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The Obelisk

A Killiney Newsletter
September/October 2017 Vol. 6 Issue 4 1Name:
Whos Who in Holy Trinity Parish
The Revd Canon Niall J. Sloane Rectors - Trevor King
Holy Trinity Rectory, Killiney Road, Peoples - Helen Irwin
Telephone: 01 285 2695 To be appointed
Rectors - Alleyn Manley Peoples - Paul OBrien
The Venerable Gordon Linney SELECT VESTRY
The Revd Canon Ben Neill Rector, Churchwardens, Glebewardens, Eric Brown,
The Very Revd Victor Stacey Ken Brown, Bryan Burdett, Clive Christie, Peter
Hayes, Chris Hurley, Trevor Jones, Helen Middleton,
LAY READER EMERITUS Sandra Moore, Stefanie OBrien, Lewis Purser,
Ruth Heard Stephen Rhys Thomas
Sandra Moore, 087 6291568 Clive Christie
Rector, Hazel Kinmonth, Sandra Moore, Nigel Teggin Chris Hurley
Frank Hughes, 2042737
Helen Middleton
Zandra Laing HON. F.W.O RECORDER
Helen Middleton
Clive Christie David Millar
CHURCH REVIEW Stefanie OBrien Helen Irwin
Marianne Irvine
BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP NOTES David Millar Lewis Purser June Hurley
The Rector
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Dingemans & Rosemary Teggin (Photos), Reads, Sandyford (Production),
Trevor Jones (Advertising ~ 2855159 or 0872303987)

The Nov/Dec edition of The Obelisk will appear at the beginning of November.
Deadline for submissions is 15th October. There is no newsletter for July/August.

Cover Image: Killiney Bay by Alexander Fives

Holy Trinity Parish Office, Killiney Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin A96 HD62
Tel: 01 2852695 Email:
From the Rector

Dear Parishioners,
I hope all our readers had a restful and enjoyable Summer. As things return to
normal and a new term begins may I draw your attention to the wide range of
activities and events taking place in the parish (full details within).
New housing
Over the Summer over 200 new houses and apartments in Killiney parish
received an information letter containing a brochure about the parish and a
packet of welcome seeds. This is an important part of our outreach to the
wider community. Thank you to those members of the Select Vestry who
assisted the Rector in this project.
It is with mixed emotions that I inform you that the Bishop of Limerick has
appointed me Incumbent of the Limerick City Group of Parishes and Dean of St
Marys Cathedral. It is likely that we will be moving there in October. Please be
assured that during the vacancy here the appropriate liturgical and pastoral cover
will be provided. Please remember the Parochial Nominators at this time who
will shortly begin the task of finding my successor. At times like this that words
are inadequate to articulate that many thoughts and feelings of the Rectory. We
will leave Killiney with many, many happy and joyous memories. There will be a
suitable opportunity in the future to say our farewells; however, for the moment
I remain your Rector and ask that you continue to pray for Karen, Evelyn and I
as we journey through the weeks ahead.

With every good wish,


3 7-8 pm, Holy Trinity Rectory
The Select Vestry

Works over the Summer months

The Select Vestry are happy to report that a number of projects were carried
out over the Summer months, namely:
- Dry lining of the Store Room in the Carry Centre and provision of extra storage
- Dry lining of exterior wall in one of the Rectory Bedrooms, following a damp issue
- Some minor electrical works in the Carry Centre
- Purchasing of ICT equipment for the Carry Centre

Parking opposite Church

Car users are kindly reminded to note that the parking
spaces directly opposite the church should be offered
to those with limited mobility, preferably only for
those with Blue Badges. Alternative parking is
available in the Carry Centre and on Killiney Hill Rd.

Select Vestry
The Vestry will meet at 8.00pm in the Carry Centre on Monday 4th September.

Eco Congregation Ireland

Information leaflets are available in the Church and Carry Centre.


Hospital Visiting
The Rector would appreciate being told if parishioners are in hospital or
going into hospital, and will be pleased to offer pastoral support.
A selection of prayers is available from him or in Church.

Youth & Children


Well done!
Congratulations to the boys and
girls who received good attendance
certificates at the end of year
service in June - a sizeable number
were from Holy Trinity!

A new year!
As a new school term begins we
welcome all those who are starting
out at GKNS, in particular we
welcome all the new Junior Infants!

Sunday Club begins a

new term on Sunday
17th September. The
Club meets on the 3rd
Sunday of every month during term time. New
members always welcome!

Read about Harvest: see Joel 2:21-28

Clubs and Societies

Ladies Guild
A number of coffee mornings were held over the Summer months many
thanks to those who opened their homes and gardens for these gatherings. The
Guild will meet on Tuesday 12th September in the Carry Centre. All welcome.
SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney
The new season begins on Wednesday 20th September. Meetings are at 8pm in
the Carry Centre.
We thank Judy Jones who has passed on the coordinating mantle to Laura
Martin after 5 years in the role. We also take this opportunity to wish Judy a
speedy recovery from recent illness.
For more information on SILK please contact Laura Martin on 0868708496.

The Killiney Winey Dineys: The next gathering will be on September 21st,
the venue is yet to be decided. Further expressions of interest or queries may
be addressed to Zandra Laing or the Rector.

Table Tennis: The table tennis season starts in September on Mondays at

8pm in the Carry Centre If you are interested in trying out table tennis, you
would be very welcome (and we will even lend you a bat!). For more
information contact Linda Franck (086 8296029).

Bible Study and Prayer Group: This year we will be looking at St Johns
Gospel. The term begins on Tuesday 26th September at 10.30am in the Carry
Centre. All are very welcome to attend. Further expressions of interest may

WoolIf anyone has any spare wool, Sheep Thrills would be delighted to pick
it up for use for our Thursday sessions. Contact Joan @ 087 2460078
Clubs and Societies

Sheep Thrills Made in Ireland

We restart Thursday September 21st at 11am in the Carry Centre.
The summer has been busy with a keen group meeting very successfully every
two weeks at Maurethes and Gillians homes. We also had a group of 5 from
Sheep Thrills in July invited to participate in a Fun Family day at Mosney with
loads of activities on, we brought wool, needles and lots of knowledge to give
away! Ruth had a poppy project on the go with members knitting loads of
poppies. We look forward to making plans for the Autumn/Winter session and
seeing everyone gain. No joining just come along, 3 for fresh coffee and
homemade biscuits. Contact Joan @ 087 2460078.
Sheep Thrills are now on Facebook - see
Flower Guild: The church will be decorated for Harvest on Saturday 31st
donations of flowers and vegetables will be most welcome.

The Y Club (Killiney Mens Society): The new programme of

events for the new season is now available. The new season begins
on September 28th with on Mens Health by Dr Karl Kavanagh.
Please meet in the Carry Centre at 8.00pm.
There will be a day trip to London on Wednesday 11th October
2017. The visit will include a tour of the Houses of Parliament, thanks
to Lord Eames. Gentlemen intending to travel must book their own
flights. More information from Paul OBrien, Nigel Teggin or the

Service & Social: The next gathering will be on Sunday 1st October at 3pm
in the Carry Centre. Please contact Joan Whyte or the Rector for more
Research Opportunity

Help us with our research and receive 40!

We are looking for healthy, 35-60 year-old volunteers to participate in a scien-

tific study in Trinity College Dublin. You will be asked to complete question-
naires and simple computerised tasks while wearing a cap to record brain activi-
ty. Please contact our research team for more information: 085 785
4489, and

Summer Fete Gallery


Thanks to Brexit, its never been a better time to source a

car in the UK!

From the Archives - recognise anyone?

Photo Gallery

35 Years Making Bespoke Kitchens And Furniture.

Alan Brown Design manufacture and install exclusive handcrafted fitted furniture
using the finest materials available and a Design service that is based on an excellent
working relationship with the client, quality over quantity is our belief.

Contact Alan on 012148590 : 0862435730 :
Forthcoming Events

Eco Sunday
On Sunday 17th September we welcome the Ven. Andrew Orr as our guest
preacher. Archdeacon Orr (above right) is Rector of Tullow, Co. Carlow and
Chairman of Eco Congregation Ireland.

The Annual Harvest Thanksgiving service will be held on Sunday 1st October at
10.45am. The guest preacher will be the Dean of St Patricks Cathedral, Dublin,
the Very Revd Dr William Morton. The church will be decorated on Saturday
31st donations of flowers and vegetables will be most welcome. The Junior
Harvest will be held on Sunday 8th October.

Diocesan Synod
The diocesan Synods of Dublin & Glendalough will be held on Tuesday 10th
October in Taney parish Centre, Dundrum. The Synods will discuss and debate
reports by the Diocesan Councils, the Diocesan Board of Education, the
Diocesan Committee for Social Action, the Ministry of Healing and the Diocesan
Council for Mission. Our parish will be represented by the Rector and David
Millar, Lewis Purser and June Hurley.

Charity Christmas Cards

Following the service on the 12th November, there will be Tea and Coffee in The
Carry Centre. During this time, Charity Christmas Cards, Calendars, Diaries
and Gifts will be available for sale. Charities due to be represented are the
R.N.L.I., Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Blackrock Hospice, The Laura Lynn
Foundation, Holy Trinity and hopefully others!

Diary Dates

September 2017 October 2017

4 Select Vestry 1 Harvest Thanksgiving

11 Table Tennis Club resumes Guest Preacher:
12 Ladies Guild The Very Revd William Morton,
17 Sunday Club Dean of St Patricks Cathedral, Dublin
20 SILK Service & Social Group
21 Sheep Thrills resumes 8 Family Harvest
21 GKNS Board of Management Guest Preacher:
21 Killiney Winey Dineys The Revd Canon Charles Mullen
26 Bible Study Group 9 Select Vestry
28 Y Club 10 Ladies Guild
30 Harvest Flower Decorating 10 Dublin Diocesan Synod
15 Sunday Club
19 Diocesan Schools Service
24 Bible Study Group
26 Y Club
27 GKNS closes for Halloween
27-30 Bank Holiday Weekend
29 Consecration of Holy Trinity (1868)
29 Irish Standard Time ends

Diocesan Employment Bureau

Situated in Taney Parish Centre, it is our hope that it will be of help to many
who find themselves without work for a variety of reasons. Full details from the

Calendar for September
Holy Communion
Sunday (17) 8.30
Parish Communion
12th Sunday after Trinity 10.45
Jonathan Mitchell
3 Exodus 3: 1-15 Reader
Vivienne Mitchell
Romans 12: 9-21 Reader
The Rector
Thursday Holy Communion
7 10.30
Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary obs
Sunday (18) Holy Communion
13th Sunday after Trinity Morning Prayer
10 Exodus 12: 1-14 Michael Murdoch
Matthew 18: 15-20 Linda Peters

Holy Communion
14 Thursday 10.30

Sunday (19) 8.30 Holy Communion

14th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Parish Communion*
17 Exodus 14: 19-31 Reader Stephen Franck
Romans 14: 1-12 Reader Heather Brown
Intercessor Pam Gordon
Thursday Holy Communion
21 10.30
St Matthew obs
Sunday (20)
8.30 Holy Communion
15th Sunday after Trinity
10.45 Morning Prayer
24 Exodus 16: 2-15
Reader Sylvia Hurley
Matthew 20: 1-16
Reader Ishbel Lee

Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

28 St Michael and all Angels obs

Why the different colours?

Liturgical colours are those specific colours which are used for vestments and
hangings within the context of Christian liturgy.
Gold: Easter Day, Christmas Day & Trinity Sunday
White: Feast Days / Saints Days / Maundy Thursday / Eastertide

Red: Pentecost / Saints Days (Martyred) / Holy Week

Green: Ordinary Time

Calendar for October
1 Sunday (21) 8.30 Holy Communion
16th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Harvest Festival Eucharist
Exodus 17: 1-7 Reader Ken Brown
Philippians 2: 1-13 Reader Linda Franck
Intercessor The Rector
15.00 Service & Social
5 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
8 Sunday (22) 8.30 Holy Communion
17th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Childrens Harvest Festival
Exodus 20: 1-4, 7-9, 12-20 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party
Matthew 21: 33-46 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party
12 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
St Philip the Deacon obs
15 Sunday (23) 8.30 Holy Communion
18th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Parish Communion*
Exodus 32: 1-14 Reader Melanie Purser
Philippians 4: 1-9 Reader Lewis Purser
Intercessor Henry Irvine
19 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
St Luke obs
22 Sunday (24) 8.30 Holy Communion
19th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Family Service
Exodus 33: 12-23 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party
Matthew 22: 15-22 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party
26 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

29 Sunday (25) 8.30 Holy Communion

5th Sunday before Advent 10.45 Morning Prayer
Deuteronomy 34: 1-12 Reader Eric Brown
Matthew 22: 34-46 Reader Lisa Doyle
Coeliac? Communicants who are Coeliac, please inform the Rector or a
Churchwarden and gluten-free bread can be arranged.
READERS: If you cannot read on the appointed day please arrange a swap
with someone else and let the Churchwardens know.

The Carry Centre - Calendar of Activities

For booking enquiries please contact the Centre Manager, Sandra Moore
(contact details on page 2).

External Groups
Blossom Nursery School: Mon Fri 8.30am 1.00pm

Irish Dancing: Thursdays 4.30pm 7.00pm

Saturdays 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Parish Clubs and Societies meet in the Carry Centre

(with the exception of the Choir & Flower Guild which meet in the Church)
Sunday Club 3rd Sunday monthly 10.45 am Lisa Doyle
ENGAGE (Youth Club) Saturday afternoons by arrangement The Rector
Bible Study Group 4th Tuesday monthly 10.30 am The Rector
Choir Sundays 9.30 am Frank Hughes
Flower Guild By arrangement June Hurley
KWD (Diners Club) Thursday evenings by arrangement Zandra Laing
Ladies Guild 2nd Tuesday monthly 2.30 pm Rosemary Teggin
SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney 3rd Wednesday monthly 8.00 pm Laura Martin
The Y Club (Mens Society) 4th Thursday monthly 8.00 pm Paul OBrien
Service & Social Group By arrangement Joan Whyte
Sheep Thrills (Textile Group) Thursday Mornings 11.00am Joan Millar
Table Tennis Monday 8.00 pm Linda Franck
Notice boards for some of the organisations are located in the Carry Centre

The Obelisk 21
Snapshot reflections on General Synod

At the meeting of the Church of Ireland General Synod held in Limerick in May
the story was told of a lay member who was sharing a coffee-break with two
others and asked one of them where he was from. Born a Welshman, he
replied, brought up a Welshman. And Ill die a Welshman. Och, man, said the
third quietly, have ye no ambition?
Individually, especially perhaps when the weather is good, most of us can love
our fellow men but when faced with challenge we tend to close ranks,
sometimes at the expense of thought, intelligence and compassion.
A reasonable motion, moderately phrased and thoughtfully presented asking the
bishops to investigate a means to develop sensitive, local pastoral arrangements
for public prayer and thanksgiving with same sex coupleswho enter
intolegally-recognised same sex relationships was defeated by 56% of the
clergy and 53% of the laity. 346 voted including 24 who chose to abstain; the
bishops were exempted from the process.
Greater optimism perhaps exists for the resolution of the possibility of
combining the dioceses of Limerick & Killaloe and Tuam, Killala & Achonry with
three options invited in the passing of a related Synod Motion. Difficulties, some
of the devil of which is in the detail, abound but the over-ruling impression was
that of active goodwill, especially among the bishops concerned, reflecting
perhaps the suggestion of our guest the Roman Catholic Bishop of Limerick that
we should all look at the Cross as well as at our plans, a thought which seems
also to have struck the proposer of the first-mentioned motion who had asked
us, What would Jesus do?
The decade of commemoration to date has been ably handled by the Government. Sad
stories keep emerging; of the British army officer who was obliged to act on advice not to
attend his sisters wedding for which he had returned home; about the local WW1
memorial with only five names on it though 91 from the area had lost their lives but only
four or five families had contributed to the cost

Snapshot reflections on General Synod

To-day when were not being squeezed into boxes we in this country are blessed
in our diversity of free thought in the light of our growing multi-culturalism, one
speaker reminding us that Gods ambition for each of us is greater, deeper,
wider and in many cases quite possibly different from our own.
Patrick Comerford spoke movingly of his translation to Rathkeale with its high
proportion of traveller families, where he has come to be regarded as a priest in
the general sense rather than specifically as a C of I cleric. In Durrus the sharing
of Christian Services is a feature of local life and in Portlaoise an inter-faith group
including Muslim, Hindu and Jewish communities has been initiated by Brian
ORourke where hard questions are asked and addressed.
The media plays a major part in persuading us that we live in an increasingly
secular world, but inescapably we are all the spiritual inheritors of Saint Patrick
who first came to Ireland as a slave by no means a refugee seeking shelter, or
an immigrant, let alone an invader, or a tourist . Archbishop Jackson told us that
later in the year he will accompany to Jerusalem the Lord Mayor of Dublin who
has devised an Inter-Faith Charter the first city in the world to do so. Perhaps
this suggests that whatever we think of religion we remain a spiritual people,
never mind the statistics, and a people of faith with however small an f and
whatever the word means to each one of us.
David Millar
Church of Ireland Communications Competition 2017
Holy Trinity ( was delighted to win 1st place in the
Parish Website category of the 2017 Communications Competition. The prize was
awarded to the parish at this years General Synod in Limerick. Winner: Holy Trinity
Killiney. The Judges noted that The quality of presentation is excellent: warm and
inviting with a good welcome to introduce the church and a good balance of people and
buildings/geography. The content is helpful and informative and it is easy to navigate. In
terms of outreach potential it provides a strong invitation.

Spirit Skoda, the New Home for Skoda in South Dublin
Co Dublin
Walking the Camino

On a wet and windy November evening in 2013, I found myself with my wife and
some friends in the Spanish Institute in Lincoln Place. We were at an
introductory talk about walking The Way of St James, the ancient pilgrim path
from St Jean Pied de Port in the French Pyrenees to Santiago in Galicia on the
West Coast of Spain, otherwise known as Camino Frances. The talk was being
given by a good friend of mine, Brian Hunt, who had recently set up a small
business, bringing and guiding small groups on selected stages of the Camino*.

The following May a group of 12, with Brian as our guide walked 100km in
wonderful weather from Pamplona to Logrono. Hills , Tracks, Ancient Roman
Paths, tasty tapas and fine Navarra wine. I was hooked!

A year later it was with trepidation and excitement after a night in a communal
hostel in Orisson that a group of 8 of us faced into a wet and foggy morning to
climb over the Pyrenees. The Way follows mountain trails across the French /
Spanish border and drops down towards Pamplona on the other side, famous
for Bull Running and Ernest Hemingway. Dense fog and continual rain all day did
not dampen our enthusiasm. We reached our destination that afternoon soaked
wet and freezing cold still it stands out as one of the most exhilarating days of 4
years of Camino walking.

The Camino is 800 km long. Many people walk it in one go, taking about 6
weeks to complete. We as a group took a more leisurely 4 years starting off
each year where we had finished previously.

The history of The Camino goes back to early Christian times when St James
sailed to Galicia to commence his ministry. Unfortunately, after his return to
Jerusalem, he was beheaded by King Herod in AD 42. His martyrdom and the

Walking the Camino

return of his body to Santiago led to the start of the city becoming a pilgrim
destination as important as Rome or Jerusalem.

People walk The Camino for a variety of reasons. We met some wonderful
pilgrims,walkers and tourists over the years; from the Danish student who sang
Irish songs and danced his way to Burgos
with us after his mother despatched him
to settle down before college to a lovely
New Yorker who had only recently lost
her husband, who celebrated her 60th
birthday in a Santiago restaurant with our
group earlier this year. You meet a great
variety of people on The Way. There is
time for great conversation or quiet
contemplation to consider the spiritual
reasons for pilgrimage.

Our Group, who proudly received our

Compostella, the traditional certificate of
pilgrimage, after showing our stamp filled
Camino passports to the Cathedral
authorities last May have monthly walks,
do long distance hikes around Ireland and
are already planning further European long
distance walking for 2018. We hardly knew each other before the Camino but
are now the best of friends.

Mark Heaton
* for details see

Patronal Festival: We were delighted to have the Primate with us as we

celebrated our Patronal Festival on June 11th. Pictured (ltor) The Rector, The
Primate, The Rev'd Canon Ben Neil and the Very Rev'd Victor Stacey (Hon.
Assistant Clergy). A number of parishioners enjoyed lunch afterwards in Dun
Pentecost Service: On the feast of Pentecost, we joined the clergy &
parishioners of St Matthias, Ballybrack for a festive Holy Communion in the Old
Church of Killiney on Marino Ave. Thankfully the weather was good!
to Nigel & Rosemary Teggin who recently celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary.
to Alan & Meriel Nuzum who became grandparents over the Summer.
to Alan & Yvonne Gill who will celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary in September.
Summer in Holy Trinity: Thank you to all those who helped facilitate the
opening of Holy Trinity during the Summer months it is greatly appreciated!

Parish Clean up: Thank you to all those who helped out with the clean up in May
Blessed John Sullivan: The beatification of Father John Sullivan SJ took place
on Saturday May 13th in Saint Francis Xavier Church, Dublin. As the Rector was
unable to attend (due to the Fete), Dean Victor Stacey represented him and the
parish. Archbishop Jackson said of Blessed John Sullivan, that he had a special
place in the hearts of all of us who are members of the Church of Ireland. He
said the day was one of celebration and joy. We mark with the Jesuit Order in
Ireland and worldwide, along with the Christian Church everywhere, the
beatification in the Roman Catholic tradition of John Sullivan SJ. We do so
mindful of the unending need for reconciliation in Ireland and expectant of the
abundant grace of God.
Around the Community

New housing
Over the Summer over 200 new houses and apartments in Killiney parish
received an information letter containing a brochure about the parish and a
packet of welcome seeds. This is an important part of out outreach to the
wider community. Thank you to those members of the Select Vestry who
assisted the Rector in this project.

Changes in St Stephens
It was recently announced that Fr Alex Conlan will be
moving from St Stephens to take up the position of
Parish Priest in Harolds Cross. Fr Tom Dalzell SM
(pictured right) will take up responsibility for St
Stephens. We wish both gentlemen well in their new

Parking In Dn Laoghaire
In Dn Laoghaire there are about 4500 parking spaces in total which is more
than in Dundrum. About 570 are on street parking spaces. Parking on street
will cost you 1.50 for 60 minutes plus the 15 minutes grace period however,
there is a maximum of 3 hours. There are some places where you can park all
day where the ticket costs vary between 4 and 12.
For more information please visit:

Around the Community

Change to No 59 Bus Service

Dublin Bus has lost control of 24 bus routes serving suburbs around the city to
private operator Go-Ahead.
The company, one of the largest bus operators in London, will begin services in
Dublin from November 2018.
The results of a tendering competition for ten per cent of Dublin Bus routes
were announced by the National Transport Authority (NTA) in August. Among
the routes in question are the 59 Dn Laoghaire to Mackintosh Park route.

New Cathaoirleach
Councillor Tom Murphy (pictured left),
who has represented Fianna Fail in the
Glencullen-Sandyford Local Electoral
Area since 2009, was elected
Cathaoirleach at Junes Annual
General Meeting of DLRCOCO. We
wish him well in new role.

Ecumenical Service in old Killiney

The Rector was delighted to take part in an outdoor ecumenical service at the
Old Killiney Church on Marino Ave West on Sunday 9th July. Father John
OConnor from Shankill Parish also took part in the liturgy which was followed
by refreshments.

Wish List

The Rector and Select Vestry have drawn up a wish list (i.e. items or projects of
varying financial amounts that the parish desires to support and improve our
ministry) which may be useful for those who wish to present a gift in memory of
a loved one, or as a thank offering. If you would like to consider donating a gift
to Holy Trinity for the glory of God please speak to the Rector. Among the
items recognised are:
New tables for parish room in the Carry Centre Donation made THANK YOU!
A new Organ
Reserved Signs Donation made THANK YOU
New metal pointing on Church roof
Decoration of porch
Mugs for Carry Centre - Donation made THANK YOU!
New Sanctuary Mat
Brass Candelabra for Church
Pew Bibles
Clock for Vestry - Donation made THANK YOU!
CD player with remote control - Donation made THANK YOU!
Bike Racks
Tablecloths for Carry Centre Donation made THANK YOU
Outside light for rear of Church Donation made THANK YOU
Lectern candle stand - donation being explored
Defibrillator for Church/Carry Centre - Donations made THANK YOU!
Lavabo for Church
New curtains for area behind choir - donation being explored
Lights for Choir
Webcam - donation being explored
Lectern for Carry Centre
Baby Changing unit for Church

Parish Information
Flower Rota
Sept 3 Wedding Oct 1 Harvest
10 Wedding 8 Harvest
17 Meg Jackson 15 Ingrid Fives
24 Pam Russell 22 Hazel Kinmonth
29 Georgina OBrien

Organising your wedding

Weddings are very special occasions in the life of any family and in
the life of the church. When considering getting married please
check possible dates with the Rector before confirming
arrangements. It is expected that couples will make a regular
commitment to the life of the church in preparation for marriage.

The Parish Panels (Safeguarding Trust)

Responsibilities include:
- interviewing persons willing to serve as workers in the parish
- advising workers on their responsibilities in respect of the Code
- advising the Select Vestry in respect of its responsibilities
The Parish Panel Members are:
The Revd Canon N.J. Sloane (Rector)
Hazel Kinmonth Sandra Moore Nigel Teggin

The Parish Registers

Holy Baptism Born again of water and the Holy Spirit
28th May Quinn Wilkinson, daughter of Dave and Kirana
30th July - Laoise May Wilson, daughter of David & Emma
Funeral Blessed are the dead who die in the name of the Lord
20 April (in Mt Jerome Crematorium) Ivor R. Morgan (aged 103)

Our sympathy and prayers are with all those who have been bereaved amongst them:
Elizabeth Morgan and her family on the death of Ivor.
William & Linda Prentice and their family on the death of his mother.
Ann and Eric Sexton and their family on the death of her father.
Joan MacLoughlin and her family on the death of her father.
Nick, Jessica & the Younger family on the death of his grandmother, Winifred Pratt
Audrey & Alleyn Manley on the death of her Aunt, Sheila Mary Boake.