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Large Construction Storm Water Pollution Prnen lion Plan (CSWPPP)

University ofMississippi Medical Center Jackson, Mississippi

About This Plan

This Constmction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (CSWPPP) was prepared by FC&E
Engineering, LLC (FC&E) to help your facility comply with the Mississippi General Storm
Water Pennit for Large Construction Activities issued by the Mississippi Department of
Environmental Quality (IvDEQ). The permit requires you to prepare a CSWPPP. This Plan has
beenprepared with the intent of meeting the CSWPPP requirements.

The intent of the Plan is to minimize storm water pollution from your facility during construction
activities associated with the renovation or expansion to your facility. The Plan specifies the
procedures your staff will follow and the engineering controls your facility will implement to
prevent or miflimize storm water from coming in contact with potential pollutants, or to contain
stprm water that does come in contact with potential pollutants. Your permit requires that you
comply with this Plan. Items that need your immediate attention include:

i. coverae under the State Storm Water Large Construction General Permit has been
issued by the MDEQ. The completed CSWPPP, which contains a site map, should be
submitted with the Large Construction General Permit Re-Coverage Form to the
Chief, nvironmentai Permits Division of the MDEQ at least 30 days prior to the
commencement of construction.

2. The completed Re-Coverage Form and this CSWPPP are to be kept on site and utilized
by you and your prime contractor(s) to ensure that storm water leaving the site is
uncontaminated. A copy of the permit and the Re-Coverage Form are included in
Appendix A.

This CSWPPP has been written in consideration of the requirements of this general

3. Section 9.0 of this Plan describes the Weekly Site Inspections that must be conducted by
the Site Manager, which vill be the Prime Contractor (or someone desigiiated by the Site
Manager). This section also describes the required information to be included on the
inspection form. Worksheet 4 contains the required Inspection and Certification form for
Large Construction Activity requiring erosion and sediment controls. Completed
inspections using Worksheet 4 should be stored in Appendix D.

4. Based on the results of each inspection, the control measures and practices will be
revised (if appropriate) immediately following the inspection or prior to additional
construction activity taking place. In addition, if the inspection report lists changes at the
facility that have a significant effect on the potential for the discharge of pollutants to
surface waters, the CSWPPP will be amended.

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