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Stagecoach development

packs Middleton City Hall

Some praise affordable housing plan, others voice concerns about density
by CAMERON BREN support arguing the need for af- Ive been buildings projects
fordable, rentable housing in the in the city now for five or six
city. years and Ive always known
Stagecoach would be devel- Middleton to be supportive of
The proposed rezoning for
oper Jacob Kleins third afford- infill projects and against
Stagecoach Trail Apartments
able housing project in sprawl, Klein said. Thats the
packed the Middleton city hall
Middleton. He was also the de- heart of the issue here tonight,
with residents, business owners
veloper for the MSP Real Estate youve got a site thats ripe for
and city officials both for and
project Heritage Senior Living. infill development with three
against the potential develop-
The 48-unit Stagecoach trail houses that are in all senses of
ment of a 48-unit apartment
would reserve ten percent of the word blighted and youre
building on Century Ave. across
those for individuals or families looking redevelop that in TID
from the Stamm House.
making sixty percent or less #5 with a new high quality proj-
Those opposed to the devel-
than the area median income. ect.
opment were primarily sur-
Klein opened the public hear- Klein says his project would
rounding homeowners who
ing asking where Middleton improve the stormwater runoff
took issue with the density,

Bill that would let

wants to go with is develop- infrastructure, improves access
while city staff, elected officials
and business owners showed See COACH, page 6

towns opt out of

country zoning
without citizen
vote remains in play
by KEVIN MURPHY centives.

Middleton celebrates
Cynthia Richson, Middleton
town chair, remains concerned
that unless the Senate kills the
Although Town of Middleton
bill residents of Dane County
residents voted overwhelming
towns will not have the same
in April not to opt out of shared
voice in deciding who makes
zoning with Dane County, a bill
Photos by Jeff Martin

zoning decisions.
remains in the state senate that
Today, town residents have
would allow Dane County
a binding vote on withdrawing
towns to opt out without resi-
from county zoning, which is
dents voting at an annual meet- The 54thannual Good Neighbor Festival took place Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Mid-
how it should be, Richson said.
ing. dleton. Created to benefit the communitys service organizations, this free festival was a de-
AB 109 would permit town
The state Assembly passed lightful end of summer treat for thousands of local citizens. Pictured above, Miss Wisconsin
boards to hold an opt out vote at

School board approves the

an opt out bill (AB 109) in April Skylar Witte rides in Sundays Good Neighbor Fest Parade. Top, marching to the beat of
a special meeting and continue
and sent it to the senate where it their own drummers in the parade. See more on page 3.
to schedule special meeting
has languished behind the 2017-
19 state budget and Foxconn in-

preliminary district budget

See BILL, page 5

Estimated mill rate of $10.61 - two cents less than the rate for 2016-17
by CAMERON BREN cluding an increase of 146 resi- few cents lower than last year
dent students, no increase in the and is all a complete estimate
revenue limit from the state, in- and will all change again in Oc-
creases of 5.9 percent for health tober.
The Middleton-Cross Plains
insurance, 1 percent for dental The preliminary budget num-
Area School Board approved a
insurance, 3 percent for utilities bers will be recalculated once
preliminary budget ahead of
and 4 percentfor property-liabil- the third Friday in September
final approval at the boards an-
ity insurance. enrollment count is finalized,
nual meeting onSeptember 18
The school board also previ- the October first property valu-
and tax levy approvalOctober
ously approved the hiring of ation comes in and October
four new full-time teachers, a 15 aid certification from DPI,
Director of business services
support teacher at West Middle- Ames explained.
Lori Ames explained that the
ton Elementary School and Those are what we need in
numbers approved in the pre-
$200,000 for alternative special order to do the final numbers
liminary budget will be what is
education staff placements. which will then be presented at
presented at the annual meeting
Ultimately when it all the second meeting in October
in September.
comes down, Ames said, it and where the board will also
The preliminary budget is
comes down to a mill rate of certify the tax levy, Ames
based on assumptions previ-
$10.61 per thousand which is a added.
ously approved by the board in-

Staring at the sun...

Photos by Rebecca Light

On Monday, August 21 a crowd of roughly 600 people attended the Middleton Public Librarys
Eclipse Viewing Party. According to administrative librarian Rebecca Light, the library gave
away 270 pairs of glasses to the public that Monday as well as an additional 230 at a lecture the
previous Thursday. It was a great community event with a wonderful response, and were look-
ing forward to doing it again in seven years! Light said.
The many faces of Good Neighbor Fest

The 54thannual Good Neighbor Festival was packed with fun for Middletonians. Created to
Photos by Jeff Martin

benefit Middletons service organizations, this free festival ran August 25through August 27at
Firemans Park (and elsewhere). Sometimes its easy to forget, the midst of all the fun, that this
festival is a lifeline for our non-profits, said Good Neighbor Festival president Randy Reinke.
It helps to support so much good in our community, and we are incredibly grateful for the folks
who come to eat, play and share their generosity.

Thank you, chairs/scooters to traverse many

Russia story knowing exactly what happened allowed to call off the investiga- story goes deeper than anyone

Mayor Brar goes deeper

areas that only able-bodied regarding Russia meddling in tion is Mueller. He needs to be suspected. Let Mueller do his
people are able to use. our election. We need to know the one to determine when this job, or pay the political price.
Since part of the Stricker who was involved and to what investigation is completed. Let
To the editor, Pond path is in Madison, a Dear Senators Johnson and extent. If this investigation is him do his job. If Trump and the
thank-you also goes out to Baldwin and Rep. Pocan: cut short, it will tarnish the rest of the administration are in- Sincerely,
A big thank you to Mayor Mayor Soglin for his help in Trump presidency and the trust nocent, there should be no issue
Brar for following up on my re- this project. Rep DeSantis has proposed the American people have in with continuing until the job is Audra Prebish
quest to make the path around an amendment to limit the our system of checks and bal- done. Middleton

Disaster Relief, Ordinary Heroes and the King of Floods

Stricker Pond accessible to Peggy Zimmerman Mueller probe into Russia. The ances. Cutting it short = guilt. This
those of us who need wheel- Middleton American people demand The only one that should be makes me believe this Russia

by DIETRICH GRUEN proud of High Point Church, for Count me in. I can still see a needed most. Donor beware: Samaritans Purse The site.
example, as when we organized burly rescue worker in waist- As always, before you donate, charity will be helping once the
Guest Column
15 Disaster Response Teams deep water, calling out Hop please research any group ask- flood recedes with both coun- But before we think flood
(DiRT) from Dane County to on! and mother and small child ing for your money or other do- seling and assistance in clean- rescue, relief and recovery is all
After the riots at Char- muck around and help recon- do just that, leap into his wait- nations. Scammers will no up for homeowners. HPC has about what we can do, meditate
lottesville (August 12) exposed struct flooded homes of neigh- ing arms to be walked to safety. doubt take advantage of this partnered with Samaritans on Psalm 29:
deep divisions and ugly disre- bors to the South for 15 Over and over, I see neighbors massive disaster relief and hide Purse ever since Katrina. 3
The voiceof theLord is
spect in this country, we all wel- successive months, beginning on patrol checking on neigh- among the good guys. Also, Americares Nonprofit that over the waters;
comed with relief and euphoria in January 2006. bors, getting in boats, getting groups with strong local ties to helps with medical care and the God of glorythunders,
the day the moon eclipsed I was on two of those DiRT others on board. Many give the community are often the basic supplies. theLord thunders over the
sunand all other news for that mission trips (February 2006; gratitude and glory to God. best place to donate. Here in GoFundMe The crowd- mighty waters.
one day (August 21). We now April 2007) and organized sev- Have boat, will travel. I Dane County, to donate cash funding site is highlighting Har- 4
The voice of theLord is pow-
turn the eyes of our hearts and eral others; but now I have less have no boat, and we live 1200 and certain supplies bound for vey relief fundraisers in one erful;
hands of hope to the disaster re- stamina and strength for such miles away. But does that re- Houston via Austin, go to spot so you can find a group to the voice of theLord is ma-
lief efforts underway in the back-breaking, week-long ef- lieve us of doing what we can? help. jestic.
Houston area. We cheer the forts. Yet I have increased hope No. Also check out the organiza- United Way of Greater Hous- 9
And in his temple all cry,
everyday heroes surfacing dur- that Texas and neighboring We can let Harvey and its tions listed below, which I cap- ton The Houston chapter has Glory!
ing Hurricane Harvey, as it states are big enough and close aftermath capture our imagi- tured off a Google search, for set up a relief fund to help peo- 10
TheLord sits enthroned
whips Houston with a one-two enough to care for their own nation of what God is doing to details on how to help at such a ple in the aftermath of Harvey. over the flood;
punch of rain and flood not neighbors. More to the point, I inspire the immediate rescue time as this. Then choose one Habitat for Humanity theLord is enthroned as
seen in 500 years. know that God is big enough. and long-term recovery efforts and act now: Habitat for Humanity will be King forever.
Actually, Houston has seen My hope is also based on to heal our land. Harvey and it American Red Cross The working on shelter and housing TheLord gives strength to
more than its share of floods

what Ive seen of ordinary he- heroes have been well captured Red Cross already has 1000s of needs caused by the storm. his people;
in back-to-back years: Memo- roes in Texas and Louisiana and captioned by social media; volunteers on the ground help- San Antonio Food Bank theLord blesses his people
rial Day 2015 flood in 2015, going out of their way on vol- for example, ing victims. The group has shel- The food bank is handling with peace.
Tax Day flood in 2016, and now unteer search & rescue mission ters open, and opened a Mental emergency meals for many
Harvey. And we did see a Har- trips. One guy after another is cane-harvey-pictures/ and Health Line for help people evacuees. Finally, join me in praying
vey-like flood in the aftermath calling out, Hey, buddy, I got cope. Habitat for Horses a that God will be honored as
of Hurricane Katrina, which hit this boat, and I cant just watch news/neighbors-rescuing- Heart to Heart Interna- Texas-based charity that helps King of this flood situation.
the New Orleans area twelve others being flooded out of their neighbors-flooding-in-houston tional A nonprofit providing rescue horses, and is working to AMEN.
years ago this week. We re- homes without doing some- a n d mobile medical help in Texas. rescue horses in need now.
sponded then and now, as a thing. So I am coming to Hous- Southern Baptist Relief SPCA of Texas | Amazon
country and as a Church, in ton. Are you with me? The 7/harvey-houston-good-samari- Provides various aspects of dis- Wish List you can shop and
ways that do us proud and heal common refrain, You bet! tans/. Choose your favorite pic- aster relief, from hot meals to proceeds from the purchase will CHURCH NOTES
our land. Ive never been so ture or social media snippet and child care and eventually to help rescue animals in the flood
meditate on that. Can you see structure repairs and other post- zone.
that such heroic efforts not-so- storm needs. Austin Pets Alive!|Amazon
incidentally but providentially All Hands Volunteers The Wish List
serve to heal the great divide in group leverages volunteers to Austin Humane
this country? And in with ac- help with disaster relief and al- Society|Amazon Wish List
tions that our mere words, Pres- ready has a team in Texas. The National Voluntary Or-
idential and otherwise, could Global Giving A charity ganizations Active in Disaster
not! crowdfunding site that sends the (NVOAD) is also offering sev-
Groups nationwide are money to local relief efforts. the eral ways we can helpinclud-
mounting efforts to collect do- money will initially got help ing donating money and
nations and organize volunteer first responders meet survivors supplies, even volunteering.
efforts to deliver aid where immediate needs. Check out their all-in-one web-
MOM Office and Food Pantry Buildings to temporarily close for several weeks

Vital services for those in need to be offered at an off-site location while pantry parking lot is fixed
by ELLEN CARLSON issue, and we have contracted hours to meet with clients at the and no appointments are neces- ing donations until after we re- phone and email and will be
with a local firm to begin the Middleton Cross Plains Areas sary to go to attend. Case Man- open. There will be a great working throughout this entire
MoM Interim director
process of reconstruction. School District Service Center agement will also be available need to restock our food pantry time. We welcome you to work
The repairs are scheduled to during this time. and the MCPASD District Serv- and well need all of your gen- with us as usual!
MOMs 2013 capital cam- begin on Tuesday, September 5, ice Center by appointment. Sen- erous clothing donations. We In memory of Al Ripp, and
paign raised funds for our new 2017 and end around September A few things you should know ior services will continue. More thank you for your patience and with the enthusiastic support of
building. Since then, however, 22. After careful consideration, Calendar - We will be keep- information is on our website look forward to greeting you his family, donations made in
it has become increasingly clear MOM will be closing the Office ing updates about open hours and on our website calendar. once we are reopen! If you Als memory have been dedi-
that the parking lot is a safety and Distribution Center for the and operations on our calendar. Food / Clothing Donations have further questions regard- cated to pay for the reconstruc-
concern for clients, volunteers three weeks estimated to com- Client Services - MOM will - Because of the nature of the ing perishable donations, the tion of the parking lot. To date,
and visitors. Water damage, plete the extensive reconstruc- offer several Mobile Food construction and the limited MOM website has further infor- MOM has raised approximately
combined with heavy usage by tion. We will be offering Pantries with help from Second hours that staff will be at the mation. 70% of the funds needed.
cars and semi-trucks, have several mobile food pantries as Harvest Foodbank. All current MOM Office, we ask that you Communication - MOM Please consider making a dona-
made the parking lot an urgent well as appointment-only office clients are welcome to attend hold on to any food and cloth- staff will still be reachable by tion in Als memory today.

BILL continued from page 1

votes until they get they a ma- Grove are in the process of opt- Dashing prospects that the for three-member or five-mem- the Senate. associations new position is
jority to opt out, she said. ing out under current proce- Senate would pass AB 109 re- ber town boards to opt out with I think those supporting it in making the senate look at this,
That procedure is just gam- dures it shows the process does cently occurred when the prime changes it makes to the process, the Senate have looked at the and I think its dead. And thats
ing the system because some not need to be changed, Rich- movers behind AB 109, the Gibson said. results of the [April] election in good, Erpenbach said.
[residents] may tire of showing son added. Dane County Towns Associa- A call to Jerry Derr, DCTAs the town of Middleton where Richson will be watching the
up again and again to vote on Richson also is concerned tion, voted to change their posi- president and Bristol town two incumbents were defeated Senate for any public hearings
the same issue, Richson said. that under AB 109, there is no tion on the bill from support to chair, for comment on AB 109 [by Richson and Richard on AB 109 and said, If we
Since the towns of Spring- citizen option to opt back in if a being neutral. and the recent membership Oberle, who are opt out oppo- have to have a carload of citi-
field, Westport, Blue Mounds, town has opted out of county Martha Gibson, town chair of vote, was not returned by dead- nents], and that played a part in zens come to testify [against it],
Berry, Bristol and Cottage zoning. the Town of Primrose, serves on line. changing some minds. The bill we will.
the DCTA Executive Board, and State Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D- is still out there but the towns
said the vote at the August 16 Middleton) said he was not sur-
membership meeting showed prised to learn the DCTA
there was a lack of consensus in changed its position on AB 109
the towns about the bill since it had been only narrowly
I think the significance is it supported by the association.
reflects there is serious dis- He also believes the bill will
agreement among the members have trouble getting passed in
if it is a good bill, Gibson said.
AB 109 upset a lot of peo-
ple because its makes it easier
600 children receive much-needed supplies A NNIVERSARY

On Thursday, August 24 and The program ran in conjunc-

Friday, August 25, 600 children tion with a clothing and sport-
from around the West Madison, ing goods distribution through
Middleton and Cross Plains MOMs Clothing Center.At a
areas received a backpack full time of year where many fami-
of school supplies thanks to the lies are shopping for new school
community, giving them a boost clothing for their growing chil-
of confidence on their upcom- dren, clients can take clothing
ing first day of school. In its that they need for their children
18th year, the School Supply due to the upcoming cooler
program provides school-aged weather. In addition, the Mid-
children, teens, and back-to- dleton Library provided infor-
school adults with items that mation about services and
they will need to help them be distributed a coupon for a free
successful in the upcoming book to be redeemed at the li-
year. brary. They also helped fami-
Each child received a back- lies pick out free books onsite,
pack filled with supplies that is provided by Books for the Middleton Outreach Ministrys School Supply program is
Photo contributed

customized for the grade that World, a global literacy project, now in its 18th year.
they will be entering, says supervised by Rotarians. RISE
Judy Kujoth, Case Managerfor was also there to connect fami-
housing, supplying them with Lions Club, Books for the
Middleton Outreach Min- lies with their Parent-Child
the assistance they need to free World, the many volunteers,
istry. Our goal is to provide Home Program.
up financial resources to pay and all of the community drop-
more than the basics so that Giving kids the items that
for necessary expenses off locations and company
they are truly prepared. The they need to fit in and feel pre-
likerent. drives.
program also supplies relief to pared can make a big impact on
Program supplies were do- MOM is a local non-profit
families worried about the extra how ready they feel on the first
nated by area individuals, organizationthat leads a com-
expense of the oftencostly sup- day and how excited that they
groups and companies. Special munity-wide effort to prevent
plies. Between supply dona- are to meet their teachers, their
thanks to the following busi- homelessness and end hunger
tions and the amazing people classmates, and learn. says
nesses and organizations for for our neighbors throughout
who volunteer, the community Ellen Carlson, Interim Execu-
their extra support of the pro- Middleton, West Madison and
really comes together and tive Director at MOM. The
gram: Madison4Kids, Black- Cross Plains.All programs are

Middleton earns WIAA Award of Excellence

makes the huge undertaking a Back to School Program also

Henry And Dolores Acker

hawk Church, Cross Plains provided free of charge.
reality. helps keep families in stable

celebrate 70 years of love

STEVENS POINT, Wis. member schools for their efforts 2016-17 Award of Excellence, athletic programs for 514 senior
Henry And Dolores Acker Were Married On October 11, 1947
The Wisconsin Interscholastic and achievements in the areas presented to high schools that high schools and 41 junior
at St. Francis Church in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. They have seven
Athletic Association salutes the of sportsmanship, ethics, in- met each of the awards many high/middle level schools in its
children (Barb, Tom, Linda, Sue, Mary, Judy, And Jenny), 12 grand-
15 schools that met the criteria tegrity, leadership and charac- criteria, which cover sportsman- membership. It will sponsor 27
children and 22 great grandchildren. They will be celebrating this
to be the inaugural recipients of ter. ship, ethics, integrity and more. championship tournament se-
joyous occasion with a family gathering.
the Award of Excellence in Middleton High School was The membership of the ries in 2017-18.

2016-17. The award recognizes among the recipients of the WIAA oversees interscholastic

COACH continued from page 1

to the conservancy with a trail-

head and parking and increases
tax base.
Those speaking in opposition
cited concerns of density and
increased traffic and the envi-
ronmental impacts the building
could have on the adjacent con-
servancy. Neighboring resident
Judith Neistrep said her con-
cerns did not mean she opposed
infill development.
Opposition to this particular
project does not equate with op-
position to infill development,
Neistrep said. Also opposition
to this particular project does
not mean that we are in favor of
sprawl and it doesnt mean we
are opposed to workforce hous-

TJ Burke to
ing, but we feel very strongly

wed Vanessa Garza

that this project is too large for
this site.
Kleins original Stagecoach
proposal called for 95 units. It
was conceptually approved but Developer Jacob Klein (at podium) speaking to the council last week. He has reduced his pro- Dr. and Mrs. Terry Burke of Middleton, WI, are pleased to an-
Times-Tribune photo by Cameron Bren

then later denied due to the high posal from 95 units to 48. nounce the engagement of their son, TJ, to Vanessa Garza. Vanessa
density. Klein said 48 units is would continue to. West recalled the controversy spoke during the public hearing is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Pablo Garza of Victoria, TX. A No-
about is low as he can go to be I have full confidence our sparked by the Middleton Hills another 44 registered in opposi- vember wedding is planned. The couple will work and reside in
able to manage the site effi- stormwater concerns will be development, noting she was tion without speaking and three College Station, TX.
ciently by keeping a full-time met, West said. initially one of the most op- in support.
property manager. posed. However, there were ac- The vote on the rezoning re-
City council president Susan commodations made in the quest will be held at the next
West, who also chairs the con- planning based on citizen input plan commission meeting. If
servancy lands committee and throughout the process, she approved there will be addi-
the Dane County Lakes and said. tional public hearings for the
Watershed Commission said the Along with the dozens who implementation plans.
storm water runoff and impact
on the conservancy had been
throughly reviewed by city and

A message from the superintendent

Dear Middleton-Cross everyone. We are committed to development One of our major goals is to learning spaces that will also seeking your input as we
Plains Area Families, providing each student and staff that goes ensure that we have appropriate serve as assets to the narrow our options and finalize
member with the inalienable beyond the facilities and resources to community. We are committed our plans.
Welcome to the 2017-18 right to belong and succeed. curriculum, support the learning needs of to incorporating sustainability Thank you for being such an
school year! The Middleton- We also believe in having high focusing on our students as our enrollment practices that provide learning amazing, supportive
Cross Plains Area School standards for all. We strive to engagement continues to grow. When opportunities for our students. community.
District is dedicated to creating implement bold, creative and well-being. Mavroulis considering expansion options, Finally, we want to ensure that
a learning environment where practices to create meaningful, These are the we are looking to increase any expansion that we consider Respectfully,

Preliminary budget approved

all students feel included and active learning experiences that core values that drive our work capacity and provide room for is financially responsible and George Mavroulis,
inspired. We believe that increase student success. in the Middleton-Cross Plains future needs. We are also provides value to all. We will Superintendent
learning together benefits Finally, we believe in holistic Area School District. looking to create flexible be communicating with you and

Facilities committee
will continue by MCPASD board of education
grappling with
issues caused by Tax rate expected to be $10.61; final
growing enrollment budget will be voted on at annual meeting
The Facilities Planning board held a joint meeting
Committee will reconvene on June 12 to narrow the The Board of Education approved the 2017-18 preliminary Among the planning assumptions used for the preliminary
after a summer break and more than 70 blue-sky op- budget at its regular meeting on Monday, July 10. budget were:
plans to hold at least six tions the committee had This budget will be presented at the annual meeting in Septem- * An increase of 146 resident students.
more meetings before previously developed. ber. * No increase in the revenue limit.
March 2018. After a series of discus- Based on assumptions previously approved by the Board, the re- * Increases of 5.9 percent for health insurance, 1 percent for den-
The FPC, which is made sions, the FPC removed a sulting mill would be $10.61 per $1,000 of property value, which tal insurance, 3 percent for utilities and 4 percent for property-lia-
up of more than 20 com- number of ideas and also would be 2 cents less than the rate for 2016-17. The final state bility insurance.

Important information
munity members, began voted against pursuing a budget, Third Friday September enrollment count, aid certification * An increase of four full-time teachers, a support teacher at West
meeting in September 2016 second high school or tear- and the Districts October property valuation will all impact the Middleton Elementary School and $200,000 for alternative special
to look at enrollment chal- ing down West Middleton final budget to be adopted in October. education staff placements.
lenges, possible options Elementary School.
and to present their find- The remaining options

for homeless students

ings to the Board of Educa- the FPC is still exploring
tion. The FPC toured six are:
District schools and held * Expand or renovate
11 meetings during the Park Elementary
2016-17 school year. * Expand or renovate
The FPCs most recent West Middleton Elemen-
meeting was on Aug. tary
28 when it spent 75 min- * Build a new K-4, K-8

Services are available through the McKinney-

utes learning more about or K-4 and 5-8 campus at
sustainability. The FPC District site adjacent to
will hold two meetings in Pope Farms.

Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act

the fall exploring prelimi- * Expand or renovate
nary options. Community Glacier Creek Middle
workshops are scheduled School
for Nov. 28 at Kromrey * Expand or renovate
andDec. 6at Glacier Creek Middleton High School
to allow community mem- and Clark Street Commu- The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act provides certain rights and protections for students experiencing
bers to learn more about nity School, including uti- homelessness. Students experiencing homelessness are defined as individuals who lack a fixed, regular and nighttime resi-
needs, preliminary options, lizing vacant and dence, which includes the following conditions:
estimated costs and poten- commercial land near the Temporarily sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship or a similar reason.
tial impact. existing campus to add ad- Living in motels, hotels, or camping grounds due to the lack of alternative adequate accommodations.
The FPCs plan is to nar- ditional high school build- Living in emergency, transitional, or domestic violence shelters.
row possible options after ing(s). Living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, bus or train stations or similar settings.
getting feedback from the The FPCs next sched- Unaccompanied youth who also meet the definition of homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act.
community before a Dis- uled meeting is Tuesday, Students experiencing homelessness have the right to:
trict-wide survey is sent out Sept. 26 starting at 6:30 School enrollment even without proper enrollment documentation.
in approximately March the District Services Attend the school of residency or the school of origin. The school of origin is where the student was last enrolled or where
2018. Center. The meetings are they attended school when permanently housed.
The FPC and school open to the public. remain enrolled in the childs school for the duration of homelessness and through the academic year if they become per-
manently housed.
Access to the same programs and services available to all students.
Transportation to and-or from school.
If you are experiencing homelessness or would like more information regarding the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education
Assistance Act, please contact MCPASD Transitional Education coordinator Chris Mand at 826-7766 or send her an e-mail
In addition, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) emphasizes educational stability for students who are placed in out-
of-home care (foster care). The goal is to provide positive educational outcomes for students in foster care through collabo-
ration between school districts and child welfare agencies. Program elements include: educational stability, best interest
determinations, transportation plan and immediate enrollment, and request for records.
Children in foster care shall have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as provided to other children
in the district.
For more information please contact Transitional Education coordinator Chris Mand at 826-7766 or send her an e-mail at
the address above.

First day of school is Sept. 5

The first day of the 2017-18 school year is Tuesday, Sept. 5. Parents of kindergarten students should check with your childs school for a specific

On the first day of school, Middleton High School follows a special schedule, where freshmen attend in the morning, (8:25 a.m. to
12:20 p.m.) and all students in grades 9-12 attend in the afternoon
(12:27 p.m. to 3:44 p.m).
(Freshmen only):
8:25 to 9 a.m. Welcome Assembly: Varsity Gym
9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Link Leader and advisory activities
11:30 to 11:40 a.m. Link Leaders, crews go to the Student Center for lunch
11:40 to 12:20 p.m. Lunch


(all students)
12:27 to 12:50 pm A Day: Block 1
12:56 to 1:19 p.m. A Day: Block 2
1:25 to 1:48 p.m. A Day: Block 3
1:54 to 2:17 p.m. A Day: Block 4
2:23 to 2:46 p.m. B Day: Block 5
2:52 to 3:15 p.m. B Day: Block 6
3:21 to 3:44 p.m. B Day: Block 7

Freshmen will follow the normal daily school bus schedule.

Aug. 29 Kromrey Back to School Night: 6-
8 p.m. Sauk Trail Back to School
Night: 5- 7 p.m.Elm Lawn Ready
Set Go Conferences 3-6 pm

Aug. 30 Elm Lawn Ready Set Go

Conferences 12-3 pm Northside
Back to School Night: 4:30 to 6:30
p.m. Park Back to School Night:
4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Sunset Ridge
Back to School Night: 5- 7 p.m.
West Middleton Back to School
Night: 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Aug 31 Glacier Creek 5th and 6th grade

Back to School Night:
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
7th and 8th grade will attend on
Sept. 14 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

4K families will be notified by their 4K school.

Tuesday, Sept. 5 First Day of School
Friday, Sept. 22 No School Professional Development Day
Oct. 1-7 MHS Homecoming Week Homecoming Parade: Wednesday, Oct. 4
Enrollment in local schools continues to rise

District has gained 105 new students in the last month

Assistant Superintendent She also noted the District West Middleton continues to Cyra said the District is keep- dents which is 105 above ca- is 87 students more than a year
Sherri Cyra provided her gained 41 students since Aug. be the school most over projec- ing close tabs on first grade at pacity and Kromrey has ago at this time and 118 more
monthly update on enrollment 10. tions, Cyra said. The school has Sunset Ridge and kindergarten 1,171. However, Cyra noted the than the 2016-17
to the Board of Education at its Cyra said K-12 enrollment as 490 students, which is 24 more at Park and may need to add a average class size at Glacier ThirdFridaySeptember count.

Kromrey earns Green Ribbon Award

regular meeting on Monday, of last week was within 19 of than was projected and 12 more section at each of those schools. Creek is 24.5, while it is 25.5 at The District budgeted for a 142-
Aug. 14 and said the District projections and with 4K added than a month ago. Kromrey is She also said the middle Kromrey. student increase for 2017-18.
has gained 105 students since the District is five over projec- 22 over projections and CSCS school numbers now reflect re- The District has 6,843 stu- Cyra will provide another up-
her report to the Board onJuly tions for the 2017-18 school has 96 students, which is 14 quested transfers. As a result, dents in kindergarten through date at the Boards regular
10. year. above projections. Glacier Creek has 1,005 stu- 12th grade as of Aug. 14, which meeting onAug. 28.

Local middle school honored for its environmental efforts

Kromrey Middle School received its Green Point also were honored. of Public Instruction. The application process for Kromrey involved
Ribbon School award at a ceremony in Washing- One of our guiding principles as we develop This is a great honor and source of pride for 18 months of gathering data on energy and water
ton, D.C. on Wednesday, July 19. our long-range master planning for facilities is to our school community, in recognition of Krom- conservation, health and wellness, and environ-
Superintendent George Mavroulis, Kromrey make sure they incorporate sustainability prac- reys long-standing commitment to the environ- mental education infusion, said Deb Weitzel, a
principal Steve Soeteber and KMS enrichment tices and provide learning opportunities for stu- ment and environmental education, Soeteber retired MHS science teacher who the District
teacher Brian Miles, who was played a key role dents, Mavroulis said. Kromrey is a great said. hired as a consultant and played a big role in the
in the application process, attended the ceremony. example of what we can do when we make that a Kromrey was awarded Energy Star certifica- application proces for Kromrey and West Mid-
The U.S. Department of Education announced priority. tion (2016, score of 91) and U.S. Middle School dldeton. Its a well-deserved honor for another
on Thursday, May 4 that Kromrey was among the In all, 45 schools, nine districts, and nine post- Design Project of the Year 2016. The school also school in this U.S. Green Ribbon-honored dis-
2017 U.S. Department of Education Green Rib- secondary institutions were honored for their in- received the Wisconsin Technology Education trict.
bon Schools award honorees. The other state novative efforts to reduce environmental impact Association Middle School Program of the Year Weitzel also said the District is working to sub-
school recognized was Houlton Elementary and utility costs, improve health and wellness, and in 2015 and was named Best Place to Work by mit an application for Northside Elementary by

Local students delve into important issues at inaugural

School in the Hudson School District. In addition, ensure effective sustainability education. Krom- Madison Magazine in its annual rankings that the Dec. 1 deadline.
the Washburn School District and UW-Stevens rey was nominated by the Wisconsin Department same year.

Leadership Institute for Equity and Social Justice

Highlights of the institute, according to students:
Nearly 40 students partici- on interrupting biases that neg-
pated in the inaugural Leader- atively impact student popula-
ship Institute for Equity and tions.
Social Justice, which was The student institute was 20
held June 19-22 at Kromrey hours, while the adult institute
Middle School. was 24 hours. The District has Everyone coming together and being able to speak our truth.
In all, 37 students ranging held adult institutes on equity opening my eyes to the real struggle in the world and knowing people want to take action with this problem.
from eighth-graders to recent and social justice the past two Being with a diverse group and being able to talk and have an experience with others.
graduates, participated. Another summers, and will hold another Beginning to feel like I belong and am part of a community and really learning so much more about these issues and how to
60 adults, including staff mem- adult institute in July. Love said take action.
bers and parents of children in the District plans to hold an- Even though I couldnt relate to everyones stories in the personal experience panel, it was great just listening and learning.
District schools, participated in other student institute in the Students also offered suggestions for action that can be taken:
a concurrent institute. Another summer of 2018. If any race has a problem, dont judge their problems by skin color and just help the best you can.
dozen District staff members Topics included defining eq- dont give up on minority students.
served as fellows or facilitators, uity, disparate student out- I would like for teachers to realize we care about education.
Director of Secondary Learning comes, implicit and Zero tolerance for racially charged incidents; make all punishments fair for the problem at hand.
Laura Love said. Both institutes unconscious bias, stereotypes, Be present in our lives interact with us, learn from us, help us with our work, support us and recognize us.
were open to all, she said. microaggressions, counter sto- Increase the diversity of staff.
The content was similar in ries, community building, and Briggs was thrilled with the response from participants, especially staff.
the two institutes, although other methods for taking action. It was gratifying to see staff come out of their shells and be open and honest about the work and things they would like to do
Love noted there were impor- One of the most powerful ses- differently, he said. The staff is eager to see where we go from here.
tant differences. Students were sions was the personal experi-
allowed to recommend actions ence panel in which 11 students
staff can take and ways students or adults shared their own expe-
can influence their peers. The riences before all of the other We are hoping to create an ent or better, Director of Ele- what the data is telling us and to Braunginn, Percy Brown Ashia
focus of the adult institute was participants. open mind for staff and people mentary Learning Rainey begin thinking about ways that Dale, Antonio Hoye, Jalateefa
in society to look within before Briggs said. We wanted to we can change and do things Joe-Meyers, Peter Kechele,
looking at what others are not work from the inside out. We differently. Lindsay Muniz, Michael Nass,
doing or could be doing differ- also want to be transparent with Staff members who partici- Holly Reardon and Mandi Ser-
pated as fellows or facilitators sch. Demond Hill, who gradu-
included Love, Terry Andrews, ated from MHS in 2014, also
Marisha Ash, Matthew participated.
The next Bricks to Build a Strong Foundation campaign is ready to launch

The MCPASD Education trict in a very tangible way. The with Foundation board mem- tion awarded to staff members 2013. He also said each school Hibner was excited to report
Foundation will once again hold funds raised will continue to be bers Zach Galin and Tom in April. Staff members to re- received $1,000 to purchase the Foundation received
its popular Bricks to Build a used to provide even more in- Kobinsky, updated the Board of ceive grants included Elm Makerspace materials as part of 501(c)3 status this past year. He
Strong Foundation campaign. spiring experiences to students Education at its regular meeting Lawns Holly Dregne and Kara a separate $10,000 gift the noted this will make it easier for
New bricks will be added to throughout the District. onJune 26on the work of the Flynn, Glacier Creeks Kim Foundation made to the District the Foundation to be more re-
existing walkways near the Engraved bricks are available non-profit organization. Stieber-White, Kromreys earlier in the year. sponsive to prospective donors
front entrances at Glacier Creek in three sizes and cost $100, Hibner noted the 15-member, Kerry Burke, MHS staff mem- Thats so exciting because it who arent necessarily inter-
and Kromrey that already con- $200 or $400. The paving is ex- all-volunteer board has now bers Gust Athanas, Molly benefits every school and every ested in seeing their funds go
tain more than 300 engraved pected to be completed in the raised close to $250,000 for its Meck, Alison Turner, North- student, he said. Weve heard into an endowment fund.
bricks that fill more than 550 summer of 2018, District com- general endowment fund with sides Travis Follen, Parks lots of positive feedback from Finally, Hibner went over the
spaces purchased by individu- munications director Perry Hib- Madison Community Founda- Luke Kramer and Cassie students and staff about this. transition plan as he will be
als, families, businesses and ner said. tion and also started a second Roberts, Sauk Trails Amy The $21,000-plus that was stepping down as executive di-
area non-profits in 2014 and An order form is available on fund for disadvantaged students Galassi and Kirsten Haag, West distributed in 2017 is a record rector in the coming months.
15. the Foundation website this past year that already has Middletons Shannon Larson for the Foundation, Hibner said. The Foundation board plans to
We wanted to open up these atwww.inspiringexperiences.or close to $25,000. Hibner and 21st Century eSchools The Foundation also awarded take on the administrative du-
spaces so that more businesses g. Online payments are possible pointed out the Foundation has Kim Gauen. two scholarships to graduating ties he has handled and is dis-
and individuals can create a through PayPal, but an order also raised at least $81,000 in In addition, Tri 4 Schools ex- seniors Jessica Wang and An- cussing whether to hire
legacy in our schools, Founda- form is required for all pur- donations the past three years, ecutive director Katie Hensel drea Aranda Sanchez in May. someone in a part-time capacity
tion board chair Courtney chases. If you would like more including nearly $15,000 from wrote a grant on behalf of Sun- Sanchez and Wang each plan to on a commission basis to raise
Ward-Reichard said. An en- information or have additional its annual appeal in 2016, the set Ridge. attend UW-Madison in the fall. funds. The plan also includes
graved brick allows individuals questions, please call Hibner most it has ever raised. The Foundation has awarded The two scholarships will be having Hibner become a mem-
and businesses to show their at608-829-9014. He briefly reviewed the 12 more than 70 grants worth ap- worth up to $3,250, he said. ber of the Foundation board.

Local choral students perform with Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in Madison

support of students in our Dis- Meanwhile, Hibner, along inspirational grants the Founda- proximately $72,000 since

More than 60 current MHS choral phony. but the ones who participated were in- portunity in future years. will be performance our students will
students along with recent graduates It was a very special way for those credibly dedicated, Wilder said. Concerts on the Square take place remember for the rest of their lives.
performed at Concerts on the Square graduating seniors to say farewell to The MHS choirs have performed at annually for six weeks every Wednes- Maestro Sewell and the team at
with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra their high school choral program, WCOs Holiday Pops Concert at the day evening starting in late June. This Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra gave a
on Wednesday, Aug. 2 in Madison. MHS choral director Justin Wilder Middleton Performing Arts Center for year most of the concerts were can- lot to our students and we are so very
A crowd more than 45,000 heard the said. several years. Wilder said the concert celed due to inclement weather. The grateful to them for asking us to be a
choir the Mozart Requiem Lacrimosa, The choral students had four prac- is being discontinued this year due to concerts are free. part of this amazing event. There are
Rex Tremendae and Recordare Pie tices leading up to the concert. They scheduling issues but he and Sewell To see our students standing behind very few events like Concerts on the
Jesu. The orchestra and choir were also had a dress rehearsal with the Wis- discussed how to continue the partner- the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in Square in the United States and to see
under the direction of Maestro Andrew consin Chamber Orchestra on Aug. 1 ship and agreed to have the choir stu- front of 40,000 spectators was incredi- our students representing our District
Sewell. The concert also featured at Madison Colleges Mitby Theater. dents perform at Concerts on the bly exciting, Wilder said. This op- and community was a huge moment of
music by Dvorak, Jenkins and con- As you can imagine, it is difficult Square. Wilder is hopeful MHS choir portunity to perform with a nationally pride for our families and the pro-

MHS spring musical Urinetown nominated for a total of 19 Tommy Awards

cluded with Beethovens 5th Sym- to get students together in the summer, students will continue to have this op- renowned orchestra at the State Capitol gram.

The MHS spring musical tion, junior company member Dando said. (Hope), Leo Rossmiller (Bobby Shoes), Nick Chiaverini (Offi- outstanding direction for The
Urinetown was named an out- Zella Roth received a Tommy The musical, which was per- Strong), Seamus Fleischmann cer Lockstock) and Phoebe 25th Annual Putnman County
standing musical by the Tommy Spirit Award. formed May 4-6 at the Perform- (Caldwell B. Caldwell) and Miller (Little Sally). Spelling Bee last year.
Awards. Members of the cast per- ing Arts Center, was also Eleanor Chmiak (Pennywise). I am so proud of these per- The awards are named for
In all, the MHS production formed a 5-minute medley at nominated for outstanding en- In addition, four students formers and our production local Broadway star Tom Wopat
was nominated for 19 Tommy the Tommy Awards. semble and outstanding orches- were nominated for outstanding team for their hard work and and encourage, recognize and
Awards. The Tommy Awards It was a great experience for tra. Four students were supporting performance: Killian dedication to this show, Dando honor excellence in high school
Show were held on June 11 at our students and an honor to nominated for outstanding lead Powers (Hot Blades Harry), said. musical theater.

Middleton-Cross Plains Wellness Policy key points and upcoming events

the Overture Center. In addi- perform, director Kendra performances: Kylie Peters Kyia Gundlach (Becky Two- Dando was recognized for

The Middleton-Cross Plains development of students, the administrators, parents, and the activities including the day on all or most days opportunities, Family Fun Days
Area School District is District will offer opportunities community met several times to participation in a Pilot Program during a typical school week. sponsored by MCPASD
committed to fostering and to seek, achieve and sustain discuss and draft a new policy. where we can purchase locally For staff, physical activity Wellness have been scheduled
maintaining healthy, happy and happier and healthier lives for The policy was adopted on June grown items (romaine, spinach and mindful practices will be for the year. Fall Family Fun
engaged staff and students. We all students and staff. 30, 2017. Here are a few key leaves, cherry tomatoes, apple encouraged during the work day Day will be on October 14,
will encourage them to inspire, points from the new policy: slices, celery sticks, including during breaks, lunch 2017 at Kromrey. Winter
create, and maintain a culture Beginning in the summer of The District will convene a chopped/shredded lettuce, or designated preparation Family Fun Day will be on
and environment that supports 2016, a new wellness policy representative district wellness cauliflower florets, broccoli periods. February 10, 2018 at Glacier
each persons healthy life. In was drafted due to new federal committee (DWC) that meets at florets and carrots) from The District will offer Creek and will be run in
order to promote the optimal regulations. A team of staff, least two times per year to Southern WI, Northern IL, professional learning conjunction with Cross Plains
establish goals for and oversee Eastern MN and Western MI. opportunities and resources for Park and Rec and will include a
school health and safety Students will be allowed and staff to increase knowledge and candlelight hike. The Spring
policies and programs. encouraged to bring and carry skills about promoting healthy Family Fun Day will be on
Each school within the water bottles filled with only behaviors in the classroom and April 28, 2018 at Kromrey.
District will establish an water with them throughout the school (e.g., increasing the use
ongoing School Wellness day. of kinesthetic teaching Were excited about our new
Committee (SWC) that All foods offered on the approaches or incorporating policy and about taking steps to
convenes at least three times per school campus will meet or nutrition lessons into math improve the health and wellness
year. The SWC will complete exceed the USDA Smart Snacks class). Professional learning of our staff and students. There
the Alliance for a Healthier in School nutrition standards will help District staff will continue to be areas to
Generation Assessment tool, including celebrations and understand the connections improve as we work to make
create an annual action plan, parties, classroom snacks to be between academics and health our district a model for student
carry out District wellness goals shared, and rewards and and the ways in which health and employee wellness.
and review school-level issues. incentives. For several reasons, and wellness are integrated into Resources to help parents and
The District will compile and we encourage non-food ongoing district reform or staff support the wellness policy
publish an annual report to celebrations including to be academic improvement can be found on our website
share basic information about responsive to food allergies, plans/efforts. (
the wellness policy and report dietary restrictions and equity.
on the progress of the schools As a common practice, To support this policy with In order to stay informed of
within the district in meeting physical activity during the our staff, we will continue to district wellness happenings,
wellness goals. school day (including but not offer fitness classes for staff keep an eye out for emails from
All schools within the limited to recess, physical including yoga in every school the district, follow us on
District participate in USDA activity breaks, or physical and evening options to ensure facebook or twitter
child nutrition programs, education) will not be withheld opportunities for more (@mcpasdfamilywellness) or
including the National School as punishment for any reason. employees. Each month, we keep an eye on the website for
Lunch Program (NSLP), and The District recognizes that will have classroom learning upcoming events and learning
the School Breakfast Program students are more attentive and opportunities for staff. If space opportunities.
(SBP). 4K programs within the ready to learn if provided with allows, we will open those
District within the District periodic breaks when they can classes up to parents/guardians With questions on MCPASD
participate in the Special Milk be physically active or stretch. as well, approximately ten days Wellness or to become
Program (SMP). Thus, students will be offered prior to the class. involved, please contact Kalise
Each school in the District periodic opportunities to be Horst, Wellness Coordinator at
will implement Farm to School active or to stretch throughout In addition to learning

Follow Rob
Reischel on
Twitter at

Poised for

Boys volleyball team could
be the best in school history
by ROB REISCHEL son Tuesday at Beloit
Memorial, it could field the
best team in school history.
Middletons boys volleyball I think based on experience
team produced a bevy of sensa- and depth, this team has the
tional teams over the last 15 chance to be one of the top
years. teams weve had at
The Cardinals have quali- Middleton, Cardinals coach
fied for the WIAA state tourna- Ben White said. Weve had an
ment four consecutive years unreal run over the last 11
and nine times since 2002. years and this team could com-
Middleton reached the state pete with some of the best.
semifinals in both 2007 and We have key pieces at all
08. the necessary spots and multi-
And the Cardinals have won ple players that can step in at
10 of the last 11 Big Eight any time and deliver. I think
Conference championships. because of the depth, it reminds

Running down their dreams MHS

Thats a remarkable run that me of those top teams weve
almost any program in the state had. I think this team also has
would love to call its own. the confidence factor on their
side that some of our teams
File photo
Dont look now, but when
Middleton begins its new sea- Brian Verganz (12) and Middletons boys volleyball team have extremely high hopes this season.
BOYS VB, page 20

Boys cross
country team
thinking big Football Cards
hammered by
Sun Prairie
Middletons boys cross
country team has been on a by GREGG HAMMILL
remarkably impressive Times-Tribune
upward trend in recent sea-
Middletons football team
And the Cardinals ascent
found out the hard way it has a
could very well continue in
lot to learn.
Loaded with talent, but sorely
Middleton finished 15th at
lacking in varsity experience,
the WIAA Division 1 state
the Cardinals came up on the
meet in 2013, then has been
short end of a 34-6 Big Eight
sixth, fourth and third in the
Conference game to Sun
three years since.
Prairie at Ashley Field last
Now, with a gifted group of
Friday night.
returnees and a number of tal-
Middleton, which entered
ented newcomers, this could
the season with nine new
be the year Middleton breaks
starters on defense and an
through and pushes for a state
entirely new starting offensive
line, faced one of the leagues
I think we can replicate
more experienced teams in Sun
third place or better this year,
Prairie with 12 returning
said Middleton coach Brian
Finnel, whose team opens its
It was just one of those
season Saturday at the Verona
nights where its tough and I
Invite. Placing third last year
think our inexperience
made the returners very hun-
showed tonight, Middleton
gry and they really want to get
coach Tim Simon said. Thats
on that podium.
not an excuse, but over half
Last year, I think we
their team are returning
thought we were capable of a
starters, and for us, I think we
team podium finish (top two),
had four or five returning
but with (injuries) and a
starters and that showed. One
young squad it just wasnt
team had a little bit more savvy
quite in the cards. We keep
out there than the other team.
getting closer every year. We
Middleton struggled to get
would love for this year to
anything going on offense
finally be the year. File photo

Jack Rader and Middletons boys cross country team believe a state championship is possible this fall.
XC, page 21 FOOTBALL, page 19
HTL team two wins from title

Farrell hurls gem, leads

Middleton past Montello
by ROB REISCHEL The 29ers scored four runs
in the second inning, and that
Times-Tribune was all the offense they would
The Chicago Cubs had Jake In the second, Brennan
Arietta. Schmitt had a leadoff
The San Francisco Giants double. Farrell walked and
had Madison Bumgarner. both runners advanced after a
And on a smaller scale, passed ball.Alec Morrison sin-
Middletons Home Talent gled to right to drive in
League team has Drew Farrell. Schmitt, then Hunter Bindl
Look out below. walked to load the bases.
In the first round of the HTL Farrell then scored on a sac-
playoffs Sunday, Farrell threw rifice fly to center by Brandon
8 1/3 innings of no-hit ball Scheidler to give Middleton a
against host Montello. Pinch 2-0 lead. Morrison and Bindl
hitter Craig Madson broke up both advanced an errant throw
the no-hitter, but Farrell went by the center fielder, then
the distance and led Middleton Kevin Dubler then had a sacri-
to a 7-0 win. fice fly to left to score
Farrell finished with seven Morrison.
strikeouts, allowed two hits and Josh Hinson followed with a
walked two. double to score Bindl and give
Farrell was a force on the the 29ers a 4-0 lead.
mound today, Middleton man- It stayed that way until the
ager Brandon Hellenbrand ninth, when Middleton added
said. He dominated right from three more runs.
the start and never gave in. Andrew Zimmerman had a
Middleton (18-2) now trav- leadoff walk, then Ross
els to Stoughton Sunday at 1 Hellenbrand laid down a sacri-
p.m., and the winner of that fice bunt that Montellos catch-
game will be in the drivers er threw away, putting runners
seat for the HTL champi- on the corners. Brennan
onship. Stoughton cruised to a Schmitt then drove an inside
9-3 win over Dodgeville in the pitch over the right field fence
other first round game. for a three-run home run to
We knew coming into the make it 7-0.
Final Four that anything can Schmitt went 2-for-4 on the
happen, said Hellenbrand, day with a home run, a double
who is trying to guide the 29ers and three RBI. Scheidler went
to their second championship 3-for-4 with a double and an
in five years.We all know that RBI, and Josh Hinson was 2-
if we continue to play the way for-4 with two doubles and an
that we have, we can be very RBI.
hard to beat. Coming in we didnt know
Farrell made sure the 29ers a whole lot about Montello,
werent going to be beat on this Brandon Hellenbrand said.
day. We knew they had a solid
Farrell didnt allow a base starting pitcher, but that was
runner until the fifth inning about it.He struggled a little bit
when he walked Montellos early with his command and
clean-up hitter on a 3-2 pitch. we were able to take advantage
Farrell didnt allow another of it with some great at-bats to
runner until the ninth when get four runs early.
Madson hit a soft liner to cen- We had more chances
ter. Montello later had an throughout the game, but we
infield single, but Farrell couldnt get the clutch hit when
worked out of the mini-jam and we needed it.I thought we real-
finished off the shutout. ly took a good approach at the
I thought he did a great job plate. I was really happy with
of working ahead of hitters the way all nine guys swung
today, Hellenbrand said of today.
Farrell. Our defense played And even happier how
great behind him and Montello Farrell threw.
Times-Tribune photos by Mary Langenfeld
was just never able to get any- Now, Middleton is just two Drew Farrell (top) threw a two-hit shutout and Brennan Schmitt (above) hit a three-run home run to power Middletons Home
thing going. wins from a title. Talent League team past Montello on Sunday.
Great expectations for soccer Cards

Middleton will gun for state

tournament berth again
by ROB REISCHEL actively create spaces to attack
in for more people. Derek and
Drake are both scorers, but nat-
ural playmakers, too, so look
Middletons boys soccer
for big assist numbers for them
program had a 2016 season to
and for goals to be spread
around more.
The Cardinals reached the
Senior Noah Pollard is the
WIAA Division 1 state tourna-
sole returning starter on
ment for the first time since
2011. Middleton knocked off
Senior midfielder Isaiah
Big Eight Conference co-
Williams is a disruptive force,
champs Madison East and Sun
while junior midfielder Greg
Prairie on its way to state.
Pauly played nearly every
And the Cardinals finished
minute last year as an anchor to
the year with an impressive 16-
the midfield.
3-2 record.
Greg is a great swing man
Now comes the hard part.
and can deliver a precise serve,
Sustaining what was
which made him one our top
assist producers with 10,
This year we need to prove
Kollasch said.
our staying power as a soccer
Sophomore Cian Carlson
program, Middleton coach
jumps in as a starting defender,
Ben Kollasch said. Our effort
while junior Ben Scher will
will need to be team driven and
share time in goal with senior
not based on any one players
Mitch Giroux.
individual talent.
Senior defender Brendan
Our tactics have to change
Steele, junior midfielders
to a more aggressive style to
Simon Sisk and Bryce
produce the same results. We
Schuster, and junior forwards
have a tactical plan to get back
Chris George and Andrew
to the (state) tourney given this
Lund will all take on greater
years set of players. We need
roles in their second year on
all 11 players executing that
plan to make it work.
This team will be less driv-
Middletons first order of
en by individual personality
business is a big one: replace
than by collective effort,
first-team all-state forward and
Kollasch said. We have top
current University of
quality players all around and a
Wisconsin player Bradan
few blue chip players. Our less
experienced defensive line will
Allen led the Cardinals in
not be a weakness, because we
goals (31) and points (72) last
have solid players ready to fill
season and tied for second in
in. We just wont have the
assists (10). Allen also finished
File photos
crushing defense that we had
second in school history in Derek Waleffe
last year with three returning
career goals and second in (top) and
career points. D r a k e
Our midfield should be the
Bradan Allen was one of Vandermause
strength of our team. Our tacti-
the best players to come (left) will lead
cal plan is to make the midfield
through Middleton in a decade, M i d d l e t o n s
a force both defensively and
or more, Kollasch said. You boys soccer
cant just fill in for a player like team this fall.
The Big Eight Conference
appears as strong as ever, with
Its a good thing for
Madison Memorial, Madison
Kollasch and the Cardinals that
West, Sun Prairie and Beloit
the cupboard is far from bare.
Memorial expected to contend.
Senior midfielder Derek
Middleton believes it has
Waleffe was a second-team all-
what it takes to win a confer-
state performer and a first-team
ence title, and eventually make
all-Big Eight selection in 2016.
a return trip to state.
Waleffe led the Cardinals in
I dont think we will have
assists (14), was second in
any easy conference games,
goals (22) and second in total
Kollasch said. But our biggest
points (58).
stumbling block might be our-
Senior midfielder Drake
selves and our own consisten-
Vandermause, a second-team
all-conference selection, also
returns. Last season,
Vandermause scored 15 goals,
added 13 assists and finished
with 43 points.
Somehow this remarkable
season was overlooked for seri-
ous conference honors and all-
state honors, Kollasch said of
Vandermause. He is the sec-
ond half of the dynamic duo of
Waleffe and Vandermause.
They are both great players
individually, but their chem-
istry multiplies and adds to
their effectiveness.
Both are exceptional play-
ers who work really well
together and are pieces we
have built our team and tactics
around for this year. They are
both midfielders, so that
changes our approach drasti-
Where Bradan was allowed
to roam free to find spaces in
attack, we have to do more to
Girls cross country
team has high hopes

Fall dance clinic
The Middleton High School dance team will hold its annual
Fall Dance Clinic on Sept. 8 from 5-8 p.m. in the MHS
Children from kindergarten through eighth grade are invited
individually and will lead a the season. Megan Meinholz, Kaden to experience a night in the life of an MHS dancer and learn a
by ROB REISCHEL routine to be performed at halftime of the varsity football
group this fall that Richardson Sophomore Megan Mettel, Genti J., Julianna
expects to be greatly improved. Schwartz is another newcomer Castillo, Bailey Gresch, Tara game.
This team has a very differ- expected to help immediately. DeLeo. There will be games, warm-ups, pizza, fruit, and a T-shirt to
Middletons girls cross ent dynamic from last year, Middleton finished fourth at Juniors: Shae-Lynn wear and take home.The cost is $30.
country program has a long and Richardson said. Not to say the Big Eight Conference meet Kruchten, Amber Grim, Kenzie Registering for the clinic may be done via FeePay.The reg-
proud history. we werent competitive last last year, well behind runaway Krueger, Anna Batchenkova, istration deadline isSept. 3 at 11:59 p.m.
Since 2002 alone, the year, but this year the girls are champion and eventual state Kailey Best, Zoe Rozema, For more information, visit the Dance Team website
Cardinals have made seven noticeably focused, deter- champ Sun Prairie. And while Kelsey Hornung, Keegan at
trips to the WIAA Division 1
Golf scores
mined, and dedicated to putting Sun Prairie will be the odds-on Ducke, Hannah Leach, Gillian
state tournament, highlighted in extra time and effort. I am favorites again, Richardson Ginsberg, Pheobe Miller,
by a title in 2006. definitely confident the girls believes her Cardinals can Elizabeth Pansegrau, Grace Parkcrest
Now, after a three-year will pull through at the section- make far more noise in 2017. Laboda, Stacia Flock, Madison Aug. 8
drought, the Cardinals are opti- al meet this year. This years goals are much Huntington, Susannah At Pleasant View
mistic they can return to state Junior Charlotte Sue and different than last years goals, Murdoch, Liz Libert, Maddie Flight A Monnie Vena, 49
in 2017. sophomore Maeve Gonter are Richardson said. This year we Knaak, Lauren Drake. Flight B Audrey Chase, 54
I dont want to give too two of Middletons top have at least 10 girls who are Sophomores: Elizabeth Flight C Mareta Van Rens, 62
much away, but I think returnees and should be poised good enough to run varsity. Engle, Megan Schwartz,
Middleton is going to surprise for big seasons. Senior We have a very large group Megan McGill, Jena Peterson, Aug. 15
some people this year, said Margaret Patterson also ran of girls competing with and Charlotte Buck, Natalie Parkcrest
Cardinals coach Alexa varsity much of last season. against each other for those McClain, Celia Jones, Maeve Flight A Monnie Vena 46
Richardson, whose team begins Richardson is extremely seven spots, which is making Gonter Flight B Ellie Hall 53
its season at the Verona Invite excited about the addition of all of them better athletes and Freshmmen: Abby Evans, Flight C Mareta Van Rens 58
Saturday. I am not only confi- senior Shae Ruly, a gifted run- the team (better) as a whole. Amanda Tung, Ava Hamilton,
dent in the girls, but am anx- ner who has battled injuries Ashley Hornung, Faranak Aug. 16
ious to get them into some throughout her career. GIRLS CROSS Hematti, Leona Frinzi, Maria Flight A
races. They dont realize how
good they can be this year.
She has been injured in the COUNTRY ROSTER Go, Natalie Biessman, Rose Low Gross Joan Pedracine, 43
past, so my main goal is to get Giefer, Sylvie Bishop, Taylor

Girls spikers go .500 at

Seniors: Erika Rader, Low Net Patty Loew and Joan Pedracine, 35
Last season, Middleton fin- her through the season with no Engelkes, Vashima Anaya, Zoe
Charlotte Sue, Natalie Asmus, Flight B
ished fourth at sectionals and injuries, Richardson said of Barmore, Jojo Huntington.
Margaret Patterson, Iris Low Gross Linda Lilledahl, 47
fell short of the state meet. Ruly. I know a top-10 finish at Ohlrogge, Ellie Grosspietsch, Low Net Barb Werner, Jane Stein and Linda Lilledahl,
Senior Erika Rader qualified state is one of her main goals of Kristen Yu, Grace Chen, 32
Flight C

Onalaska Invitational
Low Gross Diane Gosnell, 55
Low Net Diane Gosnell, 30

Aug. 22
Flight A Ann Athas 49
Flight B Ellie Hall 59
Flight C Karen Falkner 72

by ROB REISCHEL five kills and eight digs, Ashley digs, while McGinnis had five kills and five blocks, while
Harris had 10 assists and kills, three blocks and five Olivia Farin had two aces and
Underwood had 11 assists and digs. Thomas had 10 digs, seven digs.
Middletons girls volleyball nine digs. Flottmeyer had seven kills and Taylor Byington added five
team began its season by going Middleton then defeated four blocks, Underwood had blocks, Thomas had eight digs,
5-5 at the Onalaska Invitational Blair-Taylor, 25-13, 25-12. nine assists and Harris had Underwood had 10 assists, and
last Wednesday and Thursday. Frinzi had five aces, while seven assists. Harris had eight assists and six
The Cardinals went 4-1 dur- Harris had three aces and seven West Bend East then edged digs.
ing pool play on Wednesday, assists. Reagan Thomas added the Cardinals, 25-20, 26-24. Eventual tournament cham-
then 1-4 in the Gold Bracket on four aces, Underwood had two Welti had eight kills and six pion Stratford then toppled the
Thursday. aces and seven kills, and Welti, digs, while McGinnis had five Cardinals, 25-22, 24-26, 15-9.
It was a good start to the Lauren Hendricks and Evie kills and 10 digs. Harris and Welti led the way with 12
season, Middleton coach Coleman all had three kills. Kayla Underwood both added kills, 10 digs and two aces,
Franco Marcos said.Everyone In the Cardinals final match 10 assists. while McGinnis had seven
got a chance to contribute and of the day, they dropped a 25- It was a great match digs, six kills and three aces.
the starting lineup is taking 15, 25-18 decision to Cuba despite 11 serving errors, Harris added 14 assists,
shape. City. Marcos said. while Hendricks had five kills.
Middleton opened with a Welti had seven kills and Middleton then defeated Byington had three kills and
25-17, 25-14 win over two aces, while Hannah Clear Lake, 22-25, 25-21, 15- five blocks, Flottmeyer had
Cumberland. Lily Welti had Flottmeyer had four kills and 11. two kills and five blocks, and
nine kills and two aces, Keller four blocks. McGinnis had four Welti had three aces, 13 kills Underwood had 12 assists and
Frinzi had four aces and five kills and three blocks, and 18 digs, while Frinzi had six digs.
digs and Ashley Harris had Underwood had 11 assists, and eight kills. McGinnis had three We played them tough,
eight assists. Harris had seven assists. aces, four kills, three blocks Marcos said.
The Cardinals then rolled We took second in pool and seven digs, while On deck: Middleton is at
past Gale-Ettick-Trempealeau, play, Marcos said. Flottmeyer had three blocks, the Germantown Invitational
25-19, 25-22. Welti had 12 Middleton was then placed Underwood had two aces and Saturday beginning at 8:30
digs, eight kills and three aces, in the Gold Bracket, where it 10 assists, and Harris had 13 a.m.
while Kayla Underwood had struggled to a 1-4 mark the fol- assists. The Cardinals then host
three aces and nine assists. lowing day. Cuba City then bested the Madison Memorial Tuesday at
Middleton then toppled Cochrane-Fountain City Cardinals, 25-18, 25-20. 6:30 p.m. in their Big Eight
Richland Center, 16-25, 25-16, defeated the Cardinals 25-13, Welti led the way with nine Conference opener.
15-9. Welti was terrific with 13 15-25, 15-10 to start the day. kills and 10 digs, while

Tennis Cardinals drop a pair

kills, 11 digs and two aces, Welti led the Cardinals with McGinnis had three kills and
while Jennifer McGinnis had five aces, eight kills and five 13 digs. Flottmeyer had eight

Middletons girls tennis Middleton won all three 6-1, 6-1 win at No. 2. sophomore Anjleen Kaur post-
team dropped a pair of matches doubles matches against Sun Freshman Noor Rajpal and ed a 6-4, 3-6, 6-2 win at No. 3
last week. Prairie. sophomore Jada Thomas doubles.
Sun Prairie defeated Sophomore Jessica Pientka earned a 6-2, 6-1 win at No. 3
Middleton, 4-3, last and freshman Karsen Dettman doubles. rob reischel
Wednesday. Madison West notched a 6-1, 6-0 win at No. 1 Against West, Dettman
then toppled the Cardinals, 5-2, doubles, while juniors Michelle rolled to a 6-1, 6-3 win at No. 3
last Thursday. Chi and Madie Clark rolled to a singles, while Thomas and

Times-Tribune photos by Mary Langenfeld

Middletons Ryan Lewis (71) sacks Sun Prairie quarterback Jack Zander last Friday, while

n FOOTBALL continued from page 15

against Sun Prairies relent- said. When we had guys open its season-opener, picked right goals of 47 yards and 35 yards it 34-6 with7:20to play. back on that field right away.
less defense led by seniors we didnt have good pass pro- up where it left off when senior by Oakley. Sun Prairie started We just gave up a couple
Marty Strey and Josh Dinga. tection. running back Brian McKenzie both drives inside Middletons big plays and part of that was Aug. 25
Strey, a first-team all-state Defensively, Middleton held burst through a hole and scored 40-yard line. on their quarterback, Simon Sun Prairie 34, Middleton 6
Middleton ... 6 0 0 0 6
selection by the Wisconsin its own with the exception of a on a 62-yard run on the second Defensively we had some said. That quarterback put a Sun Prairie. 10 3 7 14 34
Coaches Association last year handful of big plays. Sun offensive play of the game. big stops, Simon said. Those couple of those fades right on SP Brian McKenzie, 62, run
at defensive end, spent a good Prairie had 286 total yards, but Alex Oakleys extra-point kick two field goals with the field the money. We had good cover- (Alex Oakley kick)
portion of the game in the 219 of those came on four gave Sun Prairie a 7-0 just 31 position they got were small age on them.
M Cole Ragsdale, 14, pass from
Davis Roquet (kick failed
Middleton backfield and also plays. seconds into the game. victories. After the loss, Simon said SP FG, Alex Oakley, 47
returned an interception for a Our coaches always say it Middleton answered back, Middletons defense contin- the focus will be on getting bet- SP FG, Oakley, 35
touchdown. comes down to three, four or thanks to a pair of big plays by ued to hang tough in the third ter heading SP Ty Hamilton, 2, pass from
Jack Zander (Oakley kick)
Sun Prairie intercepted five plays and weve just got to Lewis. Lewis sacked Sun quarter. Sun Prairie took over into Thursdays matchup SP Marty Strey, 21, interception
quarterback Davis Roquet capitalize and get off the field Prairie quarterback Jack at the Middleton 19 after an against Madison West at return (Oakley kick)
three times and limited when we can, Middleton sen- Zander then partially blocked interception, but the defense Brietenbach Stadium. SP Zander, 4, run (Oakley kick)
Middleton to just 124 total ior wide receiver/defensive Oakleys ensuing punt to set held after stuffing McKenzie The good thing is this is TEAM STATISTICS
yards, including just 24 yards back Cole Ragsdale said. Middleton up at the Sun Prairie on a fourth-and-one play at the only game two so weve got a First downs M 8, SP 7. Rushing
rushing on 25 attempts. Said Simon: I thought we 17-yard line. 10. lot of games in front of us, (Att-Yds) M 25-24, SP 34-186.
Their 33 stack is a good bottled them up really My guy, I realized he was- Sun Prairie got the ball right Simon said. Weve got a great Passing yards M 100, SP 100.
Passing (Att.-Comp.-Int.) M 35-13-3,
defense, Simon said. Its a well. Theyre going to end up nt blocking me, so I went past back after forcing a three-and- challenge as coaches and play- SP 14-6-0. Total plays-yards M 60-
defense that theyre going to with whatever yardage they him and got there, Lewis said out and went to work. Zander ers to really focus on getting 124, SP 50-286. Fumbles-lost M 1-1,
stuff you on plays and youve got, but a lot of it was on big of the blocked punt. connected with Cooper Nelson better. SP 2-2. Penalties-yards M 9-39, SP 9-
just got to find those ones that plays. Good football teams like Four plays later, Roquets on a 39-yard pass play to the Our focus is always on our-

break away. Sun Prairie are going to make pass deflected off Sun Prairie Middleton 1. Three plays later, selves first, so we want to INDIVIDUAL LEADERS
Weve been successful some big plays and they did. defender Caden Whites hands tight end Ty Hamilton hauled watch film and learn from this Rushing: M Dion Huff 14-33. SP
against Sun Prairie the last few Sun Prairie, ranked fourth in right to Ragsdale for a 14-yard in a 2-yard touchdown pass one, but weve got to turn the McKenzie 18-177. Passing: M
Roquet 33-11-3; SP Zander 14-6-0-
years and thats usually what the state in the Associated touchdown with 3:45 left in the from Zander, just managing to page fast and come in deter- 100. Receiving: M Ragsdale 1-14. SP
happens. You have to plug Press Large Schools poll, first quarter. Joey Culps extra- break the goal line before get- mined to get better. Its a good Cooper Nelson 4-103.
away, plug away, and rip off a improved to 2-0 overall and in point was blocked and Sun ting hit by Middletons Kevin week to have that. You come
20-yarder, plug away, plug the league, while Middleton, Prairie maintained a narrow 7- Meicher with 1:01 remaining off a tough loss you want to get
away, and rip off a 15-yarder. ranked seventh in the AP poll, 6 lead. in the third quarter.
We just werent able to do dropped to 1-1 overall and in I was running my route and Sun Prairie put the game
that. league. he just tipped it and it came away on Streys interception on
Middletons longest play Theyre a good team, right into my hands for a the first play of the fourth quar-
from scrimmage was a 15-yard Middleton senior defensive end score, Ragsdale said. ter that gave it a 27-6 lead.
completion from Roquet to Ryan Lewis said. I knew they If we put together more Strey, who also plays tight end,
senior tight end Luke Ballweg were going to be a good team plays like that, more drives like showed his receiving skills as
with the Cardinals trailing by going into the game and they that, thatll be good for us, he snagged the interception in
21 points late in the game. proved they were and Im added Lewis. I think we can stride at the Middleton 21 and
Offensively it was one of ready to play them again in the and we will in the next few easily scored.
those interesting evenings playoffs. Thats what Im hop- weeks. A 43-yard pass from Zander
where, when we had pass pro- ing for. Sun Prairie took advantage to Nelson set up Sun Prairies
tection, wed drop the balls or Sun Prairie, coming off a of great field position to take a final score. Zander capped the
we misfired on throws, Simon 56-0 win over Madison East in 13-6 lead into halftime on field drive with a 4-yard run to make

File photos

Middletons Thomas Robson (left) was the Player of the Year in the Big Eight last year, while
Andrew Lepage (above) was named first-team all-conference.

n BOYS VB continued from page 15

have been missing recently. he does it. But Ill say this, varying the sets he receives. waves, does his job and is very middle hitter, while junior have the potential to become
Having been to state the last because of our depth and our Junior outside hitter Eagan supportive of others. Dylan Griffith is a defensive standouts down the road.
four years, these guys know experience returning, there Peters-Michaud was named Senior Carson Blair was a specialist who figures to see a They are developing their
what to expect. isnt any extra pressure on him. honorable-mention all-confer- defensive specialist a year ago lot of court time. skills and its exciting to watch
Middleton returns Big Eight He will take care of the back ence last season. Peters- and is now in the mix for an Sam is very athletic and a them improve every day,
Conference Player of the Year row and his teammates will fol- Michaud finished second on outside hitter position. smart player, White said of White said of that trio. Some
in libero Thomas Robson, and low. the team in kills (256) and He plays with a lot of con- Dettman. I think he is going to day its going to be impressive
three others players that earned Senior setter Andrew added 130 digs and 19 aces. fidence, White said of Blair. be one of the surprise players in to have a front row of these
all-conference honors. In addi- Lepage was named first-team This offseason, he played He enjoys being on the court the conference. guys because they arent done
tion, White was named the all-Big Eight and will be the for the Milwaukee Volleyball and is super competitive. Dylan is about as funda- growing.
states Coach of the Year in Cardinals starting setter for a Club 16s team that finished Senior right side hitter mentally sound as you get in The Cardinals arent done
2016. third straight season. Lepage third at nationals and were Casey McKean is an emerging the back row. Hes very consis- growing either. And White
Robson, beginning his already holds the school record ranked No. 1 in the country for player. While McKean is just tent. We just want him to be believes if things break right,
fourth season as Middletons with 1,397 assists and had 805 a while, White said of Peters- 5-foot-11, White says his leap- more aggressive. Middleton could be poised for
starting libero, figures to be assists last year. Lepage also Michaud. Hes a weapon on ing ability makes him play Junior Matt Ballweg will be perhaps its most memorable
one of the top players in the finished second on the team in the outside even though he like a 6-3 player. the back-up setter, and White year ever.
state. Last season, Robson was aces (29) and digs (219) a year only comes in at 6-0. Hes dynamic on the right says Ballweg would probably This is a team that I hope
named second-team all-state ago. Id use the word explosive, side, White said of McKean. start for most teams in confer- can be playing on the last day
after finishing with a sensation- Andrew will be running a but what we need is consisten- Hes a lefty and we are focus- ence. I feel very comfortable of the season, White said.
al 532 digs. Robson also led the 5-1 offense for us this year cy. We need him to play all- ing on making him an offensive with him running the offense as But Ive coached long enough
Cardinals in aces (34) and was from the start, White said. He around. We need him to be con- option. he makes great decisions. that I know you need skill and
third on the team in assists too is a tri-captain and leads by sistent with his jump serve. He Hes improved a ton from Junior Owen Engling is 6- a little bit of luck to make that
(61). example. Defensively, Thomas is a very good player and now his junior to senior year. Also, foot-5, while sophomore Max happen. Usually good teams
Whenever you start with and Andrew will be as tough of we as a coaching staff have to he is more mentally focused McDonough is 6-4 and Parker make their own luck though.
one of the top liberos in state, a match-up as teams will see help him become a great player this year, and if we can keep Van Buren is 6-3. All three
you are going to be ahead of around the state. by learning the little details of him at that level, hell be quite
the game, White said. On top Senior middle blocker Brian the game. good.
of that (Robson) is a player Verganz was named second- The Cardinals return several Senior outside hitter/defen-
who has been to state every team all-Big Eight a year ago. other key cogs, as well. sive specialist Jacob Nonn has
year of his career, has never Verganz led the Cardinals with Senior defensive specialist grown a foot since his fresh-
lost a Big Eight match and has 41 blocks last season and fin- Brady Schmitt had 20 aces, 167 man year and now stands 6-2.
traveled the country playing ished third on the team with assists and 141 digs last year. White says that Nonn is a
with one of the top volleyball 246 kills. He has a nose for the ball, solid defender and great pass-
clubs in the country. There is By the end of last year, he White said of Schmitt. Very er and is battling for the sec-
nothing he hasnt seen or was our No. 1 option and he unassuming player, but he just ond outside hitter position.
played against. looks to continue that this makes plays. He will be in a Senior Avery Krantz could
Hes a two-time captain year, White said of Verganz. battle for back row playing factor in at outside hitter.
and a leader on and off the We are trying to make him time, but hes just a great kid to Junior Sam Dettman is the
court. Role model. You name it more versatile this year and have on the team. He makes no frontrunner to be the second

File photo

Caleb Easton is one of several returnees this fall for Middletons boys cross country team.

n XC continued from page 15

Middleton brings back roster to fall back on. really feel this might be the ence every year.
seven runners who have varsi- Senior Sam Jaeger was a best Middleton cross country But Middleton is awfully
ty experience. second-team all-conference boys team, top-to-bottom, in tough, too. And this could be
The best of the bunch is runner last year who finished school history. another year where the
senior Jack Rader, who was a 32nd overall at state. Junior The Big Eight Conference Cardinals upward climb con-
second-team all-Big Eight Caleb Easton was a second- appears as daunting as ever. tinues.
Conference selection and a team all-conference runner Madison West is the Its tough winning the
second-team all-state per- who finished 39th at state. defending state champions, title. All seven boys racing
former a year ago. Junior Frank Thornton and while Sun Prairie was ninth at have got to be firing on all
Rader suffered an Achilles sophomore Braedon Gilles state. cylinders on the same day,
tendon tear just days before both ran at state last year, Middleton, which has been Finnel said. We have high
the state track and field meet while junior Michael Madoch second in the conference the expectations this year and it
in June. Rader rested and and sophomore Zach Leffel last two seasons, would love will be quite challenging to
rehabbed the injury much of both have varsity experience. to capture its first Big Eight obtain our goals.
the summer, and is nearing a Freshmen Thomas Blumer title since 2001. I strongly believe we can
return to full health. and Michael Easton have The conference is just hang with anyone in the state
Hes getting stronger each impressed during early prac- brutal every year and it pre- this year. Its going to be a
week, Finnel said of Rader. tices and could crack the var- pares us well for big meets battle and we are looking
At this point, it appears his sity lineup. and the championship sea- forward to a fun season. The
Achilles is not quite 100%, Both seem like naturals at son, Finnel said. West, Sun guys have worked hard during
but each week it gets closer to running, Finnel said of Prairie and us should be the the off-season and we will be
that figure. We are just trying Blumer and Easton. Theyll favorites going into the sea- ready to race.
to get him back into aerobic be fun to watch over the years son. Its a pretty tough confer-
shape for the season and with the program.
increasing his workload. Sophomore Roman
I would say its 50-50 Ystenes and senior Nick
right now if he runs the Lindberg could both factor in,
Verona Invite. We are hopeful as well.
with rehab and training to We definitely have our
have him at peak fitness at the work cut out for us this year,
very end of the season. but I think this is a talented,
Fortunately for the experienced group with some
Cardinals, they have a deep great depth, Finnel said. I






MHS swimmers
roll in opener

by ROB REISCHEL Sun Prairie has some Chirafisi went 1-2 in the 500-
extremely talented swimmers yard freestyle.
and the girls knew they would Emily Keebler won the 100-
need to perform at their best if yard backstroke, while Silverstri
First impressions are often we wanted to get that first win.I won the 100-yard breaststroke.
the most lasting. was very impressed with the Mack was also second in the 50-
If thats the case for swimming, on both sides. yard freestyle and Hippen was
Middletons girls swimming Middletons 200- and 400- second in the 100-yard freestyle
team, the 2017 season should be meter freestyle relay teams both Our girls had a pretty hard
another memorable one. consisted of junior Cora Mack, week of practice and their legs
Middleton defeated an junior Hannah Aegerter, junior were tired, Cabalka said. But
extremely talented and up-and- Makenna Licking and senior they fought through and posted
coming Sun Prairie team, 112- Caroline Hippen. Middletons some really fast early season
58, last Friday. Middletons 200- 200-yard medley relay team of times some even posted life-
and 400-meter freestyle relay senior Chiara Pierobon-Mays, time bests.
teams both set new pool records. freshman Ally Silvestri, fresh- I love where we are at right
This was a really solid first man Kaitlyn Peters and Mack now and I like the confidence
meet for us, said Middleton was also first. that is starting to develop for our
coach Lauren Cabalka, whose Aegerter and Licking were young squad. Our veteran swim-
team is the defending state first and second, respectively, in mers led the girls through the
champions. We went with a the 200-yard freestyle, while first meet with great leadership
pretty strong lineup so we could Silvestri and freshman Bella and we definitely are starting to
Times-Tribune photos by Mary Langenfeld
start to figure out where girls fit Chirafisi went 1-2 in the 200- figure out our team identity.Im
best and what our best relay Belle Chirafisi and Middletons girls swimming team rolled past Sun Prairie in their season-
yard IM. proud of where our relays are at, opener last Friday.
combinations might be as we Aegerter and Peters were first as well, some great motivation
head into our first invite of the and second, respectively, in the as we move forward.
season. 100-yard butterfly. Licking and
Golfers win

Times-Tribune photos by
Mary Langenfeld

Kate Meier and

Middletons girls golf
team won the
Portage Invitational
last Wednesday.

by ROB REISCHEL while sophomore Kate Meier

Times-Tribune added an 85. Grace Peterson
shot an 86 and Danielle
It was a good news, bad Callahan carded a 101.
news scenario for Middletons None of the girls were
girls golf team last very happy with their scores,
Wednesday. Halverson said. But they
First the bad news: The were able to play a course
Cardinals shot a 354 at the they havent played before
Portage Invitational, a score and get a little more experi-
well above their 18-hole aver- ence.
age this season. Middleton then finished
Now the good news: second at 20-team Crusade
Middletons total was still Fore a Cure tournament
good enough to win the 17- played Monday at Maple
team invite held at Portage Bluff Country Club. Milton
Country Club. Waunakee was won the tournament with a
a distant second at 370, while 346 team score, while the
Oregon (373), Verona (377) Cardinals were second at 350.
and Janesville Parker (392) Verona was third at 377, while
rounded out the top five. Franklin and host Madison
Definitely not a score that Edgewood tied for fourth
we liked to see, but it was (379).
good enough to get the job Meier led the Cardinals
done, Middleton coach with an 83, while Hodson
Becky Halverson said.It was fired an 85 and Peterson shot
a good tournament for making an 86.
the girls think. Portage is a Proceeds from the tourna-
tough little course where you ment benefited the Susan G.
really have to think before Komen Foundation. In the
you hit your shots. first seven years of the tourna-
Senior Payton Hodson led ment, more than $55,000 was
the Cardinals with an 82, raised.