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Youth Zest -2017, Sydney

Indreni Function Center, Rockdale, Sydney, Australia






About ASAP Entertainment
ASAP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is an entertainment and company from Pokhara,
Nepal. It was established in August 2016 with the aim of providing quality services to
its customers and whole industry. We have already organized corporate event called
Corporate Connection received positive response from visitors for its management,
quality and creativity. At ASAP, we strive to be the most reliable and creative
entertainment company in Nepal. We work in close partnership with our customers,
sponsors to create an event that sets new standards in event management. Recently
ASAP Entertainment was established in Australia (Registered at ASIC).

Company Strategy
ASAP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. was established with goal to be a leader in
conducting of the Entertainment Projects all over Nepal and especially focusing its
market in Pokhara valley and vicinity. It is a full service marketing communication
with expertise in Event Management, Promotional Marketing and Audio-Visual

Company Vision& Motto

ASAP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is planning its vision to provide quality service
that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. Its not only to build long
term relation with our customers and clients but also to provide and ensure faith for
what we will provide as per our customers and clients requirement is our mission.
ASAP will satisfy its quality service as soon as possible as its our Companys Motto.

Companys General Business Activities

ASAP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of releasing the musical album
named Prapti along with the visual of songs its two from the album till date. Its first
visual project is song Mero Aankha Ma Timi and second is song Yi Din Haru Bite
which are in the process of release in You Tube and in Television Channels and is
looking forward to release more likely projects.
On 30th of September 2016 ASAP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. organised the
exclusively entertaining programme Get Refreshed Corporately especially with the
motto of to bring all the corporate peoples like Bankers and Businessmens from
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Pokhara city together in order to enhance the bond and relation between these two
supplement fields. ASAP Australia was successful for showing "LOVE LOVE LOVE" in
Australia with grand success. This will be our 2nd program which will be hosted on
Australian Land and we are looking forward to conduct more and more programs in
coming days.

We are looking forward to organize these type and many other types of
programme with the belief of treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow
through creativity, invention and innovation. We put forward the value to build good
reputation in the field of entertainment and become a key player in the industry.

Business Domains
We are a registered entertainment company with license from Nepalese
Government. We are focused on conducting events where attendees can get fully
entertained and enjoy the events. We have recently conducted corporate event titled
Corporate Connection. We have vision to conduct sporting, political, religious,
social and educational. We also have plan for conducting motivational and adventure

Corporate Social Responsibility

ASAP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is committed by business to behave ethically
and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of
the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society.
We are inclined for creating awareness related on women empowerment,
spiritual awareness and political awareness

Company Profile(NP) Company Profile(AU)

Name: ASAP Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Name: ASAP Australia

Address: Pokhara, Kaski Established Date: April 2017
Established Date: August 2016 Email Address:
Email Address:
Tel.No: 9856061037, 9851221286 Director: Santosh Adhikari

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Youth Zest -2017, Sydney

This event is supposed to gather the youths from different nationality and
religion across the globe to encourage the brotherhood and friendly environment for
all the audience out there. This program will be a grand gathering of youths and will
set a example event for others too.

Date : 9th September 2017

Location : Indreni Function Center, Rockdale, Sydney, Australia

Title Sponsor : Oceania Education Foundations

Visa Partner : Right & Associates

Organizer : ASAP Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd

Event Emcee : GP Timilsina

Performer : Namrata Sapkota(Actress/Dancer)

Dharmendra Sewan (Melody Master)

Joginder(Comdey Artist)

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Level and
Introduction and Purpose

ASAP Entertainment is excited to announce our new partnership for POOL

PARTY event 2017 with tagline YOUTH ZEST POOL PARTY which is going to be
organized on 1th July 2017 (17th Ashar 2074) at Royal Palm Resort, Pokhara.

The mentioned event is mainly focused for youth for them to take a moment
from their bustling schedule and take a joy of water in these burning days . This
"POOL PARTY" is supposed to maintain a peaceful friendly environment among the
youth people. It would be wonderful moment to chillax with friends and family, soak
up the sun and goof off in the pool.

The event will have over 300 attendees. The event will have highlighting
performance from well-known artist of Nepalese entertainment industry. The event
will have NAMRATA SAPKOTA as the main artist and other popular artists. Apart from
all the presence of DJ will make the party more melodious.

This would be a wonderful opportunity for your organization to have some

visibility in front of an audience who could benefit and value from your participation
at this conference. We would like to extend our invitation to your esteemed company
to participate in this networking and advertising opportunity. Having your prestige
enterprise and brand as our official sponsor on this tour will be epic.

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Benefits to Sponsor

We believe in mutual growth. Since our inception we have conducted events in

coordination with our sponsors. The benefits that sponsors get directly by being part
of Youth Zest are as follows:

1. It will help to promote your brand among potential clients in both Nepal and
2. As title sponsor, your brand name will entitled before event name i.e, YOUR
BRAND presents Youth Zest - 2017 Sydney.
3. A hoarding board of size 15ftx20ft will be placed in PrithviChowk, Pokhara
where your brand name along with contact details of your branch offices will
placed in flex.
4. Your brand will be promoted through ASAP Entertainments Facebook page.
5. Your logo and introduction will be placed on your
website( by linking with your website and social
media accounts.
6. Your logo will be placed in all print media published for event.
7. The event will be covered via newspaper, magazine and the recorded video
will be broadcasted via Television programs.

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Whole Event Sponsorship Scheme


BENEFITS* Limited to Limited to 2 Limited to Limited to
1 3 6
Brand Name + Event

Sponsor Greeting in
Logo Recognition and
Link on Sponsor Page
Advertisement Space in
Recognition on TV and
Media Releases
Logo Recognition in
Press Conference
Logo on Entrance Gate

Stage Speaking
One Exhibition Booth

Promotional Material
Presentation (Scheduled
by the Organizer)
Logo Recognition in
Conference Proceedings
Name and Logo
Signage in Sponsorship
Relevant Area
Complimentary Tickets,
Exhibit Hall
Passes and Registration
Banner at Event

* Values and number are at discretion of organizing committee

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Event Expenses

Expense Title Expense Amount

1. Stage Preparation $3250

2. Artist $5000

3. Plane Ticket $6000

4. Accommodation $1000

5. Food $1000

6. Advertising $500

7. Miscellaneous $500

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