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Project Proposal

The process of recruitment and selection in an organization is a long process having a number of elements.These
elements are the essential parts of the whole recruitment and selection process because they contribute in
finding the most suitable candidate for any particular post or profile.

The meaning of recruitment in simple language is to place the suitable candidate at suitable time,in suitable
profile and at suitable place.

The recruitment process assists the organization in finding and inducting the suitable candidates and then
gradually managing them in order to enhance their level of engagement in the various operations of the

An organizations performance depends on the effectiveness of the recruitment policy.

While constructing, reviewing and modifying the recruitment policy of the organization, there are few points we
need to keep in mind during this process.

First of all, one needs to understand that the whole process of recruitment consists of a number of stages
and all these stages contribute in enhancing the execution of the recruitment process from the start to
end and can find the best suitable candidate for a particular position in an organization.
Another important point one need to keep in mind that in order to fill a job position in the organization,
the internal candidate can be considered and the job position can be filled by promoting the suitable and
deserving candidate and further his/her position can be filled by considering the external candidates
during the recruitment process.
It is often noticed that the human resource managers give more importance to the process of recruitment
of a candidate for high level or senior position than the process of recruitment of a candidate for an
executive position.
This is considered as a blunder, a human resource manager makes.
One of the most important thing in the recruitment process is that when an organization is having a long
schedule of recruitment having a number of interview rounds, it is necessary that the final round of the
interview for a candidate must be conducted by the human resource manager himself because he is a
trained and an experienced person. And thats why only the initial round of interview can be conducted
by the HR Executive.
The Human Resource manager must be aware about all the legal matters which have a direct or an
indirect influence on the recruitment process.
Problem Definition:
Is the job satisfaction level of the employees an essential component to be considered during formation of the
recruitment policy.


To study about the recruitment and selection process.

To study about the impact of recruitment and selection process on the job satisfaction level of the
To identify the recruitment policy and recruitment cycle.
To identify the different methods utilized in the selection process.
To identify the selection procedure of employees in detail and its impact on job satisfaction..

Research Methodology:
This research defines and describes the method of recruitment which is being followed by the Human Resource
Department of the organization Shree Cement Limited.

The methods which are used in this research are:

Definition of research problem

Literature review
Research design
Collection of data
Analysis of data
Data Interpretation

Collection of data:

For any research project, there are two possible ways for the data collection-

Primary Data
Secondary Data

Primary Data: The collection of primary data was done using the facts and figures provided by the organization
which includes the sales, growth and future prospects of the company along with the details of production units,
power plants and the national and global scenario of the industry.

Secondary Data: The collection of secondary data was done using the annual reports of the organization available
on the official website of the company.
The key questions are:

1. What were the challenges that employers faced during the process of recruitment and selection?
2. What were the challenges that employees faced during the process of recruitment and selection?
3. How can the solution be defined for all these challenges faced by the employer and employees?

The major limitations of this project are:

1. The analysis was done at a certain limit as each and every organization maintains a standard and there are
a number of things and details which are kept private and confidential because that information is very
sensitive and nobody can have the access of that information apart from the few officials in the top

Therefore, due to this reason, this research project defines and describes the recruitment and selection
process at a certain limit and based on the available information only.

2. Since time constraint is always associated with every research project and due to the same reason this
research project describes the concept of recruitment and selection at a certain limit covering only the
important sub-concepts in the context of the organization.

3. The data collected in this field are not sufficient.

4. This research targets only the domestic market.

5. The analysis part of this research in the context of the industry may have few contradictions due to the
fact that the current trends along with the rules and regulations are being varied constantly.

6. On the whole, this research is of academic interest only and in order to get the practical knowledge of the
aspects which are associated with this research and hence it makes the research less precise than any
professional annual report of an organization.

7. The topics to describe in this research have been selected only in the context of the recruitment and
selection process, the organization and the industry to which it belongs keeping in mind that the research
should not get derailed.

Future Scope:
This study will highlight the major challenges of the recruitment and selection process in recent times. Along with
that, it will provide a value insight to one on the exact topic chosen. This study will be extremely helpful to gain
the practical knowledge of recruitment and selection within an organization. Since the study is based on the
recruitment and selection which is a part of Human Resource Management, therefore it will equip me for my
future in the field of Human Resource Management.

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