July 1992

We are sending you this Comment about the upcoming Pechanga Election to express our concern for its outcome. We also believe some candidates remain more qualified to represent the interests of all Pechanga people. In fact, the future direction of Pechanga lies at stake in the results of this election. For the reasons given below, we recommend voting as follows: FOR SPOKESMAN: Phillip Ibanez, Jr. FOR COUNCIL: Betty Barrientos Lucy Linker PatMaldonado MarkMacarro PatMurphy, Jr. Doris Ulhited Please do not vote for Frances Miranda. She is too negative and unfriendly toward people. She rarely smiles, and seldom has anything positive to say. So we do not want her on the Council. In the previous election, she got the fewest votes. Please do not vote for her this time, again. Please do not vote for Jennie Miranda, either. During her several years in office as Spokesperson, she has mostly favored her family and a few friends. She regularly acts against others. She has been very unfair to many Pechanga people and discriminated against them, too. She wears two faces, and back-stabs people. She telephones her family members to pack tribal meetings so key votes will go her way. She presents biased accounts of events so both sides fail to receive a fair hearing. She lies, too. If she becomes re-elected, she will try to bulldoze or disregard Indian burial sites and other sensitive signs of our ancestors on the Kelsey Tract, because she wants development money and doesn't really care about anything else. In the process, she has become more like a dictator than a tribal leader. She fails to represent all of Pechanga and its people. We need a change. Ugly as it may sound, a story has been circulating that Miranda family members who support Jennie Miranda and show up to vote will receive $100 apiece. The only person with this kind of money to spend is the multi-millionaire land developer who wants to do a massive project on the Kelsey Tract involving all its 235 acres. If Jennie becomes reelected, she will continue to push this questionable project. The developer knows this fact, and so he will try to influence our election results. If Jennie gets back in, we can expect the developer to continue to try to influence Pechanga tribal votes to favor his interests. In time, the developer's meddling in our tribal business will divide us further and devastate Pechanga. We do not want this outcome. Phillip Ibanez, Jr. supports development of our land, too. But he believes a smaller project, to start, will let the people see how development goes. Then we can learn from it so we will not have to rely on the developer. Phillip also deeply respects the Indian burials and other ancient signs of our ancestors on the Kelsey Tract. By electing Phillip Ibanez. Jr., we can look at a slower, more sensible approach to development. After all, even a smaller gambling operation, like at the Sycuan Indian Reservation, brings hundreds of jobs for the people, plus substantial revenue for the tribe. To survive, Indian people must go forward, but with caution while preserving their unique heritage.

So please vote for Phillip Ibanez, Jr. He is more honest, clean, and fair. Give him a chance. Please also spread the word: Show this comment to other Pechanga voters. Thank you.
Concerned Pechanga People