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Thursday, August 31, 2017 Vol. 53, No. 15 Verona, WI Hometown USA $1 303 S. Jefferson St.
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Verona Area School District City of Verona

Bus app, grades among No school

things to watch this year for city pool
Unified Newspaper Group
Parks Commission
The 2017-18 school year is sure narrows list to 2 sites,
to bring plenty of discussion about
the near future of the Verona Area neither at VAHS District adds
School District.
Three of our top five things to second pool to
watch this year fall under that cat- Verona Press editor aquatic center
egory, and others, like potential
changes to district language offer- Six months ago, city Page 3
ings, did not even crack the list. leaders had mostly agreed
But parents are likely to see the the best spot for a new
effects of the top two on our list community pool would be Park and Firemans Park,
more immediately. in a shared location with both of which come with
One is a technology new to the dis- the new Verona Area High some complications,
trict that will allow parents to keep School when it opens in including the acquisition of
tabs on buses in real time, something 2020. property the current owners
the district has been working toward That no longer appears to might not approve of for a
since 2015 when it changed busing be the case. community pool.
providers. As the planning for the As recently as June 21,
Number two on the list is anoth- school has continued, its the school site was still on
er multi-year effort from the dis- become clear that a com- the short list of four that
trict. While still a work in progress, munity pool there would be had been narrowed from
Turn to 5 things/Page 16 logistically difficult. This the original 12. And the
month, the Parks, Recre- districts Visioning Design
ation and Urban Forestry Team had started layouts
Things to watch Commission made it offi-
cial by eliminating the site,
of the 107-acre high school
campus with the intention
on the citys west side, from of reserving a few acres for
1. Bus app consideration. the pool.
2. Middle school changes The remaining options
are Badger Prairie County Turn to Pool/Page 5
3. High school design
4. EA future

Family first
Photo by Scott Girard
5. Calendar changes A new app will allow parents to track their childs bus and get updates if its run-
ning late.

City of Verona Verona Legion Post the first woman to be elect-

ed National Commander
member elected since the

Legends End starts with Northwest plan

National Commander t i o n s c r e -
ation in
Northwest plan an amendment to Unified Newspaper Group was the only
Vision for PD area first step candidate
the comp plan and a necessary step Inside Denise Rohan is proud for the one-
toward development before anything could be built there.
The parcel at Northern Lights and of the role women have y e a r t e r m Rohan
JIM FEROLIE County Hwy. PD gets high amounts Festival Foods, Lincoln St. long had in the American at the con-
of traffic to and from Epic, and the Legion. vention last
Verona Press editor apartments up for review Women could vote for Thursday, having begun
city finished a new high-capacity
The first step in accommodating intersection there this summer. national commander before her journey toward the post
Page 8 they could vote for Presi- in 2011, and will begin her
the 65-acre Legends End develop- Its one of several public hearings
ment goes to a public hearing next at the Plan Commission meeting, dent of the United States, travels around the country
week. which begins at 6:30p.m. Tues- The scale of the development sev- Rohan told a crowd at the for the role soon.
The Northwest Neighborhood plan day, Sept. 5, a day later than usual en-story apartment buildings, 240,000 national convention Aug. 24 That was shortly after she
does not by itself enable any devel- because of the Labor Day holiday. square feet of retail and a 275-room in Reno, Nev. joined Veronas post, hav-
opment. However, new subdivisions The plan as drafted provides hotel has led to some concern from But no woman has ever ing moved to the area with
must be consistent with the citys options to allow some of the major the commission and council. been in the role she is in her husband after belonging
comprehensive plan. elements of the Legends End plan, Some of them are open and sup- now. to Sun Prairies legion Post
In this case, the Legends End pro- including buildings up to 100 feet portive, and you have some people Rohan, a member of 333, where she served as
posal from last fall prompted the tall and as many as 50 residential Veronas Legion Post 385
units per acre. Turn to Northwest/Page 8 and U.S. Army veteran, is Turn to Legion/Page 7

Verona Press
NOW HIRING AT BOTH LOCATIONS see page 15 for more details

613 WEST VERONA AVENUE VERONA, WI 53593 515 West Verona Avenue Verona, WI 53593
608-845-3000 608-497-4500
2 August 31, 2017 The Verona Press

Town of Verona

would bring 16
two-acre homes
Proposal is on Aug. C, defined as land that
the city had no plans to
31 Plan Commission expand into and agreed
to exercise no rights over
agenda the land. Under previous
development rules, only
SCOTT GIRARD one home would have
Unified Newspaper Group been able to go on the
A proposed develop- Its the second similar
ment would bring 16 two- subdivision in the past
acre homes to the south- year. The Town Board
east side of the Town of approved a 20-home
Verona. development at the end Photo by Kelly Kloepping
The Plan Commission of Shady Oak Lane on the
will hear a presentation
on and discuss the propos-
towns north side in 2016.
The Sunset Drive sub-
New VASD staff
al at its Aug. 31 meeting, division is across the road New Verona Area School District certified staff members took part in training Aug. 22-24. The sessions included overviews
which begins at 6p.m. at from several other simi- of the districts mentor program, curriculum, priorities and beliefs, individual time in classrooms and school-specific work.
Town Hall, 7669 County lar-sized homes. Its also New VASD certified staff members, not in order in the photos, are: Meagan Abbott, Erin Barnard, Amy Boettner, Christine
Hwy. PD. near the 178-acre Brown Boothroy, Robinson Burgos, Mollie Cahill, Melissa Caithamer, Nicholas Collar, Robert Corday, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Marcie Freh-
The development would farm, which Heinrichs ner, Shayla Glass, Adam Grindle, Ellen Hilger, Laura Jeidy-Brown, Molly Kruger, Monica Lacasse, Lori Ladwig, Jessica Mar-
cover an approximate- began trying to develop tinez, Steven Miller, Amanda Minter, Cindy Perez, Margaret Pfeil, Erin Poeschl, Yingying Reiter, Anthony Simonini, Marissa
ly 35-acre piece of land in a similar way a decade Tracy, Emily Utzig, Karmyn Van De Wettering, Stephany Vargas, Jaclyn Vitela, Melissa Wegner, Elizabeth Welles, Elena Parisi,
to the north of Sunset ago, with no success. Janelle Kenny, Cami Streets, Gynarva Monroe, Nicole Nelson (Triller), Julie Briggs, Laura Hughes, William Howlett, Terri Belz,
Drive across from where The developers are pro- Deborah McKernan-Ace, Andrea Zapata Ferrufino, Jahmon Patterson and Andrew Ortmayer.
it meets Beach Road, posing the lots remain
owned by Steve and Kar- on private well and sep-
en Reinen. The Reinens
entered into an agreement
with Heinrichs Develop-
tic service, according to
the narrative, and would
cause little to no impact
Evers to run for governor, faces likely Democratic primary
ment Group in July 2013 on the view from Sunset re-elected twice since then.
with the shared vision Drive. Former VASD sup. His campaign website
of developing a high- They also plan to work
end residential neigh- with the Ice Age Trail has been in state touts his school leadership
experience and says he is
borhood, according to a Alliance to extend the govt since 2009 running because I believe
project narrative provided current trail system in the whats best for kids is best
to the commission. area. SCOTT GIRARD for our state.
As the real estate con- We feel that our cur- Unified Newspaper Group We must invest in our
ditions have improved, rent design and location is schools, grow the econo-
along with the Town and meeting the towns goals F o r m e r Ve r o n a A r e a my and rebuild the middle
City of Verona reaching and objectives and fits School District superinten- class, the website says.
a boundary agreement, into the spirit and charac- dent Tony Evers announced The general election is set
we feel the time is right ter of rural living within last week he will be among for Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018.
to seek the necessary the Town of Verona, the the Democrats hoping to If a partisan primary is nec-
approvals, the narrative narrative states. challenge Gov. Scott Walker essary, which is likely for
states. in next years election. Democrats, with four other
The property is in what Contact Scott Girard at Evers, who was at VASD candidates having declared
the boundary agreement from 1988-1992, was first candidacy already, it will be
a p p r ove d l a s t J u n e and follow him on Twitter elected as state superinten- Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018.
referred to as Area @sgirard9. dent in 2009 and has been
Photo submitted
Former Verona Area School
FO -6

District superintendent
CA A T -60
R 20

Tony Evers announced he


will run for governor in the

2018 election Wednesday,
Aug. 23, at McKee Farms
R 0

Park in Fitchburg. Evers has

been the Wisconsin state
superintendent since he was
first elected in 2009. He was
re-elected in 2013 and 2017.


Spacious Apartments with a Variety of Floor Plans 1976

Free Transportaon 7 Days A Week
Underground Parking
COMMUNITY JAMBOREE Restaurant Style Dining
Full-Time Nursing & 24 Hour Sta
Labor Day Sunday, September 3rd Housekeeping Invisalign
Daily Acvies Propel
7:30 AM to 11 AM Firehouse Pancake Breakfast Movie Theatre & On-Site Salon Orthodontics
9 AM to 4 PM Kid Zone Activities: Inflatables, Slam Dental Implants
CEREC Crowns
Dunk, Fire Truck Rides, Trampolines sponsored by
Pinhole Surgery
PlayNWisconsin and much more! Zoom Whitening
9 AM to 11 AM Community Safety Interactive Station
12 PM to 1 PM Forte Talent Show
2 PM to 5 PM Music by Point Five
5 PM - 5:30 PM The Firehouse Minstrels
5:30 PM to 8 PM The Cherokee Band
8 PM to 11 PM The Feralcats

Drs. Kate & John Schacherl

Food and Beverage Tent Opens at 11 AM. Our mission is to take care of our loved ones with compassion and grace. 7 AM Appointments Available

For more information, see us on Facebook. Information is also 471 Prairie Way Blvd. Verona, WI 608-620-6010 (608) 845-6127
available at or call the Fire Station at 437-5571.
adno=534639-01 105 N. Main St., Verona August 31, 2017 The Verona Press
New VAHS Town of Verona

$5.7 million for second Old Town Hall

building sold
pool in aquatic center SCOTT GIRARD
Unified Newspaper Group

The old Town of Verona

It turns out that a small
portion of the property
was actually the citys, so
the town had to request a
hall was sold this week,
Long, long list of people people, space for post-secondary part-
quit claim on the prop-
who would use it, New projects nerships for dual-credit courses and a
sports training partnership with UW
about nine months after it
was put up for sale. erty and pay $5,975.13,
Pool: $5.7 million Health. T h e To w n B o a r d which the city approved
consultant says Board members were excited about approved selling the build- Monday night.
Soccer turf: $1.18 million the pool and other icing-on-the- ing to Douglas Somer- The new Town Hall has
SCOTT GIRARD Large group meeting space: cake amenities, as Meredith Stier field, the owner of Dougs been open since February.
Unified Newspaper Group $600,000 Christensen put it. Board member Handyman Services Inc., Town officials agreed
Football stadium turf: $510,000* Tom Duerst said he had seen missed for $350,000 Tuesday to purchase 43 acres for
The new Verona Area High School opportunities over and over again in morning. Town admin- the site of the new town
site wont be housing an outdoor city District production kitchen: his time on the board. istrator/planner Amanda hall in December 2014 for
pool, but it will have two of its own $400,000 Im really happy to be funding Arnold told the Press in $700,000. Officials then
within the same building. Post-secondary partnership space: some of these things on here, because an email the towns asking worked with Epics archi-
The school board approved $5.7 $250,000 Ive watched the district over the price was $364,500. tect, Cuningham Group,
million to pay for a second indoor UW Health sports training partner- years turn down (good opportuni- The closing was sched- to design a building. After
pool at the aquatic center district res- ties), Duerst said. uled for Aug. 31. receiving approval from
ship: $0 residents at the annual
idents approved last April in the ref- The list of potential upgrades the Town officials moved
erendum. That approval only covered *Added to initial estimate board did not approve included four out of the building earli- meeting in April 2016,
one eight-lane pool and a diving well. projects all turf-related because er this year into the new Town Chair Mark Geller
It also approved spending about $3
million on other projects, including
Funding sources it wouldve been in a deficit. Board
members were hopeful those could be
Town Hall at 7669 Coun-
ty Hwy. PD. Among the
signed a contract with JP
Cullen for more than $3
turf upgrades for the soccer and foot- TIF closeout: $5.7 million added eventually. reasons cited for the move million to complete the
ball stadiums. Some suggested sponsorships or was that the old building, construction.
Fund 41: $600,000 Epic purchased about 37
VASD also plans to continue oper- partnerships, and the boards policy while itself on town land
ating the Natatorium at the current Bond interest earnings: $2.4 million committee is expected to consider at 335 Nine Mound Road, acres of the land not need-
high school. a policy on that topic in the coming h a d b e c o m e ove r t h e ed for the new building for
Rick Murray, a district consultant then be used for whatever the school months. years surrounded by city about $2.4 million.
who has studied the market for swim- board at that time determines. Board president Noah Roberts said
ming over the past few months, told The projects approved Monday will he was hopeful about what possibil-
not be paid for from the referendum ities the projects approved Monday Latest Technology - Affordable Prices
the board Monday night there was
quite a bit of demand for pool time funds. Instead, the district will use would create. WISCONSIN Dr. Douglas
in and around Verona.
There was still more demand than
$5.7 million from the close out of the
Epic tax-increment financing district,
While I am very excited about add-
ing amenities such as turf and a new
1310 Mendota St., Madison, WI 53714 Audiologist
having the existing Natatorium and $600,000 from a capital projects fund pool, one thing that is really exciting 244-1221 1-800-646-0493
one new eight-lane pool could sup- and an estimated $2.4 million in bond for me is the addition of opportunities adno=532657-01
ply, Murray said. Theres a long, interest earnings on its referendum to have collaborative efforts in terms
long list of people who would like to bonds. of academic opportunities for our stu- NO TRASH PICKUP ON LABOR DAY!
use this. In addition to the second pool and dents, Roberts said.
Residential Trash & Recycling Customers:
He said that demand could lead to artificial turf, the board approved
revenue for the district, which super- additional square footage for an even- Contact Scott Girard at ungreport- Service the week of Sept. 5th
intendent Dean Gorrell said could tual kitchen expansion, an instruc- and follow him on will be delayed one day later
tion and meeting space for up to 200 Twitter @sgirard9. than your normal pickup day. .
(608) 257-4285 City of Fitchburg City of Middleton
DSI/Veridian/HOAs Town of Dunn
Town of Montrose Town of Pleasant
City of Fitchburg City of Middleton

Verona Area School District

Springs Town of
DSI/Veridian/HOAs Sun Prairie
Town of Dunn City
Sun Prairie Town
Town of Pleasant
of VeronaSprings Town
Village of
Arena Prairie
of Sun Village Town of Verona Village
of Arlington Village of
Arena Village of Arlington Village of
Belleville Village
Village ofof Brooklyn Village
of of

Belleville Brooklyn Village

Board offers $550K for Stewarts Woods

McFarland Village of
Village of Oregon
Oregon Village of of
Shorewood Hills Village
Shorewood Hills Village of Waunakee of Waunakee


land, which it had acquired ecosystems. concerns about the road,

Electors must in the construction of the This is a great opportu- which would connect to
approve at upcoming U.S. 18-151 bypass in the nity for our school district, Paoli Street closer to Hwy.
1990s, to help address a especially for our students 18-151 than the DOT nor-
public meeting budget deficit. in terms of curriculum, mally allows, has put that
With the approval, the board president Noah Rob- plan on the backburner.
Unified Newspaper Group
district can now inform
WisDOT of the offer and
erts said.
The district had hoped Contact Scott Girard at
Hey parents!!
Stewarts Woods on the
citys west side could soon
then put out a public notice
for a special meeting of
electors. Any resident of
the district may attend that
to use some of the land to
facilitate a second road
access to the high school,
from Paoli Street. But city
and follow him on Twitter
Its AWANA Time!!
be Verona Area School Dis-
trict property. meeting and vote on the Boy and Girl Clubs:
The school board purchase, with a majority of Cubbies - Pre-school (ages 3-5 yrs.)
CALL NOW 1-608-338-1170
approved purchasing the those in attendance support-
53-acre property adjacent ing the purchase for it to Sparks - K5 thru Gr. 2
to the new high school receive final approval. No T&T - Gr. 3 thru 5
site from the state Depart- date is set for that meeting,
ment of Transportation for but the notice must go out Youth Group:
$550,000 Monday night, at least two weeks ahead of
but one step remains before time. Gr. 6 thru 12
the purchase is final. Gorrell called the deal a
The district has been bargain, at about $10,000
Proud Partner of
Wisconsin Athletics
working to purchase the an acre, relative to what
we paid for other land.
Wed., September 13
land for literally a decade,
superintendent Dean Gor- Board members were at 6:20 p.m.
excited about the oppor-

60-60-60 SALE!
rell said Monday, but that
work accelerated over the tunities the land could at
last 18 months after the dis-
trict purchased more than
offer students, including
potential wetland or prairie
West Madison Bible Church
100 acres adjacent to it for 60% OFF INSTALLATION on new windows! 2920 N. County Road M
a high school. EMERALD INVESTMENTS New orders only.
y Minimum purchase
p required.
q Does not include material costs.

I n 2 0 0 9 , VA S D w a s MINI STORAGE
Verona, WI (608)845-9518
working with the City of $0 Interest
I Receive a FREE $60
Verona and DOT to gain 5'x10' $38 Month
10'x10' $60 Month Financing for gift
card with your
public access to the woods Gift

for environmental edu- 10'x15' $65 Month 60 months! in-home estimate!

FREE Family Film Night FREE
cation, but the plan fell 10'x20' $80 Month Walt Disneys: Inside Out
10'x25' $90 Month

through. The DOT had


announced two years earli- At Cleary Building Corp. *Visit for full offer details
Friday, September 15 at 6:30 p.m.
er it was planning to sell the 190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI
(608) 845-9700
4 August 31, 2017 The Verona Press

Letters to the editor

Thanks for a historic EMS photo

I just wanted to take a moment back of a Dane County Sheriffs
to thank you for running the photo station wagon and sped off to the
of my late father (Jack Vaughan) hospital. The photo surprised me
in your Veronas History section and made me smile and I made
recently. Dad felt strongly about sure to share it with my mom.
the need for EMS services. I imag-
ine there are still a few Verona res- Sue Vaughan
idents who recall how injured folks City of Verona
used to just be put on a cot in the

No to a development proposal
The City of Verona Plan Com- center two miles from downtown
mission will, at its Sept. 5 meeting, Verona. Why would the city wish to
consider actions that could result in use its resources, including supply
city annexation of a 65-acre tract of utilities and services to do that?
Town of Verona farm land. Second, the massive development
The tract is located about 2 to 3 is completely out of character with
miles from the existing city center, the surrounding rural landscape and
near Hwy PD and Shady Oak Lane. agricultural land use. Yes, Epic is
A developer has proposed a mas- nearby, but Epic is carefully pre-
sive, high-density complex of 750 serving the rural land it overlooks.
apartments up to eight stories high, Third, the proposed development
a 275-room hotel, and 240,000
square feet of other development
is in the designated corridor for
future placement of the Ice Age Community Voices

School landscapes
including a full-service grocery, Trail, yet will block the Trail or trail
retail, offices, and restaurants; the vistas with eight-story buildings
City of Verona would need to pro- and associated paving, lights, noise
vide services to the development. and traffic.

need higher standards

Such a development would be I urge City of Verona residents
considered large scale in many mil- to speak to their elected officials
lion-resident cities. Think about the and recommend a no vote on
19-acre Corners of Brookfield in this planned annexation. There are
Milwaukee, with 244 apartments, other places within the existing city

5-story buildings, a Von Maur, LL boundaries for such development if ith the recent approval of living in urban settings, access to electronics, only 13 percent walk to
Bean, Arhaus, Sendiks, and various and when it is needed, and no point the Verona Area School nearby nature has been found to school, nearly 20 percent are obese
other retail and restaurant business- in using city resources to help build Districts referendum in improve their self-discipline. and 12 percent are affected by anx-
es; then multiply by a factor of 2 a competing city center to suit this April, we have arrived at a critical These positive behavioral chang- iety disorders. For each example,
or 3. project. moment to evaluate our childrens es can be transformative within the there is a study indicating how
The annexation and proposed learning environment. classroom. nature helps to improve well-being.
development are a bad idea. First, Jo Tucker There is one essential component Our inherent relationship with I predict that the soon-to-be
this development will compete with City of Verona that I would like to draw further nature has also been supported by acquired Stewarts Woods will be
existing City of Verona business- attention to the lanscape. research that demonstrates simply cited as the source of nature for the
es, essentially forming a new city School grounds have a greater looking at nature improves health. high school. This response has real
impact on health and academic per- In a study of 101 high schools in pitfalls.
formance than Michigan, researchers found views How much time does it take to
is often realized. to nature positively correlated with walk to Stewarts Woods from the
Interaction higher standardized test scores and classroom? How will teachers make
with nature is graduation rates, as well as fewer up for this lost time? What materials
overwhelm- occurrences of criminal behavior. will teachers need to haul with them
Thursday, August 31, 2017 Vol. 53, No. 15 ingly shown to A key finding of this study was and how will they? How will chil-
improve mental that views to lawn and athletic fields dren of different physical abilities
USPS No. 658-320
Periodical Postage Paid, Verona, WI and additional offices. and physical did not yield this same positive rela- get there?
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group, well-being, tionship. Nature cannot be reserved for the
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc. especially Mank Even at this early stage, it is clear background, it must be interwoven
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to during crucial that the majority of outdoor spaces throughout the site.
The Verona Press, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593.
development periods that take place at the proposed high school are ded- What I observed during the
Office Location: 133 Enterprise Drive, Verona, WI 53593 in childhood and adolescence. icated to athletic fields, parking lots visioning session were families
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday Take a moment to consider how and stormwater retention ponds. and staff advocating for spaces
Phone: 608-845-9559 FAX: 608-845-9550 you feel after a walk outdoors or a Nationally, about 50 percent of they would like to see within the
e-mail: weekend camping. female and 40 percent of male stu- building. What I hope these families
Circulation customer service: (800) 355-1892 There is a certain experience of dents do not participate in sports. begin to consider are the landscape restoration that nature yields. If we Yet, their need for outdoor space counterparts.
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper.
design carefully, this sensation can is traditionally not given the same Perhaps there could be an out-
become a part of a childs daily rou- level of consideration as student door amphitheater for theater or
General Manager Circulation tine at school. athletes. lectures. Or a dry stream that chan-
Carolyn Schultz As a Verona resident and former Participating in sports requires nels stormwater and acts a science
Lee Borkowski student here with a degree in land- time, finances and certain physical experiment. Rather than make the scape architecture, I attended the abilities not available to all students. bike path a straight line to the front
Sales Manager News community visioning session last A varsity athlete has often played door, as was suggested, it could be
Kathy Neumeister Jim Ferolie month with great interest. sports his or her entire life. That is an interactive educational experi- And my observation was that a lifetime of club fees, uniforms, ence.
Sports school grounds are not being evalu- sneakers and hours on the field, We need to consider what rela-
Jeremy Jones ated from the perspective of health something to which many families tionship we want Veronas youth to
Donna Larson and well-being beyond physical are not privileged. have with nature. exercise. In thinking beyond the bounds This referendum has afforded a
Assistant Editor
Classifieds I argue that it is critical to do so of what we typically associate with rare opportunity to redefine school
Scott Girard even in early design phases. school grounds, the doorway is environments and create a national
Diane Beaman We all have anecdotes about open to create equitable outdoor standard other districts strive to
Reporters meaningful moments in nature. spaces that meet the interests and achieve. Similar to how teachers,
Inside Sales What goes unknown for most of us abilities of all students. designers and the community are
Bill Livick,
Monica Morgan is the rigorous scientific evidence Furthermore, research has illus- bringing together ideas for architec-
Anthony Iozzo, Amber Levenhagen, supporting these claims. trated that an investment in the ture the same must be done for the
Scott De Laruelle, Helu Wang
In a study on children with landscape is an investment in all landscape.
Unified Newspaper Group, a division of ADHD, researchers found chil- students academic success. Architecture and landscape archi-
Woodward Communications,Inc. drens attention improved after The costs of leaving nature out tecture are successful when they
A dynamic, employee-owned media company
only a 20-minute walk in a park. of school are similarly well docu- seamlessly blend with one another
This was also found to be true for mented. something that happens when they
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results.
children with autism spectrum The disconnect between children are designed simultaneously.
Printed by Woodward Printing Services Platteville disorders, with activities in natural and nature has resulted in what
playgrounds improving their tem- is called nature deficit disorder. Lily Mank is a Verona resident
perament, allowing them to better Children now spend an average and masters candidate in land-
NATIONAL NEWSPAPER socialize with their peers. For girls of six hours per day indoors using scape architecture.


One Year in Dane Co. & Rock Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $37 Verona Area High School freshman swimmer Bailey Felsheims name was misspelled on page 9 of the
One Year Elsewhere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45 August 24 of the Verona Press.
Outdated information was printed in the Aug. 16 Verona Area School Districts Back to School sec-
Verona Press tion. See the enclosed flyer for updated information for the 2018 academic year for Verona Area Interna-
Oregon Observer Stoughton Courier Hub tional and New Century Schools. The Press apologizes for the errors. August 31, 2017 The Verona Press
Verona Area Historical Society Verona Area School District

Goodbye tours for Gordon School Literacy volunteer

More than 50 years ago, private owner and used for local histories, kids would
the creation of the Verona
Area School District put an
end to the Gordon School
as a place of learning.
If You Go
What: Goodbye Gordon
School Verona Area
a residence for many years.
The school was home to
one of the most memorable
moments in Verona history,
walk in the snow from
neighboring farms, in some
cases being pulled in a sled
by tractor when the snow
trainings Sept. 7, 13
Soon, the building will when the original building was too high. They would
Historical Society meeting
be demolished to make
and tour
was destroyed by a tor- bring lunches that their SCOTT GIRARD
Unified Newspaper Group
On the Web
way for a wider intersec- nado in September 1928. teacher would warm up in
tion at County Hwy. M and When: 12:30p.m. Sept. Despite the wreckage, a the old stove, and enjoy Find out how to become a literacy
Midtown Road. 8, tours at 2p.m. teacher reportedly saved recesses playing softball in The Verona Area School volunteer:
With that in mind, the the lives of students who the field next door. District is hoping to see an
Where: Verona Senior increase over the 58 litera-
Verona Area Historical Center, 108 Paoli St.; were in school that day by A group will carpool
Society has arranged tours having them hide under a from the senior center, and cy volunteers who helped Literacy_Volunteers
school at County Hwy. M in classrooms last year.
and a historical presenta- and Midtown Road piano. a shuttle will bring people
tion about the schools his- The building was rebuilt to the building from near- District officials will
tory Saturday, Sept. 8. Info: Email saveverona- o f b r i c k i n 1 9 2 9 , bu t by. There is no parking host two trainings in Sep-
The afternoons activ- or according to area histories, at the former school, and tember for newcomers. grade.
ities start at 12:30p.m. call 845-7471 the budget left no room for its dangerous to walk, so The first will be at 9:30- Zimmerman also wrote
with a one-hour talk about school supplies. A fundrais- the historical society has 10:30a.m. Thursday, Sept. that most volunteers spend
the school and display of ing quilt helped solve that arranged a shuttle from 7, at the Verona Public one to two hours per week
photographs at the Vero- s eve r a l a r e a o n e - r o o m problem and it will be on Shale Drive, about a block Library, the other at 12:30- in the schools, though
n a S e n i o r C e n t e r, 1 0 8 schoolhouses in 1964, display at the senior center south of the school. 1 : 3 0 p . m . We d n e s d a y, some do as many as six.
Paoli St. It continues with many students transferred during the discussion. To sign up for the tour, Dept. 13, at the Fitchburg Teachers provide guidance
short tours of the school at to other schools, such as Even before that, the email saveveronahistory@ Public Library. to volunteers on a weekly
2p.m. for those who sign Verona Graded School. school had been in use or call the Vero- Literacy training is open basis about what they want
up. The building, as some oth- for Shared District 11 for na Senior Center at 845- to almost anyone 18 or older a volunteer to accomplish.
With consolidation of ers were, was later sold to a decades. According to 7471. and is part of a program that Most volunteers report
started in 2006 as the Amer- their greatest satisfaction
iCorps-led Schools of Hope, comes from the relation-
though it is now run inde- ship that is developed with
Pool: Both sites would require city to acquire private land pendently. Adults read with
children selected by teachers
the student as well as see-
ing the progress the stu-
during the school day. dent makes, Zimmerman
Continued from page 1 The trainings will wrote. Students benefit
The preliminary design
Initial site options Pool targets include information about greatly from the individual
attention that they receive
volunteer responsibilities
presented to the commu- Capacity: 1,000 and tips for helping readers from this caring adult.
nity July 18 and 20 didnt City-owned Anyone interest-
Size: 16,000 square feet with mentoring strategies.
show the entire campus, but Veterans Park: 3.5 acres Literacy volunteer coor- ed in volunteering can
district officials have told Parking: 4 acres dinator Gretchen Zim- find out more informa-
city staff most of the site is Festival Park: 2.5 acres
Remaining sites: Badger merman wrote in a news tion at
spoken for, as city parks Community Park west: 11.3 acres Prairie County Park, release that there is an Literacy_Volunteers
director Dave Walker put it. Firemans Park increasing demand for or email gretchen.
The only area that would Acquisition needed Spanish-speaking vol- zimmerman@verona.k12.
potentially work was south *Firemans Park: 25.7 acres unteers as the Two Way
of the Military Ridge trail, seemed realistic. The Erbach Immersion program con-
Walker told the Press in an *Badger Prairie County Park by library: 9.3 acres property remains for sale, tinues to expand. This year, Contact Scott Girard at
email. Community Park east: 5.6 acres but Walker said the price tag the program will be kin-
There are no plans yet for Sugar Creek Elementary School: 12.2 acres commensurate with being dergarten through fourth and follow him on Twitter
vehicle access to that part master planned as commer- @sgirard9.
of the site, which contains Verona Area High School north: TBD cial property is far higher
a forest thats likely to be Verona Area High School south: 37.8 acres than the city likely would be
used as an outdoor educa-
tion area.
Badger Ridge Middle School baseball fields: 6.4 acres
BRMS soccer fields: 11.3 acres
willing to pay and is bigger,
at 12-plus acres, than need- Get Connected
Many in Verona have ed. Find updates and links right away.
longed for years for the city *Still under consideration The original list of 12
to build a community pool sites included two at the new Add us on Facebook and
to replace or complement 2018 swimming season. The sketches Ive seen high school one near West Twitter as Verona Press
the 50-plus-year-old Fire- The 12 sites included five show the entire soccer field Verona Avenue and the other
mans Park beach, a former on school district-owned area, the existing drive and south of the Military Ridge
quarry. An effort to build a land and one on coun- most of the existing park- State Trail. But the one near
new pool failed in an advi- ty-owned land. Most of the ing/shelter area used as the West Verona Avenue appears
sory referendum about 20 first group to be eliminated enclosure for a pool site, to have been squeezed out.
years ago, but with financ- were either not big enough, so it is a pretty tight fit to The northern site, if there
es far more open this year not accessible enough or say the least. were room, would carry
than theyve been in almost unavailable soon enough. The other site, Bad- the benefit of not needing
a decade, supporters found ger Prairie County Park, its own parking lot, since
the time right to bring it up Planning for 1,000 is expansive and virtually school events in the indoor
again. This summer, several unlimited, at more than 300 pool would not be held
When Parks created a staff members took a tour acres. But a community during the summer, when
$2.6 million plan to upgrade of area facilities to get a pool, which would likely be the community pool would
Firemans Park and add a sense of what would be near the library, doesnt fit be open.
splash pad to drive tourism, needed. The conclusion was in the countys master plan, The southern site remains
the conversation ended up a pool roughly the same which includes keeping an available in theory, but it
turning to using the money size and capacity of Madi- extensive prairie restoration would need its own park-
to begin funding a new pool sons Goodman pool. area. ing lot, would not have
instead or in addition. The 16,500-square-foot Dane County staff has easy access to pedestrians
After a Jan. 30 commit- Goodman pool cost $4.8 said they are willing to con- and its unclear whether
tee of the whole, alders million in 2006 and can sider a site near the library, it could gain road access.
instructed staff to commis- accommodate close to but they werent terribly The city and school dis-
sion a study, and they gen- 1,000 people. A pool that thrilled with the idea, trict have been working
erally agreed over the next big takes about 3-4 acres, Walker wrote. on how to create a second
few weeks that sharing a Walker said, and would That site would be more access point to the school,
parking lot and utility lines need a parking lot about the accessible to more pedes- at Paoli Street, but that
with an indoor school com- same size. trians than Firemans Park, road is much closer to U.S.
petition pool would make Thats far too big for which is in an industrial Hwy. 18-151 than the state
the most sense. Planning the current Firemans Park area, but it would require generally allows, and city
firm MSA began looking area the soccer fields are rerouting the Ice Age Trail leaders have not indicated
in earnest at potential sites around 2.5 acres but the and getting approval from they would help push for an
after voters passed a $181 Matts family, which owns the County Board. exception.
million referendum pack- adjacent land, has indicat- There have been some
age in April that included ed it would be willing to Process of elimination fairly substantial disagree-
the school swimming facil- sell about five acres of the The other two sites after ments, Walker said. So
ity. land, as long as the pool is the first round of cuts were it hasnt been completely
Keeping Firemans Park not located directly on that the school site and the ruled out, but thats cer-
as a potential location has land, Walker told the Press. remaining Erbach proper- tainly less than ideal, and
eliminated the possibility of They wont sell us a ty next to the school. The I think its wise for us to
the previously planned park pool site, so the soccer Erbach family sold part of focus our efforts on other
upgrade which would options.

field area would be the its land in a 2015 referen-

include the elimination of location and the additional dum that led to the high
the fence and boat launch land would provide some school plan. Email Verona Press editor
and rebuilding the shelter expansion area for the rest But those were eliminated Jim Ferolie at
being done in time for the of the park, he explained. last month because neither
6 August 31, 2017 The Verona Press

Coming up Churches
All Saints Lutheran Church Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William,
Goodbye Gordon School a guide dog association, from 12-5 Storytime with a cop 2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg Paoli
p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Wiscon- (608) 276-7729 Sunday: 9 & 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
The Verona Area Historical Soci- sin Brewing Company, 1079 Ameri- Kids ages 0-5 can participate in a Verona
ety will host a discussion of and tours can Way. The event features doggie special storytime hosted by a police Interim Pastor Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
Sunday: 8:30 & 10:45 a.m. a.m., St. Andrew, Verona
in the Gordon School, a former one- games, costume contest, food and officer from 9:30-10 a.m. Wednes-
room schoolhouse thats soon to be vedors. All proceeds will go toward day, Sept. 13, at the City Hall, 111 The Church in Fitchburg St. James Lutheran Church
demolished. training and supporting guide dogs. Lincoln St. The officer will tell sto- 2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg ELCA
The event begins at 12:30 p.m. ries to kids. (608) 271-2811 427 S. Main St., Verona
For information, visit occupaws. (608) 845-6922
Friday, Sept. 8, at the Verona Senior org. For information, call 845-7180. Sunday: 8 & 10:45 a.m.
Center, 108 Paoli St., and continues Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
with short tours at 2 p.m. Human trafficking in Wisconsin Early Alzheimers Detection Fitchburg Memorial UCC Narum
There no parking at the school, and 5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon-
Professor Rachel Monaco-Wilcox The Alzheimers Association will (608) 273-1008 day, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8
its dangerous to walk, so the histor-
will discuss human trafficking, which present 10 warning signs of Alz- a.m.-noon Wednesday
ical society has arranged a shuttle she said happens in all 72 counties in heimers disease for early detection Interim Pastor Laura Crow Saturday Worship: 5 p.m.
from Shale Drive, about a block south
Wisconsin, from 6:30-8 p.m. Monday, from 7-8 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 20 Sunday: 8:15 and 10 a.m. Sunday Worship: 9 a.m.
of the school. Sept. 11 at the library. Monaco-Wil- at the library. The free presentation Good Shephard Lutheran Salem United Church of Christ
To register, email saveveronahisto-
cox, founder of a legal clinics pro- provides opportunities to hear from Church ECLA 502 Mark Dr., Verona or call 845-7471. viding legal services for victims of people who have the disease and find (608) 271-6633 (608) 845-7315
out how to recognize the signs. Central: Raymond Road & Whitney
Puptoberfest human trafficking, will present how
To register, visit veronapublicli-
Way, Madison Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor
citizens can help make a difference. Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m. Laura Kolden, Associate in Min-
People can eat with friends and For information, visit veronapubli- or call 845-7180. West: Corner of Hwy. PD & Nine istry
play with dogs to support OccuPaws, or call 845-7180. Mound Road, Verona Sunday Worship: 9 a.m.
Sunday: 9 & 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m. Fellowship Hour: 10:15 a.m.

Damascus Road Church West Springdale Lutheran Church

Community calendar The Verona Senior Center
108 Paoli St., Verona
2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
(608) 819-6451 Mount Horeb
Thursday, August 31, (608) 437-3493
12 p.m.,Goodbye Gordon School,
4-5:30 p.m., Anime Club (grades Friday, September 15 Pastor Justin Burge Pastor Jeff Jacobs
6-12), library, 845-7180 senior center, 845-7471 Sunday: 10 a.m. Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion
11:45 a.m. to 2 p.m., September
all day, Flag for food subscription, Sunday, September 10 birthday and anniversary picnic,
BPNN, Memorial Baptist Church Sugar River United Methodist
12-5 p.m., Puptoberfest, Wiscon- Harriet Park, 414 Mary Lou St., 201 S. Main St., Verona Church
Friday, September 1 sin Brewing Company, 1079 Ameri- 845-7471 (608) 845-7125 415 W. Verona Ave., Verona (608) 845-5855
9-10 a.m., Exercise and brain can Way, Saturday, September 16 Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott,
health in older adults, senior center, Monday, September 11 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitch- Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
845-7471 Pastor Gary Holmes
10 a.m., Bee keeping talk, senior en free community meal, BPNN, Redeemer Bible Fellowship 9 & 10:30 a.m. contemporary
10 a.m., Reading with Kiddos center, 845-7471 130 N. Franklin St., Verona worship.
(repeats every Fridays), senior cen- 6:30-8 p.m., Human Trafficking in (608)848-1836 Sunday School available during
ter, 845-7471 Monday, September 18 worship. Refreshments and fellow-
Wisconsin, library, 845-7180 1-2:30 p.m., Experiencing America Pastor Dwight R. Wise ship are between services.
12:30 p.m., Movie: Beauty and the 7 p.m., Common Council, Verona Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship
Beast, senior center, 845-7471 course (repeats Mondays), senior West Madison Bible Church
City Center, 845-6495 center, 845-7471 Resurrection Lutheran Church 2920 Hwy. M, Verona
Monday, September 4 Tuesday, September 12 WELS (608) 845-9518
6:30 p.m., Plan Commission, Tuesday, September 19 6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
10 a.m to 2 p.m., Verona Quilts of 3:30-6:30 p.m., Verona Farmers (608) 848-4965 Pastor Dan Kukasky Jr.
Verona City Center, 848-9943 Valor group meeting (repeats sec- Sunday Worship: 9:15 a.m.
Market, Hometown Junction Park, Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant Sunday School: 10:45 a.m.
Tuesday, September 5 ond Tuesdays), Verona American Pastor Tim Priewe
3:30-6:30 p.m., Verona Farmers Legion, 207 Legion St., 577-5906 6:30-7:30 p.m., Staying Vital Thursday: 6:30 p.m. Zwingli United Church of
Market, Hometown Junction Park, 3:30-6:30 p.m., Verona Farmers support group (registration request- Sunday: 9 a.m. Christ Market, Hometown Junction Park, Hwy. 92 & G, Mount Vernon
ed; repeats every third Tuesday), St. Christopher Catholic Parish (608) 832-6677 senior center, 845-7471
Thursday, September 7 St. Andrew Church
301 N. Main St., Verona
Pastor Brad Brookins
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
10:30 a.m., Nutrition for Older Wednesday, September 13 Wednesday, September 20 St. William Church
Adults, senior center, 845-7471 9:30-10 a.m., Storytime with a 5:30-7 p.m., Retirement readiness 1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli Zwingli United Church of
4-5:30 p.m., Anime and Manga cop, City Hall, 111 Lincoln St, (repeats third Wednesday), senior (608) 845-6613 Christ Hwy. 69 & PB, Paoli
club, library, 845-7180 4-5:30 p.m., Minecraft club, center, 845-7471 Fr. William Vernon, pastor (608)845-5641
6-7 p.m., Evening Caregiver Sup- library, 845-7180 7-8 p.m., Know the 10 Signs-Early Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Rev. Sara Thiessen
port Group (repeats first and third Verona Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship
Thursday, September 14 Alzheimers Detection, library, 845-
Thursdays; refreshments 5:30-6 3 p.m., Veterans Club (repeats 7180
p.m.), senior center, 845-7471 second Thursdays), senior center, Thursday, September 21
Friday, September 8 845-7471 4-5:30 p.m., Anime and Manga
9:30-10 a.m., Story time, Eple- 4-5:30 p.m., Anime and Manga club, library, 845-7180 How to Be a Better Lover
gaarden, 2227 Fitchburg Road, club, library, 845-7180 Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic,
love one another, be compassionate and humble. Do
not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. 1 Peter
Whats on VHAT-98 3:8-9 NIV

Thursday, Aug. 31 11 a.m. Verona 91-92 5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats Senior Center To love others, you must first love yourself.This
7 a.m. Social Security at Boys Basketball Football 11 p.m. Home Safety at starts with accepting yourself,faults and all, and
Senior Center 1 p.m. 2015 Wildcats 9 p.m. Hindu Cultural Hour Senior Center gently nourishing and taking care of yourself. Our
8 a.m. Zumba Gold Football 10 p.m. Social Security at Thursday, Sept. 7 primary responsibility is to take care of ourselves. A
9 a.m. Daily Exercise 4:30 p.m. VACT at the Senior Center 7 a.m. Social Security at person whose mental or physical health is seriously
10 a.m. Home Safety at Historical Society 11 p.m. Home Safety at Senior Center impaired will not be able to care for others,so it is vi-
Senior Center 6 p.m. Common Council Senior Center 8 a.m. Zumba Gold tal that we maximize our own health and well-being.
2 p.m. Zumba Gold from 8-28-17 Tuesday, Sept. 5 9 a.m. Daily Exercise Tending to ones own
3 p.m. Daily Exercise 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 7 a.m. Social Security at 10 a.m. Home Safety at happiness is also important, because with a sense
4 p.m. Trippers Music at Boys Basketball Senior Center Senior Center of joy in our life,we have something worth giving
Senior Center 10 p.m. VACT at the 10 a.m. Zumba Gold 3 p.m. Daily Exercise to others, and indeed, others will be drawn to us.
5 p.m. Jim Hetzal at Senior Historical Society 9 a.m. Daily Exercise 4 p.m. Trippers Music at People are naturally drawn to happy healthy people.
Center 11 p.m. Home Safety at 10 a.m. Home Safety at Senior Center Besides being happy and healthy, we should strive
6 p.m. Salem Church Senior Center Senior Center 5 p.m. Jim Hetzal at Senior to have an expansive heart that is filled with loving
Service Sunday, Sept. 3 2 p.m. Zumba Gold Center kindness and compassion for everyone. This can be
7 p.m. Police Procedures 7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour 3 p.m. Daily Exercise 6 p.m. Salem Church difficult; many people are admittedly hard to love.
at Senior Center 9 a.m. Resurrection Church 4 p.m. Trippers Music at Service But by having an open heart that truly desires to love
8 p.m. Daily Exercise 10 a.m. Salem Church Senior Center 7 p.m. Police Procedures everyone, your kindness and compassion will be
9 p.m. Sound Factory at Service 5 p.m. Jim Hetzal at Senior at Senior Center mirrored in others.The frown or scowl of the person
Senior Center Noon Common Council Center 8 p.m. Daily Exercise in front of you is more easily turned around by a
10 p.m. VACT at the from 8-28-17 6 p.m. Resurrection Church 9 p.m. Sound Factory at gentle smile than by scowling back at them. This is,
Historical Society 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 6:30 p.m. Plan Commission Senior Center after all, the purpose of our lives,to love, and to
Friday, Sept. 1 Boys Basketball Live 10 p.m. VACT at the love without limits. Christopher Simon
7 a.m. Trippers Music at 4:30 p.m. VACT at the 8 p.m. Police Procedures Historical Society
Senior Center Historical Society at Senior Center
1 p.m. Sound Factory at 6 p.m. Common Council 9 p.m. Sound Factory at
Senior Center from 8-28-17 Senior Center Support groups
3 p.m. Verona 91-92 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 10 p.m. VACT at the
Boys Basketball Boys Basketball Historical Society AA Meeting, senior cen-
4 p.m. Jim Hetzal at Senior 10 p.m. VACT at the Wednesday, Sept. 6 ter, Thursdays at 1 p.m.

Center Historical Society 7 a.m. Trippers Music at


Caregivers Support
5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats 11 p.m. Home Safety at Senior Center Group, senior center, first 430 E. Verona Ave.
Football Senior Center 1 p.m. Sound Factory at and third Tuesday, 10 a.m. 845-2010
8:30 p.m. Trippers Music Monday, Sept. 4 Senior Center
at Senior Center 7 a.m. Trippers Music at 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Healthy Lifestyles
10 p.m. Social Security at Senior Center Boys Basketball Group meeting, senior Call 845-9559
Senior Center 1 p.m. Sound Factory at 5 p.m. Plan Commission center, second Thursday
11 p.m. Home Safety at Senior Center from 9-05-17 from 10:30 a.m. to advertise on the
Senior Center 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 7 p.m. Capital City Band Parkinsons Group, Verona Press
Saturday, Sept. 2 Boys Basketball 8 p.m. Trippers Music at senior center, third
8 a.m. Common Council 4 p.m. Jim Hetzal at Senior Senior Center Friday at 10 a.m. adno=509310-01 church page
from 8-28-17 Center 10 p.m. Social Security at August 31, 2017 The Verona Press
Legion: Newly elected National Commander initially denied membership 37 years ago
Continued from page 1 This is actually the sec-
ond time Rohan has become
On the Web veterans, too. She couldve
been a member of this post.
commander, beginning in the first female command- Find out more about the American She hopes that anyone else
1984. er the first time was the Legion and Denise Rohans election who was incorrectly denied
By the time we got here, statewide position in 2011. as national commander: go back and try again and
the process of me running That role was the first forgive whoever it was who
for national commander had step toward her most recent denied their membership.
already started, Rohan said. election, as her name was I know that there are
My roots arent here in put into a pool of names women across this nation
Verona yet. I look forward to of potential commanders (Mike), and I identified who have had this same
coming back. from around the country. myself as an eligible vet- experience, Rohan said.
Yet here she was, less than The members of that list eran, she recalled. The Back in the 50s, the old-
a week after being elected, are monitored by a national person at our house at that er veterans at that time who
visiting her member post committee, and they begin time said, Well the women were out recruiting werent
before their Monday lunch, to receive more tests to belong to the Auxiliary, not used to having women serv-
catching up with members see if theyd be fit for the the Legion. ing side by side with them.
and being congratulated on national commander posi- Photo by Scott Girard
Rohan chalked it up as The message of womens
her election. tion. Recently elected American Legion national commander Denise just a little misunderstand- inclusion is as clear as it can
This weekend, she and her At 10 oclock at night, Rohan, left, talks with Post 385 member Carl Syftestad. ing, as the Auxiliary is a be now, with the first female
husband Mike also a veter- they said, We want you to womens patriotic group that national commander, a posi-
friends house. man thats not my husband, supports the Legion, made
an will leave for a year of be on Fox News tomorrow When I signed up to join tion that Rohan said is an
travel, visiting all 50 states, morning at 7, she recalled. Rohan said. And there up of wives, mothers, grand- honor to hold.
the Army (in 1974), my par- arent female legionnaires mothers and other women
Washington D.C. and inter- There was no sleeping. All ents were like, This is not I have always looked up
national locations including night long, I kept thinking, that I would be comfortable related to men or women to the national command-
going to work out, she with traveling that have that who served in the armed
Japan, Puerto Rico and South Im going to say this, Im recalled with a laugh. I still er, she said. When I was
Korea. going to say that. ability to take off for a year. forces. asked by Wisconsin if I was
dont know how my mom She said she doesnt
During her visits to posts Two years ago, it was did it, because when I was Making history believe there was any ill
interested in having my name
in all of those locations, clear to Rohan that appar- able to call home from basic put in the pool, I thought,
Rohan said she hopes to ently I did OK, as she was Though shes now in the intent from that post in Mar- Theres no way Im quali-
training the first two organizations most prom- shall, and simply wrote it
emphasize her chosen slo- offered to be a candidate for times, I dont think I talked. fied to do this.
gan, Family First. Those national commander. That inent role, 37 years ago, off as a recruiter who was
I heard my moms voice and Rohan was initially turned not used to women veterans.
words, printed on the arm designation allowed her to started crying immediately. Contact Scott Girard at
of her purple Legion polo begin campaigning, mean- away as a member. That post now has a pho-
Soon, though, she found An American Legion to of her with a message:
shirt, can apply all four of the ing she could leave Wis- a different family within and follow him on Twitter
organizations pillars: nation- consin to meet designations recruiter came to recruit Remember, women are @sgirard9.
her ranks.
al security, veteran affairs around the country. I had all these new sis-
and rehabilitation, American- She visited 49 states allters I was going through
ism and children and youth. except Hawaii as well as basic training with, Rohan
We have our personal Puerto Rico and Washing- said. They were the ones I
families, which of course ton D.C. needed to depend on, they
we take care of, but then we The American Legion were the ones who were
have our American Legion members from across the there.
families, she said. As we country get to know me At her next stop, Fort

Now borrow it back

branch out, were taking and I get to know them, Lee, Va., she met Mike.
care of our veterans and their the good work that theyre When the Army could not
families, our military per- doing across the United guarantee they would be
sonnel and their families and States, she said. stationed in the same place,
then through our children That familiarity and the she got out and became a


and youth and Americanism lack of any other candidates military wife. Eventually,
program, were really taking going into the Reno, Nev., the pair moved to Sun Prai-
care of our nations families. convention had her feeling rie, where the American
Regardless of the history excited ahead of last weeks


Legion gave Rohan her
she made, Rohan said shes event. sense of community.
was honored to be elected. No one else was nom- Now, Mike is serving
Male or female, theres inated off the floor, she as her aide, an unusual
2 million members of this said. It was pretty excit- arrangement for the organi-
organization, and to be cho- ing. zation as the national com-

1.99% 3.99%
sen as the one is amazing,

Rohan said. Its absolutely Finding a family manders aide has never
been allowed to be a family
amazing. Rohan was once a teenag- member.
er who regularly got home- INTRO RATE FOR VARIABLE RATE
State to national People would really talk
sick while at sleepovers at a if I traveled for a year with a 12 MONTHS
R OD DIO room


T TU Bed
EN A , s
S 3

A low 1.99% APR intro rate for 12 months1, then as


low as 3.99% APR variable rate after that1


Low closing costs2

No annual fees or prepayment penalties
Option to lock in a low fixed rate3
Tax-deductible interest4
Minutes walk to everything
Come on in or jump online to set up an appointment.
yet a country like setting. And lets talk about all the things your money can do.
Heated Underground Parking Private Patio on Most
Spacious Townhomes Private Entrance
Full Stainless Steel Appliances Fitness Center 608-243-5000 | 800-236-5560
In-Home Washer/Dryer Full Granite Kitchen
Clubhouse with Kitchen Pet Washing Stations
Fireplace & Grilling Deck On-Site Management
24-Hour Emergency Maintenance


Call For A Tour NMLS #449323 Offer valid for Home Equity Lines of Credit opened 7/31/20179/30/2017 only. Offer is subject to change without notice. 1 APR is
608.729.9200 Annual Percentage Rate. After the twelve-month introductory period the rate will revert to the floor rate of 3.99% or the Prime Rate as published
in the Wall Street Journal plus or minus a margin, whichever is higher. Your actual rate will be based upon your credit worthiness and
loan-to-value. As of 7/15/2017 the lowest variable rate without the discount would be 3.99% APR (floor). The APR will not vary above 15% APR nor below
3.99% APR. Prime rate as of 6/21/17 is 4.25%. Maximum LTV TVV is 90%. Property insurance is required. Offer only applies to new Home Equity Lines of Credit
opened on or after 7/31/2017. Existing Home Equity Lines of Credit are not eligible for the introductory rate. 2 No or low closing costs for new HELOC only.
401 Prairie Way Blvd. Verona., WI Appraisal fee and title insurance, if required, is an additional charge. The charge for an appraisal is typically $385 to $470, the charge for title insurance is
typically $325. 3 Lock in up to five fixed-rate amounts at one time. First rate lock is free, $35.00 for each additional. 4 Consult your tax advisor regarding
608.729.9200 adno=533040-01
deductibility of interest. Summit Credit Union 2017.
8 August 31, 2017 The Verona Press

Northwest: Process could City of Verona

take several months
Continued from page 1
If you go
Festival Foods, apartments
on busy Plan agenda
who have concerns about
densities and heights, city What: Public hearing
planning director Adam for Northwest Neigh-
Sayre said. The direction borhood amendment to
has been to move forward. comprehensive plan
The plan doesnt weigh in
When: 6:30p.m. Tues-
on the Legends End devel-
day, Sept. 5
Northwest plan
opment directly, but rath-
er recognizes the context Where: Verona City Cen- surrounds Legends
of the hundreds of acres ter, 111 Lincoln St. End proposal
around it were there to be Info: Planning director
a large-scale shopping and Adam Sayre, 848-9941
residential area at a busy JIM FEROLIE
corner where thousands of Verona Press editor
people drive to and from floodplains and areas around
Epic every day. the central commercial area Key approvals for a new
It allows building heights reserved for apartments or grocery store, a 114-unit
far above the citys standard condominiums. apartment complex near
(65 feet, rather than 45 feet) If approved, the city the fire station and the
and higher-density housing would submit a request to a first major step toward the
(15 units per acre, rather regional commission to add 65-acre Legends End proj-
than 12), but it contains a parts of the area to the citys ect all get public hearings
provision that suggests the urban service area, meaning next week.
city might be willing to go they could get sewer service Tuesdays Plan Com-
beyond those numbers if it something most urban mission meeting also will
looks good. development needs. That review a 32-bed memo-
On a case-by-case basis, process takes about three ry care facility to add on
and in exchange for high- months. to Noel Manor and one of
er-quality design ... the City The city would separately the final steps for the Sug-
may allow up to 50 units per await an annexation request ar Creek Commons plan,
acre (net) and 100 feet in by any developer and work including a tax-increment
height, the draft plan states. out pre-annexation and financing district that would
Most of the rest of the 732- development agreements. help finance it.
acre area in the Northwest In each case, the com-
Plan would be single-fami- Email Verona Press editor mission is holding public Rendering courtesy Knothe Bruce Architects
ly homes if developed, with Jim Ferolie at hearings that would lead to The revised Lincoln Street apartments plan moves buildings farther east and drops the
some areas reserved for recommendations for the four-story building to three, but adds one apartment on the 3.5-acre property for a total of
Common Council the fol- 114.
lowing week.
The Lincoln Street apart- Festival Foods
Projected steps ments would replace the On the agenda Festivals new plan fixes
still-operating Cecor facili- some concerns alders and
November 2016: Legends End concept introduced ty and are back after getting Public hearing for Tax-Increment District No. 9 (West commissioners brought up
Early 2017: City begins Northwest Neighborhood planning criticism in May for having in the concept plan that was
too many apartments, too Verona Avenue)
June 2017: City holds open house for neighborhood plan reviewed in June, partly
tall of buildings and having Public hearing for 102 S. Lincoln St. apartments by adding a 100-foot-wide
September 2017: Public hearing for Northwest plan the buildings too close to an strip of land to the east.
Late 2017: Urban service area amendment request existing residential subdi- general development plan
The consensus was that a
Early 2018: USA approval, annexation request vision. The new plan adds Public hearing for Hometown Grove four-unit request to waive the citys
one apartment on the same townhouse, 720-730 Schubert St. minimum landscaping
2018 or later: Development proposals considered 3.5-acre spot but moves the requirements (25 percent
buildings to the east and Public hearing for Sugar Creek Commons precise of the site) was unaccept-
makes them all three sto- implementation plan, 503 W. Verona Ave. able. Another concern was
ries, rather than two, three similarly related to packing
complete, state-of-the-art and four. Public hearing for Festival Foods general the store into a tight spot
bridges, crowns and root canals Any talk of a grocery
in just one visit development plan, 660 Hometown Cir. the traffic patterns from
store gets attention in Vero- an awkward curve in the
na, and the Festival Foods Public hearing for Northwest Neighborhood Plan
what a difference plan brings back an idea
that started in 2007, when
amendment to comprehensive plan
access road to the site.
The new land will be used

a day makes Farm and Fleet located

here. It brought a concept
Concept plan review for Noel Manor 32-bed
memory care facility
for a stormwater detention
pond, but it frees up other
space on the site.
for the project on Home- The only major exemp-
town Circle to the commis- tion the new submission
sion and council in June, requests is far more like-
and its updated general Neighborhood Plan is the many apartments packed ly to be accepted allow-
development plan the cru- citys first step in accom- into a small area. ing the building to be set
cial step that permits the modating a developers So prospective developer to the back of the lot, as
Weve invested in education and 522 Springdale Street, Mt. Horeb desire to build a retail and John Dohm raised the num-
overall development fixes Farm and Fleet is, rather
infrastructure to be able to provide you
the latest dental care locally.
(608) 437-5564 some landscaping, parking residential complex at the ber, if only slightly. than the front, as buildings
and traffic-flow issues that new intersection of North- Even the most ardent sup- along West Verona Avenue
Caring for Mt. Horeb for 20 Years concerned alders. ern Lights and PD. The porters of allowing more are. Because the develop-
adno=519599-01 The Northwest plan would provide options apartments in the city were ment is part of the Down-
Always focused on preventive care, early detection and helping patients reach their long-term goals. to allow some of the major uncomfortable with put- town Design Corridor, its
elements of the Legends ting 32 units per acre that required to keep an urban
End plan, including build- far from downtown. Some look and feel, which usu-
ings up to 100 feet tall and referred to the citys down- ally means parking in the
as many as 50 residential town plan, which shows back.
units per acre. that area eventually rede- The general develop-
The memory care facil- veloping into a 72-unit ment plan is the second
ity replaces a previously complex. public step of three, and
approved plan for apart- In some other respects, an approval this month by
ments in the final phase of however, the new plan the council would entitle
the Prairie Oaks subdivi- reflects feedback from the company to build here
sion property on the citys alders and commissioners, as long as its substantially
north side. Noel Manor moving the buildings far- similar to the plans it has
already has a memory care ther away from the decades- presented and follows stan-
unit that is at capacity just old residential area to the dard guidelines.
months after opening. west and limiting buildings Comments at the Com-
Sugar Creek Commons, to three stories. mon Council review of the
a mix of retail shops and Dohm, who developed project indicated there is
255 apartments planned Prairie Crest Apartments opposition to Festival Foods
for West Verona Avenue, more than a decade ago, has because of loyalty to Miller
earned its key GDP approv- insisted that certain num- and Sons Supermarket, but
al in March and is returning bers are needed to ensure city leaders have pointed out
for the final step. high-end amenities, such they cannot use their powers
as on-site property manage- to play favorites with incum-
Lincoln apartments ment. bent businesses.
The most universal com- A submission with the
ment local officials gave to request states the first build-

Email Verona Press editor

the yet-unnamed Lincoln ing would be targeted to Jim Ferolie at
Street apartments in May start construction in Febru-
was that there were too ary.
Jeremy Jones, sports editor Thursday, August 31, 2017 9
845-9559 x226
Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor
845-9559 x237
Verona Press
Fax: 845-9550 For more sports coverage, visit:

Boys soccer Boys cross country

Finding their identity

Verona wins first games
Verona hopes
of 2017 over weekend training will
Assistant sports editor

Coach Chris Handrick said the

yield results
Verona Area boys soccer team was JEREMY JONES
looking to find out its strengths Sports editor
during the nonconference portion
of the schedule. Injuries took their toll on
Handrick said he thinks the ear- the Verona boys cross coun-
ly schedule should mimic what the try team last year, dropping
Big Eight Conference brings, but the squad to eighth at the
the results were mixed in the first Big Eight Conference meet.
few games. That changed in the This year the Wildcats hope
last three with two more shutouts to be back with five return-
and 14 total goals. ing letterwinners from last
He had been impressed with season.
the Wildcats (4-1) after a loss to Verona returns seniors
Oconomowoc in the season opener, Hari Jayaraaman, Peter
but he wanted more from them Fri- Barger and Jared Jenkins,
day during a 1-0 win over Moline junior Jason Ford and soph-
(Ill.) at Reddan Soccer Park. omore Brady Tuomi.
Against Oconomowoc, Handrick Senior captains Peter
said, the Wildcats felt the game Barger and Hari Jayraaman
was closer than its 3-1 final score. have put in the miles and
But days later, he said, the Wild- are ready to lead the team to
cats were playing down to the level an upper division finish in
of Moline, which only mustered the Big Eight.
three shots and has been ranked in Barger placed 42nd at
the 100s in Illinois. conference but finished the
But if there is a time to learn, season as the teams top
it is during nonconference play, runner, taking 25th place at
which Handrick set up to be a test sectionals. Jayaraaman was
before Big Eight play starts. 44th at conference and 59th
With games against Oconomo- Photo by Anthony Iozzo at sectionals.
woc, Moline, Mount Horeb and Senior Jose Adrian Lazaro-Padilla fights off a push from Moline (Ill.) junior Noah Cruz in the first half Friday at Ford ended the season
Menomonee Falls during the first Reddan Soccer Park. Lazaro-Padilla collected an assist in a 1-0 win over the Maroons. 45th at conference and 34th
week, the different levels of play at sectionals and Tuomi was
will be a good way to prepare for 48th at conference and 58th
similar Big Eight opponents, Han-
drick said.
over Green Bay Notre Dame, and
they followed that up with a 3-0
the 1-0 win over Moline Friday.
Many were either over the net or Whats next as a freshman. Jenkins fin-
ished 59th at the Big Eight
The variance of styles of play is win over Mount Horeb Monday. wide because of the passing and meet and 67th at confer-
what we are going to need, Han- Tuesday, Verona continued spacing on the field. Verona travels to non-confer- ence.
drick said. The speed of play is to dominate with a 9-2 win at The lone goal came in the 51st ence Kettle Moraine at 6:30p.m. Marks said, This team
what we are going to go up against Menomonee Falls. minute when senior captain mid- Thursday and hosts Janesville should be improved over
fielder Jose Adrian Lazaro-Padilla last years injury-riddled
in the Big Eight. Verona 1, Moline 0 took a pass from the outside going Parker at 7p.m. Tuesday, Sept. season where a lack of
The Wildcats took the first step 5, in the Big Eight opener.
toward accomplishing their early The Wildcats finished with 18 away from the Moline box and
season goals Saturday in a 2-0 win shots, but only five were on goal in Turn to Boys XC/Page 10
Turn to Soccer/Page 12


Wildcats bring back strong foundation with seven starters

ANTHONY IOZZO Amelia Hust. into a high level of play
Assistant sports editor Senior defensive spe- from the start of this sea-
cialist/libero Katie Kar- son.
It has been two seasons nosky, junior setter Emma Tidd was the team lead-
s i n c e t h e Ve r o n a A r e a Frahm and sophomore er with 152 kills and 44
High School girls volley- setter Jordan Armstrong 1/2 blocks (22 solo, 45
ball team upset power- also started last season, assisted) last season. She-
house Burlington in the and senior outside hit- noi was also strong up
WIAA Division 1 state ter Nicole Phelps, senior front, with 138 kills and
quarterfinals. defensive specialist/set- 30 1/2 blocks (nine solo,
But after a fairly suc- ter Amie Rudnicki, junior 43 assisted).
cessful 2016 season, the outside hitter Sophie Worley returns as a ver-
Wildcats are once again Alexander, junior middle satile captain, finishing
primed to be a contender blocker/right-side hitter with 211 digs, 149 kills,
in both the Big Eight Con- Sydney Rae and sopho- 21 aces and 13 1/2 blocks
ference and sectional this more middle blocker Mad- (one solo, 25 assisted),
year. dy Kelley bring experience and Hust will be the start-
Ve r o n a b r i n g s b a c k to the bench. ing libero again after col-
plenty of talent to the Kel- Verona is coming in lecting 244 digs and 34
ly Annen-coached squad with a strong foundation, aces in 2016. Karnosky
that finished 21-15 a year assistant coach Claire also returns as a scrappy
ago (6-3 Big Eight Con- Solowicz wrote in a pre- defensive player and is the
ference). The seven return- view questionnaire. With backup libero, finishing
ing starters include senior the understanding that with 192 digs and 40 aces
first-team all-conference communication, consis- last season.
m i d d l e b l o c ke r K r i s t i n tency and control are our The Wildcats also bring
Ti d d , s e n i o r fi r s t - t e a m teams top priorities, we back both starting setters
all-conference right-side anticipate being a con- last season. They play in a
hitter Priya Shenoi, senior tender for the conference 6-2 volleyball formation,
second-team all-confer- title this season. The team which uses two setters Photo by Anthony Iozzo
ence outside hitter Han- has dedicated themselves who switch inside and out- The returning letterwinners for the Verona Area High School volleyball team (front, from
nah Worley and sopho- to a summer regimen that side along with two mid- left) are: Kirstin Tidd, Katie Karnosky, Amelia Hust, Emma Frahm, Amie Rudnicki and Jordan
more honorable mention has allowed the incoming dles and two outsides. Armstrong; (back) Hannah Worley, Sophie Alexander, Nicole Phelps, Priya Shenoi, Sydney
defensive specialist/libero roster to be ready to jump Turn to Volleyball/Page 12 Rae and Maddy Kelley.
10 August 31, 2017 The Verona Press

Boys cross country Girls cross country

Cats take a fifth-place finish at Watertown invite
Sports editor
Whats next
The Wildcat boys cross
country team started the
Verona hosts its own 22-team invitational Saturday.
2017 season with a solid The first varsity race starts at 10a.m.
performance Saturday at the Defending WIAA Division 1 state champion state team
Glen Herold Invitational.
Verona placed fifth (out of Madison West leads another very talented field. D1 state
17 schools) and were just 23 qualifiers Middleton, Sun Prairie and Monona Grove, D2
points away from silver. state qualifier Monroe and D3 runner-up Aquinas will also
Defending Division 1 compete.
state champion Madison
West asserted their pow-
er and depth with another
dominating performance, Defending state D2 state
winning with 29 points. champion Lakeland was a Turn to Cats/Page 11

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Returning letterwinners for the Verona Area High School girls cross country team (from left)
are: Jamie Hogan, Allie Kundinger, Julia Pletta and Leah Remiker; (not pictured) Luci Bakken
and Olivia Rawson.

Verona hopes to shake

up top three in Big Eight
JEREMY JONES a chance to make some great Olivia Rawson, Jamie Hogan
Sports editor memories. and Luci Bakken.
The teams most experi- Leah, Olivia, Jamie and
The return of the top six enced returner, senior Julia Luci have the opportunity to
girls for the Verona cross Pletta has one more shot to step up and put this team in a
country has the Wildcats make the state meet after com- place to qualify for the state
excited for the 2017 season. ing within one place in two of meet, Nelson said. All of
I feel that our team is on the previous three seasons. these girls have shown that
the rise. We are a young team Julias strength is building they are capable of making
with a lot of girls who have confidence throughout a race, large contributions to this
great potential, coach Dave Nelson said. Her challenge team. Each will need to push
Nelson said. The greatest will be to put herself in the one another toward the front
barrier to our success will right place by the end of the of the pack.
be ourselves. If we are will- first mile. Freshman Anna Knueve
ing to train hard and stick to The Wildcats return a comes in with a lot of promise.
what works for us, we have wealth of young talent in
sophomores Leah Remiker, Turn to Verona/Page 12
Photo by Jeremy Jones
Returning letterwinners for the Verona Area boys cross country team (from left) are: Brady
Tuomi, Hari Jayaraaman, Jason Ford and Peter Barger. Verona runners race to fifth Saturday
Boys XC: Big 8 graduates top five runners JEREMY JONES
Sports editor
Whats next
Continued from page 9 Madison West. The Regents is the top returner after fin-
Verona girls cross coun-
are picked to win the Big ishing sixth last year. Mid-
try began the season with a
The Wildcats host the
summer preparation led to Eight once again and poten- dleton returns Jack Radar annual Verona Invitational
tially contend for another (eighth) and Madison West fifth-place finish Saturday
some key injuries to top
title in Wisconsin Rapids. brings back another season at the Glenn Herold Invita- at 10a.m. Saturday.
guys and just a group of tional in Watertown.
guys who were not in con- Middleton, Sun Prairie in Aaron Letcher (ninth). Among the field are
and Madison La Follette The Wildcats graduat- The Watertown meet is
dition to compete in the Big
expect to round out the top ed T.J. Manning and Cory an early opportunity for defending Division 1 state
Eight Conference. coaches and kids to assess champion Sun Prairie and
Leading the conference half of the conference Pedersen but return junior
The top five individuals J.J. Gumieny, sophomores their own fitness and to team qualifier Madison
again this season is expect- help determine their goals
ed to be defending WIAA from conference last year Nathan Neitzel and Luka
for the remainder of the Memorial. Peyton Sippy
Division 1 state champion are all gone. Madison La DiMaggio. finished fourth at state
Follette senior Josh Freitag season, coach Dave Nel-
son said. last year and leads a solid
Sophomore Jamie Hogan Janesville Craig team.
was the top finisher for the
presents our 9th Annual Wildcats, traversing the 5k
course 12th in 21 minutes,
34.7 seconds. a team score of 59.
Senior Julia Pletta was Lakeland, a Division 2
the only other girl on the state team qualifier last
team to crack the top 25, year, placed its top three
finishing 24th in 22.03 within the top 15, includ-
as the Wildcats finished i n g s o p h o m o r e A s h l ey
the meet fifth (out of 14 Peterson, who won the
teams) with a score of 149. race in 20:11. The Thun-
I thought that Jamie derbirds trailed off from
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 really had an excellent and
confidence building race,
Photo submitted by Randy Marks
Sophomore Jamie Hogan
their though and settled
for second place with a
team score of 90. Veronas
Expo 9am-Noon Lunch & Entertainment to follow and Julia has stepped into
her role as a team captain
finished 12th Saturday at the
Glenn Herold Invitational in Big Eight rival Madison
and continues to lead by Watertown in 21 minutes, Memorial rounded out the
Stoughton Wellness & Athletic Center example, Nelson said.
Junior Lacy Waschbusch
34.7 seconds. top three with 93 points
and Fort Atkinson (131)
finished 32nd in 22.28 and was fourth.
2300 US Highway 51-138 Stoughton sophomore Leah Remiker
led a pack of six girls (five
Wa t e r t ow n i s t y p i c a l -
ly a course that does not
Over the course of the
next few weeks, Nelson
seconds apart) to the finish produce fast times. Even said the team will need
Does your business serve the senior community? line, taking 40th place in
23:03.1. Junior Caroline
though our course for this
weekends Verona Invita-
to build fitness and confi-
dence in order to become
tional is a bit hillier, most more effective racers.
Booth reservations now being accepted. Bobb was the fourth girl
in that pack, taking 43rd girls will probably shave The season seems long
place as the teams final 15-20 seconds off their when we look at one prac-

varsity scorer in 23:05.2. time from last week. tice, but its amazing how
Both Lucy and Caro- S t o u g h t o n s t o p five quickly the season passes
To reserve your spot or to get more line showed that we have
some great potential to
placed with the first 25
runners across the finish
when we look at how soon
we will be running the
information, please contact us at 845-9559 compete at a higher level
as a team, Nelson said.
line to help the Vikings
secure the invitational with
conference meet and need
to be at our best, he said. August 31, 2017 The Verona Press
Girls golf Football
Cats finish third at Crusade Verona wins big at Beloit, moves to 2-0

Fore a Cure Invitational Whats next Assistant sports editor

The Verona Area High School football

team once again started strong Friday in a
Verona travels to Mansfield Stadium
ANTHONY IOZZO Thursday to take on Madison Memorial
Assistant sports editor
30-8 win at Beloit Memorial.
The Wildcats scored 20 points in the first (0-2) in week 3.
quarter and didnt allow a touchdown to the
The Verona Area High
Purple Knights (0-2) until late in the fourth The Spartans lost to Middleton and
School girls golf team took Madison West to begin the season.
third Monday at the Cru- quarter, ending Veronas (2-0) seven-quar-
sade Fore a Cure Invitation- ter scoreless streak.
al at Maple Bluff Country Senior quarterback Aaron Young started
the offense with a 5-yard touchdown pass its opponent and also added a touchdown.
Club. Senior defensive lineman Nathan Tadisch
The tournament is a lit- to senior split end Jordan Hutchcroft on the
first drive. Young finished 18-for-28 for 127 snatched a tipped pass for an interception
tle more than just any golf in the fourth, and he ran it back 25 yards to
event, however. Each team yards, one touchdown and an interception.
Young later ran in a score from four make it 30-0.
is asked to raise money The defense also added interceptions by
for the Susan G. Komen yards out to make it 20-0. Before that,
senior running back Joe Riley (18 carries senior defensive backs Tucker Teskey and
Foundation for breast can- Jack Lilly. Junior linebacker Dylan Bourne
cer research, and the girls for 78 yards) rushed five yards for a touch-
down. finished with 15 total tackles.
all wore pink in support of Senior running back Jack Hereford Jr.
those with breast cancer. Young finished the scoring for the offense
with a 27-yard field goal in the third quar- scored the lone touchdown for Beloit. He
The tournament ended up finished with 60 yards on 15 carries.
taking about seven hours to ter, but the defense once again dominated
complete, with some holes
backing up due to slow
groups, but that didnt stop Girls swimming
Verona from finishing with
a 377.
Senior Lauren Shorter
tied for seventh overall with
Newcomers get feet wet in Big 8
an 83. Middletons Kate
Meier and Monona Groves
Klairissa OReilly-Dye also Photo by Anthony Iozzo
win over Beloit Memorial
shot 83s. Junior Celia Donny putts on the 16th hole Monday at the JEREMY JONES
Senior Courtney Shorter Crusade Fore a Cure invite at Maple Bluff Country Club.
Sports editor Whats next
was tied for 14th with Mad-
ison Edgewoods Caitlyn Coach Bill Wuerger cate- Verona travels to Madison Memorial at 5 p.m. Thurs-
Hegenbarth, both shooting Whats next gorized Fridays 117-53 Big day for a Big Eight dual.
an 88. Senior Claire Swain Eight Conference and sea-
finished with a 101, and Verona travel to the Balance and Believe Invitational at son-opening win over Beloit
sophomore Caitlyn Ott had noon Wednesday, Sept. 6, at Blackhawk Country Club. Memorial as a good start
a 105. for the Verona Area/Mount the 400-free relay at the end and Drapp won the 500
Junior Celia Donnys 125 Horeb girls swimming. of the meet. free in 5:40.11 Typically, a
was not counted toward the with a 94, and Ott shot a 97. It was the first high school That tells me they were distance swimmer, senior
final score. Swain finished the scoring swimming meet for 14 of the all excited to race against Sophie Henshue touched
Bay Ports Jo Baranczyk Portage invite with a 101. another team after three the wall first in the 100 free
Wildcats, who Wuerger said
won the meet with a 76, The Wildcats traveled to Middleton won the meet all looked like high school weeks of biking, running (55.45) and junior Gabby
and Miltons Mia Seeman Portage Country Club on with a 354. Waunakee (370) swimmers during their rac- and swimming, Wuerger Gnewuch claimed the 50
followed with a 77. Frank- Aug. 23 for the Portage invite and Oregon (373) finished es. said. free with a time of 25.59.
lins Courtney Matschke and finished fourth out of 17 second and third, respectively. Of those girls, freshmen Juniors Grace Bennin and Despite the decisive victo-
and Miltons Taylor Hakala teams with a 377. Middletons Payton Hod- Bailey Felsheim and Kalish Updegrove and sophomores ry, the level of competition
finished tied for third with Lauren Shorter tied for son was the medalist with an Taylor each figured in a cou- Sam Malecki and Kaithlyn will be much higher for the
79s. fourth-place overall with an 82. Monona Groves OReil- ple of varsity wins. Felsheim Zuehl kicked off the season Wildcats over the next three
Milton took first with a 85. Middletons Meier also ly-Dye was second with an won her first individual var- with a second-and-half vic- weeks as they face confer-
346, and Middleton was shot an 85. 83, and Oregons Ally Payne sity race, claiming the 200- tory over their Verona team- ence and Division 1 state
runner-up with a 350. Courtney Shorter followed took third with an 84. yard individual medley in 2 mates with a time of 1:54.2 powers Madison Memo-
minutes, 22.2. Taylor joined in the 200-medley relay. rial, Madison West and
juniors Rachael Drapp and Bennin added individual defending state champion
Girls tennis Avery Updegrove and soph-
omore Sara Stewart to win
victories in the 100 butterfly
(1:00.1) and 100 backstroke
Middleton, which finished
49.5 points ahead of the

Conley earns win against Madison West the 200-freestyle relay in

Every girl on the team,
(1:00.92). Zuehl closed out
the Wildcat wins, taking first
place in the 100 breaststroke
Wildcats last year. Madison
West finished fifth at state
and Memorial was 10th.
JEREMY JONES Conley earned the Wild- however, beat her trial time (1:12.47). Hopefully, we enter
cats lone victory in the form the first week of prac- Sophomore Sara Stew- those meets confident and
Sports editor
6-1 loss, beating Ellie Kaji Whats next tice as Verona won 10 of 11 art added the 200 freestyle focused like we did on Fri-
The Verona Area High 6-4, 6-2 at No. 1 singles. varsity events, dropping only (2:00.3) earlier in the meet, day, Wuerger said.
School girls tennis team Mary Saley was the next The Wildcats hosts
hosted Madison West in closest to winning her another Big Eight Con-
a Big Eight dual meet on match, battling back from ference favorite at 4 p.m.
Tuesday, and the Regents a tough first set to fall 6-1,

showed why they are 7-5 to Spencer Harrison at Thursday as they take on
among the favorites to the No. 3 singles. Middleton.
win the conference this None of the other five
State qualifier Meredith
flights were able to win
more than five games. Deadlines
Cats: Barger finishes eighth at Watertown Labor Day Week
Continued from page 10
September 6 Great Dane Shopping News
distance second 95 points behind. Bara- Display ad deadline: Wednesday, August 30 at 3 pm.
boo followed with 104, Watertown (117) and Classified ad deadline: Thursday, August 31 at Noon.
then Verona (118).
Senior co-captains Peter Barger (eighth)
and Hari Jayaraaman (26th) helped lead the September 7 Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub
Wildcats, along with a great showing by
junior Jason Ford. and Verona Press
Barger and Ford both medaled. Barger Display & Classified ad deadlines:
finished eighth in 17 minutes, 18 seconds
and Ford placed 12th in 17:38. Jayaraaman Friday, September 1 at Noon.
placed 27th in 18:07.
Head coach Randy Marks said sophomore
In observance of the holiday,

Nate Neitzel finished with a personal-best


our offices will be closed


(18:30) on the traditionally slow course


in 36th place as fourth runner for the Cats.

Junior J.J. Gumieny was the fifth and final Photo submitted by Randy Marks
Monday, September 4, 2017.
scorer, taking 42nd place in 18:42. Peter Barger crosses the finish line of the
Sophomores Brad Tuomi and sophomore Glenn Herold Invitational on Saturday in 17
Alan Zheng also competed but did not com- minutes, 8 seconds. Barger finished eighth
pete for the varsity team. as Verona finished fifth as a team.
12 August 31, 2017 The Verona Press

Volleyball Soccer: Verona wins four straight

Wildcats finish fourth at Burlington invite Continued from page 9

ANTHONY IOZZO traveled to Monroe High found sophomore midfielder Jack Knight
Assistant sports editor Whats next School Saturday for the Mon- streaking toward an opening in the middle.
roe invite and finished 3-2. Knight took the one-touch pass from
The Verona Area High Verona hosts Janesville Verona defeated Monroe Lazaro-Padilla and buried it past junior
School volleyball team opened Parker at 6:30p.m. Tues- (25-13, 25-19), New Glarus goalie Mason Meents for a 1-0 lead.
the 2017 season Aug. 23 at the (25-12, 25-8) and Wisconsin However, that was the lone goal of the
Burlington invite and finished
day, Sept. 5, in the Big Heights (25-22, 25-16) 2-0 game despite the constant pressure from
fourth in the gold bracket. Eight Conference opener. and lost to Watertown Luther Verona.
The Wildcats went 2-0 in Prep (23-25, 19-25) and Senior midfielder Andres Temozihui,
pool play to make the gold Mount Horeb (19-25, 24-26) senior forward Jack Bates, junior mid-
bracket but lost matches to and four blocks. Tidd added 2-0. fielder Andres Rios-Vivian, sophomore
eventual champion Burlington two aces. Tidd and Shenoi finished midfielder Alex Sarabia, freshman forward
2-0 (21-25, 12-25) in the semi- Junior Sophie Alexander with 15 kills and two blocks Samuel Abreu and Lazaro-Padilla also had
finals and to Mukwonago 2-1 had 10 kills, and juniors Syd- in the tournament, and junior shots in the second half. But only a header
(23-25, 25-23, 10-15) in the ney Rae and Megan Touchett Nikki Phelps and Kelley each attempt by Abreu in the 79th minute came
third-place match. finished with eight and seven collected 12 kills. Kelley add- close to going past Meents.
Verona defeated Racine kills, respectively. ed two blocks. Handrick said Verona lacked aggres-
Case 2-0 (25-13, 25-14) and Junior Emma Frahm fin- Junior Amelia Walton had siveness at the goal in the final 30 min-
Kenosha Tremper 2-0 (25-21, ished with 36 assists, 13 digs 11 kills, and Worley finished utes.
25-15) in pool play. and four aces, and sophomore with 11 kills, 17 digs and five We were trying too hard in other areas
Fort Atkinson won the silver Jordan Armstrong had 29 aces. Rae and Alexander had that we shouldnt have been, he said. I
bracket, and Racine Case won assists, eight digs and seven seven and six kills, respective- would like to see us move the ball cleaner
the bronze bracket. aces. ly. through there so that we could get a shot
Senior Hannah Worley fin- Sophomore Amelia Hust Frahm led with 44 assists on the backside like we did for our one
ished with 13 kills, 28 digs and collected 36 digs, and senior and added 14 digs and six goal.
three aces in the tournament, Katie Karnosky picked up 24 aces. Armstrong had 38 assists, The Wildcats mistake, he said, was let-
and sophomore Maddy Kelley digs and three aces. eight aces and eight digs. Kar- ting the Maroons energy level dictate the
had 13 kills and 2 1/2 blocks. nosky picked up 17 aces and style of play.
Seniors Kirstin Tidd and
Monroe invite 12 digs, and Hust led with 31 If we want a shot at the Big Eight and if
Priya Shenoi each had 10 kills The Wildcats (5-4 overall) digs and added nine aces. we want a shot with teams around us in the
Madison area, then we have to dictate the Photo by Anthony Iozzo
speed of play, Handrick said. They need Sophomore Jack Knight races toward a
Verona: Knueve joins varsity this season to take the aggression they had Tuesday to
play with a team like Oconomowoc, and
ball hit down the line in the first half Friday.
Knight scored the lone goal in the 51st
they need to show up against a team that is minute.
Continued from page 10 Hogan took 39th at confer- Madison Memorial and West maybe not at the same strength.
ence and 37th at sectionals are always strong contenders The Maroons had three shots on goal, all
Gannon Simmoneett, Knight and Temozi-
Anna could definitely help and Bakken placed 43rd at and this season should be no saved by sophomore goalie George Ohm. hui all collected assists. Ohm finished with
bring out the best in all of her conference and 51st at sec- different, Nelson said. two saves in the first half, and sophomore
teammates and could be a big tionals Janesville Craigs Peyton Verona 2, Notre Dame 0 goalie Nate Hanson had one in the second
contributor by the end of the Sun Prairie (25) finished Sippy won the conference
42 points ahead of Janes- race last year and returns for The Wildcats improved to 2-1 overall half.
season, Nelson said. with a 2-0 win over non-conference Green
Bay Notre Dame on Saturday at Reddan Verona 9, Menomonee Falls 2
The Wildcats graduated ville Craig (67) at the con- her senior year. Sun Prairie
two letterwinners in Preston ference last year and barring has a pair of underclassmen
any unforeseen injuries or looking to win the title them- Soccer Park. The Wildcats traveled to non-conference
Ploc and Franny Donovan but Lazaro-Padilla assisted sophomore for- Menomonee Falls on Tuesday and won
Rawson was the teams top circumstances, the Cardi- selves after Autumn Dushack
nals are expected to repeat and Hannay Ray finished ward/midfielder Eliot Popkewitz on a goal 9-2.
runner at conference and sec- in the 13th minute. Lazaro-Padilla added Bates finished with three goals and an
tionals last year, placing 26th not just conference cham- second and third last year as
pions but WIAA Division 1 freshman. an unassisted goal in the 59th minute. assist, and Knight picked up two goals and
at conference and 25th at sec- Ohm finished with two saves. an assist. Sophomore midfielder Bennett
tionals. Remiker didnt run at state champs as well, Nelson Madison Wests Vivian
Luttinen and Popkewitz each scored twice.
conference for the Wildcats, said. Janesville Craig returns Hacker was fifth last year Verona 3, Mount Horeb 0 Junior Bryan Lopez-Martinez had two
but was the teams second a very strong nucleus that and also returns, as does Sun
could allow them to be the Prairie senior Katie Rose Verona hosted Mount Horeb Monday assists, and Lazaro-Padilla, Temozihui,
runner at sectionals, placing at Reddan Soccer Park and won its third Ohm and Abreu each had assists.
28th. best of the rest. Verona hopes Blachowicz (seventh) and
to slip into the top three as a junior Maddie Thompson game of the season, 3-0. Ohm had one save in the first half, and
Pletta was 28th at confer- Lazaro-Padilla, Popkewitz and Abreu all Hanson finished with two saves in the sec-
ence and 34th at sectionals, darkhorse, though Middleton, (ninth).
scored goals, and sophomore midfielder ond half.

Volleyball: Cats opened 2017 season on Aug. 23 Verona looks to dethrone Sun
Continued from page 9 a year ago. Anna Solowicz sets last year, and Alexan- Hollar, junior outside hitter

Frahm finished with 332

finished with 146 digs and
30 aces, and Becca Phelps
der finished with 95 kills,
nine blocks (three solo, 12
Amelia Walton and sopho-
more outside hitter Megan Prairie in Big Eight Conference
had 107 kills, 11 aces and assisted) and 17 digs in 58 Touchett fill out the bench.
assists and 31 aces last 28 blocks (eight solo, 40 sets. Outside/right-side hit- The Verona Area High 9-0 conference, first in con-
year, and Armstrong col- assisted). Kelley collected 34 kills ter Holly Wickstrom is the School volleyball team ference tournament) return
lected 336 assists. Nicole Phelps, Rudnicki, and nine digs in 29 sets. lone bench player gone will look to remain defen- senior first-team all-confer-
Defensive specialist Alexander, Rae and Kelley Nicole Phelps and Rae from last season. Wick- sive-minded in order to ence outside hitter and Big
Anna Solowicz and middle will comprise most of the played sparingly in 2016. strom had 42 kills and sev- play with Sun Prairie, Mid- Eight Player of the Year
blocker Becca Phelps are bench. Rudnicki had 22 Junior middle blocker/ en digs. dleton and Janesville Craig Claire Chaussee, senior
the two starters gone from digs and nine aces in 47 right-side hitter Lindsey in the Big Eight Confer- second-team libero Liz
ence, assistant coach Claire Maastricht and senior hon-
Solowicz wrote in a pre- orable mention setter Ally
view questionnaire. Keuler.

The Wildcats, she said, They graduated first-
will need to play like the team middle hitter Kelsey
top contender in the confer- Kopiske, first-team outside

ence if they want to knock hitter Kielyn Kapugi and
off defending champion honorable mention setter
Sun Prairie. Molly Brereton.
Our ability to focus on Craig (26-13, 8-1, third

serves, serves received and in conference tournament)
defense gives our team the returns junior first-team
ability to put teams on their outside hitter Amanda Carl-
heels and get them out of son, junior second-team
system, Solowicz wrote. setter Taylor Salmon and
How can you expect to run your manufacturing business when you cant get We are excited about the junior honorable mention
access to financing and your bank wont even return your calls? The Commercial athleticism and dedication outside hitter Lily Stock-
Banking division at State Bank of Cross Plains understands the unique issues
this years Verona team is heimer. The Cougars grad-
bringing, and look forward uated first-team libero Jen-
facing manufacturers, and they offer flexible, competitive financing and a full to some very competitive na Brandt.
spectrum of services. You get all the strength of a big bank with local access to conference play. Middleton (27-17, 7-2,
leadership and the dedicated, personal attention of a community bank. Verona was 6-3 in the fourth in conference tour-
Big Eight last season, nament) returns junior
with losses to Sun Prairie, first-team outside hitter
Dont let your bank hold you back.
Middleton and Craig. The Lily Welti and senior sec-
Go to today. Wildcats went 4-2 in the ond-team outside hitter/
conference tournament, right-side hitter Jennifer
knocking off Middleton to McGinnis. The Cardinals
make the finals but losing graduated second-team
twice to Sun Prairie to fin- setter/right-side hitter
ish runner-up. Mimi McMurray and sec-
2017 State Bank of Cross Plains. All rights reserved. Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender
The defending champion ond-team defensive spe-
Cardinals (40-11 overall, cialist/libero Jessi Nonn. August 31, 2017 The Verona Press
Raymond J. Ozols especially for his skill and
Observing the sky
fun loving personality. People gathered at Donald County Park Saturday,
Ray was a good friend to Aug. 12, to look through telescopes toward a meteor
countless people in many shower visible that night.
circles, from bowlers, to col-
lege friends, to work friends,
and long term friends,
reaching back prior to kin-
dergarten. One thing every-
one knew about Ray was his
incredible sense of humor.
He always made others A kid looks toward the sky through one of the telescopes set
laugh and feel at ease, even up at Donald County Park Saturday, Aug. 12, for watch the
from a young age. Ray had a Perseid Meteor Shower event.
Raymond Ozols gift for enjoying the moment

CALL NOW 1-608-338-1170

with the people around him.
Raymond J. Ray Ozols, He could walk in a room and
age 46, was called to be with make friends with anyone.
God far too soon, with his He was a master of telling
wife at his side, after com- jokes. At the same time he
plications from a chronic possessed a natural ability
illness at St. Marys Hospital for deep conversation and
on Aug. 23, 2017. offering advice and opinions
He was born on June 6, Proud Partner of
with passion and conviction. Wisconsin Athletics
1971, the son of Andreijs Ray is survived by his
and Vaira (Mednis) Ozols. loving wife Erika (Loos),
Ray was born in Rhine- sons Jace and Kyle, mother
lander, Wis.. He grew up in Vaira (Mednis) Ozols, sister

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Eagle River where he attend- Sandra (Ozols) Bluthardt,
ed Northland Pines School nieces Brittany and Lauren
system graduating in 1989. Bluthardt, mother-in-law
He attended college, first at Ingrid Loos, father-in-law
Michigan Tech then trans- 60% OFF INSTALLATION on a new bath or shower!
Armond Loos, sister-in- New orders only.
y Minimum purchase
p required.
q Does not include material costs.
ferring to UW-Eau Claire law Claudia (Loos) Witte,
graduating with a Bachelors brother-in-law Doug Witte,
degree in Business Admin- $0 Interest
I Receive a FREE $60

istration and Management

nieces Jaclyn and Brianna
Witte, nephew Derek Witte, Financing for gift
card with your
Information Systems. He brother-in-law Kevin Loos, 60 months! in-home estimate!
moved to Madison where he sister-in-law Cheryl (Mosh-
worked for the Department er) Loos, niece Wendy

of Revenue as an IS Systems (Loos) Novak, and nephews Photos submitted
A kid uses a blanket to stay warm while he looks through
*Visit for full offer details
Development Services Spe- Jamus and Ryan Loos.
cialist for 22 years. one of the telescopes set up at Donald County Park.
He was preceded in
In 1999 he first met his death by his father Andrei-
future wife, Erika Loos. js Ozols, his grandparents

Corr la Voz
They lost contact for years Zelma Ozols, and Julius
due to unfortunate cir- and Aina Mednis, and his
cumstances regarding lost great aunt Olga Berzins.
e-mails (ironic for an IS spe- In lieu of flowers, any
cialist) but reconnected with memorials will be put
the help of mutual friends. towards the childrens col-
His humor and his huge lege fund. Available at a newsstand near you!
heart convinced Erika what Erika wants to give a spe-
a wonderful man he was. cial thanks to the doctors Corr la Voz is a monthly Spanish language newspaper
They married in 2009 in Egg
Harbor, Wis.
and nurses at St. Marys. covering the Verona and Fitchburg communities.
Amanda, Katie and Wen-
They enjoyed traveling dy took exceptional good

Corr la Voz
together to French Poly- care of Ray while he was
nesia, Germany, Florida in the MICU. Erika also
and Las Vegas. They were wants to thank all the people
blessed with two beauti- who have gone above and
ful boys, Jace in 2012 and beyond, offering their help
Kyle in 2013. Ray loved his with the children, meals,
boys more than anything in lawn care, etc. Your generos-
Disponible en un quiosco cerca de usted!
this world. He loved to take ity will never be forgotten! Corr la Voz es un peridico mensual en espaol que
them park hopping around I wish I could see you one
Verona and Fitchburg, go more time cubre las comunidades de Verona y Fitchburg.
to every parade possible, Come walking through the
make huge barricades of door
pillows and blankets in the But I know that is impos- Pick up your free copy of Corr la Voz at any of these locations:
living room that they could sible
jump and hide in, make up
fun bedtime stories, and try
I will hear your voice no Recoja su copia gratuita de Corr la Voz en cualquiera de estas ubicaciones:
to make them laugh when
they were sad. Ray and Eri-
I know you can feel my
Verona Fitchburg Madison
ka built their dream home
together in Verona.
And you dont want me to Badger Ridge Middle Certco Centro Hispano
Ray loved his mother Yet my heart is broken School Fitchburg Public Library La Hacienda
unquestionably, once driv- because I cant understand
ing to Florida unannounced why Glacier Edge Elementary La Concha Taqueria El Jalapeno
surprising her as a birthday someone so precious had
present. When she fell ill, to die. Millers Grocery La Hacienda
he went there without hes- I pray that God will give
itation. Growing up he was me strength
Verona Country View La Michoacana
close to his sister and later And somehow get me Elementary
enjoyed visiting her and his through Latino Chamber of
nieces in Chicago. He was As I struggle with this Verona High School Commerce
very close to his grandpar- heartache
ents (Julius and Aina Med- That came when I lost you. Verona Public Library Savanna Oaks Middle
nis) and cherished many Love, Erika, Jace and Kyle
memories of fishing with A memorial service Verona Sugar Creek School
them as a boy. He also had a will be held at 11a.m. Elementary
special relationship with his Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, at Stone Crest Apartments
great aunt Olga. Family was Good Shepherd Lutheran Verona Vision
very important to him. Church, 7291 County Road
Stoner Prairie Elementary
Ray developed a love for Pd, Verona. Visitation will Verona Press The Fountains Apartments
bowling from an early age, be held from 9a.m. until
participating in Saturday the time of service at the
morning youth leagues and
state tournaments. Bowling
church on Friday.
To view and sign this
Llame al 608-835-9559
became a lifelong passion,
from college team competi-
guestbook, please visit Correo electrnico
tion to regional and national Ryan Funeral Home
tournaments, as well as top

Corr la Voz
& Cremation Services
level weekly leagues. He Verona Chapel
was well known in the Mad- 220 Enterprise Dr.
ison bowling community, 608-845-6625
14 August 31, 2017 The Verona Press

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NOTICE against the decedents estate is Decem- plan *** Amendment for Class C Wine License (1) Discussion and Possible Action
The City of Verona Common Council ber 1, 2017. B. Public Works: CITY OF VERONA on Sunday, October 1, 2017, for the Hop Re: Change Order No. 1 and Closeout
will hold a public hearing on September 5. A claim may be filed at the Dane i. Update on road projects Haus Brewing Company, LLC, Located at for Project 2016-119 Northern Lights/
County Courthouse, 215 S. Hamilton ii. Update on equipment MINUTES 231 S. Main Street, to include the Front CTH PD Water Main Extension. Motion by
11, 2017 at City Hall, 111 Lincoln Street, at
7:00 PM for the following matter: Street, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1005. iii. Discussion and action re: drive- COMMON COUNCIL Parking Lot. This item was deferred to a Touchett, seconded by Diaz, to approve
1) Due to the Northern Lights Road Danell Behrens way access for Lot 2 of Certified Survey AUGUST 14, 2017 later date at the committee level. No ac- Change Order No. 1 and Closeout for
construction, the City of Verona is renam- Deputy Probate Registrar Map 12366 tion taken. Project
August 23, 2017 iv. Discussion and action re: amend- VERONA CITY HALL (3) Discussion and Possible Action 2016-119 Northern Lights/CTH PD
ing North Nine Mound Road from Cross
Country Road to County Highway PD. Terese M. Hansen ments to the Old PB bridge contract 1. Council President Elizabeth Doyle Re: A Combination Class B Beer and Water Main Extension. The final contract
North Nine Mound Road is a cul-de-sac Hansen Law Office C. Natural and Recreational Areas called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. Reserve Class B Intoxicating Liquor value is $90,778.60, which is $45,423.40
111 E. Verona Ave. Committee: 2. Pledge of Allegiance License Application for 4 Sisters, Inc., less than the awarded value. Motion car-
that ends short of Northern Lights Road. 3. Roll Call: Alderpersons Diaz,
This section of North Nine Mound Road Verona, WI 53593 i. Update on prairie planning Verona, d/b/a 4 Sisters Wine and Tapas ried 6-0.
608-772-3939 D. Financial Sustainability: Doyle, Linder, McGilvray, Reekie, Stiner, Restaurant, 958 Liberty Drive, Suite 10. Old Business
will be renamed to North Nine Mound and Touchett present. Alderperson Gas-
Court. Address numbers will stay the Bar Number: 1000988 i. Discussion and action re: building 106, Verona, WI 53593, Corynn Wieland, A. Discussion and Possible Action
Published: August 31, sale and budget amendment kell was absent and excused. Also pres- Agent. Motion by Touchett, seconded by Re: Selection of a City Council Represen-
same for these properties, but the road ent: City Administrator Mikorski, Com-
name will change to North Nine Mound September 7 and 14, 2017 E. Ordinance Committee: Reekie, to approve a Combination Class tative to the Plan Commission. Alderper-
WNAXLP i. Discussion and action re: dark sky munity Development Specialist Holt, City B Beer and Reserve Class B Intoxi- son Touchett nominated Jack Linder as
Court. Engineer Montpas and City Clerk Clark.
Interested persons may comment ordinance cating Liquor License for 4 Sisters, Inc., the City Council Representative to the
*** ii. Discussion and action re: deposit 4. Public Comment: Verona, d/b/a 4 Sisters Wine and Tapas Plan Commission. Alderperson Reekie
on this matter during the public hearing None
at the September 11th Common Coun- TOWN OF VERONA schedule changes Restaurant, 958 Liberty Drive, Suite nominated Luke Diaz as the City Council
F. EMS Commission: 5. Approval of Minutes from the July 101, Verona, WI 53593, Corynn Wieland, Representative to the Plan Commission.
cil meeting. The Common Council may REGULAR TOWN BOARD 24, 2017 Common Council Meeting:
make a final decision on the matter at the G. Town Chair:
Motion by Reekie, seconded by
Agent, for the interior portions of the On roll call: Alder ReekieDiaz, Alder
September 11th meeting. MEETING H. Supervisors:
McGilvray, to approve the July 24, 2017
building only, and contingent upon a re- StinerLinder, Alder TouchettLinder,
Contact Adam Sayre, Director of TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, I. Clerk/Treasurer: cords check by the Verona Police Depart- Alder DiazDiaz, Alder LinderLinder,
i. Report on sewer back up at 6354 Common Council minutes. Motion car- ment. Motion carried 6-0. Alder McGilvray Linder. 4 votes for
Planning and Development, at 608-848- 2017 6:30 P.M. ried 6-0.
9941 for more information on this item or Nesbitt Rd. C. Planning Commission Linder, 2 votes for Diaz. Motion failed.
TOWN HALL/COMMUNITY J. Planner/Administrator: 6. Mayors Business: (1) Discussion Re: A Planned De- 11. New Business
to receive a copy of the information. None
Ellen Clark, CENTER i. Update on insurance claim velopment Concept Plan Located at 600 A. Discussion and Possible Action
9. Approval of payment of bills 7. Administrators Report Hometown Circle that would allow for Re: Approval of Operator Licenses. No
City Clerk 7669 COUNTY HIGHWAY PD, 8. Engineers Report
Published: August 24 and 31, 2017 10. Adjourn the Construction of a 2,200 Square Foot operator licenses were presented for
WNAXLP VERONA, WI 53593-1035 Regular board agendas are pub- * The CTH M/PD project has been Starbucks Coffee Store. The applicant approval.
1. Call to Order/Approval of the lished in the Towns official newspaper, awarded. The contractor will be starting is requesting a planned unit develop- 12. Announcements
agenda The Verona Press. Per Resolution 2016- on CTH PD in late September/October. ment (PUD) concept review to allow for * Alderperson Stine congratulated
*** That project will be staged through 2019
2. Pledge of Allegiance 2 agendas are posted at the Town Hall the construction of a 2,200 square foot the Verona Police Department and the
STATE OF WISCONSIN, 3. Public Comment - This section of and online at for final completion of the project. Starbucks coffee store at 600 Hometown community on the success of the Na-
CIRCUIT COURT, the meeting provides the opportunity for Use the subscribe feature on the Towns * City parking lots will be bid on Aug Circle. No formal action is required for tional Night Out on August 1st. He also
comment from persons in attendance on website to receive agendas and other an- 22nd, with anticipated recommendation this conceptual review of the project. noted that a farmers market is held in
DANE COUNTY, NOTICE TO nouncements via email. of award to Common Council on August Discussion followed regarding proximity Hometown Junction Park on Tuesday
items not listed below over which this
CREDITORS (INFORMAL governing body has jurisdiction. Com- Notice is also given that a possible 28th. of the store to the daycare center, a de- evenings, and Music on Main will be held
ADMINISTRATION) IN THE ments on matters not listed on this agen- quorum of the Plan Commission and/or 9. Committee Reports tention pond, parking facilities, decrease there on Friday, August 18th.
MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF da could be placed on a future meeting Public Works, Ordinance, Natural and A. Finance Committee in impervious area, traffic, and landscap- * Alderperson Touchett announced
agenda. Recreational Areas, and Financial Sus- (1) Discussion and Possible Action ing. The consensus of the Council was to that the Ironman Triathlon will be coming
RAYMOND W. GUST 4. Announcements Plans for a stra- tainability Committees and could occur Re: Payment of Bills. Motion by McGil- keep the project moving forward. to Verona on September 10th.
D.O.D 01/17/2017 tegic planning retreat at this meeting for the purposes of infor- vray, seconded by Linder, to pay the bills D. Park, Recreation and Forestry * Diaz thanked the Verona Police
Case No. 17PR530 5. Discussion and approval of min- mation gathering only. in the amount of $1,406,423.83. Motion Commission Department for a great National Night
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: utes from Aug 1 If anyone having a qualifying dis- carried 6-0. (1) Discussion and Possible Action Out, and for Coffee with a Cop at Mc-
1. An application for Informal Admin- 6. Discussion and action re: picnic ability as defined by the American with B. Public Safety and Welfare Com- Re: Awarding the Cathedral Point Park Donalds.
istration was filed. and operators licenses Disabilities Act needs an interpreter, mittee Shelter Project. Motion by Reekie, sec- 13. Adjournment: Motion by
2. The decedent, with date of birth 7. Discussion and action re: poten- materials in alternate formats, or other (1) Discussion and Possible Action onded by Stiner, to award the Cathedral Touchett, seconded by Linder, to adjourn
January 12, 1934 and date of death Jan- tial updates town hall rental accommodations to access these meet- Re: A Special Event Permit Application Point Park Shelter project to KSW Con- at 7:31 p.m. Motion carried 6-0.
uary 17, 2017, was domiciled in Dane 8. Reports and Recommendations ings, please contact the Town of Verona for the Madison Beer Run on Sunday, Oc- struction Corporation in the amount of Ellen Clark, City Clerk
County, State of Wisconsin, with a mail- A. Plan Commission: Clerk @ 608-845-7187 or jwright@town. tober 1, 2017 from 8 a.m. 4 p.m., from $339,462.00. Published: August 31, 2017
ing address of 585 Whalen Road, Verona, i. Report on review of the Dane Please do so at least 48 Phil Hoechst, Hop Haus Brewing Compa- Completion date for the shelter is WNAXLP
WI 53593. County zoning ordinance hours prior to the meeting so that proper ny, LLC, 231 S. Main Street, Verona, WI. May 1, 2018. Parkland dedication funds
3. All interested persons waived no- ii. Update on development propos- arrangements can be made. This item was deferred to a later date will be used to construct the shelter. Mo- ***
tice. als Mark Geller, Town Chair, Town of Verona. at the committee level. No action taken. tion carried 6-0.
4. The deadline for filing a claim iii. Update on the comprehensive Published: August 31, 2017 (2) Discussion and Possible Action E. Public Works, Sewer and Water
WNAXLP Re: A Temporary Premise Description Committee

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September 20, 2017 Wolf Facility, Assemblers - 1st Shift &
Educational Technology 8:00am - 1:00pm Doors 61 & 62 2nd Shift (4 x 10s)
Support Technician (ETST) September 21, 2017 2866 Buds Drive Material Handlers -
The Verona Area School District has a full time, school year, 3:00pm - 7:00pm Fitchburg, WI 53719 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift
ETST opening. Primary work location will be the high school,
but may be assigned to other sites as needed. Duties include
helpdesk support, Mac and PC hardware/software support, Maintenance Technician
Competitive new hire wages
mobile troubleshooting, inventory and documentation (Tool & Die) 2nd &
tracking, account management and other duties as Comprehensive health & welfare benefits including:
assigned. Well qualified candidates will have experience
3rd Shift
On-site UW Health Employee Clinic & Free On-site
and/or post-secondary training in computer hardware,
software, mobile device management and basic networking. Employee Fitness Center
Starting salary is $20.68 per hour. To apply, complete the
WECAN online application at, and To reserve priority interview
attach a cover letter and resume to your application. First time, please complete our
review of applicants on or around September 11th.
online application at
and contact Human Resources
at 608-270-3254
An Equal Opportunity Educator/Employer| Minorities are Strongly Encouraged to Apply
16 August 31, 2017 The Verona Press

5 things: Decision on Exploration Academys future, academic calendar expected this year
Continued from page 1 becoming a program.
The project-based school,
some changes to grading housed in the high schools
and math classes at Badger K-Wing, was somewhat
Ridge Middle School are a of a test case for person-
step toward creating more alized learning, albeit in
consistency between BRMS a more extreme form than
and Savanna Oaks. has come into place around
The other three are topics the rest of the district. Stu-
to keep an eye on for par- dents are expected to meet
ents, including the design the same standards as their
process for the new high peers at Verona Area High
school, the undetermined School but can demonstrate
future of the districts first those standards through
charter high school and projects rather than in tradi-
potential changes to the tional classes.
school calendar. Examples have includ-
Here is more detail on ed studying the history of
the Press choices for the an art movement, building
top five things to watch this a musical instrument and
school year: writing a short story. Stu-
dents have been allowed to
1. Bus app Report card courtesy Savanna Oaks Middle School File photo by Scott Girard
take up to two classes per
Savanna Oaks Middle School moved to standards-based Verona Area School District officials and consultants held
With snow season last- grades a few years ago, and Badger Ridge will begin to use two community informational meetings this summer on the semester at the high school.
ing nearly half of the school them this year for some classes. high school design. Another is expected in October. Last year, the charter dis-
year at least transporta- cussion focused on Verona
tion can bring plenty of sur- Gorrell cited in 2015 when measures on a students Area International School,
prises. the district switched from mastery of a topic, in
A new app should help longtime bus provider First 2014. Keep watching which ultimately had a
new five-year agreement
parents navigate those times Student to Badger Bus. Last The schools will also approved by the board.
when they want to keep year, the district and Bad- have common instructional While we did not include these three in the top five Whether EA gets the same
their child out of the cold ger Bus launched a new materials for math, which things to watch this year, they all warranted consider- or even wants the same
until the last minute possi- InfoFinder website, where BRMS principal Mike Mur- ation. Each has been on the list in one way or another will come out this fall.
ble, or if theyre wondering parents could find updated phy said in June was really the last three years, and theres plenty more for par-
how much time they have bus routes and stops, but it the first time for that. ents and students to keep an eye on this year on these 5. Calendar changes
until the bus arrives from did not have the live track- With those changes in topics: The school board waited
school at the end of the day. ing capability like the new place, the Middle School One-to-one devices a month longer than usu-
The Safe Stop app app. Study will continue this al to approve the 2017-18
debuted last year on four year with a focus on gather- This will be the second year for each student K-12 school calendar this spring.
bus routes for the final two 2. Middle school ing feedback from families to have an iPad, and a new district director of technol- It took the extra time to
months of the year, but will changes throughout the year. One of ogy will help oversee the effort. examine potential changes
be available to all beginning the next expected topics the Behavior initiatives to late-start Mondays, with
District officials have study will tackle is sched-
this fall. The app, which a goal to find more time for
been working for more than ules at each of the schools, The district officially established a set of four
parents can download on staff development. While
a year to bring consistency which are inconsistent. behavior initiatives in policy last spring, and each will
a smartphone through the that proposal did not gain
to its two attendance area continue to be implemented around the district this
Apple Store or Google 3. High school design strong enough support for
middle schools. year.
Play Store, updates every the board to put changes in
While theres plenty of Three years from now,
30 seconds with expected
work left in that effort, this the district plans to have Personalized learning place, board members indi-
arrival times and features an cated a preference to begin
year will see one signif- high school students pre- The district has a goal to implement personalized
Alerts and Messaging Cen- the calendar process earlier
icant step fall into place. paring for the first day at learning plans for every student by the 2018-19 school
ter to offer updates. this year to get a more clear
Both BRMS and SOMS a new, $160 million high year. That will require professional development for
Pa r e n t s w i l l h ave t o picture of what parents and
will offer separate feedback school. teachers and plenty of work this year to implement
register on the app using staff prefer.
on academic progress and First, they have to design the plans.
their childs Student Num- In recent years, the dis-
habits of learning, which i t . T h a t p r o c e s s b ega n
ber, which limits who has tricts ad hoc calendar
focus more on a students shortly after the April ref-
access to the information. and hold public information the design phase completed committee has taken steps
effort. erendum in which voters
Once registered, they can meetings in late October or and begin construction. to implement home visits
BRMS will also begin to approved the project and
add bus stops and the morn- early November to share the from teachers before the
ing and afternoon routes to
use both standards-based continued through the sum-
layout. 4. EA future school year begins. Staff
g r a d i n g a n d t r a d i t i o n - mer.
setup the tracking. The design is being VASDs first charter high development is the next
al letter grades in math. Th e d i s t r i c t p l a n s t o
The technological addi- planned with the districts school is entering its fifth step, and its become espe-
SOMS began using stan- continue the schematic
tion was among the reasons personalized learning ini- year. cially important with the
dards-based grading, which design phase into this fall
VASD superintendent Dean tiative in mind, with design- Thats also the final year districts focus on behavior
ers emphasizing a mix of of the Exploration Acade- initiatives and personalized
spaces for solo and small mys current charter agree- learning.
The calendar commit-

group work with traditional ment with the district, and
classrooms. The Visionary the governing council has tee is expected to meet
Design Team, which con- indicated the school will throughout this fall, and
sists of the districts archi- consider becoming a pro- could be sending surveys to
tect and high school staff, families to get feedback on

gram within the main high
TO FIND A visited school sites in other
states and spoke with stu-
school instead of its current
format. Minutes from a July
potential changes.

dents there about what they meeting show two options Contact Scott Girard at
like in a learning environ- under consideration: a new

ment. five-year charter or three and follow him on Twitter
By spring, the district and years as a charter and then @sgirard9.
its consultants plan to have

By Borrowing
On Its Equity
Bishops Bay Farm & Prairie, LLC
Apply for a For more information contact us today:
Lorem ipsum

Home Equity

Line of Credit
Investment Highlights
Surrounded by 1,500 acres of parkland
86 single-family lots
Howard Cagle NMLS#593729 Located along Hwy M in Westport Anticipated completion in summer of 2018

*Wisconsin Residents Only

Minimum investment isinvestment
Minimum one unit at $5,000. This communication
is one does not
unit at $5,000. Thisconstitute an offer of securities.
communication does Allnot
made solely through disclosure
an offer statement. All offers made solely through disclosure statement.
of securities.
Offers and sales of these securities will be made only to residents of the State of Wisconsin. Offers and sales of these securities are made under an exemption from registration and have not been registered under the Securities Act
Offers and sales of or
securities will be made only to residents of the Law.
State ofFor
Wisconsin. Offersofandsixsales of these securities are made
dateunder an exemption
of the from registrationany
and have not been registered under theshall
Securities Act of 1933 or the
toWisconsin Uniform Securities Law. For a period
Stateofof sixWisconsin.
months from theThis
date investment
of sale of the securities,
Call Howard at (608) 845-0108 for current rate and conditions. Member FDIC.
of 1933 Wisconsin Uniform Securities a period months from the of sale securities, resale of the securities be made only persons resident within the
any resale of the securitiesisshall
opportunity be made onlyintomore
described personsdetail
residentinwithin the State of Wisconsin.
a Disclosure Statement.This investment opportunity iscommitments
No investment described in more detail
a Disclosure
accepted Statement.
until No
investor commitments
receives will be accepted
a copy of the untilDisclosure
an investor receives a copy of and
Statement the Disclosure Statement and
a subscription a subscription for
agreement agreement for the investment.Any
the investment. Any in-
will involve a high
willdegree of risk,aincluding
involve the risk factors
high degree that including
of risk, will be described
thein risk
the Disclosure
that will If you
beare interested inin
described thisthe
investment opportunity,
Disclosure please contactIf
Statement. you are interested in orthis
call 608-826-4000
investment to receive a copy of theplease
opportunity, Disclosure
contact These securities have not been recommendedor callby any federal
or state 608-826-4000 to receive a copy of the Disclosure Statement. These securities have not been recommended by any federal or state regulatory authority and no such authority has confirmed the accuracy or determined the
regulatory authority and no such authority has confirmed the accuracy or determined the adequacy of this document or any information referenced in this document. If you are interested in this investment opportunity, please contact or call 608-826-4000 to receive a copy of the Disclosure Statement.
adequacy of this document or any information referenced in this document. If you are interested in this investment opportunity, please contact or call 608-826-4000 to receive a copy of the Disclosure

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