  want  to  eat  soon?   23. Let’s  go  play  with  (a.   21.  Smith  is  our  principal.    Our  class  is  going  on  a  field  trip.  the)  elf  at  the  mall.            Circle  the  adverb.  the)  girl  over  there.     Adverbs      Underline. I  saw  (a.   Use  a.Adjective  and  Adverb  Test                                                Name  ________________________________________     Adjectives            1.   4.    Mr.      Did  you  make  (a.  the)  good  grade?   19.  an.  or  the  in  the  following  sentences.    The  loud  dog  woke  the  neighbor.            Circle  the  adjectives.  an.   22. The  little  bird  sings  sweetly.   7.  an.   6.  an. She  played  outside.   20.  the  verb  in  the  following  sentences.    An  adjective  describes  a  _______________.    An  adverb  describes  a  _______________.       3.  with  one  line.            2.

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