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Time Allotted : 3 Hours Full Marks : 70

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as


( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

Choose the correct alternatives for any ten of the following : 10 1 = 10

1. i) A Buchholz relay is actuated by

a) oil b) gas
c) current d) voltage.

ii) Zero sequence fault current is absent when fault is

a) single line to ground fault
b) line to line-like-ground fault
c) double line to ground fault
d) line to line.

iii) Making capacity of a circuit breaker is

a. 1.55 times the symmetrical breaking current
b. 2.55 times the symmetrical breaking current
c. 2.55 times the asymmetrical breaking current
d. 2.55 times the peak symmetrical current.

iv) Bus admittance matrix is a

a) full matrix b) sparse matrix
c) diagonal matrix d) rectangular matrix.
v) A Mho relay is a
a. voltage restrained directional relay
b. voltage controlled over current relay
c. directional restrained over current relay
d. directional restrained over voltage relay.
vi) The Buchholz relay protects a transformer from
a) a. types of internal faults
b) b. a turn to turn fault
c) c. winding to winding fault
d) d. none of these.

vii) Equal area criterion is useful for the determination of

a. steady state stability
b. transient stability of two machine power system
c. transient stability of multi-machine power system
d. both steady state and transient stability of multi-machine power system.

viii) At slack bus, which of the following combinations of variables is specified ?

a. voltage magnitude, phase angle

b. active power, reactive power
c. active power, voltage magnitude
d. reactive power, voltage magnitude.

ix) Which of the following quantities can never have a zero sequence component?
a. phase voltages
b. Line voltages
c. Line currents of three phase four wire distribution system
d. Line currents in case of line to ground faults.

x) SF6 is a
a) natural gas b) electro-negative gas
c) neutral gas d) electro-positive gas.

xi) Which of the following relays has the best reflectivity?

a) Over current relay b) Different relay
c) Impedance relay d) Mho relay.

xii) The operator a rotates the phasor in the anticlockwise direction through an angle of
a) 900 b) 1200 c) 1800 d) 3600

(Short Answer Type Questions)
Answer any three of the following. 3 5 = 15

2. What are the applications of load flow analysis? Why power system buses are classified into
different types for load flow analysis?
3. Derive relation between the sequence current in case of a single line to ground fault at the
terminal of an initially unloaded synchronous generator and draw the corresponding sequence
diagram. 3+2

4. Distinguish between steady state, transient and dynamic stability. 5

5. Derive necessary equations for the load flow solution using Gaus-Seidel method. 5

6. What do you mean by electrical bus-bar? What are the types of bus-bars used in a substation?

(Long Answer Type Questions)
Answer any three of the following. 3 15 = 45

7. a) What do you understood by unsymmetrical fault? 3

b) Explain the Line to Line (L-L) fault of an unloaded alternator and draw its single line diagram. 7
c) In a 3-phase 4-wire system, the current in R, Y and B lines under abnormal conditions of
loading are IR = 200 <30 A, IY = 100 <300A and I B = 60 <180A .Calculate the zero, positive and
negative sequence currents in the R line and the return current in the neutral wire. 5
8. a) Explain with sketch the construction, use and advantage and disadvantage of SF6 circuit
breaker. 8
b) Define the Arc voltage, Recovery voltage and re-striking voltage of a circuit breaker. 7

9. a) Describe the construction and operating principle of induction disc type relay. 8
b) Discuss the principle of operation of distance relay. 7

10. a) What is current chopping in a circuit breaker? Why current chapping is a problem in air blast
circuit breaker, but not in oil circuit breaker? 5 +3

b)Determinethetimeofoperationofa5-ampere,3 second over current relay having a current setting of

125% and a time setting multiplier of 06 connected to supply circuit through a 400/5 current
transformer when the circuit carries a fault current of 4000A.The Operating Time Vs PSM curve is
shown in Fig 1.

Fig. 1 Time Vs P.S.M.curve 7

11. Write short notes on any three of the following:
i) Oil circuit breaker Circuit Breaker
ii) Distance Reley
iii) Vacuum circuit breaker
iv) Peterson coil Grounding
v) Operation of Merz-Price system