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Product Information

TM Super Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40 (Part-No. 6002005)

Semisynthetic low friction engine oil of the TEREX Mining

SAE 10W-40 class, basing of synthetic
basic oils for petrol and diesel engines in MTU DDC Typ-2
commercial motor vehicles, construction Mack EO - 2M Plus
machines and cars. SCANIA
TM Super Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40 is a modern high CAT ECF-1
performance engine oil with a new conception according CAT TO-2
to SAE class 10W-40. It is specially developped for
modern petrol and diesel engines, which made high
demands regarding on maintenance interval and engine TM Super Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40 offers a fast
cleanliness. TM Super Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40 is engine by oiling - even at very deep temperatures-
particularly recommended for engines with and without reduces in a considerable degree the cold starting
turbocharging. wear.
Thermal stable, even at high outside temperatures.
TM Super Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40 is applicable in Optimization and rationalization of the oil and filter
Diesel and gasoline engines. The requirements of change intervals, due to normal and turbo aspirated
American and European engine manufacturers are engines, according to the possibility of SUPER HIGH
combined in one engine oil. TM Super Engine Oil 500 PERFORMANCE DIESEL engine oils (SHPD-oils).
MC 10W-40 is specially recommended to supply mixed Reducing of the fuel comsumption (about 2% in
vehicle parks. TM Super Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40 practical use).
grants a very good piston cleanliness and can be used
therefore for extended engine oil change intervals. Very low oil consumption caused by the synthetic
TM Super Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40 offers a clear baseoils
reduction of fuel consumption. Excellent engine- and piston cleanliness, protection
TM Super Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40 is practice - against sludge, deposits, oil aging, viscosity increase.
proven and established in aggregates with filling Excellent suitability for EURO 3 - engines.

Application properties
SAE 10W-40
Miscible and compatible with remaining quantities of
ACEA E7/E5/E3/B4/A3
other branded engine oils. The maximum efficency
API - CL - 4/SL will be only reached by using pure TM Super
Engine Oil 500 MC 10W-40.
Global DHD - 1
We recommend to keep the regular oil change
MAN 3275
interval, planned by the manufacturer, to get the best
MB 228.3 / MB 229.1 economy and life span of your vehicle.
Cummins 20071 / 2 / 6 / 7 / 8

The above information is supplied to the best of our knowledge and belief on the basis of the current state of the art and our own development work. Subject to

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