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VU 21470 TASK 3



This essay focuses on environmental issue in Australia and its impact

on the environment. It will focus on Australia ocean dumping and speak
about the impact of ocean dumping on the community in my Melbourne, and
suggest solution to this issue.
The ocean dumping is a issue that is interested in Australia. According
to the waters surrounding Australia's coastline are
increasingly threatened by pollution. (2016). Our lives today faces major
threats because we have polluted the sea. The waste, plastic wastes thrown

indiscriminately into the sea is every day, every hour bringing the
world to the brink of severe pollution. Many objects are discarded in the
Australia's oceans each year. The material comes from a variety of sources
and is introduced into the ocean in a variety of ways. Everyday, people throw
a lot of things to the ocean, such as : garbage, sewage, industrial waste in a
long time. Dumping of plastic is another example of oceanic dumping, and
when the creatures of the ocean accidentally eat the waste that the human
throw into, they will suffocate and die. This is also the cause of the decline
population of marine. The waste dumped into the ocean carrying toxic
substances, this leads to a increasing of oxygen available to fishes causing
them to die. If the toxic substances get loss consumed by the fishes which
accumulate in their fat tissues, people eating these affected fishes can face
unwanted diseases. In addition, the tanker and the oil rigs spill oil into the
ocean, that is also one of the causes of our ocean more contamination.
Harmful effects of waste disposal into the sea severely affects
communities in Australia. According to almost
90% of the marine debris found on Melbournes beaches is plastic, mostly
bottles, caps and straws (2016). It makes heavy ocean pollution, then it makes
our environment threatened. Ocean dumping are also hazardous to humans,
creating toxic waterways, carrying invasive species, depleting fisheries,
requiring expensive clean up operations and ruining the aesthetics of the
Facing the fearsome dangers of ocean dumping, Australian government
and people have to make a big change to reducing marine debris. We should
ensure that when we enjoy the marine environment we responsibly dispose
our rubbish to stop it becoming marine debris. Being aware of best practice
guidelines and also contribute to our understanding of this issue. We should
learn and practice in activities such as coastal clean ups and consume wisely
to help reduce demand for materials that are potential sources of marine
debris. Besides, Australian government has issued strict regulations. Waters
surrounding Australia's coastlines are protected from wastes and pollution by
the Environment Protection Act 1981 (the Sea Dumping Act). The Plan
complements the Government's National Waste Policy that address litter at its
source, reducing waste, increasing recycling and encouraging industry to take
responsibility for their products. The National Packaging Covenant is an
example of a successful product where governments and industry have
worked together to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging.
It could be thought, dealing with ocean waste effectively requires a
responsible and instant cooperation from various levels and branches, and
every citizen coastal areas.

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