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Comprising a Directory of the General Conference,

Union and Local Conferences, Mission Fields,
Educational Institutions, Publishing Houses, Peri-
odicals, Sanitariums, Hospitals and Dispensaries.

(R p, TTTS6 1

CLAUDE CUNARD, Statistical Secretary
of the General Conference


Fundamental Beliefs 4
General Conference and Departments 7


North America 22

Australasian 65

Central European 73

China 85

Far Eastern 102

Inter-American 116

Northern European 129

South American 142

Southern African 156

Southern Asia 179

Southern European 191

General Conference Detached Missions 205

Union of Socialist Soviet Republics 207

Institutions :

Educational 208

Publishing Houses 251

Periodicals Issued 263

Sanitariums 277

Treatment Rooms 289

Food Companies 292

Statistical Tables 294

Constitution and By-Laws 305

Ministerial Directory 311

Obituary Record 385

Index 387

A directory of the conferences, mission fields and institutions connected with
the Seventh-day Adventist denomination is given in the following pages. Adminis-
trative and workers' lists have been furnished by the organizations concerned.
In cases where current reports were not received, previous official and personnel
rolls have been retained or adjusted to the best information available. The
data appearing below is summarized largely from the 1941 Statistical Report, the
one last issued at this date.
The number of churches and the church membership in each of the confer-
ences in North America are those reported at the end of 1942. In fields outside
of North America the church and membership statistics at the close of 1941 have
been used except in a few instances where the organizations themselves have re-
ported later figures. Populations of conferences in North America are based on
the 1940 census reports; and population figures for other fields have been fur-
nished largely from the different Division or Union offices. To avoid duplica-
tions, all Bible Instructors, formerly known as Bible Workers, have been listed
only under their own group heading in the conferences, even though some of
them may not yet have been granted Bible Instructors credentials. Church
School teachers holding missionary credentials are given in the educational sec-
tion under the Licensed Missionary group. Other Church School teachers are
listed separately.
The Seventh-day Adventist denomination was organized May 21, 1863, with a'
constituency of 125 churches and 3,500 members. The work was largely confined
to North America until the year 1874, when the first missionary, Elder J. N.
Andrews, was sent to Switzerland. Gradually other countries were entered. In
1886 a minister went to Russia, the first non-Protestant country in which this work
was started. The schooner "Pitcairn" was launched in San Francisco Bay on
July 28, 1890, and was soon prepared to carry groups of missionaries to various
Pacific islands. In 1894 Seventh-day Adventist workers first entered a heathen
land, opening a mission in Matabeleland, South Africa. South America was entered
the same year, and Japan in 1896.
Since 1901 to the close of 1941, 4,774 missionaries have been sent out for mis-
sion service in various lands, occupying all of the larger countries of the world
and many of the islands of the sea. At the close of 1941, Seventh-day Adventists
were conducting work in 413 countries, islands, and island groups. Twenty-eight
thousand three hundred thirty-five evangelistic and institutional workers were
using in their work 810 languages and modes of speech.
The membership of the 9,105 Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout the
world in 1941 was 520,644. There were 69 union conferences and missions, 137
local conferences, 193 regularly organized mission fields, and 536 institutions. Of
the 28,335 laborers, 10,131 were in North America, and 18,204 in other countries.
The funds in tithes and offerings contributed in 1941 by Seventh-day Advent-
ists were the largest ever raised by the denomination during any one year. The
amount of $16,205,388.19 was a per capita contribution of $31.13 for every mem-
ber in the world field. In North America alone the per capita giving in tithes
and offerings was $61.80.
The Statistical Report showed' that there were 83 Seventh-day Adventist pub-
lishing houses and branches, whose book and periodical retail sales in 1941 were
$4,275,853.68. These publighing houses employed 1,262 workers in producing this
literature, and 3,106 more were engaged in its distribution. Seventh-day Ad-
ventist literature has been printed in 200 languages, and there were 329 periodicals
The enrollment in the 14,543 Sabbath schools was 646,192, and the annual
Sabbath school contributions were $1,931,726.26. Sanitariums, hospitals, and
treatment rod-ins, to the number of 163, engaged in the care of the sick, with
6,231 physicians, nurses, and other attendants, who treated 783,465 patients
during 1941.
There were 2,871 elementary schools, and 260 secondary and advanced schools,
with 5,726 teachers employed, and an enrollment of 119,960 pupils. At the close
of the 1941-42 school year 1,304 students entered some line of denominational
The property value of all organizations and institutions connected with the
Sei,enth-day Adventist denomination, including churches, at the close of 1941, was
The total amount of funds in tithes and offerings contributed since the organ-
ization of the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference in 1863 to the close of
1941 was $310,027,428.28. Literature sales for the same period were registered as
Seventh-day Adventists hold certain fundamental beliefs, the principal features
of which, together with a portion of the scriptural references upon which they are
based, may be summarized as follows:
1. That the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were given by
inspiration of God, contain an all-sufficient revelation of His will to men, and are
the only unerring rule of faith and practice. 2 Tim. 3:15-17.
2. That the Godhead, or Trinity, consists of the Eternal Father, a personal,
spiritual Being, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, infinite in wisdom and love;
the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father, through whom all things were
created and through whom the salvation of the redeemed hosts will be accomplished ;
the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead, the great regenerating power in
the work of redemption. Matt. 28:19.
3. That Jesus Christ is very God, being of the same nature and essence as the
Eternal Father. While retaining His divine nature He took upon Himself the
nature of the human family, lived on the earth as a man, exemplified in His life
as our Example the principles of righteousness, attested His relationship to God by
many mighty miracles, died for our sins on the cross, was raised from the dead, and
ascended to the Father, where He ever lives to make intercession for us. John
1:1, 14 ; Heb. 2:9-18 ; 8:1, 2 ; 4:14-16 ; 7:25.
4. That every person in order to obtain salvation must experience the new birth ;
that this comprises an entire transformation of life and character by the recreative
power of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. John 3:16; Matt. 18:3 ;
Acts 2:37-39.
5. That baptism is an ordinance of the Christian church and should follow
repentance and forgiveness of sins. By its observance faith is shown in the death,
burial, and resurrection of Christ. That the proper form of baptism is by immer-
sion. Rom. 6 :1-6 ; Acts 16 :30-33.
6. That the will of God as it relates to moral conduct is comprehended in His
law of ten commandments ; that these are great moral, unchangeable precepts,
binding upon all men, in every age. Ex. 20:1-17.
7. That the fourth commandment of this unchangeable law requires the observ-
ance of the seventh day Sabbath. This holy institution is at the same time a
memorial of creation and a sign of sanctification; a sign of the believer's rest from
his own works of sin, and his entrance into the rest of soul which Jesus promises
to those who come to Him. Gen. 2:1-3 ; Ex. 20:8-11 ; 31:12-17 ; Heb. 4:1-10.
8. That the law of' ten commandments points out sin, the penalty of which is
death'. The law cannot save the transgressor from his sin, nor impart power to
keep him from sinning. In infinite love and mercy, God provides a way whereby
this may be done. He furnishes a substitute, even Christ the Righteous One, to die
in man's stead, making "Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be
made the righteousness of God in Him." 2 Cor. 5:21. That one is justified, not by
obedience to the law, but by the grace that is in Christ Jesus. By accepting Christ,
man is reconciled to God, justified by His blood for the sins of the past, and saved
from the power of sin by his indwelling life. Thus the gospel becomes "the power
of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth." Rom. 1:16." This' experience is
wrought by the divine agency of the Holy Spirit, who convinces of sin and leads to
the Sin-Bearer, inducting the believer into the new covenant relationship, where the
law of God is written on his heart, and through the enabling power of the in-
dwelling Christ, his life is brought into conformity to the divine precepts. The
honor and merit of this wonderful transformation belong wholly to Christ. 1 John
2:1.2 : R:4 : Rom. 3:20 ; 5:8-10 7:7 ; Eph. 2:8-10 ; 3:17 : Gal. 2:20 ; Heb. 8:8-12.

9. That God "only hath immortality." 1 Tim. 6:15. Mortal man possesses a
nature inherently sinful and dying. Eternal life is the gift of God through faith in
Christ. Rom. 6:23. "He that hath the Son hath life." 1 John 5:12. Immortality
is bestowed upon the righteous at the second coming of Christ, when the righteous
dead are raised from the grave and the living righteous translated to meet the Lord.
Then it is that those accounted faithful "put on immortality." 1 Cor. 15:51-55.
10. That the condition of man in death is one of unconsciousness. That all men,
good and evil alike, remain in the grave from death to the resurrection. Ecci.
9 :6, 6 ; Ps. 146 :3, 4 ; John 5:28, 29.
11. That there shall be a resurrection both of the just and of the unjust. The
resurrection of the just will take place at the second coming of Christ; the resur-
rection of the unjust will take place a thousand years later, at the close of the
millennium. John 5:28, 29 ; 1 Thess. 4:13-18 ; Rev. 20 :5-10.
12. That the finally impenitent, including Satan, the author of sin, will, by the
fires of the last day, be reduced to a state of non-existence, becoming as though they
had not been, thus purging God's universe of sin and sinners. Rom. 6:23 ; Mal.
4:1-8 ; Rev. 20 :9, 10 ; Obadiah 16.
13. That no prophetic period is given in the Bible to reach to the second advent,
but that the longest 'one, the 2300 days of Dan. 8:14, terminated in 1844, and
brought us to an event called the cleansing of the sanctuary.
14. That the true sanctuary, of which the tabernacle on earth was a type, is the
temple of God in Heaven, of which Paul speaks in Hebrews 8 and onward, and of
which the Lord Jesus, as our great high priest, is minister ; and that the priestly
work of our Lord is the antitype of the work of the Jewish priests of the former
dispensation ; that this heavenly sanctuary is the one to be cleansed at the end of
the 2300 days of Daniel 8:14 ; its cleansing being, as in the type, a work of judg-
ment, beginning with the entrance of Christ as the high priest upon the judgment
phase of His ministry in the heavenly sanctuary foreshadowed in the earthly service
of cleansing the sanctuary on the day of atonement. This work of judgment in the
heavenly sanctuary began in 1844. Its completion will close human probation.
15. That God, in the time of the judgment and in accordance with His uniform
dealing with the human family in warning them of coming events vitally affecting
their destiny (Amos 3:6, 7.), sends forth a proclamation of the approach of the
second advent of Christ ; that this work is symbolized by the three angels of
Revelation 14 ; and that their threefold message brings to view a work of reform
to prepare a people to meet Him at His coming.
16. That the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary, synchronizing with the
period of the proclamation of the message of Revelation 14, is a time of investi-
gative judgment, first with reference to the dead, and secondly, with reference to
the living. This investigative judgment determines who of the myriads sleeping in
the dust of the earth are worthy of a part in the first resurrection, and who of its
living multitudes are worthy of translation. 1 Peter 4:17, 18 ; Dan. 7:9, 10 ; Rev.
14:6, 7 ; Luke 20:35.
17. That the followers of Christ should be a godly people, not adopting the
unholy maxims nor conforming to the unrighteous ways of the world, not loving
its sinful pleasures nor countenancing its follies. That the believer should recog-
nize his body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that therefore he should clothe
that body in neat, modest, dignified apparel. Further, that in eating and drinking
and in his entire course of conduct he should shape his life as becomes a follower
of the meek and lowly Master. Thus the believer will be led to abstain from all
intoxicating drinks, tobacco, and other narcotics, and the avoidance of every body
and soul defiling habit and practice. 1 Cor. 3:16, 17 ; 9:25 ; 10:31 ; 1 Tim. 2:9;10;
1 John 2:6.
18. That the divine principle of tithes and offerings for the support of the gospel
is an acknowledgment of God's ownership in our lives, and that we are stewards
who must render account to Him of all that He has committed to our possession.
Lev. 27 :30 ; Mal. 3 :8-12 ; Matt. 23 :23 ; 1 Cor. 9 :9-14 ; 2 Cor. 9 :6-15.
19. That God has placed in His church the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as enu-
merated in 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. That these gifts operate in harmony
with the divine principles of the Bible, and are given for the perfecting of the
saints, the work of the ministry, the edifying of the body of Christ. Rev. 12:17;
19 :10 ; 1 Cor. 1:5-7.

20. That the second coming of Christ is the great'hope of the church, the grand
climax of the gospel and plan of salvation. His coming will be literal, personal,
and visible. Many important events will be associated with His return, such as the
resurrection of the dead, the destruction of the wicked, the purification of the earth,
the reward of the righteous, the establishment of His everlasting kingdom. The
almost complete fulfillment of various lines of prophecy, particularly those found
in the books of Daniel and the Revelation, with existing conditions in the physical,
social, industrial, political, and religious worlds, indicates that Christ's coming
"is near, even at the doors." Matt. 24:33. The exact time of that event has not
been foretold. Believers are exhorted to be ready, for "in such an hour as ye think
not the Son of man" (Matt. 24:44) will be revealed. Luke 21:25-27 ; 17:26-30 ;
John 14:1-3 ; Acts.1 :9-11 Rev. 1:7 ; Heb. 9:28 ; James 5:1-8 ; Joel 3:9-16 ; 2 Tim.
3 :1-5 ; Dan. 7 :27 ; Matt. 24 :36, 44.
21. That the millennial reign of Christ covers the period between the first and
the second resurrections, during which time the saints of all ages will live with
their blessed Redeemer in Heaven. At the end of the millennium, the Holy City
with all the saints will descend to the earth. The wicked, raised in the second
resurrection, will go up on the breadth of the earth with Satan at their head to
compass the camp of the saints, when fire will come down from God out of Heaven
and devour them. In the conflagration which destroys Satan and his host, the
earth itself will be regenerated and cleansed from the effects of the curse. Thus
the universe of God will be purified from the foul blot of sin. Revelation 20 ;
Zech. 14:1-4 ; 2 Peter 3:7-10.
22. That God will make all things new. The earth, restored to. its pristine
beauty, will become forever the abode of the saints of the Lord. The promise to
Abraham, that through Christ he and his seed should possess the earth throughout
the endless ages of eternity, will be fulfilled. "The kingdom and dominion, and the
greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven will be given to the people of
the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all
dominions shall serve and obey Him." Dan. 7:27. Christ, the Lord, will reign
supreme, and every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the
earth, and such as are in the sea, will ascribe "blessing, and honor, and glory, and
power," unto "Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb forever and
ever." Gen. 13:14-17 ; Rom. 4 :13 ; Heb. 11:8-16 : Matt. 5:5 ; Isaiah 86 : Rev. 21:1-7 ;
5:13: Dan. 7:27.
Directory of the Seventh-day
Adventist Denomination

Organized May 21, 1863

Territory: The following-named Divi- Assistant Treasurer: H. H. Cobban.

sions of the General Conference:
North American, Australasian, Cen- General Field Secretaries: M. L. An-
tral European, China, Far Eastern, dreasen, N. F. Brewer, F. C. Gilbert,
Inter-American, Northern European, Frederick Griggs, Meade MacGuire,
South American, Southern African, R. Ruhling.
Southern Asia, Southern European,
Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Statistical Secretary: Claude Conard.

Cable Address: Adventist, Washington. Auditor: W. E. Phillips; Associates,

H. W. Barrows, Claude Conard.
(A B C Code, fifth edition.) Where
the above cable address cannot be Secretaries of Departments
used, please address as follows, "Gen-
eral Conference, Washington, D. C.," Bureau of Home Missions: L. Halowick
or "Adventist Headquarters, Washing- Associates: German, R. Ruhling;
ton, D. C." Swedish, Danish-Norwegian, Russian,
Telegraphic Address: General Confer- and Ukrainian, G. E. Nord ; Miscel-
ence, Washington, D. C. (NOT Takoma laneous Languages, L. Halswick ;
Park.) Jewish Department, F. C. Gilbert;
Spanish, Portuguese, and Indian De-
Express and Freight Address: General partments, H. D. Casebeer.
Conference,,Takoma Park, D. C. (Not Educational: H. A. Morrison ; Associ-
Washington.) Consign freight via ates, W. H. Teesdale, J..E. Weaver.
Baltimore & Ohio Railway.
Home Missionary: R. G. Strickland ;
Postal Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Associates, Wm. Butler, W. A. Scharf-
ington, District of Columbia, U. S. A. f enberg.
Telephone: GEorgia 0800. Medical: H. M. Walton ; Associates
G. A. Roberts, D. Lois Burnett.
Executive Officers
Ministerial Association: Chairman, J. L.
President: J. L. McElhany. McElhany ; Secretary, L. E. Froom ;
Associate, R. A. Anderson.
Vice-Presidents:. W. H. Branson, L. H.
Christian, J. F. Wright, W. G. Turner, North American Colored: G. E. Peters.
C. H. Watson, A. Minck, Glenn Publishing: H. M. Blunden ; Associates,
Calkins, R. R. Figuhr, A. L. Ham, J. J. Strahle, E. E. Franklin.
C. W. Bozarth, A. V. Olson.
Religious Liberty: H. H. Votaw ; Asso-
Secretary: E. D. Dick. ciate, C. S. Longacre.
Associate Secretaries: A. W. Cormack, Sabbath School: J. A. Stevens ; Asso-
H. T. Elliott, T. J. Michael. ciates, S. A, Wellman, W. K. Ising,
Office Secretary: Roger Altman. V. T. Armstrong.
Treasurer: W. E. Nelson. Young People's Missionary Volunteer:
A. W. Peterson ; Associates, C. L.
Undertreasurer: W. H Williams. Bond, D. E. Rebok.
General Vice-Presidents: W. H. Bran- North America
son, L. H. Christian, J. F. Wright.
Vice-President: W. G. Turner.
Secretary: E. D. Dick.
Union Conference Presidents:
Associate Secretaries: A. W. Cormack, Atlantic: M. L. Rice.
H. T. Elliott, T. J. Michael. Canadian: W. B. Ochs.
Central: N. C. Wilson.
Treasurer: W. E. Nelson. Columbia: F. H. Robbins.
Undertreasurer: W. H. Williams. Lake: Jay J. Nethery.
Northern: M. V. Campbell.
Assistant Treasurer: H. H. Cobban. North Pacific: E. L. Neff.
Pacific: L. K. Dickson.
Ex-Presidents of General Conference: Southern; J. K. Jones.
W. A. Spicer, C. H. Watson. Southwestern: J. W. Turner.
General Field Secretaries: M. L. An-
dreasen, N. F. Brewer, F. C. Gilbert, Australasian
Frederick Griggs, Meade MacGuire, President: C. H. Watson.
R. Ruhling. Union President: E. B. Rudge.
Auditors: W. E. Phillips, H. W. Bar- Central European
President: A. Minck.
Statistical Secretary and Associate Secretary: 0. Schildhauer.
Auditor: Claude Conard. Treasurer: M. Voigt.
Secretaries of General Departments Field Secretary: E. Gugel.
Bureau of Home Missions: L. Halswick, Departmental Secretaries:
Secretary and Miscellaneous Lan- Educational:
guages; Associates: German, R. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Ruhling; Swedish, Danish-Norwe- Young People's Missionary Volunteer:
gian, Russian, and Ukrainian, G. E. M. Busch.
Nord; Jewish Department, F. C. Medical: L. E. Conradi.
Gilbert ; Spanish, Portuguese, and Publishing:
Indian Departments, H. D. Casebeer. Union Presidents:
Educational: H. A. Morrison ; Associ- East German: M. Budnick.
ates, W. H. Teesdale, J. E. Weaver. Netherlands: J. Wintzen.
South German: G. Seng.
Home Missionary: R. G. Strickland; West German: C. A. Motzer.
Associates, Wm. Butler, W. A. Scharf-
Medical: H. M. Walton ; Associates,
G. A. Roberts, D. Lois Burnett. Arabic (administered temporarily by the
Ministerial Association: Secretary, L. General Conference): E. L. Branson.
E. Froom ; Associate, R. A. Ander-
North American Colored: G. E. Peters.
Publishing: H. M. Blunden; Associates,
J. J. Strahle, E. E. Franklin. Acting Preisdent: E. L. Longway.
Acting Secretary-Treasurer: G. J.
Religious. Liberty: H. H. Votaw; Asso- Appel.
ciate, C. S. Longacre.
Acting Departmental Secretaries:
Sabbath School: J. A. Stevens; Associ-
ates, S. A. Wellman, W. K. Thing, Educational and Missionary Volunteer:
V. T. Armstrong. H. C. Shen.
Publishing and Home Missionary: E.
Young People's Missionary Volunteer: L. Longway.
A. W. Peterson: Associates, C. L. Medical: Herbert Liu.
Bond, D. E. Rebok. Sabbath School: G. J. Appel.

Union Presidents: Departmental Secretaries:

Central China: G. J. Appel. Educational and Young People's Mis-
East China: sionary Volunteer: N. W. Dunn.
Manchuria: F. Y. Wang. Home Missionary and Sabbath School:
North China: E. M. Davis.
Northwest China: M. C. Warren. Publishing: J. C. Culpepper.
South China: K. T. Khng. Union Presidents:
West China: C. B. Miller.
Austral: E. N. Lugenbeal.
Far Eastern East Brazil: J. L. Brown.
Inca: L. D. Minner.
President: North Brazil: L. B. Halliwell.
Secretary: South Brazil: Rodolph Belz.
Departmental Secretaries: Southern African
Educational: President: C. W. Bozarth.
Home Missionary: Secretary: Milton Robison.
Sabbath School and Young People's Treasurer and Auditor: I. H. Harrison.
Missionary Volunteer:
Medical. Departmental Secretaries:
Publishing: Educational, Sabbath School, and Re-
ligious Liberty: G. E. Shankel.
Union Presidents: Home Misisonary and Young People's
Chosen: M. Hirayama. Missionary Volunteer: J. M. Hnaty-
Japan: S. Ogura. shyn.
Malayan: K. 0. Tan. Medical:
Netherlands East Indies: K. Tilstra. Publishing: L. A. Vixie.
Philippine: L. C. Wilcox. Union Presidents:
Angola: Peter Stevenson.
Inter-American Congo: J. R. Campbell.
President and Religious Liberty Dept.: East Africa: H. M. Sparrow.
Glenn Calkins. South Africa: F. G. Clifford.
Secretary-Treasurer: C. L. Torrey. Southeast Africa: S. G. Maxwell.
Zambesi: G. R. Nash.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Young People's Mis- Southern Asia
sionary Volunteer: A. H. Roth.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School: President: A. L. Ham.
Wesley Amundsen. Acting President: E. M. Meleen.
Publishing: D. A. McAdams. Secretary-Treasurer: A. F. Tarr.
Union Presidents: Departmental Secretaries:
Antillian: W. E. Murray. Educational and Young People's Mis-
Caribbean: W. E. Read. sionary Volunteer: J. M. Steeves.
Central American: N. H. Kinzer. Field Misisonary:
Colombia-Venezuela: W. A. Bergherm. Home Missionary and Sabbath School:
Mexican: H. F. House. E. D. Thomas.
Northern European Religious Liberty.

Work temporarily being administered Union Presidents:

from the General Conference office at Burma and South India: E. M. Meleen.
Washington, D. C., except as otherwise Northeast India: F. H. Loasby.
indicated. Northwest India: 0. 0. Mattison.
Western India: F. P. Spiess.
Union Presidents:
Baltic: R. Vinglas. Southern European
British: II. W. Lowe. President: A. V. Olson.
East Nordic: G. A. Lindsay. Secretary and Educational Dept.: W.
Gold Coast: J. Clifford. R. Beach.
Nigerian: W. McClements. Treasurer and Auditor: F. Brennwald.
West Nordic: P. G. Nelson.
Departmental Secretaries:
South American
Home Missionary: H. Struve.
President: R. R. Figuhr. Medical and Religious Liberty: J. Nuss-
Secretary: H. 0. Olson. baum, 49 Avenue de la Grande Armee,
Treasurer: F. L. Harrison. Paris 16. France.

Publishing: F. Charpiot. Union of Socialist Soviet Republics

Sabbath School and Young People's No reports have been received regard-
Missionary Volunteer: Robert Gerber. ing officers.
Union Presidents: Elective Members
Franco-Belgian: 0. Meyer. W. P. Bradley, F. C. Carrier, H. G.
Hungarian: L. Michnay. Childs, W. P. Elliott, I. H. Evans,
Indian Ocean Union: E. Benezech. C. B. Haynes, W. E. Howell, J. J.
Italian: L. Beer. Ireland, M. E. Kern, H. J. Klooster,
Jugoslavian: A. Lorencin. W. E.-Macpherson, P. T. Magan, 0.
North African: J. de Caenel. Montgomery, E. A. Moon, W. A.
Portuguese: A. D. Comes. Ruble, M. C. Taft, H. W. Vollmer,
Rumanian: D. Florea. G. W. Wells, F. M. Wilcox, B. G.
Swiss: Robert Gerber. Wilkinson.

The Departments of the General Conference named below, while doing
work, some of them prior to the time the General Conference was organ-
ized, and some at a much later date, were organized under the terms of
the General Conference Constitution at the dates mentioned in each case.
Organized 1933 China:
Far Eastern.
Office: General Conference, Takoma Inter-American: A. H. Roth, Apartado
Park, Washington, D. C. 50, General Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
Northern European:
General Secretary: L. Halswick. South American: N. W. Dunn, Virrey
Associate Secretaries: del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen-
R. Ruhling for German Department. tina, South America.
Address: Takoma Park, Washing- Southern African: G. E. Shankel, Grove
ton, D. C. Ave., Claremont, Cape Province,
L. Halswick for Miscellaneous Lan- South Africa.
guages in North America. Address: South-ern Asia: J. M. Steeves, Box 15,
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Poona, India.
F. C. Gilbert for Jewish Department. Southern European: W. R. Beach,
Address: Takoma Park, Washing- Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
ton, D. C. Union Secretaries
H. D. Casebeer for Spanish, Portu-
guese and North American Indian. Atlantic: R. L. Hubbs, South Lancas-
Address : Paradise, Calif. ter, Mass.
G. E. Nord, Scandinavian Department Canadian: D. N. Reiner, Box 396,
and Russian-Ukrainian Languages. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Address : 3327 Sunnyside Ave., Central: G. R. Fattic, 4547 Calvert St.,
Brookfield, Ill. Lincoln, Nebr.
Bureau Committee: L. Halswick, Chair- Columbia: J. P. Neff, 900 Carroll Ave.,
man ; H. D. Casebeer, L. H. Christian, Takoma Park, D. C.
H. T. Elliott, F. C. Gilbert, G. E. Lake: V. P. Lovell, Box C, Berrien
Nord, R. Ruhling, W. G. Turner, Springs, Mich.
W. H. Williams. Northern: K. L. Gant, 601 Forest St.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
North Pacific: H. C. Klement, 202 S.
Palouse St., Walla Walla, Wash.
EDUCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Pacific: A. C. Nelson, Box 146, Glen-
Organized 1902 dale, Calif.
Southern: C. A. Russell, Box 449, De-
Office Address: Takoma Park. Wash- catur, Ga.
ington, D. C. Southwestern: R. L. Roy, Keene, Tex.
College PresidentsNorth America
Secretary: H. A. Morrison.
Associate Secretaries: W. H. Teesdale, G. W. Bowers, College. Place, Wash.
J. E. Weaver. G. E. Jones, South Lancaster, Mass.
M. E. Kern, Takorria Park, D. C.
Division Secretaries H. J. Klooster, Berrien Springs, Mich.
Australasian: B. H. McMahon, Wah- P. T. Magan, 304 North Boyle Ave.,
roonga, New South Wales, Australia. Los Angeles, Calif.


E. E. Cossentine, College View Station,
Lincoln, Nebr. Organized 1918
W. I. Smith, Angwin, Calif.
B. G. Wilkinson, Takoma Park, D. C. Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C.
Junior College Presidents
North America
Secretary: R. G. Strickland.
H. H. Hamilton, Keene, Tex. Associate Secretariei: W. A. Butler,
H. M. Johnson, College Heights, Al- W. A. Scharffenberg.
berta, Canada. Assistant. Secretary: Mrs. Grace D.
J. L. Moran, Huntsville, Ala. Mace.
L. R. Rasmussen, Arlington, Calif.
D. E. Rebok, Collegedale, Tenn. Division Secretaries
C. W. Shankel, Oshawa, Ontario, Can-
ada. Australia: T. A. Mitchell, "Mizpah,"
Foreign School Directors Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Central European.
(Colleges and Junior..Colleges) China: E. L. Longway, Chungking,
C. A. Carter, Box 1674, Kowloon, Hong Szechwan, China.
Far Eastern:
Kong, China. Inter-American: Wesley Amundsen,
F. Charpiot, Collonges sous Saleve, Apartado 50, General Peraza, Ha-
Haute Savoie, France. vana, Cuba.
R. A. Garner, Mussoorie, U. P., India. Northern European.
T. C. Lawson, Cooranbong, N. S. W., South American: E. M. Davis, Virrey
Australia. del Pino, 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen-
W. G. C. Murdoch, Newbold Missionary tina, South America.
College, Packwood Hough, Packwood Southern Africa: J. M. Hnatyshyn,
near Hockley Heath, Warwickshire, Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape, South
England. Africa.
Domingos Peixoto, Colegio Adventists, Southern Asia: E. D. Thomas, Box 15,
Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Poona, India.
South America. Southern European: H. Struve, Hohe-
E. W. Pohlman, Spicer College, Aundh weg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
Road, Kirkee, Poona, India.
W. E. McClure, P. 0. Box 22, Somer- Union Secretaries
set West, C. P., South Africa.
M. J. Sorenson, Mandeville, Jamaica, (All Home Missionary Secretaries of
British West Indies. organized Union Conferences and Un-
T. W. Steen, Puiggari, F. C. E., Entre ion Missions are members ex-officio.)
Rios, Argentina, South America.
L. M. Stump, Box 1772, Manila, Philip- Other Members
pine Islands.
H. Yamamoto, Showa-machi, Kimitsu- (All of whom may be addressed at
gun, Chiba-ken, Japan. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.)
Roger Altman, H. M. Blunden, L. H.
Other Members Christian, F. D. Nichol, G. E. Peters,
A. W. Peterson, J. L. Shuler, J. D.
The following to be addressed at Snider, J. A. Stevens, W. G. Turner,
Takoma Park, D. C.: W. H. Williams.
D. Lois Burnett, Claude Conard, E. D.
Dick, L. E. Froom, C. S. Longacre,
A. W. Peterson, A. W. Werline.
Academy Principals:
E. E. Bietz, Cicero, Ind. Organized 1902
A. J. Olsen, Auburn, Wash.
L. G. Sevrens, South Lancaster, Mass. Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
W. H. Shepherd, Loveland, Colo. ington, D. C.
C. D. Striplin, 700 Kimlin Drive,
Glendale, Calif. Officers
Board of Regents Secretary: H. M. Walton.
Associate Secretary.
Secretary and Associate Secretaries Associate Secretary for Nurses' Divi-
of the Department of Education, sion: D. Lois Burnett.
D. Lois Burnett, E. E. Cossentine, Associate Secretary for Medical Exten-
E. F. Heim, E. H. Risley, W. I. sion: G. A. Roberts, 312 North Boyle
Smith, Kenneth A. Wright. Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

Sectional Counselors China: C. I. Meng, Chungking, Szech-

wan, China.
Medical Education: W. E. Macpherson, Far Eastern: --
312 N. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Inter-American: Glenn Calkins, Apar-
Institutions in Western United States: tado 50, General Peraza, Havana,
H. W. Vollmer, Box 146, Glendale, Cuba.
Calif. Northern European:
Institutions in Eastern United States: South American: H. 0. Olson, Virrey
W. A. Ruble, Melrose, Mass. del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina, South America.
Division Secretaries Southern African: W. H. Anderson,
Grove Avenue, Claremont, Cape,
Australasian: T. A. Sherwin, War- South Africa.
burton, Victoria, Australia. Southern Asia:
Central European: L. E. Conradi, San- Southern European: A. V. Olson, Hohe-
itarium "Waldfriede," Alsenstrasse weg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
99-109, Berlin-Zehlendorf-West, Ger-
many. Detached Fields: H. W. Lowe, Great
China: C. L. Dale, 526 Ningkuo Road, Britain; G. A. Lindsay, Scandinavia;
Shanghai, China. E. L. Branson, Arabia; L. E. Mc-
Far Eastern: Clements, West Africa.
Northern European: A. Andersen, Sani-
tarium, Skodsborg, Denmark. Advisory Council
Southern African.
Southern Asia. Chairman: J. L. McElhany.
Southern European: J. Nussbaum, 49 Secretary: L. E. Froom.
Avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris
16e, France. General Advisory Group
(All union conference medical secreta- General Conference Officers: W. H.
ries are members ex-officio, and should Branson, L. H. Christian, A. W. Cor-
be addressed at the union offices.) mack, E. D. Dick, H. T. Elliott, T. J.
Michael, W. E. Nelson, W. G. Turner,
Other MembersAdvisory Council J. F. Wright.
H. M. Blunden, Claude Conard, H. T. General Members: G. K. Abbott, M. L.
Elliott, L. E. Froom, J. L. McElhany, Andreasen, R. L. Boothby, T. G.
H. A. Morrison, A. W. Peterson, R. Bunch, C. J. Coon, L. K. Dickson, W.
G. Strickland, W. G. Turner, F. M. P. Elliott, T. H. Evans, C. B. Haynes,
Wilcox, all of whom may be ad- W. E. Howell, M. E. Kern, George
dressed at Takoma Park, D. C. Keough, Meade MacGuire, F. D.
D. H. Kress, 405 Niblick Ave., Orlando, Nichol, H. M. S. Richards, E. B.
Fla. Rudge, J. L. Shuler, Mary E. Walsh,
The President and Deans of the College A. L. White, F. M. Wilcox.
of Medical Evangelists. Departmental Members: R. A. Ander-
The Medical director, business man- son, H. M. Blunden, W. P. Bradley,
ager, and director of nurses in each F. C. Carrier, Mable A. Hinkhouse,
regularly organized and denomina- Louise C. Kleuser, C S. Longacre,
tionally recognized medical institu- G. E. Peters, A. W. Peterson, J. A.
tion. Stevens, W. H. Teesdale, W. A.
Editors of denominational health jour- Scharffenberg, H. M. Walton.
North American Members at Large:
Union Presidents: M. V. Campbell,
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Local Presidents: H. J. Detwiler, 0.
ington, D. C. T. Garner, E. F. Hackman, J. L.
Official Organ: The Ministry (48-page McConaughey, W. A. Nelson, J. J.
monthly). Reiswig, H. L. Rudy.
Officers Evangelists and Pastors: Glenn Coon,
F. W. Detamore, George Freeman,
Secretary: L. E. Froom. J. G. Mitchell, It. H. Nightingale, F.
Associate Secretary: R. A. Anderson. L. Peterson, E. L. Pingenot, C. A.
Assistant Secretary: Louise C. Kleuser. Reeves, D. R. Schierman, F. F.
Schwindt, L. A. Semmens, J. L.
Division Association Secretaries Tucker, D. E. Venden, A. E. Webb.
Australasian: E. E. Roenfelt, "Mizpah," Educators and Teachers: E. H. Em-
Wahroonga, N. S. W.. Australia. merson, F. B. Jensen, V. J. Johns,
Central European: H. J. Klooster, D. E. Rebok, A. H.

Rulkoetter, E. R. Thiele, B. G. Wil- A. E. Webb, 2524 Tracy Ave., Kansas

kinson, L. H. Wood, F. H. Yost. City, Mo.
N. C. Wilson, 4547 Calvert St., Lincoln,
Gospel Musicians: P. 0. Campbell, Nebr.
Harold Graham, L. R. Mansell, L. C.
Metcalfe, H. A. Miller.
Denominational Editors: Frederick
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): Organized 1902
Mrs. Irene Anderson, Rose E. Boose, Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
Mrs. Dorothy Conklin, Mrs. Howard ington, D. C.
A. Curran, Mrs. Jessie M. Heslip,
Addie Mae Kalar, Ernestine Volkers, Officers
Sadie Walleker. Secretary: H. M. Blunden.
Associate Secretaries: J. J. Strahle, E.
Overseas Division Members E. Franklin.
Presidents of Divisions (ex-officio), and Office Secretary: Mrs. Nell H. Hunter.
Division Association Secretaries, as Division Secretaries
listed above.
Australasian: J. J. Potter, J. R. Kent,
H. Stacey, "Mizpah," Wahroonga,
New South Wales, Australia.
Central European.
NORTH AMERICAN COLORED China: E. L. Longway, S. D. A. Mission,
DEPARTMENT Chungking, Szechwan, China.
Far Eastern.
Organized 1909 Inter-American: D. A. McAdams,
Apartado 50, General Peraza, Ha-
Secretary: G. E. Peters, Takoma Park, vana, Cuba.
Washington, D. C. Northern European.
South American: J. C. Culpepper, Vir-
Other Members rey del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Ar-
gentina, South America.
L: H. Bland, 824 Harlem Ave., Balti- Southern African: L. A. Vixie, Grove
more, Md. Ave., Claremont, Cape Province,
J. E. Cox, 457 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, South Africa.
N. Y. Southern Asia: L. C. Shepard, Box
T. H. Coopwood, 112Y2 Ivy St., Hot 15, Poona, India.
Springs, Ark. Southern European: F. Charpiot, HOhe-
L. K. Dickson, Box 146, Glendale, Calif. weg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
J. E. Johnson, 7759 American Ave., Ex-officio Members
Detroit, Mich.
Union Field Missionary Secretaries.
J. K. Jones, 437 Ponce de Leon Ave., Publishing House Managers (see list
Atlanta, Ga. VI directories of Publishing Houses
H. W. Kibble, 6145 St. Lawrence Ave., in later pages).
Chicago, Ill. Managers of Book and Periodical De-
J. L. Moran, Oakwood Junior College, partments and Branches.
Huntsville, Ala. Superintendents and Treasurers of pub-
lishing houses.
Jay J. Nethery, Box C, Berrien Springs,
Mich. Other Members
F. L. Peterson, 127 E. 47th Street,
Los Angeles, Calif. Glenn Calkins, Apartado 50, General
Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
M. L. Rice, South Lancaster, Mass. R. R. Figuhr, Virrey del Pino 3801,
F. H. Robbins, 900 Carroll Ave., Ta- Buenos Aires, Argentina, South
koma Park, D. C. America.
T. M. Rowe, 269 Lenox Ave., New A. L. Ham, Box 15, Poona, India.
York, N. Y. J. L. McElhany, Takoma Park, D. C.
T. J. Michael, Takoma Park, D. C.
H. D. Singleton, Box 449, Decatur, Ga. A. Minck, Regensburger Str. 22, V.,
J. G. Thomas, 85 Chickamauga Ave., Berlin W. 50, Germany.
S. W., Atlanta, Ga. A. V. Olson, Hoheweg 17, Berne,
J. W. Turner, Keene, Tex. Switzerland.
R. G. Strickland, Takoma Park, D. C.
W. G. Turner, Takoma Park, D. C. W. G. Turner, Takoma Park, D. C.
J. H. Wagner, 606 N St., N. W., Wash- C. H. Watson, "Mizpah," Wahroonga,
ington, D. C. New South Wales, Australia.


Organized 1902 Organized 1902
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, 1). C. ington, D. C.
Officers Officers
Secretary: H. H. Votaw.
Associate Secretary: C. S. Longacre. Secretary: J. A. Stevens.
Associate Secretaries: S. A. Wellman,
Division Secretaries W. K. Ising, V. T. Armstrong.
Australasian: R. E. Hare, "Mizpah," Assistant Secretary: Rosamond D.
Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia. Ginther.
China: E. L. Longway, S. D. A. Mis- Office Secretary: Margaret Weir.
sion, Chungking, Szechwan, China.
Far Eastern: Division Secretaries
Inter-American: Glenn Calkins, Apar-
tado 50, General Peraza, Havana, Australasian: G. M. Masters, "Mizpah,"
Cuba. Wahroonga, New South Wales, Aus-
North American: W. G. Turner, Takoma tralia.
Park, D. C.
Northern European. Central European: M. Busch, Regens-
burger Str. 22, V., Berlin W. 50,
South American: R. R. Figuhr, Virrey Germany.
del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina, South America. China: G. J. Appel, Chungking, Szech-
Southern African: G. E. Shankel, Grove wan, China.
Ave., Claremont, Cape, South Africa. Far Eastern.
Southern Asia: E. M. Meleen, Box 15, Inter-Amerian: Wesley Amundsen,
Poona, India. Apartado 50, General Peraza, Ha-
Southern European: J. Nussbaum, 49 vana, Cuba.
avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris Northern European.
16e, France.
South American: E. M. Davis, Virrey
Union Secretaries del Pino, 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina, South America.
The Religious Liberty secretaries of the Southern African: G. E. Shankel, Grove
Union Conferences and Union Mis- Ave., Claremont, Cape Province,
sions are members ex-officio.
South Africa.
Other Members Southern Asia: E. D. Thomas, Box 15,
Poona, India.
H. M. Blunden, W. A. Butler, F. C.
Carrier, L. H. Christian, E. D. Dick, Southern European: R. Gerber, Hobe-
W. P. Elliott, I. H. Evans, L. E. weg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
Froom, F. C. Gilbert, W. H. Hackett,
C. B. Haynes, M. E. Kern, Frederick Other Members
Lee, J. L. McElhany, H. A. Morrison,
W. E. Nelson, F. D. Nichol, J. E. H. M. Blunden, H. H. Cobban, H. T.
Shultz, W. A. Spicer, J. A. Stevens, Elliott, Louise Kleuser, A. W. Peter-
R. G. Strickland, M. C. Taft, G. W. son, R. G. Strickland, J. E. Weaver.
Wells, F. M. Wilcox, B. G. Wilkinson,
J. F. Wright, all of whom may be ad- Sabbath School Lesson Committee
dressed at Takoma Park, Washington,
D. C. Resident Members: Roger Altman, M.
A. R. Bell, 2209 Young St., Belling- L. Andreasen, T. E. Bowen, L. H.
ham, Washington. Christian, H. T. Elliott, Rosamond
V. J. Johns, Loma Linda, Calif. D. Ginther, B. P. Hoffman, W. K.
Ising, Frederick Lee, D. E. Robin-
Samuel Kaplan, 1783 Marmion Ave., son, J. A. Stevens, W. H. Teesdale,
New York, N. Y. W. G. Turner, Margaret Weir, S. A.
L. H. King, 231 S. Atlantic Ave., Pitts- Wellman, J. F. Wright, F. H. Yost.
burgh, Pa.
A. S. Maxwell, Mountain View, Calif. Non-Resident Members: W. T. Bartlett,
F. M. Burg, M. Busch, L. L. Cavi-
Hon. George A. Williams, Fairmont, ness, R. Gerber, F. B. Jensen, G. M.
Nebr. Masters, 0. Montgomery, Andrew
W. G. Wirth, 5447 El Verano Ave., Nelson,, H. M. Tippett, W. H. Wake-
Eagle Rock, Calif. ham.

VOICE OF PROPHECY CORPO- Members: J. F. Wright, W. H. Bran-

RATION son, W. E. Nelson, W. G. Turner, W.
H. Williams, E. D. Dick, A. W. Cor-
Incorporated 1942 mack, T. J. Michael, H. M. S. Rich-
Legal Title: "The Voice of Prophecy" ards, Glenn Calkins, C. L. Torrey,
R. R. Figuhr, F. L. Harrison, R. M.
Constituency: Executive Committee of Whitsett, L. H. Lindbeck, W. E.
the General Conference of Seventh- Murray, W. E. Read, N. H. Kinzer,
day Adventists. W. A. Bergherm, H. F. House, E. N.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Ave., Lugenbeal, J. L. Brown, L. D. Min-
N. W., Takoma Park, Washington, ner, Rodolpho Belz, L. B. Halliwell,
D. C. W. P. Bradley.
Officers: Local Operating Board, 805-811 E.
President, W. G. Turner. Broadway, Glendale, California: C.
Vice-President, W. H. Branson. L. Bauer, Chairman ; H. G. Stoehr,
Secretary, W. P. Bradley. Secretary; L. K. Dickson, H. M. S.
Treasurer, W. H. Williams. Richards, F. W. Detamore, I. E.
Board of Trustees: W. G. Turner, W. Gillis.
H. Branson, W. H. Williams, E. D.
Dick, H. T. Elliott, H. M. S. Rich-
ards, F. W. Detamore, R. A. Ander- YOUNG PEOPLE'S MISSIONARY
son, H. H. Votaw, C. B. Haynes, R. VOLUNTEER DEPARTMENT
G. Strickland, M. L. Rice, N. C.
Wilson, F. H. Robbins, J. J. Nethery, Organized 1907 ; made a Department by
M. V. Campbell, E. L. Neff, L. K. General Conference Constitution 1909
Dickson, J. K. Jones, J. W. Turner, Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
W. B. Ochs, A. E. Lickey, B. T. ington, D. C.
Senecal, J. L. Tucker, W. P. Bradley.
North American Radio Commission Secretary: Alfred W. Peterson.
Headquarters: Takoma Park, Washing- Associate Secretaries: C. Lester Bond,
ton, D. C. Denton E. Rebok.
Office Secretary: Mrs. Marjorie W.
Officers: Marsh.
Chairman, W. G. Turner. Division Secretaries
Vice-Chairman, W. H. Branson. Australasian: E. L. Minchin, "Mizpah,"
Secretary, W. P. Bradley Wahroonga, New South Wales, Aus-
Treasurer, W. H. Williams. tralia.
Members: W. G. Turner, W. H. Bran- Central European: M. Busch, Regens-
son, W. H. Williams, E. D. Dick,H. burger Strasse 22, V., Berlin W. 50,
T. Elliott, H. M. S. Richards, R. A. Germany.
Anderson, H. H. Votaw, C. B. Haynes, China: H. E. Shen, Ta chi kou, Chung-
R. G. Strickland, M. L. Rice, N. C. king, Szechwan, China.
Wilson, F. H. Robbins, J. J. Neth- Far Eastern:
ery, M. V. Campbell, E. L. Neff, L. Inter-American: A. H. Roth, Apartado
K. Dickson, J. K. Jones, J. W. Tur- 50, General Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
ner, W. B. Ochs, A. E. Lickey, B. Northern European:
T. Seneca], J. L. Tucker, F. W. Deta- South American: N. W. Dunn, Virrey
more, W. P. Bradley. del Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina, South America.
Local Operating Board for Voice of Southern African: J. M. Hnatyshyn,
Prophecy, 805-811 E. Broadway, Glen- Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape Prov-
dale, California: L. K. Dickson, ince, South Africa.
Chairman; H. M. S. Richards, Vice- Southern Asia: J. M. Steeves, Salisbury
Chairman ; I. E. Gillis, Secretary ; W. Park, Poona, India.
G. Turner, F. W. Detamore, C. L. Southern European: Robert Gerber,
Bauer, W. P. Bradley. HSheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
Latin-American Radio Commission Union Secretaries
Headquarters: Takoma Park, Washing- All union conference and union mission
ton, D. C. Missionary Volunteer secretaries. (To
Officers: be addressed at their respective of-
Chairman, J. F. Wright.
Vice-Chairman, W. H. Branson. Other Members
Secretary, W. P. Bradley. (All of whom may be addressed at
Treasurer, W. E. Nelson. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.,
Under-Treasurer, W. H. Williams. -unless another address is given.)

The - General Conference officers, H. Board of Trustees: The five trustees ap-
M. Blunden, W. P. Bradley, D. Lois pointed by Ellen G. White, or their
Burnett, F. C. Carrier, Lora E. Cle- successors: F. M. Wilcox, J. L. Mc-
ment, E. W. Everest (Mountain View, Elhany, M. E. Kern, W. E. Howell,
Calif.), L. E. Froom, C. B. Haynes, A. L. White.
M. E. Kern, Meade MacGuire
(Route 6, Box 1804, Modesto, Calif.),
J. L. Moran (Oakwood Junior College,
Huntsville, Ala.), H. A. Morrison, GENERAL CONFERENCE ASSOCIA-
G. E. Peters, J. D. Snider, A. W. TION OF SEVENTH-DAY
Spalding (Madison College, Tenn.), ADVENTISTS
J. A. Stevens, R. G. Strickland, W. Incorporated 1916
H. Teesdale, H. H. Votaw, H. M.
Walton, C. E. Weeks (2119-24th Ave., Legal Title: "General Conference As-
N., Nashville, Tenn.), J. E. Weaver. sociation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Constituency: The General Conference
AMERICAN TEMPERANCE SOCIETY Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C.
Headquarters: Takoma Park, Warhing- Officers:
ton, D. C. President, J. L. McElhany.
Secretary, H. H. Cobban.
Officers: Treasurer, W. E. 'Nelson.
Undertreasurer, W. H. Williams.
Chairman, J. L. McElhany.
Board of Trustees: H. H. Cobban,
Vice-Chairman and Secretary, F. C. Claude Conard, E. D. Dick, H. T.
Carrier. Elliott, J. L. McElhany, W. E. Nel-
Treasurer, W. E. Nelson. son, W. G. Turner, F. M. Wilcox,
Committee: F. G. Ashbaugh, R. L. W. H. Williams.
Benton, H. M. Blunden, C. L. Bond,
Lora E. Clement, E. D. Dick, I. H.
Evans, N. G. Evans, H. T. Elliott,
Hansen, C. B. Haynes, W. B. Holden, TION OF SEVENTH-DAY
W. E. Howell, J. K. Jones, M. E. ADVENTISTS
Kern, D. H. Kress, Ernest Lloyd, C. Incorporated 1904
S. Longacre, P. T. Megan, H. A.
Morrison, E. L. Neff, Jay J. Nethery, Legal Title: "General Conference Cor-
F. D. Nichol, J. F. Piper, A. W. Pe- poration of . Seventh-day Adventists."
terson, D. E. Reiner, M. L. Rice, E.
H. Risley, W. A. Ruble, J. D. Snider, Constituency: The General Conference
J. A. Stevens, R. G. Strickland, H. delegates.
H. Votaw, H. M. Walton, J. E. Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
Weaver, F. M. Wilcox, B. G. Wil- ington, D. C.
President, J. L. McElhany.
Secretary, H. H. Cobban.
BUREAU OF PUBLICITY Treasurer, W. E. Nelson.
Undertreasurer, W. H. Williams.
Secretary: J. R. Ferren, Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Board of Trustees: H. H. Cobban,
Claude Conard, E. D. Dick, H. T.
Elliott, J. L. McElhany, W. E. Nel-
son, W. G. Turner, F. M. Wilcox,
An organization formed in harmony
with the trust created in the will of
the late Ellen G. White, to act as her NORTH AMERICAN CONFERENCE
agent in the custody of her writings, CORPORATION OF SEVENTH-
and in the promotion of their continued DAY ADVENTISTS
publication in all lands.
Office Address: General Conference, Incorporated 1913
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Legal Title: "North American Confer-
Officers: President, F. M. Wilcox; Sec- ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
retary, A. L. White. ventists."

Constituency: The General Conference Telephone 527 (Residence telephone

delegates from the United States and 701). Cable address, "Uprising,"
Canada. Mountain View. (Consign freight
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash- and express care Union Transfer
Company, 821 Howard St., San Fran-
ington, D. C. cisco, Calif.) Assistant, I. J. Wood-
Officers: man.
President, W. E. Nelson. London Transportation Agent: C. H.
Secretary, Claude Conard. Anscombe, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edg-
Treasurer, W. E. Nelson. ware, Middlesex, England. Cable ad-
Board of Trustees: Claude Conard, H. dress: "Adventist, London." Tele-
T. Elliott, W. P. Elliott, M. E. Kern, grams, "Adventist, Phone, London."
W. E. Nelson, M. C. Taft, F. M. (Telephone, Edgware 7758.)
Wilcox. The treasurers of division fields out-
side of North America and of union
conferences in North America are
GENERAL CONFERENCE OF SEV- transportation agents for their respec-
ENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS IN- tive territories.
Office Address: Takoma Park, Wash-
6840 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park, ington. D. C.
Washington, D. C.
Organized 1936 Chairman, W. H. Branson.
Board , of Directors: Director of Cadet Training, E. N.
President, J. L. McElhany. General Secretary, Carlyle B. Haynes.
Vice-President and Treasurer, W. E.
Nelson. Members: F. G. Ashbaugh, C. L. Bond,
Secretary, W. A. Benjamin. W. B. Branson, E. N. Dick, H. T.
Undertreasurer, W. H. Williams. Elliott, Carlyle B. Haynes, C. S.
Other Members: H. H. Cobban, E. D. Longacre, T. J. Michael, H. A. Mor-
Dick, H. T. Elliott, W. P. Elliott, rison, A. W. Peterson, C. P. Soren-
W. B. Mohr, J. H. Nies, C. C. sen, R. G. Strickland, W. H. Tees-
Pulver. dale, H. H. Votaw, H. M. Walton.
Executive Council: W. H. Branson,
Chairman ; H. H. Votaw, Vice-chair-
TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT man ; C. B. Haynes, Secretary C. S.
Longacre, H. M. Walton, H. A. Mor-
Superintendent of Transportation: W. rison or W. H. Teesdale, A. W. Pe-
E. Nelson, Takoma Park, Washing- terson or C. L. Bond.
ton, D. C. (Also general agent for
trans-Atlantic steamship lines.) As- Counsellors on War Service Problems
sistant, W. H. Williams. for Army Camps located in states:
,General Transportation Agent: Chicago, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
Ill. ; Telephone, Randolph 2899. Ad- Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connect-
dress all mail to: S. D. A. Trans- icut, and New York: R. L. Hobbs,
portation Department, Room 1824, South Lancaster, Mass. Telephone,
Clinton 682.
105 West Adams St., Chicago, Ill. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Dela-
Eastern Transportation Agent: J. W. ware, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia,
Cole, 30 Irving Place, Room 802, Maryland, and District of Columbia:
New York, N. Y. (Telephone, Algon- C. P. Sorensen, 900 Carroll Ave.,
quin 4-0079.) Cable Address: "Advent- Takoma Park, D. C. Telephone,
ist, New York." (Consign freight to Sligo 3163.
office address, and express care Atlas North and South Carolina, Georgia,
Transportation, 447 West 36th St., Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tenn-
New York, N. Y.) essee, and Kentucky: M. E. Chap-
man, Box 449, Decatur, Ga., Tele-
Western Transportation Agent and Gen- phone, Dearborn 7748.
eral Agent for Transpacific Steamship Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wis-
Lines: H. G. Childs, Pacific Press Pub- consin: R. R. Bietz, Box C, Berrien
lishing Assn., Mountain View, Calif. Springs, Mich. Telephone, 4321.

Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Ne- Bradley, W. P., Takoma Park, Wash-

braska, and Wyoming: G. R. Fattie, ington, D. C.
4547 Calvert St., Lincoln, Nebr. Branson, W. H., Takoma Park, Wash-
Telephone 4-2182. ington, D. C.
Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Brewer, N. F., Takoma Park, Wash-
Dakota: K. L. Gant, 501 Forest Ave., ington, D. C.
Minneapolis, Minn. Telephone, Ken- Butler, W. A., Takoma Park, Washing-
wood 2992. ton, D. C.
Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico. Calkins, Glenn, Apartado 50, General
Oklahoma, and Texas: R. J. Roy, Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
Keene, Texas. Telephone, 7. Campbell, M. N., Route 1, Paw Paw,
Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washing- Mich.
ton, and Alaska: T. M. Cole, P. 0. Carrier, F. C., Takoma Park, Washing-
Box 715, Parkland, Wash. ton, D. C.
Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Casebeer, H. D., 223 Sinclair Ave.,
and Hawaii: F. G. Ashbaugh, Box Glendale, Calif.
146, Glendale, Calif. Telephone, Christian, L. H., Takoma Park, Wash-
Chapman 5-1047. ington, D. C.
Counsellors on War Service Problems Cormack, A. W., Takoma Park, Wash-
for Army Camps located outside the ington, D. C.
United States: Cottrell, R. F., 140 Harvey Drive,
Alaska, H. L. Wood, 101 E. Second Glendale, Calif.
St., Box 2841, Juneau, Alaska. Counsell, I. V., Takoma Park, Wash-
Australia, E. H. Guilliard, Austra- ington, D. C.
lasian Union Conference, "Mizpah," Detamore, F. W., Box 1511, Glendale,
Wahroonga, New South Wales, Aus- Calif.
tralia. Telephone, JW 1061. Dick, E. D., Takoma Park, Washington,
Canada, C. G. Maracl,e, Canadian D. C.
Union Conference, Box 396, Oshawa, Eastman, W. W., 245 E. Crescent Ave.,
Ontario, Canada. Telephone, 3293-W. Redlands, Calif.
Canal Zone, A. R. Ogden, Gavilian Elliott, H. T., Takoma Park, Washing-
and Balboa Roads, P. 0. Box 2006, ton, D. C.
Balboa, Canal Zone. Telephone, Bal- Elliott, W. P., Takoma Park, Washing-
boa 2-1349 ; Residence and Chapel ton, D. C.
House 0845. Evans, I. H., Takoma Park, Washing-
Honolulu, T. H., A. Munson, 1112 ton, D. C.
Keeaumoku St., Honolulu, T. H. Figuhr, R. R., Virrey del Pino 3801,
Telephone, 91979. Buenos Aires, Argentina, South
Ireland, H. W. Lowe, Stanborough America.
Park, Watford, Herts, England. Franklin, E. E., Takoma Park, Wash-
Telephone, Garston (Watford) 2261, ington, D. C.
2262. Froom, L. E., Takoma Park, Washing-
ton, D. C.
Gilbert, F. C., Takoma Park, Washing-
ton, D. C.
PERSONS HOLDING CREDENTIALS Gillis, W. E. Box 1511, Glendale, Calif.
FROM THE GENERAL CON- Griggs, Frederick, 312 N. Boyle Ave.,
FERENCE Los Angeles, Calif.
Ordained Ministers Halswick, L., Takoma Park, Washing-
ton, D. C.
Altman, Roger, Takoma Park, Wash- Ham, A. L., Angwin, Calif.
ington, D. C. Hansen, L. A., Takoma Park, Washing-
Anderson, R. A., Takoma Park, Wash- ton, D. C.
ington, D. C. Haynes, C. B., Takoma Park, Washing-
Andreasen, M. L., Theological Semi- ton, D. C.
nary, Takoma Park, D. C. Hoffman, B. P., 201 Garland Ave.,
Andross, E. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Takoma Park, D. C.
ington, D. C. Hollister, M. A., Takoma Park, Wash-
Armstrong, V. T., Takoma Park, Wash- ington, D. C.
ington, D. C. Howell, W. E., Takoma Park, Washing-
Bartlett, W. T., Stanborough Park, ton, D. C.
Watford, Herts, England.
Benson, H. F., 128 N. Park Dr., Ar- Ising, W. K., Takoma Park, Washing-
lington, Va. ton, D. C.
Blunden, H. M., Takoma Park, Wash- Kaplan, S., 1783 Marmion Ave., Bronx,
ington, D. C. N. Y.
Bond, C. L., Takoma Park, Washington, Keough, George, Theological Seminary,
D. C. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Bowen, T. E., Takoma Park, Washing- Kern, M. E., Takoma Park, Washing-
ton, D. C. ton, D. C.

Klooster, H. J., Emmanuel Missionary Spicer, W. A., Takoma Park, Washing-

College, Berrien Springs, Mich.. ton, D. C.
Kress, D. H., 405 Niblick Ave., Orlando, Stevens, J. A., Takoma Park, Washing-
Fla. ton, D. C.
Loasby, R. E. 913 Hadden Drive, Stoehr, H. G., Box 1611, Glendale,
Takoma Park, D. C. Calif.
Loebsack, H. J., Moscow 10, Ulica Strahle, J. J., Takoma Park, Washing-
Durowa 22, Whg. 19, U. S. S. R. ton, D. C.
Longacre, C. S., Takoma Park, Wash- Strickland, R. G., Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C. ington, D. C.
MacGuire, Meade, Route 5, Box 1304, Teesdale, W. H., Takoma Park, Wash-
Modesto, Calif. ington, D. C.
Magan, P. T., 304 North Boyle Ave., Thurston, C. F., 6 Pine Ave., Takoma
Los Angeles, Calif. Park, Washington, D. C.
McElhany, J. L., Takoma Park, Wash- Turner, W. G., Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C. ington, D. C.
Michael, T. J., Takoma Park, Washing- Vollmer, H. W., 2215 E. Glenoaks,
ton, D. C. Glendale, Calif.
Millard, F. R., 3611 3rd St., N., Ar- Votaw, H. H., Takoma Park, Washing-
lington, Va. ton, D. C.
Minck, A., Regensburgerstrasse 22, V., Walton, H. M., Takoma Park, Wash-
Berlin W. 50, Germany. ington, D. C.
Montgomery, 0., 110 E. Smith Ave., Watson, C. H., "Mizpah," Wahroonga,
Orlando, Fla. N. S. W., Australia.
Moon, E. A., 2119 24th Ave., N., Nash- Weaver; J. E., Takoma Park, Washing-
ville, Tenn. ton, D. C.
Morrison, H. A., Takoma Park, Wash- Wellman, S. A., Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C. ington, D. C.
Nelson, W. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Wells, G. W., Takoma Park, Washing-
ington, D. C. ton, D. C.
Nord, G. E., 3227 Sunnyside Ave., Westphal, F. H., 217 N. Verdugo Road,
Brookfield, Ill. Glendale, Calif.
Nordstrom, J. A., 19 Elam Ave., James- Westphal, J. W., Weslaco, Tex.
town, N. Y. White, A. L., Takoma Park, Washing-
Olsen, M. E., Takoma Park, Washing- ton, D. C.
ton, D. C. Wilcox, F. M., Takoma Park, Washing-
Olson, A. V., Hoheweg 17, Berne, ton, D. C.
Switzerland. Wilkinson, B. G., Washington Missionary
Peters, G. E., 1839 California St., N. W., College, Takoma Park, Washington,
Washington, D. C. D. C.
Peterson, A. W., Takoma Park, Wash- Wood, L. H., Theological Seminary,
ington, D. C. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Prescott, W. W., Takoma Park, Wash- Wright, J. F., Takoma Park, Washing-
ington, D. C. ton, D. C.
Rabello, Roberto, Box 1511. Glendale, Yost, F. H., Theological Seminary,
Calif. Takoma Park, D. C.
Richards; H. M. J., Box 1511, Glendale, Ziprick, 0. J., 1813% Michigan Ave.,
Calif. Los Angeles, Calif.
Richards, H. M. S., Box 1511, Glendale,
Calif. Licensed Ministers
Roberts, G. A., White Memorial Hospital,
Boyle and Michigan Ayes., Los An- Aitken, J. J., Theological Seminary,
geles, Calif. Takoma Park, D. C.
Robinson, A. T., 4037 Mt. Veeder Road, Casebeer, George, Box 1511, Glendale,
Napa, Calif. Calif.
Robinson, D. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Cobban, H. H., Takoma Park, Wash-
ington, D. C. ington, D. C.
Ruble, W. A., New England Sanitarium, Cole, J. W., Room 802-30 Irving Place,
Melrose, Mass. New York, N. Y.
Ruhling, R., Takoma Park, Washing- Crane, Wesley, Box 1511, Glendale,
ton, D. C. Calif.
Scharffenberg, W. A., Takoma Park, Crider, C. C., Theological Seminary,
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. .
Washington, D. C. Cummins, J. F., Takoma Park, Wash-
Schuberth, H. F., Hunibach-Thun, ington, D. C.
Switzerland. Ferren, J. R., Takoma Park, Washing-
Shaw, J. L., Loma Linda, Calif. ton, D. C.
Shuler, J. L., Theological Seminary, Gillis, I. E., Box 1511, Glendale, Calif.
Takoma Park, D. C. Jenkins, T. J., Theological Seminary,
Spalding, A. W., Madison College, Tenn. Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.

Johns, A. F., Theological Seminary, Curtis, T. Rose, Takoma Park, D. C.

Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Day, Mrs. Lena, Takoma Park, D. C.
Johnson, Stanley, Theological Seminary, Detamore, Mrs. Bessie, Box 1511, Glen-
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. dale, Calif.
Kubrock, Daniel, Theological Seminary, Dixon, H. R., Takoma Park, D. C.
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Dybdahl, Mary Jane, Takoma Park,
Leon, Marado, Box 1611, Glendale, D. C.
Calif. Edeburn, Edna, Takoma Park, D. C.
Lin, David, P. U. C., Angwin, Calif. Evans, M. Eugene, Takoma Park, D. C.
McCormick, Sherman, Theological Sem- Fagerstrom, Mrs. Alice, Takoma Park,
inary, Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
D. C. Farney, Katie, Takoma Park, D. C.
McKee, A. C., Theological Seminary, Finch, J. P., Takoma Park, D. C.
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Flaiz, Jessie, Box 1511, Glendale, Calif.
Mondics, B. J., Theological Seminary, Fleisher, Stella, Takoma Park, D. C.
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Ford, Dorothy, Takoma Park, D. C.
Phillips, W. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Franklin, Mrs. Ellen, Takoma Park,
ington, D. C. D. C.
Pratt, Lester, Theological Seminary, Freeman, Mrs. Frederick, Takoma Park,
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. D. C.
Rentfro, C. A., Takoma Park, Wash- George, Mrs. Winnifred, Box 1511,
ington, D. C. Glendale, Calif.
Seamont, Robert, Box 1511, Glendale, Geymet, Edith, Takoma Park, D. C.
Calif. Ginther, Rosamond, Takoma Park,
Turner, Raymond, Box 1511, Glendale, Washington, D. C.
Calif. Griffin, Jeanne, Takoma Park, D. C.
Williams, W. H., Takoma Park, Wash- Halswick, Mrs. L., Takoma Park, D. C.
ington, D. C. Ham, Lyman, Box 1511, Glendale, Calif.
Wilson, Neal C., Theological Seminary, Hatcher, Jewell, Takoma Park, D. C.
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Helms, Mrs. Edna, Takoma Park, D. C.
Zytkoskee, A. G., Theological Seminary, Higgins, Cecil, Takoma Park, D. C.
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Higgins, Mrs. Cecil, Takoma Park,
D. C.
Hindmarsh, Mary, Takoma Park, D. C.
Hinkhouse, Mabel, Takoma Park, D. C.
Howell, Emma E., Box 1511, Glendale,
Licensed Missionaries Calif.
Hunter, Mrs. Nell, Takoma Park,
Adams, Mrs. W. L., Box 1511, Glendale, Washington, D. C.
Calif. Ireland, J. J., Takoma Park, Washing-
Albright, Mary, Box 1511, Glendale, ton, D. C.
Calif. Ivanoff, Alexander, Union College, Col-
Amadon, Grace, Takoma Park, D. C. lege View Station, Lincoln, Nebr.
Anscombe, C. H., 41 Hazel Gardens, Ivanoff, Mrs. Alexander, Union College,
Edgware, Middlesex, England. College View Station, Lincoln, Nebr.
Arason, S., Takoma Park, D. C. Klady, Pauline, Takoma Park, D. C.
Augsburger, Daniel, Emanuel Mission- Kleuser, Louise C., Takoma Park,
ary College, Berrien Springs, Mich. Washington, D. C.
Barrows, H. W., Takoma Park, Wash- LaBonte, Alice, Takoma Park, D. C.
ington, D. C. Lay, Mrs. Margaret, Takoma Park,
Benjamin, W. A., Takoma Park, Wash- D. C.
ington, D. C. Linebarger, Mrs. Bankie, Takoma Park,
Benton, Esther, Takoma Park, D. C. D. C.
Borm, Erna, Takoma Park, D. C. Mace, Mrs. J. W., Takoma Park, Wash-
Bremson, Carl, Theological Seminary, ington, D. C.
Takoma Park, D. C. MacNeil, Marian, Takoma Park, D. C.
Bryan, Geneva, Takoma Park, D. C. Macpherson, W. E., White Memorial
Buckman, Mrs. Nora, Takoma Park, Hospital, Boyle and Michigan Ave.,
D. C. Los Angeles, Calif.
Burnett, D. Lois, Takoma Park, Wash- Marsh, Frank, Takoma Park, D. C.
ington, D. C. Marsh, Mrs. Marjorie W., Takoma
. Case, Mrs. Ralph, Takoma Park, D. C. Park, Washington, D. C.
Childs, H. G., Mountain View, Calif. McNeill, S. E., Takoma Park, D. C.
Chrisman, Mrs. Myrtle, Takoma Park, Melendy, Genevieve, Takoma Park,
D. C. D. C.
Conard, Claude, Takoma Park, Wash- Meyer, Louise, Takoma Park, D. C.
ington, D. C. Miller, Helen, Takoma Park, D. C.
Crabtree, Mrs. Carol, Takoma Park, Minesinger, Mrs. Elsie, Takoma Park,
D. C. D. C.

Mooney, Marie, Takoma Park, D. C. Taft, M. C., Takoma Park, Washing-

Nesbit, Alta, Box 1511, Glendale, Calif. ton, D. C.
Norton, Mrs. June, Takoma Park, D. C. Thompson, Mrs. Stella, Takoma Park,
Nowlin, Frances, Takoma Park, D. C. D. C.
Nyman, Marion, Takoma Park, D. C. Truitt, Minnie, Takoma Park, D. C.
Osiek, Alvina, Box 1511, Glendale, Calif. Truitt, Mintie, Takoma Park, D. C.
Paul, Mary, Takoma Park, D. C. Walker, Mrs. Viola, Takoma Park,
Peck, Sarah, Angwin, Calif. D. C.
Perez, Mrs. Arturo, Takoma Park, Walters, Mrs. Irene, Takoma Park,
D. C. D. C.
Peter, Mrs. Julius, Takoma Park, D. C. Wangerin, Mrs. Theodora, Box 1511,
Plummer, Mrs. L. Flora, Takoma Park, Glendale, Calif.
Washington, D. C. Watlington, Arthelia, Takoma Park,
Porter, Mabel, 30 Irving Place, Room D. C.
802, New York, N. Y. Weir, Margaret, Takoma Park, Wash-
Quinn, Mrs. Lottie, Takoma Park, D. C. ington, D. C.
Rebok, Mrs. D. E., Takoma Park, D. C. Wellman, Thelma, Takoma Park, D. C.
Rice, Bethel, Takoma Park, D. C. Wells, Evelyn, Takoma Park, D. C.
Rogers, C. L., Takoma Park, D. C. Williams, Mrs. Flora: H., Takoma Park,
liozema, Eunice, Takoma Park, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Schmidt, Anna, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edg- Williams, Ora, Takoma Park, D. C.
ware, Middlesex, England. Williams, Mrs. Sarah, Takoma Park,
Scott, Mrs. Mary, Takoma Park, D. C. D. C.
Wyatt, Mrs. Matilda, Takoma Park,
Seino, Yoshio, Madison College, Mad- D. C.
ison, Tenn. Yam, Siaw Teck, Walla Walla College,
Shade], Hazel, Takoma Park, D. C. Walla Walla, Wash.
Slate, Verna, Takoma Park, D. C. Yost, Mrs. F. H., Takoma Park, D. C.
Surface, Louise, Takoma Park, D. C. Zeidler, Elizabeth, Takoma Park, D. C.
Territory: United States, Canada, Population: 143,685,645; churches,
Alaska, Bermuda Islands and Ha- 2,659; members, 197,215.
waiian Islands, all of which 'com-
prise the Atlantic, Canadian, Central,
Columbia, Lake, Northern, North Vice-President for North America: W.
Pacific, Pacific, Southern, and South-
western Union Conferences. G. Turner.


Organized 1901

Territory: The States of Connecticut, Licensed Ministers:

Maine, New Hampshire, New York, G. T. Anderson, Winton Heaven,
Rhode Island, and Vermont, the Com- George L. Caviness, J. 0. Gibson,
monwealth of Massachusetts, and the C. A. Haysmer, P. C. James, L. G.
Bermuda Islands, comprising the Sevrens, Alfred Walters, H. U. Wen-
Conferences of Greater New York, dell.
New York, Northern New England,
Southern New England and the Ber- Honorary: F. D. Myers.
muda Mission. Licensed Missionaries:
Population: 21,947,246; churches, 206 H. E. Rice, W. M. Vehorn.
members, 14,500. ' Honorary: Eva Daggett, Sophia
Gooss, Elizabeth Kehrein, Ellery Rob-
Office Address: South Lancaster, Mass. inson, Emma Wells.
(Telephone, Clinton 682.)
Legal Association: "The Atlantic Un-
Officers : ion Conference Association of Sev-
President, M. L. Rice. enth-day Adventists."
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, W.
C. Raley.
Executive Committee: M. L. Rice, BERMUDA MISSION
D. A. Bailey, C. M. Bunker, Theo-
dore Carcich, R. J. Christian, 0. Organized as The Seventh-day Adventist
T. Garner, R. L. Hubbs, G. E. Church of Bermuda
Jones, J. F. Kent, J. F. Knipschild, Territory: Bermuda Islands.
D. A. Ochs, W. C. Raley, H. E.
Rice, T. M. Rowe, W. A. Ruble. Address: Box 370, Hamilton, Bermuda.
Departmental Secretaries: Population: 30,814 ; churches, 3 ; mem-
bership, 197.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun-
sellor on War Service Problems, Officers:
R. L. Hubbs. Superintendent, J. F. Knipschild.
Field Missionary, J. F. Kent. Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Edna L.
Home Missionary, R. J. Christian. Knipschild.
Medical, W. A. Ruble.
Religious Liberty and Radio, M. L. Departmental Secretaries:
Rice. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Colored Representative, T. M. Rowe. Y. P. M. V., J. F. Knipschild.
Transportation Agent, W. C. Raley. Ordained Minister: J. F. Knipschild.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Minister: C. A. Nelson.
R. J. Christian, L. H. Hartin, R. L.
Hubbs, G. E. Jones, J. F. Kent, H. K.
Martin, W. C. Raley, M. L. Rice, GREATER NEW YORK CON-
W. A. Ruble. FERENCE
Honorary: C. L. Blandford, J. F.
Bohner, D. H. Hanson, A. J. Hays- Organized 1902
mer, H. F. Kirk, E. E. Osborne, W. Territory: The city of New York; and
W. Rice, A. E. Sanderson, E. W. the following counties in the State of
Thurber, D. G. Turk, W. R. Ucht- New York: Westchester, Rockland,
mann. Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster,

Sullivan, Delaware, Greene, Columbia, (General Conference S. D. A. Trans-

Nassau, and Suffolk. portation Agency: 30 Irving Place,
Population: . 9,219,424; churches, 36; Room 802 ; Telephone, Algonquin
members, 4,375. 4-0079. J. W. Cole, Transportation
Agent. Cable Address: "Adventist,
Office: Room 2605, Paramount Bldg., New York." Consign freight to of-
1501 Broadway, New York, N. Y. fice address, and express in care of
(Telephone, LOngacre 5-7258.) Atlas Transportation, 508 West 37th
Officers: St., New York.)
President, C. M. Bunker.
Secretary-Treasurer, I. G. Ortner.
Executive Committee: C. M. Bunker,
C. Beck, I. G. Ortner, E. Guenther, Organized 1922
P. G. Herwick, A. E. Lickey, T. M.
Rowe, H. B. Taylor. Territory: That portion of the State of
New York north and west of the line
Departmental Secretaries: formed by the northern boundaries
of Delaware, Greene, and Columbia
Book and Bible House, 0. H. Pitts. Counties.
Educational, Sabbath School, and Y.
P. M. V., V. W. Becker. Population: 4,259,718 ; churches, 56 ;
Field Missionary, F. M. Larsen ; As- members, 3,210.
sistant, C. S. Miles. Office: 25 Park St., Union Springs,
Home Missionary and Religious Lib- N. Y. (Telephone, Union Springs
erty, C. M. Bunker. 2351.)
Ordained Ministers: Officers:
H. J. Alcock, Carl Beck, V. W. President, 0. T. Garner. (Telephone,
Becker, C. M. Bunker, J. E. Cox, R. Union Springs 2951.)
W. Engstrom, A. D. Haynel, B. M. Secretary-Treasurer, J. B. Frank
Heald, P. G. Herwick, S. Kaplan, (Telephone, Union Springs 4351.)
F. M. Larsen, A. E. Lickey, D. A. Executive Committee: 0. T. Garner,
Mozar, H. W. Peterson, R. H. Pier- A. S. Anderson, G. A. Coon, J. B.
son, D. F. Roth, H. R. Rolfe, T. M. Frank, M. E. Munger, G. E. Person-
Rowe, 0. A. Succor, H. B. Taylor, ius, S. N. Rittenhouse.
V. C. Townsend, R. Valerio, T. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, P. I. Nos-
Honorary: W. R. Andrews. worthy.
Educational and Sabbath School, Nida
Licensed Ministers: G. Davis.
Reese Jenkins, J. J. North, L. Ninaj, Field Missionary, C. J. Oliver.
C. S. Miles, I. G. Ortner. Home Missionary, and Y. P. M. V.,
L. R. Scott.
Licensed Missionaries: Radio and Religious Liberty, 0. T.
George M. Harris, D. Pigott, 0. H. Garner.
Pitts, William Sowers.
Ordained Ministers:
Honorary, Ernst Nopper. A. S. Anderson, G. A. Coon, W. A.
Pagel, 0. T. Garner, H. P. Gram,
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): Alexander Houghton, N. S. McLeod,
Mrs. Carl Beck, Vesta Cash, Mrs. B. M. E. Munger, S. N. Rittenhouse,
M. Heald, Helen Horton, Louise E. A. Robertson, Joseph Schnetzler,
Johnson, Mrs. H. McDade, A. Meyer, L. R. Scott, D. P. Wood.
Mrs. Olive Meyers, Mrs. D. A. Mo-
zar, M. Warrington, Mary Weiss. Licensed Ministers:
W. P. Atwood, David Johnson, Dan
Church ScluSol Teachers: Klam, R. T. Minesinger, P. I. Nos-
Viola Brinson, Christine Dyer, Ida worthy, C. J. Oliver, Walton Smith,
Jane Gosse, Mrs. Theresa Howard, J. W. Wood.
Mrs. Marie Katcher, Doris Larsen, Honorary: Albert N. Shafer.
Mrs. Dana Martin, Helen Mead,
Mary Anna Mead, Mrs. Grace Oak- Licensed Missionaries:
ley, Mrs. Miriam Warden, Eunice L. Educational
Willis. Joseph Galusha, Gerald Greene, Law-
Legal Association: "Greater New York rence Myers, Edward Van Sanford.
Corporation of Seventh-day Advent-
ists ;" President, C. M. Bunker ; Sec- General
retary-Treasurer, I. G. Ortner. Nida Davis, J. B. Frank,

Bible InstrUctors (Bible Workers): Church School Teachers:

Ena Ferguson, Doris Parkinson, Ma- A. Z. Bowen, Verna Boynton, Orpha
bel Vreeland. Collins, Lillian Eastman, Mrs. Alva
Emerson, Mrs. Violet Hall, Mrs.
Church School Teachers: Ezalie Henderson, Dorothy Lovitt,
Mrs. A. S. Anderson, Martha Ander- Madge Myers, David Shaw.
son, Esther M. Feltus, Mrs. Breta Legal Assn.: Maine Conference Asso-
V. Frank, Mrs. Geneva Galusha, Ruth ciation of Seventh-day Adventists;
Gove, Mrs. Gerald Greene, Harriet President, D. A. Ochs; Treasurer,
Liese, Helen Morris, Dorothy Musick, L. E. Aldrich; Clerk, R. W. Moore;
Mrs. Frank Parkhurst, Dorothy Pen- D. K. Bettie, V. R. Pike, M. E. Rey-
dergast, Mrs. Alice Peterson, Jean nolds, 0. R. Snipes.
Smith, Mrs. Walton Smith. Northern New England Conference
Legal Assn.: "The New York Confer- of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc. ;
ence Association of Seventh-day Ad- President, D. A. Ochs; Treasurer
ventists." and Clerk, L. E. Aldrich; D. K. Bet-
tie, R. W. Moore, V. R. Pike, M. E.
Reynolds, 0. R. Snipes.


Reorganized 1926, combining the Maine
Conference, which was organized in Reorganized 1926, combining the Mas-
1867, and the Northern New Eng- sachusetts Conference, organized in
land Conference, organized in 1909. 1870, and the Southern New England
Territory: States of Maine, New Hamp- Conference, organized in 1903.
shire, and Vermont. Territory: Commonwealth of Massachu-
Population: 1,697,981; churches, 51; setts, and States of Connecticut and
members, 2,016. Rhode Island.
Population: 6,739,309 ; churches, 60 ;
Office: 55 S. Main St., Rochester, N. H. members, 4,702.
(Telephone 640.)
Office Address: South Lancaster, Mass.
Officers: (Telephone, Clinton 255.)
President, D. A. Ochs.
Secretary-Treasurer, L. E. Aldrich. Officers:
Executive Committee: D. A. Ochs, President, T. Carcich. (Telephone,
L. E. Aldrich, D. K. Bettie, R. W. Clinton 508.)
Moore, V. R. Pike, M. E. Reynolds, Secretary-Treasurer, J. E. Osterblom.
(Telephone, Clinton 516.)
0. R. Snipes. Executive Committee: T. Carcich, A.
Departmental Secretaries: W. Clarke, C. E. Guenther, C. R.
Kinney, I. M. Martin, J. E. Oster-
Book and Bible House, L. E. Aldrich. blom, X. P. Walton, 0. D. Wright.
Educational, Home Missionary, and
Sabbath School, A. Ruf. Departmental Secretaries:
Field Missionary, Nathan Russell. Book and Bible House, F. R. Aldridge.
Religious Liberty and Y. P. M. V., Educational and Y. P. M. V., G. P.
D. A. Ochs. Stone.
Field Missionary, I. H. Ihrig ; Assist-
Ordained Ministers: ant, J. A. Jerry.
V. A. Anderson, C. B. Green, B. F. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Hartman, R. W. Moore, D. A. Ochs,
V. R. Pike, A. Ruf, 0. R. Snipes. Religious Liberty: Connecticut, C. M.
Pike; Massachusetts, T. Carcich;
Licensed Ministers: Rhode Island,
L. E. Aldrich, G. E. Appleyard,
Branson Chrispens, Robert Kerr, Ordained Ministers:
Wayne Massengill, Nathan Russell. W. M. Andress, T. Carcich, A.
W. Clarke, V. W. Collins, F. W.
Licensed Missionaries: Cummings, C. E. Eldridge, C. E.
Helen Armstrong, Arvis Braman. Guenther, W. C. Jensen, A. W. Ort-
ner, C. M. Pike, N. H. Saunders, A.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): R. Sousa, C. L. Taylor, H. R. Thur-
Viola Carpenter, Edith Davis, Ruth ber, A. L. Westphal, 0. D. Wright,
Head. A. G. Youngberg.

Licensed Ministers: Fred Riley, Olive Roberts, Law-

F. R. Aldridge, E. R. Colson, R. F. rence Smart, Helert Temple, Herbert
Holt, I. H. Ihrig, J. A. Jarry, M. G. Walls, Beatrice Ware.
Johnson, E. A. Lockett, S. Lombard, Legal Assn.: "The Southern New Eng-
W. K. Mansker, J. E. Osterblom, A. land Conference Association of Sev-
B. Pohlman, L. E. Smart, G. P. enth-day Adventists."
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Frances Bishop, Dorothy Conklin, INSTITUTIONS IN THE ATLANTIC
Olevia Cooke, Annamary Farnsworth, UNION CONFERENCE
Zilda Forde, Berenice Redmond, Ha-
zel Riley, Mary H. Stocks. Educational:
Church School Teachers: Atlantic Union College, South Lan-
caster, Mass.
Emma Brown, Euphemia Bryne, Greater New York Academy, Corner
Beatrice Butler, Helen Campbell, Washington Ave. and Gates Ave.,
Coral Clarke, Margaret Drown, Elma Brooklyn, N. Y.
Durand, Jeanie Fisher, Josephine South Lancaster Academy, South
Folsom, Effie French, Dorothy Gray, Lancaster, Mass.
Isabel Greene, Annie Bell Hall, Edna Union Springs Academy, Union
Holt, Russell Holt, Mrs. W. C. Jen- Springs, N. Y.
sen, Veldonna Jensen, Florence Kid-
der, Doris Lamont, Elizabeth Lillie, Sanitarium:
Alice Lotze, Cecile Macholdt, Beulah New England Sanitarium, Melrose,
Oliver, Lida Patchett, Hazel Ray, Mass.


Organized 1932

Territory: The Dominion of Canada, Medical, W. H. Roberts.

the Dominion of Newfoundland Public Relations, C. G. Maracle.
which includes Labrador, and all is- Transportation Agent, W. B. Ochs.
lands surrounding the main island ;
alsd the French possessions of Mique- Ordained Ministers:
lon and St. Pierre, comprising the D. E. Collins, H. M. Johnson, Andre
Conferences of Alberta, British Co- Lecoultre, C. G. Maracle, W. B. Ochs,
lumbia, Manitoba-Saskatchewan, Mar- C. L. Paddock, D. N. Reiner, C. W.
itime, and Ontario-Quebec, and the Shankel, C. 0. Smith, L. W. Welch.
Newfoundland Mission. Honorary: J. J. Gillatt, Neil McGill,
Population: 11,489,700 ; churches, 146 ; J. L. Wilson.
members, 9,325. Licensed Ministers:
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 396, Oshawa, T. S. Bowett, T. J. Gibson, H. A.
Ontario, Canada. (Telephone, 3293W.) Shepard, H. W. Taylor.
Officers: Licensed Missionaries:
President, W. B. Ochs. Alice Bauer,...Margaret Beach, C. H.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, H. Casey, H. F. Christie, Louise Dedeker,
A. Shepard. Verda Deer, D. R. Dick, Charlotte
Executive Committee: W. B. Ochs, Erdman, Roy Hampton, Donald Lee,
E. A. Beavon, W. A. Clemenson, C. Ada Manuel, C. W. Mayor, M. Mc-
W. Degering, H. M. Johnson, C. G. Dougall, Florence Moline, Esther
Maracle, A. E. Millner, C. L. Pad- ,Neufeld, C. L. Paddock, W. H. Rob-
dock, D. N. Reiner, W. H. Roberts, erts, R. E. Robinson, Agnes Sever-
C. W. Shankel, H. A. Shepherd, J. A. son, B. H. Stickle, Ruth Stickle,
Toop, S. G. White, J. M. A. LeMar- Stanley Stickle, N. C. Taylor, Esther
quand, Stanley Bane, H. A. Munson. Trefz, N. J. Wagar, H. A. Munson.
Legal Associations: "Eastern Canadian
Departmental Secretaries: Union Conference Corporation of
Educational, Home Missionary, and Seventh-day Adventists," and "The
Y. P. M. V., D. N. Reiner. Western Canadian Union Corporation
Field Missionary, D. E. Collins. of Seventh-day Adventists."

ALBERTA CONFERENCE son, W. J. Graham, H. D. Henrick-

sen, W. J. Hurdon, J. M. LeMar-
Organized 1906 quand, G. L. Sather.
Territory: The Province of Alberta. Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 783,000; churches, 30; Book and Bible House and Sabbath
members, 2,468. SchoolG. L. Sather.
Educational, Home Missionary, and
Office: 219 Birks Building, Edmonton, Y. P. M. V., H. D. Henriksen.
Alberta, Canada. Field Missionary, R. D. Steinke.
Officers: Religious Liberty, W. A. Clemenson.
President, C. W. Degering. Ordained Ministers:
Secretary-Treasurer, D. C. McFeters.
Executive Committee: C. W. Deger- W. A. Clemenson, George Freeman,
ing, J. M. Ackerman, William Chad- H. D. Henriksen, W. J. Hurdon,
wick, R. A. Hubley, W. V. Mabley, George Soloniuk, C. C. Weiss.
D. C. McFeters, C. C. Voth. Licensed Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries: G. 0. Adams, H. Cameron, Malcolm
Book and Bible House, D. C. McFeters. Fisher, C. M. Monks, G. L. Sather,
Educational, Home Missionary, and R. D. Steinke.
Y. P. M. V., J. M. Ackerman.
Field Missionary, R. Carlill. Licensed Missionaries:
Religious Liberty, C. W. Degering. Alice Campbell, Grace E. Snowden,
Sabbath School, Mary Neufeld. Mrs. Ruth Tinkler.
Ordained Ministers: Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
J. M. Ackerman, C. W. Degering, Malcolm Fisher, Mrs. Malcolm
R. A. Hubley, M. L. Long, Donald Fisher, Mrs. Thelma Smith, D. E.
Mackintosh, P. A. Rick, R. C. Shar- Tinkler, Mrs. D. E. Tinkler, A. Ruby
man, C. C. Voth, P. G. Yakovenko. Williams.
Licensed Ministers: Church School Teachers:
R. Carlill, D. C. McFeters, W. B. Percy Andrews, Mrs. M. Betts, E.
Streifling, L. W. Taylor. Edstrom, Jean Helps, Mrs. Ruby
Licensed Missionaries: Lindgren, Charles Sterling, Jeanette
Hope Frisby, Mary Neufeld, Bertha Soloniak, Mrs. J. D. Stickle, Mrs.
Obermayr. J. W. Summers, Edythe Vatcher.
Church School Teachers: Legal Assn.: "British Columbia Asso-
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Mary L. Edwards, Melvin Erickson, President, W. A. Clemenson ; Secre-
Helen Horne, Mrs. G. R. Johnson, tary-Treasurer, G. L. Sather.
Amanda Kandt.
Legal Assn.: "Alberta Conference Asso-
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists"
Trustees: C. W. Degering, J. M. MANITOBA-SASKATCHEWAN
Ackerman, D. C. McFeters, William CONFERENCE
Chadwick, R. A. Hubley, C. C. Voth,
W. V. Mabley. Organized 1932
Territory: The Provinces of Saskatche-
wan and Manitoba and that portion
of Ontario lying west of the 89th
Organized 1902
Population: 1,766,423; churches, 48;
Territory: British Columbia, Canada- members, 2,166.
Population: 761,000 ; churches, 22 ;
members, 1,811. Office: 401 MacMillan Building, Saska-
toon, Saskatchewan, Canada. (Tele-
Cable Address: "Adventist," Vancouver, phone, 2561.)
B. C.
Office: 234 W. 13th Ave. Vancouver, Officers:
British Columbia, Canada. President, S. G. White.
Secretary-Treasurer, U. Wissner.
Officers: Executive Committee: S. G. White,
President, W. A. Clemenson. P. J. Harder, M. H. Philbrick, L. L.
Secretary-Treasurer, G. L. Sather. Reile, L. M. Seltzer, L. Smith, U.
Executive Committee: W. A. Clemen- Wissner.

Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Ministers:

Book and Bible House and Sabbath G. Hewlett, S. E. White, G. F.
School, U. Wissner. Wimer.
Educational, Home Missionary, and
Y. P. M. V., L. L. Reile. Church School. Teacher:
Field Missionary, F. W. Connors. Lulu VanBuskirk.
Religious Liberty, S. G. White.
Ordained Ministers:
T. T. Babienco, F. T. Balmer, D. D. NEWFOUNDLAND MISSION
Neufeld, J. D. Neufeld, M. H. Phil-
brick, L. L. Reile, L. M. Seltzer, S. Territory: The Dominion of Newfound-
G. White. land which includes Labrador, and all
islands surrounding the main island ;
Licensed Ministers: also the French possessions of Mique-
J. A. Anderson, H. W. Bedwell, D. lon and St. Pierre.
F. Neufeld, U. Wissner. Population: 294,700 ; churches, 5 ; mem-
Licensed Missionaries: bers, 323.
F. W. Connors, Miss S. Johnson, Office Address: 106 Freshwater Road,
Anna Nickel, Martha Westphal. St. John's, Newfoundland. (Phone
Church School Teachers: 3160.)
Ruby Bodrug, Ted. Weis. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 574, St.
John's, Newfoundland.
Legal Associations: "Saskatchewan Con-
ference Assn. of Seventh-day Advent- Officers:
ists," 401 MacMillan Bldg., Saska- Superintendent, J. A. Toop.
toon, Saskatchewan; President, S. G. Secretary-Treasurer, J. A. Toop.
White; Secretary-Treasurer, U. Wiss-
ner, "The Manitoba Conference of Mission Committee: J. A. Toop, W. C.
Seventh-day Adventists," 355 Young Baird, G. H. Morgan, S. Nosworthy,
St., Winnipeg, Manitoba; President, J. Simms.
S. G. White; Secretary-Treasurer, Departmental Secretaries:
U. Wissner. Educational, Home Missionary, Reli-
gious Liberty, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., J. A. Toop.
Educational: School Board which has
Organized 1902 charge of all educational work
throughout our territory is appointed
Territory: The Provinces of New by the Governor in Council. and the
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince personnel is as follows: J. T. Adams,
Edward Island, with the Gaspe Penin- A: Clarke, It. Duffett, G. H. Morgan,
Mac Morgan, .S. Nosworthy, J. A.
Population: 1,209,889; churches, 13 ; Toop, S. Webber.
members, 677.
Ordained Ministers:
Office: Rooms 15-16, Subway Block,
Moncton, N. B. (Telephone 8622.) L. Astleford, J. A. Toop.
Postal Address: Box 125, Moncton, Licensed Minister: J. W. Bothe.
New Brunswick, Canada. Church School Teachers:
Officers: Hazel Avery, Alma Butler, Jessie
President, E. A. Beavon. Woodland.
Secretary-Treasurer, S. E. White.
Executive Committee: E. A. Beavon,
A. Blair, F. Coolen, R. Matthews, F. ONTARIO-QUEBEC CONFERENCE
W. Stray, S. E. White. Organized 1932
Departmental Secretaries: (Ontario 1899Quebec 1880)
Book and Bible House and Sabbath
School, S. E. White. Territory: The Province of Ontario .
Educational, Home Missionary, Reli- lying east of the 89th meridian, and
gious Liberty, and Y. P. M. V., the Province of Quebec, with the ex-
E. A. Beavon. ception of the Gaspe Peninsula.
Field Missionary, G. F. Wimer. Population: 6,675,688; churches, 33;
Ordained Ministers: membership, 16,880.
E. A. Beavon, Ainsley Blair, P. Postal Address: Box .337, Oshawa,
Moores, F. W. Stray. Ontario, Canada. (Phone 223-W.)

Officers: Church School Teachers:

President, A. E. Millner. Madelyne Bresett, Violet Curtis, Es-
Secretary-Treasurer, J. C. Neithercut. ther Neufeld, Mrs. L. Oxford, Mary
Executive Committee: A. E. Millner, Toderan.
H. R. Brennan, J. A. Buckwalter,
0. B. Gerhart, F. W. Hosking, J. C. Legal Associations: "The Ontario Con-
Neithercut, W. J. Pincombe. ference of Seventh-day Adventists,"
and "Quebec Association of Seventh-
Departmental Secretaries: day Adventists."
Book and Bible House and Sabbath
School, J. C. Neithercut.
Educational, Home Missionary, and
Y. P. M. V., J. A. Buckwalter.
Religious Liberty, A. E. Millner. UNION CONFERENCE
Ordained Ministers:
G. S. Balharrie, A. M. Baybarz, H.
R. Brennan, J. A. Buckwalter, L. H. Canadian Junior College, College
Davies, W. R. Foulston, 0. B. Ger- Heights, Alberta.
hart, A. E. Millner, C. A. Reeves, A.
W. Wennerberg. Newfoundland Junior Academy, St.
John's, Newfoundland.
Licensed Ministers: Oshawa Missionary College, Box 308,
A. W. Kaytor, C. Long, J. C. Nei- Oshawa, Ontario.
thercut, W. C. Rick.
Licensed Missionaries:
Canadian Watchman Press, Box 398,
P. G. Biy, B. Glanzer, Moira Lawson, Oshawa, Ontario.
Almeda Gustaysen, E. Victoria Shan-
non. Medical:
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): Rest Haven Sanitarium, Sidney,
Edna Ackerman, Addie M. Wood. British Columbia.


Organized 1902
Territory: The States of Colorado, Departmental Secretaries:
Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Educational, G. R. Fattic.
Wyoming, and San Juan County in Field Missionary, C. G. Cross.
New Mexico, comprising the Confer- Medical, R. F. Waddell.
ences of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri. Religious Liberty, N. C. Wilson.
and Nebraska, and the Wyoming Mis- Sabbath School, Home Missionary,
sion. and Radio, L. G. Jorgensen.
Population: 8,292,679 ; churches, 261; Y. P. M. V. and Counsellor on War
Service Problems, G. R. Fattic.
members, 16,064. Colored, A. E. Webb.
Telegraphic Address: Telephone 4-2182, Ordained Ministers:
Lincoln, Nebr.
R. L. Benton, I. F. Blue, F. E.
Office Address: 4547 Calvert St., Lin- Bresee, E. M. Cadwallader, E. E.
coln, Nebr. Cossentine, E. A. Crane, C. G. Cross,
G. R. Fattic, H. C. Hartman, F. R.
Officers: Isaac, L. G. Jorgensen, S. J. Lashier,
President, N. C. Wilson. J. L. Pettis, D. D. Rees, J. W. Row-
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, F. land, F. W. Schnepper, P. K. Simp-
W. Schnepper. son, A. E. Webb, N. C. Wilson.
Executive Committee: N. C. Wilson,
L. F. Bohner, R. E. Bowles, C. G. Honorary: J. N. Anderson, C. G.
Cross, E. E. Cossentine, G. F. Eich- Bellah, P. E. Berthelsen, A. S. Brin-
man, G. R. Fattic, W. H. Howard, gle, J. G. Hanhardt, J. D. Johnson,
L. G. Jorgensen, S. J. Lashier, F. A. A. W. Kuehl, Chas. Lightner, A. C.
Mote, P. W. Ochs, E. H. Oswald, J. Long, C. W. Miller, D. P. Miller,
H. Roth, F. W. Schnepper, J. C. W. L. Nott, W. F. H. Schroeder,
Shull, A. E. Webb, G. A. Williams. W. K. Smith, J. H. Wheeler,

Licensed Ministers: Publishing

L. F. Bohner, R. E. Bowles, A. R. Mrs. S. J. Lashier, Vesta Scott.
Boynton, H. G. Burden, L. W. Cobb,
E. N. Dick, R. W. Fowler, G. D. General
Hagstotz, J. P. Laurence, A. L.
Moon, J. C. Shull, R. F. Waddell. Mrs. C. G. Cross, Mrs. G. R. Fattic,
Martha H. Huffines, Angie I. Ma-
Honorary: R. L. Bradford, R. M. hurin, Mrs. F. W. Schnepper, Mrs.
Carter, H. A. Green, W. H. Kruse, Ava C. Wall, Mrs. N. C. Wilson.
F. A. Page.
Honorary: Mary L. Doan, Asa Smith,
Licensed Missionaries Esther Smith.
Legal Association: "Central Union
E. C. Aaby, Mrs. E. E. Cossentine, Conference Association of the Sev-
Elizabeth Cowdrick, Mrs. Ann Dunn, enth-day Adventists."
Vernon S. Dunn, C. C. Engel, E. E.
Hagen, Mrs. Hilda Hagstotz, Pearl
Hall, Mrs. H. C. Hartman, A. D.
Holmes, Helen Hyatt, G. C. Jorgen-
sen, H. L. Keene, Estelle Kiehnhoff, COLORADO CONFERENCE
Floyd Kleiman, J. B. Krauss, Ruby
Lea, Eunice Marsh, F. L. Marsh, H. Organized 1908
A. Miller, E. B. Ogden, Maurine
Peterson, Pearl L. Rees, H. G. Rein- Territory: State of Colorado and San
muth, Dorothy Sampson, Floda Smith, Juan County in New Mexico.
Esther Sonnenberg, May Stanley, Population: 1,140,411 ; churches, 66 ;
Frances Stoddard, J. E. Stout, Irma members, 4,802.
Watt, R. W. Woods.
Office: 1081 Marion St., Denver, Colo.
Medical (Telephone, Tabor 2231-2232.)
Mrs. Ione Altstadt, W. C. Atchison,
Mrs. Marie Becker, Mrs. Eilleen Postal Address: Box 1107, Denver, Colo.
Benefiel, Mrs. Ann Bowers, Ben Officers:
Brown, Mrs. H. G. Burden, Mrs. J.
H. Clemens, J. A. Cooper, Mrs. J. President, G. F. Eichman.
A. Cooper, Edith Cornish, Elenoir Secretary-Treasurer, B. L. Schlott-
Cross, Mrs. Margaret Doss, Fay Dun- hauer.
kin, Harold Eichman, Mrs. - Opal Executive Committee: G. F. Eich-
Farnsworth, A. L. Foster, Mrs. Mary man, D. C. Butherus, W. K. Hills,
Gibson, F. J. Gilbert, Mrs. Eulalia A. A. Leiske, M. H. Schuster, E. A.
Grayson, Mrs. Emily Grote, Genevieve von Pohle, B. L. Schlotthauer, J. C.
Hansen, J. Elton Hansen, Mrs. Velma Shull, M. B. Van Kirk.
Hansen, Ernest Harper, Leah Hat-
tendorf, Alberta Hodde, Margaret Departmental Secretaries:
Hoskin, Mrs. F. R. Isaac, Alred John- Book and Bible House, B. L. Schlott-
son, Mrs. Verna Johnson, Mrs. Wini- hauer; Assistant, G. C. Lashier.
fred Johnson, Mrs. Edna Judd, Mrs. Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Tem-
Elsie B. King, Mrs. Olivia Klee, Fred perance, D. C. Butherus.
P. Kohltfarber, Earl F. Koke, Mrs. Field Missionary, Ben Savage.
Elizabeth Koke, Violet Larsen, Cecil Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
Leach, Irving Longmore, Mrs. Wini- and Radio, R. H. Wentland.
fred Lorenz, Eric Lundquist, Adeline Medical, A. L. Moon.
Miner, Mrs. A. L. Moon, William Religious Liberty, G. F. Eichman.
Robert Mross, Mrs. Mary Nitz, Carl
C. Parke, Mrs. Carl C. Parke, Ida Ordained Ministers:
Patzer, Frank S. Robinson, Mrs. E. D. C. Butherus, J. B. Carter, W. H.
W. Salisbury, Eda Schultz, Earl Sha- Clark, A. V. Dick, G. F. Eichman,
fer, M. W. Shidler, Mrs. M. W. Shid- C. E. Grant, A. A. Leiske, S. H.
ler, Mrs. Cornelia Shrewsbury, Mrs. McLennan, C. H. Miller, W. S. North,
J. C. $hull, C. A. Skinner, Mrs. C. A. D. R. Rees, M. H. Schuster, W. H.
Skinner, E. A. Smith, E. H. Smith, Shephard, J. A. Smith, Carl Swen-
Vernon L. Smith, Carl Specht, Mrs. son, M. B. Van Kirk, E. A. von
Carl Specht, Frank Stevens, Mrs. Pohle, R. H. Wentland, C. L. Wick-
Ann Swanson, Mrs. C. A. Thomp- wire.
son, A. L. Tomlinson, Elsie Mae
Warden, Mrs. Lillian Warren, Chas. Licensed Ministers:
L. Wendell, Harriet Whiting, Ross L. G. Barker, Fred Gihlein, H. D.
Williams, Hilda Yardley, Ival Yard- Jeffries, W. S. Jesske, M. E. Lysin-
ley, Mrs. Ruth Yardley, Arthur Zehm, ger, L. E. Rogers, W. E. Rust, Ben
Mrs. Florence Zollinger. Savage, B. L. Schlotthauer.

Licensed Missionaries: Ordained Ministers:

Margrett Barclay, Clyde Bushnell, N. J. Aalborg, E. F. Coy, Ross Dus-
Mrs. J. B. Carter, Nadine Harris, tin, W. B. Johnson, Kurt Kurz, J.
Lewis Hart, Einar Haugen, G. C. H. Meier, R. R. Newman, E. R. Os-
Lashier, Theo. McIntyre, Ray Un- munson, L. R. Reiswig, L. B. Rey-
derhill, Victor Wall. nolds, J. H. Roth, B. T. Senecal, W.
I. Unterseher.
Bible Instructor (Bible Worker) : Honorary: G. P. Gaede.
Ruth Lamb.
Licensed Ministers:
Church School Teachers:
J. J. Aitken, B. G. Butherus, Ramon
Eleanor Berlin, Mrs. Esther Brown, Cronk, Norman L. Krogstad, P. W.
Mrs. J. F. Brown, Mrs. Linnie Case, Ochs, F. W. Ruddle, C. B. Watts,
Oliver Coombs, Mrs. Oliver Coombs, Walter Will.
Mrs. Margaret Cooper, Grace Duf-
field, Zilpha Hammond, Juliette Her- Licensed Missionaries:
scher, Perry G. Hills, Mary B. John- Educational
son, Francis Jones, Mrs. Francis Ansel Carrick, L. M. Cowin, Mary-
Jones, Mrs. Gertie Jones, Emily King, belle Huffman, Mrs. Norman L. Krog-*
Mary H. Lloyd, Lola Malone, Theo. stad, Phoebe Little.
McIntyre, Mrs. Theo McIntyre, Ted
Mohr, Mrs. Ted Mohr, Stayce Mose- General
anko, Natallie Olson, Mrs. Lester Mrs. R. R. Newman, Sylvia Nielsen,
Orr, Ellen Pearson, Malcolm W. Mrs. P. W. Ochs, Mrs. Lydia Roth,
Perkins, Gladys Rabuka, Mrs. Nellie Gladys Thompson.
Ross, W. E. Rust, Mrs. W. E. Rust,
Mrs. Rufina Sanchez, Gladys Schu- Church School Teachers:
mann, Helen Swenson, Mrs. Ralph Dorothy Clark, Mrs. Gertrude Dahl-
Van Divier, Victor Wall, Mrs. Victor berg, Dolores Dodd, Mrs. H. L. Durst,
Wall, Delphine Watson, Mrs. Flor- Jessie Pride, Wilda Smith, Mrs. Mary
ence Wilburn. Wakefield, Mrs. Leonard Wood.
Legal Association: "The Seventh-day Legal Assn.: "The Kansas Seventh-day
Adventist Association of Colorado ;" Adventist Conference Association."
President, G. F. Eichman ; Secretary-
Treasurer, B. L. Schlotthauer.

KANSAS CONFERENCE Organized 1876 ; reorganized 1914
Organized 1875; reorganized 1914 Territory: The State of Missouri.
Population: 3,784,664 ; churches, 55;
Territory: The State of Kansas. members, 3,745.
.Population: 1,801,028 ; churches, 64 ; Office: 2928 Campbell St., Kansas City,
members, 3,222. Mo. (Telephone, Logan 6077.)
Office Address: 612 Taylor St., Topeka, Officers:
Kans. (Phone, 2-4141.)
President, F. AI Mote.
Mail Address: Box 267, Topeka, Kans. Secretary-Treasurer, P. L. Williams.
Officers: Executive Committee: F. A. Mote,
C. M. Babcock, C. R. Harrison, L. L.
President, J. H. Roth. McKinley, H. H. Schmidt, H. G.
Secretary-Treasurer, P. W. Ochs. Turner, P. L. Williams.
Executive Committee: J. H. Roth,
E. F. Coy, S. S. Mohr, R. R. Newman, Departmental Secretaries:
P. W. Ochs, Beaman Senecal, R. 13. Book and Bible House, C. F. Lee.
Spears, W. I. Unterseher. Educational and Y. P. M. V., L. V.
Departmental Secretaries: Field Missionary, N. H. Waters.
Book and Bible House, P. W. Ochs. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun- L. L. McKinley.
sellor on War Service Problems, Religious Liberty and Radio, F. A.
L. R. Reiswig. Mote.
Field Missionary and Temperance, C. Temperance, L. L. McKinley.
B. Watts.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Ordained Ministers:
and Radio, W. I. Unterseher. C. M. Babcock, E. S. Dillett, L. V.
Religious Liberty, J. H. Roth. Grunke, C. R. Harrison, B. E. Kam-

acky, L. L. McKinley, C. J. Metz- Ordained Ministers:

ger, E. H. Meyers, F. A. Mote, R. W. A. A. Dirksen, A. E. Hagen, W. H.
Numbers, H. H. Schmidt, I. C. Howard, T. S. Copeland, C. A. Mock,
Schmidt. D. W. Smith, R. W. Wentland, E. W.
Licensed Ministers: Wolfe, M. A. Wyman, F. G. Young.
E. J. Barnes, A. E. Gibb, C. F. Rear- Licensed Ministers:
bey, C. F. Lee, B. E. Olson, Lee Tay- L. R. Alexander, R. C. Barger, El-
lor, C. W. Teel, J. A. Ward, N. H. mer E. Hagen, H. D. Johnson, W. W.
Waters, P. L. Williams. Konzack, P. W. McDaniels, Ronald
Licensed Missionaries: Streeter, Jesse Williamson.
Mrs. Ethel Jones, Edna Wallace. Honorary: G. A. Williams.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers) : Bible Instructor (Bible Worker) :
Evelyn Davis, Hester Kessler, Ida Addie M. Kalar.
Church School Teachers:
Church School Teachers: Vera Beall, Velma Campbell, Helen
C. D. Adams, Mrs. C. D. Adams, Hyatt, Cora Lee, Mrs. P. W. McDan-
Mrs. Wm. Astner, E. J. Barnes, C. iels, Maurine ' Peterson, Frances
E. Brinley, Mrs. C. E. Brinley, Stoddard.
Janice Davis, Mrs. Gail Dennis, Mrs.
Winifred Early, Ella Esau, Joyce Legal Assn.: "Nebraska Conference As-
Gunderson, Mrs. Bertha Lange, Myra sociation of the Seventh-day Advent-
Lockhart, Elvira Mason, Jennie New- ists."
kirk, Alpha Rahn, Mrs. Olene Shaw,
Lee Taylor, Mrs. Lee Taylor, Mrs.
Legal Assn.: "Missouri Conference As- Organized 1925
sociation of Seventh-day Adventists ;"
F. A. Mote, President; P. L. Wil- Territory: State of Wyoming.
liams, Secretary-Treasurer.
Population: 250,742, churches, 1. 9 ;
members, 896.
Office: 425 W. 12th St., Casper, Wyo.
NEBRASKA CONFERENCE (Telephone, 1053.)

Organized 1878 Officers:

Superintendent, E. H. Oswald.
Territory: The State of Nebraska. Secretary-Treasurer, M. E. Hagen.
Population: 1,315,834 ;. churches, 57 ; Executive Committee: E. H. Oswald,
members, 3,399. M. E. Hagen, T. M. Nelson, S. B.
Office Address: 4619 Bancroft Ave.,
Lincoln, Nebr. (Telephone, 4-2000). Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House and Y. P. M. V.,
Postal Address: Box 26, College View M. E. Hagen.
Station, Lincoln, Nebr. Field Missionary and Home Mission-
Officers: ary, L. E. Loomer.
Sabbath School, Mrs. E. H. Oswald.
President, W. H. Howard.
Secretary-Treasurer, L. R. Alexander. Ordained Ministers:
Executive Committee: W. H. Howard, J. A. Estey, J. E. Frick, M. E. Ha-
L. R. Alexander, I. F. Blue, A. A. gen, D. F. Haynes, K. D. Johnson,
Dirksen, Henry Johnson, Dunbar S. B. Olney, E. H. Oswald, R. J.
Smith, R. W.' Wentland, G. A. Wil- Thomas.
liams, E. W. Wolfe.
Licensed Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries: L. A. Baughman, L. E. Loomer, W.
Book and Bible House, L. It. Alex- H. Ludwig.
ander; Assistant, Harry D. John- Honorary: L. G. Beans.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., T. S. Licensed Missionaries:
Copeland. Mrs. M. E. Hagen, Mrs. E. H. Os-
Field Missionary, W. W. Konzack. wald.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Elmer E. Hagen. Church School Teachers:
Religious Liberty, G. A. Williams. Ida Edgerton, Rhoda Pedersen:


UNION CONFERENCE Christian Record Benevolent Assn.,
Educational: 3705 S. 48th St., Lincoln, Nebr.
Pacific Press Pub. Assn. Branch, 2508
Campion Academy, Loveland, Colo. Farnam St., Omaha, Nebr.
Enterprise Academy, Enterprise,
Kans. Sanitariums:
Shelton Academy, Shelton, Nebr,
Union College, College View Station, Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium, Boul-
Lincoln, Nebr. der, Colo.
Union College Academy, College View Porter Sanitarium and Hospital, 2525
Station, Lincoln, Nebr. S. Downing St., Denver, Colo.


Organized 1907

Territory: The States of Delaware, Durrant, C. C. Ellis, C. T. Everson,

Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Penn- J. P. Gaede, H. G.. Gauker, P. Hafen-
sylvania, Virginia, and West Vir- mayr, J. G. Hanna, G. W. Holman,
ginia, and the District of Columbia, G. W. Lawrence, J. B. Mallory, B.
comprising the Conferences of Chesa- E. Manuel, J. J. Marietta, C. E.
peake, East Pennsylvania, New Jer- Overstreet, U. D. Pickard, J, H.
sey, Ohio, Potomac, West Pennsyl- Schilling, W. H. Sebastian, W. J.
vania, and West Virginia. Shafer, J. W. Shultz, R. M. Spencer,
Population: 28,298,544 ; churches, 340 William Steele, C. L. Stone, J. S.
members, 23,122. Washburn, C. C. Webster, G. L. West,
C. L. White, J. H. Wierts, B. A.
Office: 900 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Walcott.
D. C. (Telephone, Sligo 3162.)
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
President, F. H. Robbins. Warren F. Adams, Ernest U. Ayars,
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, C. H. D. A. Bailey, Henry S. Brown, S.
Kelly. L. Clark, P. T. Gibbs, L. W. Gra-
ham, G. W. Greer, C. H. Kelly, Har-
Executive Committee: F. H. Robbins, old Lawhead, J. P. Neff, W. M. Ost,
R. L. Boothby, S. L. Clark, J. C. C. E. Palmer, C. C. Pulver, C. N.
Holland, R. A. Hare, C. H. Kelly, Rees, E. L. Richmond, F. 0. Ritten-
J. P. Neff, J. D. Snider, C. P. Soren- house, H. E. Rudolph, J. D. Snider,
sen, J. H. Wagner, B. G. Wilkinson, Paul V. Starr, H. T. Terry, L. F.
and the presidents of conferences in Thiel, M. R. Thurber, S. W. Tymeson,
the Union. Mary Walsh, A. W. Werline.
Departmental Secretaries: Honorary: G. H. Clark, L. W. Kurz,
Educational, J. P. Neff. C. E. Reichenbaugh, F. W. Schmehl,
Field Missionary, S. L. Clark Maga- 0. C. Weller.
zine Sales Director, Mrs. L. Holbert.
Sabbath School and Home Mission- Licensed Missionaries:
ary, J. C. Holland. Educational
Religious Liberty, F. H. Robbins.
Y. P. M. V., C. P. Sorensen. E. C. Blue, D. M. Brown, P. deF.
Counsellors on WM. Service Problems, Henderson, C. T. Jones, Robert Lay,
C. P. Sorenson and M. E. Loewen. R. K. Nelson, W. J. McComb, C. E.
Colored Representative. J. H. Wag- Murphy, J. W. Peeke, Freeman
ner. Quimby, L. G. Small, C. B. Smith,
Ordained Ministers: T. G. Weis, W. L. Whitson, W. H.
R. L. Boothby, A. E. Coyne, R. A.
Hare, J. C. Holland, J. M. Jackson, Medical
Frederick Lee, M. E. Loewen, F. D. P. L. Baker, Mrs. Elizabeth Chap-
Nichol, A. J. Robbins, F. H. Robbins, man, Myrta Cornor, Mrs. Waive
R. H. Rulkoetter, 0. Schuberth, J. H. Green, Mrs. Leah M. Griffee, Metta
Shultz, C. P. Sorensen, B. G. Wilkin- Hudson, Emma Hughes, Mrs. A. Bere-
son. nice Loasby, J. H. Nies, Grace M.
Honorary: C. P. Bollman, T. E. Parker, Elisabeth Redelstein, R. L.
Bowen, R. L. Bradford, M. E. Cady, Runk, Maria Saunders, Helen Shull,
E. W. Carey, F. L. Chaney, A. N. Josephine Walworth-Furness.

Publishing Church School Teachers:

Lora Clement. Dorothy Boyer, Marjorie Bland, Mrs.
H. C. Chilson, Mrs. Daniel Harils,
General Mrs. Lillian Hill, Vivien Hill, Mary
Elizabeth Fickes, Mrs. L. Holbert, Hudak, Blanche Hughes, Irene Mc-
Mrs. C. C. Lewis, Edna Matz, Mrs. Nett, Mrs. Lillian Pinckney, Jonathan
Mabel Meinhardt, Mrs. Andrew Rob- Roach, G. F. Sillivent, Lillian Snook,
bins, Mrs. W. A. Scharffenberg. Ruth Toms, L. A. Wildes, Mrs. L. A.
Legal Association: "Columbia Union Legal Assn.: "Chesapeake Conference
Conference Association of Seventh- Association of Seventh-day Advent-
day Adventists." , ists."
Board of Trustees: C. V. Leech, L.
H. Bland, S. A. Kotz, C. B. New-
meyer, C. Quackenbush, W. E.
Organized 1890
Territory: The States of Delaware and
Maryland, except the Counties of Al- EAST PENNSYLVANIA CON-
leghany, Garrett, and Montgomery, in FERENCE
Maryland ; and including the Counties
of Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan, Organized in 1903, out of territory com-
in West Virginia, and Accomac and prising the Pennsylvania Conference,
Northampton, in Virginia. which was organized in 1879.
Population: 1,939,567 ; churches, 30 ; Territory: That portion of Pennsylvania
members, 2,329. lying east of the eastern line of
Potter, Clinton, Center, Mifflin, Hunt-
Office: 24 Fusting Ave., Catonsville ingdon, and Fulton Counties.
Branch, Baltimore, Md. (Telephone, Population: 5,760,463; churches, 61;
Gilmor 3840.) members, 3,269.
Officers: Office: 1701 Conlyn St., Philadelphia,
President, C. V. Leach. Pa. (Phone, Hancock 4000.)
Secretary-Treasurer, N. C. Van Horn.
Executive Committee: C. V. Leach,
L. H. Bland, S. A. Kotz, C. B. New- President, T. M. French.
myer, C. Quackenbush, W. E. Secretary-Treasurer, W. H. Jones.
Strother, N. C. Van Horn. Executive Committee: T. M. French,
F. L. Bland, E. E. Carman, Harry
Departmental Secretaries: Detwiler, C. W. Guenther, W. H.
Book and Bible House, H. W. Bricker. Jones, J. G. Mitchell, John Shirley,
Educational and Y. P. M. V., F. W. Dallas Youngs.
Field Missionary, C. F. Circle; As- Departmental Secretaries:
sistant, Mrs. Juanita Jones. Book and Bible House, C. H. Boyts.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Educational and Home Missionary,
George Butler. 0. S. Hershberger.
Religious Liberty,, C. V. Leach. Field Missionary, G. H. Carter; As-
sistants, Kenneth Tilghman, P. C.
Ordained Ministers: Winley.
W. H. Bergherm, George Butler, Religious Liberty, T. M. French.
W. L. Cheatham, L. 0. Coon, E. L. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Hanson, C. V. Leach, C. B. Newmyer, Sybil M. King.
J. E. Patzkowski, W. R. Riston, W. Ordained Ministers:
F. Schmidt, L. H. Bland.
F. L. Bland, E. E. Carman, G. R.
Licensed Ministers: Carter, R. B. Clapp, J. A. Dominski,
F. W. Baldwin, H. W. Bricker, C. F. T. M. French, B. P. Gernet, C. W.
Circle, David Fleagle, J. S. Greene, Guenther, M. A. Maloney, B. E.
Jr., D. S. Harris, H. E. Metcalf, Paul Miller, J. G. Mitchell, W. C. Moffet,
Pflaumer, Curtis Quackenbush. H. R. Veach, Dallas Youngs.
Honorary: C. S. Baum, J. Z. Hottel.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. Juanita Jones, N. C. Van Horn. Licensed Ministers:
H. W. Bass, H. Carter, Mrs. Jessie
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): W. Curtis, 0. S. Hershberger, W. H.
Mary Bierly, Julia Cooper, H. R. Jones, Kenneth' Tilghman, H. A.
Doyle. Toms, P. C. Winley.

Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Missionaries:

C. H. Boyts, Margaret Kadel, Katha- W. M. Nosworthy, Eloise Williams..
rine Kavanaugh, Sybil M. King, Mrs.
W. B. Parkins, Frances Pierce, Mrs. Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Gertrude Resseguie. Irene Landor, Marguerite Remade.
Honorary: Sadie Baker, Mrs. Lydia Church School Teachers:
Kester. Vera Braxton, Irene Butler, Florence
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): Elder, Mildred Evelyn, Hattie K.
Loraine Baum, Maude Belmont, Grace Hand, Edith Jennings, Santa Loch-
Coyl, Lilla Morati, Mrs. W. B. Par- stamphor, Lena Masaracchia, Meta
kins, Mrs. Gertrude Resseguie. Metz, Frances A. Miller, Maella
Monejl, Katheryn Moss, Naoma Shel-
Church School Teachers: ton, Hattie Stewart, Margaret Van-
Mrs. E. E. Carman, Elva Copple, Buskirk, Henrietta Vernal, Lillian
Rose DeBendetto, Agnes Eroh, Mrs. Whitfield.
Elsie Evans, Pauline Hopkins, Hed- Legal Assn.: "New Jersey Conference
weg Kerpits, Anna Kwapinski, Mrs. Association of Seventh-day Advent-
Florence Laubach, Audrey Lee, Fern ists."
Losie, Mildred Quick, Carolyn Shobe,
Violette White, Violet Wiles.
Legal Assn.: "The East Pennsylvania
Conference Association of Seventh- OHIO CONFERENCE
day Adventists, Inc." Organized 1863
Territory: The State of Ohio.
NEW JERSEY CONFERENCE Population: 6,907,612 churches, 86;
members, 5,873.
Organized 1902
Office Address: 111 S. Mulberry St.,
Territory: The State of New Jersey. Mt. Vernon, Ohio. (Telephone 1176.)
Population: 4,160,166: churches, 48; Postal Address: Box 831, Mt. Vernon.
members, 2,628. Ohio.
Office: 1674 Brunswick Ave., Trenton. Officers:
N. J. (Telephone, 2-3919.)
President, W. M. Robbins.
Officers: Secretary-Treasurer, E. F. Willett.
President, M. G. Conger. Executive Committee: W. M. Robbins,
Secretary-Treasurer, W. F. Miller. N. S. Ashton, 0. L. Denslow, N.
Executive Committee: M. G. Conger, J. Michals, C. C. Morris, F. C.
H. J. Adams, M. S. Banfield, W. G. Phipps, Leon Robbins, D. S. Teters,
Gibson, R. K. Krick, W. F. Miller, E. F. Willett.
G. B. Suhrie. Departmental Secretaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Book and Bible House; R. G. Burch-
Book and Bible House, W. M. Nos- field.
worthy. Educational and Y. P. M. V., H. R.
Educational and Sabbath School, Nelson.
Eloise F. Williams. Field Missionary, F. E. Thumwood
Field Missionary, C. A. Dornburg ; Assistants, Loren Ward, James
Assistant, J. R. Britt. Curry, Louis Brantley.
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., and Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Temperance R. H. Fickling. Anol Grundset.
Religious Liberty, M. G. Conger. Medical, C. E. Welch.
Ordained Ministers: Religious Liberty, W. M. Robbins.
M. S. Banfield, Henry Berg, M. G. Ordained Ministers:
Conger, Joseph Dobias, R. H. Fick- Carl Bruck, 0. L. Denslow, R. F.
ling, A. E. Hoist, S. B. Huddleston, Farley, Anol Grundset, R. B. Hill,
W. C. Jeffreys, R. K. Krick, A. D. J. W. Kasa, J. H. Laurence, E. H.
Nagy, 0. J. Nerlund, J. C. Oswald. Lehnhoff, T. A. McCoy, M. L. Mills,
Licensed Ministers: C. C. Morris, F. C. Phipps, Leon
Enok Andersen, J. R. Britt, C. A. Robbins, W. M. Robbins, E. E. Rus-
Dornburg, W. G. Gibson, W. F. Mil- sell, Joseph Spicer, T. W. Thirlwell,
ler, B. K. Mills, V. D. Rees, A. F. U. S. Willis.
Reynolds, E. I. Watson, H. W. Wol- Honorary: F. M. Fairchild, N. J.
cott. Michals, J. F. Olmsted, L. A. Spring.

Licensed Ministers: Population: 3,434,613; churches, 55;

H. L. Gray, E. F. Herzel, J. M. Hoff- members, 6,932.
man, L. R. Hoist, Siegfried Lehnhoff, Office: 411 Cedar Si., Takoma Park,
E. J. McMurphy, H. R. Nelson, Cal- Washington, D. C. (Telephones,
vin Osborn, Earl Robbins, D. H. Georgia 5791 and 5792.)
Schmehl, G. L. Stauffer, D. V. Stein-
man, D. S. Teters, F. E. Thumwood, Officers:
A. E. Wade, F. C. Webster, Jr., C. President, H. J. Detwiler.
E. Welch, E. F. Willett, Floyd Smith. Secretary-Treasurer, W. B. Mohr.
Licensed Missionaries: Executive Committee: H. J. Detwiler,
Educational L. W. Graham, W. C. Hannah, W. B.
J. R. Adams, Mrs. J. R. Adams, H. Mohr, H. A. Morrison, J. L. Price,
G. Bogar, Mrs. H. G. Bogar, Lorraine C. J. Coon, G. S. Rapp, A. B. Rus-
Edmond, Julia Edson, D. Robert Ed-
wards, Anna Farley, Lorraine Fank- Departmental Secretaries:
houser, L. J. Fritz, Mrs. L. J. Fritz, Book and Bible House, E. S. Knecht.
Lottie Gibson, Emmeth Giddings, Mrs. Educational and Sabbath School,
Leo Hadley, Mrs. Eldon Hawkins, A. 0. Dart.
Mildred Hilderbrandt, Nina Hunt, Field Missionary, W. H. Atherly.
Mrs. Mabel James, Mrs. J. L. John- Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
son Phyna Kelley, Raymond Kraft, J. E. Edwards.
Mrs. Raymond Kraft, Bertha Laugh- Religious Liberty, H. J. Detwiler.
lin, Irad Levering, Mrs. rrad Lever- Temperance, J. E. Edwards.
ing, Ruth Jane McClead, Mrs. El-
more McMurphy, Josephine Mc- Ordained Ministers:
Querry, Mrs. Hurley Phillips, Mrs. N. S. Ashton, C. J. Coon, A. 0. Dart,
P. C. Phipps, Margaret Plymire, Rob- H. J. Detwiler, J. E. Edwards, E. H.
ert C. Richardson, Catherine Shepard, Emmerson, R. S. Fries, R. E. Griffin,
Leland R.' Shultz, Betty Smith, Ethel E. F. Koch, J. W. MacNeil, P. W.
Smith, Mae Stebbins, Ella Stewart, Manuel, Russell Quackenbush, G. S.
Thos. Stottlemyer, Mrs. Thos. Stottle- Rapp, A. B. Russell, J. H. Smith,
myer, Sybil Taylor, Mrs. Naomi Tru- W. T. Weaver, R. F. Woods.
bey, Robert B. Wheeler, Earl Wil-
lison, Maude M. Wolfe, Helen Ying- Licensed Ministers:
ling. W. H. Atherly, E. H. Capman, W.
General H. Coffman, K. S. Crofoot, P. G.
Crestakos, G. R. Finley, F. E.
Roberta Bogar, Louis Brantley, R. G. Froom, W. C. Hannah, E. F. Hodde,
Burchfield, Mabel Colby, Mrs. E. R. W. H. Hooper, F. D. Horton, M. E.
Corder, Ruth Corder, James Curry, Kemmerer, D. V. Kubrock, L. R.
Martha Everett, Hazel Griggs, Fran- Mansell, Giles Roberts, R. L. Rey-
ces Penn, Loren Ward, Ethel West. nolds, H. E. Ruckle, E. H. Schneider,
Jr., C. H. Spurgeon, George Wargo,
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): Woodrow Wilson.
Mrs. Verna. Bretz, Margaret Cosby,
Pauline Flint, Cora Gibson, Lillian Licensed Missionaries:
Halstead, Lawrence Jones, Lillie Educational
Kraft, Alfrida Larson, Mrs. Rose Mrs. Mae Bradley, Mrs. Doris Brown,
Lindsey, Nellie McDowell, Mrs. Hazel Adelaide Christian, Walter A. Con-
Perkins. nell, Alma E. Davis, Ethel Eitel,
Legal Association: "The Ohio Confer- Annabelle Eshenko, Mrs. Sara Fred-
ence Association of the Seventh-day erick, Mrs. R. S. Fries, H. A.
Adventist Church." President, W. Habenicht, Mrs. W. C. Hannah
M. Robbins; Secretary, E. F. Willett. Mrs. Amelia Hess, Mrs. A. 0. Hie-
bert, Mrs. Doris Hill, Alice Hoist,
Gertrude Jonash, Mrs. E. R. King,
Janice Klady, Flora Mann, Mrs.
POTOMAC CONFERENCE Grace Meade, Velma Midghall, Flor-
ence Miles, Mae Painter, LaVeta
Organized 1924 Payne, Mrs. Anne Peeke, Mrs. Elsie
Pohle, Theresa Richardson, Mrs.
Territory: The State of Virginia, except Alice Robinson, Mrs. Hortense Rob-
Accomac and Northampton Counties ; inson, Elizabeth Saunders, Carl Sha-
the District of Columbia ; and that fer, Mrs. Velma Shafer, W. V. Smith,
portion of Prince Georges County, Louise Stuart, Mrs. Miriam Tymeson,
Maryland, within five miles of the Irene Walker, Mrs. W. T. Weaver,
District line ; and Montgomery County, Vesta Webster, Mrs. D. S. Wein-
Maryland. berg.

General Executive Committee: L. H. King,

Mrs. Vesta Adams, Mrs. Vera Cap- S. 0. Cherry, A. C. Fearing, F. S.
man, Lola Grant, Mrs. Juanita Fowler, H. E. Garrarde, George
Hodde, Evelyn Konowal, Eleanor Herdman, E. A. Williams.
Russell, Freda Teis. Departmental Secretaries:
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): Book and Bible House: C. J. Sumner.
Hazel Brent, Maud Crump, Martha Educational and Sabbath School, Er-
Ferree, Vinnie L. Goodner, Mrs. G. nestine R. Hochschorner.
E. Roberts, Mary Saxton. Field Missionary, Roger Van Arsdell.
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Legal Associations: "Potomac Confer- W. S. Johnson.
ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ad- Religious Liberty, L. H. King.
ventists." Also, "District of Colum-
bia Conference Corporation of Sev- Ordained Ministers:
enth-day Adventists," and "Virginia M. A. Burgess, 0. G. Carnes, A. C.
Conference Agency of Seventh-day Fearing, F. S. Fowler, L. H. King,
Adventists." S. A. Reile, E. H. Swanson, Andrew
Colored Department
Licensed Ministers:
Committee: H. J. Detwiler, G. S.
Mason, W. B. Mohr, J. H. Wagner, C. P. Anderson, L. G. Cornelius, H.
L. J. Pryor. E. Garrarde, J. R. Johnson, W. S.
Johnson, H. M. Lindsay, Douglas
Departmental Secretary: Prenier, R. Ruffin, M. W. Sickler, F.
Asst. Field Missionary: H. D. Warner. J. Strunk, C. J. Sumner, Roger Van
Arsdell, W. L. Wellman, H. L. Yates.
Ordained Ministers:
J. H. Wagner, L. J. Pryor, F. B. Licensed Missionaries:
Slater, I. A. Christian. Mrs. A. C. Fearing, Ernestine Hoch-
schemer, Carol King, Thelma Pang-
Licensed Ministers: born, Juanita Slack, Helen Wheeler.
J. H. Lester, W. R. Robinson.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Licensed Missionaries: Myrtle Bateman, Louise Cherry.
Educational Church School Teachers:
Mrs. Martha Bell, Athalie Shands, Mrs. Roscoe Bartlett, Mrs. William
Marian Staaord, Ruth Wrenn. Davis, Frances Dingee, M. J. Harvey,
Ernestine Ertice Long, Carolyn Mitts,
General Elaine Norman, Mildred Page, Mrs.
H. D. Warner. Isabella Taylor, Ethel Young.
Legal Association: "West Pennsylvania
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): Conference Association of Seventh-
Geneva McDonald, Ethel Nell. day Adventists."


FERENCE Organized 1887
Organized 1903 Territory: The State of West Virginia,
except the Counties of Morgan, Ber-
Territory: All of Pennsylvania lying keley, and Jefferson, and including
west of the easterly line of Potter, the Counties of Garrett and Allegany
Clinton, Center,. Mifflin, Huntingdon, in Maryland.
and Fulton Counties.
Population: 1,966,407; churches, 18;
Population: 4,139,717 ; churches, 42 ; members, 1,164.
members, 1,927.
Office: 1455 Seventh St., Parkersburg,
Office: 744 N. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, W. Va. (Telephone, 394.)
Pa. Officers:
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 5092, East President, W. B. Hill.
Liberty Station, Pittsburgh, Pa. Secretary-Treasurer, C. M. Paden.
Officers: Executive Committee: W. B. Hill,
M. H. Burkholder, L. A. Niswander,
President, L. H. King. C. M. Paden, L. L. Philpott, L. V.
Secretary-Treasurer, H. E. Garrarde. Finster.

Departmental Secretaries: Home Study Institute, Takoma Park,

Book and Bible House, C. M. Paden. Washington, D. C.
Educational: W. B. Hill. Mt. Vernon Academy, Mt. Vernon,
Field Missionary, Arva Nickless. Ohio.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Philadelphia Academy, 3256 German-
Y. P. M. V., H. E. Voorhees. town Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Ordained Ministers: Plainfield Academy, 622 W. 8th St.,
L. V. Finster, W. B. Hill Arva Plainfield, N. J.
Nickless, Stephen Paully, L. L. Phil- Seventh-day Adventist Theological
pott, K. H. Wood, Jr. Seminary, Takoma Park, D. C.
Licensed Ministers: Shenandoah Valley Academy, New
Market, Va.
Ralph Logan, C. M. Paden, W. A.
Thompson, H. E. Voorhees. Takoma Academy, Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C.
Bible Instructor (Bible Worker) : Washington Missionary College, Ta-
Peter Dran, Jessie Welsh. koma Park, Washington, D. C.
Church School Teachers: Washington Union Academy, 624
Jaccielyn Taylor, Mrs. Mary Varney. Eighth St., N. E., Washington,
D. C.
Legal Association: "Seventh-day Ad-
ventist Book Society." Publishing:
Review and Herald Publishing . Assn.,
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
UNION CONFERENCE Washington Sanitarium, Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C.
Baltimore Academy, Harlem Ave. Dispensary:
and Dolphin St., Baltimore, Md. Washington Mission Hospital Dispen-
Edgecombe Academy, 2907 Edgecombe sary, 1262-6th St., S. W., Wash-
Circle, Baltimore, Md. ington, D. C.


Organized 1901
Territory: The States of Illinois, In- Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
diana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, C. S. Joyce.
comprising the Conferences of Illi- Religious Liberty, Jay J. Nethery.
nois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wis- Y. P. M. V., Temperance, and Coun-
consin. sellor on War Service Problems,
Population: 19,718,730 ; churches, 390 ; R. R. Bietz.
members, 26,286. Colored, H. W. Kibble.
Office Address: Box C, Berrien Springs,
Mich. (Telephone, 4321.) Ordained Ministers:
Officers: R. R. Bietz, L. N. Holm, C. S. Joyce,
H. J. Klooster, V. P. Lovell, G. M.
President, Jay J. Nethery. Mathews, A. N. Nelson, Jay J.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. M. Harrison. Nethery, W. E. Straw, E. R. Thiele,
Auditor, H. E. Beddoe. B. E. Wagner.
Executive Committee: Jay J. Nethery,
H. E. Beddoe, R. R. Bietz, R. M. Honorary: H. P. Anderson, Ilijah
Harrison, L. N. Holm, C. S. Joyce, Belich, J. B. Blosser, S. G. Burley,
H. W. Kibble, H. J. Klooster, V. P. H. E. Edwards, F. E. Ferris, R. U.
Lovell, T. R. Lukens, B. C. Marshall, Garrett, C. M. Gruesbeck, F. W. Hal-
B. E. Wagner, and the presidents of laday, W. H. Hanhardt, P. M. Han-
the conferences comprising the Lake son, F. H. Henderson, J. W. Hirlin-
Union Conference. - ger, Thomas F. Hubbard, J. J. Irwin,
J. V. Maas, K. A. Offerman, J. F.
Departmental Secretaries: Piper, S. T. Shadel, Lyle Shepard,
Educational, V. P. Lovell. P. E. Sheppler, Fred Stebbeds, J. C.
Field Missionary, B. E. Wagner. Stotz, W. E. Videto, W. B. White.

Licensed Ministers: Publishing

H. E. Beddoe, V. H. Campbell, Dyre Albert Anderson, Mrs. Helen Dyre-
Dyresen, 0. Granlund, B. L. Grund- sen, Tom Hayes, Wm. A. Klebba,
set, H. F. Halenz, H. B. Hannum, Sam Krivoshein, Olena Nelson, John
R. M. Harrison, T. R. Lukens, B. C. blander, Tycho Onstad, Rose Syvert-
Marshall, H. 0. McCumber, B. H. son, E. Thuesen, Mrs. Gertrude von-
Phipps, E. D. Ryden, J. L. Thomp- Tenspolde.
son, C. A. Thorp, H. M. Tippett, General
Cecil L. Woods. Frances Bartlett, Mildred Dessain.
Honorary: T. M. Butler, A. W. Hal- Honorary: Mrs. Ida V. Hadley, Sue
lock, Karl Mattson, H. R. Stearns. Jones, Frank Hiner.
Legal Associations: "Lake Union Con-
Licensed Missionaries: ference Association of Seventh-day
Adventists." "Indiana Medical Mis-
Educational sionary and Benevolent Association."
Jay J. Nethery, President; F. 0. San-
V. E. Adams, Louise Ambs, Beulah ders, Vice-President; R. M. Harrison,
Ashton, Daniel Augsberger, William Secretary-Treasurer.
Bartlett, Earl Beaty, Anna L. Black- The James White Memorial Home,
ney, E. Brockner, E. A. Brooks, Plainwell, Mich., established 1898 ;
Leatha Brooks, Leona Burman, C. F. Jay J. Nethery, President: T. G.
Calkins, Daniel Capen, Mabel Cassel, Bunch, Vice-President; R. M. Harri-
Rachel Christman, Helen Cone, P. R. son, Secretary-Treasurer.
Cone, Abbie Culbert, Robert Craw-
ford, Geneva Durham, Ella Edwards,
Langdon Elmore, J. 0. Ferris, Russell
Fillner, Orville Forrest, Edith Gil-
bertson, Marjorie Hamp, J. ,H. Haff- ILLINOIS CONFERENCE
ner, Stanley Hill, Beatrice Holquist, Organized 1931
Maria Hornbacher, G. A. Houck, Ben-
jamin Huff, A. B. King, W. L. King, Territory: The State of Illinois.
Clayton Kinney, Louis Krampe, Edda
Larrimore, T. A. Lorren, G. L. Maas, Population: 7,897,241 ; churches, 73 ;
Grace Maas, T. McIntyre,-R. B. Mac- members, 5,579.
Morland, Wanda MacMorland, La-
verne Manous, Howard Marsh, Helen Office: Pacific Press Bldg., Brookfield,
Merriam, Arabella Moore, Jim Morss, Ill.
P. E. Nelson, Ray Olmstead, E. Oxley, Postal Address: Box 29, Brookfield, Ill,
Hazel Partain, Robert Patterson, (Telephone, Brookfield 6100.)
Paul Penn, Eric Peterson, J. E. Rif-
fel, Arlo Row, J. W. Rowe, G. Officers:
Schueler, George Schultz, 0. R. President, L. E. Lenheim.
Shreve, Leslie Smith, H. Stebner, Secretary-Treasurer, E. L. Green.
Ralph Wade, Bernice Webber, Frank Executive Committee: L. E. Lenheim,
White, Maude Wilson, H. A. Wohlers. J. C. Christenson, 0. J. Dahl, E. L.
W. H. Wohlers. Green, H. W. Kibble, J. W. Osborn,
Medical J. R. Purdy, R. J. Winders.
James Barclay, Maxine Brown, Ken- Departmental Secretaries:
neth Case, Gertrude Dyer, Ethel Ear- American Temperance Society, Home
wood, Geneva Erickson, J. W. Finley, Missionary, and Sabbath School, J.
Clarence Flyte, Myrtle Foreman, C. Christenson.
Mrs. Gillman, Edwin Graff, Fred Book and Bible House, C. B. Burgess.
Griesman, Mrs. Rose Hagle, Lelia. Educational and Y. P. M. V., R. A.
Harper, Pearl Howington, Marion Nesmith.
Misted, Hazel Kane, Tommy Kessler, Field Missionary, R. G. Campbell.
Amy Klose, Walter La Count, Wil- Religious Liberty, L. E. Lenheim.
liam Lane, Marjorie Maas, Erma Mc-
Lean, M. Mead, L. E. Peterson, Vesta Ordained Ministers:
Pifer, Mr. Puckett, Worthie Rich- W. 0. Berry, L. A. Butterfield, Ray-
ards, Arnie Roberts, Wess Rollins, mond Cales, R. G. Campbell, An-
Asabel Rust, Marian Rygh, Bert Sam- thony Catalano, J. C. Christenson,
ples, Merton Searle, Edna Shelburg, 0. J. Dahl, A. G. Emmer, H. W.
Jean Shermeta, Jessie Tupper, Ev- Kibble, T. J. Kroeger, L. E. Len-
erett Underwood, Marian Wight, Ev- heim, A. 0. Lund, E. H. Moldrzyk,
elyn Wiik, Gyneth Wood, Mrs. Al- L. A. Nesmith, W. P. Ortner, J. W.
berta Wynn. Osborn, J. B. Penner, Alexander

Pietvasz, B. E. Schaffner, M. N. Skad- Departmental Secretaries:

sheim, Gabriel Varga, 3. A. Wasen-
miller, R. J. Winders. Book and Bible House, W. A. Peter-
Honorary: G. C. Hoskin. Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. A.
Licensed Ministers: Nelson.
Field Missionary, C. H. Smith ; As-
F. W. Avery, Orren Bacheller, C. B. sistant, Forrest Skaggs.
Burgess, D. V. Cowin, J. A. Dewald, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
E. L. Green, Clarence Kohler, Lewis H. K. Halladay.
Langworthy, Leonard Marsa, A. A.
Olson, A. W. Perrine, Tomas Re- Religious Liberty, F. 0. Sanders.
quenez, Clarence Richards, Richard Ordained Ministers:
Robinson, F. E. Vansickle. E. E. Bietz, P. M. Boyd, 0. K. Butler,
Licensed Missionaries: M. W. Deming, W. R. Elliott, H. K.
Halladay, M. D. Howard, W. L.
Educational Latham, A. V. McClure, L. L. Mur-
Cecil Conquest, N. R. Hallock, R. B. phy, W. A. Nelson, C. W. Pruitt, F.
Hatt, A. N. Johnson, Menton Med- 0. Sanders, T. M. Summerville, F. E.
ford, Edward Nachreiner, W. A. Thompson, S. E. Wight, C. E. Wood.
Schram, J. B. Silviera, C. R. Smith, Honorary: 0. B. Hall.
Frank Wallstrom. Licensed Ministers:
General F. N. Crowe, C. D. Henri, P. T. Jack-
J. S. Barclay, Florence Hall.
son, K. M. Kennedy, A. E. Mobley,
W. A. Petersen, Forrest Skaggs. C.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): H. Smith, Elbert Tyson, Jr., G. E.
Vandeman, A. L. Watt.
Jody Ketterman, Inis Morey, Mrs.
Celia McAlister, Mrs. Lula Young. Licensed Missionaries:
Church School Teachers: Irene Amen, Myrtle Amen, Inez Bird,
Orren W. Bacheller, Mrs. firren W. Viola Boat, Dorotha Case, Mrs. Mar-
Bacheller, Marjorie Butler, Mrs. J. C. garet Cox, Miriam Foreman, Grant
Christenson, Mrs. Cecil Conquest, Guth, Mrs. Grant Guth, Alice Mae
Mrs. Laurabelle Cook, Pearl Kattel- Hadden, Mrs. Jocelyn Jackson, Sylvia
man, Doris Lawrence, Virginia Mott, Kee. Lillian Keller, Mrs. Kenneth
Goldie Pettres, Mrs. Edith Sackett, Kennedy, Gertrude Kidder, Hermanus
Mrs. Bert Samples, Mary Sherman, Laurence, Fern Pitcher, Mrs. R. R.
Mrs. C. E. Thompson, Mrs. Frank Price, Effie Rogan, C. E. Sauder,
Wallstrom, Mrs. Pauline Watkins, Louise Schultz, Bernice Soliday, Mrs.
Mrs. Fred Welty, Phyllis Wilson. A. L. Watt, H. A. Weaver, Mrs. H.
Legal Associations: "Illinois Conference A. Weaver, Clark Willison.
Association of Seventh-day Advent- General
ists" and "Chicago Conference Asso-
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists." Mrs. Evelyn Allen, Mrs. Harry Han-
nah, Jr., Mrs. Mary Keller, Mrs.
Louvenia Mitchell, Lela Pierce.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
INDIANA CONFERENCE Mrs. Edith Cross, Mary Kent, Frances
Organized 1872
Legal Association: "The Indiana AsEro-
Territory: The State of Indiana. elation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Population: 3,427,796 ; churches, 78 ;
members, 4,518.
Office: 310 E. 23d St., Indianapolis, MICHIGAN CONFERENCE
Ind. (Telephone, Talbot 4420.) Organized Oct. 5, 1861; reorganized
President, F. 0. Sanders. Territory: State of Michigan.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. E. Mobley. Population: 6,266,106; churches, 150;
Executive Committee: F. 0. Sanders, members. 11,899.
P. M. Boyd, M. W. Deming, W. R.
Elliott, H. K. Halladay, A. E. Mobley, Office: 620 Townsend St., Lansing,
Carl Vornholt, A. H. Welklin, S. E. Mich. (Telephone, Dial 4-1317.)
Wight. Postal Address: Box 900, Lansing, Mich.

President, T. G. Bunch. General

Secretary-Treasurer, H. P. Bloum. H. P. Bloum, Verda Buller, Virginia
Executive Committee: T. G. Bunch, Cummins, Helen Cooper, Elton Des-
H. P. Bloum, U. Bender, 0. T. Burt, sain, Hugh Forquer, Hazel Hartman,
N. R. Dower, W. C. Hankins, T. S. Jane Kerr, Bertha Leiske, H. E.
Hill, J. E. Johnson, Theodore Lucas, Moon, Pearl Olson, L. A. Pomeroy,
E. L. Pingenot, M. W. Prince. Marjorie Rey, Merle Ruskjer, Edith
Shepard, F. B. Steen, C. L. Wilber,
Ruth Williams.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, H. P. Evens. Bible Instructors (Bible Workers) :
Educational, Theodore Lucas. Frances Blake, Mrs. D. Brander, Mrs-.
Field Missionary, W. A. Higgins ; As- Anna Collard, Mrs. Eva Crosier, Mrs.
sistants, Virgil Gibbons, L. A. B. Davison, Jennie DeYoung, Alma
Pomeroy, C. L. Wilber. DuBois, Ethel Hull, Nell Ketterman,
Home Missionary and Temperance, Mrs. F. McCormick, Mrs. C. Webster.
H. F. Brown.
Medical, Religious Liberty, and Ra- Church School Teachers:
dio, T. G. Bunch. Mrs. Edith Alexander, Esther Alkire,
Sabbath School, Edith Shepard: Louise Ambs, Gladys Bakeman, Mar-
Y. P. M. V. and Counsellor on War garet Benedict, Mrs. Maxine Brant-
Service Problems, D. W. Hunter. ley, W. R. Bunnell, Helen Carpenter,
Mary DeVires, Elvera Eckerman,
Ordained Ministers: Mrs. Irma Ellsworth, Devolia Fow-
U. Bender, H. E. Bisel, H. F. Brown, ler, Iva Fleming, Grace Francisco,
T. G. Bunch, 0. H. Christensen, H. Verna Goodsite, Mrs. Dorothy
R. Coats, H. H. Crandall, N. 0. Dahl- Greanya, Mrs. Gretton, Ruth Husted,
sten, A. A. Douglas, N. R. Dower, Alyce Ivey, Helen Kannenberg, Adle
W. W. Ellis, H. P. Evens, J. Florea, Kindt, Grace Maas, Agnes Marks,
W. D. Forde, W. C. Hankins, T. S. Shelley Marshall, Pansy Middaugh,
Hill, D. W. Hunter, S. W. Hyde, J. E. J. C. Miklos, Mrs. Mary Morrow, Mrs.
Johnson, Obed Klein, L. W. Light, Maxine Mosher, Mrs. Mabel Nelson,
Theodore Lucas, Paul Matula, C. B. 'Genevieve Pangburn, Ina Petersen,
Messer, D. C. Newbold, E. L. Marie Pfeifle, Marie Satterlee, Ida.
Pingenot, W. B. Pontynen, B. L. Smalley, Mildred Steigenberg, Mary
Post, E. R. Potter, L. E. Reed, T. I. Louise Stevens, Muriel Stevenson, R.
Rush, 0. F. Schmedrat, H. L. Shoup, I. S. Thompson, Mrs. Edward Trum-
D. E. Venden, M. L. Venden, W. A. per, Jean Van Arsdale, Mrs. Earl
Westerhout, Hugh Williams. Warner, Anna Wazdatskey, Bernice
Webber, Evelyn Winston.
Licensed Ministers:
Legal Association: "Michigan Confer-
E. D. Calkins, M. S. Culver, C. S. ence Assn. of Seventh-day Advent-
Field, V. E. Garber, Virgil Gibbons, ists," Incorporated. T. G. Bunch,
John Hickman, W. A. Higgins, Steve Chairman ; H. P. Bloum, Secretary.
Hornyak, Jacob Justiss, George Lins-
combe, John Miklos, Charles Mellor,
J. H. Nylander, A. H. Parker, G. M.
Schram, E. B. Seitz, J. R. Shull,
Clark Smith, E. A. Trumper, F. B. WISCONSIN CONFERENCE
Wells. Organized 1871 divided as North and
Licensed Missionaries: South Wisconsin Conferences 1916;
reunited 1927.
Territory: The State of Wisconsin.
R. C. Barger, Virginia Buck, G. P.
Christensen, Dorothy Dean-Clark, Population: 3,137,587 ; churches, 89 ;
Emilie Crouch, Lawrence Downing, members, 4,290.
Frank Foote, Mrs. V. E. Garber, Mer- Office Address: 342 E. Lakeside St.,
cedes Habenicht, P. J. Hoar, Clare Madison, Wis. (Telephone, Badger
Howell, H. H. Kuhlman, W. W. Nel- 2210.)
son, Florence Orth, Laura Pelley-
mounter, Barbara Phipps, F. Pitch- Postal Address: Box 512, Madison, Wis.
ens, Mrs. F. Pitchens, Mrs. Pomeroy, Officers:
G. A. Spaulding, Mrs. G. A. Spaul-
ding, Ethel Stamper, T. H. Stockton, President, T. E. Unruh.
Douglas Sullivan, Lucille VanBuskirk, Secretary-Treasurer, Clarence Lawry.
Opal Van de Warker, E. P. Weaven, Executive Committee: T. E. Unruh,
Ruth Whitfield, W. J. Wilkinson, L. H. Christensen, A. A. Cone, Clarence
I. Woods, Mrs. L. I. Woods. Lawry, W. T. Lindsay, J. A. Scott.

Departmental Secretaries: General

Book and Bible House, L. G. Wartzok. Erma Campbell, Lillian Erickson,
Educational and Y. P. M. V., M. J. Fred Kinsey, Iva Rowland.
Field Missionary, P. M. Lewis ; As- Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
sistant, Fred Kinsey. Alice Bodine, Mrs. A. A. Cone, Mrs.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, G. Mitterhausen.
H. E. McClure.
Religious Liberty, T. E. Unruh. Legal Associations: "South Wisconsin
Conference Association of the Sev-
Ordained Ministers: enth-day Adventists," and "North
M. E. Anderson, C. M. Bee, Herbert Wisconsin Conference Assdciation of
Christensen, A. A. Cone, J. J. Dol- Seventh-day Adventists." (Continu-
linger, H. Grundset, W. H. Holden, ing as long as there is business to be
C. V. Keiser, 0. A. Lyberg, H. E. done under that name.)
McClure, J. C. Michalenko, G. F.
Theiss, T. E. Unruh, Justus Vitrano.
D. W. Anderson, Erling Calkins, UNION CONFERENCE
F. P. Clevenger, V. R. Hillman, G. Educational:
M. Heide, Vern Hoffman, W. J. Ki-
sack, Clarence Lawry, P. M. Lewis, Adelphian Academy, Holly, Mich.
M. H. Odegaard, M. J. Perepelitza, Battle Creek Academy, Battle Creek,
G. C. Sowler, L. G. Wartzok. Mich.
Licensed Missionaries: Bethel Academy, Arpin, Wis.
Educational Broadview Academy, R. F. D. 1,
May Broderson, Roland Cole, Valera Box 58, La Grange, Ill.
DeHaven, Ramona Ellis, Lee Eusey, Cedar Lake Academy, Cedar Lake,
Mrs. Leah Graham, Myrtle M. John- Mich.
son, B. A. Jones, Mrs. B. A. Jones, Emmanuel Missionary College, College
Neva Keiser, Louise Larmon, Myrna Station, Berrien Springs, Mich.
Lawrence, Jewel Nolin, Mrs. Viola Emmanuel Missionary College Acad-
Orrick, Eliza Parfitt, Lucille Parfitt, emy, College Station, Berrien
Virginia Parfitt, Leroy Ramsey, Clar- Springs, Mich.
ence Sarr, Mrs. Clarence Sarr, Mrs.
Pauline Schaal, Grace M. Schneider, Indiana Academy, Cicero, Ind.
Mrs. Hilda E. Schulz, Aileen Shen- Shiloh Academy, 606 E. 46th St.,
Pler, Marian Steigenberg, Irma Ster- Chicago, Ill.
ling, Daisy Sterns, G. H. Straight,
Ellenor Summerton, Mildred Summer- Publishing:
ton, Genevieve Vitrano, Paul M. Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Brookfield,
Weichert. Ill.


Organized 1902; Reorganized 1937
Territory: The States of Iowa, Minne- Auditor and Transportation Agent,
sota, North Dakota, and South Da- A. R. Smouse.
kota, comprising the Conferences of Executive Committee: M. V. Campbell,
Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and R. E. Bowles, E. E. Cossentine, K. L.
South Dakota. Gant, P. D. Gerrard, D. S. Osgood,
Population: 6,615,464; churches, 227; D. E. Reiner, H. L. Rudy, J. D.
members, 12,526. Smith, A. R. Smouse, H. W. Walker.
Departmental Secretaries:
Office Address: 501 Forest Ave., Minne- Educational and Y. P. M. V., K. L.
apolis, Minn. (Telephone, Kenwood Gant.
Field Missionary, P. D. Gerrard.
Officers: Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
Temperance, and Radio, D. E.
President, M. V. Campbell. (Tele- Reiner.
phone, Pleasant 1811.) Religious Liberty, M. V. Campbell.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. R. Smouse. Counsellor on War Service Problems,
(Telephone, Midway 9482.) K. L. Gant.

Ordained Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:

M. V. Campbell, K. L. Gant, P. D. Educational
Gerrard, D. E. Reiner. I. E. Anunsen, Otho Kirk, Victoria
Honorary: August Anderson, F. E. Larson, R. E. Lynn, L. L. Nelson,
Bates, C. Edwardson, H. M. Hiatt, Mrs. M. E. Smith, Alyce Swedberg.
C. A. Larsen, J. A. Litminenco, J.
H. Seibel, E. L. Sheldon, P. G. Stan- General
ley, J. R. Staton, M. F. Wiedemann. H. W. Niswonger.
Licensed Minister: A. R. Smouse. Honorary: Josephine Blanchard.
Licensed Missionaries: Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Joyce Love, Lena Myers, Harriett Josephine Holmes, Phyllis Ray, Mrs.
Richardson. Stemple White.
Legal Association: "The Northern Un- Church School Teachers:
ion Conference Association of Sev- Mrs. Irvin Anunsen, W. R. Cavinees,
enth-day Adventists, Incorporated." Mrs. W. R. Caviness, Mrs. Glen Coun-
President, M. V. Campbell ; Secretary- sel], Dorothy Gray, E. M. Hagele,
Treasurer, A. R. Smouse. Mrs. E. M. Hagele, Mabel Madsen,
Amy Messenger, Lillian Peters, P.
W. Peters, Helen Smith, H. H. White,
Mrs. H. H. White.
IOWA CONFERENCE Legal Association: "The Iowa Seventh-
Organized 1863 day Adventist Association." Jere L
Smith, President; Eugene Woesner,
Territory: The State of Iowa. Secretary-Treasurer.
Population: 2,538,268; churches, 67;
members, 3,541.
Office: 734 Main St., Nevada, Iowa. MINNESOTA CONFERENCE
(Telephone 158.) Organized 1862
Officers: Territory: The State of Minnesota.
President, Jere D. Smith.
Secretary-Treasurer, Eugene Woesner. Population: 2,792,300 ; churches, 71 ;
members, 4,742.
Executive Committee: Jere D. Smith,
G. C. Lauterbach, L. C. Lee, J. 0. Office: 1854 Roblyn Ave., St. Paul,
Marsh, I. W. Reck, J. A. Tucker, Minn. (Telephone, Midway 2077.)
Eugene Woesner.
Departmental Secretaries: President, H. W. Walker. (Tele-
Book and Bible House, Eugene Woes- phone, Minneapolis, Nestor 1495.)
ner. Secretary-Treasurer, C. B. Caldwell.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., C. L. (Telephone, Midway 6316.)
Smith. Executive Committee: H. W. Walker,
Field Missionary, L. L. Grand Pre'. C. B. Caldwell, J. W. Christian, G. E.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Hutches, E. C. Mitchell, F. J. Nenno,
J. 0. Marsh. Carl Sundin. '
Medical, --.
Religious Liberty, Jere D. Smith. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, H. W. Chris-
Ordained Ministers: tian.
A. E. Axelson, E. T. Gackenheimer, Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. A.
L. R. Holley, J. C. Klose, L. C. Lee, Howe.
J. 0. Marsh, A. L. Miller, B. Peter- Field Missionary, V. R. Johnson ;
sen, J. D. Smith, J. A. Tucker, C. L. Assistant, Esther Lindsio.
Vories, D. N. Wall. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
G. E. Hutches.
Licensed Ministers: Medical, 0. J. Grundset.
B. L. Andersen, R. 0. Baker, Ralph Religious Liberty, C. S. Wiest.
Combes, D. E. Davis, M. S. Durichek, Temperance, G. E. Hutches.
R. E. Fuller, L. L. Grand Pre', W.
R. Holley, Fabian Meier, J. D. Ordained Ministers:
Nichols, W. S. Sanders, J. R. Sieben- J. W. Christian, W. A. Dessain, J. G.
list, C. L. Smith, M. E. Smith, J. E. Dasent, David Gulbrandson, J. C.
Van Divier, Eugene Woesner, Hamp- Harder, W. A. Howe, G. E. Hutches,
ton White, Paul Whitlow. V. A. Lidner, A. J. Lockert, N. R.

Nelson, D. K. Olson, E. A. Piper, Departmental Secretaries:

H. V. Reed, C. E. Smith, Carl Sun- Book and Bible House, R. E. Spangle.
din, H. W. Walker, C. S. Wiest. Educational and Y. P. M. V., Glenn
Licensed Ministers: Field Missionary, N. J. Aaboe.
D. J. Bieber, C. B. Caldwell, R. T. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Carter, H. W. Christian, C. L. Duf- G. H. Rustad.
field, L. A. Edwards, V. R. Johnson, Religious Liberty, D. S. Osgood.
A. R. M. Lauritzen, Esther Lindsio,
K. M. Nelson, R. A. Strickland, A. V. Ordained Ministers:
Wallenkampf. W. R. Archbold, J. Braun, Glenn
Fillman, M. F. Grau, W. Holbrook,
Licensed Missionaries: M. S. Krietzky, H. R. Kuehne, D. S.
Osgood, Adam Rudy, G. H. Rustad.
Licensed Ministers:
A. M. Amundson, Lillie Beeson, Ruth
Burgeson, Mrs. R. T. Carter, G. W. N. J. Aaboe, W. E. Anderson, A. W.
Curry, Mrs. G. W. Curry, Donald Bauer, Neal Becker, H. J. Bennett,
Davis, Mrs. H. W. Douglass, Gene- R. H. Brodersen, W. S. Dennis, Er-
vieve Dennis, Eileen Engeberg, Paul nest Herr, J. 0. Iversen, Stanley
'Ford, Priscilla Fox, Leota Gibson, Kannenberg, G. J. Land, C. A. Lind-
Mrs. Jess Graves, Ruth M. Ingram, quist, R. E. Spangle, F. W. Wernick,
I. 0. Johnson, E. D. Kirk, Therma I. E. Anunsen.
McDowell, L. A. Matthews, Ardis Licensed Missionaries:
Melvin. Mrs. K. M. Nelson, Lillian
Rivinius, Mrs. Schubel, Eunice Skad- Grace Burke, Alice Davis, Mrs. Jan-
sheim, 0. E. Simon, C. R. Swan, ette Greene, Mrs. Harry Roedel,
Irene Tmiothy, Beth Townsend, Lois Goldie Scahnder, Mrs. R. E. Spangle,
J. Walker, Mrs. Ernest Wold. Alice Wentworth. Will Hinger, W. 0.
General Bible Instructor (Bible Worker) :
M. Carolyn Berger.
Betty Buckley, Lawrence Buigeson,
Alice E. Mattson, Barbara Miles, Church School Teachers:
Vernice Netteburg, Esther Stoehr, Erma Dietrich, Mrs. Ruth Hedger,
Mrs. R. A. Strickland. Mrs. Stanley Kanrienberg, Adeline
Knopp, Mrs. G. J. Lang, Mrs. Al-
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers) : fred Larson, Eva Ruth Marley, Anna
Ethel Beeson, Mrs. V. B. Cummings, Petersen, Ruth Remboldt, Carol Sco-
Nora P. Jenkins, Evelyn Jepson, field, Wilma Wahl.
Helen Zeelau. Legal Association: "The North Dakota
Legal Association: "The Minnesota Con- Conference Association of Seventh-
ference Association of Seventh-day day Adventists."


Organized 1902
Territory: The State of South Dakota.
Territory: The State of North Dakota.
Population: 642,961; churches, 84 ;
Population: 641,935 ; churches, 55 ; Members, 1,745.
members, 2,498.
Office Address: Broadway and Third
Office Address: 213 Second St., S. E., Ave., N. E., Watertown, S. Dak.
Jamestown, N. Dak. (Telephone 676.) (Telephone, 3614.)
Postal Address: Box 1491, Jamestown, Postal Address: Drawer 86, Watertown,
N. Dak. S. Dak.
Officers: Officers:
President, D. S. Osgood. President, H. L. Rudy.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. E. Spangle. Secretary-Treasurer, H. J. Perkins.
Executive Committee: D. S. Osgood, Executive Committee: H. L. Rudy,
W. R. Archbold, W. 0. Johnson, Floyd Gilbert, A. J. Gordon, H. J.
M. S. Krietzky, Chris Lang, G. H. Perkins, S. A. Reile, B. A. Scherr,
Rustad, R. E. Spangle. C. M. Scriven.

Departmental Secretaries: Church School Teachers:

Book and Bible House, H. J. Perkins. Mrs. J. A. Estey, Dorthory Fitzger-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Geo. ald, Gideon Hochstatter, Mrs. 0. V.
H. Loewen. Lenz.
Field Missionary, C. C. Stoner.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Legal Association: "South Dakota Con-
B. A. Scherr. ference Association of Seventh-day
Religious Liberty, H. L. Rudy. Adventists." President, H. L. Rudy ;
Ordained Ministers: Secretary-Treasurer, H. J. Perkins.
Carl Braun, A. J. Gordon, R. J.
Kegley, G. H. Loewen, Edward Ney,
S. A. Reile, H. L. Rudy, B. A. Scherr.
F. W. Bieber, T. G. Herr, G. Hoch- UNION CONFERENCE
stetter, H. J. Perkins, J. V. Peters, Educational:
Clarence Renschler.
Licensed Missionaries: Maplewood Academy, Hutchinson,
Educational Oak Park Academy, Nevada, Iowa.
Bessie Barber, Melvin C. Binder, L. P1Sinview Academy, Redfield, S. Dak.
D. Klopfenstein, Lillian Larson, 0. Sheyenne River Academy, Harvey,
V. Lenz, Clara Roper, Don Smith, N. Dak.
Mae Sorenson.
General Sanitariums:
Muriel Franklin, Grace Stewart, C. C. Iowa Sanitarium and Hospital, Ne-
Stoner, Helen Thompson. vada, Iowa.


Organized 1906
Territory: The States of Idaho, Mon- Counsellor on War Service Problems,
tana, Oregon, and Washington, and T. M. Cole.
the Territory of Alaska, comprising Transportation Agent, H. C. Kephart.
the Conferences of Idaho, Montana,
Oregon, Upper Columbia, Washing- Ordained Ministers:
ton, and the Alaska Mission. G. W. Bowers, W. S. Boynton, F. M.
.Burg, T. M. Cole, V. E. Hendershot,
Population: 3,982,728 ; churches, 273 ; H. C. Kephart, H. C. Klement, L.
members, 25,364. B. Losey, D. A. Lower, E. L. Neff,
Office Address: 202 S. Palouse St., T. L. Oswald, J. I. Robinson.
Walla Walla, Wash. (Telephone, Honorary: R. W. Airy, F. B. Armi-
702.) tage, H. A. Aufderhar, M. A. Beld-
ing, A. R. Bell, A. C. Bird, W. H.
Officers: Bradley, G. L. Budd, H. W. Carter,
President, E. L. Neff. J. J. Clark, I. C. Colcord, C. J. Cole,
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, H. J. M. Comer, F. H. Conway, E. H.
C. Kephart. Curtis, W. D. Emery, W. G. Forshaw,
Executive Committee: E. L. Neff, J. C. Foster, T. R. Flaiz, C. A. Han-
V. G. Anderson, G. S. Belleau, G. W. sen, 0. W. Herwick, W. T. Hilgert,
Bowers, L. E. Esteb, H. C. Kephart, J. A. Holbrook, Fred Johnson, G. E.
H. C. Klement, D. A. Lower, T. L. Johnson, W. M. Landeen, N. W. Law-
Oswald, F. W. Peterson, J. J. Reis- rence, H. M. Lee, H. W. Oliver, S.
wig, C. A. Scriven, H. L. Wood. W. Palmer, John Peterson, A. V.
Rhoads, W. R. Smith, A. G. Stein-
Departmental Secretaries: ert, F. E. Stratton, C. Sulzle, G. F.
Watson, Harry Wentland, M. H.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., H. C. Wentland, R. A. Pickett.
Field Missionary, Licensed Ministers:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, K. A. Aplington, P. W. Christian,
and Temperance, T. L. Oswald. E. S. Cubley, R. M. Davidson, R. B.
Religious Liberty, E. L. Neff. Lewis, Holger Lindsio, T. A. Little,

F. W. Peterson, H. R. Sittner, C. E. IDAHO CONFERENCE

Thurston, E. K. Vande Vere.
Honorary: S. J. Abegg, W. F. Hahn, Organized 1907
R. E. Keller, J. S. Kilgore.
Territory: That portion of Idaho south
Licensed Missionaries: of the 45th parallel, including all
Educational of Lemhi County, together with six
Mrs. K. A. Aplington, E. 0. Becker, counties in Oregon, as follows: Wal-
Mrs. Irene Black, Ernest Booth, John lowa, Union, Baker, Malheur, Har-
Bauer, Jr., 0. L. Brinker, R. L. Col- ney, Grant.
lins, H. R. Emmersori, Dorothy Fore-
man, S. K. Gernet, Frank Gibbon, Population: 463,370; church, 30 ; mem-
John T. Hamilton, Ethel A. Johnson, bers, 2,174.
Victor Johnson, G. G. Kretschmar,
Mrs. Eleanor Lindsjo, Hartley Lud- Office: 523 Main St., Boise, Idaho.
den, Veda S. Marsh, William Merkel,
Mrs. G. W. Miller, Alice Neilsen, Anna Postal Address: Box 2238, Boise, Idaho.
Pierce, Eleanor Rue, F. M. Schiller, (Telephone 1651.)
Daisy Schluntz, Violet Scott, Bernice Officers:
E. Searle, Virginia Shull, Mrs. H. R.
Sittner, H. Sonnenberg, Agnes L. President, G. S. Belleau.
Sorenson, Myrtle M. Walker, Stanley Secretary-Treasurer,' Andrew Roedel.
Walker, Mrs. Melvin Zolber.
Executive Committee: G. S. Belleau,
General William Butler, T. Hendryx, E. H.
Pearl Cook, Mrs. G. Dalrymple, Ione Knauft, A. Roedel, J. R. Sloop. A. T.
Dorner, Thorna Koorenny, Ida Rislor. Treat.
Honorary: W. L. Manful, Nellie J. Departmental Secretaries:
Orr, Mrs. Eliza C. Thorp, Miranda
Schmidt. Book and Bible House and Sabbath
Legal Association: "The North Pacific School, Andrew Roedel.
Union Conference Association of Sev- Field Missionary, J. F. Hamel.
enth-day Adventists."
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., and
Educational, A. T. Treat.
Religious Liberty, G. S. Belleau.
Ordained Ministers:
Territory: Territory of Alaska.
J. H. Apigian, G. S. Belleau, C. L.
Population: 72,524 ; churches, 7 ; mem- Christian, A. P. Ritz, A. T. Treat,
bers, 213. B. L. Hassenpflug, T. W. Walters.
Office Address: 101 E. Second St., Licensed Ministers:
Juneau, Alaska. (Phone 241.)
J. F. Hamel, G. V. Larson, C. J.
Postal Address: Box 2841, Juneau, Smith, E. H. Knauft, Andrew Roedel,
Alaska. J. R. Sloop, E. B. Hallsted, Ward
Radio Call: WIFH.
Licensed Missionaries:
Superintendent, H. L. -Wood. Educational
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Myrtle Mrs. Gertrude Budd, Albert D. Buth-
Wood. erus, Myrtle Egelhoff, Paul E. Fea-
Ordained Ministers: therston, Mrs. Paul Featherston, Mrs.
Pauline Morgan, Clara Pease, Row-
P. P. Bartholomew, M. L. Miles, ena Stuart, Margaret Wilson.
Fred Wagner, H. L. Wood.
Licensed Ministers: General
S. H. Emery, M. W. Smith. Monte 0. Cheney, Lorena Ferris,
Licensed Missionaries: Doris Franklin, Mrs. Tola Gish, Mil-
Mrs. P. P. Bartholomew, Mrs. M. L. dred Lovejoy, Elizabeth Scarborough,
Miles, Mrs. M. W. Smith, Mrs. Fred Harold D. Schwartz.
Wagner, Mrs. Myrtle Wood.
Legal Association: "The Southern Idaho
Bible Instructor (Bible Worker): Conference Association of Seventh-
Madge Muchmore. day Adventists."

MONTANA CONFERENCE of Klickitat River, and southern por-

tion of Pacific, in the State of Wash-
Organized 1898 ington.
Territory: The State of Montana. Population: 1,087,758 ; churches, 91;
members, 10,217.
Population: 559,456; churches, 27;
members, 1,482. Office: 414 S. E. 39th Ave., Portland,
Oreg. (Telephone LAncaster 2187.)
Office: 417 S. Black St., Bozeman, Mont.
Postal Address: Box 748, Bozeman, President, V. G. Anderson. (Telephone,
Mont. (Telephone 435.) LAncaster 9944.)
Secretary-Treasurer, R. T. Emery..
Officers: (Telephone, LAncaster 6387.)
President, J. J. Reiswig. Executive Committee: V. G. Ander-
Secretary-Treasurer, H. N. Brodersen.
son, St. Clair Diamond, G. T. Dick-
Executive Committee: J. J. Reiswig, inson, F. H. Doleman, R. T. Emery,
F. E. Barkley, H. N. Brodersen, R. E. J. R. Nelson, R. W. Nelson, H. C.
Finney, Jr., H. A. Green, F. W. Sprague, C. C. Wilcox.
Steunenberg, A. R. Tucker.
. Departmental Secretaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Book and Bible House, H. R. Gay.
Book and Bible House, H. N. Broder- Educational, H. S. Hanson.
sen. Field Missionary,
Educational, Home Missionary, and Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Y. P. M. V., A. J. Reisig. J. R. Nelson.
Field Missionary, Roy Zumwalt. Religious Liberty, V. G. Anderson.
Religious Liberty, J. J. Reiswig. Temperance, J. R. Nelson.
Sabbath School, Mrs. J. J. Reiswig. Y. P. M. V., G. W. Chambers.
Ordained Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
H. N. Brodersen, R. E. Browning, V. G. Anderson, A. L. Beazley,
R. E. Finney, Jr., L. B. Mershon, A. D. Bohn, G. W. Chambers, G. T.
A. J. Reisig, J. J. Reiswig, F. W. Dickinson, R. D. Drayson, N. C.
Steunenberg. Erntson, J. K. Fish, H. R. Gay, G.
L. Goffar, H. S. Hanson, H. H. Hu-
Licensed Ministers: mann, Adolph Johnson, William Lay,
Lester Cooper, Ernest Fresk, A. R. J. R. Nelson, L. E. Niermeyer, C. M.
Holt, H. J. Jenks, Morris Lewis, T. Norman, H. A. Oberg, D. L. Olsen,
B. Moors, W. L. Perry, H. J. Thom- G. E. Patterson, G. W. Pettit, J. A.
sen, A. R. Tucker, A. L. Zumwalt. Rippey, H. D. Strever, C. D. Strip-
lin, G. A. Thompson, J. L. Tucker,
Licensed Missionaries: E. J. Westman, C. C. Wilcox.
Alma Olson, Mrs. J. J. Reiswig, La- Licensed Ministers:
Vera Schrenk. Carrol Aimes, P. C. Alderson, G. L.
Beane, H. T. Bergh, Alten Bringle,
Church School Teachers: E. E. Butterfield, R. T. Emery, W.
Anna Ferguson, Mrs. Ernest Freak, R. Emmerson, K. E. Groves, G. B.
Florence Gill, Mildred Herrig, Dor- `Harbinson, H. W. Hempel, W. B.
othy Kuester, Anna Surdal, Mrs. A. Holden, Nicholas Ilchuk, H. A. Jenks,
L. Zumwalt. R. E. Kepkey, G. M. MacLafferty, W.
G. McCready, Dewey Payne, J. J.
Legal Association: "The Montana Con- Robertson, Estel Rogers, Wayne
ference Association of Seventh-day Scriven, Earl Stewart, R. 0. Stone,
Adventists." P. M. Stuart, J. A. Stuivenga, James
Vetter, T. 0. Willey.
Licensed Missionaries:
Organized 1877; reorganized 1902; Mrs. Carrol Aimes, Audrey Ashby,
reorganized 1932 P. G. Baden, E. L. Barclay, Mrs. G.
L. Beane, Mrs. F. H. Bechtel, Mrs.
Territory: That portion of the State of Mollie H. Booth, Mrs. Starr Bumby,
Oregon lying west of Gilliam, Grant, Mrs. H. S. Burnett, Mrs. Lowell
Wheeler, and Harney Counties ; also Campbell, Margaret Chase, Mrs.
the Counties of Clarke, Skamania, Laura Christensen, Mrs. E. A. Clif-
Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, Klickitat west ton, Mrs. Lela Clifton, Mrs. Fred

Cochran, Mrs. I. C. Colcord, Lorlene UPPER COLUMBIA CONFERENCE

Conrad, Blancke DeMerice, Mrs. Mar-
ian Dewey, Howard Dinwiddie, Mrs. Organized 1880
Howard ' Dinwiddie, Mrs. Lawrence
Dykes, Mrs. Emily Emmerson, Mrs. Territory: That portion of the State of
Leafa Finch, Mrs. G. E. Fouts, Mrs. Washington lying east of the Cascade
Katheryri Francis, Faith Fullerton, Mountains, excepting that portion of
Mrs. Mabel Griffin, Mrs. Frankie Klickitat County lying west of the
Grubbs, Mrs. K. E. Groves, Olivia Klickitat River, and the counties
Harder, Mrs. G. B. Harbinson, Mrs. of Umatilla. Morrow, Gilliam, and
H. W. Hempel, Cleve B. Henriques, Wheeler, in the State of Oregon ; and
Mrs. Anna Hibbard, Milo Hill, Mrs. that portion of the State of Idaho
Milo Hill, Mrs. Nicholas Ilchuk, J. lying north of the 45th parallel, ex-
H. Irvine, Mrs. Margaret Irwin, Mrs. cepting Lemhi County.
J. R. Jennings, Bonnie Johnson, W. Population: 685,970 ; churches, 56 ;
I. Johnson, Kathleen Kemp, B. M. members, 6,411.
Kurtz, Mrs. L. E. Ladd, Mrs. Grace
Maxson, Esther Miller, Madge Moore, Office: 817 W. Nora Ave., -Spokane,
Gladys Morton, Elizabeth Nickel, C. Wash. (Telephone, Broadway 0597.)
0. Noblitt, Mrs. C. E. Noyes, Shirley
Olson, C. D. Overtin, Mrs. C. D. Officers:
Overton, Mary Patterson, Pauline President, L. E. Esteb. (Telephone,
Paulsen, Mrs. Dewey Payne, Juanita Broadway 2443.)
Paxton, Miriam Pease, Grace Prentice, Secretary-Treasurer, A. P. McDow.
Lorene Putnam, Mrs. Gertrude Pyke, (Telephone, Glenwood 6980.)
Mrs. F. A. Quackenbush, Evelyn Rob- Executive Committee: L. E. Esteb,
inson, Gertrude Roosevelt, Mrs. Ruth W. A. Gosmer, G. F. Hilton, C. D.
Roth, Francetta Rustin, Mrs. Flora Hobbs, J. H. Link, A. P. McDow,
Sagaberd, Mrs. Myron Schornstein, R. H. Nightingale, F. W. Peterson,
E. E. Seamount, Enid Sparks, Mrs. L. A. Reynolds.
Anna Mae Stacy, Alex Steinert, Mrs.
Alex Steinert, Mrs. C. D. Striplin, Departmental Secretaries:
Berniece Swigart, Mrs. C. A. Taylor, Book and Bible House, A. P. McDow.
Mrs. E. L. Terrill, Mrs. Mildred Thor- Educational and Y. P. M. V., Melvin
man, Mrs. James Vetter, L. H. Vixie, Oss.
Mrs. A. A: Walter, Mrs. Buford Field Missionary, C. E. Wimer.
Ward, Mae Wells, Emil E. Werner, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
R. A. White, Fred Wilbur, K. W. L. A. Reynolds.
Wilson, Eugene Winter, Mrs.. Eu- Medical, J. E. Potts.
gene Winter, M. L. Wisbey, Evelynne Religious Liberty, L. E. Esteb.
Wright, Mrs. Ida J. Wyman, Isabel
Zumwalt. Ordained Ministers:
Medical V. C. Becraft, t. F. Bresee, L. E.
Esteb, W. A. Gosmer, J. W. Mc-
Mrs. Ethel K. Alen, Eleanor Bear, ' Comas, W. H. McGhee, R. H. Night-
`Mrs. Lela Bowen, Laura Brenner, ingale, F. M. Oliver, Melvin Oss, L. A.
Mrs. Z. H. Coberly, Ruby Cook, Mrs. Reynolds, Jacob Riffel, 0. E. Schnep-
Bertie Crick, Robert L. Geates, Ruth per, H. A. Schultz, H. E. Weaver,
Gulbrandson, N. H. Hesgard, Gladys E. H. Wilcox, C. E. Wimer.
House, Henry Larson, Mrs. G. A.
Lindsay, Ernest L. Moore, Mrs. Mar- Honorary: Stewart Kime.
Garet Morrison, Carrie L. Nelson, R. Licensed Ministers:
W. Nelson, John 0. Neufeld, Mona
M. Oliver, Rose Peterson, Audrey Cecil Balser, Vernon Braaten, R. S.
Rackliff, E. E. Rippey, Frank Seitz, Dexter, Everett Duncan, Chester
Edith Starbuck, Ann Stratton, Mar- Green, S. J. Hegstad, G. F. Hilton,
jorie Watson. K. C. Holman, Harold Huey, E. S.
Humann, S. Kruger, A. P. McDow,
General Bernon Meier, Harvey Neil, R. Pat-
zer, Leon Pedersen, Stanley Peterson,
Pearl Canwell, Fred Hardin, Nora J. E. Potts, F. G. Roper, Clyde Smith,
Haugen, Mrs. Pauline Kallenbach, R. M. Sturdevant, H. R. Turner,
Marjory Mereen, Jeanne Riederer, Frank Bailey.
Alice Soper.
Legal Association: "Western Oregon Licensed. Missionaries:
Conference Association of Seventh- Isabel Cole, Joyce Hochrein, Pauline
day Adventists." President, V. G. Nightingale, Glen Stewart, Mrs. G.
Anderson; Secretary-Treasurer, R. T. R. Soper, W. A. Wagner, Leona
Emery. Warren.

Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): N. F. Pease, C. A. Purdom, E. N.

Florence Backstrom, Ruth Cooprider, Sargent, R. G. Schaffner, C. A. Seri-
Mrs. C. J. Knutson. ven, D. H. Spillman, H. E. Will-
Church School Teachers:
Mrs. Louise Beers, V. Braaten, Mrs. Licensed Ministers:
V. Braaten, Mrs. G. L. Chalker, Jr., , R. E. Adams, V. 0. Blair, Austin
Carrie Cooper, Chester Green, Mrs. Butler, M. G. Dealy, J. C. Hansen,
Chester Green, Nets Hanna, S. J. H. W. Jewkes, G. R. Knudsen, J. A.
Hegstad, Mrs. S. J. Hegstad, Mrs. Lofgren, L. E. Lyman, R. S. Michel,
Wayne Hixson, Helen Hudson, Har- M. M. Mohr, Donovan Oswald, W.
old Huey, Mrs. Harold Huey, Ethel L. Schoepfiin, W. J. Siegenthaler,
' Johnson, Henrietta Lamberton, Mrs. A. H. Warner, C. L. Witzel.
Eleanor Lindsjo, Mrs. T. S. Makov-
sky, Mrs. M. Matson, Bernon Meier, Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. Bernon Meier, H. Neil, Mrs. H.
Neil, Alice Neilsen, Margaret O'Dea, Educational
Mrs. J. P. Oliver, L. Pedersen, Mrs.
L. Pedersen, S. Peterson, Mrs. P. A. Mrs. Eunice Bartholomew, Otis
Pritel, Verna Prusia, Bernice Searle, Cleary, Myrtle Cochran, Dorothy
Mavis Smith, Mrs. L. Stephens, Glen Dawson, Mrs. L. Q. Dickerson, Edna
Stewart, Louise Unruh, W. A. Wag- Dopp, Mrs. Betty Gregg, Mrs. Mil-
ner, Dorothy Wethern. dred Gyes, Mrs. M. Hamp, Ardelle
Hilde, Leona Hudson, Florence Ja-
Legal Association: "Upper Columbia cobson, V. R. Jewett, Mrs. Edrie
Mission Society of Seventh-day Ad- Julin, Mrs. J. A. Lofgren, C. R.
ventists." Lyman, Edith Matterand, J. G. Meh-
ling, Willard Meier, Mrs. Virginia
Mitchell, Mrs. Wilma Mittleider, H.
E. Miezelfelt, Archie R. Morley, Mrs.
WASHINGTON CONFERENCE Vivian Morton, Gerald E. Mosier, Mrs.
Vivian Nixon, Mrs. A. J. Olson, Mrs.
Organized 1902 Howard Smith, Mrs. Lawrence
Territory: All of the State of Washing- Thompson, Mrs. Ruth Vance, Viola
ton west of the Cascade Mountains, Wenger, Mrs. Lillian White, Mrs. W.
I. Whitehouse, Vernon Winn, Mrs.
except the Counties of Clarke, Ska- Goldie Winter, Elva 2achrison, Greg-
mania, Cowlitz, and Wahkiakum, and ory Zeigler, Mrs. Gregory Zeigler.
the south tip of Pacific County.
Population: 1,113,650 ; churches, 62 General
members, 4,857. Beth Atkinson, Lola Dick, Esther
Office: 2610 Nob Hill Ave., Seattle, Nerlund, Yvonne Olney.
Wash. (Tel., Garfield 8231.)
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Officers: Sine C. Hansen, Mrs. L. Johnson.
President, C. A. Scriven. (Tel., Gar- Legal Association: "Western Washing-
field 9280.) ton Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
Secretary-Treasurer, M. G. Dealy. ventists."
(Tel., Alder 2776.)
Executive Committee: C. A. Scriven,
M. G. Dealy, L. W. Hallsted, K. J.
Nelson, Philip Nelson, E. N. Sargeant, INSTITUTIONS IN THE NORTH PA-
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, M. G. Dealy.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. L. Auburn Academy, Route 1, Auburn,
Schoepfiin. Wash.
Field Missionary, G. E. Lindquist. Columbia Academy, Route 2, Battle
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Ground, Wash.
C. C. Kott. Gem State Academy, Box 691, Cald-
Medical, Philip Nelson. well, Idaho.
Religious Liberty, C. A. Scriven. Laurelwood Academy, Route 2, Gas-
Ordained Ministers: ton, Oreg.
H. A. Davis, H. A. Fish, L. W. Hall- Mount Ellis Academy, Route 4, Boze-
sted, K. Inoue, C. C. Kott, G. E. man, Mont.
Lindquist, J. M. Nerness, E. M. Portland Union Academy, 4837 N. E.
Oberg, A. J. Olson, F. H. Parrish, Couch St., Portland, Oreg.

Rouge River Academy, Route 1, Box Publishing:

182, Medford, Oreg. Northwest Branch of the Pacific Press
Walla Walla College, College Place, Pub. Assn., 2101 N. E. Flanders St.,
Wash. Portland, Oreg.
Walla Walla College Academy, Col- Sanitariums:
lege Place, Wash. Portland Sanitarium, S. E. 60th and
Belmont Sts., Portland, Oreg.
Yakima Valley Academy, Granger, Walla Walla Sanitarium, 933 Bon-
Wash. sella, Walla Walla, Wash.


Organized 1901
Territory: The States of Arizona, Cali- Ordained Ministers:
fornia, Nevada, and Utah, and the W. M. Adams, C. R. Anderson, F. G.
Hawaiian Islands, comprising the Ashbaugh, A. L. Baker, C. L. Bauer,
Conferences of Arizona, Central Cal- R. R. Breitigam, L. L. Caviness,
ifornia, Nevada-Utah, Northern Cali- B. C. Clark, R. M. Cossentine,
fornia, Southeastern California, and L. K. Dickson, E. W. Dunbar, Eman-
Southern California, and the Ha- uel Ehlers, E. M. Fishell, W. R.
waiian Mission. French, J. E. Fulton, B. F. Gregory,
Population: 8,490,537; churches, 305; M. M. Hare, F. B. Jensen, Ernest
members, 37,340. Lloyd, H. G. Lucas, A. S. Maxwell,
Cable Address: Adventist, Glendale, Frank Moran, M. L. Neff, A. C.
Calif. Nelson, D. R. Sehierman, E. T. Seat,
Office: 1531 E. Wilson Ave., Glendale, W. I. Smith, 0. R. Staines, George
_Calif. (Telephones, Chapman .5-1047 Taylor, A. W. Truman, H. W. Voll-
and Citrus 1-5174.) mer, W. G. Wirth, G. F. Wolfkill,
K. H. Wood, I. J. Woodman.
Postal Address: Box 146, Glendale,
Calif. Honorary: P. P. Adams, J. W. Al-
Officers: lison, E. E. Backus, W. C. Baldwin,
President, L. K. Dickson. J. W. Beams, J. H. Behrens, 0. 0.
Secretary-Treasurer, C. L. Bauer. Bernstein, W. L. Bird, P. B. Bon-
Auditor, James Howarth; Associate, temps, E. B. Bray, E. A. Bristol,
A. R. Smith. B. W. Brown, E. A. Brown, R. J.
Transportation Agents, H. G. Childs Bryant, W. D. Burden, L. J. Burgess,
and C. L. Bauer. J. M. Campbell, C. H. Castle, J. A.
Chaney, A. G. Christiansen, Alexis
Executive Committee: L. K. Dickson, Clement, R. B. Coberly, Arthur Cur-
W. M. Adams, C. E. Andross, F. G. row, E. A. Curtis, E. C. Cushman,
Ashbaugh, A. L. Baker, C. L. Bauer, H. H: Dexter, I. P. Dillon, G. F.
L. E. Biggs, R. R. Bretigam, G. T. Enoch, 0. 0. Farnsworth, D. P.
Chapman, E. W. Dunbar, E. M. Gaede, P. J. Gaede, E. E. Gardner,
Fishell, J. E. Fulton, E. F. Hack- W. A. George, L. A. Gibson, A. C.
man, H. H. Hicks, James Howarth,,. Gilbert, B. M. Grandy, J. A. P. Green,
W. E. Macpherson, A. C. Nelson, C. W. R. Hansen, J. F. Harder, E. G.
E. Nelson, W. A. Nelson, F. L. Pe- Hayes, C. H. Hayton, G. G. Hmelev-
terson, E. L. Place, L. R. Rasmussen, sky, E. P. Howard, B.' L. Howe, L.
W. I. Smith, G. E. Taylor, A. W. L. Hutchinson, Daniel Isaac, John
Truman, H. W. Vollmer, David Voth, Isaac, C. C. Jensen, C. C. Kellar, 0.
I. J. Woodman. M. Kittle, C. E. Knight, 0. B. Kuhn,
Departmental Secretaries: C. J. Kunkel, T. M. Langberg, L. A.
Educational, A. C. Nelson. Leland, J. D. Lorenz, W. P. McLen-
Field Missionary, E. M. Fishell. nan, C. A. Meleen, A. A. Meyers,
Home Missionary, Radio, and Sabbath H. J. Meyer, W. W. Miller, Arthur
School, R. R. Breitigam. Mountain, A. G. -Nelson, Andrew
Medical, H. W. Vollmer. Nelson, R. J. Nethery, H. F. Neu-
Religious Liberty and Temperance, mann, H. C. Olmstead, A. J. Os-
A. L. Baker. borne, M. Ostoich, F. M. Owen, F.
Y. P. M. V., E. W. Dunbar. W. Paap, H. B. Parker, R. W. Par-
Associate.Y. P. M. V. and Counsellor mele, D. A. Parsons, L. F. Passebois,
on War Service Problems, F. G. J. R. Patterson, F. L. Perry, N. W.
Ashbaugh. Phillips, A. E. Place, G. M. Price, G.
Colored, F. I.. Peterson. W. Reaser, C. E. Rentfro, H. M. J.

Richards, C. H. Rittenhouse, P. G. Office: 1230 N. First St., Phoenix, Ariz.

Rodgers, C. N. Sanders, Melzar Shep- (Telephone, 3-8112.)
ard, 0. H. Shrewsbury, G. H. Skin- Postal Address: Box 1871, Phoenix,
ner, E. K. Slade, G. B. Starr, G. A. Ariz.
Stevens. J. C. Stevens, J. B. Stuy-
vesant, W. A. Sweaney, J. A. Swen- Officers:
son, H. F. Taylor, T. L. Thuemler, President, C. E. Andross.
H. G. Thurston, W. J. Verner, W. Secretary-Treasurer, J. 0. Hanson
H. Wakeham, N. J. Waldorf, H. A.
Washburn, F. H. Westphal, G. A. Executive Committee: C. E. Andross,
Wheeler, C. D. M. Williams. A. F. Beiersdorf, Arthur Delafield,
H. F. Farley, A. H. Field, J. 0. Han-
Licensed Ministers: son, W. P. McLennan.
A. D. Butterfield, G. T. Chapman, Departmental Secretaries:
H. W. Clark, W. B. Clark, D. A. Book and Bible House, J. 0. Hanson
Cone, Raymond F. Cottrell, R. H. Educational and Y. P. M. V., D. E.
Duncan, N. G. Evans, E. W. Everest, Jacobs.
R. E. Hoen, J. Howarth, A. W. John- Field Missionary, E. J. Kraft.
son, B. 0. Masson, H. R. Miller, J. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
M. Peterson, R. B. Prout, C. A. A. H. Field.
Pyle, J. M. Rowse, A. R. Smith, C. Religious Liberty, C. E. Andross.
E. Weniger.
Ordained Ministers:
Honorary: L. J. Black, I. A. Ford,
0. J. Graf, E. L. Lutz, C. C. Mat- C. E. Andross, E. E. Beddoe, G. G.
tison, I. T. Reynolds. Brown, M. B. Butterfield, Arthur
Delafield, A. H. Field, Orrno Follett,
Licensed Missionaries: J. F. Games, W. F. Miller, A. F.
Educational Honorary: E. von Pohle, J. Hubert
D. A. Courville, Minnie E. Dauphinee, Sturges.
Otis Hudson, W. E. Macpherson,
Mary McReynolds, A. R. Monteith. Licensed Ministers:
J. W, Allison, Jr., 0. D. Hancock,
Medical J. 0. Hanson, D. E. Jacobs, E. J.
G. H. Curtis, Myrna C. Lee, G. S. Kraft, 0. F. Locke, A. J. Purdey,
Luther, 0. B. Pratt, Mrs. Margaret Marvin Walter.
Williamson, H. A. Young. Licensed Missionaries:
General Walter Bolinger, Leonard Horning.
A. G. Munson, R. P. Rowe, A. A. Bible Instructor (Bible Worker):
Sprengel. Mrs. Dorothy Twamley.
Honorary: S. P. S. Edwards, Ellen Church School Teachers:
B. Fattebert, Mrs. J. W. Harmer,
Mrs. M. E. Hoyt, Mrs. Ella E. Ruth Jensen, Mrs. Lucille Kimmel,
Hughes, Mrs. J. L. Kay, Stella B. Mrs. Guy F. Lodge, Eleanor Maegle,
Lowry, Mrs. Alma E. McKibben, Esther Nixon, Mrs. 0. B. Stevens,
Mrs. Jessie F. Moser, H. L. Rawson, Emmalyn Washington, Mrs. Lola
Bert Rhoads, Mrs. Alice H. Robin- Willard, Anita Yates.
son, D. K. Royer, Miss L. C. Scholz; Legal Association: "Arizona Confer-
Margaret Warnock, Mrs. Luther ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
Warren. ventists."
Legal Association: "Pacific Union Asso-
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Board of Directors: C. L. Bauer,
G. T. Chapman, H. G. Childs, L. K.
Dickson, James Howarth, A. C. Nel- CENTRAL CALIFORNIA CON-
son, David Voth. FERENCE
Organized 1932
Territory: The following-named coun-
ties in the State of California: San
ARIZONA CONFERENCE Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz,
Santa Clara, Stanislaus, Alpine, Tuol-
Reorganized March 1, 1936 umne, Merced, Mariposa, Madera, San
Benito, Monterey, Fresno, Kings, Tu-
Territory: State of Arizona. lare, San Luis Obispo, Kern (north of
Population: 499,261; churches, 19; Tehachapi Mountains), Santa Barbara
members, 1,420. west of 120th meridian.

Population: 1,712,413 ; churches, 79 ; Honorary: Mrs. L. L. Hutchinson,

members, 7,912. Mrs. Helen Jarvais, Mrs. Anna
Schick, Mrs. Lula P. Wilcox.
Office: 435 N. Third St., San Jose,
Calif. Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 580, San Mrs. Jane Baldwin, Mrs. Julia Bena-
vides, Mary E. Clark, Mrs. Florence
Jose, Calif. (Telephones,* Columbia, Collier, Celia A. Green, Effie M. Hale,
2343, 3294.) Katherine B. Hale, Harriett Hollo-
Officers: way, Maxine Kochenderfer, Marjorie
Miller, Mrs. Bessie MacMillan.
President, W. A. Nelson.
Secretary-Treasurer, Scott Donaldson. Church School Teachers:
Executive Committee: W. A. Nelson, Mrs. Louva Andrews, Delmer Bond,
R. C. Baker, Scott Donaldson, R. J. Roy Brenner, Geneva Brookshire,
Larson, C. H. Lauda, R. A. Smith- Ruth Carlson, Doris Crocker, C. R.
wick, G. R. West, I. J. Woodman. Cyphers, Mrs. C. R. Cyphers, Mrs.
June Ehrler, Marjorie, Fewell, Theo-
Departmental Secretaries: phil Fischer, Zelda Forrester, Oleta
Book and Bible House, W. F. Van Frakes, A. T. Friend, Mrs. A. T.
Atta. Friend, Mrs. Elisabeth Gehring, Mar-
Educational, W. L. Avery. cella Geraty, Myrta Hart, Helen
Field Missionary, A. G. Sutton. Hawkins, Della Hemme, Letts
Home Missionary, Walter Lind. Hemme, Stanley Hiten, Mrs. Clara
Religious Liberty, W. A. Nelson. Heinrich, Mrs. Eulalie Koehler, El-
bertine Laird, D. E. Lust, Mrs. D. _
Sabbath School and Medical, Agnes E. Lust, Gladys Martin, Irma Mar-
Kezer. tin, Velma Marxmiller, Martha Doris
Y. P. M. V., C. H. Lauda. MacElvaine, Paul Meeth, Leslie Mor-
rill, Mrs. Leslie Morrill, Mrs. R. A.
Ordained Ministers: Nelson, Mrs. Ruth Nelson, Emma
E. H. Adams, E. G. Annofsky, W. L. Neufeld, Mable Pope, Mrs. R. E.
Avery, C. H. Baker, R. C. Baker, Potterton, Mrs. Edith Reichard, Fran-
L. I. Bowers, C. Bufano, Philip Chi- ces Rigdon, Mrs. Glenn A. Rogers,
odo, Donald Darst, Scott Donaldson, Gladys Rosser, W. F. Storz, Hazel
Vernon Flory, Claude E. Hall, J. D. Striplin, Mrs. Leah Taylor, Mabel
Hardt, F. H. Jenkins, C. H. Lauda, Thompson, Mrs. Bertha Towler, Mrs.
C. F. Lickey, Walter Lind, C. L. Myrtle Ulrey, Walter Werth, Mrs.
Lingenfelter, V. J. Maloney, S. 0. Walter Werth, Inez Williams, Mau-
Martin, L. S. Melendy, N. P. Neil- rine Wolfe.
son, L. M. Nelson, W. A. Nelson, C. Legal Association: "Central California
S. Nicolas, K. Nozaki, C. S. Prout, Conference Association of the Sev-
William M. Ruminson, R. A. Smith- enth-day Adventists, a Corporation."
wick. C. M. Sorenson, G. R. West,
H. B. Westcott, H. E. Westermeyer,
E. R. Johnson, A. E. Wellman.
Honorary: D. P. Harder, W. B.
Miramontes, Isaac Schneider, H. G.
Thompson, G. A. Martin. HAWAIIAN MISSION

Licensed Ministers: Entered 1895

Hugh Campbell, C. I. Chrisman, Territory: The Hawaiian Islands.

Charles Cooper, F. C. Denney, Stan-
ley Hiten, C. T. Johnson, George Ki- Population: 423,332 ; churches, 12 ;
yabu, A. C. Madsen, Leslie Merrill, members, 1,003.
Segundo Ramel, Reginald Shepherd, Cable Address: "Adventist," Honolulu.
J. W. Rhodes, Francis Soper, Eldwin
W. Striplin, A. G. Sutton, D. S. Office Address: 1112 Keeaumoku St.,
Thurston, C. 0. Trubey, W. F. Van Honolulu, T. H. (Telephone, 91979.)
Licensed Missionaries: Superintendent, G. E. Taylor.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. 0. Emmerson.
Mrs. Alta F. Baker, Mrs. Eva Don-
aldson, C. L. Finney, Mrs. Clara Advisory Committee: G. E. Taylor,
Lauda, Agnes D. Kezer, Mrs. Eva B. J. 0. Emmerson, Geo. Ching, M. J.
Nelson, Clifford Rouse, Mrs. Catheryn Jackson, J. D. Marshall, S. Miyake,
Smithwick, Mrs. Mabel Weinburg, G. H. Miranda, A. Munson, F. E.
Mrs. Esther West. Rice.

Departmental Secretaries: Population: 675,970 ; churches, 18 ;

Book and Bible House and Sabbath members, 784.
School, J. 0. Emmerson. Office Address: 1852 S. Eighth East,
Educational, F. E. Rice. Salt Lake City, Utah. (Telephone,
Field Missionary and Y. P. M. V., 6-2747.)
H. L. Tuttle.
Home Missionary and Religious Lib- Postal Address: Box 139, Sugarhouse
erty, G. E. Taylor. Station, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Ordained Ministers: Officers:
L. T. Heaton, M. J. Jackson, J. D. President, H. H. Hicks.
Marshall, R. J. McKeague, Shohei Secretary-Treasurer, C. J. Nagele.
Miyake, Albert Munson, F. E. Rice, Executive Committee: H. H. Hicks,
G. E. Taylor, E. R. Walde. Amos Hansen, S. M. Jefferson, C. J.
Licensed Ministers: Nagele, H. W. Tamka, A. J. Werner,
V. Aladen, J. 0. Emmerson, S. Mori- B. J. White.
kone, Hideo Oshita, H. L. Tuttle. Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Missionaries: Book and Bible House, Temperance,
and Radio, C. J. Nagele.
Educational Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sab-
_Geneva Ackerman, Alice Boyd, Mary bath School, A. J. Werner.
Ellquist, Gertrude Foland, Richard Field Missionary, Arthur Morgan.
Gima, Donald Hemphill, Mrs. D. Home Missionary and Religious Lib-
Hemphill, J. H. Horning, Mrs. J. H. erty, H. H. Hicks.
Horning, Evelyn Isaac, Anna Jen- Ordained Ministers:
sen, W. W. Kennedy, Mrs. W. W.
Kennedy, G. W. Meldrum, Mrs. G. W. W. P. Barto. H. H. Hicks, B. W.
Meldrum, Nellie Odell, Mrs. Winifred Mattison, F. H. Rahm, B. J. White.
Oshita, Emma Ramstead, Mrs. F. E.
Licensed Ministers:
Rice, Betty Riley, Mable Taylor, Irene
Wakeham, J. H. Whitney. Melvin Adams, Kraid Ashbaugh,
R. M. Gardner, Stanley Jefferson,
General ' Ejler Jensen, Don Loutzenhiser, Ar-
thur Morgan, C. J. Nagele, R. F.
Mrs. J. 0. Emmerson, Mrs. R. Gima, Radke, A. J. Werner.
Mrs. L. T. Heaton, Mrs. J. D. Mar-
shall, Mrs. Tashi Miyake, Mrs. S. Licensed Missionaries:
Morikone, Mrs. Albert Munson, Nellie Elizabeth Canon, Mrs. F. H. Rahm,
Roser, Mrs. G. E. Taylor, Mrs. H. L. Muriel Wichman.
Tuttle, Mrs. J. H. Whitney, Wilmot
Smith. Church School Teachers:
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): R. M. Gardner, Mrs. R. M. Gardner,
Marjorie Jacobs, Ruby Dell McGee,
Margery Smith, Mary Treber. Mrs. T. W. Hallworth, Mrs. Ruth
Werner, Leola Woodruff.
Legal Association: "Hawaiian Associa-
tion of Seventh-day Adventists." Legal Association: "Nevada-Utah Asso-
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists."

Organized 1931 CONFERENCE
Territory: The States of Nevada and Organized 1911
Utah, and that part of the State of
California which lies along and east Territory: The following-named coun-
of Highway 89, beginning at the ties in the State of California: Modoc,
junetion of that highway with High- Siskiyou, Del Norte, Humboldt, Trin-
way 60 south of Lake Tahoe and ity, Mendocino, Shasta, Lassen, Te-
continuing northward along Highway hama, Glenn, Plumas, Butte, Sierra,
89 to the junction of that highway Lake, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Nevada,
with Highway 36 west of Lake Alma- Eldorado, Placer, Sonoma, Marin,
nor, and along and south of Highway Napa, Yolo, Amador, Calaveras, Sac-
36 eastward to the junction of that ramento, San Joaquin, Contra Costa,
highway with Highway 395, continu- Alameda, Solano, with the exception
ing eastward along Highway 395 and of that small portion of these coun-
an unnumbered roadway to the Cali- ties along and east of Highway 89,
fornia-Nevada line. beginning at the junction of that

highway with Highway 50, south of Licensed Missionaries:

Lake Tahoe and continuing north- Eva Beeler, Alberta Butler, Rose
ward along Highway 89 to the junc- Nell Garvin, Mary Hartwell, Ella
tion of that highway with Highway McBroom, L. C. Metcalfe, E. L. Place,
36 west of Lake Almanor and along Maxine Rounds, Lydia Schander, E.
and south of Highway 36 eastward A. Schmidt, Miss E. Workman.
to the junction of that highway with
Highway 395, continuing eastward Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
along Highway 395 and an unnum- ' Soverine Anderson, Thelma Flattum,
bered roadway to the California- Florence Kimmel, Louise King, Mrs.
Nevada line. Nan Mackenzie, Mrs. L. M. May-
Population: 1,507,701 ; churches, 72 ; cock, Stella Petersen, Mrs. Mae Van
members, 8,252. Horne.
Office: 1811 Eleventh Ave., Oakland, Church School Teachers:
Calif. (Phone, KEllog 4-1710.) Carl Anderson, R. P. Axtell, Mrs.
Postal Address: Box 149,' Oakland, Lovina Babienco, Mrs. Erva Barber,
Calif. A. R. Barron, Mrs. A. R. Barron,
Elizabeth Baxter, Mrs. Ruth Bowen,
Officers: Edwin Broadbeck, Lena Butler, Eldon
President, E. F. Hackman. Chalmers, Mrs. Eldon Chalmers, Win-
Secretary-Treasurer, F. T. Oakes. nifred Craig, Antonia Dezkovsky,
Paul Felker, Mrs. Paul Felker, Mrs.
Executive Committee: E. F. Hack- Lettie Fiman, A. 0. Forbes, Mrs. A.
man, F. L. Abbott, F. 0. Fowler, D. 0. Forbes, Mrs. Marguerite Fox, Mrs.
A. Neufeld, F. T. Oakes, E. L. Place, Myrtle Gallion, Clarise Gough, Mrs.
J. C. Rasmussen, B. A. Reile, W. W. Mae C. Hanley, Muriel Harlow, Mrs.
Ruble. Ethel Hesseltine, G. Merle Hoffman,
Departmental Secretaries: Mildred Jones, Mrs. Maecel Johnson,
Kathleen Kachuck, Evelyn Karr, De-
Book and Bible House, W. W. West. metra L Lewis, Ivar Loe, Harold
Educational and Temperance, W. W. Mauk, Mrs. Lila Marshall, Mildred
Ruble. Martin, Mrs. Mabel Miller, Evelyn
Field Missionary, M. V. Tucker. Oberti, Mrs. E. A. Nixon, C. R. Olm-
Home Missionary, J. A. Neilsen. stead, Kenneth Phillips, Mrs. Ken-
Medical, Eva L Beeler. neth Phillips, Mrs. Janie Price, Will-
Religious Liberty, E. F. Hackman.
Sabbath School, L. L. Moffitt. fred Rathbun, W. D. Rice, Hazel B.
Y. P. M. V. and Counsellor on War Ringer, Mrs. Dorothy Roach, Le-
Service Problems, L. A. Skinner. Vaugh Tarnenning, Ruth Terrill,
Mrs. Grace Thompson, Dorothy
Ordained Ministers: Thompson, Marian Toews, Mrs. Grace
Tolton, Mrs. Lucille Tuttle, Mrs.
F. L. Abbott, G. K. Abbott, C. E. Ralph Van Asperen, T. R. Water-
AcMoody, M. R. Bailey, A. V. Bentz, house, Pearl Wilson, Mrs. Howard
A. L. Bietz, P. 0. Campbell, H. D. Woodall, Mrs. Mae Woodcock, Rob-
Dobbins, F. 0. Fowler, Ernest Forbes, ert Young.
C. W. Hartwick, E. F. Hackman, E.
F. Heim, 0. A. Hall, W. L. Hyatt, Legal Association: "Northern California
W. P. Lockwood, M. A. Mahoney, L. Conference Association of the Sev-
L. Moffitt, J. A. Neilsen, A. E. Nel- enth-day Adventists," a corporation.
son, H. A. Peckham, E. F. Peter-
son, B. A. Reile, H. A. Renfro,
J. W. Rich, W. W. Ruble, A. 0.
Sage, Paul Scoggins, L. A. Skinner, SOUTHEASTERN CALIFORNIA
F. A. Stahl, T. L. Thuemler, M. V. CONFERENCE
Tucker, L. E. Tupper, H. L. Wallace, Reorganized 1932
R. S. Watts, A. J. Wearner, Warren
Wittenberg, T. D. Zaharis. Territory: The following-named coun-
Honorary: B. L. Diffenbacher, C. C. ties in the State of California: San
Landis, V. B. Watts. Diego, Orange, Imperial, Riverside,
San Bernardino.
Licensed Ministers:
S. Arribito, W. B. Bristow, Stephen Population: 746,480; churches, 47;
Chang, John Hancock, W. P. Hen- members, 6,987.
derson, Waldo Hesseltine, Robert Mc- Office: 9707 Magnolia Ave., Arlington,
pherson, D. A. Neufeld, F. T. Oakes, Calif. (Telephone, 9012.)
Clyde Sage, A. F. Storz, W. W. West,
W. Wilkinson. Postal Address; Box 684, Arlington,
Honorary: F, A, Leader, Calif.

Officers: Medical
President, L. E. Biggs. (Telephone, A. C. Larson.
Riverside 9736-R.)
Secretary-Treasurer, H. M. Burwell. General
(Telephone, Riverside 9736-J.) Esther Borrowdale, Frank Ford, Oma
Executive Committee: L. E. Biggs, Gentry, Betty Greable, Ruth Lehman,
H. M. Burwell, M. B. Graybill, A. Mrs. Hazel E. Morey, Henry Norton,
C. Larsen, G. S. Luther, G. R. E. Twila Schooley, Doris Smith.
McNay, J. C. Nixon, H. J. Shaw,
S. A. Smith, W. W. White. Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Bertha Davis, Mrs. G. Folkenberg,
Departmental Secretaries: Mrs. Mary E. Little, Mrs. Edith
Book and Bible House, Henry Norton. Sawyer, Mrs. E. B. Stoddard, Ernes-
Educational, W. 0. Baldwin. tine Volkers, Mrs. Madge Williams.
Field Missionary, A. E. Van Noty.
Home Missionary and Associate Med- Church School Teachers:
ical, C. J. Ritchie. Mrs. Fauneil Avilla, L. H. Booth,
Medical, E. H. Shyrock. Mrs. L. H. Booth, Mrs. Vera Brady,
Religious Liberty, L. E. Biggs. W. B. Clawson, John Ewing, Law-
Sabbath School and Radio, E. B. rence Ferguson, Vina Georgeson,
Hare. Mrs. Lloyd Gillam, Robert Gale,
Y. P. M. V., J. C. Nixon. Helen Goett, Mrs. Mary Groome,
Mrs. Edith Guild, Mrs. Ethel Haley,
Ordained Ministers: Willamae Hawkins, Mrs. Vera Hod-
L. R. Anderson, Nathaniel Banks, gins, Vada Huling, Leona James,
L. E. Biggs, S. T. Borg, I. M. Burke, Mrs. J. 0. Jones, Helen Johnson,
H. M. Burwell, T. L. Copeland, D. Anna Johnston, Maurine Johnston,
E. Dirksen, E B. Hare, J. C. Hauss- Elizabeth Larson, Marie Lucas, Mrs.
ler, Edward Heppenstall, P. C. Heu- Rilla Manning, Mrs. Marguerite
bach, A. B. Huenergardt, T. H. Jemi- Maxam, Alma Murray, Mrs. R. D.
son, V. J. Johns, F. W. Johnston, Musselman, Alma Nephew, Naomi
R. H. Kezer, E. J. Lorntz, G. R. E. Nixon, Mildred Ostoich, Mrs. Marion
McNay, W. S. McCully, J. C. Nixon, Padgett, Paul Rice, Frances Ross,
L. F. Passebois, N. C. Petersen, L. Mrs. Hazel Shafer, Edward Scott,
R. Rasmussen. E. R. Reynolds, C. J. Mrs. Thelma Swayze, Bernice Squier,
Ritchie, F. F. Schwindt, H. J. Shaw, Carrie Tichenor, Gabriel Arregui,
J. T. Thompson, A. E. Van Noty, Evelyn Roose.
W. W. White, J. E. Young.
Legal Associations: "Southeastern Cali-
Honorary: L. J. Borrowdale, D. R. fornia Association of Seventh-day Ad-
White, Bert Rhodes. ventists ;" "Seventh-day Adventists
Licensed Ministers: Association of Southeastern Califor-
not, a Corporation Sole."
Milton Adams, W. J. Airey, K. F.
Ambs, Gabriel Arregui, W. 0. Bald-
win, Glen Bowen, Dennis Black, Wal-
ter Crandall, L. E. Downs, H. L.
Graham, Claude Heitman, Leland SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CON-
Hesseltine, Vern Mallerne, Harry FERENCE
Morse, C. E. Nelson, L. C. Palmer,
N. L. Parker, K. J. Reynolds, W. C. Organized 1901
Risley, Allen Sackett, A. V. Serra,
A. R. Stadin, E. A. Wagner. Territory: The following counties in the
State of California: Los Angeles,
Licensed Missionaries: Ventura, Inyo, Mono, that part of
Educational Kern County lying south and east of
the Tehachapi Mountains, and all
Harlyn Abel, Marguerite Ambs, Ma- that part of Santa Barbara County
bel Andre, Maxine Atteberry, R. W. lying to the east and south of a line
Bickett, Doris Carlsen, Willeta Carl- beginning at the intersection of the
sen, Kathryn Colhower, H. E. Chil- 120th meridian with the north bound-
ton, L. H. Cushman, Elmer Digneb, ary line of said Santa Barbara County,
Edna Farnsworth, R. H. Hervig, thence south on the said 120th merid-
Mabel Jensen, Glee King, W. G. Law- ian to the summit of the No Joqui
son, C. F. Martin, Mrs. Delpha Mil- Grade; thence following the No
ler, Mrs. Alice Morse, Mrs. Olive Joqui Grade in a southwesterly direc-
Palmer, Otto Recker, F. E. Romant, tion to the Pacific Ocean.
Mrs. Mabel Curtis-Romant, W. F.
Tarr, George Thompson, A. L. Toews, Population: 2,925,380 ; churches, 58 ;
Velma Wallace, Edwin C. Walter. members, 10,982.

Office: 3131 Pasadena Ave., Los Angeles, Morgan, Gerald G. Neff, J. J. Paul-
Calif. (Telephone, Capitol 7344.) son, Carl Petterson, J. Truman Reed,
Postal Address: Station A, Box 148, L. A. Wheeler, Paul G. Wipperman.
Los Angeles, Calif. Medical
Officers: Otto Arndal, Mrs. W. E. Barr, Rich-
ard Blessing, Lillian Bonner, Naomi
President, David Voth. Bornhauser, M. S. Bordeau, Louise
Secretary-Treasurer, R. G. Lewis. Brown, Ruth Bunston, Leroy Burke,
Executive Committee: David Voth, Doris Byler, Fred Carpenter, Franke
R. G. Lewis, L. E. Folkenberg, Wm. Cobban, Helen Coslick, Enola Davis,
Guthrie, W. J. Harris, R. C. Leggit, W. E. Eberhardt, Kent Grin, Cletis
F. L. Peterson, R. Rodriquez, L. B. Hanahan, A. P. Hanson, Erma P.
Schick, B. R. Spear, H. B. Thomas, Henise, Catherine Herman, Margaret
W. G. Wirth. Hoyt, Debora John, Charlotte Knox,
Departmental Secretaries: Rosa Kozel, V. J. Logan, W. M. Mc-
Cumber, A. T. McGuffin, D. W. Mc-
Book and Bible House, Herbert Grif- Guffin, Ada J. Madison, C. C. Martin,
fith. C. B. Nelson, Lawrence Paulson, E.
Educational, J. T. Porter. C. Peifer, L. L. Provencher, Lillian
Field Missionary, W. L. Miller. Santee, Nondes Schmehl, Laura
Home Missionary, Temperance, and Serns, Mrs. Zimmerman, Harriet
Radio, A. A. Esteb. Smith, Fred Stuckey, Lois B. Stuckey,
Medical, J. W. McFarland. Olen Taggart, Eleanor Towle, Ethel
Religious Liberty, L. E. Folkenberg. Walker, Lloyd Whitsitt.
Sabbath School, W. J. Harris.
Y. P. M. V., W. C. Loveless. General
Ordained Ministers: Alice Bartlett, Mrs. Ellvena Bungor,
R. F. Alderson, W. B. Ammund- Earl J. Gregg, Jennie L. Ireland,
sen, A. D. Armstrong, H. E. Baasch, Mrs. Jean Miller, Mrs. Marguerite
A. E. Barnes, W. E. Barr, Miller Muff, John Nahorney, George B. Nel-
Brockett, R. C. Calderone, Roy son, Leona Peifer, Mrs. Arnold Pe-
tersen, Mrs. 0. W. Serns, Helen
F. Cottrell, H. A. Curran, S. J. Thompson, Thyra Thompson, Selma
Demchuk, W. A. Dunn, A. A. Esteb, Uhrig, Ophelia Voth, Ruth West.
L. E. Folkenberg, William Guthrie,
G. B. Haining, V. M. Hansen, W. J. Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Harris, C. A. Holt, J. F. Huener- Mrs. Irene Anderson, Loreen Barn-
gardt, W. R. Jefferson, A. H. Johns,
Robert Kitto, P. L. Knox, H. C. ard, Myrtis Beaman, Angeline Bely-
Lacey, F. G. Lane, W. C. Loveless, anski, Oleta Butcher, Mrs. T. Fuller-
J. H. McEachern, Glenn Millard, ton, Una Greene, Vienna Hamilton,
F. W. Miller, R. D. Moon, C. C. Mor- Mary D. Hopkins, Reathel Jenkins,
Ian, A. T. Okohira, F. L. Peterson, Mrs. Myrtle King, Mrs. Evelyn
J. T. Porter, W. E. Priebe, W. H. Knight, Ada Madison, Lillian Santee,
Schacht, L. B. Schick, H. J. Sheldon, Mrs. E. V. Smith.
J. A. Simonson, B. R. Spear, J. H. Church School Teachers:
N. Tindall, 0. A. Troy, David Voth,
C. R. Webster, B. F. Williams. Mrs. Helen Albright, Olga Almskog,
Mrs. W. B. Ammundsen, Mrs. Re-
Honorary : Ben E. Nicola, Riley Rus- cards Blough, Mrs. Carrie Brown,
sell. Mrs. Helen Burkhart, Mrs. Barbara
Licensed Ministers: Campbell, Mrs. Effie Carroll, Mrs.
Daisy Chapman, Mrs. Leona Codding-
Henry Baerg, W. B. Dart, Henry de ton, Mrs. R. F. Cook, Mrs. Alice E.
Fluiter, J. F. Dent, B. M. Emerson, Dent, J. F. Dent, Mrs. Eunice De
A. J. Escobar, Herbert Griffith, R. L. Vore, Charles Dickerson, Lee Fickess,
Klingbeil, Lincoln Levison, R. G. Ethel Griese, Bernice Hawkins, Vi-
Lewis, Harold Lindsey, Melvin Lu- onne Hendrix, Mrs. Virgil Jackson,
kens, Douglas Marchus, W. L. Miller, Rhoda Jefferson, Vera Jones, Mrs.
H. B. Thomas, C. 0. Trubey. Beula Longlow, Mrs. Marion Lewis,
Honorary: Rudolph Rodriguez, W. W. Paul Limerick, Mrs. T. A. McFar-
Worster. land, Mrs. C. McNeil, Mrs. Hazel
Merkel, Mrs. La Vonne Mink, Al-
Licensed Missionaries: frieda Mortensen, G. G. Neff, Else
Educational Nelson, Mrs. Gertrude Nunn, Emilene
Olsen, J. J. Paulson, Mrs. J. J. Paul-
William V. Albee, D. G. Bower, J. son, Mrs. Virginia Perry, Carl Pet-
W. Craig, Charles Dickerson, Harold terson, Mrs. Helen Phillips, Mrs. Vio-
Eddy, Lee Fickess, P. E. Limerick, let Pierce, Truman Reed, Virginia
Milton McCulloch, E. I. Mohr, Charles Roberts, Laura Shafer, Mildred Shan-

non, Mrs. E. M. Shelton, Mavis Glendale Union Academy, 700 Kimlin

Smith, Mrs. Vivian Smith, Mrs. Clara Drive, Glendale, Calif.
Wessels, Mrs. G. M. Weyand, Law- Golden Gate Academy, 1709 Alcatraz
rence Wheeler, Chrystal Wheeling. Ave., Berkeley, Calif.
Mrs. Herbert White, Rosemarie Hawaiian Mission Academy and Ad-
White, Mrs. Anna Q. Wilson, Mrs. vanced Training School, 1415 Ma-
0. S. Wolcott. kiki St., Honolulu, Hawaii.
Kern Academy, Shafter, Calif.
Legal Association: "Southern Califor- Loma Linda Academy, Loma Linda,
nia Association of Seventh-day Ad- Calif.
ventists ;" Secretary-Treasurer, B. M. Lynwood Academy, 11091 Locust St.,
Emerson. Lynwood, Calif.
Modesto Union Academy, 210 Figaro
St., Modesto, Calif.
Mountain View Union Academy,
UNION CONFERENCE Redwood Empire Academy, 950 Wright
Road, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Educational: San Diego Union Academy, 3057 .G.
Colleges St., San Diego, Calif.
College of Medical Evangelists, Loma Publishing:
Linda and Los Angeles, Calif. Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Mountain
La Sierra College, La Sierra Station, View, Calif.
Arlington, Calif.
Pacific Union College, Angwin, Napa Sanitariums:
Co., Calif. Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital,
Boarding Academies 1509 E. Wilson Ave., Glendale,
Calif. (Mail addtess, Box 871,
Arizona Academy, 1325 N. 14th St., Glendale, Calif.)
Phoenix, Ariz. Loma Linda Sanitarium, Loma Linda,
La Sierra Academy, La Sierra Sta- Calif.
tion, Arlington, Calif. Paradise Valley Sanitarium, National
Lodi Academy, Box 640, Lodi, Calif. City, Calif.
Pacific Union Academy, Angwin, St. Helena Sanitarium, Sanitarium,
Napa Co., Calif. Napa Co., Calif.
Non-Boarding Academies White Memorial Hospital, 312 N.
Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Armona Union Academy, Armona,
Calif. Food Company:
Fresno Academy, 841 W. Belmont Loma Linda Food Co., Arlington,
Ave., Fresno. Calif. Calif.


Organized 1932
Territory: The States of Alabama, Executive Committee: J. K. Jones,
Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missis- C. V. Anderson, H. J. Capman, I. M.
sippi, North Carolina, South Caro- Evans, L. C. Evans, Charles Franz,
lina, and Tennessee, comprising the R. T. Keate, C. J. Larsen, H. E.
Conferences of Alabama-Mississippi, Lysinger, B. M. Preston, D. E. Rebok,
Carolina, Florida, Georgia-Cumber- E. A. Sutherland, K. A. Wright.
land, and Kentucky-Tennessee.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 21,270,789 ; churches, 315 ;
members, 20,324. Educational and Y. P. M. V., K. A.
Office: 437 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Field Missionary, I. M. Evans.
Decatur, Ga. (Telephone, Dearborn Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
7748.) and Radio, B. M. Preston.
Postal Address: Box 449, Decatur, Ga. Religious Liberty, Temperance, and
Counsellor on War Service Prob-
Officers: lems, M. E. Chapman.
President, J. K. Jones.
Secretary-Treasurer, Charles Franz. Ordained Ministers:
Auditor and Transportation Agent, H. K. Christman, I. M. Evans, M. D.
Charles Franz. Howard, A. E. Hughes, J. S. James,

J. K. Jones, T. K. Ludgate, B. M. Anna Knight, H. E. Lysinger, H. R.

Preston, P. E. Quimby, D. E. Rebok, Murphy, H. D. Singleton, J. G.
C. A. Russell, J. E. Shultz, E. A. Thomas.
Sutherland, C. E. Weeks, K. A.
Wright. Ordained Ministers:
Honorary: W. L. Adkins, W. E. Bid- 0. B. Edwards, J. L. Moran, C. E.
well, C. E. Boynton, J. F. Brownlee, Moseley, H. D. Singleton.
C. J. Buhalts, A. J. Clark, V. 0. Cole, Honorary: J. A. Bookhart, J. F.
0. B. Crary, L. T. Crisler, F. H. Crichlow, N. J. Grant, N. B. King,
DeVinney, F. W. Field, M. C. Guild, C. M. Kinney, M. C. Strachen.
H. C. Hartwell, K. R. Haughey, S.
G. Haughey, H. M. Kelley, J. H. Licensed Ministers:
Krum, J. B. Locken, C. F. McVagh, C. A. Dent, W. C. Webb.
.1. D. Reavis, E. L. Sheldon, C. B. Honorary: C. B. Holloway.
Stephenson, R. E. Stewart, Charles
Thompson, Allen Walker, H. C. J. Licensed Missionaries:
Walleker, P. A. Webber, L. E. Well- Educational
N. E. Ashby, Mrs. Carl Bailey, Mrs.
Licensed Ministers: E. I. Cunningham, T. T. Frazier, C.
E. Galley, Mrs. a E. Galley, Marian
S. D. Brown, F. A. Coffin, C. 0. Gresham, B. B. Inge, L. E. Johnson,
Franz, C. J. Larsen, H. F. Lease, Mrs. L. E. Johnson, M. Inez Lang,
D. C. Ludington,. E. C. Waller, Dan-
iel Walther. Edna Amelia Lett, G. J. Millet, B.
T. Turner.
Honorary: Mrs. Minnie Sype Atte-
berry, C. G. Ortner, L. D. Randall. Medical
Licensed Missionaries: L. E. Ford, Ruth Frazier, Mrs.
Thelma Johnson.
R. K. Boyd, Theresa Brickman, Olivia
Dean, Mary Dietel, C. W. Dortch, Anna Knight.
Nellie Feree, J. W. Gepford, Dora
Greve, Maude Jones, G. J. Nelson.
J. B. Pierson, Norma Rhodes,
Edythe Williams, W. E. Williams, ALABAMA-MISSISSIPPI CON-
Theodora Wirak. FERENCE
Publishing Organized 1982
A. B. Burdick, R. A. Curtis, L. F. Territory: The States of Alabama and
Durocher, S. Eldridge, W. C. Gracey, Mississippi, and the following counties
J. P. Jones, R. Mills, F. E. Robert. in Florida: Escambia, Santa Rosa,
Walton, Holmes, Washington. Jack-
General son, Okaloosa, Gulf, Bay, and Calhoun.
R. G. Bowen, L. S. Christensen, Population: 5,232,687 ; churches, 50 ;
W. A. Harvey, W. R. White. members, 3,083.
Honorary: Mrs. M. Balsbaugh, Miss Office Address: 1703 - 24th Ave., Me-
M. Baxter, Miss E. McHugh, Mrs. E. ridian, Miss. (Phone 431.)
Meek, Miss R. Orchill, Mrs. M. Smith.
Legal Association: "Southern Union Officers:
Conference Association of Seventh- President, H. J. Capman.
day Adventists." Secretary-Treasurer, J. M. Jansen.
Executive Committee: H. J. Capman,
Colored Department C. J. Ashlock, F. H. Dortch, J. M.
Jansen, W. J. Keith, A. C. Lien, H.
Officers: 0. Rogers.
President, J. K. Jones. Departmental Secretaries:
Secretary-Treasurer, Charles Franz.
Secretary Colored Dept., H. D. Sin- Book and Bible House, S. C. Ronning.
gleton. Educational and Y. P. M. V., L. W.
Assistant Educational, Home Mission- Pettis.
ary, Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V., Field Missionary, C. W. Beach; As-
Anna Knight. sistant, W. E. Adams.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Committee: J. K. Jones, C. V. Ander- V. Esquilla.
son, H. J. Capman, L. C. Evans, W. Religious Liberty: Alabama, C. F.
W. Fordham, T. M. Fountain, Charles Graves : Mississippi, A, C. Lien.
Franz, R. I. Keate, F. S. Keitts, Colored Department, H. R. Murphy.

Ordained Ministers: Population: 5,452,614; churches, 61;

C. J. Ashlock, H. J. Capman, J. D. members, 3,165.
Dobbs, V. Esqui11a, W. D. Fleming, Office Address: 1936 East Seventh St.,
C. F. Graves, W. J. Keith, A. C. Charlotte, N. C. (Telephone 6951.)
Lien, L. W. Pettis, J. E. Whelpley.
Postal Address: Box 930, Charlotte,
Licensed Ministers: N. C.
C. W. Beach, H. H. Hewitt, J. M.
Jansen, W. L. Mazart, C. Melendy, Officers:
S. C. Ronning, W. W. Scott, Melville President, H. E. Lysinger.
Seitz, L. H. Fitton, Grover Winslow. Secretary-Treasurer, R. S. Blackburn.
Licensed Missionaries: Executive Committee: H. E. Lysinger,
Educational R. S. Blackburn, R. H. Hartwell, J.
C. E. Botimer, Mrs. C. E. Botimer, A. Oliver, W. T. Smith, E. C. Waller,
Mrs. Olive Clark, Ruth Davis, Mrs. R. L. Winders.
L. C. Eggert, Mrs. Ben Harr, Paul
Hendershot, Mrs. Paul Hendershot, Departmental Secretaries:
Hazel King, Annie Lowe, Juanita Book and Bible House, M. J. Harvey.
Mathieu, M. C. Norrell, J. R. Per- Educational and Y. P. M. V., A. D.
kins, Mrs. J. R. Perkins, Flora Sa- Kaelin.
velle, Lillie Belle Slaton, Mildred Field Missionary, Donald West.
Snyder, Mrs. W. H. Westermeyer, Home Missiofiary,. Radio, and Sabbath
Mrs. Grover Winslow. School, W. 0. Reynolds.
Medical, J. F. Brownsberger.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers) : Religious Liberty, H. E. Lysinger.
Mrs. M. Buford, Jeanne Meyer,
Mrs. Sadie Walleker, Doris Willhide. Ordained Ministers:
Legal Association: "Alabama-Missis- H. R. Becker, 0. U. Giddings, It. H.
sippi Conference Association of Sev- Hartwell, L. P. Knecht, B. F. Knee-
enth-day Adventists." land, H. E. Lysinger, W. 0. Reynolds,
W. T. Smith, R. L. Winders.
Colored Department
Licensed Ministers:
Committee: H. J. Capman, J. M. H. T. Anderson, R. S. Blackburn,
Jansen, V. Lindsay, H. R. Murphy, Paul Boynton, A. L. Dickerson, A.
J. F. Street. D. Kaelin, A. D. Livengood, E. M.
Ordained Ministers: Spivey, Stanley Will, Sam Martz.
B. W. Abney, Sr., H. R. Murphy. Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Ministers: J. F. Brownsberger, M. J. Harvey.
W. E. Adams, B. H. Ewing, V. Lind- Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
say, J. N. Richardson, D. B. Simons,
J. F. Street. Mrs. George Brownell, Mrs. M. Lu-
cas, Rachel May Lemon.
Licensed Missionaries:
Educational Church School Teachers:
Athea Bailey, Louvence Batson, Sen- Mrs. Fred Acuff, Mrs. Bessie Baker,
eva Crosgrove, Mary I. Lang, Julia Mrs. M. B. Byrd, Mrs. 0. J. Eggers,
B. Pearson, Hortense Price, Mrs. L. Christine Fox, H. A. Gober, Mrs.
A. Smith, Alice Thompson. Helen Graham, Jessie Hawman,
Marie Holloway, Mrs. Florence Koh-
Bible Instructor (Bible Worker) : ler, Betty Leslie, Mrs. R. E. Maxson,
Katherine Brooks. Mary Riley, Helen Self, Irma Shaw,
Lynne Sudduth, Mrs. J. Van Campen,
Eloise Wynn.
CAROLINA CONFERENCE Legal Association: "Carolina Confer-
ence Association of Seventh-day Ad-
Organized in 1901 and 1907 as the North ventists, Incorporated."
Carolina and South Carolina Confer-
ences; reorganized as Carolina Con- Colored Department
ference in 1918. Committee: H. E. Lysinger, R. S.
Territory: The States of North Carolina Blackburn, Matthew Green, F. S.
and South Carolina, excepting Chero- Keitts, N. B. Smith.
kee County, in North Carolina, which Ordained Ministers:
is included in the Georgia-Cumber-
land Conference. F. S. Keitts, N. B. Smith.

Licensed Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:

Earl Cleveland, W. M. Fordham, Educational
Matthew Green. Dorothy Bartlett, E. W. Bradley, Lu-
Licensed Missionaries: cile Haskin, Mrs. Grace Henriksen,
Lucille Hoskins, Vernon Kirstein,
0. B. Hall, Marie Richardson, Char- W. Kirstein, Mrs. W. Kirstein, L.
lotte Weeks. J. Knight, J. A. Lauer, Mrs.' J. A.
Church School Teachers: Lauer, W. F. Rembold, E. Tompkins.
Rosetta Baldwin, Mrs. Alberta Dan- 0. Tompkins.
iells, Mrs. Matthew Green, Mrs. 0. General
B. Hall, Alyce Jones, Sarah Mere- Edgar Bradley, H. C. Lilley.
dith, Mrs. L. A. Rogers.
Bible Instructors. (Bible Workers):
Mrs. H. T. Barnhart, Mrs. H. C.
Lilley, Fannie Mosby, Mrs. George
FLORIDA CONFERENCE Retzlaff, Lucille Smith.
Organized 1893 Church School Teachers:
Mabel Andrews, Mrs. Irva Baessler,
Territory: The State of Florida, except- Louise Batten, Grace Bush, Eileen
ing the counties of Escambia, Santa Conger, Mrs. J. R. Conger, Mrs. Ella
Rosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Grosvenor, Mrs. Edith L. Haas, Al-
Gulf, Jackson, Okaloosa, Bay, and bert R. Lawson, Mrs. Albert R. Law-
Calhoun, which are included in the son, Vesta Lester, Cleone Lewis, S.
Alabama-Mississippi Conference. G. Northcott, Mrs. S. G. Northcott,
Mrs. Marie Pinson, Earl Shepard,
Population: 1,681,484 ; churches, 66 ; Ruby Shreve, Viola Simmons, Mrs.
members, 5,547. Mabel Smith, Mrs. R. R. Sollenberger,
Office: 311 N. Rosalind Ave., Orlando, Patricia Sullivan, E. G. Wrigley,
Fla. (Telephone, 8131.) Mrs. E. G. Wrigley.
Postal Address: Box-1313, Orlando, Fla. Legal Association: "Florida Conference
Association of Seventh-day Advent-
Officers: ists, Inc."
President, L. C. Evans. Colored Department
Secretary-Treasurer, H. E. Schneider. Committee: L. C. Evans, W. W.
Executive Committee: L. C. Evans, Fordham, W. S. Lee, A. J. Bailey,
R. S. Akers, E. C. Banks, F. F. Bush, L. S. Follette, H. E. Schneider.
H. J. Doolittle, H. Lester, H. E.
Schneider, C. A. Wilhelm, J. G. Ordained Ministers:
Gjording. L. S. Follette, W. W. Fordham, W.
S. Lee, W. G. Mills.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Ministers:
Book and Bible House, C. M. Craw- L. S. Follette, W. W. Fordham, W.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., R. H. S. Lee, W. G. Mills.
Libby. Bible Instructor (Bible Worker):
Field Missionary, A. E. Deyo. Jennie Hankinson.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Church School Teachers:
Religious Liberty, L. C. Evans. Charles Cunningham, Pearl E. Cur-
rye, Henrietta Emanuel, Mrs. L. S.
Ordained Ministers: Follette, Frances Fountain, Bernice
A. N. Allen, E. C._ Banks, F. F. Hall, Ruby Harris, Mrs. W. S. Lee,
Bush, M. E. Chapman, A. E. Deyo, Catherine Murray, Katrina Nesbitt
H. J. Doolittle, M K. Eckenroth, L. Lucille Roberts, Mrs. A. E. Russell.
C. Evans, J. G. Gjording, S. R.
Haynes, J. M. Howell, R. H. Libby,
H. S. Prenier, W. W. Walker, C. A.
Licensed Ministers: Organized Georgia, 1901, Cumberland,
R. M. Craig, C. M. Crawford, C. R. 1900; Consolidated 1932
French, N. M. Harlan, F. W. Harvey, Territory: The State of Georgia, Chero-
E. A. Lemon, Robert Metcalfe, H. E. kee County in North Carolina, and
Schneider, Robert Wieland, J. R. Eastern Tennessee, the western
Young. boundary being the eastern line of

the counties of Macon, Trousdale, Mauldin, E. E. Messinger, Mrs. Ma-

Wilson, Cannon, Coffee, and Frank- ble McGuire, Winnifred Pearce, Mil-
lin. ton Reiber, Mrs. Milton Reiber, Mrs.
Population: 4,428,706 ; churches, 75 ; R. G. Schirner, Ruby Schultz, Mrs.
members, 4,203. Alpha E. Smith, Nellie Jane Smith,
Mrs. Leland Straw, Mrs. R. 0. Terry,
Office Address: 547 Cherokee Ave., S. E. Mrs. R. L. Underwood, Mrs. Lela
Atlanta, Ga. (Phone, Jackson 5538.; Whorton, Edna Wilbur, Mrs. H. R.
Wilson, Mary Winkler, Helen Wrenn,
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 4929, At-
lanta, Ga. Legal Associations: "The Cumberland
Conference Association of Seventh-
Officers: day Adventists, Incorporated." "The
President, R. I. Keate. (Phone, Jack- Georgia Conference Association of
son 2992.) Seventh-day Adventists, Incorporated."
Secretary-Treasurer, Charles Fleming,
Jr. (Phone, Dearborn 4702.) Colored Department
Executive Committee: R. I. Keate, Committee: R. I. Keate, Charles Flem-
C. R. Gibbs, Charles Fleming, Jr., ing, Jr., J. W. Jones, F. H. Stevens,
L. A. Semmens, B. F. Summerour, J. G. Thomas.
B. F. Tucker. Ordained Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries: J. W. Jones, F. H. Stevens, J. G.
Book and Bible House, Thomas.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Marion Licensed Ministers:
Field Missionary, J. R. McWilliam, C. A. Lynes, P. H. Morgan, W. M.
Assistant, J. Perry Priest. Starks, Osceola White.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Licensed Missionary: J. S. Wise.
J. M. Cox.
Medical, J. F. Schneider. Church School Teachers:
Religious Liberty, R. I. Keate. Mrs. E. David, Ceola Hagan, Mrs. H.
Ordained Ministers: Osterman, Mrs. B. B. Rowe, Mrs.
Emma Scott, Mrs. F. H. Stevens,
0. D. Cardey, J. M. Cox, C. It. Gibbs, Mrs. M. F. Sweedenberg, Trula Wade,
R. I. Keate, W. E. Lanier, J. It. Mc- John Wise.
William, L. A. Semmens, F. C. Web-
Honorary: C. P. Lillie, G. Medairy. KENTUCKY-TENNESSEE CON-
Licensed Ministers:
Organized: Kentucky, 1908; Tennes-
J. G. Conmack, R. E. Crawford, see, 1888: Consolidated 1932
Charles Fleming, Jr., F. E. J. Harder,
S. C. Harris, John Hegeman, Byron Territory: The State of Kentucky and
Lighthall, H. M. Lodge, A. D. McKee, Western Tennessee, the eastern bound-
F. D. Meintzer, J. R. Mitchell, ary being the eastern line of the coun-
Walker Oliphant, J. P. Priest, Milton ties of Macon, Trousdale, Wilson,
Reiber, R. G. Schirner. Cannon, Coffee, Franklin.
Licensed Missionaries: Population: 4,475,298 ; churches, 54
Byron Lighthall, J. F. Schneider, members, 4,326.
Mrs. Rossie Smith, G. N. Fuller, Mar-
ion Sietz. Office: 2001 - 24th Ave., N., Nashville.
Tenn. (Telephone, 6-0573.)
Honorary: Mrs. R. I. Keate.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
President, C. V. Anderson.
Mrs. K. R. Haughey, Mrs. G. C. Secretary-Treasurer, Clyde Franz.
Phillippi, Mrs. H. W. Smith.
Executive Committee: C. V. Ander-
Church School Teachers: son Clyde Franz, Jeff Hickman, S.
Thyra Bowen, Mrs. Olivia Dean, Mrs. M. Schleifer, B. H. Shaw, W. E.
Claudia Dillard Mrs. Ila Dunn, Nel- Strickland, J. T. Wheeler.
lie Ferree, Minnie Goble, Roger Departmental Secretaries:
Goodge, Dora Greve, Leonard Hill,
Mrs. Leonard Hill, H. W. Ingham, Book and Bible House, C. L. Jacobs.
Mrs. H. W. Ingham, W: S. James, Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. C.
Mrs. B. J. Jameson, Mrs., Bessie Gaitens.
Levering, Byron Lighthall, H. M. Field Missionary, P. E. Shakespeare.
Lodge, Mrs. H. M. Lodge, Mrs. Eva Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Lysell, Dorothy Mathews, Lorraine W. H. Westermeyer.

Religious Liberty : Kentucky, W. E. Colored Department

Strickland; Tennessee, C. V. An- Committee: C. V. Anderson, T. M.
derson. Fountain, Clyde Franz, I. H. Hudson,
Ordained Ministers: R. F. Warnick.
.1. E. All, C. V. Anderson, H. D.
Colburn, J. H. Capman, LeRoy Ordained Ministers:
Hunter, J. S. Jameson, P. E. Shake- T. M. Fountain, H. J. Miller, R. F.
speare, B. H. Shaw, S. M. Schleifer, Warnick, W. H. Winston.
W. E. Strickland, H. A. Vandeman,
Frank Weeks, H. J. Welch, W. H. Licensed Ministers:
Westermyer. W. J. Cleveland, N. G. Simons.
Licensed Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:
A. N. Atteberry, W. E. Burns, G. H.
Boehrig, Clyde Franz, W. E. Kues- Educational
ter, J. C. Gaitens, Luther Watson. Mrs. D. M. S. Custard, Bernice Davis,
Licensed Missionaries: Mildred McClellan, Myrtle Miles,
Omar Pettway, Mrs. J. A. Wesley.
Esther Brassington, Minnie Brown,
Mrs. H. D. Colburn, Mrs. Bertha
Coppock, Maxeen Follis, Mrs. Elbert
A. Kathka, Flora Lester, Ferrell Mc- UNION CONFERENCE
Mahen, Lucile Turner, Elsie Weeks,
Erda Wigle, Mrs. Fred Wood. Educational:
General Forest Lake Academy, Route 2, Mait-
land, Fla.
L. M. Heifner, C. L. Jacobs, Ruby Oakwood Junior College, Huntsville,
Simmons. Ala.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers) : Southern Junior College, Collegedale,
Marye Burdick, Mrs. S. W. Wilhelm. Tenn.
Church School Teachers: Publishing:
Mrs. H. H. Ard, Mrs. Alice Boyd, Southern Publishing Assn., 2119-2125
Mrs. W. S. Byram, Mrs. H. M. 24th Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Mathews, Mrs. K. P. McDonald,
Yvonne Rumley, Mrs. Lois L. Ruth- Sanitariums:
erford, Mrs. Florence Taylor. Florida Sanitarium and Hospital,
Legal Association: "Kentucky-Tennes- Orlando, Fla.
see Conference Association of Sev- Riverside Sanitarium and Hospital,
enth-day Adventists, Inc." Route 3, Box 53, Nashville, Tenn.


Organized 1901; Reorganized 1902

Territory: The States of Arkansas, Executive Committee: J. W. Turner,

Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, W. E. Abernathy, H. H. Hamilton,
and Texas, excepting San Juan V. A. LaGrone, E. A. Manry, J. L.
County in New Mexico, comprising McConaughey, D. W. Palmer, I. C.
the Conferences of Arkansas-Louisi- Pound, Emanuel Remsen, R. J. Roy,
ana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Texico. F. D. Wells.
Population: 13,579,228 ; churches, 196 ; Departmental Secretaries:
members, 12,378. Educational and Y. P. M. V., R. J.
Office Address: Keene, Tex. (Tele- Roy.
phone and Telegraph, Cleburne, Tex., Field Missionary, Emanuel Remsen.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
9061-F21.) E. A. Manry.
Officers: Religious Liberty, J. W. Turner.
Counsellor on War Service Prob-
President, J. W. Turner. lems, R. J. Roy.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, W.
E. Abernathy. Ordained Ministers:
Transportation Agent, W. E. Aber- G. A. Campbell, H. H. Hamilton, H.
nathy. B. Lundquist, E. A. Manry, A. M.

Ragsdale, Emanuel Remsen, J. B. Officers:

Ross, R. J. Roy, J. W. Turner.
President, I. C. Pound.
Honorary: J. F. Anderson, N. H. Secretary-Treasurer, T. R. Gardner.
Conway, I. A. Crane, C. J. Dart,
B. M. Garton, D. U. Hale, A. G. Executive Committee: I. C. Pound,
Haughey, J. G. Oblander, W. R. Isaac Baker, C. R. Beeler, T. R.
Pohle, J. I. Taylor. Gardner, M. R. Garrett, Lynol Gif-
ford, M. L. Wilson.
Licensed Ministers:
W. E. Abernethy, S. W. Dake, Will- Departmental Secretaries:
mer Eiseman, P. M. Foster, A. E. Book and Bible House, T. R. Gardner;
Hall, D. W. Palmer, H. L. Shull, Assistant, Kenneth Beem.
J. C. Turner. Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun-
Honorary: D. E. McNeil. sellor on War Service Problems,
Educational Lee Carter.
Field Missionary, C. L. Grandon.
Esther D. Ambs, J. D. Anderson, Home Missionary and Medical, J. L..
Marie Anderson, Leona Bassham, R. Neil.
L. Carr, Sallie Espinosa, E. S. Kyle, Religious Liberty, I. C. Pound.
J. H. Metzger, M. E. Moore, Mrs. Sabbath School, Mrs. C. L. Grandon.
Flora Moyers, Nellie Phillips, B. S.
Putnam, Maude Reid, W. C. Robin- Ordained Ministers:
son, Mrs. Melissa Ruybalid, Wilbert Isaac Baker, Lee Carter, M. R. Gar-
Schneider, Letha Taylor, Mrs. J. C. rett, W. A. Lusk, H. H. Mattison,
Turner, Mabel Wood, Mary Wood- J. L. Neil, I. C. Pound, M. L. Wil-
ward. son.
General Honorary: G. T. Vore, J. 0. Wilson.
Dorothy Harrison, Wanda Johnston.
Licensed Ministers:
Honorary: J. W. Phillips.
C. R. Beeler, K. C. Beem, Joseph
Legal Association: "The Southwestern Calderone, T. R. Gardner, C. L.
Union Conference Corporation of Sev- Grandon, Verne Kelsey, Woodrow
enth-day Adventists." Board of Trus- Larson, Morris Lowry, Guy William-
tees: J. W. Turner, President; W. E. son, W. D. Pierce, Clinton Woodland,
Abernathy, Secretary-Treasurer; H. John Zollbrecht.
H. Hamilton, E. A. Manry, J. L.
McConaughey, F. D. Wells. Licensed Missionaries:
Colored Department Educational
Officers: Marion Arnold, Mrs. Orval Atkins,
President, J. W. Turner, Byrd Bullard, Edward Coffman, Roy
Secretary-Treasurer, W. E. Aber- Cole, Virginia Craig, Miriam De-
nathy. Laune, Esther Duce, Mrs. Crystal
Colored Department Secretary, T. H. Duce, Mrs. Ethel Gallien, Annie
Coopwood. Laurie Gifford, Garie Jones, Jesse
Jones, Mrs. C. E. Kellogg, W. M.
Committee: J. W. Turner, W. E. Ladd, Mrs. W. M. Ladd, Mrs. Wood-
Abernathy, B. J. Bryant, T. H. Coop- row Larson, Mrs. W. A. Lusk, Mrs.
wood, R. T. Hudson, V. A. La- Mary Miller, Mrs. Lou E. Montgom-
Grone, J. L. McConaughey, I. C. ery, Martin Pettey, Mrs. W. D.
Pound, 0: J. Trotter, F. D. Wells. Pierce, Esther Pitman, Mauryne
Ordained Ministers: Sloan, Mrs. Roscoe Wentz, Mrs. Ruth
T. H. Coopwood. Weeks, Mrs. J. D. Wilburn, Nina
Vee Wilcox, Mrs. G. C. Williamson,
Mrs. Clinton Woodland, Mrs. John
Arkansas organized 1888 ; Louisiana Grace Bell, Louise Dunn, MrS. C. L.
Organized 1900; Consolidated 1932 Grandon, Mrs. Verne Kelsey.
Territory: States of Arkansas and Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Louisiana., Julia Inabinet, Ruth Parker, Lucille
Population: 4,330,286; churches, 42; Whisnant.
members, 2,970.
Legal Association: "Arkansas Confer-
Office: 1215 Marshall St., Little Rock, ence Association of Seventh-day Ad-
Ark. (Telephone, 4-4501.) ventists."

Colored Department Anna Draper, Theda Ebert, Lizzie

Longwear, Oleta Lucas, Mrs. A. S.
Ordained Ministers: Lutz, Katherine McAfee, 0. Padgett,
F. J. Bryant, S. A. Douglas?, J. H. Pauline Parker, Minneola Paschal,
Williams: Mrs. 0. S. Plue, Mrs. Marie Reed,
Mrs. D. C. Reeder, Nancy Reeder,
Licensed Minister: Douglas Batson. Jula Rowland, S. B. Scaggs, Mrs. M.
Licensed Missionaries: L. Schilt, W. H. Shaw, Mrs. Eldora
Educational Taylor, Doris' Tennent, Mildred Win-
Mrs. Z. L. Burns, Gustava. Manning, ters.
Mrs. M. Montgomery, Audrey Reese, Bible Instructor (Bible Worker):
R. L. Ryles. Helen Maxwell, Mrs. Elizabeth Moore.
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers):
Mrs. Birdie McCluster, Mrs. Aleta Church School Teachers:
Ormon. Mrs. Ruby Austin, Mrs. Lois Burton,
Mrs. Ruby Magee, Mrs. D. H. Mad-
ison, Mrs. Lee Thomas.
Legal Association: "Oklahoma Confer-
OKLAHOMA CONFERENCE ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
Organized 1894
Cherokee Indian Mission
Territory: The State of Oklahoma and Near Stilwell, Okla.
Lipscomb County, Texas.
Population: 2,336,434: churches, 52; Address: Route 3, Stilwell, Okla.
members, 3,399. Director: C. D. Smith.
Office: 525 N. W. 13th St., Oklahoma Mission School Teacher: D. H. Madison.
City, Okla. (Phone, 3-1678.)
Postal Address: Box 528, Oklahoma
City, Okla.
President, J. L. McConaughey. Reorganized 1932
Secretary-Treaiurer, J: C. Kozel.
Executive Committee: J. L. McCon- Territory: That part of the State of
aughey, C.: N. Eckman, 0. J. Kem- Texas lying east and south of the
merer, Arthur Kiesz, J. C. Kozel, G. following counties, except the city of
A. Truesdell, E. Weis. Texarkana: Hardeman, Foard, Knox,
Haskell, Jones, Taylor, Runnels,
Departmental Secretaries: Concho, Tom Green, Irion, Reagan,
Book and Bible House, Veleda Carter. Upton, Crane, Ward, Reeves, Culber-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. N. son, Hudspeth, and El Paso.
Andrews. Population: 5,485,470 ; churches, 62;
Field Missionary, A. E. Eubanks. members, 4,358.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
and Temperance, C. N. Eckman. Office Address: 2838 Hemphill St., Fort
Religious Liberty, J. L. McConaughey. Worth, Tex. (Telephone, 4-6548.)
Ordained Ministers: Officers:
C. N. Eckman, A. Kiesz, J. L. Mc- President, F. D. Wells.
Conaughey, C. R. Kinney, R. F. Mar- Secretary-Treasurer, G. T. Burgess.
shall, C. D. Smith, W. F. Speeht, 0. Executive Committee: F. D. Wells,
J. Trotter, G. A. Truesdell, B. Voth. W. L. Barclay, G. T. Burgess, J. L.
DeWitt, W. G. Hassenpflug, R. P.
Licensed Ministers: Montgomery, T. B. Westbrook.
W. N. Andrews, 0. H. Bentzinger,
A. E. Eubanks, Harold Hampton, Departmental Secretaries:
C. E. Howell, A. T. King, J. C. Book and Bible House, J. S. McMullen.
Kozel, A. S. Lutz, D. H. Madison, Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. H.
Henry Meissner, 0. S. Plue, M. K. Rhoads.
Wahl. Field Missionary, J. D. Leslie.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Licensed Missionaries: W. L. Barclay.
Vera Baker, Agnes Barnes, Veleda Religious Liberty and Isolated, F. D.
Carter, H. F. Corrie, Pauline Day, Wells.

Ordained Ministers: Population: 1,296,866. ; churches, 40 ;

W. L. Barclay, H. N. Bresee, G. T. members, 1,651.
Burgess, A. R. Carethers, G. W. Case- Postal 'Address: Box 1040, Clovis, N.
beer, A. C. Griffin, W. J. Hackett, Mex.
R. T. Hudson, M. H. Jensen, D.
S. Kime, R. P. Montgomery, J. H. Officers:
Rhoads, F. D. Wells, T. B. West- President, V. A. LaGrone.
brook. Secretary-Treasurer, 0. J. Bell.
Honorary: T. B. Hampton, W. S. Executive Committee: V. A. LaGrone,
Lawrence, H. S. Miller, Thomas 0. J. Bell, G. W. Casebeer, R. E.
Murphy. Delafield, F. W. Fortner.
Licensed Ministers: Departmental Secretaries:
E. E. Burkett, A. B. Butler, Edmond Book and Bible House, 0. J. Bell.
Clifford, Glenn M. Cox, T. L. Davis, Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Coun-
M. A. Dunn, G. M. Elistrom, Carl sellor on War Service Problems,
Franz, J. R. Hoffman, A. B. Hum- Cree Sandefur.
phrey, R. A. Jenkins, J. D. Leslie, Field Missionary, H. M. Williams.
Russell McMullen, N. A. Niswonger, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
A. K. Phillips, Clifford Shepard, Ray D. W. O'ffill.
Stevens, R. G. Wearner, L. F. Webb. Medical, Mrs. W. W. Ruminson.
Licensed Missionaries: Religious Liberty,
Educational Ordained Ministers:
Mildred Baldwin, Mrs. Carl Franz, R. E. Delafield, E. F. Finck, V. A.
Mrs. Alna Grant, Mrs. P. M. Greene, LaGrone, G. A. Schwerin, Cree San-
Mrs. A. G. Haughey, Mrs. R. A. defur, C. F. Staben, C. A. Walgren.
Jenkins, Frances Knox, Elizabeth Honorary: G. A. LaGrone.
Lothian, Mrs. C. R. May, Ellen
Priest, Hilda Fern Remley, Loneta Licensed Ministers:
Richter, Mrs. Clifford Shepard, Velma Ray Archuleta, 0. J. Bell, J. L.
Smith, Mrs. Ray Stephens, Helen Dittberner, Wm. H. Grotheer, An-
Stoner, Wilma Turner, Cordelia Wil- drew Higgins, A. L. May, A. D.
liamson, Lottie Woodruff. Melton, P. Mireles, R. W. Nelson,
General D. W. O'ffill, J. R. Rankin, Orville
Schneider, M. Vargas, H. M. Wil-
Thelma Flanagan, Marjorie Hight, liams.
J. S. McMullen, Charline McNeil,
Katheryn Parker. Licensed Missionaries:
Bible Instructors (Bible Workers): Educational'
Mrs. G. E. Lerner, Gladys Ross, Lou- Marieda Blehm, Ivagene Elliston,
ise Leper. Mrs. Andrew Higgins, Mrs. Recca
Ivie, Chivela Jorstad, Mrs. Almus
Honorary: Mrs. H. Eder, Mrs. Beu- Melton, Inez Myers, Mrs. Alma
lah Langdon. Padgett, Mrs. Dan Palmer, Lola
Legal Associations: "Texas Conference Peres, Mrs. Mabel Pierce, Malinda
Association of Seventh-day Advent- Rodenburg, Mrs. Genovevo Romero,
ists ;" "South Texas Conference Asso- Mrs. 0. V. Schneider, Mrs. Lorene
ciation of Seventh-day Adventists." Williams.
Church School Teachers:
TEXICO CONFERENCE Mildred Elliston, Doris Jensen, Mrs.
D. W. O'ffill, Mrs. C. F. Staben, Mar-
Organized 1916 tyleene Thomas, Mrs. H. W. Uhrig.
Territory: The State of New Mexico Legal Association: "The Texico Con-
(excepting San Juan County, in- ference Association of Seventh-day
cluded in the Colorado Conference), Adventists."
and that part of the State of Texas
lying west and north of the following
counties (excepting Lipscomb County INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH-
included in the Oklahoma Confer- WESTERN UNION CONFERENCE
ence) : west of the eastern line of
Hardeman, Foard, Knox, Haskell, Educational:
Jones, Taylor, Runnels, Concho, and Ozark Academy, Gentry, Ark.
north of the south line of Concho, Southwestern Junior College, Keene,
Green, Trion, Reagan, Upton, Crane, Tex.
Ward, Reeves, Culberson, Hudspeth, Spanish-American Seminary, Sando-
and El Paso. val, New Mexico.
Created a Division Conference by action of the General Conference
in session at San Francisco, Calif., May 24, 1922

Population: 10,250,000; churches, 441; Vice-President for Australasia: C. H.

members, 21,351. Watson.


Organized 1894
Territory: The Conferences of North Stockton, S. V. Stratford, R. A.
New South Wales, South New South Thrift, C. W. Tinworth, C. F. L.
Wales, North New Zealand, South Ulrich, L. G. Unwin, W. J. Wester-
New Zealand, Queensland, South Aus- man, L. V. Wilkinson.
tralia, Victoria, West Australia, and
Tasmania ; Eastern Polynesia, Fiji, Departmental Secretaries:
Samoa, Tonga, Papua, Cook Islands, Educational, B. H. McMahon.
Solomon Islands, New Hebrides, Niue, Field Missionary, H. White.
Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, Health Food, C. F. L. Ulrich ; Assist-
Territory of New Guinea, Monamona, ants, A. W. Dawson, T. J. Dowling,
and North Queensland Missions. B. 0. Johanson, W. L. Kilroy, C. W.
Tinworth, L. G. Unwin.
Churches, 441 ; members, 21,351. Home Missionary, T. A. Mitchell.
J. M. V., Miss H. K. Lewin.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Sydney. Medical, T. A. Sherwin.
Office: "Mizpah," Wahroonga, New Ministerial Assn., E. E. Roenfelt.
South Wales, Australia. (Telephone, National Emergency and Welfare
JW1061.) Service, R. E. Hare.
Publishing, J. J. Potter.
Officers: Religious Liberty, R. E. Hare.
President, E. B. Rudge. Sabbath School, G. M. Masters.
Vice-Presidents, E. E. Roenfelt, H. E. Temperance, A. W. Anderson.
Piper, R. A. Thrift. Y. P. M. V., E. L. Minchin, W. T.
Secretary, S. V. Stratford. Hooper.
Office Secretary, W. W. Petrie.
Treasurer, R. H. Adair. Ordained Ministers:
Assistant Treasurers, W. L. Pascoe, A. W. Anderson, J. B. Conley, E. H.
R. W. Lang. Guilliard, R. E. Hare, W. T. Hooper,
Field Secretaries, A. W. Anderson, A. W. Knight, A. F. J. Kranz, T. C.
E. H. Guilliard, R. E. Hare, A. G. Lawson, W. N. Lock, G. M. Masters,
Stewart, W. J. Westerman. B. H. McMahon, E. L. Minchin, T.
Auditor, A. G. Minchin. A. Mitchell, C. S. Palmer, H. E.
Assistant Auditor, L. J. Stace. Piper, J. J. Potter, E. E. Roenfelt,
Executive Committee: C. H. Watson, E. B. Rudge, A. G. Stewart, G. G.
E. B. Rudge, E. M. Abbott, G. E. Stewart, S. V. Stratford, R. A.
Adair, R. H. Adair, F. A. Allum, Thrift, C. H. Watson, W. J. Wester-
A. W. Anderson, A. H. Battye, W. E. man, H. White.
Battye, G. Branster, A. W. Dawson, Licensed Ministers:
T. J. Dowling, G. H. Engelbrecht,
G. S. Fisher, E. H. Guilliard, R. E. R. H. Adair, Wm. Chapman, M. A.
Hare, W. T. Hooper, B. 0. Johanson, Cott, F. Gifford, C. W. Harrison,
E. J. Johanson, john Keith, J. W. J. R. Kent, A. L. King, W. L. Pascoe,
Kent, W. Kilroy, A. F. J. Kranz, C. H. Schowe, T. A. Sherwin, H.
R. W. Lang, T. C. Lawson, L. D. A. Stacey, L. H. Turner, A. Westerman.
Lemke, Miss H. K. Lewin, W. N.
Lock, G. M. Masters, J. C. McDonald, Licensed Missionaries:
B. H. McMahon, E. L. Minchin, T. A. G. E. Adair, A. H. Battye, G. F.
Mitchell, H. G. Moulds, L. C. Naden, Bohringer, A. W. Dawson, T. J.
C. S. Palmer, James Pascoe, W. L. Dowling, C. H. Eiszele, H. E. Eiszele,
Pascoe, J. C. H. Perry, H. E. Piper, L. Engelbrecht, N. H. Faulkner, S.
J. J. Potter, E. E. Roenfelt, W. M. R. Faull, G. S. Fisher, A. W. Gers-
Scragg, T. A. Sherwin, H. Stacey, back, S. C. Grieve, Miss M. Hay,
A. G. Stewart, G. G. Stewart, H. G. R. Hopkins, C. J. Howell, B.
3 65

0. Johanson, W. Kilroy, C. G. Lane, Departmental Secretaries:

R. W. Lang, Miss H. K. Lewin, Educational and Religious Liberty,
E. Miller, A. G. Minchin, H. Mitchell, J. W. Kent.
V. Nilsson, E. L. Pengilley, L. A. Field Missionary, H. A. L. Freeman.
Piper, W. S. Renn, R. J. Riley, L. J. Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V., W.
Stace, H. Stockton, J. Strange, H. C. D. Lauder.
Tempest, C. W. Tinworth, C. F. L. Sabbath School and J. M. V., Miss
Ulrich, L. G. Unwin, R. W. Wester- M. E. Rogers.
man, G. Wheeler, R. I. Wright.
Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Medical Missionaries: W. Gillis, T. W. Hammond, H. A.
Miss N. Ashton, Miss M. Bathgate, Hill, L. J. Imrie, J. R. James, E. P.
D. F. Black, Miss R. Bunney, Miss Jewson, J. W. Kent, H. W. Kingston,
M. Burnside, H. M. Carter, Miss W. D. Lauder, E. H. Parsons, W. H.
D. Chapman, Miss I. Colley, R. G. L. Pascoe, C. J. Reynolds, G. W. Rollo,
Cooper, Mrs. A. M. Cott, F. R. Daw- W. E. Midge, R. A. Salton, W. D.
son, Miss N. Dray, D. Dunlop, Miss Smith, E. R. Tucker, V. Warden,
M. Furmister, Miss M. Grieve, 0. V. D. Whittaker.
Hellestrand, Richmond Hill, Miss M. Licensed Ministers:
Howe, Miss N. Hollings, Miss J. Mc-
Cullough, Miss K. McEwin, G. H. A. H. A. L. Freeman, B. Heaton, H. B.
McLaren, Miss E. Mitchell, J. New- Jones, F. Masters, L. 0. Pascoe, E.
man, D. I. Parker, Miss F. Parkin, C. Rosendahl.
Miss Phillips, E. S. Richards, Miss L. Ministerial Probationers:
Risbey, Mrs. E. M. Shannan, J. L. K. Brook, W. G. Drain, J. Hankin-
Simpson, Miss J. Spencer, R. A. son, S. G. Wood.
Thompson, Alan Tulloch, Miss E.
Zeunert. Licensed Missionary:
Licensed Teachers: Miss M. E. Rogers.
Miss G. Clarke, Miss M. Dawkins, Church School Teachers:
K. Dickens, Miss B. Johanson, Miss A. W. Ivey, Miss J. Lane.
E. Robson, T. Rutter, Miss M.
Schnepel, C. H. Schowe, Miss E.
Stewart, H. Totenhofer, H. Vetter,
R. B. Watts, Miss G. Wood, L. S. NORTH NEW ZEALAND
Legal Assn.: "Australasian Conference Organized 1889
Association, Ltd." General Manager,
C. H. Watson ; Manager, R. H. Adair ; Territory: That portion of the Domin-
Secretary, W. L. Pascoe; Assistant ion of New Zealand north of Cook's
Secretary, R. W. Lang; Treasurer, Straits.
R. H. Adair ; Assistant Treasurer,
W. L. Pascoe. Churches, 34 ; members, 2,285.
Cable Address: "Mastery," Auckland,
New Zealand. Also "Adventist."
NORTH NEW SOUTH WALES Office: 84 Jervois Road, Auckland, New
Organized 1920 Officers:
Territory: That part of the State of New President, H. G. Moulds.
South Wales north of the Hawkesbury Secretary-Treasurer, R. E. G. Blair.
and Capertee Rivers as far west as Departmental Secretaries:
the 150th meridian of east longitude,
thence east of the line running north Educational and Religious Liberty,
to Caasilis. Thence northeast of a H. G. Moulds.
line running northwesterly from Cas- Field Missionary, R. N. Price.
silis to where the 147th meridian of Home Missionary,' W. H. Stevens.
east longitude meets the 29th parallel J. M. V., Miss V. Flanigan.
of south latitude. Sabbath School, Miss A. E. Douglass.
Y. P. M. V., J. D. Anderson.
Churches, 31 ; members, 2,305. Ordained Ministers:
Office: Gordon Ave., Hamilton (P. 0. J. D. Anderson, R. J. Burns, G. Burn-
Box 27), New South Wales, Australia. side, W. P. Claus, 0. W. Knight,
S. T. Leeder, A. R. Mitchell, H. G.
Officers: Moulds, W. J. Richards, G. Robinson,
President, J. W. Kent. F. L. Sharp, W. H. Stevens, H. L.
Secretary-Treasurer, L. J. Imrie. Tolhurst.

Licensed Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:

A. C. Ball, S. A. Bartlett, R. E. G. Miss N. Levett, Miss G. Cormack.
Blair, M. C. Bland, R. P. Brown, P.
Glockler, L. H. Hay; R. N. Heggie, Church School Teachers:
0. D. F. McCutcheon, C. R. Murch- E. A. Butler, A. T. Dunne, I. R.
ison, A. Parker, R. N. Price, J. H. Harvey, Miss W. Niebuhr, Miss L.
Wade, D. H. Watson. Robb.
Ministerial Probationers:
Alvin Cook, A. V. Piper, N. W.
Palmer, G. Ratcliffe. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CON-
Licensed Missionaries:
Organized 1899
Miss A. E. Douglass, Miss V. Flan-
igan, Miss J. F. Johnstone, Miss E. Territory: The State of South Aus-
Stewart. tralia.
Church School Teachers: Office: 82 Angas St., Adelaide, South
H. A. Hockley, H. M. Lansdowne," Australia, Australia.
E. A. Woods, Miss E. M. Blair, Miss
M. Gilmore, Miss S. Hall, Miss F. Churches, 21 ; members, 1,050.
De. V. Jones, Miss J. Ellis, Miss E. Office Address: Box J. 1011, Adelaide,
A. Wood, S. Gillis. South Australia, Australia.
Legal Assn.: "New Zealand Conference, Officers:
President, W. M. R. Scragg.
Secretary-Treasurer, C. Hill.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Religious Liberty,
Organized 1899 W. M. R. Scragg.
Territory: All that portion of the. State Field Missionary, F. Bevan.
of Queensland lying south of a line Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
drawn from Yeppoon west to Kum- N. A. Ferris.
viarara on the Marlborough line, and J. M. V., Miss M. Hardy.
thence due south to the top of the Ordained Ministers:
range just west of Deeford, and from N. A. Ferris, J. W. Harvey, R. H.
thence in a direct line to the South Powrie, E. A. Reye, W. M. R. Scragg,
Australian border. L. F. Were, G. I. Wilson, C. A.
Churches, 16 members, 1,323. Wrigley.
Office: 37 O'Connell Terrace, Bowen Licensed Ministers:
Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. S. C. Butler, C. Hill, L. J. Kent.
Officers: Ministerial Probationers:
President, G. Branster. A. P. Cooke, V. Novelly. J. French
Secretary-Treasurer, F. J. Butler. W. Ferguson.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Missionary:
Educational and Religious Liberty, Miss R. V. Stratford.
G. Branster.
Field Missionary, J. T. Young. Church School Teacher: L. Shields.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
N. E. W. S., A. J. Dyason.
Y. P. M. V., J. M. V., and Temper-
Ordained Ministers: '
Organized 1895
0. K. Anderson, G. Branster, S. W.
Carr, A. J. Dyason, H. J. Meyers, R. Territory: That part of the State of New
C. Piper, R. Tudor, H. B. P. Wicks. South Wales south of the Hawkesbury
and Capertee Rivers, as far west as
Licensed Ministers: the 150th meridian of east longtitude,
F. J. Butler, E. F. Giblett, B. H. thence west of the line running north
Swartzkopf, J. T. Young. to Cassilis, thence southwest of a line
running northwesterly from Cassilis
Ministerial Probationers: to where the 147th meridian of east
F. J. Allen, F. M. Slade, M. Irvine, longitude meets the 29th parallel of
L. H. Blair, C. T. Potter. south latitude.

Churches, 45; members, 3,200. Officers:

Office: "Tereora," The Boulevarde, President, E. J. Johanson.
Strathfield, N. S. W., Australia. Secretary-Treasurer, A. S. Herbert.
Officers: Departmental Secretaries:
President, R. A. R. Thrift. Educational and Religious Liberty,
Secretary-Treasurer, P. A. Donaldson. E. J. Johanson.
Field Missionary, E. M. N. Pahl.
Departmental Secretaries: Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Educational and Religious Liberty, A. White.
R. A. R. Thrift. J. M. V., Miss P. Townend.
Field Missionary, E. A. Turner. Sabbath School, A. White.
Home Missionary, E. R. Whitehead.
J. M. V., Miss G. Hadfield. Ordained Ministers:
Sabbath School, Miss J. Ford. C. J. Griffin, E. J. Johanson, W. J.
Y. P. M. V., L. G. Maxwell. Smith, G. L. Sterling, S. M. Uttley,
Ordained Ministers: S. H. Wood, G. Weslake.
R. Brandstater, T. S. Brash, Ray Licensed Ministers:
Bullas, E. R. Gane, H. C. Harker, H. B. Christian, A. S. Herbert, H.
T. R. Kent, J. A. Lawson, H. Mitch- Millist, A. W. Macaulay, J. A. Mitch-
ell, W. Morris, G. J. Parker, A. H. ell, W. A. Stewart, C. E. Summer-
Piper, F. G. Rampton, R. A. R. field, A. White.
Thrift, A. H. White, E. R. Whitehead,
M. H. Whittaker, K. J. Wooller, 120: Ministerial Probationer: D. Hokin.
H. Wyborn. Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Ministers: Miss N. G. Knowles, E. M. N. Pahl.
R. H. Abbott, F. Bashan, J. C. Dever, Licensed Teachers:
P. A. Donaldson, A. R. Fraser, E.
W. Hon, M. Pascoe, C. H. Pretyman, R. L. Blair, V. B. Herbert, Miss E.
F. L. Taylor, E. A. Turner, A. E. R. Macintosh, Miss M. M. Smart, F.
Watts. P. Ward.
Ministerial Probationers:
H. R. Christian, E. Clarke, Arthur
Cook, W. Doherty, E. S. House, C.' TASMANIAN CONFERENCE
Judd, R. Miller, A. Budge.
(Formerly included in Victoria-Tas-
Licensed Missionaries: mania Conference; organized as
Miss R. E. Brown, Miss A. M. For- separate conference 1926.)
ster, Miss F. Grolimund, Miss G.
Hadfield, Miss I. Hoy, Miss E. Territory: Island of Tasmania and its
Moran, Mrs. M. E. Tank. adjacent islets.
Licensed Teachers: Churches, 13 ; members, 745.
Miss I. Behrens, Miss V. G. Camp, Address: 361 Argyle St., North Hobart,
Miss I. Cornell, Miss J. Doble, E. J. Tasmania.
Felsch, A. Hefren, Miss S. Kent,
E. G. McDowell, F. Rocke, Miss M. Officers:
Streeter, E. Tonkin, Miss F. Whisker, President, W. E. Battye.
L. Thrift. Secretary-Treasurer, I. R. Stratford.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Religious Liberty,
FERENCE Field Missionary, R. L. Aveling.
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Organized 1915 L. A. Dyason.
Sabbath School and J. M. V., Miss
Territory: That portion of the Domin- E. Watters.
ion of New Zealand south of Cook's
Straits. Ordained Ministers:
W. E. Battye, E. Behrens, N. C.
Churches, 14 ; members, 1,017. Burns, L. A. Dyason, L. R. Harvey;
Office: 40 Beale), Ave., Christchurch, A. H. Rogers.
New Zealand. Licensed Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventist," Christ- R. L. Aveling, A. E. Magnusson, I.
church. R. Stratford.

Ministerial Probationers: Licensed Teachers:

R. Fox, L. H. Green, H. E. Whit- Miss E. Austin, Miss M. Burgoyne,
taker, C. C. Winter. J. Cernik, Miss E. Clery, H. Dickins,
W. J. Driscoll, Miss U. Duck, 0. Ferris,
Licensed Missionaries: Miss A. A. Hardy, G. W. Hill, Miss
Miss V. M. Rogers, Miss E. Watters. V. Mobbs, Miss H. Paterson, M. Robb,
Miss B. Rudd, MiSF. I. Scragg, Miss
Church SChool Teachers: A. Smith, N. H. Stacey, D. Stewart,
M. Thrift, W. R. Whisker.
Miss 0. M. Blayden, D. W. Dyson,
Miss D. M. Fisher, G. W. Maywald.


Organized 1888 Territory: The State of West Australia.
Territory: The State of Victoria. Churches, 27 ; members, 1,396.
Churches, 37 ; members, 2,581. Office: 47 Hay St., Subiaco, Perth, West
Office: 8 Yarra St., Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia, Australia.
President, L. C. Naden.
President, H. E. Piper. Secretary-Treasurer, W. R. Litster.
Secretary-Treasurer, H. J. Halliday.
Departmental Secretaries:
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Religious Liberty,
Educational H. E. Piper. L. C. Naden.
Field Missionary, A. S. Jackson. Field Missionary, H. G. Bone.
Home Missionary, C. Head. Home Missionary,
J. M. V., Miss D. Phillips. J. M. V., Miss F. Cherrett.
Religious Liberty, E. G. Whittaker. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., D.
Sabbath School, L. L. Jones. A. Speck.
Y. P. M. V., H. W. Hollingsworth.
Ordained Ministers:
Ordained Ministers:
T. J. Bradley, H. G. Bryant, L. A.
E. S. Butz, P. G. Foster, C. Head Butler, J. A. Charlton, M. Grolimund,
W. J. Hawken, C. F. Hollingsworth, L. D. A. Lemke, F. E. Lyndon, L.
H. W. Hollingsworth, J. S. Jackson, C. Naden, D. A. Speck.
L. L. Jones, G. E. Marriott, A. I.
Mitchell, A. L. Pascoe, G. Peacock,
E. Rosendahl, D. Sibley, H. S. Licensed Ministers:
Streeter, J. Thompson, E. G. Whit- L. S. Barnes, H. G. Bone, W. R.
taker. Litster, G. V. Palmateer, C. P. South-
well, H. Totenhofer.
Licensed Ministers:
W. A. Beatty, C. J. Boulting, E. G. Ministerial Probationers:
Foster, A. J. Gathercole, H. J. Halli- S. L. Dunstan, S. K. White, Ray
day, E. B. Ibbott, A. S. Jackson, A. Howes.
F. Parker, A. G. Phillips, T. E. A.
Sedgman, S. Wallace.
Licensed Missionaries:
Ministerial Probationers:
Miss F. A. Cherrett, Mrs. F. E. Lyn-
F. Breaden, L. Coombe, A. J. Gib- don, Miss P. Nippress, N. H. Speck,
lett, L. Rose, R. A. Wood, S. G. Miss Jean Cormack.
Church School Teachers:
Licensed Missionaries:
Miss L. Aitken, Miss V. M. Beacham,
Mrs. M. Badcock, Miss M. C. Barlow, Miss G. M. Clark, S. 0. J. Louis,
Miss F. Carver, Mrs. J. Cornell, Miss Miss J. E. Nash, J. M. A.'Ross, Miss
R. Creelman, Miss E. F. Hopgood, A. A. Weetman, L. S. Wood, W. E.
Miss D. Moore, Miss D. Phillips. Zanotti.

Mission Fields
Organized 1892
Under direction of North New
(Included as part of the Central South Wales Conference.
Polynesian Mission, 1916 to 1923; re-
organized 1923.)
Territory: Those islands comprising the
Cook or Hervey Group, and other LORD HOWE ISLAND MISSION
small islands adjoining.
Churches, 1 ; members, 26
Churches, 8 ; members, 183. Address: Lord Howe Island, Australia.
Headquarters: Box 31, Rarotonga, Cook
Islands, Pacific Ocean. Licensed Minister: R. Farrar.
Superintendent: J. E. Cormack. Licensed Missionary: Mrs. R. Farrar.
Ordained Minister: J. E. Cormack.
Licensed Minister: Joseph Vati.
Licensed Missionaries: MONAMONA MISSION FOR
Mrs. J. E. Cormack, Tauraki. ABORIGINES
Established 1913
Churches, 1 ; members, 66
Address: Oak Forest, via Cairns, North
FIJI MISSION Queensland, Australia.
Established 1889 Superintendent: L. A. Borgas.
(Included as part of the Central Poly- Ordained Minister: L. A. Borgas.
nesian Conference, 1916 to 1921; re- Licensed Missionaries:
organized 1921.)
Miss E. Flack, Mrs. L. A. Borgas, H.
Churches, 53 ; members, 1,006. Mills, Mrs. H. Mills, Mrs. H. Rowland,
Address: Suva Vou, Suva, Fiji, Pacific S. C. Ward, Mrs. S. C. Ward.
Superintendent, L. V. Wilkinson. NEW HEBRIDES MISSION
Secretary-Treasurer, A. Forbes.
Organized as separate mission
Ordained Ministers: in 1924
Maika Dauniika, A. P. Dyason, W. G.
Ferris, Semite Gade, A. G. Jacobson, Churches, 9 ; members, 529
Jope Laweloa, Mitieli Nakasamai, Address: Atchin, New Hebrides, Pacific
Nafitalai Navara, Timoci Nawara,
Williame Rabalotu, Sanivalati Ra- Ocean.
muai, Feresi Rokesala, Isimele Sere- Officers:
sere, Semi Vuloaloa, L. V. Wilkinson.
Superintendent, J. B. Keith.
Licensed Ministers: Secretary,
A. H. Forbes, John Kamea, Joeli Ordained Ministers:
Lotawa, Tereti Nagara, Saimoni Na-
laubo, Anitipasa Naucukidi, Joseph Joe, Joel, J. B. Keith, Masing Nalo,
Osborne, Tevita Railave, Semi Tiki- A. H. Weil.
vili, Taniela Vauvau. Licensed Ministers:
A. Gallagher, J. H. D. Miller, A.
LiCensed Missionaries: Piez.
Mrs. A. P. Dyason, Miss E. E. Ed-
wards, Mrs. W. G. Ferris, Mrs. A. Licensed Missionaries:
Forbes, Mrs. A. G. Jacobson, S. C. J. Cernik, Mrs. J. Cernik, Mrs. A.
Pennington, Mrs. S. C. Pennington, Gallagher, Mrs. J. Keith, Mrs. J.
Esther Whippy, Sarah Whippy, also Miller, Mrs. A. Piez, also more than
over 40 local licensed missionaries. ten local licensed missionaries.

NIUE (OR SAVAGE) ISLAND Ordained Ministers:

MISSION G. H. Engelbrecht, 1. E. Mitchell.
Established 1914 -
Licensed Minister: W. H. Nolan.
Churches, 1 ; members, 5 Licensed Missionaries:
Address: Niue Island, Pacific Ocean. Mrs. G. H. Engelbrecht, R. Frame,
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. A. G. Head. Mrs. R. Frame, K. Gray, Mrs. K.
Gray, T. Judd, Mrs. T. Judd, Mrs.
L. N. Lock, Mrs. C. E. Mitchell,
NORFOLK ISLAND MISSION Mrs. W. H. Nolan, Dick Richardson,
Jessie Richardson, Minnie Sheppard,
Established 1893 Stanley Sheppard, Mrs. Alma Wiles.
Churches, 1 ; members, 27
Address: Norfolk Island, Australia.
Ordained Minister: H. T. Howse. SAMOAN MISSION
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. H. T. Howse. (Included as part of the Central Poly-
nesian Conference, 1916 to 1921 ; re-
organized 1921.)
Established 1896; Reorganized 1936
(Formerly included in the Queensland
Conference. Operated as Mission under Churches, 4; members, 163.
direction of Australian Union Confer- Address: Apia, Samoa, Pacific Ocean.
ence from Jan. 1, 1929.)
Territory: All that portion of the State Ordained Ministers:
of Queensland lying north of a line Sanika Afa'ese, J. Howse, Siaosi
drawn from Yeppoon west to Kum- Neru.
viarara on the Marlborough line, and
thence due south to the top of the Licensed Minister: C. H. Rapnale.
range just west of Deeford, and from
thence in a direct line to the South
Australian border.
Churches, 8; members, 416. Established 1892 ; Reorganized 1916
Officers: Comprising the following former mis-
Superintendent, W. N. Lock. sions: Society Islands, and Pitcairn
Secretary-Treasurer, A. C. Risbey. Island.
Departmental Secretaries: Territory: All the Pacific Islands east
Home Missionary, W. N. Lock. of the 160th degree of west longitude,
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.. J. and south of the tenth parallel of
H. Newman. north latitude.
Ordained Ministers: Churches, 9; members, 273.
T. A. Anderson, M. S. Ball, R. A. Headquarters: Papeete, Tahiti, Society
Greive. Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Licensed Ministers: Superintendent: B. E. Hadfield.
A. C. Risbey, L. N. Lock.
Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Missionaries: B. E. Hadfield, E. A. Boehm.
T. L. Howse, A. C. Needham, J.
H. Newman, L. Tonkin. Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. K. Gray, Mrs. A. Poroi; Tea-
hatu, Tofa.
PAPUA MISSION Church School Teacher: Mrs. K. Gray.
Established 1908 ; Organized 1928
Churches, 7 ; members, 173
Address: Mirigeda, Port Moresby, Papua, Established 1914 ; Organized 1920
Pacific Ocean.
Officers: Churches, 24 ; members, 1,401.
Superintendent, G. H. Engelbrecht. Address: Marovo Lagoon, via Tulagi,
Secretary, R. Frame. Solomon Islands, Pacific Ocean.


Superintendent, J. C. H. Perry. ASIAN UNION CONFERENCE
Secretary-Treasurer, A. R. Barrett.
Ordained Ministers:
Aore Training School, Aore, New
A. R. Barrett, D. Ferris, Jugha, J. Hebrides.
C. H. Perry, Kata Ragoso, Rori. Australasian Missionary College, Coo-
Licensed Ministers: ranbong, N. S. W., Australia.
Batuna Training School, Marovo La-
J. Cormack, C. Tucker. goon, Solomon Islands.
Licensed Missionaries: Beulah Training School, Vaini, Nu-
Mrs. A. R. Barrett, Mrs. J. Cormack, kualofa, Tonga.
J. Gosling, Mrs. J. Gosling, Mrs. J. Choiseul Intermediate School, Ruru-
Howse. Mrs. J. C. H. Perry. J. Rowe. vae, Choiseul, Solomon Islands.
Mrs. J. Rowe, Miss E. Totenhofer, Fulton Training School, Tai Levu,
Mrs. C. Tucker, and over 100 local Fiji.
licensed missionaries and teachers. Mirigeda Training School, Mirigeda,
via Port Moresby, Papua.
New Guinea Training School, Put Put,
Territory of New Guinea.
TERRITORY OF NEW GUINEA New Zealand Missionary College,
MISSION Longburn, New Zealand.
Vatu Vonu Central School, Vatu Vonu,
Established 1929 Vanua Levu, Fiji.
Churches, 73 ; members, 1,088 West Australian Missionary College,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0. Box 52, Carmel, West Australia.
Rabaul, Mandated Territory of New
Guinea. Publishing:
Officers: Eastern Polynesian Mission Press,
Superintendent, E. M. Abbott. Tipaerui, Papeete, Tahiti, Society
Secretary-Treasurer, C. Sharpe. Islands.
Fiji Mission Press, Suva, Fiji.
Ordained Ministers: Papua Mission Press, Mirigeda, Papua.
E. M. Abbott, D. Brennan, A. J. Signs Publishing Co., Ltd., Warburton,
Campbell, Oti, Salau, R. H. Putty. Victoria, Australia.
Solomon Island Mission Press, Batuna,
Licensed Ministers: Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands.
' S. H. Gander, C. Pascoe, A. R.
Licensed Missionaries:
Amyes Memorial Hospital, Island of
Mrs. E. M. Abbott, Mrs. D. Brennan, Kolombangara, Solomon Islands.
Mrs. A. J. Campbell, Mrs. S. H. Sydney Sanitarium and Hospital,
Gander, Mrs. A. R. Hiscox, Mrs. C. Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Pascoe, C. Sharpe, Mrs. C. Sharpe, Warburton Sanitarium, Warburton,
Mrs. R. H. 'Putty, and 100 island Victoria, Australia.
licensed missionaries and teachers.
Health Food Factories:
TONGAN MISSION Sanitarium Health Food Co., Cooran-
(Included as part of the Central Poly- bong, N. S. W., Australia.
nesian Conference, 1916 to 1921 ; re- Sanitarium Health Food Co., 62 Ran-
organized 1921.) dolph St., Auckland, New Zealand.
Sanitarium Health Food Co., Papanui,
Established 1895 Christchurch, New Zealand.
Churches, 4 ; members, 93 Sanitarium Buyers and Packers, Syd-
ney, N. S. W., Australia.
Address: Nukualofa, Tonga, Friendly Sanitarium Health Food Co., War-
Islands, Pacific Ocean. burton, Victoria.
Superintendent: A. W. Martin. Sanitarium Health Food Co., Cannel,
West Australia.
Ordained Minister: A. W. Martin. Sanitarium Health Food Co., Bris-
Licensed Minister: James Moala. bane, Queensland, Australia.
Sanitarium Health Food Co., Ade-
Licensed Missionaries: laide, South Australia, Australia.
Beaus Isilali, Taliauli Joni, A. Knud- Sanitarium Health Food Co., Lewis-
son, Haven Sila. ham, Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.
Organized at Darmstadt, Germany, 1928
(The matter in the Central European Division and its Union and local fields
and institutions is printed as it appeared in the 1942 Year Book.Editor.)
Territory: The East German, South Mueller , 0. Schildhauer, G. W. Schu-
German, West German, and Nether- bert, G. Seng, A. Vollmer, J. Wint-
lands Union Conferences, Bohemian- zen.
Moravian, Slovakian, and General-
Government Conferences.
Population: About 114,124,847 ; churches, ADVENT WELFARE WORK
1,141 ; members, 42,387. ASSOCIATION
Cable Address: Adventist, Berlin. Organized 1927 ; Reorganized 1935
Postal Address: Regensburgerstrasse Legal Name: Verein "Advent-Wohl-
22, V., Berlin W. 50, Germany. fahrtswerk" E. V., Sitz Berlin, Re-
gensburger Str. 22, V., Berlin W. 50,
Officers: Germany. (Operates the Welfare
President, A. Minck. work and eight Nurses' Homes in
Secretary, 0. Schildhauer. Germany.)
Treasurer, M. Voigt. Officers:
Auditor, P. A. Brandt.
President, A. Minck.
Executive Committee: A. Minck, 0. Secretary-Treasurer, M. Voigt.
Brozio, M. Budnick, M. Busch, L. E.
Conradi, J. Doubraysky, E. Gugel, J. Board of Trustees:
Lichy, W. Michael, C. A. Motzer, 0. A. Minck, M. Budnick, E. Gugel, E.
Schildhauer, G. Seng, M. Voigt, A. Meyer, Elfriede Schroder, G. Seng,
Vollmer, J. Wintzen. M. Voigt.
Departmental Secretaries: Nurses Homes:
Educational, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Koblenzer Str. 3,
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Germany.
Y. P. M. V., M. Busch. Breslau, Lohestr. 79, Germany.
Medical, L. E. Conradi, Krankenhaus Chemnitz, Heinrich Beckstr. 9, Ger-
Walfriede, Fischerhiittenstr. 99-109, many.
Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany. Dresden A. 16, Haydnstr. 16, Ger-
Ministerial Association, E. Gugel. many.
Publishing, Frankfurt /Main, Eschenheimer An-
Welfare, 0: Brozio. lage 32, Germany.
Ordained Ministers: Kfiln, Salierring 60, Germany.
Leipzig, Humboldstr. 17, Germany.
0. Brozio, M. Busch, W. Eberhardt, Wiesbaden, Riidesheimer Str. 7, Ger-
E. Gugel, S. Lupke, W. Michael, A. many.
Minck, 0. Schildhauer, M. Voigt.
Licensed Ministers:
P. A. Brandt, L. E. Conradi, G. Lupke, HAMBURG SEVENTH-DAY ADVENT-
E. Meyer, E. Muller, W. Nehls,. P. IST ASSOCIATION
Staubert, A. Vollmer, H. Wertenauer. (Hamburger Verein der Siebenten-Tag-
ADVENT MISSION SOCIETY Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13, Germany
(Advent-Missionsgesellschaft E. V.) Established 1893
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13, Germany (Legal society to hold all property of
Organized 1913 the denomination in 'Hamburg and office
of the denominational archives.)
Office: Regensburger Str. 22, V., Berlin Officers:
W. 50, Germany.
President, A. Minck.
Board: Vice-President, 0. Schildhauer.
President, A. Minck. Power of Attorney, A. Vollmer.
Vice-President, E. Gugel. Other Members: 0. Brozio, M. Bud-
Secretary-Treasurer, M. Voigt. nick, M. Busch, H. Fenner, E. Gugel,
Other Members: P. A. Brandt, 0. W. Michael, C. A. Motzer, W. Muel-
Brozio, M. Budnick, M. Busch, H. ler; 0. Schildhauer, G. Seng, M.
Fenner, W. Hans, W. Michael, W. Voigt.
Organized 1909

Territory: The Berlin, Danzig-Warthe, Population: About 6,800,000; churches,

East Prussian, March Lusatian, 49 ; members, 3,179.
Northeast Saxonian, Pomeranian, Si-
lesian, Sudeten, and West Saxonian Office Address: Koblenzer Strasse 8,
Conferences. Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany. (Tele.
86 63 48.)
Population: About 34,784,847 ; churches,
537 ; members, 18,770. Officers:
President, G. Mai.
Office Address: Koblenzer Strasse 3, Secretary-Treasurer, R. Kluttig.
Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany. (Tele.,
86 63 51.) Adventhaus. Executive Committee: G. Mai, E.
Kolsch, S. Liipke, W. Oestreich, W.
Officers: Racker, W. Rogge, H. Schacht, R.
President, M. Budnick. Scheibitz.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. Dilumichen. Departmental Secretaries:
Auditor, P. A. Brandt.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Executive Committee: M. Budnick, Y. P. M. V., W. Riicker.
M. Baier, H. Brinkmann, A. Burger,
H. Daumichen, R. Daumichen, H. Ordained Ministers:
Glass, 0. Haase, F. Hambrock, W. A. Behrens, F. Dombrowsky, R.
Hans, M. Hartmann, W. Klinkmuller, Dangschat, A. Dorner, R. Helm, F.
W. Michael, B. Ohme, A. Rebens- Kessel, W. Lesovsky, G. Mai, W.
burg. Ninow, W. Backer, F. Rinder, G.
Departmental Secretaries: Ronisch, A. Schenck, R. Scheibitz,
H. Vollrath.
Home Missionary, Y.' P. M. V., and
Sabbath School, A. Burger. Honorary: F. Baucke, G. Freund,
Medical, E. Meyer. J. Seefried.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Ministers:
M. Budnick, A. Burger, R. Ditumi- K. Danke, W. Korinth, H. Ventzke.
chen. Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Minister: H. Dfiumichen. P. Fentross, M. Glockner, Mrs. K.
Horn, Miss H. Junker, R. Kluttig,
Licensed Missionary: J. Bohm. J. Muller, A. Reinhold, Miss M.
Legal Building Assn.: "Mitteldeutsche Thummel, Mrs. E. Trusen, Mrs. M.
Grundstiicksgesellschaft in. b. H." Soyk.
Office: Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Koblenzer
Str. 8.
Manager, W. Hans, Dresden-A, Franz
Architect: F. Hennig, Berlin-Wil- Organized 1939
mersdorf, Koblenzer Str. 3, Germany.
"Deutscher Verein fur Gesundheitsp- "territory: Districts of Danzig, Warthe,
fledge e. V. Friedensau," Friedensau and West Prussian.
b. Burg, Post Grabow, Bez. Magde-
burg. Population: About 6,760,269; churches,
Manager : H. Daumichen. 31; members, 810.
Office Address: Koblenzer Str. 8, Berlin-
Wilmersdorf, Germany. (Telephone,
86 63 51.)
Organized 1909
President, M. Budnick.
Territory: Province of Berlin, Admin- Secretary-Treasurer, R. Dfiumichen.
istration District of Potsdam (except- Executive Committee: M. Budnick, A.
ing the Districts of Angermilnde, Burger, R. Dfiumichen, F. Fentross,
Beeskow-Storkow, Jilterbog, Ober- E. Tiesnes,
barnim, Prenzlau, Templin, Ebers-
walde) Strausberg, Werneuchen, Ora- Departmental Secretaries:
nienburg, Burg, School Church Fried- Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
ensau. Y. P. M. V., A. Burger.

Ordained Ministers: Officers:

F. Dzik, A. Felte, J. Gomolla, 0. President, 0. Haase.
Kiehnast, E. Roocks, W. Stroh], E. Secretary-Treasurer, F. Vogt.
Tiesnes, J. Zielinski. Executive Committee: 0. Haase, P.
Licensed Ministers: Horn, A. Klapper, K. KOhler, P.
Schulze, W. Suckert.
E. Kruger, K. Nowicki.
Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
H. Manke, J. Pieschka, Olga Wei- Y. P. M. V., K. Kiihler.
Ordained Ministers:
J. Beier, Tr. Bottcher, A. Brendel,
A. 0. Faetting, 0. Haase, G. Hum-
EAST PRUSSIAN CONFERENCE mel, E. Jager, K. Kohler, A. Kraut-
schick, H. Langner, W. Ludwig, W.
Organized 1903 Radke, 0. Schwenecke, E. Simon.
Territory: Provinces of East Prussia. Honorary: H. Dietrich, R. Dietrich,
E. Dwehus, P. Horn.
Population: About 2,600,000 ; churches,
72 ; members, 2,028. Licensed Ministers:
F. Dobinski, E. Oestreich, H. H.
Office Address: Steindamm 32 a III, Oestreich, F. Vogt.
Konigsberg (Pr.), Germany. (Tele-
phone, 32292.) Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: K. Hossfeld, H. Pohle.
President, Hugo Glass.
Sec.-Treas., E. Tulaszewski.
Executive Committee: H. Glass, F. NORTHEAST SAXONIAN CON-
Budnick, J. Heimann, F. May, W. FERENCE
Noack, J. Urgien, M. Zielinski.
Organized 1919
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Territory: District of Dresden, Bautzen,
Y. P. M. V., W. Noack. and Leipzig.
Ordained Ministers: Population: About 3,284,578 ; churches,
61; members, 2,532.
W. Adamsky, P. Behrendt, H. Eich-
hoff, H. Glass, W. Gotz, K. Hilweg, Office Address: Haydnstr. 16, Dresden
W. Kloss, H. Korsch, W. Noack, E. A. 16, Germany. (Telephone, 64421.)
Bethke, B. Schulz, J. Schwital, M.
Wasidlow, M. Zielinski. Officers:
President, H. Brinkmann.
Licensed Ministers: Secretary-Treasurer, E. Kermer.
E. Karwatzke, J. Kulessa, L. _Kuzma, Executive Committee: H. Brinkmann,
W. Wachhaus. R. Dienel, M. Fischer, F. Heinrich, B.
Licensed Missionaries: Neuhaus, H. Richter, M. Thiermann,
M. Thiirmer.
E. Denkert, H. Morenings, W. Uhlig,
K. Weise. Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., H. Richter.
Organized Jan. 1, 1929 H. Brinkmann, J. Brzezinski, W. Der-
lath, F. Heinrich, M. Hochmuth, F.
Territory: Upper and Lower Lusatian, Jurke, R. Klinger, H. Kobs, R. Lusky,
Grenzmark and the territory of prov- F. Meyer, B. Nee, R. Patzig, A.
ince Brandenburg except the districts Porach, H. Richter, W. Thalmann, W.
belonging to the Berlin and Pomera- Thiermann, B. Westhofer.
nian Conferences. Honorary: M. Ballack, W. Schwen-
Population: About 2,350,000; churches,
56 ; members, 1,632. Licensed Ministers:
A. Geserick, H. Gunther, H. Werner.
Office Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz
46, Cottbus, Germany. (Telephone, Licensed Missionaries:
2993.) G. Ackermann, H. Schluttig, K. Vogt.


Organized 1901 0. Bahr, 0. Bauscher, J. Chodura, P.
Englert, R. Gomola, F. Grellmann, W.
Guldenpfennig, J. Kanzok, K. Keller,
Territory: Province of Pomerania, Dis- E. Kluth, R. Langholf, H. Laue, G.
tricts of Friedeberg, Soldin, Arns- Lehmann, A. Ludtke, H. Neumann,
walde, Landsberg /W., Konigsberg E. Niedoba, B. Ohme, E. Pistorius,
N /M., Oberbarnim, Kustrin, Schneide- K. Schafer, H. Schmidt, F. Stekla,
miihl, Angermiinde, Templin, Prenz- A. Thomas.
lau, and North Grenzmark.
Licensed Ministers: .
Population: About 2,500,000; churches,
69 ; members, 1,666. A. Kruk, J. Parusel, M. Rothe, H.
Office Address: Arndtstrasse 37 a, III,
Stettin, Germany. (Tel. 22319.) Licensed Missionaries:
F. Besehn, R. Clausnitzer, R. Irmer,
Officers: P. Schaar, L. Walter.
President, A. Rebensburg.
Secretary-Treasurer, F. Wiedmer.
Executive Committee: A. Rebensburg,
R. Bischoff, W. Gauger, S. Kohl, R.
Schade, G. Suckert, R. Wulff.
Departmental Secretaries:
Organized 1938
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., G. Suckert. Territory: Sudetenland.
Ordained Ministers: Population: 2,100,000 ; churches, 33 ;
D. Brinkmann, 0. Dabritz, K. Dobin- members, 923.
ski, W. Gauger, E. Kulessa, Fr. Office Address: Augasse 11, Reichen-
Leskien, C. Maier, W. Muller, G. berg, Sudetenland, Germany.
Petzold, A. Rebensburg, W. Schmie-
der, E. Schubert, G. Suckert. Officers:
Honorary: W. Tribbensee. President, M. Hartmann.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. Kunert.
Licensed Ministers: Executive Committee: M. Hartmann,
R. Saborowski, E. Schafer, R. F. Klimt, H. Riistig, W. Schnabel,
Schmidt, C. Wloka. A. Weinert.
Licensed Missionaries: Departmental Secretaries:
P. Bohlmann, H. Lingel, F. Wiedmer. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., H. Rilstig.
Ordained Ministers:
F. Bohm, R. Frauenberger, G. Geier,
SILESIAN CONFERENCE M. Hartmann, E. Luftner, F. Munich,
T. Neuwirth, M. Posel, J. Richter, H.
Organized 1907 Rustig, A. Weinert.
Territory: Upper Silesia, and districts Licensed Ministers:
of Breslau, Oppeln, Liegnitz, and R. Fischer, 0. Gutwald, H. Knobloch,
Kattawitz. A. Kunert, A. Strala.
Population: About 7,900,000; churches, Licensed Missionary: 0. Fuchs.
91 ; members, 3,352.
Office Address: KOrnerstr. 6/8, Breslau
13, Germany. (Telephone, 30952.)
Secretary, 0. Bahr. Organized 1920
Treasurer, Erna Spichale.
Executive Committe : B. Ohme, 0. Territory:. District of Chemnitz and
Bahr, J. Becker, G. Dombek, R. Milke, Zwickau.
P. Munch, H. Schmidt. Population: 2,000,000 ; churches, 75 ;
Departmental Secretaries: members, 2,648.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Cable and Telegraphic Address: Ad-
Y. P. M. V., 0. Bahr. venthaus, Chemnitz.

Office Address: Adventhaus, Hans Ordained Ministers:

Sachs-Strasse 9, Chemitz, Germany. K. Amelung, R. Biller, A. Dolling, F.
(Telephone, 51332.) Hambrock, P. Haufe, K. Hoffmann,
Officers: H. Hufnagel, K. Jonuleit, J. Kling-
beil, E. Koch, Kurt Kohler, 0. P.
President, F. Hambrock. Muller, W. Oswald, K. Pansegrau, R.
Secretary-Treasurer, W. Wolf. Schafer,- H. Schaper, K. Thiele, K.
Executive Committee: F. Hambrock, Wagner.
K. Amelung, M. Baier, P. Haufe,
R. H. Kohler, E. Lippert, B. Ohme, Licensed Ministers:
R. Queck, 0. Wilde. G. Krautschick, H. Saborowski, F.
Tertel, W. Wolf.
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Licensed Missionaries:
Y. P. M. V., K. Amelung. E. Loser, H. Vogel.


Organized 1938
Territory: The Netherlands. NORTH NETHERLAND CON-
Population: 8,500,000; churches, 33; Organized 1938
members, 1,405.
Territory: Noord-Holland, including the
Office Address: Lange Beestenmarkt village Hillegom of Zuid-Holland ;
102, The Hague, Netherlands. (Tele- Gelderland northward of the river
phone, 's-Gravenhage 11 70 25.) Rijn from Lobith to Rhenen ; Overij-
sel ; Drente, Groningen, and Fries-
'Legal Name: Kerkgenootschap der 'land.
Zevende-Dags-Adventisten in Neder-
land, gevestigd to 's Gravenhage. Population: 4,000,000; churches, 18;
members, 716.
Officers: Office Address: Badhuisweg 14, Apel-
President, J. Wintzen. doorn, Netherlands.
Secretary, P. Voorthuis. Officers:
Treasurer, C. A. L. Havenstroom. President, H. Eelsing.
Executive Committee: J. Wintzen, F. Secretary, P. Voorthuis.
Baecker, H. Eelsing; T. Eikelenboom, Treasurer, C. A. L. Havenstroom.
J. Kerssen, J. Toben, P. Voorthuis. Executive Committee: H. Eelsing, J.
Kerssen, C. Schutte, J. Toben, P.
Departmental Secretaries: Voorthuis.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Departmental Secretaries:
Y. P. M. V., F. A. Baecker.
Welfare Work, H. Eelsing. Same as in the Union.
Ordained Ministers:
Ordained Ministers: H. Eelsing, J. Lankhorst, P. v. Oos-
F. A. Baecker, J. Wintzen. sanen, A. Schmutzler, H. Schor, P.
Licensed Missionary: C. A. L. Haven-
stroom. Licensed Missionaries:
G. L. A. Faber, H. Heykoop, P. Klop,
Institutions: D. Vink.
Publishing House: Stichting : Boek-
enhuis der Advent-Zending, van
Weede van Dijkveldstr. 77, 's-Gra- SOUTH NETHERLAND CON-
venhave, Netherlands. (Telephone, FERENCE
55 41 40.)
Organized 1938
Children Home: "Zonheuvel," Bilt-
scheweg 14, Den bolder, Nether- Territory: Zuid-Holland, excepting the
lands. _(Telephone, Huis ter Heide village Hillegom ; Gelderland south-
202.) ward of the river Rijn from Lobith

to Rhenen ; Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Departmental Secretaries:

and Zeeland. Same as in the Union.
Population: 4,600,000; churches, 15;
members, 689. Ordained Ministers:
Office Address: Lange Beestenmarkt J. W. Berthold, W. Betram.
102, The Hague, Netherlands.
Licensed Ministers:
President, J. Wintzen. H. H. Schmitz, F. J. Voorthuis.
Secretary, F. Baecker.
Treasurer, C. A. L. Havenstroom. Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: J. Wintzen, N. N. Heykoop, P. L. Prins, C. P. de
Bears, F. A. Baecker, T. M. Eikelen- Ruiter, J. A. de Ruiter, B. Slond,
boom. P. Sol.


Organized 1912

Territory: Wurtemberg, Baden, Bava- BADEN CONFERENCE

ria, Rhine, Palatinate, Thuringia,
North Eastmark, South Eastmark, Organized 1912; Reorganized-1922
comprising the Baden, Central Rhen- Territory: Baden and the Bavarian
ish, Franc.-Thuring., South Bavarian, Palatinate.
Wurtemberg, North Eastmark, and
South Eastmark Conferences. Population: 8,300,000; churches, 28;
members, 1,117.
Population: 25,040,000; churches, 242 ;
members, 10,041. Office: Kriegsstrasse 84, Karlsruhe,
i /B., Germany.
Office Address: Diemershalden Str. 23, Officers:
Stuttgart-0, Wurtemberg, Germany.
President, E. Berner.
Officers: Treasurer, Miss B. Muth.
President, G. Seng. Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Treas. and Office Sec., Helene Kofink. Executive Committee: E. Berner, Th.
Auditor, P. A. Brandt. Gawlik, F. C. Grieser, K. Kafitz, Fr.
Executive Committee: G. Seng, W. Muller, K. Ohme, Fr. Zapp.
Amelung, E. Berner, W. Edener, E. Departmental Secretaries:
Mayer, W. Meinhardt, A. W. Muller,
0. Neubauer, A. Sachsenmeyer, L. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Schneebauer, A. Wegener, A. Wick- Y. P. M. V., E. Berner.
lein. Ordained Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries: E. Berner, E. Csammer, Fr. Durr,
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and D. Eicher, H. Gobel, F. Ch. Grieser,
Y. P. M. V., 0. Neubauer. Fr. Kobele, R. Lange.
Honorary: G. F. Horner.
Ordained Ministers:
0. Neubauer, G. Seng. Licensed Ministers:
F. Breuninger, A. Nussle, J. Schmidt.
South German Building Association:
Manager and Bookkeeper, Wilhelm
Committee: W. Amelung, W. Edener, CENTRAL RHENISH CONFERENCE
E. Mayer, A. W. Muller, O. Neubauer, Organized 1920
A. Sachsenmeyer, G. Seng, A. Wick-
lein. Territory: The Free State Hessia (Prov-
inces Rhinehessia, Starkenburg and
South German Health Association Com- Upper Hessia). Of the Hessia-Nas-
mittee: sau Province: The administrative dis-
W. Amelung, W. Edener, A. W. Mill- trict of Wiesbaden excepting the Un-
ler, A. Sachsenmeyer, G. Seng. terlahn district. Of the administra-

tive district Kassel: Hanau, Geln- Departmental Secretaries:

hausen, Schliichtern, Fulda, Hiinfeld. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Of Bavaria: Aschaffenburg, Alzenau, Y. P. M. V., H. Schmidt.
Obernburg and Miltenberg. The
Saar-District. From the Rhine Prov- Ordained Ministers:
ince, the districts: Trier, Saarburg, E. Adolph, H. Feddersen, W. Gehl,
Merzig-Wadern, St. Wendel, Baum- W. Gericke, A. Haag, 0. Kelle, L.
holder, Bad Kreuznach. From the Krug, E. Kuschel, W. Lorenz, A. W.
State Oldenburg: the district Birken- Muller, R. Muller, E. Schank, H.
feld. Schmidt, F. Schrattenholzer, E.
Population: 4,500,000 ; churches. 84 ; Schwarz, A. Stammberger, H. Wittig.
members, 1,419. Honorary: K. Sinz.
Office: Eschenheimer Anlage 32, Frank- Licensed Minister: 0. Elssmann.
furt am Main, Germany.
Licensed Missionaries:
Miss K. Fischer, Miss A. Gutmann,
President, A. Sachsenmeyer. Miss A. Hertwig, Miss M. Scheiben-
Treasurer, Miss Lydia Rein. berger, H. Simon.
Auditor, Miss Helene Kofink.
Honorary: G. Bohm, M. Michaelis.
Executive Committee: A. Sachsen-
meyer, W. Christanz, F. Fritz, F.
Hasel, G. Meyer, H. Nau, 0. Schnei-
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Organized 1936
Y. P. M. V., A. Sachsenmeyer.
Territory: Vienna, Lower Danube, Up-
Ordained Ministers: per Danube.
K. Fleck, W. Gemeinhardt, W. Haas, Population: 4,840,000 ; churches, 20 ;
E. Maier, H. Nau, M. Prull, A. Sach- members, 936.
senmeyer, 0. Saur, H. Zimmermann.
Honorary: H. Behr, F. J. Ott. Office: Pelzgasse 2 /10, Vienna XV /101,
Licensed Ministers:
H. Noltze, A. Ohme.
President, L. Schneebauer.
Licensed Missionaries: Treasurer, Miss M. Rollett.
Miss L. Furst, J. Schonach. Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Executive Committee: L. Schnee-
bauer, H. Auer, K. Floder, R. Grab-
ner, F. Pfingstl, E. Pickhart.
CONFERENCE Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Organized 1934 Y. P. M. V., J. Schor.
Territory: Upper,. Central, and Lower Ordained Ministers:
Franconia (excepting Aschaffenburgl, Fr. Gruber, R. Lohner, J' Penner,
Upper Palatinate (excepting Regens- F. Pfingstl, L. Schneebauer, J. Schor,
burg), Thuringia with the adminis- M. Schwab.
trative district Erfurt, district Schleu-
singen, Schmalkalden, Ziegenruck Licensed Ministers:
(excepting Sondershausen). Th. Erbes, F. Pieringer.
Population: 4,600,000 ; churches, 69; Licensed Missionaries:
members, 2,431.
M. Drechsler, E. Kiepe.
Office Address: Hinterm Bahnhof 30,
Niirnberg, Germany.
President, A. W. Muller.
Treasurer, Miss F. Andersson. Organized 1936
Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Territory: Salzburg, Tirol, Vorarlberg,
Executive Committee: A. W. Miller, Styria, Carinthia.
H. Feddersen, W. Hofmockel, R.
Kopp, H. Martin, W. Meinhardt, Th. Population: 2,000,000 ; churches, 15 ;
Milner, W. Touchard, F. Vogel. members, 718..

Office Address: Adolf Hitlerkai 81, Ordained Ministers:

Salzburg-Aigen, Germany. W. Edener, H. Erzberger, Fr. Fleck,
Officers: M. Ganzleben, K. Golzer, J. F.
Grieser, C. H. Loosen, G. Schmalkoke,
President, A. Wegener. H. Schnotzinger, H. Schwarz, A.
Treasurer, Miss M. Rollett. Ulrich, R. Vogel, Fr. Weigel.
Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: A. Wegener, K. E. Alberth, H. Riedel.
Brich, R. Grabner, H. Mayer, P.
Weinand. Licensed Missionaries:
Miss M. Kuffer, A. Schneider, J. G.
Departmental Secretaries: Somer, Miss K. Westenberger.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., A. Wegener.
W. Binanzer, K. Fleck, W. Gast, F. Organized 1912
Lubschina, A. Wegener, P. Weinand.
Territory: Wurtemberg including Hoh-
Licensed Minister: 0. Lenzi. enzollernSigmaringen.
Licerised Missionary: J. A. Gratz. Population: 2,600,000; churches, 44;
members, 1,601.
Office Address: Fangelsbachstr. 11,
Stuttgart-S, Germany.
Organized 1919 President, Ed. Mayer.
Treasurer and Office Secretary, Jo-
Territory: Upper and Lower Bavaria, hanna Walz.
Swabia, Neuburg, and the southern Auditor, Helene Kofink.
part of the Upper Palatinate, includ-
ing Regensburg. Executive Committee: Ed. Mayer, L.
Feucht, Fr. Gregorius, Fr. Hager,
Population: 3,200,000 ; churches, 42 ; W. Kramer, Fr. Kurz, E. Spah.
members, 1,819. Departmental Secretaries:
Office Address: Tizianstrasse 18, Mu- Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
nich 19, Bavaria, Germany. Y. P. M. V., 0. Neubauer.
Ordained Ministers:
A. Ansel, Fr. Gregorius, A. Henger,
President, W. Edener. M. Kunze, Ed. Mayer, Fr. Roth, K.
Treasurer, Aurelia Hiibsch. Scheele, H. Zettwoch.
Auditor, Helene Kofink.
Honorary: C. Reihlen, R. Werner.
Executive Committee: W. Edener, J.
Bauer, E. Beck, W. Kehr, A. Konrad. Licensed Ministers:
A. Schneider, H. Schwarz. K. Burk, F. Gunther.
DepartmCntal Secretaries: Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Miss J. Baschenegger, E. Fuchs, Miss
Y. P. M. V., G. Schmalkoke. A. Kohle, Miss E. Kuspert, A. Posch.


Organized 1909

Territory: Central German, Hanover, Full Title in German: Gemeinschaft der

Hansa, Hessia-Westphalian, and Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten, West-
Rhenish Conferences. deutscher Verband.
Population: 25,600,000 ; churches, 244 ; Officers:
members, 9,512. President, C. A. Motzer.
Secretary-Treasurer, Otto Gmehling.
Office Address: Richard-Wagner-Str. Auditor: For the Union, the Division
28, Hannover-N., Germany. (Tele- Auditor. For the Conferences, the
phone, 60018.) Union Treasurer.

Executive Committee: C. A. Motzer, 0. Panzig, W. Pohland, K. Schieber,

W. Althoff, R. Dettmar, K. Faesecke, C. Steudel.
0. Gmehling, W. John, E. Kamann,
L. Lutz, W. Peters, A. Pioch, A. Licensed Ministers:
Vollmer. E. Fischdick, W. Koch, W. Rieck-
mann, A. Scherf, P. Schornstein, F.
Departmental Secretaries: Sutor, H. Tilgner, A. Weisse.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., R. Dettmar. Licensed Missionary: Miss J. Volk-
Ordained Ministers:
R. Dettmar, 0. Gmehling, C. A.
Legal Assn.: Westdeutsche Grund- HANOVER CONFERENCE
stiicks-Gesellschaft m. b. H., Ham-
burg. Organized 1919
Office: Richard-Wagner-Str. 28, Hann- Territory: From the Province Hanover
over-N. ; Manager, C. A. Motzer. (Free-State Prussia) the administra-
tive districts Liineburg, Stade, Au-
rich ; the administrative district Han-
over without Hameln-Pyrmont. The
CENTRAL GERMAN CONFERENCE administrative districtOsnabriick city
Organized 1934 and rural, Melle, Wittlage, Iburg.
From the Province Saxony (Free-
Territory: The Free-States Brunswick, State Prussia) the districts: Gardele-
Anhalt ; from the Free-State Thur- gen, Osterburg, Salzwedel, Stendal
ingia the district Sondershause ; from city and rural. The Free-State
the province Saxony (Free-State Bremen, the Free-State Oldenburg
Prussia) the administrative district without Birkenfeld and Eutin.
Merseburg ; the administrative dis- Population: 3,600,000 ; churches, 46 ;
trict Erfurt without Erfurt; from members, 1,523.
the administrative district Magdeburg
the districts Wernigerode, Halber- Office Address: Neustadt-Contrescarpe
stadt city and rural, Quedlinburg city 30, I., Bremen, Germany. (Tele-
and rural, Aschersleben, Oschersleben, phone, 50626.)
' Wanzleben, Calbe, Wolmirstedt, Neu- Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Sieben-
haldensleben, Jerichow I and II, ten-Tags-Adventisten, Hannoverache
Magdeburg city; from the province Vereinigung e.V.
Hanover (Free-State Prussia) the ad-
ministrative district Hildesheim. Officers:
Population: 4,400,000 ; churches, 45 ; President, C. A. Motzer.
members, 1,593. Secretary, R. Kaufmann.
Treasurer, Miss F. Meier.
Office Address: Fasanenstr. 63, I., Auditor, the treasurer of the West
Braunschweig, Germany. (Telephone, German Union.-
4167.) Executive Committee: C. A. Motzer,
Full Title in German: Gemeinschaft der M. Barlach, K. Barmann, 0. Driise-
Siebenten -Tags -Adventisten, Mittel- meier, R. Kaufmann.
deutsche Vereinigung. Departmental Secretaries:
Officers: Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
President, W. Althoff. Y. P. M. V., R. Kaufmann.
Secretary, C. Steudel.
Treasurer, Miss M. Fuchs. Ordained Ministers:
Auditor: The treasurer of the West W. Amian, E. Baumbach, W. Bege-
German Union. mann, F. Brandt, K. Druge, E.
Executive Committee: W. Althoff, E. Fraatz, K. Harress, C. Kapitz, R.
Pabst, W. Schubert, 0. Stein, C. Kaufmann, A. Mannesmann, H.
Steudel. Wehrmann, H. Wille.
Departmental Secretaries: Honorary: J. Christoffers, H. Fenner,
W. Prillwitz.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., C. Steudel. Licensed Ministers:
Ordained Ministers: H. Heuser, A. Piorr, H. Treeck, P.
W. Althoff, J. Fenner, G. Fischdick,
W. Herbert, H. Knoner, L. Martin, Licensed Missionary: Mrs. 0. Thaden.

HANSA CONFERENCE Kassel city and rural, Kirchhain, Mar-

burg city and rural, Nelsungen, Ro-
Organized 1900 tenburg, Witzenhause, Wolfhagen,
Ziegenhain, Hiinfeld, der Eder, des
Territory: The Free-States Hamburg Eisenbergs, der Twiste, Schaumburg ;
and Mecklenburg. From the Free- from the administrative district Wies-
State Oldenburg the district Eutin. baden the district Biedenkopf ; from
From the Free-State Prussia the the administrative district Osnebruck
Province Schleswig-Holstein. (province Hanover) the districts:
Population: 8,900,000 ; churches, 50 ; Osnabrilck city and rural, Wittlage,
members, 2,187. Melle and Iburg ; from the adminis-
trative district Hanover the district
Office Address: Grindelberg 11, I., Ham- Hameln city and Hameln-Pyrmont.
burg 13, Germany. (Telephone 669- The Free-States Schaumburg-Lippe-
080.) Detmold.
Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Sieben- Population: 6,400,000, churches, 63
ten-Tags-Adventisten, Hansa-Vereini- members, 1,687.
gung, e.V.
Office Address: B rtickenstrasse 34 a,
Officers: Hamm i. W., Germany. (Telephone,
President, W. John. 158.)
Secretary, H. Teichmann. Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Sieben-
Treasurer, P. Jiischke. ten-Tags-Adventisten, Hessich-West-
Auditor, the treasurer of the West fillische Vereinigung, e. V.-
German Union.
Executive Committee: W. John, . G. Officers:
Elf, P. Jaschke, A. Kulow, F. Bickers, President, A. Pioch.
F. Ritzmann, C. Schwiderowitz, H. Secretary, E. Bartz.
Teichmann, H. Zuber. Treasurer, G. Bahr.
Auditor, the treasurer of the West
Departmental Secretaries: German Union.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Executive Committee: A. Pinch, E.
Y. P. M. V., H. Teichmann. Bartz, A. Bente, A. Bremer, B.
Ordained Ministers: Schenk.
A. Arnhold, J. Bohlmann, G. Durolf, Departmental Secretaries:
C. Glockner, E. Hennecke, W. John,
E. Kaufmann, G. Kortenhorn, W. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Schon, R. Schroder, W. Schutte, H. Y. P. M. V., E. Bartz.
Stoltenberg, H. Teichmann, W. Un- Ordained Ministers:
E. Bahr, E. Bartz, A. Bremer, H.
Honorary: F. Gotting, 0. Janert, A. Krather, P. Paprotny, A. Pioch, H.
Osterreich. Potschke, F. Backer, F. Rischmuller,
Licensed Ministers: W. Rohde, F. Schluter, A. v. Wallen-
F. Binnebossel, H. Burger, K. Got-
zinger, W. Hampel, A. Heiderstadt, Honorary: C. Dangschat, W. Valle-
F. Kopp, 0. Lutz, H. Oswald, E. mann.
Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Missionaries: E. Binanzer, E. Christoffers, H. Claus,
Mrs. g. Prieser, A. Witepsky. E. Detlefsen, H. Waldeck.
Honorary: C. v. Fintel. Licensed Missionaries:
P. Gode, 0. Klemt, K. Wittwer.
Honorary: A. Thomas.
Organized 1898 as West German
Conference Organized 1902
Territory: From the Free-State Prussia Territory: From the Free-State Prussia
the province Westphalia ; from the the province Rhineland (excepting
province Hessen-Nassau the adminis- Saarland) without the districts
trative district Kassel with the dis- Kreuznach, Meisenheim, St. Wendel-
tricts Eschwege, Frankenberg, Fritz- Baumholder, Trier city and rural,
lar, Hersfeld, Hofgeismar, Homberg, Merzing-Wadern, Saarburg. From

the province Hessen-Nassau and the Executive Committee: W. Peters, 0.

administrative district Wiesbaden the Adolph, H. Eickermann, F. Hilmer,
Underlahn district and the districts 0. Hirth, E. Kama.m, P. Knitter, A.
St. Goarshausen, Niederlahnstein, Pal, F. Riiger.
Oberlahnstein, Braubach.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 7,300,000; churches, 51; Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
members, 2,522. Y. P. M. V., F. Hilmer.
Office Address: Adlerstrasse 70, Diissel- Ordained Ministers:
dorf, Germany. (Telephone, 16167.) R. Brager, H. Detlefsen, R. Eichwald,
B. Engel, F. Hilmer, H. Osterburg.
Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Sieben- W. Peters, R. Rittau, K. Schulte, R.
ten-Tags-Adventisten, Rheinische Ve- Stein, E. Wenzel.
reinigung e. V.
Licensed Ministers:
Officers: F. Ernst, 0. Hesse, H. Kachel, R.
President, W. Peters. Linker, G. Ludwig, H. Rohwedder, A.
Soetbeer, K. Voget, 0. Westermapn,
Secretary, F. Hilmer. G. Wucherer, P. Wuttke.
Treasurer, A. Pohl.
Auditor, the treasurer of the West Licensed Missionaries:
German Union. F. Brockmann, Miss M. Diekmann.

BOHEMIAN-MORAVIAN Licensed Missionaries:
CONFERENCE M. Adamova, M. Bujokova, F. Bures,
Organized 1919; Reorganized 1939 0. Drapal, P. Gajdusek, K. Hurta,
J. Kantor, V. Kysilko, A. Martisova,
Territory: Bohemia and Moravia. B. Moskorova, K. Seitz, 0. Wagen-
knecht, M. Vranova.
Population: 7,000,000; churches, 46;
members, 1,570.
Office Address: Prag-Kgl. Weinberge, GENERAL GOVERNMENT
Miinchenerstr. 35, Protektorate Bo- CONFERENCE
hemia and Moravia, Germany.
Organized Dec. 4, 1939
Legal Assn.: Ceskomorayska jednota
adventistu sedmeho dne v Brne. Territory: District of Warsaw, Cracow,
Office: Miinchenerstr. 35, Prag XII; Lublin and Kielce.
Manager, J. Doubraysky. Population: 10,600,000; churches, 16;
Officers: members, 540.
President, J. Doubraysky. Office Address: Turecka 1, Warschau
Sec. and Treas., J. Cepl., S 36.
Executive Committee: J. Doubrav-
sky, J. Cepl, J. Mokry, K. Polednik, Legal Assn.: "Konstrukcja" Lim. War-
F. Sumbera, P. Surman, F. Zidek. saw, Turecka 1.

Departmental Secretaries: Officers:

Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., and. President, W. Czembor.
Sabbath School, P. Surman. Secretary-Treasurer,M. Babinski.
Executive Committe: W. Czembor,
Ordained Ministers: M. Babinski, J. Borody, J. Klotz, W.
J. Cepl, J. Doubraysky, F. Konvalina, Siemionowicz.
V. Kroulik, J. Oborny, K. Polednik, Departmental Secretaries:
P. Raska, F. Sumbera, P. Surman,
A. Zurek. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., J. Borody.
Licensed Ministers:
Ordained Ministers:
0. Kimler, D. Krynsky, A. Kubecka,
J. Kuty, J. Marcolla, A. Prazan, J. W. Czembor, J. Kulak, 0. Niedoba,
Skrla, B. Teply. Kl. Piontek.

Licensed Ministers: INSTITUTIONS

J. Borody, L. Geisler, M. Hintz, St.
Kwiecinski, J. Lipski, J. Wierz- Educational:
bowski. Friedensau Missionary Seminary,
Friedensau bei Burg, Post Grabow,
Licensed Missionaries: Bez. Magdeburg, Germany.
M. Babinski, F. Cybura, E. Lawaty.
SLOVAKIAN CONFERENCE Hamburg Publishing House, "Voll-
mer and Bentlin, Kom.-Ges.,"
Organized 1919 Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13, Ger-
Territory: Slovakia.
Netherland Publishing House, "Stich-
Population: 2,600,000; churches, 24; ting: Boekenhuis der Advent-Zend-
members, 549. ing," van Weede van Dijkveldstraat
Office Address: Schanzstr. 24a, II., 77, The Hague, Netherland.
Pressburg, Slovakia. Polish Publishing House ("Polski
Officers: Dom Nakladowy" Lim.) Ul. Tur-
ecka 1, Warschau, Generalgouver-
President, J. Lichy. nement.
Secretary-Treasurer, St. Macko.
Executive Committee: J. Lichy, St.
Macko, A. Messerschmidt, M. Shnei- Sanitariums and Treatment Rooms:
der, T. J. Zigmund. Krankenhaus "Waldfriede," Fischer-
Departmental Secretaries: Mitten Str. 99-109, Berlin-Zehlen-
dorf, Germany.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Kurhotel, Wittelsbach, Bad Aibling,
Y. P. M. V., J. Lichy. Oberbayern, Germany.
Ordained Ministers: Charlottenbad, Charlottenstr. 24,
Hamburg 19, Germany.
J. Gajan, J. Lichy, T. J. Zigmund. Recreation Home, Marienhohe, Darm-
Licensed Ministers: stadt, Germany.
St. Macko, J. Sobotka, J. Strba, P.
Styk. Food Factory:
Licensed Missionary: German Health Food Factory, Campe-
J. Zahoransky. strasse 18, Hamburg 26, Germany.
Organized 1931

Territory: China, Manchuria, Mongolia, emergency committee is known as the

Tibet, Sinkiang, and the islands con- Shanghai Branch Committee of the
trolled by China, together with Hong China Division of the General Con-
Kong and Macao ; all of which are ference of Seventh-day Adventists,
comprised in the Central China, East and functions while the Division of-
China, North China, Northwest China, ficers are not residing in Shanghai.
South China, West China, and Man- All members of the Division Commit-
churian Union Missions. tee are 'ex-officio members of the
Shanghai Branch Committee, which
Population: 491,170,632 ; churches, 298 ; committee is organized as follows:
members, 19,571. Y. H. Chu, Chairman ; S. J. Lee,
Officers: Secretary-Treasurer; other national
members resident in Shanghai: Y. C.
President, Hsu, Goh Chao-Oh, David Hwang,
Secretary, S. L. Frost. Chang Peh-an, Helen Woo, Chen
Treasurer and Auditor, W. I. Hilliard. Ming, Shen Tien-ran, Chuang Hsi-
Executive Committee: G. J. Appel, tien, Lin Wei-su.
Chen Wenhsioh, Y. H. Chu, C. L.
Dale, Du Shu-ren, S. L. Frost, Goh Legal Association: "General Conference
Chao-Oh, W. I. Hilliard, Y. C. Corporation of Seventh-day Advent-
Hsu, David Hwang, K. T. Khng, Koh ists." W. I. Hilliard, Attorney-in-
Chiao-liang, S. J. Lee, Liu Fu-an, fact.
E. L. Longway, C. B. Miller, Bessie Educational Department:
Mount, John Oss, R. C. Shen, F. Y.
Wang, E. C. Wood. Secretary, H. C. Shen.
Members: Division officers, Bessie
Due to the war situation in the Mount, Y. P. M. V. secretaries of
Orient, and the fact that the officers union missions, heads of senior and
of the China Division, as well as many junior training institutes, superin-
of our leaders, are now isolated from tendents and general field secretaries
their fields, temporary emergency ar- of union missions.
rangements have been worked out for
the carrying on of our work both in Home Missionary Department:
free and occupied sections of China as Secretary, E. L. Longway.
follows: Members: Division officers, Division
Temporary Division Headquarters: departmental secretaries, union home
Chungking, Szechwan, China. missionary secretaries as appointed,
union field missionary secretaries,
Cable Address: "Adventist Mission," superintendents and general field sec-
Chungking. retaries of union missions.
Officers: Medical Department:
Acting President, E. L. Longway. Secretary, Herbert Liu.
Acting Secretary-Treasurer, G. J. Members: Division officers, physicians
Appel. connected with all recognized sani-
Provisional Division Committee: E. tariums, treatment rooms, and hos-
L. Longway, G. J. Appel, W. S. Chen, pital-dispensaries ; superintendents of
F. A. Liu, Herbert Liu, C. B. Miller, nurses in institutions conducting
H. C. Shen, James Wang, M. C. War- nurses' training schools, superintend-
ren, G. L. Wilkinson. ents and general field secretaries of
union missions.
The above acting officers and pro- Ministerial Association:
visional committee will function during
the war emergency in all parts of the Secretary, C. Meng.
China Division territory that are ac- Advisory Council: Division officers,
cessible to them. superintendents and general field sec-
retaries of union missions, division
Shanghai Branch Committee : An emer- departmental secretaries, union evan-
gency committee has been authorized gelists, principals of senior and junior
to look after the interest of the work training institutes, heads of the Bible
in the occupied areas of the Manchu- ' and evangelistic departments of the
rian, North China, East China, and China Training Institute, C. I. Meng.
Central China Union fields, in con-
junction with the China provisional Missionary Volunteer Department:
Division Executive Committee. This Secretary, H. C._ Shen.

Members: Division officers, Bessie Ordained Ministers:

Mount, Y. P. M. V. secretaries of G. J. Appel, Z. H. Coberly, S. L.
union missions, heads of senior and Frost, T. G. Giang, Goh Chao-O,
junior training institutes, superin- David Hwang, B. A. Liu, F. A. Liu,
tendents and general field secretaries E. L. Longway, C. I. Meng, John
of union missions. Oss, H. C. Shen.
Publishing Department:
Secretary, E. L. Longway. Licensed Ministers:
Members: Division officers, union field Y. H. Chu, Charles Dale, T. S. Gev-
and home missionary secretaries, local aty, W. I. Hilliard, Ho Ping-duan,
field missionary secretaries, manager R. Y. Huang, Herbert Liu, Chen
and chief editors of the, Signs Pub- Ming, S. H. Pang, Shan Ying Min,
lishing House, superintendents and J. H. Su, A. F. Tai, S. S. Tsai, H. Y.
general field secretaries of union mis- Wang, J. W. Wang, E. C. Wood.
Sabbath School Department: Licensed Missionaries:
Secretary, G. J. Appel. P. A. Chang, Chuan Hsi-tien, Mrs.
Members: Division officers, union Minnie H. Crisler, Mrs. Charles Dale,
Sabbath school secretaries, David Mildred Dumas, Mrs. S. L. Frost,
Hwang, E. L. Longway, Chen Ming, Mrs. T. S. Gevaty, Benjamin Gia,
Mrs. W. I. Hilliard, Y. C. Hsu, Hsu
Mary Ogle, Shen Tien-ran. Yen-ging, R. Y. Hwang, Hwang Yao-
Transportation Agents: W. L Hilliard, tso, F. B. Knight, Mrs. F. B. Knight,
chairman: the union treasurers of the Rachel Landrum, Lee Ming-ih, M. I.
South China, Central China, and Man- Lee, S. J. Lee, Lin Wei-su, Mrs. H.
churian Union Missions. C. Liu, Mrs. E. L. Longway, Mrs. Mi
Dehfeng, Bessie Mount, Pauline Neal,
Division Building Committee: G. J. Ap- Mary Ogle, Mrs. John Oss, Mrs. S.
pel, 0. G. Erich, S. L. Frost, W. I. H. Pang, Emma Pflug, Tsai Bu-duou,
Hilliard, K. T. Khng, H. Liu, E. L. Tsao Chun-kai, H. T. Wang, John
Longway, C. B. Miller, James Wang, Wang, S. T. Wang, Mrs. S. T. Wang,
E. C. Wood. Mrs. E. C. Wood, Wu Hsiao-chen.


Organized 1919

Territory: The Provinces of Honan, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,

Hunan, Hupeh, and Kiangsi. J. H. Effenberg.
Population: 104,011,642; churches, 30; Publishing, J. E. Christensen.
members, 2,373.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Ordained Ministers:
Chungking, Szechwan, China. J. H. Effenberg, S. R. Du, D. K. Liu.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Chungking, Szechwan, China. Licensed Ministers:
Officers: H. C. Currie, 0. G. Erich, Fan
Superintendent, G. J. Appel. Den-Yu, I. V. Stonebrook.
Acting Secretary-Treasurer
Associate Secretary-Treasurer, A. F.
Tai. Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: G. J. Appel, Mrs. G. J. Appel, Miss T. M. Chao,
H. C. Currie, J. E. Christensen, Du Mrs. Carl Currie, Djao Ih-Biao, Mrs.
Shu-Ren, 0. G. Erich, J. H. Effen- J. H. Effenberg, Mrs. 0. G. Erich,
berg, H. B. Lee, Y. S. Leng, Liu Stanley Ho, Miss E. Koh, Mrs. Liu
Djung-Gwang, Peng Hsien-We, A. F. Gwoh-Hsien, Miss Lii Fu-Min, Miss
Tai, Wang Ging-Bo. Ma Hwo-Ying, Mao Rung-Hsing, Ren
Yung-Deh, Mrs. I. V. Stonebrook,
Departmental Secretaries: Tsao Shen-Yuen, Wang Hsioh-Wen,
Educational and Y. P. M. V., I. V. D. C. Wu, Miss S. B. Yen, Mrs. Yfi
Stonebrook. Ging-Yilen.

HONAN MISSION Departmental Secretaries:

Organized 1917 Educational and Y. P. M. V., Li
Territory: The Province of Honan; also Field Missionary, Li Deng-Ren.
Tungming-hsien and Chang-yan-hsien Sabbath School and Home Mission-
of Hopei, and Tsao-hsien of Shan- ary, T. N. Dzang.
tung. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 31,031,909; churches, 12; Hwang Djung-Seng, Liu Djung-
companies, 25; members, 1,352. Gwang, Wang Deh-Dzi.
Licensed Ministers:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-
sion," Yencheng. Hwang Dzi-Ling, Li Gwang-Ren,
Wang Chuen-Yung, J. E. Christensen.
Address: Yencheng, Honan, China. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: Djang Gwang-Sing, Djan Tien-Neng,
Director, Hwang Ren-Wu, Ih Fei, Lee Hung-
Secretary-Treasurer, C. Y. Feng. Bing, Tsai Gwei-Hsiang, Wu Hsin-
Fang, Mrs. J. E. Christensen.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., Djao Lien-Ren. HUPEH MISSION
Home Missionary, Djang Djen-Hai.
Medical, Organized 1909
Publishing, Hou Hsu-Hsuan.
Territory: The Province of Hupeh.
Ordained Ministers:
Population: 27,167,244; churches, 3 ;
Djang Djen-Hai, Liu Djen-Bang, companies, 7 ; members, 290.
Peng Hsien-Djung, Shih Ru-Ling, Su
Dien-Ching, Tang Thin-Loh, Wang Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Han-
Ging-Bo. kow.
Licensed Minister: Address: 107 Woo Tsu Street, Hankow,
Djang Gwoh-Djen. Hupeh, China.
Licensed Missionaries: Officers:
Cung Dzi-Djen, Djang Hstian, Mrs. Acting Director, Y. S. Leng.
Djang, Djang Ying-Kou, Djao Lin- Secretary-Treasurer, Y. S. Leng.
Ren, Feng Chen-Chieh, Feng Cheng- Executive Committee: Y. S. Leng,
Yuin, Mrs. Gia, Gia Wen-Deh, Hou Abbie Dunn, Fang Chih-Hsiang, Hsu
Hsu-Hsuan, Li Sin-Feng, Tang Hain- Yao-tang, Lo Ying-chiao, Yen Chun-
Ho, Wu Yung-Guang. Shan.
Church School Teachers: 9. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Y. S. Leng.
Educational, Home Missionary, Sab
bath School, and Y. P. M. V., Yang
Organized 1917 Field Missionary, Yen Chuen-shan.
Ordained Minister: Fan Chih-Hsiang.
Territory: The Province of Hunan.
Licensed Minister: Hsu Sin-Tang.
Population: 40,700,286; churches, 10 ; Licensed Missionaries:
companies, 14 ; members, 452.
Chu Yeh-Chang, Abbie Dunn, Y. S.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Leng, Anna Lo, Lo Yin-Chiao, Wang
sion," Changsha. Yung-Kang, Yen Chuen-shan, Yen
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 75 Fu Dzen Gia-Gieh, Yang Lien, Mrs. Yang
St., Changsha, Hunan, China. Lien.
Acting Director, J. E. Christensen. KIANGSI MISSION
Secretary-Treasurer, Lee Hung-Bing. Organized 1917
Executive Committee: E. H. James,
J. E. Christensen, Hwang Tsung-Sen; Territory: The Province of Kiangsi.
Lee Hung-Bing, Li Deng-Ren; Li
Gwang-Ren, Liu Djung-Gwang, Wang Population: 17,569,210; churches, 5;
Deh-Dzi. companies, 7 ; members, 215.

Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Ordained Minister:

sion," Kian. Wang Wen-Hwei.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kian, Ki-
angsi, China. Licensed Ministers:
Officers: Peng Hsien-Wu, Shen Hsuen-Hung.
Director, H. C. Currie. Licensed Missionaries:
Secretary-Treasurer, Peng Hsien-Wu. Deng Siao-Sien, Peng Liang, Lo
Departmental Secretaries: Dzen-Yuan, Lo Yue-Ching, Peng Ta
Wei, Pu Ching Feng.
Book and Bible House and Educa-
tional, Peng Hsien-wu. Bible Woman: Kung Yu-Hwa.
Field Missionary,
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Church School Teacher:
Wang Wen-Hwei. Lo Kwo-Hwa.


Organized 1909; reorganized 1919

Territory: The Anhwei, Kiangsu and ANHWEI MISSION

Chekiang Provinces. Organized 1910
Population: 77,073,623 ; churches, 96 ; Territory: The Province of Anhwei,
members, 4,396. and Nanking district of Kiangsu
Telegraphic Address: "Mizpah," Shang-
hai. Population: 21,976,920; churches, 7 ;
members, 846.
Office Address: 1207 Yu-Yuen Road,
Shanghai, China. (Tel. 20167 or Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Nan-
21311.) king.
Officers: Postal Address: 20 Gao Lou Men, Nan-
king, Kiangsu, China.
General Field Secretary, Goh Chao-Oh. Officers:
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Director, T. S. Wu.
.Secretary-Treasurer, Y. C. Shih.
Associate Sec.-Treas., Helen Woo.
Executive Committee: T. S. Wu,
Executive Committee: Andrew' Chen, Djang Ging-yuen, Gu Hs-iao-chiao,
Y. S. Chen, R. H. Dinsbier, Goh Liu Bao-yi, S. R. Pan, Y. C. Shih,
Chao-Oh, E. H. James, K. D. Karel- Wang Hsi-tien.
lashvilly, S. R. Pan, T. R. Shen, Y.
C. Shih, Swen Tsung-gwang, Helen Departmental Secretaries:
Woo, S. M. Yen.
Educational, S. R. Pan.
Departmental Secretaries: Field Missionary, A. F. Djao.
Home Missionary, T. S. Wu.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Field Sabbath School,
Home Missionary, E. H. James and Ordained Minister: T. S. Wu.
S. M. Yen.
Medical, Andrew Chen. Licensed Ministers:
Ministerial Assn., Dju Gien-pan, Djang Ging-yuen, Gu
Russian Dept., K. D. Karallashvilly. Shao-chiao, Lei Hsien-gwang, Y. C.
Sabbath School, S. M. Yen. Shih, Wang Hsi-tien.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:
E. H. James, K. D. Karallashvilly, Beh Wen-bing, Wang Chien, Djang
S. R. Pan. Chun-dao, Mrs. Djang Djang
Si-mu, H. F. Djao, Mrs. Dju Gien-
Licensed Minister: S. M. Yen. pan, Hsiao Dzi-hsuen, Hsiao Si-mu,
Hsu Si-deh, Lien Yueh-fan, Meng
Licensed Missionaries: Tsing-en, Wang Feng-meng, Wong
Mrs. K. D. Karallashvilly, N. I. So- Li-djung, Mrs. Wu Pei-ling, Mrs. Yao
roken. Lo-tien.

Church School Teachers: NORTH KIANGSU MISSION

Djang Guo-min, Hsu Si-hsiung, Wu Organized 1931
Dzi-tun, Wu Gia-ren.
Territory: The Northern two-thirds of
the Kiangsu Province, except the
Nanking District.
Population: 16,781,489; churches, 16;
Organized 1913 members, 564.
Territory: The southern portion of Postal Address: Tsing Kiang Pu,
Kiangsu Province, and the northern Kiangsu, China.
portion of Chekiang Province.
Population: 30,456,610 ; churches, 40 ; Director, Swen Tsung-Gwang.
members, 1,684. Secretary-Treasurer, Y. C. Shih.
Telegraphic Address: "Mizpah," Shang- Executive Committee: Swen Tsung-
hai. Gwang, Chen Ging-nih, Liu Chuen-
hwan, Shan Teh-djen, Y. C. Shih,
Office Address: Court 1207 Yu-Yuen Tsen Yu-bins, Wang Yu-tien.
Road, Shanghai, China. (Phone,
20167.) Departmental Secretaries:
Officers: Educational and Y. P. M. V., Tsen
Director, Home Missionary, Swen Tsung-
General Field Secretary, T. R. Shen. gwang.
Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Woo. Publishing, H. F. Djou.
Executive Committee : P. H. Chow, Sabbath School,
Miss H. Dju, K. Y. Lee, T. R. Shen,
T. C. Wang, D. C. Woo, Helen Woo. Ordained Minister: Swen Tsung-Gwang.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Minister: Wang Yu-Tien.
Book and Bible House, Helen Woo. Licensed Missionaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., T. C. Y. H. Chang, C. N. Chen, Chen Yu-
Wang. Djen, Chiao Yuen-dju, Ding Chang-
Field Missionary, P. H. Chow. yuen, Djou Shi-djen, H. F. Fang, Gi
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Djao-tung, Li Su-djen, Lien Na-na,
K. Y. Lee. Hwang Li-hwei, S. S. Liu, Liu Chuen-
Women's Work, Miss H. Dju. Huan, Shan Teh-djen, Swen Doo-tse,
Ordained Ministers: Mrs. T. G. Swen, Tsui Sze-Djou, Tsen
Yu-bing, Tsui Yung-en, Wang Li
T. R. Shen, L. S. Wang, D. C. Woo. Gwan, Wang Su-djung, Y. Y. Wang,
Licensed Ministers: Mrs. K. H. Yao, Yao Kwang-Hwa.
I. F. Chen, K. L. Chow, P. H. Chow, Church School Teacher:
K. C. Fang, Y. Y. Fu, L. S. Han, Djang Hsi-hsien.
K. Y. Lee, S. M. Sung, T. S. Wang,
T. S. Yeh.
Licensed Missionaries:
R.- S. Chang, Mrs. S. T. Chang, I. M. SOUTH CHEKIANG MISSION
Chen, Chiang Peh-yu, C. S. Chwang, Organized 1919
Mrs. W. S. Djou, Miss H. Dju, P.
Fang, Mrs. W. F. Fee, C. S. Feng, Territory: The Prefectures of Wenchow,
Mrs. Y. H. Feng, L. S. Fu, Hsu Chuchow, and Taichow, in thb Che-
Yung-thing, Mrs. A. L. Hu, F. F. Hu, kiang Province.
Mrs. S. C. Hu, Mrs. W. H. Ku, Ih
Shao-tsu, Miss A. L. Kou, I. P. Ku, Population: 7,616,517 ; churches, 32 ;
Miss Lan Chu-mei, Mrs. M. D. Li, members, 1,285.
H. K. Ling, P. K. Ling, Shen Wen- Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Wen-
hwang, Mrs. Grace Swen, Mrs. T. T., chow.
Tang, Tsai Sho-ling, Miss C. L. Tsui,
Mrs. Y. T. Wei, H. Y. Wang, Helen Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Wen-
Woo, Mrs. Katherine Yang. chow, Chekiang, China.
Church School Teachers: Officers:
Chang Peh-yu, Miss Chao San-mei, Director, R. H. Dinsbier.
Mrs. Chen, Miss Chwen Wen-yu, Mrs. General Field Secretary, Y, S. Chen.
Liu Po-tang, Mrs. Samuel Tsai, Wang Secretary-Treasurer, R. H. Dinsbier.
Ping-than. Executive Committee: R. H. Dinsbier,

Y. S. Chen, Chi Teh-Ming, Chie Licensed Missionaries:

Djung-Koe, Dzang Nyie-Ming, Dzang Yie Bing, Chie Djung-Koa, Chieh
Fi, Poe Sz-Z. Sing-Oh, Mrs. R. H. Dinsbier, Djiae
Departmental Secretaries: Ta-Tsing, Djiu Vu-Sang, Djiu Z. Toe,
Dzang Fi, Dzang Li-Foe, Dzang
Educational, R. H. Dinsbier. Tung-Chieh, Dzeng Fu-Sae, Dzing Mi-
Field Missionary and Home Mission- Chang, Dzing Nyo-Li, Ku Djung-Z,
ary, Chiang Djung-Kwang. Li Si-Mo, Liu Tsoa-Z, Nie Ka-Djung,
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Ng Sha-Tung, Yie Kue-Nee, Yoa
Dju Teh-Ming. Koa-Shu, Yoa Zing-Yieh.
Ordained Ministers: Training Institute Teachers:
Y. S. Chen, Hu Dzieh-Ren, S. T. Liu. Y. S. Chen, D. S. Chang, T. T. Chang,
F. Y. Chou, S. Wu, Mrs. R. H. Dins-
Licensed Ministers: bier.
Chang Pao-Ren, Z. Chang, I. M. Church School Teachers:
Chen, W. S. Chen, R. H. Dinsbier, Chie Da-Sai, Chie Tsung-Dee, Djiu
Djiao Ming-Shien, T. M. Dju, Wu Ung-Nyo, Ng Tsz-Ch'ung, Ng Sa,
Kao-Fu. Ue Shung, Vu Chang-Lung.


Organized 1919

Territory: Manchukuo (except Chien- Licensed Missionaries:

Tao Province) and Kwantung Chow. H. G. Chao, W. C. Chao, Miss H. S.
Population: 37,888,176 ; churches, 30; Chen, T. F. Chen, C. P. Chi, S. K.
members, 2,203. Kwan, K. H. Li, Mrs. K. H. Li,
I. H. Liu, Miss H. C. Tsui, T. C.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Muk- Tsui, Mrs. Helen Wang, W. F. Wang.
Postal Address:, Shen Yang Post Office,
Box 36, Mukden, Manchukuo.
Office Address: 47 Hwang Shi Da Giai, CENTRAL MANCHURIA MISSION
Beh Shih Chang, Mukden, Manchukuo. (Formerly Kirin Mission)
Residence Address: 14 N. Er Ging Lu, Organized 1918
Mukden, Manchukuo.
Officers: Territory: The Province of Kirin,
Superintendent, F. Y. Wang. Northern Half of Hsin-An South,
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Southern Third of Lung-Kiang,
Southern Part of Hsing-An North,
Associate Treasurer, S. Y. Kwan. Southern Part of Hsing-An East.
Executive Committee: F. Y. Wang,
C. P. Chi, H. W. Gwo, T. C. Hsu, Population: 6,445,353 ; churches, 3 ;
S. Y. Kwan, R. H. Liang, T. C. Tsui, members, 219.
G. X. Wang, T. Y. Wang. Office Address: 147 East San Ma Lu,
Departmental Secretaries: Hsinking, Manchukuo.
Book and Periodical House, H. G.
Chao. Residence Address: 1 Hsing Yun Lu,
Educational. Gung Na Fu Chien, Hsinking, Man-
Field Missionary, R. H. Liang. chukuo.
Home Missionary, G. Y. Wang. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Ministerial Assn., Hsinking.
Sabbath School, H. W. Gwo.
Y. P. M. V., W. C. Chao. Officers:
Director, G. Y. Wang.
Ordained Minister: F. Y. Wang. Secretary-Treasurer, C. P. Chi.
Licensed Ministers: Executive Committee: G. Y. Wang,
S. Y. Kwan, R. H. Liang, K. K. W. C. Chao, C. P. Chi, W. H. Hu,
Yang. D. D. Ma.

Departmental Secretaries: SOUTH MANCHURIA MISSION

Educational, (Formerly Fengtien Mission)
Field Missionary, D. D. Ma. Organized 1913
Home Missionary, G. Y. Wang.
Sabbath School, Territory: The Provinces of Fengtien,
Y. P. M. V., W. C. Chao. Antung, Tung-Hwa and Kwangtung
Ordained Minister: G. Y. Wang.
Population: 14,414,430; churches, 8:
Licensed Ministers: members, 1,000.
T. F. Hsiao, W. H. Mu. Office Address: 46 Hwang Shi Da Giai,
Beh Shih Chang, Mukden, Manchu-
Licensed Missionaries: kuo.
H. W. Djeng, P. G. Hsu, D. D. Ma.
Postal Address: Shen Yang Post Office,
Bible Woman: Mrs. G. Y. Wang. Box 36, Mukden, Manchukuo.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Muk-
School Teachers: den.
H. C. Djou, Miss L. R. Wang.
Director, T. Y. Wang.
Secretary-Treasurer, T. C. Tsui.
Executive Committee: T. Y. Wank,
(Formerly Pinkiang Mission) H. G. Chao, Y. S. Chin, H. W. Kwo,
Organized 1929 R. H. Liang, C. C. Liu, L. C. Tsai,
T. C. Tsui.
Territory: The Provinces of Pin-Kiang,
San-Kiang, Muh-Tang-Kiang, Hei- Departmental Secretaries:
Ho, Northern Two-thirds of Lung- Educational, W. Y. Chen.
Kiang, Hsing-An North, and North- Field Missionary, C. C. Liu.
ern Two-Thirds of Hsing-An East. Home Missionary, T. C. Tsui.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., H.
Population: 8,217,327 : churches, 10 ; W. Kwo.
members, 558.
Ordained Minister: T. Y. Wang.
Office Address: Ta-Tung Lu, Dao-Li,
Harbin, Manchukuo. Licensed Ministers:
T. T. Chao, Y. S. Chin, H. T. Lee.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Har-
bin. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: C. T. Chih, C. M. Chow, H. W. Kwo,
Y. C. Li, C. L. Liu, W. H. Yuen.
Acting Director, T. C. Hsu. Bible Women:
Secretary-Treasurer, C. P. Chi.
Miss Y. N. Chen, Mrs. Y. S. Chin,
Executive Committee: C. P. Chi, D. L. Mrs. C. C. Kwan, Mrs. F. Y. Wang,
Djang, T. C. Hsu, R. H. Liu, D. D. Mrs. T. Y. Wang.
Ma, T. C. Wang.
School Teachers:
Departmental Secretaries:
Miss C. J. Li, A. C. Liu, F. S. Tsou.
Field Missionary, D. D. Ma.
Home Missionary,
Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., T. C.
Organized 1925
Licensed Ministers:
C. L. Chang, T. C. Hsu, Y. D. Tsui. Territory: All Russians in Manchukuo
and Kwangtung Djeu.
Licensed Missionaries:
H. F. Djou, H. L. Dung, C. W. Population: 45,000 ; churches, 3 ; mem-
Hwang, H. K. Na, T. D. Wang. bers, 194.
Bible Woman: Mrs. T. C. Hsu. Office Address: 9 Tsitsihar St., Nan
Kang, Harbin, Manchukuo.
School Teachers: Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
C. C. Ho, C. C. Li, Mrs. S. H. Wei. Harbin.

Officers: Population: 8,766,066 ; churches, 6 ;

Director, members, 248.
Acting Director, M. Kalabugin. Office Address: 160 Fuh Teh Giai, Chin-
Treasurer, M. Kalabugin. Hsien, Chin-Chow Province, Man-
Executive Committee: M. Kalabugin, chukuo.
B. Kasitsin, V. Platonoff.
Telegraphic Address: "An Shih Rih
Departmental Secretaries: Hwei," 160 Fuh Teh Giai, Chin Hsieh,
Book and Periodical House, M. Kala- Chin-Chow Province, Manchukuo.
bugin. Officers:
Educational, Acting Director, F. Y. Wang.
Field Missionary and Home Mission- Acting Treasurer,
ary, V. Platonoff. Sec.-Accountant, T. C. Tsui.
Sabbath School, Mrs. B. Kasitsin.
Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee: F. Y. Wang,
Y. T. Chu, C. F. Dims, C. L. Hsu,
Ordained Minister: M. Kalabugin. T. C. Tsui.
Licensed Missionaries: Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., F. Y.
K. Kasitsin, V. Platonoff. Wang.
School Teachers: Field Missionary, C. L. Wang.
Home Missionary, C. F. Djou.
B. Kasitsin, Mrs. B. Kasitsin. Sabbath School, Mrs. Helen Wang.
Licensed Ministers:
Y. T. Chu, C. F. Djou.
WEST MANCHURIA MISSION Licensed Missionaries:
Organized 1939 C. L. Hsu, P. S. Li, Y. C. Li, Y. H.
Li, H. H. Liu, H. T. Wang.
Territory: Provinces of Chin-Chow, Je-
hol, Hsing-An West, and Southern School Teachers:
Half of Hsing-An South. Mrs. Heu, Y. T. Hsieh, Y. H. Li.


Organized 1919

Territory: The Provinces of Chahar, Tze-heng, Shan Lo-t'ien, Shen Chen-

Hopei, Shansi, Shantung, and that pan, Wang Hsi-yuan, Wang Te-chun.
Portion of Suiyuan Province lying
north of 40 degrees North Latitude, Departmental Secretaries:
and Mongolia. Educational, Koh Chiao-liang.
Field Missionary and Home Mission-
Population: 97,560,000 ; churches, 18 ; ary, Tan Hsin-hsu.
members, 2,363. Medical,
Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Peking. Ministerial,
(Telephone 5-2841.) Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Liao
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, 62 Ta Ordained Ministers:
Fang Chia Hutung, Peking, Hopei,
China. Koh Chiao-liang, Shan Lo Tien.
Licensed Ministers:
Chow Hsin-min, Tan Hsin-hsu, Hsu
Superintendent, Wen-Ping, Liao Hwa, J. Maltsev,
General Field Secretary, Koh Chiao- P. V. Rodinoff.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Licensed Missionaries:
Chai Wii-Ssu, Koh Chung-yao, Jack
Executive Committee: Chiao Wen-li, Kuo, Li I-t'sun, Li Kuang-chen, Li
Chow Hsin-Min, Duan Yung-Chien, Yu-thing, Shen Meng-kuang, Miss
Koh Chiao-liang, Li Su-liang, Pai Wang, Yin Cha'ng-lan.


Organized 1918 Director, Wang Te-chun.
Secretary-Treasurer, Shen Tze-ming.
Territory: The Province of Hopei. Executive Committee: Wang Te-
chun, Li Su-Jiang, Liu Chen-chiang,
Population: 35,500,000 ; churches, 5; J. Maltsev, P. V. Rodinoff, Shen Tze-
members, 718. ming, Wang Ya-ju.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Pe- Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Shen Tze-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Chu Kan ming.
Hsinag, Peking, Hopei, China. Field Missionary and Sabbath School,
Wang Ya-ju.
Officers: Home Missionary and Educational,
Wang Te-chun.
Director, Koh Chiao-Jiang. Y. P. ,M. V., Shen Tze-ming.
Secretary-Treasurer, Chow Hsin-min.
Executive Committee: Koh Chiao-li- Ordained Minister: Wang Te-chun.
ang, Chang Po-thing, Chow Hsin-
min, Keng Chiao-chun, Ma Ch'i-min, Licensed Ministers:
Pai Tze-heng, Sung Chieh-Ming, Liu Chang-hsi, Wang Ya-ju.
Wang Hsi-Yuan.
Licensed Missionaries:
Departmental Secretaries:
Chang Fu-en, Chang Mei-chih, Wu
Book and Bible House, Hsu Wen-ping. Chieh, Ch'u Te-ming, Chao Fa, Hsu
Field .Missionary, Sung Chieh-ming. Yao-t'ang, Mrs. Li Su-liang, Li Wen-
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, yuan, Liu Chen-Chiang, Shen Tze-
Chang Po-ching. ming.
Y. P. M. V.,
Ordained Ministers:
Keng Chiao-chun, Keng Fu-kuang,
Pai Tze Heng, Wang Hsi-yuan. SHANSI MISSION
Licensed Ministers: Organized 1928
Chang Jen-chu, Chang Po-thing.
Territory: The Province of Shansi,
Licensed Missionaries: south of the Great Wall.
Ch'i Chiu-ying, Hsieh Ching-Ian, Population: 12,000,000 ; churches, 4;
Mrs. Koh Chih-ching, Li Huan-Min, members, 602.
Meng Wen-shu, Sung Chieh-ming,
Wang Hsin-Ming. Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Tai-
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Fu Hsi
Chieh, Taiyuan, Shansi, China.
SAI-PEI MISSION Director, Tuan Yung-ch'ien.
(Formerly Cha-Sui Mission) Sec.-Treas., Keng Kun-lin.
Executive Committee: Tuan Yung-
Reorganized 1939 - ch'ien, Fan Kuo-tung, Keng Kun-fin,
Wang Wei-chieh.
Territory: Provinces of Chahar and
Suiyuan, except that portion of Sui- Departmental Secretaries:
yuan south of latitude 40, also in- Book and Periodical House, Keng
cluding that portion of Shansi north Kun-lin.
of the Great Wall ; and all of Mon- Educational, Sabbath School and Y.
golia. P. M. V., Tuan Yung-ch'ien.
Home Missionary, Than Yung-ch'ien.
Population: 11,000,000; churches, 2;
members, 174. Ordained Minister: Tuan Yung-ch'ien.

Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Kal- Licensed Missionaries:

gan, China. Chang Chien-an, Chang Ching-liang,
Fan-Kuo-tung, Li Fu-t'ien, Mrs. Li
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalgan, Wen-mien, Keng Kun-fin, Wang
Mengchiang, China. Wei-chieh.

SHANTUNG MISSION Departmental Secretaries:

Organized 1917 Book and Bible House, Liu Fu-ning.
Educational, Yang Chun-ting.
Field Missionary, Deng Pao-hsien.
Territory: The Province of Shantung. Home Missionary, Deng Pao-Hsien.
Population: 38,600,000; churches, 6; Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
- members, 869. Chiao Wen-li.
Ordained Ministers:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Tsi-
nan. Chang Chien-kuang, Chiao-Wen-li,
Shen Chen-pan.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 102 Wei I Licensed Ministers:
Lu, Tsinan, Shantung, China.
Hsu Chi-li, Jen Yung-cha'ng, Liu
Officers: Hsiao-chiu, Yang Han-chang.
Director, Chiao Wen-li. Licensed Missionaries:
Sec.-Treas., Liu Fu-nine. Cheng Ching-wen, Duan Yu-ying,
Executive Committee: Chiao Wen-li, Duan Yung-thing, Hsieh I-hwa, Liu
Jen Yung-ch'ang, Liu Fu-ning, Liu Te-yu, Wang T'ien-to, Wang Yu-
Hsiao-chiu, Shen Chen-pan, Yang ming, Wu Chi-Yu, Yang Chun-ting,
Han-chang. Yao Mei-t'ang.


Organized 1932

Territory: Provinces of Chinghai, Licensed Missionaries:

Kansu, Ninghsia, Shensi, and Sin- Chao Hung En, Mrs. Chao Hung En,
kiang, and that portion of Suiyuan Chia Tai-yuen, Goh Chieh, Gwo Wen
Province south of 36 degrees North Chi, Mrs. Gwo Wen Chi, Mrs. F. W.
Latitude. Johnson, Lu So Tou, Mrs. Lu So Tou,
Swen Deh-ran, Tan. Li Chun, Ting
Population: 26,147,023; churches, 20; Chen Chun, Ting Ai Fang, Tan Wei-
companies, 19 ; members, 1,127. luen, C. C. Wang, Mrs. M. C. War-
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Lan- ren, Yuan Su Ling, Yuan Su-kuei.
Postal Address: Northwest China Un-
ion Mission of S. D. A., Lanchow,
Officers: Organized 1933
Superintendent, M. C. Warren.
General Field Sec., Chan Wen-hsioh. Territory: Chinghai Province.
Secretary-Treasurer, F. W. Johnson.
Executive Committee: M. C. Warren, Population: 700,000 ; churches, 2 ; com-
Chang Chien-Kuo, Chen Wen Hsueh, panies, 3 ; members, 62.
Chia Tai-hsiang, N. 0. Dahlsten, F. Postal Address: Choni, Kansu, China.
W. Johnson, Suen Sui Ching, C. C.
Wang, Wu Du Shan. Telegraphic Address: Adventist Mi.-
sion, Choni, Kansu.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Officers:
Medical, C. C. Wang. Acting Director,
Publishing and Home Missionary, Secretary-Treasurer, F. W. Johnson.
Chang Chien-Kuo. Executive Committee: Feng Yong-
Sabbath School,
sen, Hao Tze-Tien, F. W. Johnson,
Ordained Ministers: Li Teh-Sheng.
Chen Wen-Hsioh, F. W. Johnson, M.
C. Warren, Wu Du Shan. Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Licensed Ministers: Home Missionary,
Chang Chien-Kuo, Djia Tai-hsiang, Publishing,
A. R. Mazat, Suen Sui Ching. Sabbath School, Yuen Su-kuei.

Licensed Missionaries: Departmental Secretaries:

Chu Tze-Hou, Goh Chun-Chi Feng Home Missionary, Educational and
Teh Sheng, Feng Yong-sen, Hao Tze- Y. P. M. V.,
Tien, Yang Tsuen-ho. Publishing,
Sabbath School, Swen Hsuei chin.
Church School Teachers:
Chen Pei-Chuan, Mao Sen Jung. Licensed Missionaries:
Ching Keh-ren, Chu Chong-huei,
Liang Kuei-San, Liu Tseng-hou, Swen
KANSU MISSION Church School Teachers:
Organized 1938 Chu Chung Hui, Mrs. Chu Chung
Hui, Chien Hsiao-Wen.
Territory: Kansu Province.
Population: 9,750,645 ; churches, 4
companies, 3 ; members, 227.
Postal Address: Kansu Mission of
S. D. A., Lanchow, Kansu, China. SHENSI MISSION
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Lan- Organized 1938
Territory: Shensi Province.
O fficers:
Director, M. C. Warren. Population: 11,802,451 ; churches, 12;
Secretary-Treasurer, F. W. Johnson. companies, 9; members, 753.
Executive Committee: Chang Chung Postal Address: Shensi Mission of
Kuce, F. W. Johnson, C. C. Wang, S. D. A., Outside West Gate, Sianfu,
M. C. Warren. Shensi, China.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Sianfu.
Home Missionary, Officers:
Publishing and Sabbath School,
Director, N. 0. Dahlsten (on fur-
Licensed Missionaries: Acting Director, Chen Wen Hsio.
Mrs. Kuo Er-Chieh, Sen Keh-Chang, Secretary-Treasurer, Chang Tzu-
Wang Hsi Wu. Chien.
Church School Teachers: Executive Committee: N. 0. Dahl-
sten, Chen Peh-Dao, Djang Dzi-Chien,
Cho Wen-Pin, Ho Mo-Ch'ien Li Djia Tai-Hsiang, Liu Wei-an, Ma
Wen-Ih, Ning Peh-ran. Sen-ling.
Departmental Secretaries:.
Home Missionary and Publishing,
Sabbath School, Chen Peh-dao.
Organized 1933 Y. P. M. V. and Educational, Djia
Territory: Ninghsia Province, and that
Portion of Suiyuan Province -south of Ordained Minister:
36 degrees North Latitude. N. 0. Dahlsten.
Population: 1,342,425 ; churches, 2;
companies, 3; members, 98. Licensed Ministers:
Chen Peh-Dao, Djang Dzi-Chien, Liu
Postal Address: Djung Shan Da Chieh, Wei-An.
Ninghsia, Ninghsia, China.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist Mis- Licensed Missionaries:
sion, Ninghsia. Mrs. N. 0. Dahlsten, Mrs. Liu Kao-
Chieh, Ma Hsien-ling, Tan Deb-en.
Director, Swen Hsuei Chin. Church School Teachers:
Secretary-Treasurer, F. W. Johnson. Chin Keh-Ih, Mrs. Li Tien-Lu, Li
Executive Committee: Liang Kuei- Tien-Yu, Liu Shih-Chang, Wang Hsi-
San, Swen Hsuei-chin, Tan Teh-En. Ling, Mrs. Yuan Su-Ling.
Reorganized 1919
Territory: The Provinces of Kwangsi, CANTONESE MISSION
Kwangtung, Fukien ; the Island of Territory: The Cantonese-speaking por-
Hainan ; the Colonies of Hong Kong tion of Kwangtung Province; Hong
and Macao. Kong and Macao.
Population: 71,900,000 ; churches, 71 ; Population: 11,000,000 ; churches, 14 ;
members, 4;213. companies, 7 ; members, 1,117.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: "Ad- Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-
ventist," Hongkong. sion," Canton.
Temporary Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Tung-
ventists," Laolung, Kwangtung, shan, Canton, China.
China. Officers:
Telephone: Office, 33653 ; residence, Director, J. P. Anderson.
23407. Acting Director, T. P. Tshi.
Secretary-Treasurer, Chan Lim Shang.
Office Address: 1st Floor, "Dina House," Mission Committee: J. P. Anderson,
Duddell St., Hong Kong. Chan Lim Shang, Y. T. Chue, C. F.
Temporary Office Address: Laolung, Larsen, H. S. Leung, Leung Ping-
Kwantung, China. Hang, C. N. Tso, S. M. Tsoi, T. P.
Residence: 40 Stubb's Road, Hong
Kong. Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, H. S. Leung.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 310, Hong Field Missionary,
Kong, China. Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Officers: S. K. Lei.
Medical, P. H. Leung.
Acting Superintendent, K. T. Khng. Sabbath School, S. K. Lei.
Acting Secretary, Leung Noito.
Acting Treasurer and Auditor, T. C. Ordained Ministers:
Chin. J. P. Anderson, T. P. Tshi.
Executive Committee: K. T. Khng, B. Licensed Ministers:
L. Anderson, J. P. Anderson, T. C.
Chin, Y. T. Chue, D. D. Coffin, C. H. S. C. Chan, S. M. Cheung, W. P.
Davis, S. T. Ging, C. Y. Hung, K. Chung, S. C. Ha, S. K. Lei, Leung
H. Hung, C. F. Larsen, T: M. Lei, Shun Yat, Lung Ping-Hang, Tshoi
H. S. Leung, N. T. Leung, T. N. Sze-man.
Lo, W. C. So, T. P. Tshi, C. N. Tso, Licensed Missionaries:
T. S. Woo, Leung Noito, Joseph Mrs. J. P. Anderson, . Chan Lim
Hwang. Shang, Chan Ye-Ku, Mrs. Chow,
Departmental Secretaries: Chue Tin Ming, Ha Shau Shek, Mrs.
Ho, Hui Heung Wing, Lam Sz-Ki,
Educational, H. S. Leung. Lo Tet-Tshien.
Field Missionary, K. H. Hung.
Home Missionary, Leung Noito, R. H.
Medical, W. C. So.
Sabbath School, Leung Noito. Organized 1935
Y. M. M. V., T. C. Chin. Territory: Hainan Island and two lower
Ordained Ministers: counties of the peninsula of Liu-
H. S. Leung, Leung Noito, K. T. chow, Kwangtung Province.
Khng. Population: 4,250,000; churches, 4;
companies, 3 ; members, 143.
Licensed Ministers: Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-
T. C. Chin, D. D. Coffin, W. Y. Ho, sion," Hoihow.
K. H. Hung, H. H. Luke, P. 0. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hoi-
Shiu, W. C. So. how, Hainan Island, China.
Licensed Missionaries: Officers:
Lo Ka Chung, Mrs. D. D. Coffin, Director,
Mrs. D. G. Liu, Lo Hing So, Harry Acting Director, C. N. Tso.
Wan. Secretary, W. K. Tso.

Treasurer, South China Union Office. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-

Mission Committee: C. N. Tso, W. sion," Nanning, Kwangsi, China. '
Y. Leung, W. K. Tso, T. S. Wong. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nan-
Ordained Minister: C. N. Tso. ning, Kwangsi, China.
Licensed Ministers: Officers:
W. Y. Leung, W. K. Tso. Director, T. M. Lei.
Secretary-Treasurer, Annie Lo.
Licensed Missionaries: Committee: T. M. Lei, T. H. Cheung,
Foo Chiu-Leung, Lei Hing-Fong, Lei Chick Tai-Keung, Annie Lo.
Hok-Chai, Lung Kien-Man, Tang To- Departmental Secretaries:
Yan, Wan Chung-Shan, Wong Tak-
Shan. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Field Missionary and Home Mission-
ary, Chick Tai-Keung.
Medical, B. W. Lo.
HAKKA MISSION Sabbath School, Lei Hangcung.
Territory: The Hakka-speaking portion Ordained Minister: T. M. Lei.
of the Province of Kwangtung.
Licensed Ministers:
Population: 8,200,000; churches, 18;
companies, 12 ; members, 750. P. H. Cheung, Cheung Yan-Kin, Chou
Hei-Nieri, B. W. Lo.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-
isa," Laolung, Kwangtung. Licensed Missionaries:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Lao- Mrs. Chan Chuck-Ping, Chick Tai-
lung, Kwangtung, China. Keung, Lei Chak-Man, Lei Hang-
Sung, Annie Lo, Lo Tai-Ma, So Nei-
Officers: Kei, Tong Oi-Chan, Wong King-Sing,
Yang King-Shan.
Director, T. S. Woo.
Secretary, Lo Lai Ming.
Treasurer: South China Union Office.
Mission Committee: T. S. Woo, NORTH FUKIEN MISSION
Chung Yuk Hon, Chong Kwet-En,
Chung Sun Fong, Lo Lai Ming, Van Territory: The northern portion of the
Shau-Van. Province of Fukien.
Departmental Secretaries: Population: 13,200,000 ; churches, 15 ;
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Chung companies, 10 ; members, 671.
Sun Fong.
Field Missionary, Wu Bing Ging. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-
Home Missionary, Chung Yunk Hon. sion," Foochow, China.
Medical, So Wai-Chuen.
Sabbath School, Cheung Sui Yu. ' Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Foo-
chow, China.
Ordained Ministers:
Cheung Fa Min, Lo Tet-Tsun, Ng Officers:
Yuk-Pin, T. S. Woo. Director; C. H. Davis.
Licensed Minister: Chong Kwet-En. Acting Director, Ging Su Tang.
Secretary-Treasurer, T. T. Wang.
Licensed Missionaries: Mission Committee: C. H. Davis, Chai
Cheung Sui Yu, Chong Sin Tso, Chong Kuok-Uong, Diong Chiong-Mi, Ging
Thau-Fan, Chung Sun Fong, Chung Su-Tang, Ling Buong-Sieng, Ngu Go-
Yuk-Hon, Li Moi-Fa, Li Tau-Fan, Hua, Ngu Ong-Ing, T. T. Wang.
Liu Tsu-Ngau, Lo Lai Ming, Van
Shau Van, Hoh Nyong, Wu Bing Gin, Departmental Secretaries:
Wong Yip-Chiu. Book and Periodical House, Cong Ga-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Ling
KWANGSI MISSION Field Missionary, Kiu Gi-Sau.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Territory: The Province of Kwangsi, Ging Su-Tang.
and Po On, Ling Shan and Yam
Chow Districts in Kwangtung. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 12,250,000; churches, 6; Chai Guok-Uong, C. H. Davis, Ging
companies, 14; members, 459. Ko-Bing, Ging Su-Tang.

Licensed Ministers: Church School Teachers:

Cong Ga-Ciong, Kiou Gi-Sieu, Ling Ang Sick-tiam, Jim Se-kong, Keh
Bu-Hi, Ling Buong-Sieng, Ling Ging- Hong-mo, Ng So-Cheng, Tan Kiok-
Ciong, Iek Sing, T. T. Wang. chio, Yap Le-Goat.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. C. H. Davie, Ding Iek-Sing,
Diong Chiong-Mi, Eu Iong-Chong,
Ling Baik-Ho, Ngieng Kieu-Hok, Ngu
Ong-Ing, Tang Sing-Ming, Tong SWATOW MISSION
Bing-Dung, Uong Ong-Po, Uong
Ting-Sing, Wong Hung-Gi. Territory: The Eastern slope of the
Province of Kwangtung.
Bible Women:
Population: 11,000,000 ; churches, I ;
Mrs. Dang Cie-Ing, Mre. Ling Hok- companies, 14 ; members, 499.
Ong, Mrs. Ngu Hok-Liong, Mrs. Woi
Siong-Chang. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis-
sion," Swatow, China.
Church School Teachers:
Mrs. Guang Nguk-Ding, Li Daik-Gie. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Huei
Chia Tau, Swatow, Kwangtung,
Temporary Office: S: D. A. Mission,
Bak Tap, Kityang, Kwangtoug,

Territory: The southern half of Fukien Officers:

Province. Director, B. L. Anderson.
Population: 12,000,000; churches, 9 ; Acting Director, Joseph Kwang.
companies, 4; members, 613. Secretary-Treasurer, Lei Hwan Ging.
Cable Address: "Adventist Mission," Committee: B. L. Anderson, Cheng
Kulangsu, Amoy, China. Wai Fai, Ho Ching, J. Hwang, B. C.
Kang, Lee Hwa Long, Lei Hwan
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Ku- Ging, Dr. Kim, P. T. Lim, T. N. Lo,
langsu, Amoy, China. H. C. Pang.
(Telephone No. 192.) Departmental Secretaries:
Officers: Educational and Y. P. M. V., Tan
Acting Director, C. Y. Hung. Bao Siang.
Secretary-Treasurer, Albert Lau. Field Missionary and Home Mission-
Mission Committee, K. H. Ang, T. ary, Kho Hiong Yung.
T. Chhoa, C. Y. Hung, N. K. Keh, Sabbath School, Lee Su-Hui.
Albert Lau, T. S. Ngo, K. T. So, C. Ordained Ministers:
T. Tan.
T. N. Lo, B. L. Anderson.
Departmental Secretaries: '
Book and Bible House, Albert Lau. Licensed Ministers:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Ang Ho Ching, Heng Seng-Teck, Joseph
Kim Hi. Hwang, Lee Theng-Huan, Ng Hi-
Home Miss., C. Y. Hung. Iong, Ng Mia-Cheng.
Sabbath School, Ang Kim Hi.
Licensed Missionaries:
Ordained Ministers:
C. Y. Hung, N. K. Keh, C. T. Tan. Ang Tsu-Chai, Cheng Wai-Fai,
Hwang Yung-Yiu, Kho Khi-Heung,
Licensed Ministers: Khou Kia-Tsun, Khu Su-Tak, Lee Su-
K. H. Ang, T. K. Keh, T. S. Ngo, K. Hui, Lei Hwan Ging, Lin Kek-Ren,
Lin Pan-Tau, Pang Chi-Yung, Tan
T. So. Choeh-Kun, Tin Hue-Hur, Tsang
Licensed Missionaries: Yuen.
In Su-Hui, Jim Se-kong, Keh Church School Teachers:
Hong-mo, Albert Lau, Lee Thien-
chia, Lu Tat-Cheng, Ng So-Cheng, Fong Tak-Yee, Khu Su-Tak, Ng Seng-
Si Iau-Teng, So Keng-Hi, B. L. Tan, Fat, Te So-Hui, Yao Tien-Yau, Yu
Tan Giok-chia, Tiu Hoai-kok. Mui-Cheng.
Organized 1919

Territory: The Provinces of Szechwan, Chen Feng-Lin, Dai Chi-Ming, Li

Yunnan, Kweichow, Sikang, and Deh-Hsing, Li Tien-Fu.
Tibet. Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 92.679,380 ; churches, 34 ; Book and Bible House, Li Deh Hsing.
members, 2,896. Field Missionary and Home Mission-
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- ary, Da Chi-Ming.
sion," Chungking. Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V. and Edu
cational, Li Deh-Hsing.
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Chungking, Szechwan, China. Ordained Minister: Du Shu Ren.
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
Superintendent, C. B. Miller. Chen Feng-Lin, Li Deh-Hsing.
General Field Secretary, Liu Fu-an. Licensed Missionaries:
Acting Secretary-Treasurer, A. Fos- Dai Chi-Ming, Djou Min-Yen, Lung
sey. Cheng-Djou, Li Tien Fu. Tang Djen-
Executive Committee: C. B. Miller, Ying.
Z. H. Coberly, A. Fossey, C. B. Guild,
Milton Lee, Li Deh-Hsing, Li Tien-fu,
Liu Fu-An, H. C. Liu, Lu Shou-Dao,
M. H. Vinkel, James Wang, Wang EAST SZECHWAN MISSION
An-Hsi. ' Organized 1919
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., James Territory: All hsiens east of boundary
D. Wang. formed by and including the follow-
Home Missionary and Field Mission- ing: Kwangyilan, Changchih, Ci-
ary, Lo Hui An. chung, Pengan, Suining, Neikiang,
Medical, H. C. Liu. Lunchang, Kiangtsing, Anyo.
Ministerial Assn., C. B. Miller, Population: 32,550,000; churches, 10;
Sabbath School, A. Fossey. members, 446.
Ordained Ministers: Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chungking,
A. Fossey, C. B. Miller. Szechwan, China.
Licensed Ministers: Officers:
Lo Hui An, Ting Fu-Chen, James D. Director, Liu Fu-an.
Wang. Secretary-Treasurer, --.
Licensed Missionaries: Mission Committee: Liu Fu-an,
Cheng Shang-Dji, Li Chuan-an,Ting
Djang Dji-Djung, Djen Djao-Dung, Fu-Chen, Yang Sin-Seng.
Gung Ping-San, Julia Li, Liu Dz-
Shih, Mrs. H. C. Liu, Mrs. C. B. Departmental Secretaries:
Miller, Swen Dz-deh, Wang Heng- Educational and Y. P. M. V., Wang
Yang. Heng-Yang.
Field Missionary and Home Mission-
ary, Chao Hung Sen.
EAST KWEICHOW MISSION Sabbath School, Loh Yun Djang.
Organized 1928 Ordained Minister: Lee Ken-yu.
Territory: All of Kweichow Province Licensed Ministers:
except nine counties allotted to West Tong Fu-Chen, Loh Yun-Djang, Yang
Kweichow Mission. ' Sin-Seng.
Population: 7,860,000; churches, 4; Licensed Missionaries:
members, 258.
Cheng Shang-Dji, Chao Hung Sen,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kweiyang, Giang Lung-Gao, Lin Li-dzai, Wang
Kweichow, China. Heng-Yang, Wang Su-Chiao.
Officers: Church School Teachers:
Director, Du Shu Ren. Chen Wen-kwang, Chuen Ying-wu,
Secretary-Treasurer, Li Tien-Fu. Ho Wen-Gieh, Hsieh Chang-Man,
Mission Committee: Du Shu Ren, Wang Su-chian, Yang Ai-Dao.


Organized 1919 Organized 1919
Territory: Sikang Tibet and following Territory: All hsiens west of lines
13 hsiens in Szechwan: Chaokioh, formed by and including the follow-
Sichang, Yenyuan, Yuehsi, Luipo, ing: Chaohwa, Kienko, Yenting, She-
Tsingki, Jungking, Yaan, Tienchiian, hung, Lochih, Tzechung, Fushun,
Lushan, Kintang, Mowkung, Mien- Ipin (Suifu), except those already al-
ning. lotted to West Kweichow and those to
Population: 6,500,000 ; church, 1 ; mem- be allotted to Sikang as noted under
bers, 20. Tibetan Mission.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kangting Population: 32,062,000 ; churches, 7 ;
(Tatsienlu), Sikang, China. members, 211.
Officers: Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chengtu,
'Acting Director, M. H. Vinkel. Szechwan, China.
Acting Secretary and Treasurer, M.
H. Vinkel. Officers:
Director, C. B.
Licensed Minister: M. H. Vinkel. Secretary, C. B. Guild.
Licensed Missionaries: Treasurer, Mrs. C. B. Guild.
Swen Mingsen, Mrs. M. H. Vinkel. Mission Committee: C. B. Guild, Mrs.
C. B. Guild, Li Chyen-An, Lin Han-
dling, Lu Shou-dao, Yang Kai-Hsuen.
WEST KWEICHOW MISSION Departmental Secretaries:,
Organized 1927 Home Missionary and Publishing, Li
Territory: 9 hsiens in Kweichow: Si- Sabbath School, Educational and Y.
shui, Chichshui, Jenhwai, Tating, P. M. V., Lu Shou-dao.
Kiensi, Chihkin, Pichieh, Shuicheng,
Weining ; 7 hsiens in Yunnan: Chen- Ordained Ministers:
siung, Iliang, Lutien, Chaotung, Tak- C. B. Guild, Wang An-Hsi.
wan, Yungshan, Suikiang ; 14 hsiens
in Szechwan: Kuhn, Suyung, Kun- Licensed Ministers:
lein, Kunghsien, Kaohsien, Kingfu, Li Chuen-An, Lin Han-Ching, Lu
Nanki, Kiangan, Nachi, Luhsien, Ho- shou-dao, Yang Kai-hsuen.
kiang, Kusung, Hingwen, Changning.
Organized Churches: 6 ; members, 923. Licensed Missionaries:
Chin Chia-Ming, Mrs. C. B. Guild,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Pichieh, Hwang Dzi-ran, Shih Yu-liang.
Kweichow, China.
Director, Li Wan-chuan.
Sec. and Treas., Li Tien-Fu. YUNNAN MISSION
Mission Committee: Li Wan-Chuan, Organized 1928
Li Tien-Fu, Yang Ming-Ding.
Departmental Secretaries: Territory: Three hsiens in Szechwan:
Hweili, Yenpien, Ningnan, and all of
Publishing and Home Miss., Yunnan except seven hsiens given to
Sabbath School, Educational, and Y. West Kweichow as listed.
M. M. V., Yang Ming-Ding.
Population: 14,795,486 ; churches, 7 ;
Ordained Minister: Li Wan-chuan. members, 1,170.
Licensed Ministers:
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 87 North
Dju Yung-Ting, Loh Wen-Bi, Ren Gate Street, Kun-ming, Yunnan,
Djen-Hsing, Wang Hsin-Bang, Yang China.
Licensed Missionaries: Officers:
Djang Djung-Hsing, Dju Ren-Djung, Director, Milton Lee.
Dju Wen-Gia, Ma Deh-Yin, Wang Secretary-Treasurer, D. M. Barnett.
Hsing-Djou. Mission Committee, Milton Lee, D.
M. Barnett, Feng Deh-Sen, Fu Ben-
Church School Teachers: Dzen, Han Gieh, Hang Teong-Gwan,
Chen Yen-kuan, Li Gi-An. Ho Ai-Deng, Lung Chang-Deh.

Departmental Secretaries: North China Training Institute,

Educational and Y. P. M. V., Fengtai, Hopei, China.
Field Missionary, Northwest China Union Training In-
Sabbath School, Hu Ben-Djen. stitute, Ba Fu Tien, Puncheng,
Tract Society, Tom Ho. Shensi.
Shantung Junior Training Institute,
Ordained Ministers: 102 Wei I Lu, Tsinan, Shantung.
Feng Deh-Sen, Ho Ai-deng, Milton South Chekiang Training Institute,
Lee. Wenchow, Chekiang.
South China Training Institute, tem-
Licensed Ministers: porarily combined with China
D. M. Barnett, Fu Ben Dzen, Liu Training Institute.
Hen-Ih. West China Training Institute, Da
Bao, Tsitsikow, Szechwan.
Licensed Missionaries: West Kweichow Provincial Mission
Beh Chuin-Yong, Chang Swen-Djen, Junior Training Institute, Pichieh,
Chiang Hsing-Ming, Dao Yang-Wan, Kweichow, China.
Mrs. Dora L. Feng, Han Gieh, Hang
Tsong-Gwang, Mrs. Milton Lee, Lung Publishing:
Hsuen-Ming, Lung Tsan-Deh, Neng Signs of the Times Publishing House,
Da-Deh, Pan Yao-Deh, Wang Tsu- 515 Ningkuo Road, Shanghai,
Hsiung, Ma Wu, Ma Yin, Mrs. D. M. China, and Dao Bao, Tsitsikow,
Barnett. Szechwan, China.
Tibetan Mission Press, Tatsienlu, Si-
Church School Teachers: kang, China.
Chang Deh-Yin, Chang K'ai-Hwei, Mongolian Mission Press, S. D. A.
Han Chieh, Dju Dji-Ming, Dzang Mission, Kalgan, Chahar, China.
Tsao-Gwang, Chang Chung Chieh,
Han Hsin-Deh, Han Hsin-Tsai, Li Medical:
Dzen-Ho, Lung Tsan-Deh, Pan Fu- Canton Sanitarium and Hospital, Sam
Chen, Pan Gwang-Deh, Wang Li- Yuk Road, Tung Shan, Canton,
Hsin, Ma Wu, Yuen Deh-Hsuen, Neng China.
Ta Tieh. Choni Dispensary, Choni, Kansu,
Chungking Medical Center, Chung-
king, Szechwan, China.
INSTITUTIONS IN CHINA Fui On Hospital-Dispensary, Advent-
DIVISION ist Mission, Waichow, Kwangtung,
. Educational: Little Eden Hospital-Dispensary,
Bee Hwa Training Institute, Ku- Shek Lo Tau St., Fatshan, Kwang-
langsu, Amoy, China. tung, China.
Central China Training Institute, Nanning Hospital-Dispensary, Nan-
East Lake, Wuchang, Hupeh, Postal ning, Kwangsi, China.
Address, 31 Huang, Pie Road, Han- North China Sanitarium and Hospi-
kow, China. tal, Kalgan, Chahar, China.
China Training Institute, Dabao, Northwest China Sanitarium and
Tsitsikow, Szechwan, China. Hospital, Lanchow, Kansu, China.
East China Union Jr. Training In- Shanghai Sanitarium, Postal Ad-
stitute, 458 Ningkuo Rd., Shanghai, dress, Box 1281, 150 Rubicon Road,
China. Shanghai, China ; the Clinic at 171
Far Eastern Academy, 458 Ningkuo Range Road, Shanghai, China.
Road, Shanghai, China. Shen Yang Sanitarium-Hospital, Pei
Foochow Junior Training Institute, Ling, Mukden, Manchukuo.
Foochow, China. Shen Yang (Mukden), Clinic, 57 - 29th
Harbin Training Institute, Tsitsihar Wei Lu, Mukden, Manchukuo.
St., 9, New Town, Harbin, Man- Shensi Mission Dispensary, Outside
chukuo. West Gate, Sianfu, Shensi.
Home Study Institute, Oriental Sining Dispensary, Sining, Chinghai,
Branch, 526 Ningkuo Road, Shang- China.
hai, China. Tibetan Mission Hospital, Kanting
Honan Junior Training Institute, Lo- (Tatsienlu), Sikang, China.
wanho, Yencheng, Honan, China. Wuhan Sanitarium and Clinic, Wu-
Hunan Provincial Junior Training chang, Hupeh, China, Postal ad-
Institute, Changsha, Hunan, China. dress, 35 Hwang Pei Rd., Hankow,
Manchurian Union Bible Training In- Hupeh.
stitute, Shen Yang, P. 0. Box 36, Yencheng Sanitarium-Hospital, Low-
Mukden, Manchukuo. , anho, Yencheng, Honan, China.
Organized, apart from China, in 1931; Netherlands East Indies Union
included as from January 1, 1888

(As no revisions have come from the Far Eastern Division for 1943, the
workers lists and other data for the Division and union and local missions ap-
pear under these fields as they were given in 1942, except where it is known
that individual laborers have changed their location, or have left the field.)

Territory: Chosen (Korea), Chien Tao Medical Department:

(Kando) Province in Manchukuo,
Japan, Formosa, Japanese Mandates, Secretary,
Philippine Islands, Guam, Straits Members: H. C. Honor, S. Ogura.
Settlements, British North Borneo,
Brunei, Sarawak, Malay States, Ministerial Association:
Thailand (Siam), French Indo-China,
Netherlands East Indies, and the Secretary,
Portuguese section of Timor, all of Members: The Division departmental
which are comprised in the Chosen, secretaries, the superintendents of
Japan, Philippine, Malayan, and union missions, the principals of the
Netherlands East Indies Union Mis- advanced training schools in the Far
sions. Eastern Division.

Publishing Department:
Population: 235,803,360; churches, 746; Secretary,
members, 35,015.
Members: E. W. Bahr, N. Hayashi,
S. Kanamori, T. Kato, J. A. Leland,
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Far- Y. Okohira.
east," Singapore.
Sabbath School Department:
Headquarters: 800 Thomson Rd., Singa- Secretary,
pore, Straits Settlements. (Tele- Members: M. Fukazawa, S. Hiraoka,
phone, 7015.) L. M. D. Wortman.
Young People's Missionary Volunteer
Postal Address: Post Box 226, Singa- Department:
pore, Straits Settlements.
Members: S. Hiraoka, H. Yanami,
Officers: N. E. I. Union M. V. Secretary.
President, Transportation Agents:
Treasurer and Auditor, The union treasurer of the Chosen,
Japan, Malayan, Netherlands East
Executive Committee: 0. A. Blake, Indies, and Philippine Unions.
M. Hirayama, H. Imura, N. Matsu-
mura, S. Ogura, K. Tilstra, L. C. Division Building Committee:
Wilcox, Pedro Diaz.
The Division Executive Committee.
Educational Department: Ordained Ministers:
Secretary, M. Hirayama, S. Ogura, L. C. Wilcox.
Members: N. Matsumura, L. M.
Stump, L. M. D. Wortman, H. Yama- Licensed Ministers:
moto. 0. A. Blake, S. Kinbara.

Home Missionary Department: Licensed Missionary: H. Imura.

Secretary, Legal Assn.: "General Conference Cor-
Members: S. Hiraoka, T. Kajiyama. poration of Seventh-day Adventists."
Mission organized 1908; Conference organized 1917;
Union Mission organized 1919

Territory: Chosen (Korea) and the of Non San and Tai Chun; and An
Kando Province in Manchukuo. Pyun, Young Hung. Chyung Pyung,
Tuk Won, Ko Won, and Mun Chun
Population: 24,326,327 ; churches, 134 ; counties; Wonsan City in South Ham
members, 3,806. Kyung Province.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Keizyo. Churches: 33 ; members, 1,193.
Western Union Five Letter Code.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist Keizyo.
Mission, Seiryori-machi, Keizyo
(Seoul), Chosen. (Telephone, Higashi Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist
1721.) Mission, Seiryori-machi, Keizyo
(Seoul), Chosen. (Telephone, Higa-
Officers:. shi 1721.)
Superintendent, M. Hirayama.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, S. Officers:
Kinbara. Director, H. Kunimoto.
Executive Committee: M. Hirayama, Secretary-Treasurer, T. Tokumura.
N. Hayashi, H. Hiraoka, S. Hiraoka, Executive Committee: H. Kunimoto,
S. Kanamori, S. Kinbara, S. Kiyohara, K. Hiraoka, M. Kanamori, H. S.
H. Kunihara, H. Kunimoto, N. Matsu- Sung, N. Takayama, K. Takehara, T.
mura, Y. Motoe, K. Shirakawa, S. Tokumura.
Toyohara, S. Yanagihara.
Departmental Secretaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Field Missionary, N. Takayama.
Educational, N. Matsumura. Sabbath School, Home Missionary and
Field Missionary, N. Hayashi. Y. P. M. V., K. Takehara.
Sabbath School, Home Missionary, Ordained Ministers:
and Y. P. M. V., S. Hiraoka. H. Kunimoto, K. Takehara.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Ministers:
N. Hayashi, N. Matsumura. T. Atachi, M. Kanamori, M. Kanaumi,
K. Kawamoto, K. Nobukawa, N.
Licensed Ministers: Takayama.
I. Akiyama, S. Hiraoka, S. Kanamori, Licensed Missionaries:
Y. Kaneziro, R. Matsuyama, J.
Miura, Z. Takayama, M. Toyokawa, N. Kamikuni, Y. Kaneziro, P. S. Oh,
A. Yasumoto. Y. Rinohara, T. Tokumura, K.
Yamaki, S. Yamamoto, K. Yoshihara.
Licensed Missionaries: Church School Teachers:
S. Hirayama, G. Kanemitsu, C. Kan- F. Hoshimitsu, Y. Kaneziro, K. Ki-
. emura, Y. Minami, W. Nagai, C. hara, K. Nobukawa.
Tokumura, M. Yoshino.
Legal Organization Title: Zidon of the
Chosen Union Conference of Seventh-
Organized 1934
Territory: North Ham Kyung Province;
CENTRAL CHOSEN MISSION South Ham Kyung Province except
Organized 1919 the counties of An Pyun, Young
Hung, Chyung Pyung, Tuk Won, Ko
Territory; Provinces of Kang Won Won and Mun Chun, Wonsan City;
except Sam Chuk and UI Chin coun- and Kando Province.
ties ; Kyung Ki North Choong Churches: 27 ; members. 422.
Chung, except the counties of Ok
Chun and Young Dong ; South Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist
Choong Chung, except the counties _ Mission, Seishin, Chosen.

Officers: Ordained Ministers:

Director and Secretary-Treasurer, Y. H. Kunihara, S. Toyohara.
Motoe. Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: Y. Motoe, S.
Kiyohara, M. Omine, R. SugiYarna, Y. Kanemura, T. Kaneziro, T. Kuni-
S. Toyokawa, Y. Yoshita. moto, S. Oyama, 0. Terauchi, H.
Toyohara, S. Toyota.
Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Missionaries:
Field Missionary, Y. Yoshita.
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V. and F. Asano, K. Hirayama, A. Ito, T.
Sabbath School, M. Omine. Kawamatsu, H. Kunimoto, M. Mat-
suno, M. Matsuyama, S. Minami, S.
Ordained Ministers: Nakazima, Y. Toyokawa.
Y. Motoe, S. Toyokawa.
Licensed Ministers:
F. Kanayama, B. Kunimoto, E. Kure-
yama, M. Omine, Y. Yoshita. WEST CHOSEN MISSION
Licensed Missionaries: Organized 1919
Y. Amaziro, K. Kanaumi, D. R. Kim, Territory: North and South Pyeng An
S. Mitsuyama, M. Sato. and Whang Hai Provinces.
Churches: 46; members, 1,3751
Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist
SOUTH CHOSEN MISSION Mission, Junan (Soonan), Chosen.
Organized 1939 Officers:
Territory: North and South Kyung Director, K. Shirakawa.
Sang, North and South Chulla Prov- Secretary-Treasurer, T. Fukuyama.
inces ; and the counties of Sam Chuk
and Ul Chin in Kang Won Province, Executive Committee: K. Shirakawa,
and Ok Chun and Young Dong in K. C. Cho, Y. R. Chun, T. Fukuyama,
North Choong Chung Province, and R. Kaneta, T. Kanezawa, K. S. Pak.
Non San and Tai Chun in South Departmental Secretaries:
Choong Chung Province. Field Missionary, K. Taniyama.
Churches: 29 ; members, 816. Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
K. Yamamoto.
Office Address: Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath School, T. Fukuyama.
Mission, Taiden, Chosen.
Ordained Ministers:
Officers: R. Kaneta, T. Kanezawa, S. Kane-
Director, H. Kunihara. ziro, K. Shirakawa.
Secretary-Treasurer, S. Nakazima.
Executive Committee: H. Kunihara, Licensed Ministers:
K. Kanamatsu, Y. Kanemura, S. T. Fukuyama, K. Kanemura, T.
Nakazima, T. Narita, 0. Terauchi, S. Kaneyasu, T. Kawamura, K. Kimura,
Toyota. Z. Takazima, K. 'Tamura, K. Yama-
Departmental Secretaries:
Field Missionary, T. Kawamatsu. Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary, Y. P. M. V., and M. Hyun, K. Kanekawa, K. Tani-
Sabbath School, S. Toyota. yama.


Organized as a mission 1896; as a conference, November 2, 1917;
and as a Union Mission, August 20, 1919

Territory: Japan Proper, Saghalin, Headquarters Location and Postal Ad-

Formosa, and the Japanese Mandates. dress: 171 Amanuma 1-chome, Sugin-
ami Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Population: 79,532,440 ; churches, 27 ;
members, 1,247. Railway Station: Ogikubo; 35 minutes
Cable Address: "Adventist," Tokyo. from Tokyo Station, 11/2 hours from
(Telephone, Ogikubo 2051). Yokohama.


Superintendent, S. Ogura. MISSION
Secretary-Treasurer, H. Imura.
Members: 42.
Executive Committee: M. Fukazawa,
T. Hasegawa, H. Imura, T. Kajiyama, Address: Korror, Palau, West Caroline
S. Kaneko, Hiroshi Kuniya, S. Na- Islands, Pacific Ocean.
kauchi, G. Nishi, S. Ogura, K. Otsuki,
E. Seino, B. Takagi, Y. Watanabe, H. Officer: Leader, K. Ochiai.
Yamamoto, Kanto-Tohoku Mission Di- Ordained Minister: 'K. Ochiai.
Operated under the direct supervision
Departmental Secretaries: of the Executive Committee of the
Educational, H. Yamamoto. Japan Union Mission.
Field Missionary, Tetsuzo Kato.
Home Missionary, T. Kajiyama.
Medical, S. Ogura.
Sabbath School, M. Fukazawa.
Y. P. M. V., H. Yanami.
Ordained Ministers:
T. Kajiyama, Hide Kuniya, H. Ya- Churches: 7 ; members, 305.
mamoto. Address: 31, Kitakyo-machi 1-chome,
Licensed Missionaries: Matsuyama, Japan.
Mrs. M. Fukazawa, H. Imura, M. Officers:
Sasaki. Director, Y. Watanabe.
Legal Name: The Japan Seventh-day Treasurer, H. Imura.
Adventist Holding Corporation (Dai Executive Committee: Y. Watanabe,
Shichi Nichi Kirisuto Sairin Dan S. Asai, T. Hayakawa, H. Imura, S.
Iji Zaidan). Recognized as a cor- Morita, K. Otsuki.
porate body by Japanese Govern-
ment, July 31, 1932. Ordained Ministers:
K. Otsuki, Y. Watanabe.
Licensed Minister: T. Hayakawa.
Licensed Missionaries:
Churches: 1; members, 14.
T. Fujita, D. Takagi, Miss E. Yoko-
Address: 7 Han azono-cho 3-chome, mizo.
Tainan, Taiwan. Ministerial Interne: S. Yamamoto.
Ordained Minister: N. Wachi.
Operated under the direct supervision
of the Executive Committee of the
Japan Union Mission.
Churches: 11 ; members, 646.
Office and Postal Address: 171, Ama-
Churches: 4 ; members, 107. numa 1-chome, Suginami ku, Tokyo,
Address: Minami 9 Jo, Nishi 16-chome, Japan. (Telephone, Ogikubo 2051).
Sapporo, Japan. Officers:
Officers: Director, S. Ogura, pro tern.
Director, S. Kaneko. Secretary, H. Yanami.
Secretary, T. Hasegawa. Treasurer, H. Imura.
Treasurer, H. Imuta. Executive Committee: S. Ogura, H.
Executive Committee: S. Kaneko, T. Imura, Hiroshi Kuniya, G. Nishi, M.
Hasegawa, S. Ikeda, H. Imura, S. Sasaki, H. Yanami:
Ishikawa, S. Ogasawara, S. Sugi- Ordained Minister: Hiroshi Kuniya.
moto. Licensed Minister: S. Nakauchi.
Ordained Minister: S. Kaneko. Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Minister: T. Hasegawa. K. Hai, Tetsuzo Kato, S. Sai, E.
Shibata, S. Watanabe.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. T. Hasegawa, S. Ikeda. Missionary Interne: M. Wada.

KYUSHU MISSION Executive Committee: E. Seino, Mrs.

A. Araki, K. Hatada, S. Imamura, H.
Churches: 4 ; members, 133. Imura, S. Tabuchi, Mrs. T. Yamagata.
Address: 77 Torikai-cho 1-chome, Fu- Ordained Minister: E. Seino.
kuoka, Japan.
Officers: Licensed Minister: K. Hatada.
Director, E. Seino. Licensed Missionaries:
Secretary, K. Hatada.
Treasurer, H. Imura. Mrs. A. Araki, S. Imamura, R. Usuda.


Reorganized 1929

Territory: Straits Settlements, Malay BRITISH BORNEO MISSION

States, British North Borneo, Brunei,
Sarawak, Thailand (Siam), French Organized 1914
Population: 45,468,290; churches, 37 ; Territory: British North Borneo, La-
members, 1,760. buan.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Population: 278,146; churches, 8; mem-
ventist," Singapore.
bers, 386.
Office Address: 399 Upper Serangoon
Road, Singapore, Straits Settlements. Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
(Telephone, 7085.) ventist," Jesselton.
Office Address: Signal Hill, Jesselton.
Acting Superintendent, K. 0. Tan. British North Borneo.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, K.
T. Kong.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 34, Jesselton,
Executive Committee: K. O: Tan, K. British North Borneo.
T. Kong, B. H. Ngo, V. L. Kon, W.
W. R. Lake, Z. H. Macarewa, S.
Mangatas, J. Moses, Y. H. Phang, Officers:
K. G. Prakasham, S. H. Tan, T. N. Director, G. B. Youngberg.
Te, G. B. Youngberg. Secretary-Treasurer, A. Silalahi.
Departmental Secretaries: Executive Committee: G. B. Young-
Educational, berg, Ginal, H. M. Ku, D. P. Siagian,
Field Missionary and Home Mission- M. T. Sibadogil, L. S. Sibarani, A.
ary, K. 0. Tan. Silalahi.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, L. S. Sibarani.
Ordained Ministers: Field Missionary, -
Sabbath School, and Home Mission.
N. T. Phang, K. 0. Tan. ary, D. P. Siagian.
Licensed Missionaries: Tract Society, A. Silalahi.
Mrs. M. Arokiasamy, Mrs. R. Bentz, Y. P. M. V.,
Blanche Keasberry, Mrs. W. W. R.
Lake (temporarily in India), Z. H. Ordained Ministers:
Macarewa, B. H. Ngo, K. T. Kong, M. T. Sibadogil, L. S. Sibarani, G.
Mrs. B. L. Ngo, L. B. Tamboenan, B. Youngberg.
C. K. Tan, Mrs. S. M. Tan, Y. P. Yeo.
Church School Teachers: Licensed Ministers:
Cheong Wong Sung, Mrs. Ngo Beng M. Agian, Ginal, H. M. Ku, Lumpi-
Lim, Gloria Tan. sau, D. P. Siagian, A. Silalahi.

Legal Association: "General Conference
Corporation of Seventh-day Advent- Licensed Missionaries:
ists." E. A. Moon, attorney-in-fact. Bulangak, Peter Leopold.


Organized 1937 Director,
Secretary-Treasurer, K. T. Kong.
Territory: Cochinchina, Cambodia, An-
nam, Tonkin, and Laos. Executive Committee: R. Abdy, C. C.
Huang, K. T. Kong, D. Liem, Y.
Population: 23,000,000 ; churches, 8 ; Liew, R. J. Moses, K. B. Tan, Y. C.
members, 272. Wan.
Office Address: 61 his Route Localle 22, Departmental Secretaries:
Gia-Dinh, Saigon, Indo-China. (Take Educational,
Rickshaw to Central Market; take Field Missionary, K. T. Kong (Act-
bus marked Govan, show driver ad- ing).
dress of Mission, to know where to Sabbath School, S. F. Chu.
get off bus. Proceed in same direc- Tract Society, K. T. Kong.
tion about 800 yards.) Y. P. M. V. and Home Missionary,
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- R. Abdy. .
ventiste," Gia-Dinh. Ordained Ministers:
Officers: R. J. Moses, Y. H. Phang.
Acting Director, R. Bentz. Licensed Ministers:
R. Abdy, Y. F. Choo, C. C. Huang,
Executive Committee: R. Bentz, S. D. Liem, S. Mangatas, K. G. Praha-
V. Cham, T. N. Te, Pham Thanh, sham, M. Siregar, Y. C. Wan.
Le Trung.
Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Missionaries:
Educational, S. F. Chu, K. T. Kong, Y. S. Lee,
Field Missionary, T. N. Te. Y. Liew, Y. Y. Poong, C. H. Ratnam,
Tract Society, Y. Samuel, K. B. Tan.
Y. P. M. V.. Sabbath School, and Church School Teachers:
Home Missionary,
Mrs. C. H. Hwang, Mrs. K. T.
Licensed Ministers: Kong, Mrs. Y. Liew, Mrs. Y. Y.
E. Pheng, T. N. Te, Pham Thanh. Poong, D. Tamboenan, S. Tan, Miss
F. L. Wang, S. T. Yeong.
Licensed Missionaries:
R. Bentz, V. V. Cha, H. D. Loc, N.
V. Long, N. H. Luyen, N. H. Nha,
P. T. Nhon, T. V. Phung, T. Qua, SARAWAK MISSION
T. Thu.
Organized 1937
Church School Teachers:
Le Huu, V. H. Son, P. H. Thuan, Territory: The Raj of Sarawak and the
N. V. Ty, N. V. Xa. Sultanate of Brunei.
Seminary Teacher: P. T. Thanh. Population: 630,135; churches, 3; mem-
bers, 130.
Cambodian Training. Institute:
R. Bentz, E. Pheng. Office Address: P. 0. Box 54, Kuching,
Sarawak, Borneo.
Legal Assn.: Societe des Missions Ad-
ventistes du France. Officers:
Director and Treasurer, W. W. R.
Secretary, D. Tan.
MALAY STATES MISSION Executive Committee: W. W. R.
Organized 1914 (Reorganized 1932 to Lake, Y. F. Chong, C. G. Koay, J. T.
include former Singapore Mission) Pohan, E. Sinaga, D. Tan, Gloria
Territory: Straits Settlements (exclu-
sive of Labuan), Malay States. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 5,095,520; churches, 14; W. W. R. Lake, J. T. Pohan.
members, 859. Licensed Ministers:
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Y. F. Chong, E. Sinaga.
ventist," Kuala Lumpur.
Office Address: 140 Bukit Bintang Road, Licensed Missionaries:
Kuala Lumpur, Federated Malay A. Chong, S. M. Hutapea, C. G.
States. Koay, M. P. Sormin, S. T. Tsen.

THAILAND (SIAM) MISSION Departmental Secretaries:

Organized 1919 Educational and Y. P. M. V., Pra-
churd Jolavicharana.
Reorganized in 1937 to include East Field Missionary and Home Mission-
Thailand ary, V. L. Kon.
Tract Society, and Sabbath School,
Territory: Kingdom of Thailand. Mrs. J. T. Ee.
Population: 16,464,489 ; churches, 4 , Ordained Minister: V. L. Kon.
members, 163. Licensed Minister: K. Paw.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Licensed Missionaries:
ventist Mission," Bangkok. Mrs. J. T. Ee, Hiu Hiushon, Liu
Hon-chong, Prachurd Jolavicharana,
Office Address: 629 Suriwongse Road, Sorot Muangtong, Tan Oui-kiang,
Bangkok, Thailand.. Sailon Sitanggang, Boon Mee Su-
vanakut, Puie Tonasudh, Pleng Vitia-
Officers: .myalaksana.
Director and 'Secretary-Treasurer, Church School Teachers:
V. L. Kon. Miss Pajong, Nai Choy Sirichotera-
Executive Committee: Prachurd Jola- tana, Nai Noi Sirichoteratana, Nai
vicharana, V. L. Kon, Puie Tonasudh. Yoi Sirichoteratana, Mrs. Yoi Siri-
V. L. Kon. choteratana, Ngow Weng.


Organized 1929

Territory: Netherlands East Indies, Licensed Minister: M. E. Direda.

and Portuguese Timor.
Licensed Missionaries:
Population: 70,476,000; churches, 151;
members, 6,608. T. Hasiboean, B. Hutapea, G. P. Jap,
H. Kosakoy, J. H. Lesiasel, J. P.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Ruitjenbeek, Mrs. H. E. R. 'Schell,
ventzending," Bandoeng. (Telephone, J. Tenda, Mrs. K. Tilstra, Mrs. H.
Bandoeng 445.) Twijnstra, M. R. van Emmerik, F.
Wattimena, A. Waworundeng, Mrs.
Office Address: Advent Zendingsgenoot- L. M. D. Wortman.
schap in N. 0. L, Hoofdkwartier,
Naripan 63, Bandoeng, Java, Nether-
lands East Indies.
Postal Address: Naripan 63, Bandoeng, AMBON MISSION
Java, Netherlands East Indies. Organized 1929
Officers: Territory: Residency Moluccas, except
Acting Superintendent, K. Tilstra. the islands of Ternate, Halmahaira,
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, H. and Batjan : Dutch New Guinea.
E. R. Schell. Churches: 11 ; members, 305.
Asst. Secy.-Treas., L. I. Loe.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
Executive Committee: K. Tilstra, G. ventzending," Ambon.
A. deJager, M. E. Direda, Dr. Liem,
K. Mandias, H. E. R. Schell, J. Su- Office Address: Advent Zendingsgen-
maykoe, K. Tamboenan, H. Twijn- ootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling Am-
stra, L. M. D. Wortman. bon, Amboina, Moluccas, Netherlands
Departmental Secretaries: East Indies.
Educational and Sabbath School, L. Officers:
M. D. Wortman. Acting Director, J. Sumaykoe.
Home Missionary and Field Mission- Secretary, Th. H. Njio.
ary, Treasurer, Union Conference office.
Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee: D. Lesiasel,
Ordained Ministers: Th. H. Njio, J. Sumaykoe, J. P.
Tomasowa, L. Tuasuun.
K. Tilstra, L. M. D. Wortman, H. E.
R. Schell. Ordained Minister: J. Sumaykoe.

Licensed Minister: L. Tuasuun. Office Address: Advent Zendings-

genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling
Licensed Missionaries: Noord-Celebes, Tondano, Celebes,
Mrs. A. Leiwakabessy, A. Pesulima, Netherlands East Indies.
I. Tuamulia.
Director, A. Londa (Acting).
Secretary-Treasurer, A. T. Siong.
EAST JAVA MISSION Executive Committee: G. Coloaij, E.
Organized 1913 Dompas, A. Londa, M. Malingkas, W.
Nelwan, A. T. Siong, Ch. L. Son-
Territory: Provinces East Java, Cen- dakh, Bro. Walalangi.
tral Java (except 'the Residencies Departmental Secretaries:
Banjoemas and Pekalongan) ; Resi-
dencies Bali, Lombok, Madoera, and Field Missionary and Home Mission-
Timor. ary, Ch. L. Sondakh.
Sabbath School, A. T. Siong.
Churches: 16 ; members, 725. Y. P. M. V.,
Cable Address: "Adventzending," Soer- Ordained Ministers:
abaja. A. Londa, H. Pattyranie.
Office Address: Advent Zendingsgenoots- Licensed Ministers:
chap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling Oost-Java,
Buttewegstraat 3, Soerabaja, Java, R. S. Rantoeng, A. Sakul, Ch. L.
Netherlands East Indies. Sondakh, F. Walean, H. Zacharias.
Officers: Licensed Missionaries:
Director, F. Hamel, H. F. Laloan, J. Moroisa,
Secretary, R. 0. Walean. A. T. Siong, K. Walandouw.
Treasurer, J. Tenda. Church School Teacher: F. Mangkey.
Executive Committee: D. A. Dompas,
S. H. Liem, K. Maspaitella, Dj.
Panggabean, 'K. S. Tan, R. 0. NORTH SUMATRA MISSION
Organized 1917
Departmental Secretaries: Reorganized 1937 to include former
Field Missionary, Dj. Panggabean. Batakland Mission
Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
and Y. P. M. V., R. 0. Walean. Territory: Residency of Tapanuli, East
Coast of Sumatra, Atjeh.
Ordained Ministers:
S. H. Pandjaitan, R. 0. Walean. Churches: 39 ; members, 963.
Office Address: Advent Zendings-
Licensed Ministers:
genootschap in N. 0. L, Afdeeling
M. Sormin, D. van Waardenburg, E. Noord-Sumatra, P. Siantar, Colijn-
H. Vijsma. laan 16, Sumatra, Netherlands East
Licensed Missionaries: Indies.
D. A. Dompas, H. M. Mangero, L. S. Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad.
Njoo, M. Onsoe, Dj. Pangabean, D. ventzending," Pematangsiantar.
Pattikawa, M. L. Saraum.
Church School Teachers: Director, H. Twijnstra.
T. B. Lie, Moerdoko, H. Tarumasely, Secretary-Treasurer, S. F. Sitompoel.
Toesijem, Mrs. E. Vijsma, J. Wairata. Executive Committee: H. Twijnstra,
K. T. Lie, T. D. Manullang, Ani
Moeda, S. Ritonga, S. F. Sitompoel,
K. Tamboenan.
NORTH CELEBES MISSION Departmental Secretaries:
Organized 1923 Educational, Mrs. H. Twijnstra.
Field Missionary and Home Mission-
Territory: Residency Menado and the ary, T. D. Manullang.
islands Ternate, Halmahaira and Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., S.
Batjan. F. Sitompoel.
Churches: 58 ; members, 2,360. Ordained Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventzending," Ton- H. Aritonang, K. Tamboenan, H.
dano. Twijnstra, G. A. Wood.

Licensed Ministers: Officers:

M. Hoetapea, A. Mamora, U. H. Director, K. Mandias.
Manullang, Kr. Pandjaitan, M. V. Secretary, --
Pandjaitan, S. Ritonga, S. F. Sitom- Treasurer, J. H. Lesiasel.
Executive Committee: K. Mandias, K.
Licensed Missionaries: B. Injo, Z. Tahalea.
Elman Hutapea, N. U. Hutapea, T. Ordained Minister: K. Mandias.
D. Manullang.
Church School Teachers: Licensed Ministers:

S. Goeltom, G. B. Ritonga, B. Sima- A. Hasiboean, Sm. Rantoeng.

Licensed Missionaries:
V. E. Siwij, E. Turangan.


Organized 1939
Territory: Residencies of Celebes, South-
ern and Eastern Borneo Portuguese Organized 1913
Territory: Province West Java and
Churches: 2; members, 163. Residencies of Banjoemas, Peka-
longan, Western Borneo.
Cable Address: "Adventzending," Ma-
kassar. Churches: 16 ; members, 751.
Office Address: Advent Zendings-
genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
Zuid-Celebes, Tamarindeweg, Makas- ventzending," Bandoeng.
sar, Celebes, Netherlands East Indies. Office Address: Advent Zendings-
Officers: genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling
West-Java, Naripan 63, Bandoeng,
Acting Director, Z. Tuasuun. Java, Netherlands East Indies.
Secretary, R. Saerang.
Treasurer, J. Tenda. Officers:
Executive Committee: Z. Tuasuun, Director, K. Tilstra.
E. Losu, L. Meijer, S. H. Tan. Secretary-Treasurer, L. I. Loe.
Licensed Ministers: Executive Committee: K. Tilstra, G.
E. Losu, Z. Tuasuun. de Jager, M. Kauntul, L. I. Loe, A.
K. Pasuhuk, H. E. R. Schell, B.
Licensed Missionary: R. Saerang. Soemampow.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, L. M. D. Wortman.
Field Missionary, A. K. Pasuhuk.
SOUTH SUMATRA MISSION Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Organized 1929; reorganized 1939 to Y. P. M. V.
include former Padang Mission
Ordained Ministers:
Territory: Residencies of Bengkoelen, P. It. Goeltom, M. Kauntul.
Bangka, Djambi, Palembang, Lam-
pongsche Districten, West Coast of Licensed Ministers:
Sumatra, Riouw.
B. C. Dompas, L. Hogendorp, W. U.
Churches: 9 ; members, 341. Hutap'ea, L. I. Loe, A. K. Pasuhuk,
B. P. Simandjoentak.
Cable Address: "Adventzending,"
Palembang. Licensed Missionaries:
Office Address: Advent Zendings- Z. Maruanaja, H. C. Mende.
genootschap in N. 0. T., Afdeeling
Zuid-Sumatra, Palembang, Sumatra, Church School Teachers:
Netherlands East Indies. M. Pisarahu, C. Soselisa.
Organized 1914

Territory: The Philippines and the CENTRAL LUZON MISSION

island of Guam. Organized 1931
Population: 16,000,303 ; churches, 397 ; (Formerly a part of Central Luzon
members, 22,594. Conference)
Cable Address: "Philipunion," or "Ad- Territory: Province of Zambales, Tar-
ventists," Manila. lac and Nueva Ecija (except those
Office Address: 1939 Luna St., Pasay, parts in the north given to Northern
Rizal, Philippine Islands. (Please Luzon Mission), Pampanga, Bulacan,
do not direct mail to this address.) Rizal, Cavite, Bataan, the towns of
Telephone, 5,-19-96. Baler and Casiguran of the province
of Tayabas, the City of Manila, the
Postal Address: Post Office Box 401, town of San Jose, Mangarin, Mindoro,
Manila, Philippine Islands. and the province of Palawan._

Officers: Population: 2,275,112 ; churches, 70;

members, 3,199.
Superintendent, L. C. Wilcox.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, 0. Cable Address: "Philipunion," Manila.
A. Blake. Office Address: Baesa, Caloocan, Rizal,
Executive Committee: L. C. Wilcox, Philippine Islands. (Please do not
E. M. Adams, J. 0. Bautista, 0. A. direct mail to this address.)
Blake, A. Capobres, P. R. Diaz, H.
C. Honor, J. A. Leland, F. A. Pratt, Postal Address: P. 0. Box 2494, Manila,
W. B. Riffel, R. R. Senson, L. M. Philippine Islands.
Stump, E. J. Urquhart, R. A. Villa- Officers:
nueva. Director, E. J. Urquhart.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, V.
Departmental Secretaries: M. Montalban.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee: E. J. Urquhart,
Field Missionary, E. W. Bahr. T. Abellera, P. S. Magsalin, V. M.
Medical, H. C. Honor. Montalban, F. A. Velasco, M. G.
Religious Liberty, R. R. Senson. Yorac, L. A. Yutuc.
Sabbath School and Home Mission-
ary, Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Periodical Agency, F. A.
Ordained Ministers: Velasco.
E. W. Bahr, C. W. Lee, T. A. Pilar, Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. M.
L. M. Stump, N. S. Tan. Herrera.
Field Ministerial, M. G. Yorac.
Licensed Ministers: Field Missionary, J. Sto. Domingo.
B. B. Davis, P. H. Eldridge, P. H. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Rogiulo, R. A. Villanueva. P. S. Magsalin.
Medical, P. G. Molimbayan.
Licensed Missionaries: Religious Liberty, E. J. Urquhart.
Miss R. Atwell, Mrs. E. W. Bahr, Ordained Ministers:
Mrs. 0. A. Blake, Mrs. W. J. Blake, C. Cara, J. M. Imperio, P. S. Mag-
R. D. Brion, M. Claveria, A. Cruz, salin, M. C. Pascual, E. J. Urquhart,
Mrs. B. B. Davis, H. L. Dyer, Mrs. M. G. Yorac, L. A. Yutuc. '
H. L. Dyer, Mrs. P. H. Eldridge, Honorary: F. Dalisay.
W. E. Guthrie, Mrs. W. E. Guth-
rie, H. C. Honor, Mrs. H. C. Honor, Licensed Ministers:
R. C. Imperio, Miss B. Irvine, I. A. J. Abawag, A. A. Alcaraz, J. Sto.
A. Kintanar, N. F. Legaspi, J. A. Domingo, F. Martin, F. Reyes.
Leland, Mrs. J. A. Leland, C. C.
Morrison, Mrs. C. C. Morrison, Licensed Missionaries:
Miss B. Parker, Mrs. P. H. Peng, Miss L. Lacuesta, D. L. Liwag, Miss
Miss M. Perez, L. L. Quirante, P. Molimbayan, V. M. Montalban,
Miss M. Sinoway, Miss E. Stone- F. A. Velasco.
burner, Mrs. L. M. Stump, J. Suban,
R. Umali, Mrs. E. J. Urquhart, Mrs. Church School Teachers:
L. C. Wilcox, W. C. Williams, Mrs. Miss E. Abawag, Miss R. Macalinao,
W. C. Williams. Miss P. Silvestre, Miss E. Suban.

EAST VISAYAN MISSION Postal Address: P. 0. Box 124, Caga-

(Formerly Cebuan Mission) yan, Misamis Oriental, Philippine
Organized 1914
Territory: Provinces of Cebu, Bohol, Director, W. B. Riffel.
Leyte, Samar, Oriental Negros, and Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, D.
the island of Masbate. B. Ladion.
Population: 3,596,132; churches, 34 ; Executive Committee: W. B. Riffel,
members, 2,880. A. N. Anderson, A. Cometa, P. Jano-
lino, D. B. Ladion, A. Macasiano, A.
Office Address: 307 Tres de Abril St., Somoso.
San Nicolas, Cebu City, Philippine
Islands. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Periodical Agency, L. L.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 119, Cebu Villanueva.
City, Philippine Islands. Educational and Y. P. M. V., A.
Officers: Macasiano.
Field Missionary, A. Cometa.
Acting Director, W. B. Riffel. Religious Liberty, J. D. CristObal.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A. Sabbath School and Home Missionary,
Aqui. A. Somoso.
Executive Committee: W. B. Riffel,
A. Aqui, R. Cahilig, A. Capobres, Ordained Ministers:
P. Gonzales, U. Oliva, D. Sabrine. A. N. Anderson, A. Cabardo, R. S.
Departmental Secretaries: Llaguno, W. B. Riffel, A. Somoso,
J. Yovan.
Book and Periodical Agency, A. Aqui.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Eugenio Licensed Minister: A. Sumicad.
Capobres. Licensed Missionaries:
Field Missionary, A. Sta. Rita.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Mrs. A. N. Anderson, G. A. Briones,
D. Sabrine. C. Chiu, A. Cometa, J. D. Cristobal,
Religious Liberty, W. B. Riffel. D. Danlag, Z. Ferenal, D. B. Ladion,
T. Layon, P. Lobitania, A. Macasiano,
Ordained Ministers: J. Obregon, R. Pasco, Mrs. W. B.
R. Cahilig, D. Sabrine. Riffel, E. Sanchez, S. Solano, L. L.
Licensed Ministers:
Church School Teachers:
E. Abas, T. Cabaluna, E. Capobres,
P. Gonzales, D. Noval, U. Oliva, A. R. Cruz, V. Cuambot, F. Fernandez,
Sta. Rita. M. Figalan, E. Ladion, 0. Llaguno,
R. Medina, L. Noval, E. Parago, M.
Licensed Missionaries: Polapos, Mrs. E. Rosen, P. Sabayle, B.
A. Aqui, F. Cabansag, A. Chiu, B. Talaboc, Mrs. F. Ong Uy, S. Villa-
Ferraren, L. Garcesa, B. Mary, D. campa.
Pabriga, E. Salazar.
Church School Teachers:
Tomasa Basiga, Candida Baylon, MT. PROVINCE MISSION
Armelina Cacal, Rosalia Cosep, Mrs. (Unorganized)
Francisca Dicen, Paz Florendo, Mrs.
C. Llaguno, Deborah Luzano, Emilia (Formerly a part of the Northern Luzon
Malinao, Modesta Manuel, Gregorio Mission: now under the director-
Silud. ship of the Union)
Established 1939
MINDANAO MISSION Territory: The sub-provinces of Apayao,
(Formerly a part of the East Benguet, Bontoc, Ifugao, Kalinga,
Visayan Mission) and Lepanto-Amburayan.
Organized 1937 Population: 296,874 ; churches, 2; mem-
bers, 96.
Territory: The island of Mindanaci and Office Address: P. 0. Box 7, Baguio,
all adjacent small islands included in Mt. Province, Philippine Islands.
the province of Mindanao as well as (This mission is operated under the
the Sulu Archipelago. direct supervision of the officers and
Population: 1,462,401: churches, 39 ; the Executive Committee of the Phil-
members, 3,561. ippine Union Mission.)

Ordained Minister: V. C. Medina. Church School Teachers:

I. Adangas, M. Agpasa, F. Aquino, F.
Field Nurse: M. Balaoas. Cabanada, S. Cabansag, P. Castillo,
Chdrch School Teachers: C. Lazar, F. Lestino, T. Pasamonte,
G. Pulido, E. Sahagun, N. Sanidad,
F. Berto, L. Juarizo, J. Wandag. C. Tango, J. Umagat, 0. Vigilia.


Entered 1913; Organized 1917
Organized 1931
Territory: Provinces of Pangasinan,
Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela, Cagayan, Territory: Provinces of Batangas, La-
Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Batanes, La guna, Marinduque, Mindoro, Tayabas,
Union, and the northern portions of and the islands politically adminis-
the provinces of Nueva Ecija and tered thereby.
Population: 1,292,263 ; churches, 66;
Population: 2,164,419 ; churches, 64 ; members, 2,506.
members, 3,167. Office Address: P. 0. Box 39, Lucena,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mis- Tayabas, Philippine Islands.
sion," Artacho via phone Pozorrubio,
Pangasinan, Philippine Islands. Officers:
Director, L. C. Wilcox.
Office Address: Artacho, Sison, Pangasi- Assistant Director, J. 0. Bautista.
nan, Philippine Islands. Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, M.
M. Zamora.
Officers: Assistant Mission Auditor, M. P.
Director, E. M. Adams. Arevalo.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A. Executive Committee: J. 0. Bautista,
Balinao. S. Barrameda, F. G. Dabu, I. Enri-
Executive Committee: E. M. Adams, quez, S. V. Manuel, T. Reyes, M. M.
A. Balinao, P. Bautista, Q. Cabansag, Zamora.
R. R. Senson, J. A. Valdez, E. Vi-
gilia. Departmental Secretaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Book and Periodical Agency, M. M.
Book and Periodical Agency, A. Educational and Y. P. M. V., S. V.
Reyes. Manuel.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Q. Field Missionary, M. R. Cudanin.
Cabansag. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Field Missionary, R. Umali. P. C. Banaag.
Sabbath School and Home Missionary, Religious Liberty, J. 0. Bautista.
E. Vigilia.
Ordained Ministers:
Ordained Ministers:
E. M. Adams, J. 0. Afenir, T. P. J. 0. Bautista, I. Enriquez, B. Nepo-
Atiga, R. A. Pilar, R. R. Senson, muceno.
J. A. Valdez. Licensed Ministers:
Honorary: A. A. Panaga, E. Valera. R. P. Alinsod, F. G. Dabu, M. M.
Licensed Ministers:
G. Amansec, J. Bangloy, Q. Caban- Licensed Missionaries:
sag, F. de la Cruz, A. Roda, A. San
Juan, R. Umali. M. P. Arevalo, P. C. Banaag, C. N.
Enriquez, S. V. Manuel, V. Quintal,
Licensed Missionaries: F. I. Zamora.
Mrs. E. M. Adams, A. Balinao, B. Church School Teachers:
Bionat, L. Cabansag, V. Cabansag,
E. de Le6n, E. Diz6n, L. Garcia, A. Miss C. Atienza, Miss N. Cardinoza,
Guadiz, M. Jereos, D. Laureta, P. Miss D. Esguerra, Miss L. Ferrer,
Medina, A. Miguel, C. Miguel, P. Miss T. Galang, Miss E. Lagabong,
Milaor, P. Poblete, A. Reyes, P. Ri- Miss L. Leynes, F. Magnaye, Mrs.
mas, B. Sanidad, Mrs. R. R. Senson, Gloria Magsalin, Miss F. Mopera,
L. Taaca. Miss M. Racal.

SOUTHERN LUZON MISSION Jamandre, N. Jardinico, F. H. Jor-

nada, A. C. Same.
Organized 1926
Departmental Secretaries:
Territory: The Provinces of Camarines Book and Periodical Agency, F.
Sur, Camarines Norte, Albay, Sorso- Bayuna.
gon, and the islands of Ticao, Burias, Educational and Y. P. M. V., L.
and Catanduanes. Duriquez (acting).
Population: 1,021,275; churches, 40; Field Missionary, J. K. Ramos ; As-
members, 1,254. sistant Field Missionary, M. Pana-
Office Address: P. 0. Box 32, Legaspi, Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
Albay, Philippine Islands. and Religious Liberty, G. de Guz-
Officers: Medical, D. Moscatel.
Director, P. R. Diaz.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, L. Ordained Ministers:
P. Gaje. G. de Guzman, F. A. Pratt, T. G.
Executive Committee: P. R. Diaz, C. Recalde, A. C. Same, E. Tantia.
Barnedo, M B. Gabarra, L. P. Gaje, Honorary: F. H. Jornada.
J. Martinez, R. Verdan.
Licensed Ministers:
Departmental Secretaries: V. Diaz, J. K. Ramos, T. B. Tortal,
Book and Periodical Agency, L. P. J. Urbanoso.
Educational, Sabbath School, and Licensed Missionaries:
Y. P. M. V., R. R. Verdan. A. Barrios, F. Bayuna, Z. B. Cahilig,
Field Missionary, S. Quines. L. Dalumpines, R. de Asis, A. de
Home Missionary and Religious Lib- Lamera, T. Diancin, L. Duriquez, A.
erty, P. R. Diaz. Hilado, F. Jereos, J. M. Lee, Mrs.
J. M. Lee, G. Maypa, A. Mopia, D.
Ordained Ministers: Moscatel, M. Panaguiton, J. G. Qui-
P. R. Diaz, F. L. Jabola. jote, F. Sargado, J. M. Tauro.
Licensed Ministers: Church School Teachers:
Gregorio Arguz6n, C. B. Barnedo, A. Aguilar, M. Arellano, F. de Lo-
Mel Gabarra. riezo, R. Garcia, A. Gonzales, M. Gon-
zales, Mrs. C. Isuga, R. Mercurio, D.
Licensed Missionaries: Tamares.
P. Estipona, T. Frias, L. P. Gaje,
S. Quines, R. R. Verdan.
Church School Teachers: INSTITUTIONS IN THE FAR
P. Aspe, M. Delizo, A. Gavin, T. EASTERN DIVISION
Nabong, Maria Paredes, S. Reyno,
Mrs. R. San Juan, Mrs. H. Verdan. Educational:
Ayer Mania School, Serian, Kuching,
Bangkok Seventh-day Adventist Mis-
WEST VISAYAN MISSION sion School, Rama IV Road, Bang-
kok, Thailand.
Organized 1914 Chosen Junior Training Institute,
Menbokuri, Outside East Gate, Kei-
Territory: The Provinces of Iloilo, zyo, Chosen.
Capiz, Antique, Romblon, Occidental Chosen Union Workers' Training In-
Negros ; the Cuyo Islands, and the stitute, Keizyo, Chosen (Korea):
island of Guimaras. East Visayan Academy, Box 119,
Population: 2,131,622 ; - churches, 82 ; Cebu City, Cebu, Philippine Islands.
members, 5931. French Indo-China Training School,
61 bis, Route Localle 22, Gia-Dinh,
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 271, Iloilo Saigon, French Indo-China.
City, Iloilo, Philippine Islands. Japan Junior College (Boys' School),
Officers: Showa-machi, Kimitsu-gun, Chiba
Ken, Japan.
Director, F. A. Pratt. Japan Junior College (Girls' School),
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, Z. 171 Amanuma 1 Chome, Suginami-
B. Cahilig. Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Assistant Auditor, J. G. Quijote. Malayan Seminary, 401 Upper Saran-
Executive Committee: F. A. Pratt, goon Road, Singapore, Straits Set-
Z. B. Cahilig, G. de Guzman, T. H. tlements.

Netherlands East Indies Training Bangkok Mission Sanitarium, 807 Lan

School (Opleidingssehool der Ad- Luang Road, Bangkok, Thailand.
vent-Zending), Tjirnahi, Java, Neth- (Closed owing to war.)
erlands East Indies. Bhuket Mission Clinic, Bhuket, Thai-
Northern Luzon Academy, Artacho, land.
Sison, Pangasinan, Philippine Is- Blind People's Home and Rispensary,
lands. Sipogoe, Sumatra, Netherlands East
Philippine Union College, Box 1772, Indies.
Manila, Philippine Islands. Bukit Nyala Mission Dispensary,
Sabah Training School, Tamparuli, Bukit Nyala, Tatau River, via Bin-
Tuaran, British North Borneo. tulu, Sarawak, Borneo.
Seoul Junior Training Institute, Men- Cebu Public Health Dispensary, P. 0.
bokuri, Outside East Gate, Keizyo, Box 119, Cebu City, Cebu, Philip-
Chosen. pine Islands.
Sunny Hill School, Third Mile, Si- Ceram Dispensary, Roemahkay, via
' manggang Road, Kuching, Sara- Ambon, Moluccas,- Netherlands East
wak, Borneo. Indies.
Ubol Seventh-day Adventist Mission Children's Home and Dispensary,
School, Ubol, Thailand. Groote Postweg, Tjimahi, Java,
West Visayan Academy, Box 502, Netherlands East Indies.
Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippine Is- Djiring Moi Dispensary, Djiring, An-
lands. nam, French Indo-China.
East Thailand Dispensary, Kulu,
Publishing: Ubol, Thailand.
French Indo-China Press, 61 bis, Manila Sanitarium and Hospital, 1875
Route Localle 22, Gia-Dinh, Saigon, Donada St., Pasay, Rizal, Philippine
French Indo-China. Islands. Postal Address: P. 0. Box
Japan Seventh-day Adventist Pub- 3242, Manila, Philippine Islands.
lishing House, 169-171 Amanuma 1 Penang Sanitarium, No. 465 Burma
Chome, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Road, Penang, Straits Settlements.
Malayan Signs Press, 399 Upper Ser- Penang Mission Clinic, 422 Chulia St.,
angoon Road, Singapore, Straits Penang, Straits Settlements.
Settlements. Philippine Union College Dispensary,
Netherlands East Indies Publishing Box 1772, Manila, Philippine Is-
House (Advent Boeken Depot), lands.
Naripan 63, Bandoeng, Java, Neth- Phnom Penh Maternity Home and
erlands East Indies. Clinic, Villa Nanou, Rue Verdun,
Philippine Publishing House, 1939 Phnom Penh, French Indo-China.
Calle Luna, Pasay, Rizal, Philip- (Closed owing to war.)
pine Islands. Postal Address: Box Polyclinic of the Advent Mission.
813, Manila, Philippine Islands. Tanah Tinggi 16, Batavia Centrum,
Signs of the Times Publishing House, Java, Netherlands East Indies.
Seiryori-machi, Keizyo, Chosen Seoul Sanitarium and Hospital, Ki-
(Korea). keicho, Keizyo (Seoul), Chosen.
Soonan Dispensary-Hospital, Junan
Medical: (Soonan), Chosen.
Bangkok Mission Clinic, 4986 Plab- Tokyo Sanitarium-Hospital, 171 Ama-
plachai Road, Bangkok, Thailand numa 1 Chome, Suginami-Ku,
(Siam). Tokyo, Japan.
Organized 1922
Territory: Mexico, Guatemala, Hondu- Radio Commission:
ras, British Honduras, Salvador, Secretary, R. M. Whitsett.
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Co- Union Representatives:
lombia, Venezuela, British, Dutch, Antillian Union Mission, W. E.
and French Guiana, West Indies, Murray.
Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Santo Do- Caribbean Union Conference, W. E.
mingo, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Wind- Read.
ward and Leeward, also Virgin and Central American Union Mission,
Bahama Islands. N. H. Kinzer.
Population: 54,293,637; churches, 695 ; Colombia-Venezuela Union Mission,
members, 43,041. W. A. Bergherm.
Mexican Union Mission, H. F.
Cable Address: Inter-American Divi- House.
sion, General Peraza, Havana, Cuba.
Office Address: 3rd and F Streets, Gen- General Agent, C. L. Torrey.
eral Peraza (Rancho Boyeros), Ha- Antillian Union Mission, F. S.
vana, Cuba. (Telephone No. 8.) Thompson.
Postal Address: Apartado 50, General Caribbean Union Conference, H. L.
Peraza, Havana, Cuba. Nielsen.
Central American Union Mission,
President, Glenn Calkins. Colombia-Venezuela Union Mission,
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A. P. Christiansen.
C. L. Torrey. Mexican Union Mission, J. G. Pettey.
Asst. Sec.-Treas., E. R. Sanders. Ordained Ministers:
Cashier, R. B. Caldwell.
Division Committee: Glenn Calkins, Wesley Amundsen, Glenn Calkins, D.
Wesley Amundsen, W. A. Bergherm, A. McAdams, A. H. Roth, C. L. Tor-
H. F. House, N. H. Kinzer, A. V. rey, R. M. Whitsett.
Larson, D. A. McAdams, W. E. Mur- Licensed Ministers:
ray, W. E. Read, A. H. Roth, E. R.
Sanders, C. L. Torrey, R. M. Whit- A. V. Larson, E. R. Sanders.
sett. Licensed Missionaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Mrs. Wesley Amundsen, R. B. Cald-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., A. H. well, Mrs. R. B. Caldwell, Mrs. Glenn
Roth. Calkins, Effie James, Grace Johnson,
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Mrs. A. V. Larson, Mrs. D. A. Mc-
Wesley Amundsen. Adams, Mrs. A. H. Roth, Christine
Ministerial Assn. and Religious Lib- Rutledge, Mrs. E. R. Sanders, H. I.
erty, Glenn Calkins. Smith, Mrs. H. I. Smith, Mrs. C. L.
Publishing, D. A. McAdams. Torrey, Mrs. R. M. Whitsett.


Reorganized 1923
Territory: The Bahamas, Cayman Is- Officers:
lands, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Superintendent, W. E. Murray.
Rico, Santo Domingo, and the Turks Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, F.
and Caicos Islands. S. Thompson.
Executive Committee: W. E. Murray,
Population: 12,033,855 ; churches, 279 ; W. E. Atkin, V. E. Berry, H. C.
members, 19,205. Brown, L. L. Dunn, J. S. Marshall,
B. A. Meeker, G. C. Nickle, A. G.
Cable Address: "Unionantil," Havana, Roth, J. B. Sales, M. J. Sorenson,
Cuba. F. S. Thompson.
Departmental Secretaries:
Office and Postal Address: D'Estrampes
No. 252, Santos Suarez, Havana, Educational and Y. P. M. V., V. E.
Cuba. Telephone, 1-6004. Berry.


Field Missionary, C. S. Johnson. Church School Teacher:

Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Ualee Lawrence.
H. C. Brown.
Religious Liberty, W. E. Murray.
Ordained Ministers: EAST CUBA CONFERENCE
V. E. Berry, H. C. Brown, L. S.
Crawford, W. A. Holgate, C. S. Organized January 18, 1941
Johnson, J. S. Marshall, W. E. Mur-
ray. M. J. Sorenson, F. W. Thorp. Territory: The eastern part of Cuba,
consisting of the provinces of Cama-
Licensed Ministers: guey and Oriente.
A. L. Christensen, F. S. Thompson. Population: 1,518,034 ; churches, 27 ;
Licensed Missionaries: members, 1,395.
Mrs. V. E. Berry, Mrs. H. C. Brown, Office Address: Calle G. G6mez No. 65,
Mrs. A. L. Christensen, Mrs. L. S. Camaguey, Cuba.
Crawford, Etta Hewgley, Mrs. J. S.
Marshall, Mrs. W. E. Murray, C. L. Postal Address: Apartado 30, Cama-
von Pohle, Mrs. C. L. von Pohle, A. guey, Cuba.
J. Sands, Mrs. A. J. Sands, Mrs. M.
J. Sorenson, Mrs. F. S. Thompson, Officers:
Mrs. F. W. Thorp. President, J. B. Sales.
Secretary-Treasurer, K. H. Emmer-
BAHAMAS MISSION Executive Committee: J. B. Sales,
K. H. Emmerson, B. Moreno, Bar-
Entered 1909 tolome Munoz, E. Pupo.
Territory,: The Bahamas Islands and Departmental Secretaries:
the Turks and Caicos Islands. Book and Bible House, K. H. Em-
Population: 74,203 ; churches, 17 ; mem- Field Missionary, Francisco Rodriguez.
bers, 448. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Cable Address: "Adventist," Nassau, Y. P. M. V., Roberto Perez.
Bahamas. Ordained Ministers:
Postal Address: Box 356, Nassau, Ba- J. B. Sales, Jose Veiga.
hamas. Licensed Ministers:
Office Address: 692 Bay St., near Pan B. Munoz, E. Pupo, I. Vazquez.
American Airways office, Nassau,
Bahamas. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: Ana Rosa Alvarado, K. H. Emmer-
son, Mrs. K. H. Emmerson, Raid
Director, B. A. Meeker. Galliano, Roberto Perez, Francisco
Secretary-Treasurer, F. 0. Rathbun. Rodriguez, Angel de la Torre.
Executive Committee: B. A. Meeker, Church School Teachers:
W. W. Antonio, M. G. Nembhard,
F. 0. Rathbun, T. J. Thompson. Melitina Estrada, Mrs. B. Munoz,
Mrs. J. I. Skyers, Felix Vazquez.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, F. 0. Rathbun.
Educational, F. 0. Rathbun.
Home Missionary, Mrs. F. 0. Rath- HAITIAN MISSION
bun. Established 1905
Sabbath School, Mrs. B. A. Meeker.
Young People's Missionary Volunteer, Territory: Republic of Haiti.
C. F. Edwards.
Population: 3,600,000 ; churches, 31 ;
Ordained Ministers: members, 4,609.
B. A. Meeker, M. G. Nembhard.
Cable Address: "Adventiste,". Port-au-
Licensed Ministers: Prince, Haiti.
C. F. Edwards, S. G. Lindo, F. 0. Office Address: Avenue Joseph Nicolas
Rathbun. and Magloire Ambroise, Port-au-
Licensed Missionaries: Prince.
Ualee Lawrence, Mrs. B. A. Meeker, Postal Address: Casier S, Port-au-
Mrs. F. 0. Rathbun, Paul Ward. Prince, Haiti, French West Indies.

Officers: Ordained Ministers:

Director, A. G. Roth. W. E. Atkin, Frank Fletcher, A. R.
Secretary-Treasurer, Julien Craan. Haig, W. S. Nation, E. E. Parchment,
Executive Committee: A. G. Roth, D. V. Pond, D. B. Reid, R. H. Rob-
Tousenel Alexis, F. D. Apollon, Julien ertson, G. A. E. Smith, A. C. Stock-
hausen, E. W. Storing, J. N. Wil-
Craan. liams.
Departmental Secretaries: Honorary: Frank Hall, W. H. Ran-
Book and Bible House, Julien Craan. dle, L. Rashford, J. A. Reid.
Educational, A. G. Roth.
Field Missionary and Home Mission- Licensed Minister: H. S. Walters.
ary, Matthieu Bermingham. Licensed Missionaries:
Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V.,
Mrs. W. E. Atkin, B. E. Hurst, A. D.
Laing, H. E. Nembhard, Mrs. D. V.
Ordained Ministers: Pond, Miss A. W. Sangster, Mrs. E.
F. D. Apollon, A. J. Jean-Baptiste, W. Storing.
Bossuet Lanoix, A. G. Roth. Church School Teachers:
Honorary: M. N. Isaac, Antoine
Theodore. Dell Brodie, Miss J. V. Brown, Mrs.
S. N. Gordon, E. C. Henriquez,
Licensed Ministers: Henry Simpson.
Joses Brutus, Julien Craan, N. N.
Licensed Missionaries:
Matthieu Bermingham, Napoleon
Charles, Maxi Cherenfant, Assiedius Organized 1909
N. Isaac, Horatius Petigny, Mrs. A.
G. Roth, Alexis Valcourt. Territory: Island of Puerto Rico and
Church School Teachers:
Montalus Dolce, Antonio Etienne, Population: 1,723,543 ; churches, 24 ;
Anthilde Mercier, Naama Mercier, members, 1,503.
Theomar Raymond, Amedee St.
Pierre. Cable Address: "Adventista," San
Juan, Puerto Rico.
Office Address: Stop 14, Santurce,
Puerto Rico.
Postal Address: Apartado 3005, San-
Organized 1903 turce, Puerto Rico.
Territory: Island of Jamaica. Officers:
Population: 1,173,645 ; churches, 139 ; Director, L. L. Dunn.
members, 8,643. Secretary-Treasurer, S. L. Folkenberg.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Kingston, Executive Committee: L. L. Dunn,
Jamaica. Eloy Acosta, C. W. Dunscombe, S.
L. Folkenberg, M. Mendez, Pedro
Office and Postal Address: 176 Orange Perales, J. A. Phipps.
Street, Kingston, Jamaica, British
West Indies. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, S. L. Folken-
Officers: berg.
President, W. E. Atkin. Educational, L. L. Dunn.
Secretary-Treasurer, D. V. Pond. Field Missionary, B. Hernandez.
Executive Committee: W. E. Atkin, Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
E. E. Parchment, D. V. Pond, D. B. Y. P. M. V., Pedro Perales.
Reid, M. J. Sorenson, D. E. Walker,
J. N. Williams. ' Ordained Ministers:
E. Acosta, R. Bracero, L. L. Dunn,
Departmental Secretaries: F. Megrant, M. Mendez, P. Perales,
Book and Bible House, D. V. Pond. J. A. Phipps, R. W. Prince.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., A. R.
Haig. Licensed Ministers:
Field Missionary, B. E. Hurst. , F. Cardona, S. L. Folkenberg, B.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Hernandez, R. Hernandez, A. Mar-
E. W. Storing. rero.

Licensed Missionaries: WEST CUBA CONFERENCE

Mrs. L. L. Dunn, Mrs. S. L. Folken-
berg, Mrs. J. A. Phipps, Blanca San- Organized January 18, 1941
Territory: The western part of Cuba,
Church School Teachers: made up of the provinces of Pinar
Mrs. L. L. Dunn, Ana Gonzalez, Cruz del Rio, Havana, Matanzas and Santa
Sanchez, Raul Villanueva. Clara, the Isle of Pines, and Cayman
Population: 2,534,854 ; churches, 25 ;
Organized 1924 Cable Address: "Adventista," Havana,
Territory: Republic of Santo Domingo. Cuba. (Telephone 1-4004).
Population: 1,616,561; churches, 16 ; Office and Postal Address: Patrocinio
members, 1,390. No. 20, Vibora, Havana, Cuba.
Cable Address: "Adventists," Ciudad
Trujillo, Rep. Dominicans. Officers:
Office Address: Avenida Mella 91, Ciu- President, G. C. Nickle.
dad Trujillo, Rep. Dominicana. Secretary-Treasurer, J. A. Zaragoza.
Officers: Executive Committee: G. C. Nickle,
Director, Arturo Perez, F. W. Thorp, Miguel
Secretary-Treasurer, A. L. Edeburn. Vazquez, J. A. Zaragoza.
Executive Committee: -, Jose Departmental Secretaries:
A. Alonzo, Arthur L. Edeburn, Jose
I. Rivera, Juan E. Rivera. Book and Bible House, S. A. Zaragoza.
Field Missionary, Juan Palau.
Departmental Secretaries: Home Missionary, G. C. Nickle.
Book and Bible House, Arthur L. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Educational, -
Field Missionary, Rene Chavez. Ordained Ministers:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School and G. C. Nickle, B. F. Perez, Miguel
Y. P. M. V., W. Cadiz. Vazquez.
Ordained Ministers: Honorary: Pedro Cruz.
Jose I. Rivera, Juan E. Rivera, Eu-
genio Valencia. Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Ministers: Juan Palau, R. del Sol, J. A. Zara-
Jose A. Alonzo, W. Cadiz. goza.
Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. W. Cadiz, Rene Chavez, Mrs. Ramiro Alonso, E. Girado, Jr., E.
Rene Chavez, Pablo Decena, Arthur Girado, Sr., Reiner Macias, Mrs. G.
L. Edeburn, Mrs. Arthur L. Edeburn, C. Nickle, Manuel Rosado, Valeriano
Leonela Gonzalez, Mrs. Jose I. Ri- Vazquez.
vera, J. W. Williams.
Church School Teachers: Church School Teachers:-
Josefa Feliz, Silvia Hall, Italia Waldina Lopez de Alonso,_ Juan Gil,
Nunez, Ana Retif, Melida Rodriguez. Petronila Oxamendi, Ramon Salcedo.


Organized 1926

Territory: Trinidad and Tobago, Bar- Cable Address: "Caribunion," Port-of-

bados, the Windward, Leeward, and Spain, Trinidad.
Virgin Islands; British, Dutch, and
French Guianas. Office Address: 25 Edward St., Port-of-
Population: 2,023,761 ; churches, 146; Spain, Trinidad, British West Indies.
members, 9,392. (Telephone 4732.)

Postal Address: Box 221, Port-of-Spain, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Trinidad, British West Indies. A. H. Linzau.
Y. P. M. V.,
President, W. E. Read. Ordained Ministers:
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, H. Eugene Berle, S. B. Jean-Elie.
L. Nielsen.
Licensed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: W. E. Read,
J. T. Carrington, R. E. Cash, A. 0. Henri Girard, Louise Ledran, A. H.
Dunn, C. A. Edwards, A. E. Hempel, Linzau, Guircard Sablier.
Charles Manoram, H. L. Nielsen, A.
E. Riley, C. E. Stenberg, C. B. Sut-
Departmental Secretaries: GUIANA CONFERENCE
Educational, R. E. Cash. Reorganized 1926
Field Missionary,
Home Missionary, R. E. Cash. Territory: British, Dutch and French
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., J. Guianas, South America.
T. Carrington.
Population, 531,537; churches, 36;
Ordained Ministers: members, 1,804.
R. L. Badgley, J. T. Carrington, R.
E. Cash, W. E. Read. Cable Address: "Adventist," George-
town, British Guiana, South America.
Hon'orary: R. T. Colthurst. Philip
Giddings. Office Address: 43 Regent Street,
Georgetown, British Guiana, South
Licensed Ministers,: America.
H. L. Nielsen, C. E. Stenberg.
Postal Address: Box 78, Georgetown,
Licensed Missionaries: British Guiana, South America.
Linda Austin, Mrs. R. L. Badgley,
Mrs. R. E. Cash, Mrs. C. A. Edwards, Officers:
F. E. Hills, Mrs. F. E. Hills, Mrs. H. President, C. B. Sutton.
L. Nielsen, W. A. Osborne, Mrs. W. Secretary-Treasurer,
E. Read, Mrs. C. E. Stenberg, Mrs.
R. E. Thomas. Executive Committee: C. B. Sutton,
Henry Beck, E. S. Greaves, Charles
Manoram, 0. P. Reid.
Departmental Secretaries:
Field Missionary, W. W. Weithers.
Established 1929 Home Missionary, C. B. Sutton.
Territory: French West IndiesMar- Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mrs.
tinique, and Guadeloupe and its de- Isabella Downer.
pendencies. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 514,212 churches, 13 Henry Beck, Charles Manoram, 0. P.
members, 545. Reid, C. B. Sutton.
Cable Address:' "Adventiste," Fort-de-. Licensed Minister: E. S. Greaves.
France, Martinique.
Licensed Missionaries:
Postal Address: Casier Postal 16, Fort- R. E. Brooks, Mrs. Isabella Downer,
de-France, Martinique, F. W. I. Mrs. C. B. Sutton, W. W. Weithers.
Officers: Church School Teachers:
Director, Mrs. R. E. Brooks, Kenneth Dum-
Secretary-Treasurer, Guiscard Sab- mett, Myrtle Fleming, Enid Harris,
lier. Jonothan Riley.
Executive Committee: Eugene Berle, Legal Title: "Guiana Conference of
Henri Girard, S. B. Jean-Elie, A. H. Seventh-day Adventists."
Linzau, Guiscard Sablier.
Departmental Secretaries: Roraima Indian Mission Station
Book and Bible House, Guiscard Sab- Address: Paruima Mission, Kurupung,
lier. Mazaruni River, Britisht; Guiana,
Field Missionary, South America. _


Reorganized 1926 Reorganized 1925

Territory: Barbados, St. Lucia, Lee- Territory: Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada,

ward and Virgin Islands, excepting the Grenadines, and St. Vincent.
the French West Indies.
Population: 578,299; churches, 62;
members, 4,120.
Population: 399,713; churches, 35 ;
members, 2,923. Cable Address: "Adventist," Port-of:
Spain, Trinidad.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Barbados,
British West Indies. Office Address: 31 Dundonald St., Port-
of-Spain, Trinidad, British West In-
Office Address: McGregor St., Bridge- dies. (Telephone, 6401.)
town, Barbados, British West Indies.
Postal Address: Box 66, Port-of-Spain,
Postal Address: Box 216, Bridgetown, Trinidad, British West Indies.
Barbados, British West Indies.
Officers: President, A. 0. Dunn.
President, A. E. Hempel.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. S. J. Hamil- Executive Committee: A. 0. Dunn,
ton. S. C. Andrews, Nathaniel Gooding,
Nathaniel Payne, J. B. Ramratan,
Executive Committee: A. E. Hempel, John Roberts.
A. A. Fortune, C. M. Greenidge, R.
S. J. Hamilton, W. H. Lewis, F. A. Departmental Secretaries:
Sebro, 0. C. Walker.
Book and Bible House, ; As-
Departmental Secretaries: sistant, Arthur Nobbee.
Educational and Home Missionary,
Book and Bible House, R.S. J. Ham- Nathaniel Gooding.
ilton. Field Missionary, J. B. Ramratan.
Educational, A. E. Hempel. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Field Missionary, -Charles Dirgoon- Camilla Beckles.
Home Missionary, A. A. Ward. Ordained Ministers:
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Olive Edwards. A. 0. Dunn, Nathaniel Gooding, C. D.
Henry, Nathaniel Payne, John Rob-
erts, T. J. Warner, J. D. Wood.
Ordained Ministers:
A. A. Fortune, R. S. J. Hamilton, Licensed Ministers:
A. E. Hempel, W. H. Lewis, A. E. L. D. Brathwaite, C. L. Jones, V.
Riley, C. G. Van Putten, 0. C. McEachrane, J. B. Ramratan.
Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Minister: F. A. Sebro.
Camilla Beckles, Mrs. A. 0. Dunn,
J. W. Grounds, Mrs. J. W. Grounds,
Licensed Missionaries: Arthur Nobbee, Annie Osborne,
Olive Edwards, L. P. Giddings, Mrs. Gwendolyn Robins, John Sergeant, R.
R. S. J. Hamilton, Mrs. A. E. Hem- Wilson, Iris Wiltshire.
pel, Joshua James, A. A. Ward.
Church School Teachers:
Church School Teachers: Lottie Belfon, Iona Bernard, Prisca
Elder, Gertrude Foster, Priscilla
Charles Gibson, Sarah Greaves, Fraser, George Riley, John Sergeant,
Moses Haynes, David Lewis, Mar- Phillipa Thorne, Reuben Wilson.
jorie Philpot, Elsie Roderique.
Legal Titles: The Incorporated Trus-
Legal Titles: The Board of Trustees of tees of the Seventh-day Adventist
the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Church in Trinidad and Tobago.
the Leeward Islands. The Leeward Also: The Incorporated Trustees of
Islands Conference of Seventh-day the Seventh-day Adventist Church in
Adventists (Barbados). St. Vincent.
Reorganized 1926
Territory: Bay Islands of Honduras, Officers:
British Honduras, Costa Rica, Guate- Director, F. I. Mohr.
mala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Secretary-Treasurer, F. T. Mohr.
El Salvador.
Executive Committee: F. I. Mohr,
Population: 8,472,833 ; churches, 111 ; Fulton Archbold, Rodney Smith, Han-
members, 5,283. sen Waller.
Cable and Radiogram Address: "Ad- Departmental Secretaries:
ventista," San Jose, Costa Rica. Book and Bible House, F. I. Mohr.
Office Address: West Fifth Avenue, Home Missionary, F. I. Mohr.
North of Post Office. Educational, Sabbath School, and Y.
P. M. V., Hansen Waller.
Postal Address: Apartado 1059, San Jose,
Costa Rica, Central America. (Tel. Ordained Ministers:
Office, 3359 ; Residence, 3469.) Fulton Archbold, F. I. Mohr.
Officers: Licensed Minister: Hansen Waller.
Superintendent, N. H. Kinzer. Licensed Missionary: Mrs. F. I. Mohr.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor,
Cashier, H. L. Higgins. COSTA RICA MISSION
Executive Committee: N. H. Kinzer,
British Honduras Superintendent, Organized 1927
Ishmael Ellis, Orley Ford, C. G. Territory: Republic of Costa Rica.
Gordon, H. L. Higgins, R. G. Jones,
H. M. Larrabee, A. V. Larson, Peter Population: 672,043 ; churches, 16 ;
Nygaard, Salvador Superintendent, members, 639.
D. Santos, F. W. Steeves, C. E. West- Cable and Telegram Address: "Adven-
phal, W. A. Wild. tists," San Jose, Costa Rica.
Departmental Secretaries: Postal Address: Apartado 1325, San
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sab- Jose, Costa Rica, Central America.
bath School, H. M. Larrabee. (Telephone, 3359.)
Field Missionary, F. W. Steeves. Officers:
Home Missionary, N. H. Kinzer.
Director, Orley Ford.
Ordained Ministers: Secretary-Treasurer, A. G. Robinson.
C. G. Gordon, N. H. Kinzer, H. M. Executive Committee: Orley Ford,
Larrabee, D. J. Thomann. S. E. Farrell, Gonzalo Gonzalez, A.
Licensed Minister: F. W. Steeves. G. Robinson, F. W. Steeves.
Licensed Missionaries: Departmental Secretaries:
Mrs. C. G. Gordon, H. L. Higgins, Book and Bible House, A. G. Robin-
Mrs. H. L. Higgins, Mrs. N. H. Kin- son.
zer, Mrs. H. M. Larrabee, H. W. Educational and Home Missionary,
Miller, Mrs. H. W. Miller, C. F. Orley Ford.
Montgomery, Mrs. C. F. Montgom- Field Missionary, F. W. Steeves.
ery, Dorothy A. Ninaj, F. W. Steeves, Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mrs.
Mrs. F. W. Steeves, Mrs. T. J. Tho- Orley Ford.
mann. Ordained Ministers:
S. E. Farrell, Orley Ford.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. Orley Ford, A. G. Robinson.
Reorganized 1937
Territory: The Colony of British Hon-
Population: 51,346 ; churches, 10 ; mem- Reorganized 1927
bers, 349. Territory: Republic of Guatemala.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Belize, Population: 3,283,209; churches, 11;
British Honduras. members, 761.
Postal Address: Box 123, Belize, British Cable Address: "Adventists," Guate-
Honduras. mala City, Guatemala.

Office Address: Avenida Sur, Segunda, Field Missionary, Daniel Moncada.

No. 22, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Sabbath School, Mayme W. Wright.
Y. P. M. V., .
Postal Address: Apartado 218, Guate-
mala City, Guatemala, Central Amer- Ordained Ministers:
ica. Peter Nygaard, R. T. Rankin.
Officers: Licensed Ministers r
Director, W. A. Wild. David Garcia, A. E. Lutz, Daniel
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Marie Fan- Moncada.
Executive Committee: W. A. Wild, Licensed Missionaries:
Jose C. Aguilar, Mrs. Marie Fanselau, Mrs. A. E. Lutz, Mrs. Helen Ny-
Dionisio Santos. gaard, Mayme W. Wright.
Departmental Secretaries: Honorary: David Haylock.
Book and Bible House, Mrs. Marie
Educational and Home Missionary,
Field Missionary, Dionisio Santos. Organized 1928
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Mrs. W. A. Wild. Territory: Republic of Nicaragua and
Ordained Ministers: Corn Island.
J. C. Aguilar, L. L. Garbutt, W. A. Population: 1,013,857 churches, 8 :
Wild. members, 381.
Licensed Ministers: Cable and Radiogram Address: "Ad-
Fco. Molina, Gregorio Orosco. Dio- ventista," Managua, Nicaragua.
nisio Santos. Office Address: 3a Avenida S. 0. No.
Licensed Missionaries: 401, Managua, Nicaragua.
Mrs. Marie Fanselau, Mrs. W. A. Postal Address: Apartado 92, Managua.
Wild. Nicaragua, Central America.
Church School Teachers: Officers:
Marta Argueta, Jovita Espino, Sixto Director, R. G. Jones.
de Le6n, Lola Morales, Eduardo Ro- Secretary-Treasurer, R. G. Jones.
sales, Haydee Samayo, Samuel Saun-
ders. Executive Committee: R. G. Jones,
Alejandro Mejia, E. N. Revelo, Ru-
ben Ruiz.
HONDURAS MISSION Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, R. G. Jones.
Reorganized 1937 Educational and Home Missionary, R.
Territory: Republic of Honduras and G. Jones.
Bay Islands. Field Missionary, F. W. Steeves.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mrs.
Population: 1,107,859 ; churches, 17; R. G. Jones.
members, 724.
Ordained Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventists," La Ceiba,
Honduras, Central America. 0. D. Andrean, R. G. Jones.
Office Address: Near Royal Hotel. Licensed Minister:
Postal Address: La Ceiba, Honduras, Eduardo Revelo.
Central America. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: C. F. Brooks, Mrs. R. G. Jones,
Director, Peter Nygaard. Ruben Ruiz.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mayme Wright.
Executive Committee: Peter Nygaard,
Myrl Hyde, Daniel Moncada, E. E. PANAMA CONFERENCE
Neblett, Mayme W. Wright.
Organized 1906
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Mayme W. Territory: Republic of Panama, Canal
Wright. Zone, Talamanca Valley (Costa
Educational and Home Missionary, Rica), and the islands of Old Provi-
Peter Nygaard. dence and San Andres (Colombia).

Population: 556,589; churches, 39; SALVADOR MISSION

members, 1,889.
Cable and Wireless Address: "Advent- Reorganized 1927
ist," Cristobal, Canal Zone. Territory: Republic of El Salvador.
Office Address: Masonic Temple, Elev-
enth and Bolivar Sts., CristObal, Ca- Population: 1,787,930; churches, 10;
nal Zone. (Telephone 3-1325.) members, 540.
Postal Address: Box M, Cristobal, Ca- Cable Address: "Adventists," San Sal-
nal Zone. vador, El Salvador, Central America.
President, C. E. Westphal. Office and Postal Address: 8a Avenida
Secretary-Treasurer, A. L. Tucker. Norte, No. 57, San Salvador, El Sal-
vador, Central America.
Executive Committee: C. E. West-
phal, B. L. Archbold, A. E. Connor, Officers:
A. V. Larson, W. F. Moore, R. T. Director, Eduardo A. Acosta.
Newball, C. W. Omphroy, C. E.
Townsend, A. L. Tucker. Secretary-Treasurer, T. J. Galliano.
Departmental Secretaries: Executive Committee: Eduardo A.
Acosta, T. J. Galliano, V. E. Prin-
Book and Bible House, A. L. Tucker. temps, Carlos de la Roca.
Educational, Home Missionary, and
Y. P. M. V., B. L. Archbold. Departmental Secretaries:
Field Missionary, C. E. Townsend. Book and Bible House, Tomas J. Gal-
Sabbath School, Mrs. C. E. Westphal. liano.
Ordained Ministers: Educational and Home Missionary,
Ishmael Ellis, A. A. Grizzle, R. R. Eduardo A. Acosta.
Mattison, A. R. Ogden, C. E. West- Field Missionary, Carlos de la Roca.
phal. Sabbath School, T. J. Galliano.
Y. P. M. V., Margarita de Acosta.
Licensed Ministers:
B. L. Archbold, Samuel Clarke, Ordained Ministers:
Eduardo Ruiloba, C. E. Townsend.
E. A. Acosta, V. E. Printemps.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. B. L. Archbold, Mrs. R. R. Mat- Licensed Minister:
tison, Mildred Skeete, Mrs. C. E. Rafael B. Sagastume.
Townsend, A. L. Tucker, Mrs. A. L.
Tucker, B. 0. Villarreal, Mrs. C. E. Licensed Missionaries:
Westphal, Roy Williams, Mrs. Roy
Williams. Margarita de Acosta, T. J. Galliano.
Honorary : R. T. Newhall. Carlos de la Roca.


Organized 1927
Territory: The Republics of Colombia, Officers:
Venezuela, and the Islands of Cura- Superintendent, W. A. Bergherm.
cao, Aruba and Bonaire. Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A.
Population: 12,289,447; churches, 52; P. Christiansen.
members, 2,737. Executive Committee: W. A. Berg.
herm, W. E. Baxter, G. W. Chapman,
Cable and Wireless Address: "Advent- A. P. Christiansen, L. H. Gardiner,
ista," Medellin, Colombia, South R. 0. Garner, M. E. Lowry, L. H.
America. Olson, A. R. Sherman, W. H. Wine-
Office Address: Carrera 72, No. 44-57, land.
Medellin, Colombia, South America.
Departmental Secretaries:
Postal Address: Apartado 39, Medellin, Educational, R. 0. Garner.
Colombia, South America.
Field Missionary, M. E. Lowry.
Air Mail Address: Correo Aereo, Apar- Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
tado 609, Medellin, Colombia, South
America. Sabbath School, Mabel L. Head.

Ordained Ministers: Cable Address: "Adventist," Curacao,

W. A. Bergherm, G. W. Chapman, Netherlands, West Indies.
R. 0. Garner. Office and Postal Address: Piscadera-
Licensed Ministers: weg 22, Mundo Nobo, Curacao, Neth-
erlands West Indies.
A. P. Christiansen, L. E. Greenidge,
M. E. Lowry, W. H. Wineland. Officers:
Licensed Missionaries: Director, L. H. Gardiner.
Mrs. W. A. Bergherm, Mrs. G. W. Secretary-Treasurer, L. H. Gardiner.
Chapman, Mrs. A. P. Christiansen, Executive Committee: L. H. Gardi-
Mrs. R. 0. Garner, Mrs. R. E. Green- ner, Mrs. L. H. Gardiner, Fred La-
idge, Mabel L. Head, Mrs. M. E. bega.
Lowry, Juan R. Mejia, Esther Pierce, Departmental Secretaries:
Mrs. W. H. Wineland.
Book and Bible House, Mrs. L. H.
ATLANTIC COLOMBIA MISSION Field Missionary and Home Mission-
ary, L. H. Gardiner.
Organized 1926 Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Mrs.
L. H. Gardiner.
Territory: Departments of Atlantico,
Bolivar, Magdalena, and the territory Ordained Minister: L. H. Gardiner.
of La Guajira, calla district of
North Santander, and that part of Licensed Missionaries:
Choc6 and Antioquia that lies north Ignacio Carrillo, Mrs. L. H. Gardiner.
of 7.6 degrees. Legal Board of "Advent Zendingsge-
Population: 1,774,515 ; churches, 16'; nootschap," L. H. Gardiner, Mrs. L.
members, 693. H. Gardiner, Fred Labega, D. Mar-
tyn, Jacob Myers.
Cable Address: "Adventists," Barran-
quilla, Colombia, South America.
Office Address: Calle Magdalena Es-
quina Carrera Cuartel, Barranquilla, PACIFIC COLOMBIA MISSION
Colombia, South America.
Reorganized 1941
Postal Address: Apartado 261, Barran-
quilla, Colombia, South America. Territory: Departments of El Valle,
Officers: Cauca, Nariiio, Caldas, the comisariat
of Putumayo, and that part of Choc6
Director, Eugenio Plata. and Antioquia that lies south of 7.5
Secretary-Treasurer, M. A. Paden. degrees.
Executive Committee, Eugenio Plata,
Gilberto Bustamante, G. Laguna, M. Population: 3,321,597 ; churches, 9 :
J. Martinez. members, 482.
Departmental Secretaries: Cable Address: "Adventists," Cali, Co-
lombia, South America.
Book and Bible House,
Field Missionary, Gregorio Laguna. Office Address: Carrera 7a, No. 15-58,
Home Missionary, Cali, Colombia, South America.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Postal Address: Apartado 313, Cali, Co-
lombia, South America.
Licensed Ministers:
Gilberto Bustamante, Jose Martinez.
Director, L. H. Olson.
Licensed Missionaries: Secretary-Treasurer, Tirso Escanddn.
Aquilino Gonzalez, M. A. Paden, Mrs. Executive Committee: L. H. Olson,
M. A. Paden. Tirso Escandon, Pedro Gonzalez, Vi-
cente Moreno, Jorge Renden.
CURACAO MISSION Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Tirso Escan-
Organized 1934 don.
Territory: Islands of Aruba, Bonaire Educational, Sabbath School, and
and Curacao, Netherlands West In- Y. P. M. V., Mrs. L. H. Olson.
dies. Field Missionary, Pedro Gonzalez.
Home Missionary, L. H. Olson.
Population: 103,000 ; churches, 3 ; mem-
bers, 180. Ordained Minister: L. H. Olson.

Licensed Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:

Vicente Moreno, Jorge Renden, Moises Mrs. W. E. Baxter, C. L. Powers,
Valdez. Mrs. C. L. Powers.
Licensed Missionaries:
Tirso Escanden, Pedro, Gonzalez, Mrs.
L. H. Olson.
UPPER MAGDALENA MISSION Territory: Republic of Venezuela.
Reorganized 1941 Population: 3,491,159; churches, 12 ;
Territory: Departments of Cundina- members, 702.
marca, Boyaca, Tolima, Huila, San-
tander, and Santander del Norte ex- Cable Address: "Adventists," Caracas,
cept the Ocada district north; and Venezuela.
the territories of Vichada, Meta, Vau- Office Address: Carcel a pilita No. 2,
pes, Arauca, Caqueta and Amazonas. Caracas, Venezuela.
Population: 3,699,176; churches, 13; Postal Address: Apartado 986, Caracas,
members, 730. Venezuela, South America.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Bogota, Officers:
Director, A. R. Sherman.
Office Address: Luna Park, Bogota, Secretary-Treasurer, R. Fite.
Colombia, South America.
Executive Committee: A. R. Sherman,
Natal Address: Apartado Nacional de Jorge Escanden, B. Fite, 0. Rodri-
Correos No. 436, Bogota, Colombia, guez.
South America.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, R. Fit6.
Director, W. E. Baxter. Educational,
Secretary-Treasurer, C. L. Powers. Field Missionary, Jorge Escandon.
Executive Committee: W. E. Baxter, Home Missionary, A. R. Sherman.
R. D. Fleitas, C. J. Plata, Eugenio Y. P. M. V. and Sabbath School,
Plata, C. L. Powers. Mrs. A. R. Sherman.
Departmental Secretaries:
Ordained Minister: A. R. Sherman.
Book and Bible House, C. L. Powers.
Field Missionary, Rafael Fleitas. Licensed Ministers:
Sabbath School, Mrs. W. E. Baxter.
Y. P. M. V., and Home Missionary, Alberto Acosta, Wm. E. Baxter, Jr.,
C. J. Plata. Jorge Escanden.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:
W. E. Baxter, Eugenio Plata. Mrs. Wm. E. Baxter, Jr., R. Fite,
Licensed Ministers: Mrs. R. Fite, J. A. Lamas, Mrs. A.
Rafael Fleitas, C. J. Plata. R. Sherman.


Organized 1923
Territory: The Republic of Mexico. Executive Committee: H. F. House,
A. J. Calderon, C. P. Crager, Max
Population: 19,473,791 churches, 107; Fuss, C. E. Moon, W. R. Mulholland,
members, 6,424. A. G. Parfitt, J. G. Pettey, Emiliano
Cable Address: "Adventista," Monter- Ponce, J. A. Salazar.
rey, N. L., Mexico. Departmental Secretaries:
Office and Postal Address: Vallarta Sur Educational and Sabbath School, C.
644, Monterrey, N. L., Mexico. P. Crager.
Field Missionary, W. R. Mulholland.
Officers: Home Missionary, Medical, C. E.
Superintendent, H. F. House. Moon.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, J. G. Young People's Missionary Volunteer,
Pettey. H. F. House.

Ordained Ministers: GULF MISSION

C. P. Crager, H. F. House, C. E. Organized 1924
Moon, A. G. Parfitt.
Licensed Ministers: Territory: The states of Coahuila,
Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Tamau-
I. M. Angell, A. J. Calderon, W. R. lipas, Chilhuahua, Durango, Zacate-
Mulholland, Rafael Munoz, J. G. cas, and Aguascalientes.
Licensed Missionaries: Population: 3,998,869 ; churches, 23 ;
members, 1,114.
Mrs. I. M. Angell, Mrs. C. P. Crager,
Raymundo Garza, Mrs. H. F. House, Office Address: Calle Hidalgo Sur 114,
Mrs. C. E. Moon, Mrs. W. R. Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. (Tele-
Mulholland, Mrs. A. G. Parfitt, Mrs. phone, 12-40.)
J. G. Pettey, Felipa Trevino.
Postal Address: Apartado 139, Saltillo,
Honorary: Demetrio Gonzalez, Vir- Coahuila, Mexico.
ginia Harnandez, A. E. Perez, J. G.
Rojas, Mrs. Juana de Sauza, Chris- Officers:
tian Shultz, Mrs. Gregoria M. de Director, H. F. House.
Vera, Mrs. E. 0. de Verduzco. Secretary-Treasurer, Jose Leor.
Executive Committee: H. F. House,
C. L. Dinius, Jose Leor, Israel Lopez.
V. A. Sauza.
Departmental Secretaries:
Organized 1924 Field Missionary, Israel Lopez.
Home Missionary, C. L. Dinius.
Territory: The northern half of Vera- Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., V.
cruz and Puebla, the states of Hi- A. Sauza.
dalgo, Guerrero, Morelos, Queretaro,
Tlaxcala, Guanajuato, Michoacan and Ordained Ministers:
Mexico. Jose Castillo, C. L. Dinius, J. N.
Perez, A. E. Torres.
Population: 8,688,596; churches, 19:
members, 1,803. Licensed Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventista," Mexico, Jose Corral, Daniel Landeros, Israel
Lopez, Francisco Reyes, V. A. Sauza,
D. F. Telephone, Mex. P-09-93. Daniel Zertuche.
Office Address: Agriculture 79, Colonia Licensed Missionaries:
Escandon, Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico. Mrs. C. L. Dinius, Jose Leor, Delia
Mendoza, Julio Margado, Manuel
Officers: Nithez, Elizabeth Perez, Alfonso Ro-
Director, Emiliano Ponce. driguez.
Secretary-Treasurer, F. E. Paredes.
Executive Committee: Emiliano
Ponce, Gilberto Corona, F. E. Pare-
des, Vicente Rodriguez. PACIFIC MEXICAN MISSION
Departmental Secretaries: Organized 1924
Educational, Emiliano Ponce. Territory: The states of Jalisco, Co-
Field Missionary, Gilberto Corona. lima, Sonora, Nayarit, and Lower
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, California.
and Y. P. M. V., Rafael Munoz.
Population: 2,673,649; churches, 10;
Ordained Ministers: members, 443.
Rafael Arroyo, Jose Carpintero, Office Address: Avenida Libertad 747.
Abraham Paez, Emiliano Ponce, Vi- ' Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
cente Rodriguez.
Postal Address: Apartado 605, Guadala-
Licensed Minister: Gilberto Corona. jara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Licensed Missionaries: Officers:
Melchor Covarrubias, Ricardo Fernan- Director, J. A. Salazar.
dez, Francisco Jimenez, Ana Maria Secretary-Treasurer, Ignacio Ponce.
Johnson, Roberto Monsalvo, F. E. Executive Committee: J. A. Salazar,
Paredes, Andres Perez, Maria Sol- Simon Conde, Ignacio Ponce, Jose
lano, Sra. E. 0. de Varduzco. Quintero.

Departmental Secretaries: Paz Matus, M. E. Olsen, Paciente

Field Missionary, Jose Quintero. Trinidad.
Home Missionary, J. A. Salazar.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Ig- Licensed Ministers:
nacio Ponce. Culberto Moctezuma, Xavier Ponce,
H. A. B. Robinson, J. A. Williams.
Ordained Ministers:
Simon Conde, J. A. Salazar, F. B. Licensed Missionaries:
Zaynos. Josue Fernandez, Mrs. Max Fuss,
Licensed Ministers: Erasto Jimenez, Ildelisa Lara, J. M.
Mena, Consuelo Rivera, Mrs. H. A.
Alfonso Castillo, Francisco Cortez, B. Robinson, Ofelia Romero, Arturo
Esteban LeOn, Jose Quintero. Vargas.
Licensed Missionaries:
Ignacio Ponce, Lydia Salazar, Cleafas
Organized 1924
Academia Adventists Hispanoameri-
Territory: The states of Chiapas, cana, Apartado 1320, San Jose,
Oaxaca and southern halves of Pu- Costa Rica, Central America.
ebla and Vera Cruz, the states of Caribbean Training College, Box 176,
Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco, and Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, B. W. I.
territory of Quintana Roo. Colegio Adventista de las Antillas,
Apartado 329, Santa Clara, Cuba.
Population: 4,112,627 ; churches, 55 ; Colege Vertieres, Casier A-115, Port-
members, 3,064. au-Prince, Haiti.
Cable Address: "Adventists," Puebla, Colombia-Venezuela Union Training
School, Apartado 224, Medellin, Co-
lombia, South America.
Office Address: Calle 9 poniente 1702, Escuela Agricola 'Industrial Mexi-
Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. (Telephone, cana, Apartado 16, Montemorelos,
Mexicana 34-04. N. L., Mexico.
West Indian Training College, Post
Postal Address: Apartado 107, Puebla, Office Box 22, Mandeville, Jamaica,
Puebla, Mexico. B. W. I.
Director, Max Fuss.
Secretary-Treasurer, H. A. B. Robin- Agencia de Publicaciones, "Mexico
son. Central," Calle Prosperidad 85,
Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico.
Executive Committee: Max Fuss, Pacific Press Publishing Association,
Jose Castrejen, M. E. Olsen, H. A. Inter-American Branch, Box 5007,
B. Robinson, Paciente Trinidad, J. A. Cristobal, Canal Zone.
Departmental Secretaries: Dispensaries:
Educational, Max Fuss. Clinica Adventista, Calle Hidalgo Sur
Field Missionary, J. A. Williams. 114, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Clinica Adventista de Fisioterapia de
and Y. P. M. V., Jose Castrejen. Monterrey, Vallarta Sur 644, Mon-
Ordained Ministers: terrey, N. L., Mexico.
Ladislao Arriaga, Jose Castrejen, Clinics Tacubaya, Agriculture , 73,
Max Fuss, Aurelio Jimenez, De la Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico.
Organized 1928

Territory: British Isles, Denmark, Nor- U. S. A. Key workers have been des-
way, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lat- ignated by the General Conference as
via, Lithuania, Iceland, Greenland, its special representatives in the sev-
Faroes, Pemba, Zanzibar, French eral sections of the Northern European
Guinea, Ivory Coast, Niger, Dahomey, territory as follows: For the Scandi-
Upper Volta, French Sudan, and that navian or Nordic section, G. A. Lind-
portion of French Equatorial Africa say; for the British Isles, H. W. Lowe;
and French Cameroons lying north of for West Africa, W. McClements.
latitude 10 North extending North to The matter which follows under the
Lybia and Algeria, Nigeria, Liberia, Baltic and the northern part of the
Gold Coast, Togo, Sierra Leone, Gam- West Nordic Union Conferences has
bia ; comprising the Baltic, British, been printed .as it appeared in the
East Nordic and West Nordic Union 1942 Year Book, except in a very few
Conferences; the Nigerian, and Gold cases where changes are known to
Coast Union Missions. have taken place.
Population: 113,775,310; churches, 654 ; General Conference Transportation
members, 84,845. Agent: C. H. Anscombe, 41 Hazel
Because of war conditions in the field Gardens, Edgware, Middlesex, Eng-
which make it impossible for the North- land; Telephone: Edgware "7758;
ern European Division to function in Cable Address, "Adventist, London."
the usual manner, the Division interests Telegrams, "Adventist, Phone, Lon-
are being administered temporarily by don."
the General Conference Committee from Legal Association: "World Wide Advent
its headquarters in Washington, D. C., Missions, Limited."


Organized 1923

Territory: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithu- Ordained Ministers:

ania. A. Aug, M. Barengrub, J. Daniel, E.
Population: 5,635,942; churches, 81 ; Magi, L. Nikkar, R. Vinglas.
' members, 6,098.
Honorary: A. Klement.
Office Address: Merepuiestee 14a, Tal-
linn, Estonia. Licensed Ministers:
A. Kallaste, E. Karma, V. Karmas,
V. Suve, J. Vilba.
Licensed Missionaries:
Organized 1912
A. Kaldma, E. Laimets, J. Ney, H.
Territory: Estonia. Pilt, Mrs. N. Seestrand, Miss L. Tali,
Population: L126,413 ; churches, 39; V. Viirsalu.
members, 2,029.
Office Address: Merepuiestee 14a, Tal-
Officers: Organized 1920
President, R. Vinglas.
Secretary, E. Magi. Territory: Latvia.
Treasurer, A. Kallaste. Population: 2,010,000; churches, 28 ;
Executive Committee: E. Magi, A. members, 2,885.
Aug, E. Kell, A. Paaksi, V. Suve, J.
Vaga. Cable Address: "Advent," Riga.
Departmental Secretaries: Office Address: Brivibas iela 11, Riga,
Educational, R. Vinglas. Latvia.
Field Missionary, V. Viirsalu. Officers:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., V. Suve. President, E. Klotins.
Religious Liberty, E. Magi- Secretary-Treasurer, A. Jurkevice.
5 129

Executive Committee: E. Klotins, A. LITHUANIAN MISSION FIELD

Colders, A. Jurkevics, J. Oltins, R. Organized 1920
Territory: Lithuania.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 2,499,529; churches, 14;
Field Missionary, V. Arius. members, 194.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and Office Address: Vakieciu g-ve 57,
Welfare Missionary, A. Colders. Kaunas, Lithuania.
Y. P. M. V., E. Klotins.
O fficers:
Ordained Ministers: Director, A. Birzgal.
Secretary-Treasurer, K. Strazdauskas.
0. Balodis, J. Birzins, J. Colderis, Executive Committee: A. Birzgal, P.
A. Colders, J. Drikis, A. Eglitis, K. Kaltanas, J. Simonaitis, K. Straz-
Fogelis, E. Grinbergs, A. Jurkevics, dauskas.
E. Klotins, E. Krievs,' P. Macanovs,
J. Oltins, D. Platonovs, P. Purmalis, Departmental Secretaries:
K. Sutta. Field Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
K. Strazdauskas.
Licensed Ministers: Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
A. Birzgal.
R. Auzins, A. Lejnieks, A. Mednis.
Ordained Minister: A. Birzgal.
Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Minister: V. Krause.
L. Colders, A. Dambis, J. Lapa, V. Licensed Missionaries:
Spruds, M. Stumbergs, A. Vilerts, P. Bluzmanas, A. Rusteika, K. Straz-
V. Vilmanis. dauskas.


Organized 1920

Territory: England, Wales, Scotland, "Adventist, London" ; Telegrams,

Northern Ireland, Irish Free State "Adventist, Phone, London."
and adjacent Isles.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 49,196,724 ; churches, 94 ; Educational W. G. C. Murdoch.
members, 5,972. Field Missionary, J. M. Howard.
Cable Address: "Advent," Watford, Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Herts, England. Ordained Ministers:
Office: Stanborough Park, Watford, G. W. Baird, W. L. Emmerson, J.
Herts, England. (Telephone, Garston Harker, J. M. Howard, H. W. Lowe,
2251-2.) W. G. C. Murdoch.
Officers: Honorary: H. F. De'Ath, E. G. Es-
sery, S. Joyce, W. H. Meredith, E. B.
President, H. W. Lowe. Phillips, P. C. Poley, A. S. Rodd, A.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A. Watson, J. B. West, R. Whiteside,
Carey. A. H. Williams.
Field Secretary, W. T. Bartlett.
Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: H. W. Lowe,
W. T. Bartlett, A. Carey, E. E. Cra- A. Carey, J. C. Craven, C. F. W.
ven, W. L. Emmerson, J. Harker, J. Futcher, N. H. Knight, L. Norming-
M. Howard, R. S. Joyce, S. G. Hyde, ton, A. J. Raitt, P. Schuil, E. E.
G. D. King, J. A. McMillan, W. G. White.
C. Murdoch, J. Rigby, A. H. Thomp- Licensed Missionaries:
son, A. Warren. W. G. Baldry, J. Rigby, A. H. Thomp-
son, A. Warren.
General Conference Transportation
Agent: C. H. Anscombe, 41 Hazel Legal Assn.: British Advent Missions,
Gardens, Edgware, Middlesex; Tele- Limited; chairman, H. W. Lowe ; sec-
phone, Edgware 7758 : Cable Address, retary, A. Carey.

IRISH MISSION Departmental Secretaries:

Organized 1902 Field Missionary, B. Belton.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Territory: Northern Ireland and Irish Y. P. M. V., B. E. Sparrow.
Free State.
Ordained Ministers:
Population: 4,258,854 ; churches, 8 ; J. E. Bell, A. F. Bird, W. I. Cannon,
members, 199. R. S. Joyce, S. G. Joyce, W. M. Len-
nox, H. W. McCrow, W. R. A. Madg-
Office: Stanborough Park, Watford, wick, W. Maudsley, L. Murdoch, B. E.
Herts., England. Sparrow.
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
Director, E. E. Craven, S. D. A. B. Belton, A. L. Blomerley, F. D.
Church, Florenceville Ave., Ormeau Buckle, D. J. Clarke, D. Conroy, V.
Road, Belfast, Ireland. Cooper, F. Edwards, K. Elias, E. H.
Secretary-Treasurer, W. G. Baldry, Foster, J. C. French, D. J. Handy-
Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts., sides, B. F. Kinman, K. Lacey, M.
England. Musgrave, S. H. Parkin, P. Stear-
man, R. D. Vine.
Advisory Committee: E. E. Craven,
J. G. Bevan, J. Houston, A. Johnston, Licensed Missionaries:
A. C. Vine. Miss E. Adair, Miss E. A. Buck, Miss
K. Chase, Miss A. F. Clarke, Miss B.
Departmental Secretaries: Cleary, Miss J. M. Cowan, Miss L. C.
Field Missionary, J. M. Howard. Elias, Miss H. M. Ford, Miss L. Gard-
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and ner, Miss G. H. Goodier, Miss .1.
Y. P. M. V., J. Harker. Handysides, Miss I. Himsworth, Miss
E. Mahon, Miss L. Mason, Miss J.
Ordained Ministers: Mitchell, Miss R. Richardson, Miss
E. Stendall.
J. G. Bevan, E. E. Craven, A. C.
Licensed Ministers:
E. Bell, R. W. Dougherty, E. Zins.
Organized 1902
Licensed Missionary: Miss M. Kirby.
Territory: Scotland, including The Heb-
rides, Orkneys, and Shetlands.
Population: 4,842,980; churches, 5;
Organized 1904 ; Reorganized 1928 Office: 15 Rowallen Gardens, Broomhill,
Glasgow 1, Scotland.
Territory: The counties of Lancashire, Officers:
Yorkshire, Durham, Cheshire, Isle
of Man, Westmoreland, Cumberland, Director, J. A. McMillan.
Northumberland, Derbyshire, Notting- Secretary-Treasurer, W. G. Baldry.
hamshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Advisory Committee: J. A. McMillan,
Northamptonshire, Rutland, Leices- A. L. Barr, L. G. Hardinge, R. Ken-
tershire, Worcestershire, Warwick- nedy, G. McNaughten, D. Thompson.
Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 19,015,553 ; churches, 31 ; Field Missionary, J. M. Howard.
members, 1,892. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., J. Harker.
Office: .22 Zulla Road, Mapperley Park,
Nottingham, England. (Telephone, Ordained Ministers:
Nottingham 66312.)
L. G. Hardinge, J. A. McMillan, D.
Officers: Morrison.
President, R. S. Joyce. Licensed Ministers:
Secretary-Treasurer, F. D. Buckle. E. A. Butters, H. T. Johnson.
Executive Committee: R. S. Joyce, G.
Baird, B. Belton, F. D. Buckle, C. L. Licensed Missionaries:
Kelly, W. M. Lennox, W. R. A. Miss J. Archibald, Miss R. Gowlett,
Madgwick, E. Merchant, H. Rhodes. Miss B. Hanna.

SOUTH ENGLAND CONFERENCE ter, Miss M. P. Graves, Miss E. Gun-

trip, Miss G. V. Hardiman, Miss J.
Organized 1902; Reorganized 1928 M. Hyde, Miss M. John, Miss M. L.
Keough, Miss M. L. Lane, Miss N.
Territory: The Counties of Cornwall, LeVierge, Miss K. Mahon, Miss E.
Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucester, M. Powell, Miss A. Stewart, Miss N.
Wilts, Oxford, Berks., Bucks., Hants., L. Thompson, Miss V. Warren.
Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, Middle-
sex, Hertford, Bedford, Huntingdon, Honorary: Mrs. M. E. Brooks, Mrs.
Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, D. Casey.
Isle of Wight, and the Channel Is- Church School Teachers:
Miss B. Coupland, Miss M. Borland,
Population: 18,130,406; churches, 47; Miss V. M. Lauderdale, Miss A. E.
members, 3,098. West, E. E. White, Miss W. Willis,
A. J. Woodfield.
Office: 780 St. Albans Road, Watford,
Herts., England. (Phone, Garston
(Watford) 2213-4.)
President, G. D. King. Organized 1902
Secretary-Treasurer, J. H. Parkin.
Territory: Principality of Wales, Coun-
Executive Committee: G. D. King, ties of Monmouthshire, Shropshire,
W. W. Armstrong, H. Benwell, W. H. and Herefordshire.
Meredith, A. J. Mustard, J. H. Par-
kin, E. R. Warland, A. H. Williams. Population: 2,948,931 ; churches, 8 ;
members, 468.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, Home Missionary, Sab- Office: Stanborough Park, Watford,
bath School, and Y. P. M. V., E. R. Herts., England.
Warland. Officers:
Field Missionary, A. W. Cook.
Director, S. G. Hyde, "Ventnor,"
Ordained Ministers: Tyglass Road, Llanishen, Cardiff,
A. K. Armstrong, W. W. Armstrong, Glam.
F. C. Bailey, J. H. Bayliss, G. R. Bell, Secretary-Treasurer, W. G. Baldry,
R. T. Bolton, C. R. Bonney, S. Bull, Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts.,
0. M. Borland, G. D. King, L. E. A. England.
Lane, A. J. Mustard, W. J. Nicholson, Advisory Committee: S. G. Hyde,
F. A. Spearing, L. D. Vince, E. R. F. S. Jackson, R. Jacques, J. Ruther-
Warland. ford, F. E. Powell.
Licensed Ministers: Departmental Secretaries:
E. Ashton, R. H. Bainbridge, A. W. Field Missionary, J. M. Howard.
Cook, E. Cox, P. Cumings, D. J. Dun- Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
nett, A. E. Farrow, J. D. Maffey, I. Y. P. M. V., J. Harker.
McGougan, J. H. Parkin, 0. H. Ro-
sier, G. Roper, L. Shaw, R. H. Smith, Ordained Ministers:
A. G. Tapping, R. A. Vince, H. W. T. H. Cooper, S. G. Hyde, F. S.
Walklett, J. P. West, F. J. Wilms- Jackson, IL K. Munson.
hurst, A. J. Woodfield.
Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Missionaries:
H. Humphries, J. R. Lewis.
Miss W. Buckle, Miss M. Clements,
Miss M. Dando, Miss 0. C. Davies, Licensed Missionaries:
Miss E. Donaldson, Miss R. V. Fos- Miss G. M. Brookes, Miss M. Howlett.


Organized 1931
Territory: Sweden and Finland. Office Address: Tunnelgatan 25, Stock-
Population: 10,259,000 ; churches, 95 ; holm, Sweden.
members, 5,803. Officers:
President, G. A. Lindsay.
Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm, Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, A. Karlman.
Sweden. Executive Committee: G. A. Lindsay,

Alfr. Anderson, A. Blomstedt, C. FINLAND SWEDISH CONFERENCE

Gidlund, S. Jonasson, A. Karlman,
E. H. Larsson, John Larsson, Y. Organized 1929
Miettinen, A. Rintala, Vilh. Sucks-
dorff, D. Carlsson. Territory: Finland.
Departmental Secretaries: Population: 304,262; churches, 13;
members, 458.
Medical, V. Sucksdorff. Office: Annegatan 7, Helsingfors, Fin-
Publishing and Home Missionary, S. land.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Officers:
David Carlsson. President, John Larsson.
Secretary;Treasurer, Helge Nyholm.
Ordained Ministers:
Executive Committee: John. Larsson,
0. Angervo, G. A. Lindsay, C. Gid- G. Forsblom; H. Karstrom, K. F.
lund, S. Jonasson. Nyberg, Anselm Syring.
Honorary: K. A. Fernstrom, J. Wal-
lenkampf. Departmental Secretaries:
Field Missionary, I. Heikkinen.
Licensed Missionaries: Home Missionary, G. Forsblom.
A. Karlman, V. Sucksdorff. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Helge Nyholm.
Ordained Ministers:
FINLAND CONFERENCE G. Forsblom, John Larsson.
Organized 1929 Licensed Missionaries:
Laina. Ehrnstedt, Marie Hoglund,
Territory: Finland. Helge Nyholm, Elsa Olausen, Harry
Population: 3,684,100 ; churches, 26 ; Olsson, Lydia Sandholm.
members, 2,259.
Office: Annank. 7, Helsingfors, Finland.
President, A. Rintala. Organized 1929
Secretary-Treasurer, T. Heinonen.
Territory: Northern part of Sweden.
Executive Committee: A. Rintala, A.
Arasola, T. Heinonen, 0. Jaakkola, Population: 3,244,653 ; churches, 30 ;
Y. Miettinen, E. Rosengren, E. members, 1,599.
Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm.
Departmental Secretaries:
Office: Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
Field Missionary, I. Heikkinen. Sweden.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
- Y. P. M. V., 0. Peltonen. Officers:
Ordained Ministers: President, Alfr. Anderson.
Secretary-Treasurer, Lisa Siklerberg.
A. Arasola, V. Kohtanen, K. V.
Osola, A. Rintala, 0. Peltonen, T. Executive Committee: Alfr. Ander-
Seljavaara. son, Carl S. Anderson, J. 0. Eriksson,
C. Gidlund, W. Johanson, R. Svens-
Licensed Ministers: son, K. Utterback.
V. Heikkila, E. Luukko, V. Parhan- Departmental Secretaries: .
kangas, E. Peltonen, E. Sivonen, A.
Unhola. Field Missionary, Eric Roslind.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Licensed Missionaries: P. Hornefldt.
I. Heikkinen, T. Heinonen, Ester Y. P. M. V., D. Carlsson.
Hells-ten, Viivi Kangasvuori, Ida Ordained Ministers:
Koski, Liina Lehti, Elsa Luukkainen,
Veera Luukko, 0. Maatanen, Y. Miet- Alf. Anderson, Eric Hansson, W. Ru-
tinen, Saimi Moberg, J. Pekkanen, noff, 0. Spanghagen, R. Svensson,
Siiri Savolainen, Helmi Sihvola, Aini Eric Svenzon, K. Ulfstrom, K. Utter-
Sysimetsa, Lydia Turunen, Irja Varvi. back.
Legal Assn. (for Finland and Finland Licensed Missionaries:
Swedish Conferences) : "Filantropinen Olga Forsberg, Elsa Hagberg, P.
Yhdistys Aikain Vartija r. y." Presi- Hornfeldt, Stina Sandholm, Vera
dent, A. Rintala. Sandstrom, Lisa Soderberg, Paul

Sundquist, Anna Sundquist, Louis Officers:

Martin. President, A. Blomstedt.
Secretary-Treasurer, 0. Grundberg.
Legal Assn. (for North and South
Swedish Conferences) : "Sallskapet Executive Committee: A. Blomstedt,
Sanningens Harold." President, C. E. Erenius, 0. Grundberg, E. Karls-
Gidlund ; Vice-President, I. Unhall ; son, S. LundstrOm, 0. Pettersson,
Secretary, J. P. Lindberg ; Treasurer, Nils Zerne.
E. H. Larson. Executive Committee : Departmental Secretaries:
Alf. Anderson, Axel Bengtsson, A.
Blomstedt, S. Magnusson, G. W. Field Missionary, Eric Roslind.
Ericsson, A. Axelsson, W. Johanson, Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Advisory: G. A. Lindsay; Auditors, G. Norheim.
A. Karlman, 0. Grundberg. Y.' P. M. V., David Carlsson.
Ordained Ministers:
Gosta Berglund, A. Blomstedt, D.
Carlsson, E. Erenius, S. Lundstrom,
Ernst Mattsson, Nils Zerne.
Licensed Ministers:
Organized 1929 Ch. Lindberg, H. Rosenberg, 011e
Territory: Southern part of Sweden.
Population: 3,125,885 ; churches, 26 ; Licensed Missionaries:
members, 1,487. Elisabeth Carlsson, Anna Dahlqvist,
Alfhild Erenius, Gunnel Flodin, Bertil
Cable Address: Advent, GOteborg. Fried, 0. Grundberg, Alice Lind,
Helge Lindberg, Dora Mattsgon, G.
Office Address: Vasagatan 12, GOte- Norheim, E. Sonestam, Ellen Svens-
borg, Sweden. son.


Entered 1894; Reorganized 1933

Territory: Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Licensed Missionaries:

Dahomey, Togoland, and the French European: Mrs. C. A. Bartlett, Mrs.
Sudan, West Africa. J. Clifford, Mrs. T. H. Fielding, Mrs.
Population: 12,833,097; churches, 18; F. L. Stokes.
members, 1,353.
African: D. Agboka, A. Agyie, U.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Bekwai. Aisah, J. K. Amoah, S. K. Annan,
R. Antwi, D. Asare, J. Baidoo, I.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Box. Benson, W. Brobbey, R. Cann, M. K.
45, Bekwai, Gold Coast, West Africa. Markeh, B. Mensah, E. Rainsford, K.
A. Saifah.
Superintendent, J. Clifford.
Treasurer, Mrs. C. A. Bartlett.
Executive Committee: J. Clifford, C. AGONA MISSION FIELD
A. Bartlett, S. B. Essien, T. H.
Fielding, F. L. Stokes.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Agona,
Ashanti, Cold Coast, W. Africa.
Ordained Ministers: Director: T. H. Fielding.
European: J. Clifford, T. H. Fielding, Primary School: Agona, Ashanti, Man-
F. L. Stokes. ager, T. H. Fielding; 7 African
African: S. B. Essien, J. K. Garbrah teachers.
Out School: Assamang, Ashanti.
Licensed Ministers: Out Stations: 12.
European: C. A. Bartlett. Dispensary: Mrs. T. Fielding.
African: A. Amofah, J. M. Arloo, J.
Ashun, C. K. Boaten. African Evangelists: 10.


Address: Box 45, Bekwai, Gold Coast, Address: Box 60, Koforidua, Gold Coast,
West Africa. West Africa.
Director: J. Clifford.
Station School: 1.
Teachers: 3. Director: F. Stokes.
Out Stations: 18.
African Evangelists: 14. African Evangelists: 10.


Organized December, 1913; reorganized June, 1930

Territory: Nigeria, British Man dated Jengre Station

territory of the Cameroons, French
Colony of the Niger, West Africa. Established 1932
Population: 22,557,449 : churches, 42 ; Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jengre
members, 3,649, including 20 Euro- Railway Station, via Jos, N. Nigeria,
peans; total adherents, 15,134. West Coast, Africa.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Ibadan, Membership: 45; total adherents, 133.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Box
No. 19, Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa.
Officers: MISSION
Superintendent, William McClements. Entered 1914; Organized 1930
Sec.-Treas., Miss R. Muderspach.
Executive Committee: W. McClem- Territory: Morin, Kabba, Sokoto, Zaria,
ents, L. Edmonds, W. T. B. Hyde, and Niger Provinces.
W. G. Till.
Population: 6,371,693 ; churches, 2 ;
Departmental Secretaries: members, 542; total adherents, 1,301.
Educational, W. T. B. Hyde. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Awtun,
Publishing, Y. P. M. V., and Sabbath via Ilorin, Nigeria, West Coast, Af-
School, W. J. Newman. rica.
Ordained Ministers: Officers:
W. T. B. Hyde, William McClements, Director, W. G. Till.
W. J. Newman. Local Committee: W. McClements, J.
Licensed Ministers: Oriola, W. G. Till.
T. L. Gillett, G. A. S. Madgwick.
Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Missionaries: European: W. G. Till.
Mrs. W. T. B. Hyde, Mrs. W. Mc- African : John Oriola.
Clements, Mrs. T. L. Gillett, Miss R. Licensed Missionary: Mrs. W. G. Till.
Muderspach, Mrs. W. J. Newman.


MISSION Established 1923
Organized 1930
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Awtun, via
Territory: Kano, Plateau, Bornu, Bauchi Ilorin, Nigeria, West coast, Africa.
and Adamwa Provinces. Director: W. G. Till.
Population: 5,801,613.
Village Schools: 8.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jengre
Railway Station, via Jos, Northern Teachers: 12.
Nigeria, West Coast, Africa. Evangelists and other workers: 15.


MISSION Established 1930
Entered 1923; Organized 1930 Address: S. D. A. Mission, Elele, Ahoada,
via Port Harcourt, Nigeria, West
Territory: Calabar, Owerri, Warri, Coast, Africa.
Ogoja, Onitsha, Benue Provinces, and Director: B. A. Walton.
part of British Mandated Territory of
Cameroons South of Benue. Station School: 6 African Teachers.
Vernacular Teachers and Evangelists:
Population: 7,025,996; churches, 48; 18.
members, 2,719; total adherents, 12,-
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Aba, SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIAN
Nigeria, West Coast, Africa. MISSION
Entered 1913; Organized 1930
Director, L. Edmonds. Territory: Lagos Colony, Ijebu, Ondo
Oyo, Benin, and Abeokuta Provinces.
Local Committee: L. Edmonds, A. J.
Dickay, W. McClements, B. Walton, Population: 3,358,147 ; churches, 2 ;
R. Wosu. members, 323 total adherents, 1,100.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Box 19,
Ordained Ministers: Ibadan, Nigeria, West Coast, Africa.
European: L. Edmonds, B. A. Wal-
ton. Officers:
African: P. Onwere, R. Wosu. 'Director, W. McClements.
Local Committee: W. McClements,
Licensed Missionaries: J. Adeoye, D. Atolagbe, A. I. Balo-
Mrs. L. Edmonds, Miss A. Nukka, gun, W. T. B. Hyde.
Mrs. B. A. Walton. Ordained Minister:
African: A. I. Balogun.
Licensed Ministers:
Aba Station
J. A. Adeoye, S. Dare.
Established 1923 Schools: 5.
Teachers: 21.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Aba, South
Nigeria, West Coast, Africa. Evangelists and other workers: 17.
Director: L. Edmonds.
Ministers: African, 2. Ibadan. Station
Colporteurs: 26.
Established 1928
Station School: 1.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Box 19,
Vernacular Schools: 9. Ibadan, Nigeria, West,Coast, Africa.
Vernacular Teachers and Evangelists: Station School: 1.
Headmaster: I. B. Apata, assisted by
Girls' Boarding School: 1. 7 teachers.


Organized 1931
(The former Scandinavian Union Con- Office Address: Badesanatoriet, Skods-
ference, organized in 1901, was in 1931 borg, Denmark.
divided into an East Nordic and a West
Nordic Union.) Officers:
Territory: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, President, P. G. Nelson.
Faroe Islands, and Greenland (un- Sec.-Treas., A. C. Christensen.
entered). Executive Committee: P. G. Nelson,
A. Andersen, E. Bjaanaes, A. C.
Population: 6,731,733 ; churches, 145 ; Christensen, P. A. Christiansen, R, F.
members, 7,173. Jensen, M. Larsen, Alf. Lohne, M.

Muderspach, 0. J. Olseti, P. J. Olsen, Officers:

Paul Olsen, T. Opsahl, L. Sabbe- President, Axel Varmer.
Larsen, C. M. Scott, L. Tobiassen, Secretary-Traesurer, H. L. Henriksen.
T. Tobiassen, A. Varmer. Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Departmental Secretaries: Executive Committee: Axel Varmer,
Educational, Johs. Cristiansen, Teilman, Christian-
Home Missionary, E. Bjaanaes. sen, H. L. Henriksen, J. I. Henrik-
Medical, A. Andersen, C. M. Scott. sen, Joh. Jensen, H. Westerlund.
Religious Liberty, P. G. Nelson.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Departmental Secretaries:
Alf. Lohne. Field Missionary, 0. S. Sorensen.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
Ordained Ministers: and Y. P. M. V.; Joh. Jensen.
K. Abrahamsen, E. Bjaanaes, 0. S.
Lie, P. G. Nelson, P. J. Olsen. Ordained Ministers:
Honorary: E. Arnesen. J. P. U. Jensen, Johs. Jensen, L. J.
Kirkelokke, L. Muderspach, Axel
Licensed Ministers: Varmer.
P. A. Christiansen, R. F. Jensen, M.
Larsen, Alf. Lohne, 0. S. Sorensen, Licensed Ministers:
L. K. Tobiassen. Paul Knudsen, E. V. Nielsen, V.
Licensed Missionaries: Olsen.
Ruth Andersen, Georg Bagger, A. C. Licensed Missionaries:
Christensen, Ester Hange Inger K.
Lund, P. Myhre, K. Naerland, Gu- Olive Brum, Irene Capion, Victor
drun Nielsen, C. M. Scott. Christensen, Wilkens Svarre, Helga
Mayer, Anders Nielsen, Othilia Niel-
sen, I. Wikkelso.
Church School Teachers:
The Nordic Philanthropic Society Meete Ditlefsen, Erna Flindt, Karl
Organized 1897 Frederiksen.

Address: Skodsborg Badesanatoriet,

Skodsborg, Denmark.
Legal Name: Nordisk filantropisk Sels-
kab. Entered 1897; Organized 1930
Officers: Territory: Iceland and the Faroe Is-
President, P. G. Nelson. lands.
Secretary, L. Muderspach.
Treasurer, Chr. Hansen. Population: 141,614; churches, 8: mem-
bers, 449.
Trustees: Address: Box 262, Reykjavik, Iceland.
P. G. Nelson, A. Andersen, Chr.
Bunken, C. C. Hansen, Chr. Hansen, Cable Address: Adventkirkjan, Reyk-
E. Hansen, H. Johansen, H. Muder- javik.
spach, L. Muderspach, T. H. V. Officers:
Schou, I. Unhall, T. Tobiassen, Axel
Varmer, H. Westerlund. President, 0. J. Olsen.
Secretary, S. Heidar.
Cashier, M. Helgason.
Executive Committee: 0. J. Olsen,
S. Hallgrimsson, S. Heidar, M. Helga-
Organized 1880; Reorganized 1931 Departmental Secretaries:
Field Missionary, M. Z. Thorvaldsson.
Territory: East Denmark. Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Population: 1,648,823; churches, 29; J. Gudmundsson.
members, 1,656. Ordained Minister: 0. J. Olsen.
Cable Address: Expedit, Copenhagen. Licensed Ministers:
Office Address: Suomisvej 6, Copen- J. G. Jonsson, Guom. Mason, N. J.
hagen, Denmark. Videro.

Licensed Missionaries: Departmental Secretaries:

S. Hallgrimsson, M. Helgason, J. Field Missionary, Paul Olsen.
Gudmundsson. Home Missionary, Sabbath School,
and Y. P. M. V., E. Stinessen.
Ordained Ministers:
NORTH NORWAY CONFERENCE 0. Jordahl, Paul Olsen, R. J. Skyll-
stad, L. J. Stene, T. Tobiassen, E.
Organized 1929 Stinessen, Chr. Tobiassen, E. Stines-
sen, Chr. Tobiassen, 0. Udbilirg, T.
Territory: North Norway. S. Valen.
Population: 793,422; churches, 28; Licensed Minister: A. A. Andreassen.
members, 973.
Licensed Missionaries:
Office Address: Kjopmannsgt. 28, Trond-
heim, Norway. R. Abrahamsen, Ruth Andersen,
Borgh. Fulsebakke, Mina Jacobsen,
Officers: Magnus Larsen, Ingeb. Londal, P. M.
President, L. Saeboe-Larsen. Myhre, 0. K. Naerland, Elise Nagle-
Sec.-Treas., Borghild Fulsebakke,. stad, Helga Pedersen, 0. Wiik.
Auditor, A. C. Christensen, Church School Teachers:
Executive Committee: L. Saeboe-Lar- Lina Mordahl, Charles Wang.
sen, A. Aalmo, Haakon Flak, 0.
Frenning, Paul Frivold, S. H. Mykle-
bust, R. Wiiklund.
Departmental Secretaries:
Field Missionary, Home Missionary,
Sabbath School, and Y. P. M. V., Organized 1880; Reorganized 1931
0. Frenning.
Ordained Ministers: Territory: West Denmark (Jylland and
0. Frenning, J. A. Tillgren, L. Sae-
boe-Larsen. Population: 2,054,526; churches, 37;
Licensed Ministers: members, 1,565.
Paul Frivold, J. Reichelt, L. K. To- Office Address: Norre Alle 30, Aarhus,
biassen. Denmark.
Licensed Missionary: Officers:
Borghild Fulsebakke. President, H. Muderspach.
Secretary-Treasurer, Alf. Berg.
Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Executive Committee: H. Muderspach,
SOUTH NORWAY CONFERENCE H. A. Hansen, T. Kristensen, B. Ol-
sen, E. Ostedgaard, E. Rasmussen.
(Formerly a part of the Norway Con- G. Westman.
ference, organized in 1887 ; divided and Departmental Secretaries:
reorganized in 1929.)
Field Missionary, 0. S. Sorensen.
Territory: South Norway. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., Frede Nielsen.
Population: 2,093,348; churches, 43;
members, 2,530. Ordained Ministers:
Cable Address: "Sunnhetsbladet," Oslo, A. Guldhammer, I. W. Christiansen.
Norway. Thv. Kristensen, H. Muderspach,
Frede Nielsen, G. E. Westman.
Office Address: Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Licensed Minister: Mogens Bakke.
Norway. (Telephone, 22862.)
Officers: Licensed Missionaries:
President, T. Tobiassen. Else Christensen, David Guldhammer,
Sec.-Treas., R. Abrahamsen. Dorothea Praestiin, Noomi Rasmus-
Auditors, A. C. Christensen, P. Pet- sen.
Executive Committee: T. Tobiassen, Church School Teachers:
0. Haugvik, S. K. Johansen, Thv. Alice Christensen, Elinor Christian-
Paulsen, 0. Schibstad, L. J. Stene, sen, Ewald Guldhammer, Ellen Niel-
E. Stinessen. sen, Marie Schmidt, Anna Simonsen.
Entered 1928 Entered 1927

Territory: The French Cameroons, Ou- Territory: Republic of Liberia.

bangui-Chari, Middle Congo, Gabon. Population: 1,500,000; churches, 3 :
Spanish-Guinea, Fernando-Po, and members, 304.
neighboring islands.
Address: Konoli Mission, Post Kaka-
Population: 5,758,000 ; churches, 5 ; town, Monrovia, Liberia.
members, 982, including 14 Europe-
ans and 968 natives. Believers not Officers:
baptized, 2,168. Total adherents, Superintendent, J. J. Hyde, Sierra
3,150. Leone.
Postal Address: Mission Adventiste, Secretary-Treasurer, T. Ketola.
Nanga-Eboko, Via Doula, French Ordained Ministers:
Cameroons, West Africa.
N. S. During, I. W. Harding, T. Ke-
Officers: tola.
Superintendent, M. Fridlin. Licensed Missionaries:
Secretary, A. Cosendai.
Treasurer, M. Fridlin. J. H. Hallowanger, W. Helbig-Bar-
chu, S. Knowlden, S. Johnson, A.
Executive Committee: M. Fridlin, Z. Gboya, M. Sulonta, H. Headman,
Yeretzian, P. Benezech, A. Cosendai, John Morris, S. Molong, S. Muila,
I. Curmatureanu. Daago, Dimanke, Gbanya, Kekula-
Departmental Secretaries: Muila, Johnny Flumo, Mrs. T. Ke-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Z.
Yeretzian. Station Schools: 2.
Sabbath School, M. Fridlin. Village School: 1.
Ordained Ministers: Dispensary: 1.
P. Benezech, M. Fridlin, Z. Yeret-
Licensed Ministers: Konola Station
A. Cosendai, I. Curmatureanu, J. Established 1937
Mimbiang, A. Mpfoumi, D. Ndi, G. Address: Konola Mission, Post Kaka-
Ndongo. town', Monrovia, Liberiii.
Licensed Missionaries: Director: I. W. Harding.
S. Amboulou, F. Angoula, J. Assou, Station School: 1 ; Headmaster, I. W.
Mrs. P. Benezech, Mrs. A. Cosendai,
Mrs. I. Curmatureanu, S. De, S. Harding.
Ebo'o, A. Ekitike, Mrs. M. Fridlin, Dispensary: J. H. Hallowanger.
R. Hirschy, Mrs. R. Hirschy, J.
Medjo, M. Ndinga, A. Nion, Mrs. A.
Nion, S. Olinga, R. Otam, L. Ri-
bouem, Ph. Tanim, J. Tsalla, A. Liiwa Station
Yanga, Mrs. Z. Yeretzian.
Established 1931
Mission Schools: 4.
Address: Liiwa Mission, Post Kakatown,
Village Schools: 62. Monrovia, Liberia.
Teacher-Evangelists: 84. Director: M. Sulonta.

Mission Stations: Nanga-Eboko, Batouri,

Ndoumbi, Grand-Batanga, Metet.
Palmberg Station
Dispensaries: Nanga-Eboko, Ndoumbi, Established 1927
Address: S. D. A. Mission Palmberg.
" The administration of this field was Grand Bases, Liberia.
temporarily assigned to the Northern
European Division, June 8, 1941, by Director: N. S. During.
action of the General Conference Com- Station School: 1 ; Headmaster. N. S.
mittee. During.

Grand Bassa Station Departmental Secretaries:

Established 1938 Educational, J. J. Hyde.
Field Missionary and Sabbath School,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Grand
Bassa, Liberia. Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V.,
Director: N. S. During.
Ordained Ministers:
School: 1 ; Headmaster, N. S. During.
J. J. Hyde, S. C. Nicol, M. S. Wil-
liams, H. Wilson.
Honorary: H. E. A. Lynch.
Monrovia Station Licensed Ministers:
Established 1942 African: J. B. Leigh, J. B. Terry,
D. B. Thomas.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Monrovia,
Liberia. Licensed Missionaries:
Director: T. Ketola. J. F. Amara, L. M. Bangura, D. S.
Conteh, S. F. During, J. U. Foray,
L. T. Gbandeba, W. E. Harding, M.
M. Kamanda, A. 0. Kennick, S. Sao -
NORTHERN FRENCH CAMEROONS Lamina, J. Mbakpoh, J. S. Myers, S.
M. Sanko, J. Vandi, Mrs. J. J. Hyde.
Entered 1931; Reorganized 1933
Territory: That part of the French INSTITUTIONS
Cameroons north of latitude 10, and Educational:
the colony of French Equatorial Af-
rica north of latitude 10, Chad. Baltic Union School, Brivibas iela 11,
Riga, Latvia.
Population: 1,300,000; church, 1 ; mem- Bekwai Training School, Box 45,
bers, 103. Bekwai, Via Takoradi, Gold Coast,
West Africa.
Office Address: Mission Adventiste, Ma- Danish Mission School (Vejlefjord
roua, French Cameroons, West Africa. Hojskole), Daugaard St.,Denmark.
Superintendent: R. H. Bergstrom. Estonian Training Schoo, Tallinn,
Licensed Minister: R. H. Bergstrom. Finland S. D. A. Mission School,
Licensed Missionaries: Hiirla, PiikkiO, Finland.
Girls' School, Aba, S. E. Nigerian
European: Mrs. R. H. Bergstrom. Mission, Nigeria, West Africa.
African : J. E. Bikoe. Ibadan Training School, Box 19,
Station School: 1. Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa.
Teacher and Evangelists: 6. Liberian Mission School, Konola Mis-
sion, Post Kakatown, Monrovia,
Newbold Missionary College, Pack-
wood Haugh, Packwood, near Hock-
SIERRA LEONE MISSION ley Heath, Warwickshire, England.
Norway, S. D. A. Mission School,
Territory: Sierra Leone, Gambia, French Algarheim, Norway.
Guinea. Swedish Missionary School, EkebY-
holm, Rimbo, Sweden.
Population: 4,810,455 ; churches, 13 ;
members, 501. Publishing:
Cable Address: Advent, Waterloo, Sierra British Publishing House, Staribor-
Leone. ough Press Ltd., Stanborough Park,
Watford, Herts., England.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Waterloo, Copenhagen Publishing House, Suo-
Sierra Leone, .West Africa. misvej 5, Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
Estonian Publishing House, Mere-
Officers: puiestee 14a, Tallinn, Estonia.
Superintendent, J. J. Hyde. Finland Publishing House, Annegatan
Secretary-Treasurer, J. J. Hyde. 7, Helsingfors, Finland.
Iceland S. D. A. Publishing House,
Executive Committee: J. J. Hyde, J. Box 262, Reykjavik, Iceland.
B. Leigh, S. C. Nicol, J. B. Terry, Latvian Publishing House, Brivibas
D. B. Thomas, H. Wilson. iela 11, Riga, Latvia.

Nigerian Press, Box 19, Ibadan, Nyhyttan Sanitarium, Nyhyttan,

Nigeria, West Africa. Jarnboas, Sweden.
Norwegian Publishing House, Akers-
gaten 74, Oslo, Norway. Food Companies:
Stockholm Publishing House, Tunnel-
gatan 25, Stockholm, Sweden. Copenhagen Food Factory, Baldersgade
14, Copenhagen, L., Denmark.
Granose Foods, Lt. (British Health
Depositories: Food Factory), Stanborough Park,
Advent Publishing Association, Sierra Watford, Herts., England.
Leone, West Africa.
Gold Coast, Weet Africa, S. D. A. Legal Associations:
Mission, Box 45, Bekwai. World Wide Advent Missions, Ltd.,
Lithuanian Depository, Vokieciu g-ve 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware, Eng-
57, Kaunas, Lithuania. land.
Southeast Nigeria Depository, S. D. A.
Mission, Box 41, Aba, Southern Baltic Union
Nigeria,' West Africa. Estonian Building Department, Mere-
puiestee 14a, Tallinn, Estonia.
Sanitariums: Riga Mission Property, Brivibas iela
Hultafors Sanitarium, Hultafors, 11, Riga, Latvia.
SIveden. British Union
Skodsborg Sanitarium, Skodsborg,
Denmark. British Advent Missions, Ltd., Wat-
Stanborough Park Sanitarium, Stan- ford, Herts., England.
borough Park, Watford, Herts., Granose Foods, Ltd., Stanborough
England. (Temporarily taken over Park, Watford; Herts., England.
by government.) Good Health Assn., Ltd., Stanborough
Park, Watford, Herts., England.
Summer Sanitariums: Stanborough Press, Ltd., Stanborough
Park, Watford, Herts., England.
Ekebyholm Summer Sanitarium,.
Rimbo, Sweden. East Nordic Union
Toivonlinna Summer Sanitarium,
Piikkio, Finland. Finland Mission Property, Annegaten
7, Helsingfors, Finland.
Treatment Rooms: Sanningens Harold Assn., Tunnel-
gatan 25, Stockholm, Sweden.
Batouri Dispensary, Mission Adven- Stockholm Mission Property, Tunnel-
tiste, Batouri, Cameroon, A. E. F. gatan 25, Stockholm, Sweden.
Fysisk Kuranstalt, St. Kongensgade
36-38, Copenhagen, K., Denmark. West Nordic Union
Hydro-Electric Institute, Annegatan 7,
Helsingfors, Finland. Aarhus Church Property, NOrreallee
Hydro-Electric Institute, Humlegards- 30, Denmark.
gatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden. Bergen Church Property, Sigurds-
Kurbadet, Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Nor- gaten 25, Bergen, Norway.
way. "Ebenezer," Suomisvej 5, Copenhagen,
Maroua Dispensary, Mission Adven- V., Denmark.
tiste, Maroua, Cameroon, A. E. F. Nordic Philanthropic Society, Skods-
Nanga-Eboko Dispensary, Mission Ad- borg, Denmark.
ventiste, Nanga-Eboko, Cameroon, Oslo S. D. A. Assn., Akersgaten 74,
A. E. F. Oslo, Norway.
Ndoumbi Dispensary, Mission Adven- Oslo Church Property, Akersgaten 74,
tiste, Ndoumbi, Cameroon, A. E. F. Oslo, Norway.
Organized 1916
Territory: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Dunn, R. R. Figuhr, L. B. Halliwell,
Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and E. N. Lugenbeal, L. D. Minner, L.
Ecuador, with the islands in the Pa- L. Lindbeck, Principals of the ad-
cific and Atlantic Oceans adjacent vanced training schools in the Divi-
thereto, comprising the Austral and sion.
South Brazil Union Conferences, and
the Inca, East Brazil, and North Publishing Department:
Brazil Union Missions. Secretary, J. C. Culpepper.
Population: 81,282,164 churches, 257 ; Members: E. Doehnert, M. I. Fay-
members, 34,486. ard, J. B. Johnson, F. B. Moore,
Manoel Soares, Luiz Waldvogel, Sam-
Cable Address: "Division," Buenos uel Weiss, Paulo Wensell.
Aires, Argentina.
Office Address: Virrey del Pino 3801, Sabbath School Department:
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South Secretary, E. M. Davis.
America. Members: L. B. Halliwell, C. E.
Officers: Lambeth, G. E. Stacey, Juan Riffel,
Santiago Schmidt.
President, R. R. Figuhr.
Secretary, H. 0. Olson. Young People's Missionary Volunteer
Treas. and Auditor, F. L. Harrison. Department:
Transportation Agent: F. L. Harri-
son. Secretary, N. W. Dunn.
Executive Committee: It. R. Figuhr, Members: L. B. Halliwell, E. R.
R. W. Belz, J. L. Brown, J. C. Cul- Maas, Leon Replogle, G. E. Stacey.
pepper, E. M. Davis, E. Doehnert,
N. W. Dunn, L. B. Halliwell, F. L. Religious Liberty:
Harrison, J. B. Johnson, L. D. Min- Secretary, R. It. Figuhr.
ner, H. 0. Olson, D. Peixoto, T. W.
Steen. Radio Commission:
Secretary, L. H. Lindbeck.
Educational Department:
Secretary, N. W. Dunn. Ordained Ministers:
Members: C. D. Christensen, Walton J. C. Culpepper, E. M. Davis, N. W.
J. Brown, E. R. Maas, H. C. Morton, Dunn, R. R. Figuhr, L. H. Lindbeck,
D. Peixoto, Leon Replogle, 0. E. H. 0. Olson.
Santo, G. E. Stacey, T. W. Steen.
Licensed Minister: F. L. Harrison.
Home Missionary Department:
Secretary, E. M. Davis. Licensed Missionaries:
Members: L. B. Halliwell, Juan Esther M. Adams, J. D. Cornell, Mrs.
Riffel, C. E. Lambeth, Santiago J. D. Cornell, Mrs. J. C. Culpepper,
Schmidt, Samuel Weiss. Mrs. E. M. Davis, Mrs. N. W. Dunn,
Ministerial Association: W. Everist, Marjorie Fields, Mrs. R.
R. Figuhr, Raguel V. Genanian,
Secretary, H. 0. Olson. Leon Harder, Mrs. Leon Harder,
Members: R. W. Belz, J. L. Brown, Mrs. F. L. Harrison, Mrs. L. H. Lind-
J. C. Culpepper, E. M. Davis, N. W. beck, Mrs. H. 0. Olson.


Organized 1906
Territory: The Buenos Aires, Chile, and Telegraphic Address: "Union Austral,"
Central Argentine Conferences; and Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires.
the Cuyo, North Argentine, and Uru-
guay Missions. Office Address: Calle V. Vergara 3227,
Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires,
Cable Address: Division (Para Austral), Argentina, South America. (Tele-
Buenos Aires, South America. phone, 741Florida--236.)

Population: 21,320,007 churches, 104 ; Population: 6,601,690; churches, 16;

members, 8,800. members, 1,444.
Officers: Office Address: Uriarte 2429, Buenos
President, E. N. Lugenbeal. Aires, Argentina, South America.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. Wagner. (Telephone, Palermo (71) 3904.)
Executive Committee: E. N. Lugen- Officers:
heal, E. Almonte, C. Becker, P. M. President, Walter Schubert.
Brouchy, J. B. Johnson, E. R. Maas, Secretary-Treasurer, Alfredo Bellido.
F. B. Moore, G. E. Norris, Juan
Riffel, N. Soto, W. Schubert, T. W. Executive Committee: W. Schubert,
Steen, J. Wagner, N. Wensell, C. E. A. Aeschlimann, F. Astoviza, A. Bel-
Westphal, H. J. Westphal. lido, E. Brooks, J. Ferri, D. Ham-
merly, F. Leeds, Benj. Riffel.
Departmental Secretaries:
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., E. R.
Maas. Book and Bible House, Alfredo Bel-
Field Missionary, F. B. Moore. lido.
Medical, C. E. Westphal. Educational, E. R. Maas.
Sabbath School and Home Mission- Field Missionary, Benj. Riffel.
ary, Juan Riffel. Sabbath School, Home Missionary,
and Y. P. M. V., A. Aeschlimann.
Ordained Ministers:
Ordained Ministers:
E. Brooks, W. A. Ernenputsch, J.
B. Johnson, J. D. Livingston, E. N. A. Aeschlimann, A. Ascione, J. A.
Lugenbeal, E. R. Maas, F. B. Moore, Bonjour, J. Ferri, D. Hammerly, E.
Juan Riffel, T. W. Steen, J. Wagner. Lautaret, W. Schubert.
Honorary: A. M. Buzugherian, Luis Licensed Ministers:
Ernst, Camilo Gil, M. Gnadjin, I. G. Cammarata, A. Mayer, F. Scar-
Kalbermatter, G. D. Klatt, C. E. cella.
Krieghoff, M. Leytes, S. Mangold,
E: W. Thomann, V. E. Thomann. Licensed Missionaries:
Licensed Ministers: A. Bellido, Rene Chaskelis, Amelia
Chiocchio, Elena Dupertuis, Elise
F. Chaij, F. G. Drachenberg, M. I. Ferri, 0. Feyling, L. Gambetta, J.
Fayard, Ner Soto. Kalbermatter, M. de Paredes, Fran-
Licensed Missionaries: cisco Piro, D. Rhys, Benj. Riffel,
Jose Riffel, Juan Tabuenca.
V. Ampuero, Mrs. Carl Becker, 0.
Biaggi, Mrs. E. Brooks, Mrs. Cleo H. Church School Teachers:
de Brouchy, Mrs. M. C. de Papasian, Hedwig Bismarck, Mrs. D. Brooks,
Mrs. M. T. de Rubatto, Mrs. W. A. Adela Dupertufs, Magdalena Gurian,
Ernenputsch, G. Ernst, Mrs. M. I. Victoria Machain, Mrs. Adele de
Fayard, S. Ferri, P. Szent Galy, M. Rhys, Sara Vazquez.
Hammerly, Mrs. J. B. Johnson, R.
Kalbermatter, Mrs. J. D. Livingston,
Mrs. E. N. Lugenbeal, Mrs. E. R.
Maas, Mrs. F. B. Moore, G. E. Nor-
ris, Mrs. G. E. Norris, Sara Rode, CENTRAL ARGENTINE CON-
Mrs. W. Schubert, Mrs. T. W. Steen, FERENCE
Mrs. I. M. Vacquer, Mrs. J. Wagner,
C. E. Westphal, Mrs. C. E. Westphal, Organized 1921
Mrs. H. J. Westphal, J. Zevallos.
Honorary: J. A. Ayvazian, Mrs. Territory: Provinces of Entre Rfos,
Lydia G. de Oppegard, Mrs. C. Mil- Santa Fe, and Cordoba.
ner, Fecund() Olavarria, G. B. Replo- Population: 3,600,000; churches, 21;
gle, T. E. Saviano. members, 2,054.
Office Address: Cervantes 144, Parana,
Entre Rios, Argentina, South Amer-
ica. (Telephone, 10671, Parana.)
Organized 1921
President, Carl Becker.
Territory: City of Buenos Aires, Prov- Secretary-Treasurer, Ernesto Steger.
ince of Buenos Aires, Territories of Executive Committee: C. Becker,
La Pampa, Rio Negro, Neuquen, Chu- David. Badenas, Nicolas Chaij, Felipe
but, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fu- Sittner, Ernesto Steger, S. C. Weber,
ego, also the Falkland Islands. J. Weiss, G. Krieghoff.

Departmental Secretaries: Licensed Ministers:

Book and Bible House, Ernesto Ste- W. E. Aeschlimann, E. Arias, R.
ger. Block, J. C. Castellano, G. E. Em-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., G. menegger, S. Fayard, A. H. Riffel,
Krieghoff. Louis Rojas, S.
Field Missionary, Nicolas Chaij. Licensed Missionaries:
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Felipe Sittner. M. Acufia, B. Almonte,.D. L. Biaggi,
A. Cameron, Atilio Gianelli, 0.
Ordained Ministers: Ibarbe, L. de Ibarbe, E. Marinkovic,
V. C. Aeschlimann, Carl Becker, P. Mora,, E. E. Pidoux, Mrs. R. de
Godofredo Block, Daniel Feder, Wil- Riffel, J. Schmied, Mrs. N. de
liam Schaeffier, Felipe Sittner, S. C. Schmied, H. Vyhmeister.
Weber. Church School Teachers:
Licensed Ministers: C. Alarcon, F. de Araya, E. Bustos,
Nicolas. Chaij, Jose Tabuenea, P. R. N. Cespedes, A. Ferraresi, R. Flores,
Tabuenca. A. Foppiano, M. Maquieira, Z. Pob-
lete, J. G. de Roldan.
Licensed Missionaries:
Victor Boanous, G. Krieghaff, Manuel
Nestares, E. Steger, Mrs. Jose Ta-
Church School Teachers: Organized 1943
E. E. de Baum, J. Bernet, H. Bern- Territory: Provinces of Mendoza, La
hardt, E. Cardozo, I. Hardy, J. Rioja, Catamarca, San Juan, and San
Roscher, S. Zurigian. Luis in Argentina.
Population: 1,046,484 ; churches, 2 ;
members, 206.
CHILE CONFERENCE Office Address: 25 de Mayo 1323, Men-
doza, Argentina, South America.
Organized 1907
Territory: Republic of Chile. Director, P. M. Brouchy.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. E. Thoman.
Population: 4,974,726 ; churches, 37
members, 2,764. Executive Committee: P. M. Brouehy,
A. Berchin, E. T. Block, J. D. Rep-
Cable Address: "Adventists," Santiago, logle, A. E. Thoman.
Chile, South America.
Departmental Secretaries:
Office Address: Porvenir 58, Santiago, Book and Bible House, A. E. Tho-
Chile, South America (Telephone,
Auto. 51748.) man.
Educational, P. M. Brouchy.
Postal Address: Casilla 2830, Santiago, Field Missionary and Home Mission-
Chile, South America. ary, J. D. Replogle.
.Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., A.
Officers: E. Thoman.
President, Eliel Almonte.
Secretary-Treasurer, G. E. Emmeneg- Ordained Ministers:
ger. A. Berchin, P. M. Brouchy, E. T.
Executive Committee: E. Almonte, Block, J. D. Replogle.
W. E. Aeschlimann, E. Arias, J. C. Licensed Missionaries:
Castellano, G. E. Emmenegger, L.
A. Griott, A. Herrera, A. H. Riffel. A. T. de Brouchy, Danton Larravide,
A. E. Thoman.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Emeterio
Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. E. NORTH MISSION
Aeschlimann. Organized 1906
Field Missionary, J. C. Castellano.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Territory: The Provinces of Santiago
Ernesto Marinkovic. del Estero, Salta, Tucuman, Jujuy
and Corrientes, and the Territories of
Ordained Ministers: Misiones, Chaco, Formosa and Los
E. Almonte, F. Arriagada, C. H. Andes in the Republic of Argentina,
Mayr, L. A. Rojas, L. A. Griott. ' and the Republic of Paraguay.

Population: 3.642,125; churches, 14; URUGUAY MISSION

members, 1,195. Organized 1906
Office Address: Carlos Pellegrini 1645, Territory: The Republic of Uruguay.
Corrientes, Argentina, South Amer- Population: 2,300,000 ; churches, 13;
ica. members, 1,101.
Officers: Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
ventista," Montevideo, Uruguay.
President, Niels Wensell.
Secretary-Treasurer, Claudio Krieg- Office Address: Avda. Italia 2360, Mon-
hoff. tevideo, Uruguay, South America.
(Telephone, 43-5-83.)
Executive Committee: N. Wensell, F.
Bordt, S. Brack, C. Krieghoff, J. F. Officers:
Sittner, I. M. Vacquer. Director, H. J. Westphal.
Secretary-Treasurer, D. J. Weiss.
Departmental Secretaries: Executive Committee: H. J. Westphal,
Book and Bible House, Claudio B. Bustos, J. Ernst, E. Gmelin, P.
Krieghoff. R. Gomez, A. Hammerlyl, M. Rasi. D.
Educational, Home Missionary, Sab- J. Weiss. -
bath School and Y. P. M. V., J. F. Departmental Secretaries:
Field Missionary, Jorge Riffel. Book and Bible House, S. Alberro.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., H. J.
Ordained Ministers: Cairus.
W. Polishuk, I. M. Vacquer, N. Wen- Field Missionary, P. R. G6mez.
sell. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
M. Rasi.
Licensed Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
Roberto Otto, J. F. Sittner, E. M. H. P. Beskow, B. Bustos, M. Pidoux,
Torreblanca. H. J. Westphal.
Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Missionaries:
J. H. Cairus, P. R. Gomez, M. Rasi.
D. Fischer, C. Krieghoff.
Licensed Missionaries:
Church School Teachers: S. Alberro, S. Bernhardt, Ida Beskow,
Esther Iuorno, Celsa Vazquez, D. J.
Edmundo MThlitz, Cristosa Diaz, Weiss.
Dorer B. Feiock, V. Kalbermatter,
L. C. de Lavoy, I. Leytes, D. Leich- Church School Teachers:
ner, F. Masloff, T. Ramos, C. Busso. Encarnacion Ramos, Josefa Ramos.


Organized 1919

Territory: Federal District and the tellani, E. Doehnert, G. F. Ebinger,

States of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Ge- A. C. Harder, D. Peixoto, L. Rep-
rais, Espirito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe, logle, C. C. Schneider, S. Schmidt,
Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraiba, Rio K. H. F. Tulaszewski, F. Vegele, P.
Grande do Norte. E. Wensell, R. J. Wilfarth.
Population: 25,962,157; churches, 48; Departmental Secretaries:
members, 5,279.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Leon
Cable Address: "Adventists," Rio de Replogle.
Janeiro. Field Missionary, P. E. Wensell.
Postal and Office Address: Rua Lopes Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Trovao 84, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, S. Schmidt.
Brazil, South America. Medical, C. C. Schneider.
Officers: Ordained Ministers:
Superintendent, J. L. Brown. J. L. Brown, W. J. Brown, Leon
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, F. Replogle, S. Schmidt, C. C. Schneider.
Executive Committee: J. L. Brown, Licensed Ministers:
J. H. Boehm, W. J. Brown, 0. Cas- F. Vegele, P. E. Wensell.

Licensed Missionaries: Office Address: Rua Gervasio Pires 717,

J. Bork, Mrs. J. L. Brown, Mrs. W. J. Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.
Brown, I. Carvalhaes, Miss E. Her- Postal Address: Caixa Postal 378, Re-
manson, J. dos Passos, J. Monteiro, cife, Pernambuco, Brazil.
Mrs. L. Replogle, Mrs. S. Schmidt,
Mrs. C. C. Schneider, Mrs. F. Vegele, Officers:
Mrs. P. E. Wensell. Director, Oscar Castellani.
Legal Association: "Associacao da Uniao Secretary-Treasurer, M. Fuhrmann.
Este Brasileira dos Adventistas do Executive Committee: 0. Castellani,
Setimo Dia." R. C. Araujo, M. Fuhrmann, W. W.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House and Sabbath
Reorganized 1937 School, M. Fuhrmann,
Field Missionary, R. C. Araujo.
Territory: States of Bahia and Sergipe. Home Missionary, Educational, and
Population: 5,027,157; churches, 3; Y. P. 'M. V., Jairo Araujo.
members, 809. Ordained Ministers:
Telegraphic Address: Adventista, Bahia. 0. Castellani, W. W. Stoehr.
Office Address: Rua Alvora Tiberius 68, Licensed Ministers:
Cidade do Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Jairo T. Araujo, C. Carvalho, Israel
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 198, Ci- Zorub.
dade do Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Licensed Missionaries:
Officers: R. C. Araujo, M. Fuhrmann.
Director, G. F. Ebinger. Church School Teachers:
Secretary-Treasurer, 0. M. Groeschel. Zulmira Moraes,- Angelina Ramos,
Executive Committee: 'G. F. Ebinger, Lourdes Tavares, Milton Pinheiro,
0. M. Groeschel, Jorge Hoyler, S. M. Cremilda Tavares, Ivete Ribeiro, Jose
Oliveira, P. Seidl. Paulo.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, 0. M. Groe- RIO-ESPIRITO SANTO MISSION
Field Misisonary, S. M. Oliveira. Established 1919
Home Missionary, G. F. Ebinger. Territory: State of Espirito Santo and
Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., and
Educational, P. Seidl. the northern part of the State of Rio
de Janeiro, northeastern part of the
Ordained Ministers: State Minas Gerais, part of the State
G. F. Ebinger, Jorge Hoyler. of Bahia south of Rio Jequitinhonha.
Licensed Minister: P. Seidl. Population: 2,200,000 ; churches, 24 ;
members, 2,022.
Licensed Missionaries:
Telegraphic Address: Adventistas, Vi-
Cyro P. Cunha, 0. M. Groeschel, J. toria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
Burgos, J. Carvalho, Mrs. P. Seidl.
Office Address: Rua Graciano Neves 250,
Church School Teachers: Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
A. G. Lyra, Hilda Groeschel, Josef a Postal Address: Caixa Postal 233, Vi-
Ludevice, Lordes Ludevice, Albertina tOria, Espirito Santo, Brazil, South
Pereira, Ruth Rodrigues, Eunice Ra- America.
mos, Moises Santos.
Director, A. C. Harder.
Secretary-Treasurer, E. Ebinger.
Executive -Committee: A. C. Harder,
Reorganized 1937 Americo Coelho, E. Ebinger, J. J.
Territory: States of Alagoas, Pernam-
buco, Paraiba, Rio Grande do Norte. Departmental Secretaries:
Population: 6,405,000 ; churches, 6 ; Book and Bible House, E. Ebinger.
members, 847. Educational, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V.,
Telegraphic Address: Adventistas, Re- Field Missionary, J. M. Zeroth.
cife. Home Missionary,

Ordained Ministers: Officers:

A. L. Meier, R. M. Rabello. Director, J. H. Boehm.
Honorary: K. Kaltenheuser. Secretary-Treasurer, J. P. Lobo.
Executive Committee: J. H. Boehm,
Licensed Missionaries: J. P. Lobo, J. Baracat, E. Roth, R.
E. Ebinger, Mrs. K. Kaltenheuser, J. Wilfarth.
G. G. Oliveira, W. Reisner, Hilda
Weber, G. Ludwig, J. Florencio, Mrs. Departmental Secretaries:
A. C. Harder, J. M. Zeroth. Book and Bible House, E. Bergold.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., M. Ost.
Church School Teachers: Field Missionary, J. J. Oliveira.
Ph. Assumpcao, Candida dos Anjos;. Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Celina Barcelos, M. J. Correa, Elza E. Roth.
Gutzeit, Augusta Ludwig, Celia
Melos, Anna Monteiros, Genf S. Oli- Ordained Ministers:
veira, Alice Rockel, Sebastiana San- J. Baracat, J. H. Boehm, Julio Mi-
tos, Antonio Correa, Norival Souza, lian, M. Ost, E. Roth, Nelson
Balardino Tavares, Adelina Will. Schwantes, J. H. F. Tulaszewski, R.
J. Wilfarth.
Licensed Minister:
Honorary: M. Alencar.
Established 1931
Licensed Missionaries:
Territory: The State of Minas Gerais H. S. Bergold, Mrs. J. H. Boehm,
except Southwest corner of the State; J. P. Lobo, Mrs. K. H. F. Tulas-
the Southern part of the State of Rio zewski, Hilda Silva, J. J. Oliveira.
de Janeiro and Federal District. Honorary: Mrs., Regina Braga.
Population: 12,330,000; churches, 16 ;
members, 1,601. Church School Teachers:
0. A. Andrada, E. Braun, Miss M.
Telegraphic Address: Adventistas, Rio Ferreira, Miss E. Hermanson, Walde-
de Janeiro. mar Queiroz, Martha Rocco, Mrs.
Office Address: Rua Mattoso 161, Rio de Maria Stuart, E. M. Teles, Marfa
Janeiro, Brazil. (Tel. 28-7796.) Vieira, Antonio Valentim, Geraldo do
Carmo, Irena Santos, Jose .Lugao,
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 768, Rio Zoe Garcia, Antonio Lisboa, A. Gon-
de Janeiro, Brazil, South America. calves, Neusa Gomez.


Organized 1914

Territory: The Bolivia, Ecuador, Lake Executive Committee: L. D. Minner,

Titicaca, Peru, and Upper Amazon P. H. Barnes, C. D. Christensen, R.
Missions. A. Hayden, H. C. Morton, Juan
Plenc, G. F. Ruf, G.E. Stacey, B. L.
Population: 12,500,000 ; churches, 45 ; Thompson, A. M. Tillman, Samuel
members, 10,227. Weiss.
Cable Address: "Incaunion," Lima, Departmental.Secretaries:
Peru. Educational and Y. P. M. V., G. E.
Telegraphic Address: "Incaunion," Mi- Stacey.
raflores, Field Missionary, Samuel Weiss.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School,
Office Address: Avda. Comandante Es-
pinar 670, Miraflores, Lima, Peril,
South America. Ordained Ministers:
C. D. Christensen, C. E. Fillman, R.
Postal Address: Casilla 1003, Lima, L. Jacobs, L. D. Minner, M. F.
Peru, South America. Perez, G. E. Stacey, Samuel Weiss.
Officers: Licensed Ministers:
Superintendent, L. D. Minner. A. J. Alva, P. H. Barnes, J. I.
Secretary-Treasurer, P. H. Barnes. Hartman.

Licensed Missionaries: Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-

Mrs. C. D. Christensen, H. V. Es- ventista," Quito.
pino, Mrs. C. E. Fi11rnan, Mrs. J. I. Office Address: Ciudadela Jardin 46,
Hartman, Mrs. R. L. Jacobs, Mrs. Quito, Ecuador.
L. D. Minner, Mrs. M. F. Perez, It.
N. Rojas, Mrs. It. N. Rojas, Mrs. G. Postal Address: Casilla 44, Quito, Ecua-
E. Stacey. dor, South America.
BOLIVIA MISSION Director, B. L. Thompson.
Secretary-Treasurer, B. L. Thompson.
Established '1907 Executive Committee: B. L. Thomp-
Territory: Republic of Bolivia. South son, E. Aeschlimann, Julio Espinosa,
America. S. Kalbermatter.
Population: 3,282,736; churches, 7: Departmental Secretaries:
members, 1,790. Educational, Sabbath School, and Y.
P. M. V., B. L. Thompson.
Office Address: Esquino Pedro Garcia y Field Missionary, E. Aeschlimann.
20 de Octubre, La Paz, Bolivia. Home Missionary, S. Kalbermatter.
Postal Address: Casilla 355, La Paz, Ordained Ministers:
Bolivia, South America.
J. E. Espinoza, B. L. Thompson.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Adven-
tista, La Paz, Bolivia. Licensed Ministers:
Officers: E. Aeschlimann, S. Kalbermatter.
Director, Juan Plenc. Licensed Missionaries:
Secretary-Treasurer, R. G. Mote.
Mrs. E. Aeschlimann, Mrs. S. Kalber-
Executive Committee: Juan Plenc, matter, Mrs. B. L. Thompson.
R. G. Mote, R. C. Floren, S. M.
Leon, W. R. Robinson.
Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, R. G. Mote. LAKE TITICACA MISSION
Field Missionary, S. M. LeOn. (Mision del Lago Titicaca)
Home Missionary, Juan Plenc.
Medical, R. C. Floren. Established 1916
Sabbath School, Educational, and
Y. P. M. V., W. R. Robinson. Territory: Departments of Puno, Cuzco.
Apurimac, Arequipa, Moquega, Tacna,
Ordained Minister: Juan Plenc. and Madre de Dios in Peru.
Licensed Ministers:
Churches: 12; members, 5,866.
R. C. Floren, W. R. Robinson.
Licensed Missionaries: Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
ventista," Puno,
Arturo Arauzo, Otilia Camacho, Mrs.
R. C. Floren, M. Isidro, Mrs. M. Office Address: Calle Lima No. 21,
Isidro, Segundo Leon, Mrs. Segundo Puno,
Leon, Clarita Linares, I. Mamani, J.
N. Perez, Mrs. J. N. Perez, P. Postal Address: Casilla 85, Puno,
Perez, Mrs. Juan Plenc, Mrs. W. R. South America.
Robinson, Armando Ruiz, Mrs. Ar-
mando Ruiz, R. G. Mote, Mrs. It. G. Officers:
Mote, Daniel Utz, Mrs. Daniel Utz. Director, A. M. Tillman.
Honorary: Mateo Urbina. Secretary-Treasurer, E. C. Christie.
Interne, Daniel Iuorno. Executive Committee: A. M. Tillman,
E. C. Christie, Andres Achata, H. C.
Morton, C. R. Potts, I. Ramos, A. E.
Departmental Secretaries:
Established 1906 Book and Bible House, E. C. Christie.
Territory: Republic of Ecuador, South Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Sab-
America. bath School, Andres Achata.
Field Missionary, Segundo Andrade.
Population: 2,922,000 ; churches, 3 ; Home Missionary, A. M. Tillman.
members, 130. Medical. C. R. Potts.

Ordained Ministers: Licensed Missionaries:

Mariano Sosa, Benigno Chavarria.
William Goransson, H. C. Morton, S.
C. Pritchard, A. E. Sosa, A. M. Till- Indian Schools, 32; Indian teachers, 37.
Licensed Ministers: Plateria Mission Station
Luciano Chambe, Felipe Chambilla,
E. C. Christie, P. P. Leon, J. M. Address: MisiOn Adventists, Plateria.
Linares, Anselmo Maquera, Marce- Peru.
lino Pacco, C. R. Potts, I. Ramos, Director: Bernabe Montero.
L. R. Wilkins: Licensed Minister: Luciano Chambi.
Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Missionary:
Victor Achata, Anita Angulo, C. Cipriano Cacallaca.
Cacallaca, Mrs. E. C. Christie, M. Indian Schools, 4 ; Indian teachers, 4.
Huayllara, P. P. Leon, Mrs. Ana A.
Marker, Enrique Marker, Mrs. C. R.
Potts, Mrs. I. Ramos, C. E. Schmidt, Pomata Mission Station
Mrs. C. E. Schmidt, Mrs. L. R. Wil-
kins, Bernabe Montero, Gregorio Address: Estacion Misionera, Pomata,
Director: Anselmo Maquera.
Arequipa Mission Station Licensed Missionary: G. Zapana.
Address: Casilla 252, Arequipa, Peru. Indian Schools, 7: Indian teachers, 7.
Director: S. C. Pritchard.
Licensed Missionaries: Puno Mission Station
Mrs. S. C. Pritchard, Tomas Curazi. Address: Casilla 85, Puno,
Director: J. I. Hartman.
Licensed Missionaries:
Ilave Mission Station
Mrs. J. I. Hartman, Juan Calsino.
Address: Mision Adventista, Ilave,
Director: Cristobal Chavarria. Sandia Mission Station
Licensed Missionaries: Address: Mision Adventista, Sandia,
Cristobal Chavarria, Antonio Condori, Peru.
Indian Schools, 6: Indian teachers, 6. Director: Pedro N. Neira.
Licensed Missionaries:
Juliaca Mission Station P. N. Neira, Manuel Pacori.
Indian Schools, 2; Indian teachers, 3.
Address: Casilla 4, Juliaca,
Director: H. C. Morton.
Sub-director: Pedro Quispe. Tacna Mission Station
Licensed Missionaries: Address: Casilla 146, Tacna, Peru.
Mrs. H. C. Morton. Pedro Quispe, Director: J. M. Linares.
Augustine Quispe.
Indian School, 1 ; Indian teacher, 1. Umuchi Mission Station
Address: Mision Adventista, Moho.
Laro Mission Station Perd.
Address: Mision Adventista, Laro. Director: Felipe Chambilla.
Per& Licensed Missionary:
Director: Ascencio Sosa. Martin E. Velasquez.
Sub-director: Justo P. Yapo. Indian Schools, 14; Indian teachers, 19.
Licensed Missionaries:
Justo P. Yapo, Mariano Chambi,
Pedro Arapa. Urcos Mission Station
Indian Schools. 4: Indian teachers, 4. Address: Casilla 223, Cuzco, Peru.
Director: William Goransson.
Piata Mission Station Licensed Missionaries:
Address: Mision Adventista, Huancam::, Mrs. William Goransson, Marcelino
Peru. Paco.
Director: Mariano Soss. Indian Schools, 2; Indian teachers,, 2.

PERU MISSION Postal Address: Casilla 240, Iquitos,

Peru, South America.
Established 1906
Office Address: Ave. Coronel Portillo
Territory: Republic of Peril, excepting No. 77, Iquitos, Peril.
the Departments making up the Lake
Titicaca and Upper Amazon Missions. Officers:
Churches: 16 ; members, 1,766. Director, R. A. Hayden.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. Manrique.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventista," Executive Committee: R. A. Hayden,
Miraflores, Lima Peru. Bernabe Chavez, A. Manrique, J. P.
Ramos, M. Portugal.
Office Address: Calle Colina 254, Mira-
Sores, Lima, Peril. Departmental Secretaries:
Postal Address: Casilla 1002, Lima, Educational and Sabbath School,
Peril, South America.
Publishing, M. Portugal.
Officers: Y. P. M. V., and Home Missionary,
R. A. Hayden.
Director, G. F. Ruf.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. E. Denehy. Ordained Ministers:
Executive Committee: G. F. Ruf, A. Bernabe Chavez, R. A. Hayden, J. P.
A. Alva, B. A. Larsen, J. E. Denehy, Ramos.
0. Krause, M. E. Aguilar.
Licensed Missionaries:
Departmental Secretaries: Israel Alomia, J. Chavez, D. del
Book and Bible House, J. E. Denehy. Aguila, L. Gomez, Mrs. R. A. Hay-
Educational, Sabbath School, and Y. den, A. Manrique, Mrs. A. Manrique,
P. M. V., M. E. Aguilar. R. Pacho.
Field Missionary. -.
Home Missionary, G. F. Ruf.
Ordained Ministers:
Alto Ucayali Mission Station
A. A. Alva, B. A. Larsen, 0. Krause,
G. F. Ruf. Address: Casilla 240, Iquitos, Peril.
Director: Jose Chavez.
Licensed Ministers: Indian Schools: 2; Indian teachers, 2.
Mateo Aguilar, Moises Tenorio.
Honorary: Ratll Chavez, Cayetano
Licensed Missionaries: Alto Huallaga Mission Station
J. E. Denehy, Mrs. J. E. Denehy, Address: Lamas, Peru.
Guillermo Bernal, Mrs. 0. Krause, Director: Bernabe Chavez.
Mrs. G. F. Ruf, J. C. Ruskjer, Mrs. Indian School: 1; teacher, 1.
J. C. Ruskjer, Mrs. B. A. Larsen.
Intern: Daniel Ramos.
Eben-Ezer Mission Station
Address: Contamana, Alto Ucayali,
Sutziki Mission Station Peru.
Address: Casilla 1002, Lima, Peru. Director: Rufino Pacho.
Director: J. C. Ruskjer. Indian School: 1; Indian teacher, 1.
Indian Schools, 2; Indian teachers, 2.

Huallaga Mission Station

Address: Yurimaguas,
Director: Dionisio del Aguila.
Organized 1927 - Indian School: 1; teacher, 1.
Territory: The Departments of Loreto,
San Martin, and Amazonas.
Churches: 7; members, 675. Moyobamba Mission Station
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Address: Moyobamba, Peru.
ventista," Iquitos, Peril. Director: Israel Alomia.
Organized 1936
Territory: States of Ceara, Piauhi, LOWER AMAZON MISSION
Maranhao, Para, Amazonas, and
Territory of Acre. Established 1927
Territory: Para, part of the State of
Population: 7,200,000; churches, 7 . Amazonas.
members, 587. Population: 2,200,000 ; churches, 3
Telegraphic Address: Adventists, Be- members, 395.
lem, Para, Brazil. Telegraphic Address: Adventista, Be-
lem, Para, Brazil.
Office Address: Rua Arcipreste Manoel
Teodoro 386, Belem, Para, Brazil Office Address: Rua Arcipreste Manoel
South America. (Telephone, 2794.) Teodoro 386, Belem, Para, Brazil,
South America. (Telephone, 2794.)
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 666, Be- Postal Address: Caixa Postal 658, Be-
lem, Para, Brazil, South America.
lem, Para, Brazil, South America.
Officers: Officers:
Director, L. B. Halliwell. Director, L. B. Halliwell.
Secretary-Treasurer, B. W. Steinweg. Secretary-Treasurer, B. W. Steinweg.
Departmental Secretary:
Ordained Ministers:
Book and Bible House, 13. W. Stein-
John Baerg, L. B. Halliwell, G. S. weg.
Storch, B. W. Steinweg.
Licensed Ministers:
Licensee-Missionaries: J. Gnutzmann, A. Carvalho.
Mrs. John Baerg, Mrs. L. B. Halli- Church School Teachers:
well, Mrs. B. W. Steinweg. J. Gnutzmann.


Established 1940 Territory: States of Ceara, Piaui,
Territory: Amazonas and Territory of
Acre. Population: 4,000,000 ; churches, 2 ;
members, 114.
Population: 1,000,000 ; churches, 2 ; Telegraphic Address: Adventists, For-
members, 78. taleza, Ceara, Brazil, South America.
Telegraphic Address: Adventists, Ma- Office Address: Rua Guilherme Rocha
naos, Amazonas, Brazil. 834, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil.
Office Address: Praca Oswaldo Cruz Postal Address: Caixa Postal 341, For-
139, Mangos, Amazonas, Brazil, South taleza, Ceara, Brazil, South America.
America. Officers:
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 243, Ma- Director, R. A. Wilcox.
naos, Amazonas, Brazil, South Amer- Secretary-Treasurer,
ica. Departmental Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, Mrs. R. A.
Officers: Wilcox.
Director, F. C. Pritchard. Field Missionary, J. Kattwinkle.
Secretary-Treasurer, Ordained Minister: R. A. Wilcox.
Licensed Minister: F. C. Pritchard. Licensed Missionaries:
J. Kattwinkle, Mrs. R. A. Wilcox, W.
Licensed Missionaries: Streithorst.
F. Garcia, Mrs. F. C. Pritchard. Church School Teacher: H. F. Tavares.
Organized 1911
Territory: The Conferences of Rio GOIANA-MINEIRA MISSION
' Grande do Sul, Parana.-Santa Cata-
rina and Sao Paulo, and the mission Established 1927
fields of Mato Grosso and Goiaz, in-
cluding the Minas Triangulo. Territory: The States of Goiaz and Mi-
nas Triangle, Brazil, South America.
Population: 14,300,000 ; churches, 53 ;
members, 9,592. Population: 812,354 ; churches, 2 ; mem-
Cable Address: "Adventista," Sao bers, 248.
Paulo, Brazil. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 60, Goi-
Telegraphic Address: "Uniao," Sao ania, Goiaz, Brazil, South America.
Office Address: Avenida Goiaz, Goiaz,
Office Address: Alameda Caetes No. 30, Brazil.
Bairro Indianopolis, sao Paulo, Bra-
zil, South America. (Do not send Officers:
mail here.) (Telephone, 7-3122.) Director, M. Margarido.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 2898, Sao Secretary-Treasurer,
Paulo, Brazil, South America. Executive Committee: M. Margarido,
Manoel Soares, Longino Niz, 0. G.
Officers: de Pinho.
President, Rodolpho Belz.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, P. Departmental Secretaries:
C. Beskow. Book and Bible House and Sabbath
Executive Committee: Rodolpho Belz, School,
P. C. Beskow, Q. Dau, E. Doehnert, Y. P. M. V., Home Missionary, and
C. E. Lambeth, J. R. Passos, D. Educational, M. Margarido.
Peixoto, F. M. Porto, G. G. Ritter, Ordained Minister: M. Margarido.
0. E. Santo, G. Streithorst, N.
Schwantes, Manoel Soares. Licensed Missionary: 0. G. de Pinho.
Departmental Secretaries: Church School Teachers:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Domingos Costa, Adelina F. Niz, Flor-
Field Missionary, Manoel Soares. ipes Moreno, Anadir Mainardi, Ju-
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, vencio Decol, Verner Frank.
C. E. Lambeth.
Ordained Ministers:
Rodolpho Belz, J. G. Garcia, C. E. MATO GROSSO MISSION
Lambeth, D. Peixoto, Luiz Waldvogel.
Honorary: John Lipke. Established 1921
Licensed Ministers: Territory: The State of Mato Grosso,
R. de A. Butler, Emilio Doehnert, Brazil.
Romeu R. Reis, F. M. Porto, P.
C. Beskow, Renato E. Oberg, S. Population: 1,000,000; churches, 4 ;
.Schwantes, Manoel Soares. members, 186.
Licensed Missionaries: Office Address: Rua Barao do Rio
Adolpho Bergold, Alfredo Bleck, Ro- Branco, esquina da Rua 24 de Fer-
salia Engel, Orion Fonseca, Dario ereiro.
GarCia, F. H. Gerling, Jose Gui-
maraes, Mrs. C. E. Lambeth, Al- Postal Address: Caixa Postal 146,
fredo P. Mendes, George W. Schmid- Campo Grande, Mato Grosso, Brazil,
bauer, B. E. Schuenemann, Mrs. 0. F. South America.
Silva, Albertina R. Simon, Freda Officers:
Trefz, Walter R. Wheeler, Mrs. W.
R. Wheeler, Alice Zorub. Director, Jose R. dos Passos.
Secretary-Treasurer, Joao de Deus
Honorary: A. Pages, E. Langen- Pinho.
Executive Committee: J. R. dos Pas-
Legal Assn.: "Uni5o Sul Brasileira dos sos, A. Barboza, Joao de Deus Pinho,
Adventistas do Setimo Dia." Oscar dos Reis.

Departmental Secretaries: Church School Teachers:

Book and Bible House, Sabbath Idilio Tschurtschenthaler, Anice Dau,
School, Home Missionary, and Field E. Avi, P. C. Braga, L. Duarte, Z.
Missionary, Joao de Deus Pinho. Krueger, N. Maurer, D. Paulo, E. W.
Y. P. M. V. and Educational, J. R. Paula, H. Perreira, L. Reinert, H.
dos Passos. Weber.
Ordained Minister: Jose R. dos Passos.
Licensed Minister: A. Barboza. RIO GRANDE DO SUL CONFERENCE
Honorary: Max Rohde. Organized 1906
Licensed Missionaries: Territory: The State of Rio Grande do
Joao de Deus Pinho, Oscar dos Reis. Sul, Brazil, South America.
Population: 5,000,000; churches, 21;
Church School Teachers: members, 2,669.
Renato Bivar, Rubens S. Ferreira,
Y. Karru. Telegraphic Address: "Adventista,"
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul,
PARANA-SANTA CATARINA Postal Address: Caixa Postal 177, Porto
CONFERENCE Alegra, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil,
South America.
Organized 1940 Office Address: Rua General Vitorino
Territory: States of Parana and Santa No. 77, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do
Catarina. Sul, Brazil, South America.
Population: 2,400,000; churches, 14 ;
members, 2,495. President, G. Streithorst.
Secretary-Treasurer, Gustavo Ber-
Telegraphic Address: "Adventistas," gold. (Temporary.)
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. Executive Committee: G. Streithorst,
Office Address: Rua Dr. Ermelino de Gustavo Bergold, Siegfried Hoffman,
Ledo No. 170, Curitiba, Parana, Bra- Araceli da Silveira, Dermival Stock-
zil, South America. (Do not send ier de Lima, 0. E. Santo.
mail here.) Departmental Secretaries:
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 810, Curi- Book and Bible House, Gustavo Ber-
tiba, Parana, Brazil, South America. gold.. (Temporary.)
Educational, 0. E. Santo.
Officers: Field Missionary, H. Ruhe.
President, Querino Dau. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Secretary-Treasurer, Wilson Avila. Y. P. M. V., II. Hoffmann.
Executive Committee: Q. Dau, E. R. Ordained Ministers:
Azevedo, W. R. da Silva, Antonio H. Hoffmann, S. Kuempel, Araceli
Jimenes, D. S. Lima, A. Rutz. da Silveira, G. Streithorst.
Departmental Secretaries: Honorary: H. F. Graf.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., D. S. Licensed Minister: Joao Linhares.
Lima. Licensed Missionaries:
Field Missionary, W. R. da Silva.
Home Missionary, Querino Dau. Roberto Acevedo, Herta Kaercher,
Sabbath School, F. H. Gerling. Gustavo Bergold, L. Gianini, I. Reis,
H. Rube, 0- E. Santo, E. Weidle.
Ordained Ministers: Church School Teachers: .
E. R. Azevedo, Querino Dau, W. Flora C. Azevedo, M. Braff, D. T.
Ehlers, D. S. Lima. Costa, E. Cruz, F. Ditberner, H.
Honorary: F. R. Kuempel, M. Kuem- Friedrich, M. R. Gonzales, Pedro
pel. Gonzales, H. 'Huff, A. Jaime, H.
Licensed Ministers: Knoener, W. Koehler, M. Kuempel,
L. Lutz, T. R. Oliveira, G. Oliveira,
A. Rutz, Boni Renck, Silas Gianini. W. Oliveira, J. M., Rabelo, R. S. San-
Honorary: C. Stoehr. tos, J. R. Silva, A. Silva, E. C. Silva,
B. Schuck, R. Schuck, D. D. Sob-
Licensed Missionaries: rinho.
W. Avila, W. R. da Silva, Gerardo Legal Assn.: "Associaego dos Advent-
Marski, A. Jimenes, M. Malty, Irene istas do Setimo Dia no Rio Grande
Tschurtschenthaler. do Sul."


Territory: The State of Sao Paulo, Educational:
South America. Colegio Adventists de Butia (Butia
Population: 8,500,000; churches, 12; Academy), Turvo, L. S. F., Santa
members, 3,994. Catarina, Brazil, South America.
Colegio Adventista del Plata (River
Telegraphic Address: "Adventists," Sao Plate Junior College), Puiggari, F.
Paulo, Brazil. C. E., Entre Rios, Argentina,
Office Address: Rua Tagui, No. 88, Sao South America.
Paulo, Brazil, South America. (Do Colegio Adventists del Titicaca (Lake
not send mail here.) (Telephone, Titicaca Training School), Casilla
7-1271.) 4, Juliaca, Peril, South America.
Colegio Industrial Adventists (Chil-
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 1830, Sao lan Training School), Casilla 7 D,
Paulo, Brazil, South America. Chillan, Chile, South America.
Colegio Adventists (Brazil Junior
Officers: College), Caixa Postal 3868, Sao
President, Germano G. Ritter. Paulo, Brazil, South America.
Secretary-Treasurer, Arno Schwantes. Ginasio Adventista (Taquara Acad-
Executive Committee: Germano G. emy), Taquara, Rio Grande do Sul,
Ritter, Arno Schwantes, Wandir Brazil, South America.
Arouca, Galdino Nunes Vieira, Moises Instituto Industrial (Lima Training
S. Nigri, Emanuel Zorub, Elias M. School), Casilla 2102, Lima, Peril,
Castilho. South America.
Instituto Teologico Adventists (East
Departmental Secretaries: Brazil Academy), Correas, Estado
Book and Bible House, Arno Schwan- do Rio, Brazil, South America.
tes. Instituto Industrial Boliviano (Bo-
Educational and Y. P. M. V.,'Moises livian Training School), Casilla 82,
S. Nigri. Cochabamba, Bolivia, South Amer-
Field Missionary, Willi Baranski. ica.
Home Missionary and Sabbath School, Instituto Bernadino Rivadavia (Bue-
Emanuel Zorub. nos Aires Academy), Estanislao del
Campo 1546, Florida, F. C. C. A.,
Ordained Ministers: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
G. G. Ritter, W. Arouca, E. M.
Castilho, E. Zorub, 0. R. , Azevedo, Publishing:
T. Kanada. Casa Editors Sudamericana, Florida,
Honorary: L. Braun. F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina, South America.
Licensed Ministers: Moises S. Nigri. Casa Publicadora Brasileira, Caixa
Honorary: F. Belz. Postal 34, Santo Andre, S. P. R.,
Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America.
Licensed Missionaries:
Arno Schwantes, Willi Baranski, Sanitariums and Hospitals:
Wady Bechara, Altino Martins, Jose Casa de Saude Liberdade (Sao Paulo
N. Siqueira, Oscar Lindquist, Naor Clinic), Rua Tamandare 495, Sao
Klein, Isaura Peixoto, Schichiro Ta- Paulo, Brazil, South America.
kadoi, Hertha Marcal, Josue de Luca, Clinics Juliaca (Juliaca Clinic), Ca-
Jorge Waiting, Galdino Nunes Vieira, silla 22, Juliaca, Peru, South Amer-
Waldemar Anversa, Berta Lipke. ica.
Honorary: Antonio Penha, Pedro Casa de Repouso White (Rio de Jan-
Faustino. eiro Clinic), Rua Lopes Trovao 84,
Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Church School Teachers: South America.
Alaide S. Neto, Elsa Meibach, Er- Sanatorio Adventists del Plata (River
dlio Morais, Piraja, D. Pinto, Maria Plate Sanitarium), .Puiggari, F. C.,
R. da Silva, Haidee"Castellani, Celisa E., Entre Rios, Argentina, South
Mota, Yoland Trezza, Israel Dama- America.
ceno Pimentel, Ester Maluf, Rut S. Sanatorio y Hospital de Sud Yungas
Wieira, Ludovico Martins, Antonio (Chulumani Sanitarium and Hospi-
A. Bronze, Efigenia A. Trigo, Lidia tal), Chulumani, Sud Yungas, Bo-
C. Siqueira, Melo F. Camargo, Silvia livia, South America.
Romero, Gilia Nobrega, Ester C. Sil-
veira, Barnardina Krueger, Raquel Medical Missionary Launches:
Silveira, Dina Apolinario, Enedina "Luzeiro II" (Light-bearer). Oper-
Queiroz, Silvestre Toddai. ates on the first thousand miles of

the Amazon River and its tribu- "El Auxiliadora" (Helper). Oper-
taries. L. B. Halliwell in charge, ates along that part of the Ama-
Mrs. L. B. Halliwell, nurse. Head- zon River which is in Peru. R. A.
quarters : Caixa Postal 658, Belem, Hayden in charge. Headquarters,
Brazil. Casilla 240, Iquitos, Peru.
"Luzeiro I." Operates on the second
thousand miles of the Amazon Food Company:
River and its tributaries. F. C. Alimentos Granix, Sociedad Andnima
Pritchard, nurse in charge, Mrs. (Buenos Aires Food Company),
Pritchard, also a nurse. Headquar- Avenida San Martin 4625, Florida,
ters, Caixa Postal 243, Mangos, F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires, Argen-
Amazonas, Brazil. tina, South America.
Organized 1920
Territory: The Union of South Africa, Medical,
Basutoland, Swaziland, Southwest Af- Ministerial Assoc., W. H. Andeison.
rica, Portuguese East Africa, Belgian Publishing, L. A. Vixie.
Congo, Angola, Ruanda, Urundi, Ny- Ordained Ministers:
asaland Protectorate, Bechuanaland
Protectorate, Northern Rhodesia, W. H. Anderson, C. W. Bozarth,
Southern Rhodesia, the islands of St. J. M. Hnatyshyn, E. W. Marter, W.
Helena, Tristan de Cunha, Ascension ; E. McClure, M. Robison, G. E. Shan-
Tanganyika, Kenya Colony and Pro- kel, L. A. Vixie, J. V. Wilson.
tectorate, the islands of Zanzibar and Licensed Ministers:
Pemba; Uganda Protectorate and
Southern Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. D. H. Abbott, C. C. Marais, J. L. Mil-
ford, D. A. Webster.
Population: European, 2,222,431 ; Asi- Licensed Missionaries:
atic, 324,599 ; Colored, 827,902 ; Na- Mrs. W. A. Anderson, J. F. Birken-
. tive, 50,444,576; Total Population, stock, Mrs. M. Botes, Mrs. C. W. Bo-
53,819,508. zarth, C. F. Clarke, Mrs. C. F. Clarke,
Churches: White, 59; Colored, 18; In- A. Davy, Mrs. A. Davy, Mrs. T.
dian, 1 ; Native, 256 ; Total, 334. Duke, Miss E. Edmed, Miss G. P.
Members : White, 4,088 ; Colored; 743-; Fortner, Miss L. Fouche, Elaine Gid-
Indian, 16 ; Native, 38,303 ; Total, dings, S. Glanz, Mrs. S. Glanz, Mrs.
43,150. Believers not baptized, 38,- R. Gorle, Miss C. Grobler, Miss H.
107. Total adherents, 81,257. Hayton, Miss E. Hinterleitner, Mrs.
J. M. Hnatyshyn, Miss S. Kotze, Mrs.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: "Ad- C. C. Marais, Mrs. E. W. Marter,
ventist," Claremont, Cape. Mrs. W. E. McClure, F. E. Meckling,
Mrs. F. E. Meckling, Mrs. J. L.
Office Address: Grove Avenue, Clare- Milford, Erico Msuseni, Miss M.
mont, Cape Province, South Africa. Nickel, Mrs. M. Owens, Mrs. A.
Officers: Pearce, Mrs. M. Robison, J. G. Slate,
Mrs. J. G. Slate, S. Sparrow, Mrs. S.
President, C. W. Bozarth. Sparrow, Miss H. Ueckermann, P. J.
Secretary, Milton Robison. van Eck, Mrs. P. J. van Eck, Miss
Treas. and Auditor, I. H. Harrison. A. Visser, F. Visser, Mrs. F. Visser,
Executive Committee: C. W. Bozarth, Mrs. L. A. Vixie, Miss B. Webb, Mrs.
W. H. Anderson, J. R. Campbell, F. D. A. Webster, Miss P. A. Willmore,
G. Clifford, I. H. Harrison, J. M. Mrs. J. V. Wilson, Mrs. N. C. Wil-
Hnatyshyn, S. G. Maxwell, W. E. son.
McClure, G. R. Nash, M. Robison, Honorary: Mrs. W. B. Commin.
J. G. Slate, H. M. Sparrow, V. E.
Toppenberg, L. A. Vixie. Legal Association: Seventh-day Ad-
ventist Community of Africa (Incor-
Departmental Secretaries: porated) ; President, C. W. Bozarth;
Educational, Sabbath School, and Re- Vice-President, J. G. Slate; Secre-
ligious Liberty, G. E. Shankel. tary, Milton Robison ; Asst. Secretary,
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V., D. A. Webster ; Treasurer, I. H. Har-
J. M. Hnatyshyn. rison.


Territory: Angola (Portuguese West Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad-
Africa). ventists," Nova Lisboa, Angola.
Area: 510,670 square miles. Postal Address: Angola Union Mission
of Seventh-day Adventists, Caixa Pos-
Population: White, 30,000; native, tale No. 3, Nova Lisboa, Angola,
4,170,000. Portuguese West Africa.
Churches: 28 ; members, 1,574 includ-
ing 31 Europeans and 1,543 natives ; Officers:
believers not baptized, 3,665. Total Superintendent, Peter Stevenson.
adherents, 3,696. Secretary-Treasurer, W. M. Webster.

Executive Committee: Peter Steven- Luccusse Mission Station

son, 0. I. Fields, R. B. Parsons, W.
M. Webster. Postal Address: Caixa Postal No. 34,
Vila Luzo, Angola, Portuguese West
Departmental Secretaries: Africa.
Educational, Director: A. J. Rodrigues.
Medical, R. B. Parsons. Licensed Missionaries:
Sabbath School, I. D. Higgins.
Y. P. M. V., Peter Stevenson. A. J. Rodrigues, Mrs. A. J. Rodrigues.
Portuguese Teacher: A. J. Rodrigues.
Ordained Minister: Peter Stevenson.
Village Schools: 3.
Licensed Minister: I. D. Higgins. Native Teachers: 4.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. I. D. Higgins, Mrs. Peter Stev-
enson, W. M. Webster, Mrs. W. M.
Luz Mission Station
Postal Address: Missao de Luz, Caixa
Postale, No. 33, Vila Luzo, Distrito
de Moxico, Angola, Portuguese West
Bongo Mission Station Africa.
Address: Missao Adventists, Lepi, An- Director: E. L. Jewell.
gola, Portuguese West Africa. Licensed Ministers:
Officers: Minganjo, Isague, E. L. Jewell.
Director, 0. I. Fields. Portuguese Teacher.
Head Master, I. D. Higgins.
Doctor, R. B. Parsons. Village Schools: 9.
Nurse, Ruth Johnson. Native Teachers: 11.
Teachers: V. Chaves, 0. I. Fields,
Mrs. 0. I. Fields, Miss R. Visser,
Capinala, Catimba, Chicondo, Leo-
nardo, Mario, Alberto.
Ordained Minister: R. B. Parsons. Namba Mission Station
Licensed Ministers: Postal Address: Caixa Postal 3, Nova
Leonardo, Chicondo, 0. I. Fields. Lisboa, Angola.
Licensed Missionaries: Director: ----.
V. Chaves, Mrs. V. Chaves, Mrs. 0. I. Village Schools: 3.
Fields, Miss R. Johnson, Mrs. R. B. Native Teachers: 3.
Parsons, Miss R Visser.
Ordained Minister: Herculano.
Village Schools: 4.
Licensed Ministers: Carlos, Silvens.

Cuale Mission Station Ovimbundu Outschools

Postal Address: Duque de Braganca, Address: Missao Adventists, Lepi, An-
Districto do Malange, Angola, Portu- gola.
guese West Africa.
Inspector: Venancio.
Portuguese Teacher: Ordained Minister: Venancio.
Licensed Minister: Colino. Licensed Minister: Edurdo, Chiperica.
Village School: 1. Schools: 26.
Native Teachers: 2. Teachers: 26.
Organized 1925

Territory: Congo Beige and Ruanda, Bikobo Hill Mission Station

Established 1930
Area: 909,654 square miles.
Postal Address: Boite Postal 3, Kon-
Population: White, 25,000; native, golo, Belgian Congo, Central Africa.
Director: V. Davies.
Churches: 35 ; members, 6,435, includ-
ing 36 Europeans and 5,399 natives. Licensed Minister: V. Davies.
Believers not baptized, 13,203. Total Licensed Missionary: Mrs. V. Davies.
adherents, 18,638.
Village Schools: 22.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: "Ad-
ventist," Usumbura. Native Teachers: 20.
Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda, via
Usumbura, Belgian East Africa (Cor-
respondence from Eurore or America Buganda Mission Station
should be sent via Dar-es-Salaam,
East Africa). Established 1925
Officers: Postal Address: P. 0. Usumbura,
Superintendent, J. R. Campbell. Urundi, Africa.
Secretary-Treasurer, M. Duplouy.
Director: P. L. Howe.
Executive Committee: J. R. Camp-
bell, K. F. Ambs, V. Davies, M. Du- Village Schools: 10.
plouy, A. Matter, L. K. Rittenhouse, Native Teachers: 12.
A. Siepman, E. L. Tarr.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, E. L. Tarr.
Sabbath School, M. Duplouy. Gitwe Mission District
Y. P. M. V., J. R. Campbell.
Established 1942
Ordained Ministers:
Mp. Abeli, J. R. Campbell, M. Ezekiel, Postal Address: Via Usumbura, Ru-
M. Joseph, N. Sila, L. Yohana, M. anda-Urundi, Belgian East Africa.
Yohana. Director: A. Siepman.
Honorary: Paolo. Licensed Minister: A. Siepman.
Licensed Ministers: Licensed Missionary: Mrs. A. Siepman.
K. F. Ambs, Barnabas, Maxime Du- Village Schools: 80.
plouy, M. Jonas, M. Manase, S. Mar-
aiko, R. Nataniel, K. Nehemya, M.
Noa, K. Samuel, S. Stephano, Yo-
natani, R. Zakeyo.
Gitwe Mission Station
Licensed Missionaries: (Seminaire Adventiste)
Mrs. K. F. Ambs, Mrs. J. R. Camp-
bell, Mrs. M. Duplouy. Established 1921
Legal Organization for Congo Beige: Postal Address: Via Usumbura, Ru-
The Congo Union Mission of Seventh- anda-Urundi, Belgian East Africa.
day Adventists.
Director: K. F. Ambs.
Legal Representative for Congo Beige: Dispensary: A. A. Matter.
J. R. Campbell.
Suppleant: M. Duplouy. Ordained Ministers:
Legal Organization for Ruanda Urundi: D. Kagegera, A. Muhaya, M. Segatwa,
Mission Evangelique des Adventistes E. Sumutwa.
du Septierne Jour. Licensed Minister: A. A. Matter.
Legal Representative for Ruanda Faculty:
Urundi: J. R. Campbell. A. A. Matter, A. Muhaya, M. Nyirin-
Suppleant: M. Duplouy. gondo, E. Sumutwa.

Kikamba Mission Station Licensed Missionary: A. L. Davy, Mrs.

A. L. Davy.
Established 1924
Village Schools: 12.
Postal Address: Boite Postal 3, Kongolo, Native Teachers: 13.
Belgian Congo, Central Africa.
Director: Kosam.
Licensed Minister: Kosam.
Village Schools: 2. Ngoma Medical Mission Station
Native Teachers: 3. Established 1931
Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda, Usum-
bura, Urundi, Congo Beige.
Kirundu Mission Station Director: A. Matter.
Postal Address: Kirundu, via Kindu, Medical Supt.: L. K. Rittenhouse.
Province Orientale, Congo Beige, Cen-
tral Africa. Nurse: Miss F. Spillman.
Director: P. S. Marsa. Ordained Minister: A. Matter.
Licensed Minister: P. S. Marsa. Licensed Minister: L. K. Rittenhouse.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. P. S. Marsa. Licensed Missionaries:
Native Licensed Minister: 1. Mrs. A. Matter, Mrs. L. K. Ritten-
Village Schools: 17. house, Miss F. Spillman.
Native Teachers: 19. Village Schools: 33.
Native Teachers: 34.

Lubembe Central School

Established 1939 Rwankeri Mission Station
Postal Address: Chisunka Village, Mo- Established 1922
kambo, via Elisabethville, Congo
Beige, Africa. Postal Address: P. 0. Goma-Kivu, via
Director: Titus Kiana. Kabale, Uganda, East Africa.
Ordained Minister: Titus Kiana. Director: P. L. Howe.
Pastor: 1. Nurse: Miss- L. Delhove.
Village Schools: 4. Licensed Minister: P. L. Howe.
Native Teachers: 7. Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. P. L. Howe, Miss L. Delhove.
Village Schools: 67.
Lubero Mission Station
Native Teachers: 69.
Established 1941
Postal Address: Care of Congo Union,
Gitwe, Ruanda, via Usumbura, Bel-
gian East Africa. Songs Mission Station
Director: D. E. Delhove.
Established 1921
Licensed Minister: D. E. Delhove.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. D. E. Del- Postal Address: Boite Postale, Kamina,
hove. Congo Beige, 'Africa.
Village Schools: 3. Director: 0. Rouhe.
Native Teachers: 3. Licensed Minister: 0. Rouhe.
Licensed Missionaries:
Miss M. Heseneder, Miss T. Matter,
Ndora Mission Station ' Mrs. 0. Rouhe, T. W. Staples, Mrs.
Established 1936 T. W. Staples.
Village Schools: 9.
Postal Address: P. 0. Usumbura,
Urundi, Africa. Native Teachers: 12.
Director: A. L. Davy. Native Evangelists: 3.
Organized, 1912; reorganized 1942

The territory in East Africa is in proc- Ordained Ministers:

ess of being reorganized, and only European.
partial particulars as to official staff African: 1.
and personnel are. available.
Licensed Minister: African: 1.
Territory: Kenya Colony and Protecto-
rate, the islands of Zanzibar and Licensed Missionaries:
Pemba, Tanganyika Territory, African : 3.
Uganda Protectorate, and Southern
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (unorgan-
Karura Mission Station
Population: European, 27,908; Asiatic,
103,652; native, 12,576,963 ; total, Address: Box 1352, Nairobi, Kenya
12,708,523. Colony, East Africa.
Churches: 82. Members: European, 90; Director.
native, 9,336 ; total, 9,426 ; believers African Teachers: 7.
not .baptized, 7,563; total adherents,
Address: Box 1352, Nairobi, Kenya
Colony, East Africa. KENYA COAST MISSION
Office: Crauford Road, Nairobi, Kenya Entered 1934
Colony. Territory: Kenya Protectorate, Coast
Officers: Province and that portion of the
Northern Frontier Province lying
Superintendent, H. M. Sparrow. south of the equator, and the islands
Secretary-Treasurer, C. T. Bannister. of Zanzibar and Pemba.
Executive Committee: (To be ap-
pointed.) Churches: 2 ; members, 57.
Departmental Secretaries: Address: Box 273, Mombasa, Kenya
(To be appointed.) Protectorate, East Africa.

Ordained Minister, H. M. Sparrow. Director: W. C., S. Raitt.

Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Ministers:
European : W. C. S. Raitt.
S. W. Beardsell, D. M. Swaine. African: 1.
Licensed Missionaries: Licensed Missionary: Mrs. W. C. S.
N. Aga, C. T. Bannister, Mrs. S. W Raitt.
Beardsell, R. A. Carey, Mrs. R. A.
Carey, Miss G. A. Clarke, Mrs. L. G.
Ermshar, Miss K. Jorgensen, Mrs. S.
G. Maxwell, Miss D. Nielsen, Miss K. Changamwe Mission Station
Nielsen, Miss C. Olsen, Miss C.
Schuil, Mrs. H. M. Sparrow, Mrs. D. Address: Box 273, Mombasa, Kenya
M. Swaine. Protectorate, East Africa.
Director: W. C. S. Raitt.
African Teachers: 10.
Entered 1933
Territory: Kikuyu and Ukamba prov- Entered 1931
inces and that portion of the Northern
Frontier Province lying north of the Territory: North Kavirondo, Eldoret,
equator. Nakuru, Suk, Turkana and North
Churches: 3; members, 159. Rift Valley districts.
Address: Box 1352, Nairobi, Kenya Churches: 3 ; members, 90.
Colony, East Africa. Address: P. 0. Kakamega, Kenya
Director: Colony.

Director: M. C. Murdoch. Departmental Secretaries:

Ordained Minister: M. C. Murdoch. Home Missionary, Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., S. Omondi; S. Ngao.
Licensed Missionaries: Medical, L. P. Foster.
Mrs. M. C. Murdoch. Ordained Ministers:
African: 1.
European: F. H. Thomas.
African: 4.
Chebwai Mission Station Licensed Ministers:
European: L. P. Foster, C. J. Hyde.
Address: P. 0. Kakamega, Kenya African: 12.
Licensed Missionaries:
Director: M. C. Murdoch.
European: Mrs. C. J. Hyde, Mrs. L.
African Teachers: 10. P. Foster, Mrs. F. H. Thomas.
African: 3.


Gendia Mission Station
Entered 1912; Organized 1933
Address: Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu, Kenya
Territory: The Kisii and Kericho dis- Colony, East Africa.
tricts and the Masai reserve. Director: F. H. Thomas.
Churches: 11 ; members, 1,366. African Teachers: 52.
Address: Nyanchua Mission, Kisii,
Kenya Colony, East Africa.
Director: G. A. Lewis. Kanyadoto Mission Station
Departmental Secretaries:
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Address: Kanyadoto, P. 0. Kisii, Kenya
and Y. P. M. V., J. Atinga.
Director: C. J. Hyde.
Ordained Ministers: African Teachers: 69.
European: G. A. Lewis.
African: 2.
Licensed Ministers: African: 5.
Licensed Missionaries:
Entered 1903
European: Mrs. G. A. Lewis.
African: 4. Territory: Tanganyika Territory.
Population: European, 9,000 approxi-
Nyanchua Mission Station mately ; Asiatics, 31,500; natives,
5,523,429; total, 5,563,929.
Address: Nyanchua Mission, P. 0. Kisii, Churches: 20 ; native members, 2,888 ;
Kenya Colony, East Africa. European members, 24; total, 2,912 ;
Director: G. A. Lewis. believers not baptized, 2,059; total
believers, 4,971.
African Teachers: 58.
Girls' School. Office Address: P. 0. Musoma, Tangan-
yika Territory, East Africa.
WEST KENYA MISSION Superintendent,
Secretary-Treasurer, G. Pearson.
Entered 1906; Organized 1933 Committee: H. M. Sparrow, L. D.
Brown, L. P. Foster, K. H. Minifie,
Territory: The Luo language area G. Pearson, H. Robson, A. Sprogis,
around the Kavirondo Gulf (Lake F. G. Reid.
Victoria), and Utende district.
Departmental Secretaries:
Churches: 31; members, 4,254. Educational, F. G. Reid.
Address: Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu, Kenya Medical,
Colony, East Africa. Sabbath School,
Y. P. M. V. and Home Missionary,
Director: F. H. Thomas.

Ordained Ministers: Ntusu Mission Station

European: Hans Kotz, K. H. Minifie, Address: Ntusu, P. 0. Maswa, Lake
G. Pearson, H. Robson, A. Sprogis.
Province, Tanganyika Territory, East
African: Isaiah Fue, Ezekieli Fafuru, Africa.
Elisa Manongi, James Odero, Paolo
Saburi, Andrea Siti. Director: L. D. Brown.
Licensed Ministers: African Evangelists and Teachers: 19.
European: F. G. Reid, D. K. Short.
African: M. Lazaro, Y. Mseli, T.
Nzota, B. Shaqira, E. Wandea, P. Suji Secondary School and Mission
Zechariah. Station
Licensed Missionaries: Address: Suji Mission, P. 0. Makanya,
L. D. Brown, Mrs. L. D. Brown, Mrs. Tanga Province, Tanganyika Terri-
Hans Kotz, W. Marais, Mrs. W. Ma- tory, East Africa.
rais, Miss L. D. Melvill, Mrs. K. H.
Minifie, Mrs. F. G. Reid, Mrs. H. Director: H. Robson.
Robson, Mrs. D. K. Short, Mrs. A. School Master: K. G. Webster.
Sprogis, IC., Webster.
African Minister: 1.
African Evangelists and Teachers: 32.

Ikizu Mission Station

Established 1908 Utimbaru Mission Station

Address: P. 0. Musoma, Tanganyika Address: Utimbaru, P. 0. Musoma,

Territory, East Africa. Lake Province, Tanganyika Territory,
East Africa.
Director: F. G. Reid.
Director: A. Sprogis.
Dispensary: L. D. Melvill.
African Minister: 1.
African Teachers and Evangelists: 9.

Majita Mission Station

Address: Majita, P. 0. Musoma, Tan-
ganyika Territory, East Africa. UGANDA MISSION FIELD
Director: K. H. Minifie. Entered 1927
African Evangelists and Teachers: 18. Territory: Uganda Protectorate.
Population: European, 2,023; Asiatics,
15,077; native, 3,553,534; total, 3,570,-
634 ; churches, 12 ; members, 588.
Mbeya Mission Station
Office Address: P. 0. Box 22, Kampala,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0. Mbeya, Uganda, East Africa.
Tanganyika Territory, East Africa. Headquarters: Kireka Hill Mission,
Director: W. Marais. Mile 6 on Jinja Road.
African Minister: 1. Officers:
African Teachers: 3. Superintendent, V. E. Toppenberg.
Secretary-Treasurer, Miss M. Sachs.
Executive Committee: V. E. Toppen-
berg, M. E. Lind, F. H. Muderspach,
Mwagala Mission Station E. W. Pedersen, Miss M. Sachs.
Departmental 'Secretaries:
Address: Mwagala, P. 0. Maswa, Lake Educational, E. W. Pedersen.
Province, Tanganyika Territory, East Field Missionary, M. E. Lind.
Africa. Sabbath School, Home Missionary and
Director: L. D. Brown. M. V., V. E. Toppenberg.
African Minister: 1. Ordained Ministers:
African Teachers: 9. E. W. Pedersen, V. E. Toppenberg.

Licensed Missionaries: Nchwanga Mission Station

Mrs. E. W. Pedersen, Miss M. Sachs, Established 1927
Mrs. V. E. Toppenberg. African
workers, 2. Postal Address: P. 0. Mubende,
Uganda, East Africa.
Director: E. W. Pedersen.
Entered 1927
Territory: The Kingdoms of Buganda, EASTERN UGANDA MISSION
Bunyoro, and Toro.
Entered 1932
Population:. 1,190,026.
Territory: Busoga, Budama, Bugwere,
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 22, Kampala. Bugishu, and Teso Districts.
Uganda, East Africa.
Population: 1,169,001.
Director, F. H. Muderspach.' Postal Address: P. 0. Box 49, Mbale,
Uganda, East Africa.
Local Committee: F. H. Muderspach,
E. Basulwa, S. Golola, E. W. Peder- Officers:
sen, V. E. Toppenberg. Director, M. E. Lind.
Departmental Secretaries: Local Committee: M. E. Lind, L.
Sabbath School, Home Missionary and Kaddu, V. E. Toppenberg.
M. V., F. H. Muderspach. Departmental Secretaries:
Ordained Minister: F. H. Muderspach. Sabbath School, Home Missionary, and
M. V., M. E. Lind.
Licensed Missionary:
Mrs. F. H. Muderspach. Ordained Minister: M. E. Lind.
African Workers: 39. Licensed Missionary: Mrs. M. E. Lind.
African Workers: 9.

Kireka Mission Station

Kakoro Mission Station
Established 1930 Established 1934
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 22, Kam- Postal Address: P. 0. Box 49, Mbale,
pala, Uganda, East Africa. Uganda, East Africa.
Director: F. H. Muderspach. Director: M. E. Lind.
African Workers: 3. African Workers: 3.


Organized 1902

Territory: The Union of South Africa, Churches: White, 53% Colored, 18, In-
Southwest Africa, Basutoland, Swazi- dian, 1: Native, 46 : Total, 118. Mem-
land, and that portion of Portuguese bers: White, 3,572: Colored, 743; In-
East Africa lying south of Latitude dian, 16; Native, 2,556; Total, 6,987.
22, comprising the Cape Conference, Believers not baptized, 437; Total
the Natal-Transvaal Conference, the adherents, 7,424.
Cape Mission Field, the North Bantu Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Mission Field, the South Bantu Mis- Bloemfontein, 0. F. S.
sion Field, and St. Helena Island.
Office Address: 81 Fichardt Chambers,
Maitland Street, Bloemfontein, 0. F.
Area: 851,063 square miles. S., South Africa.
Population: White, 2,053,331; Asiatics, Postal Address: P. 0. Box 468, Bloem-
235,327; Natives, 8,420,598; Colored, fontein, Orange Free State, South
823,834. Total population, 11,532,590. Africa.

Officers: Free State south of and including

President, F. G. Clifford. Boshof, Brandfort, and Ladybrand;
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, J. E. Basutoland; and the mandated terri-
Symons. tory of South West Africa. (For
European work.)
Executive Committee: F.. G. Clifford,
J. N. de Beer, E. D. Hanson, W. H. Area: 630,610 square miles (approxi-
Hayter, W. H. Hurlow, E. G. Marcus, mately).
W. E. McClure, J. Raubenheimer,
J. G. Siepman, A. W. Staples, J. E. Population: 923,485 (approximately) ;
Symons, E. 'W. Tarr, J. van. de churches, 23 ; members, 1,486.
Merwe, and the Educational Secretary Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Port
of the South African Union. Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Af-
Departmental Secretaries: rica.
Educational, -. Office Address: 162 Russell Road, Port
Field Missionary, Division Field Mis- Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Af-
sionary Secretary. rica.
Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V., W.
H. Hurlow. Postal Address: Box 508, Port Eliza-
Medical, E. G. Marcus. beth, Cape Province, South Africa.
Religious Liberty, F. G. Clifford.
Ordained Ministers: Officers:
E. A. Buckley, F. G. Clifford, A. V. President, E. D. Hanson.
Edwards, W. H. Hurlow, E. S. Jak- Secretary-Treasurer, Miss P. E. Will-
avula, E. G. Marcus, J. E. Symons. more.
Honorary: 0. 0. Bredenkamp, B. P. Executive Committee: E. D. Hanson,
de Beer, W. H. Haupt, A. N. Ingle. E. L. Cardey, P. J. A. Haarhoff, N.
D. J. May, J. C. Rogers, G. W. Shone, Jeffes, A. C. LeButt, G. W. S. Ma-
D. F. Tarr. rais, B. B. Piercey, J. C. van de
Merwe, P. J. Trytsman, Jr., Miss P.
Licensed Ministers: E. Willmore.
W. H. Hayter, E. W. Tarr, E. A.
Tsotetsi. Departmental Secretaries:
Licensed Missionaries: Educational, E. D. Hanson.
Field Missionary, C. S. Pike.
S. J. Bloemetjie, Mrs. S. J. Bloem- Home Missionary and Y. P. M. V., A.
etjie, Mrs. E. A. Buckley, H. Cam-
phor, Mrs. E. K. Cerfontyne, Mrs. F. C. LeButt.
G. Clifford, Miss M. Coetzee, Miss R. Medical, Miss A. G. Fleming.
Curtis, Miss H. Dale, J. Davies, Mrs. Religious Book Depository, Miss P. E.
A. V. Edwards, Mrs. Jane Gacula, W. Willmore.
R. Grant, Mrs. W. R. Grant, Mrs. Sabbath School, A. C. LeButt.
W. H. Hayter, Mrs. 0. Honey, L.
Hunter, Mrs. W. H. Hurlow,' B. Khu- Ordained Ministers:
malo, Mrs. B. Khumalo, Miss J. B. E. L. Cardey, S. J. Fourie, E. D.
Kleinert, D. Macdonald, Mrs. E. G. Hanson, L. S. Huntington, A. C.
Marcus, D. Masina, Miss E. Mlan- LeButt, J. van de Merwe, P. Wick-
jane, Miss S. Petersson, G. Solomons, man.
Mrs. J. E. Symons, Mrs. E. W. Tarr.
Honorary: Mrs. C. Burton, Mrs. M. Licensed Ministers:
Commin, Miss E. Edie, Mrs. W. H. P. J. A. Haarhoff, A. G. Kohen, P.
Haupt, Mrs. J. C. Rogers, Mrs. E. L. H. Mantel], R. Visser.
Stevenson, Mrs. M. Walston.
Licensed Missionaries:
Legal Assn.: Seventh-day Adventist
Community of Africa (Incorporated). D. Baird, Miss E. K. Beaton, Mrs. E.
L. Cardley, Miss H. Clarkson, M.
Coetzee, Mrs. M. Coetzee, Miss .1. D.
Cramond, Miss A. G. Fleming, J. C.
CAPE CONFERENCE Grobler, Mrs. P. J. A. Haarhoff,
Miss M. Hewett, Mrs. L. S. Hunt-
(Formerly part of South African ington, Mrs. E. D. Hanson, Mrs. A.
Conference) C. LeButt, Mrs. J. F. R. Linton, Mrs.
P. H. Mantel], C. S. Pike, Mrs. C. S.
Reorganized 1936 Pike, Miss L. Roberts, J. Theron, D.
Territory: All Europeans and Asiatics D. Toerien, Mrs. J. van de Merwe,
in the Cape Province, except for the Miss L. van Rooyen, Mrs. R. Visser,
territory north of Kuruman and Mrs. P. Wickman, Miss P. E. Will-
Taungs ; that portion of the Orange more, Miss S. Willmore.

Church Sehool Teachers: brinck, Mrs. W. Cowper, Miss P.

Miss J. D. Cramond, Miss E. Gruene- Dawkins, Miss J. de Beer, Miss M. J.
wald, Mrs. J. F. R. Linton, J. The- Dixie, Mrs. A. J. Herholdt, Mrs. H.
ron. M. Kent, Miss J. Knoetze, Mrs. R.
Lindup, Mrs. P., J. v. 4. Merwe, G.
A. W. Meyer, Mrs. G. A. W. Meyer,
S. Moolman, Miss G. Orchard, Mrs.
NATAL-TRANSVAAL CONFERENCE John Raubenheimer, Mrs. D. Roux,
Miss A. Seager, Mrs. A. W. Staples,
(Formerly part of South African Mrs. E. J. Stevenson, Mrs. I. Swane-
Conference) poel, Mrs. P. A. Venter.
Reorganized 1936 Church School Teachers:
Mrs. E. Bulgin, Miss L. Ficker, Miss
Territory: All Europeans and Asiatics M. Hegter, Miss N. Marais, Miss F.
in the territories of the Provinces of M. Orchard, Miss M. Sheppard.
Natal and Transvaal; portion of the
Cape Province known as British
Bechuanaland north of Kuruman and
Taungs ; portion of the Orange Free
State Province north of Boshof, DURBAN INDIAN MISSION
Brandfort, and Ladybrand; Swaziland
and Portuguese East Africa south of (Under the direction of the Natal-
Latitude 22. Transvaal Conference)
Area: 425,508 square miles (approxi- Postal Address: Seventh-day Adventist
mately). Church, Keats Avenue, Durban, Na-
tal, South Africa.
Population: 1,110,346 (approximately) ;
churches, 34; members, 2,090. Church: 1 ; members, 23.
Telegraphic Address: "Natracon," Ordained Minister: E. D. Willmott.
Johannesburg. Licensed Minister: V. Norcott.
Office Address: 14 Claim Street Johan- Licensed Missionaries:
nesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 7768, Jo- Mrs. V. Norcott, Mrs. E. D. Willmott.
hannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
Secretary-Treasurer, R. E. Ansley.
Executive Committee: A. W. Staples, (Formerly part of South African
R. E. Ansley, E. F. Birkenstock, J. Mission Field)
J. B. Combrinck, V. R. Cooks, H.. L. Reorganized 1936
Havenga, S. S. Hiten, B. V. Ingle,
, J. J. Millard, J. Raubenheimer. Territory: Native work in Basutoland,
Departmental Secretaries: Bechuanaland (south of Mafeking),
Educational, Orange Free State, Natal, Portuguese
Field Missionary, G. A. W. Meyer. East Africa (south of Latitude 22),
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Swaziland, Transvaal, and Zululand.
and Y. P. M. V., W. Cowper. Area: 332,901 square miles.
Religious Book Depository, R. E. Population: 5,254,142; churches, 29
Ansley. members, native, 1,667; white, 12 ;
total, 1,680.
Ordained Ministers:
R. E. Ansley, L. S. Billes, J. J. B. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Jo-
Combrinck, A. J. Herholdt, S. G. hannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
Hiten, S. S. Hiten, H. M. Kent, P. J.
v. d. Merwe, John Raubenheimer, A. Office Address: 11 Allbret Building, 9
_ W. Staples, G. S. Stevenson, P. A. Fraser Street, Johannesburg, Trans-
Venter. vaal, South Africa.
Licensed Ministers: Officers:
J. B. Cooks, W. Cowper, .D. A. de Superintendent, J. G. Siepman.
Beer, E. J. Stevenson, A. vanden Secretary-Treasurer, A. A. Pitt.
Executive Committee: J. G. Siepman,
Licensed Missionaries: J. N. Bacela, R. A. Buckley, J. D.
Mrs. R. E. Ansley, Mrs. A. vanden Harcombe, J. M. Hlubi, Eka J. Ku-
Bergh, P. Coetzee, Mrs. J. J. B. Com - boni, A. A. Pitt.

Departmental Secretaries: Mafeking Mission District

Educational, Publishing, and Sabbath Postal Address: P. 0. Linokana, West-
School, E. A. Buckley. ern Transvaal, South Africa.
Y. P. M. V., J. G. Siepman.
Director: Abel Magotsi.
Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Minister: Abel Magotsi.
R. A. Buckley, H. J. Hurlow, J. G.
Siepman, W. C. Tarr. Teachers: A. Lecogo, W. Solontsi.
Licensed Ministers:
J. D. Harcombe, A. A. Pitt.
North Natal Mission District
Licensed Missionaries:
Postal Address: Watersmeet, Private
Mrs. R. A. Buckley, Mrs. J. D. Har- Bag, P. 0. Besters, Natal, South
combe, Mrs. H. J. Hurlow, Mrs. J. Africa.
G. Siepman, Miss M. K. Smith, Miss
M. J. Tarr, Mrs. W. C. Tarr. Director: E. Ka-J. Kuboni.
Ordained Minister: E. Ka-J. Kuboni.
Taunga Mission District Licensed Minister: P. Zungu.
Licensed Missionary: A. J. J. Tsha-
Postal Address: P. 0. Taungs, Cape balala.
Province, South Africa.
Director: M. R. Moeletsi.
Licensed Ministers: M. R. Moeletsi. Orange Free State Mission District
Honorary: K. I. Itumeleng. Postal Address: 288 Lovedale Road,
Mohlamola Location, Bloemfontein,
0. F. S., South Africa.
Emmanuel Mission Station and District Director: J. Ndabambi.
Established 1910 Ordained Minister: J. Ndabambi.
Address: P. 0. Leribe, Basutoland, Licensed Missionary: M. P. Mtembu.
South Africa. Teacher: Mrs. J. Africa.
Director: R. A. Buckley.
Licensed Missionaries:
Bantu, J. Senkoto. Pretoria Mission District
'Native Worker: Postal Address: 11 Allbret Building. 9
Honorary Minister: Andrew Xabba. Fraser Street, Johannesburg, Trans-
vaal, South Africa.
S. Moralana, N. Mjseu, E. Senkoto, Director: T. Kote.
T. Tabane. Licensed Minister: T. Kote.
Teacher: C. Legoabe.
Childrens' Home
(Home for Untainted Children
of Leper Parents.) Rand Mission District
Address: Emmanuel Mission, P. 0. Postal Address: 11 Allbret Building,
Leribe, Basutoland, South Africa. Johannesburg, South Africa.
Board of Management: Director: J. N. Bacela.
F. G. Clifford, J. G. Siepman, Sir Ordained Minister: J. N. Bacela.
Walter Johnson, Miss M. Martin, R.
A. Buckley. Licensed Missionaries:
I. E. Seteka, A. M. Nkosi.
Teachers: E. Kuboni, G. Vilakazi.
Kolo Mission Station
Established 1899
Address: P. 0. Mahlalefi, Via Morija, Shiloh Mission Station and District
Basutoland, South Africa.
Established 1930
Director: H. J. Hurlow.
Postal Address: P. 0. Lunsklip, via
Native Worker: E. Kglema. Potgietersrust, N. Transvaal, South
Teacher: W. Ndabambi. Africa.

Director: J. D. Harcombe. Officers:

Licensed Minister: K. Mosedi. Superintendent, J. N. deBeer.
Secretary-Treasurer, L. H. Clack.
Licensed Missionaries: Executive Committee: J. N. deBeer,
Mrs. J. D. Harcombe, Mrs. A. M. L. H. Clack, F. Macdonald, S. S.
Molokomme. Mgqamqo, D. D. Ntsikeni, S. T. Pi-
Teachers: kolo, E. W. Tarr, Educational Secre-
tary South African Union, and Di-
A. P. Mabowe, Mrs. A. Mabowe. rector of Cancele Mission.
Departmental Secretaries:
South Natal Mission District Publishing, J. N. deBeer.
Sabbath School, Mrs. A. P. Tarr.
Postal Address: P. 0. Amanzimtoti, Y. P. M. V. and Home Missionary,
Natal. J. N. deBeer.
Director: W. C. Tarr. Ordained Ministers: J. N. deBeer.
Licensed Minister: N. M. Ngwenya. Honorary: A. P. Tarr.
Licensed Missionaries:
L. H. Clack, Mrs. J. N. deBeer.
Swazi-Eastern. Transvaal Mission Honorary: Mrs. A. P. Tarr.
Postal Address: P. 0. Mahamba, Swa-
ziland, South Africa.
Director: J. M. Hlubi. Bethel Mission District
Ordained Minister: J. M. Hlubi. Postal Address: Bethel Training Col-
lege, P. 0. Butterworth, Cape Prov-
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. J. M. Hlubi. ince, South Africa.
Teachers: Director: A. V. Edwards.
P. Hlubi, Miriam Khubeka, Mrs.
Nhlapo, R. E. Nhlapo.

Cancele Mission Station

Zululand Mission District Postal Address: P. 0. eancele, Via
Postal Address: P. 0. Nongoma, Zulu- Mount Frere, East Griqualand, Cape
land, South Africa. Province, South Africa.
Director: J. S. Moya. Director: G. S. Glass.
Ordained Minister: J. S. Moya. Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Missionary: M. Bole. G. S. Glass, J. J. Oosthuizen, D. D.
Teachers: Mrs. J. Moya, B. Ndlovu.
Licensed Missionaries:
Mrs. J. J. Oosthuizen, N. Zumah.
(Formerly part of South African G. S. Glass, Headmaster ; I. Mben-
Mission Field) enge.
Reorganized 1936
Territory: Native work in the Province Eastern Province Mission District
of the Cape of Good Hope.
Postal Address: Native Post Office,
Area: 207,869 square miles (approxi- Kingwilliamstown, Cape Province,
mate.) South Africa.
Population: 2,046,110; churches, native, Director: S. S. Mgqamqo.
16 ; members, native, 953 ; white, 23.
Ordained Minister: S. S. Mgqamqo.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," East
London. -Licensed Minister: J. Ncuka.
Postal Address: 19 Union House, Union Teachers:
Street, East London, Cape Province, I. Captain, V. Magalakangqa, W. No-
South Africa. vete, E. Vappie.

Glen Grey Mission District Postal Address: Claremont Chambers,

Main Road, Claremont, Cape, South
Postal Address: B. E. 14, Location, Africa.
Queenstown, Cape Province, South
Africa. Officers: >.
Director: S. T. Pikoli. Superintendent,
Ordained Minister: S. T. Pikoli. Secretary-Treasurer, L. M. Kleinert.
Licensed Ministers: A. Mredlane, A. G. Executive Committee: A. Felix, F.
H. A. Ficker, P. J. A. Haarhoff, L.
Williams. M. Kleinert, K. Landers, N. C.
Licensed Missionary: Stuart, Principal Good Hope Train-
Honorary: Hans Shai. ing School.
Teachers: Ordained Ministers:
Mrs. S. T. Pikoli, Mrs. A. G. Wil- C. A. Boykin, N. C. Stuart.
Honorary: D. C. Theunissen.
Licensed Ministers:
F. H. A. Ficker, K. Landers, G.
Lusikisiki Mission District
Licensed Missionaries:
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0. Mrs. C. A. Boykin, Miss T. J. Bris-
Box 12, Lusikisiki, East Pondoland, tow, Mrs. C. W. Curtis, Mrs. F. H.
South Africa. A. Picker, Miss L. M. Kleinert, D.
Director: D. D. Ntsikeni. laKay, Mrs. K. Landers, Miss A. V.
Ordained Minister: D. D. Ntsikeni.
Honorary: Mrs. N. C. Stuart, Mrs.
Teacher: T. Phatho. D. C. Theunissen.
G. Beyers, I. duPreez, W. Turner.

Umtata Mission District

Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0.
Umtata, Transkei, Cape Province,
'South Africa.
Director: B. T. Scott. SOUTH WEST AFRICA
Ordained Minister: B. T. Scott. Unorganized
For Non-European Work
Licensed Minister: G. F. Potwana.
Teacher: A. Ntsomboyi. Territory: The mandated territory of
South West Africa (formerly German
South West Africa).
Area: 317,725 square miles.
Willowvale Mission District Population: Non-whites, 320,868.
Postal Address: P. 0. Badi, Willowvale,
Cape Province, South Africa.
Director: S. K. Ntwana.
Ordained Minister: S. K. Ntwana.


(South Atlantic Ocean)
DAY ADVENTISTS Area: 47 square miles.
Work for the Cape Colored People in Population: 5,000 approximately.
the Union of South Africa.
Population: 767,984 ; churches, 15; Postal Address: Jamestown, St. Helena
members, 743; white, 11. Island.

Organized 1925

Territory: Nyasaland, Portuguese East Licensed Missionaries:

Africa north of latitude 22 ; North- I. L. Ansley, Mrs. I. L. Ansley, Miss
east Rhodesia, east of meridian 32. June Davy, Miss L. M. Delhove, Miss
Area: 272,928 square miles. R. Foote, Mrs. W. B. Higgins, Miss
M. Johnson, Miss H. E. Lude, E. L.
Population: White, 7,600, approx.; na- Morel, Mrs. E. L. Morel, Mrs. V. E.
tive, 5,467,606. Robinson.
Churches: 25 ; members, 9,812, includ-
27 Europeans and 9,785 natives. Be- UNATTACHED MISSIONS
lievers not baptized, 5,894. Total
adherents, 15,706.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Blantyre, Nyasaland. Chileka Mission Station

Postal Address: P. 0. Box 51, Blan- Address: Blantyre, Nyasaland, Africa.

tyre, Nyasaland, Africa.
Director: John Thomas.
Officers: Ordained Ministers:
Superintendent, S. G. Maxwell.
Secretary-Treasurer, E. B. ,Jewell.. Jonathan Kabambe, Morrison Ma-
linki, John Thomas.
Executive Committee: S. G. Maxwell,
W. L. Davy, W. B. Higgins, E. B. Licensed Ministers:
Jewell, E. L. Morel, H. W. Steven- Harrison Cipao, Mills Mbvundula,
son, M. M. Webster. Spurgeon Napangana.
Departmental Secretaries: Village Schools: 11.
Educational, W. B. Higgins.
Field Missionary, Inspector: Mills Mbvundula.
Medical, E. L. Morel. Head Teacher: Tennyson Lapani, as-
Sabbath School, sisted by 16 teachers.
Y. P. M. V.,
Ordained Ministers:
E. B. Jewell, 'S. G. Maxwell.
Cinyama Mission Station
Licensed Missionary: (Formerly Mlanje Mission District)
Mrs. E. B. Jewell, Mrs. S. G. Max-
well. Organized 1929
Address:' Blantyre, Nyasaland, Africa.
Director: Sopha Saiwa.
. Malamulo Mission Station
Ordained Ministers:
Established 1902 Ben Chona, Sopha Saiwa.
Telegraphic Address: Malamulo, Cholo, Licensed Ministers:
Nyasaland. Jonas John, Moses Kamwenje, Bexter
Postal Address: P. 0. Malamulo, Ny- Misiri.
asaland, B. C. Africa. Village Schools: 11.
Director: W. B. Higgins. Inspectors:
Village Schools: 9. Moses Kamwenje, Bexter Misiri.
Ordained Ministers: Head Teacher: Fredson Mpeketula, as-
W. B. Higgins, Phillip Kasonga, sisted by 14 teachers.
Ered Maliro, Edward Martin, James
Licensed Ministers: Lake View Mission Station
Robert Bonya, Lincoln Chipunga, Address: P. 0. Fort Mlangeni, Nyasa-
Moffat Chona, Jeremiah Kalonga, land, Africa.
Richard Lumala, Frighton Malomya,
Captain Muluda, V. E. Robinson. Director: Roman Cimera.

Faculty: Munguluni Mission

Roman Cimera, Eveson Jonas, as- (Formerly Mozambique Mission)
sisted by 4 teachers.
Organized 1933
Ordained Minister: Roman Cimera.
Licensed Ministers: Territory: Portuguese East Africa
North of latitude 22.
Tom Kachoka, Joseph Lumbe, Si-
mon Simon. Area: 260,200 square miles.
Population: White, 5,300: native, 4,-
Luwazi Mission Station
Postal Address: P. 0. Munhamade, Dis-
Address: P. 0. Nkata Bay, Nyasaland, trict de Quilemane, Portuguese East
Africa. Africa.
Director: W. L. Davy. Director: M. M. Webster.
Faculty: Faculty:
Barson Barto, Simon Ngaiyaye, Des- M. M. Webster, Ce Divison, and 1
ert Nkalakosa, assisted by 5 native native teacher.
teachers. Ordained Minister: M. M. Webster.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Minister: Ce Divison.
Simon Bunyani, W. L. Davy, Nemen
Jere, Paulos Mhango, Desert Nkola- Licensed Missionary: Mrs. M. M. Web-
kosa, Simon Ngaiyayi. ster.
Licensed Ministers: In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. E. P.
Barson Barto, Zachariah Goma, Bil-
lint Sapa.
In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. W. L.
Davy, assisted by 1 native orderly. Mwami Mission Station
Address: P. 0. Fort Manning, Nyasa-
land, Africa.
Matandani Mission Station Director: H. W. Stevenson.
Acquired 1908 Faculty:
Postal Address: Blantyre, Nyasaland, Buxton Simon, H. W. Stevenson.
Africa. Mrs. H. W. Stevenson, assisted by 8
Acting Director: Yokoniah Sosula.
In Charge of Hospital and Leper Col-
Ordained Minister: Yokoniah Sosula. ony: Miss D. Ingle and 4 assistants.
Licensed Ministers: Ordained Minister: Soldier Kanjanga.
Hamilton Kanjira, Joseph Mangame. Licensed Minister: H. W. Stevenson.
Inspector: Joseph Mangame. Licensed Missionary: Miss M. D. Ingle,
Village Schools: 10. Mrs.. H. T. Stevenson.
Teachers: 15 natives.

Thambani Mission Station

Mombera Mission Station Organized 1929
Address: P. 0. Mzimba, Nyasaland, Af- Address: P. 0. Mwanza, Nyasaland, Af-
rica. rica.
Director: Simon Msuseni. Director: Victor Mpheza.
Head Teacher: Nathan Kasambara. Ordained Minister: Victor Mpheza.
Faculty: Inspector: Smpson Kavalo.
Simon Msuseni, assisted by 4 teachers. Village Schools: 5.
Ordained Ministers: Head Teacher: Jackson Nseula, assisted
Simon Msuseni, David Nkosi. by 7 teachers.

Thekerani Mission Station Licensed Ministers:

B. Ellingworth, Maynard Kamata,
Acquired 1923 Luke Kaponda.
Licensed Missionary: Mrs. B. Elling-
Address: P. 0. Thekerani, Nyasaland. worth.
Inspector: Ce Maynard.
Director: B. Ellingworth. Village Schools: 28.
Teachers: 35 natives.
Ordained Ministers: Dispensary: Mrs. B. Ellingworth and
Harry Konge, Ben Ritch. native orderly.


Organized 1916
Territory: Northern and Southern Rho- Ordained Ministers:
desia, Bechuanaland Protectorate,
and Southern portion of Belgian W. W. Christensen, Gladstone Ima-
Congo ; comprising Northern Rhode- siku, R. M. Mote, James Myeba, G.
sia Mission Field, Northeastern Rho- R. Nash, Johnson Ngo, H. R. S.
desia Mission Field, Southern Rhode- Tsukudu, W. R. Vail.
sia Mission Field, South Congo Mis- Honorary: Moses Donga, Mark Gan-
sion Field and the Rhodesia-Bechu- gasa, I. X. Nkomo, John Ross, Harry
analand Conference. Sibagobe, F. R. Stockil.
Area: 1,020,164 square miles.
Licensed Ministers:
Population: White, 80,000 approxi-
mately; native, 2,977,666 ; colored, C. P. Bringle, P. B. Fairchild, J. G.
4,568; Asiatic, 2,772. Foster, F. B. Jewell, J. Mwesa, W.
P. Owen, Geo. Sikongo, W. Sim-
Churches: Native, 47; European, 5 ; to- bombo, A. A. Tsotetsi, P. W. Will-
tal, 52. Members : Native, 9,620; more.
European, 224 ; total, 9,844. Believ- Honorary: E. V. Tarr.
ers not baptized: 8,895; total believ-
ers, 18,739. -
Licensed Missionaries:
Telegraphic Address: ''Adventist," Bul- C. A. Bradley, Mrs. C. A. Bradley,
awayo. Mrs. C. P. Bringle, Mrs. W. W. Chris-
Office Address: 114 Jameson St., Bula- tensen, Miss Enid Ellingworth, Mrs.
wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Africa. P. B. Fairchild, Mrs. J. G. Foster,
Miss W. Fourie, Petra Hovig, Mrs.
Telephone: 2210. F. B. Jewell, Hazel Mote, Mrs. R. M.
Mote, Miss Pauline Muller, Mrs. G.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 573, Bula- R. Nash, Mrs. W. P. Owen, Miss R.
wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Africa. Staples, Miss Evadne Tarr, Mrs. W.
R. Vail, W. M. Webster, Mrs. W. M.
Officers: Webster, Mrs. P. W. Willmore.
Superintendent, G. R. Nash. Legal Assn.: Seventh-day Adventist
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, P. Community of Africa (Incorporated).
W. Willmore.
Executive Committee: G. R. Nash,
A. W. Austen, C. Paul Bringle, J. G.
Foster, R. M. Mote, W. P. Owen, W. Kanye Medical Mission Station
R. Vail, P. W. Willmore, Director
Liumba Hill Mission. Established 1921
Departmental Secretaries: Postal Address: P. 0. Kanye, Via Lo-
Educational, W. R. Vail. batsi, Bechuanaland Protectorate,
Field Missionary and Rome Mission- South Africa.
ary, Medical Supt.: C. Paul Bringle.
Medical, Nurse: Miss W. Fourie.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., W.
R. Vail. Native Orderlies: 2.

Mann Medical Mission Station Churches: European, 1; members, 14.

Native, 18 ; members, 3,729.
Established 1936
Postal Address: P. 0. Mission, North-
Postal Address: P. 0. Maun, Bechuana- ern Rhodesia, Africa.
land Protectorate, South Africa.
Medical Supt.: J. G. Foster. Officers:
Superintendent, A. W. Austen.
Nurses: Secretary-Treasurer, B. Searle.
Miss P. Hovig, Hazel Mote. Executive Committee: A. W. Austen,
Orderlies: 2. A. Bristow, Lawson Endaenda, Job
Mabuti, James Malinki, B. Searle,
Native Evangelist: A. A. Tsotetsi. Andrew Shamilimo, W. G. Webster.
Departmental Secretaries:
Sabbath School, C. E. Wheeler.
Ordained Ministers:
(European) European: A. W. Austen, It. B. Rob-
Organized 1929 inson, C. E. Wheeler.
Native: Lawson Endaenda, Peter
Territory: European work in Southern Lengalenga, Henry Mabona, Job Ma-
Rhodesia, Bechuanaland Protectorate, buti, Jack Mahlatini, James Malinki,
and Beira. in Portuguese East Africa. Luck Ndhlovu, Elmer Nkomo.
Area: 425,354 square miles. Licensed Ministers:
Population: White, 66,226; colored and European: B. Searle.
Asiatic, 9,158 ; churches, 4 ; members, Native: Matthew Chiwanga, Simon
171. Kaliba, Lotson Kausu, James Muy-
Postal Address: Private Bag, Gwelo, eba, Harry Mwananyau, Simon
Southern Rhodesia, Africa. Mwenda, Jonathan Mwesa, Joseph
Mwimo, Simon Mwinga, Jacob Nku-
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," luchila, Chamyolo Pison, Andrew
Gwelo. Shamilimo, Seth Shimabwachi.
Officers: Licensed Missionaries:
President, Mrs. A. W. Austen, A. Bristow, Mrs.
Secretary-Treasurer, D. R. Symons. A. Bristow, Mrs. R. P. Robinson,
Executive Committee: W. D. Eva, F. Mrs. B. Searle, Miss C. L. Stevens,
M. Kitto, Fred McEwen, C. E. Spar- Mrs. C. E. Wheeler.
row, D. R. Symons, C. E. Trevithick.
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational, W. R. Vail. Broken Hill Mission District
Sabbath School, Miss D. It. Webster.
(Native Mission)
Ordained Ministers:
Established 1941
W. D. Eva, A. E. Rawson.
Licensed Minister: J. M. Staples. Address: Care of C. M. Landless, Esq.,
P. 0. Chisamba, Northern Rhodesia,
Licensed Missionaries: Africa.
Miss Lily Bradley, Mrs. W. D. Eva, Director: Job Mabuti.
Miss D. Hankins, Mrs. A. E. Rawson,
R. W. Royer, Mrs. R. W. Royer, Licensed Minister: Simon Mwenda.
D. It. Symons, Mrs. D. R. Symons, Village Schools: 5.
Miss D. R. Webster.
Village School Teachers: 5 .
European Inspector: C. E. Wheeler.
Organized 1921 Bwengwa Mission District
Territory: Northern, Southern and (Native Mission)
Central Provinces of Northern Rho-
desia. Established 1935
Area: 122,995 square miles. Address: P. 0. Monze, Northern Rhode-
Population: Native, 369,154; European, sia, Africa.
9,500. Director: Jack Mahlatini.

Native Minister: 1. Munenga Mission District

Village Schools: 4. (Native Mission)
Village School Teachers: 5.
European Inspector: C. E. Wheeler. Established 1930
Address: P. 0. Mazabuka, Northern
Rhodesia, Africa.
Chimpempe Mission Station Director: Job Mabuti.
Native Minister: 1. .
Established 1921
Evangelist: 1.
Address: P. 0. Kawambwa, Northern Village Schools: 7.
Rhodesia, Africa.
Village School Teachers: 12.
Director: R. P. Robinson.
Teachers: 3 natives. European Inspector: A. W. Austen.
Village Schools: 7.
Village School Teachers: 9.
Musofu Mission Station
Native Inspector: 1.
Dispensary: Mrs. R. P. Robinson. Established 1917
Address:-Private Bag, Ndola, Northern
Rhodesia, Africa.
Demu Mission District Director: W. M. Cooks.
(Native Mission) Teachers:
Established'1930 W. M. Cooks, Mrs. W. M. Cooks, and
3 native teachers.
Address: P. 0. Pemba, Northern Rho-
desia, Africa. Evangelist: 1.
Director: Andrew Shamilimo. Village Schools: 4.
Evangelists: 2. Village School Teachers: 5.
Village Schools: 5. Dispensary: Mrs. W. M. Cooks.
Village School Teachers: 7.
,European Inspector: C. E. Wheeler.
Nadezwe Mission District
(Native Mission)
Dimbwe Missiori District Established 1934
(Native Mission) Address: P. 0. Mazabuka, Northern
Rhodesia, Africa.
Established 1935
Director: Henry Mabona.
Address: c/o Tara Trading Co., Private
Bag, Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia, Native Minister: 1.
Africa. Village School: 1.
Director: Strawberry Jam Mayinza.
Village School Teachers: 2.
Evangelist: 1.
European Inspector: C. E. Wheeler.
Village Schools: 4.
Village School Teachers: 4.
. European Inspector: C. E. Wheeler.
Ndola Mission District
(Native Mission)
Luapula Mission Station Established 1937
(Native Mission)
Address: P. 0. Ndola, Northern Rho-
Established 1929 desia, Africa.
Address: c/o Chimpempe Mission, P. Director: Peter Lengalenga.
0. Kawambwa, Northern Rhodesia,
Africa. Native Minister: 1.
Native Evangelist: 1.
Director and School Inspector: R. P.
Robinson. Village Schools: 3.
Native Teacher: 1. Village School Teachers: 5.
Evangelist: Samuel Mulombe. European Inspector: W. M. Cooks.

Rusangu Mission Station Native Evangelist: 1.

Established 1905 Village Schools: 5.
Village School Teachers: 5.
Address: P. 0. Mission, Northern Rho-
desia, Africa.
Director: A. Bristow. Liumba Hill Mission Station
Headmaster: A. Bristow.
Established 1928
A. Bristow, Miss C. L. Stevens, and Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Northern Rho-
5 native teachers. desia, Africa.
Village School: 1. Di;ector: To be appointed.
Village School Teachers: 2. Teacher: Mrs. C. A. Bradley and 3 na-
tive teachers.
Native Minister: 1.
Evangelists: 2. Dispensary: Mrs. C. A. Bradley.
Native Minister: 1.

Rusangu Mission District

(Native Mission) Luanginga Mission District
Established 1941 (Native District)
Address: P. 0. Monze, Northern Rho- Established 1941
desia, Africa.
Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Barotseland, N.
Director: Simon Mwinga. Rhodesia, Africa.
Evangelists: 2. Director: Willie Simbombo.
Village Schools: 5. Native Evangelist: 1.
Village School Teachers: 6. Village Schools: 6.
European Inspector: C. E. Wheeler. Teachers: 6.
European Inspector: C. A. Bradley.
Sala Mission District
(Native Mission)
Lwambi Mission District
Established 1931
(Native District)
Address: P. 0. Lusaka, Northern Rho- Established 1941
desia, Africa.
Director: Lawson Endaenda. Address: P. 0. Mongu, Barotseland, N.
Rhodesia, Africa.
Village Schools: 2.
Director: Gladstone Imasiku.
Village School Teachers: 3.
Native Minister: 1.
Native Evangelists: 2.
Village Schools: 6.
Minister: 1. -
Teachers: 8.
European Inspector: A. W. Austen.
European Inspector: C. A. Bradley.


Tapo Mission District

Katima Mulilo Mission Station (Native District)
Established 1921 Established 1936
Address: P. 0. Sesheke, Northern Rho- Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Barotseland, N.
desia, Africa. Rhodesia, Africa.
Director and Village School Inspector: Director: Geo. Sikongo.
W. P. Owen. Native Evangelist: 1.
Village Schools: 4.
Mrs. W. P. Owen and 8 native teach-
ers. Teachers: 4.
Dispensary: Mrs. W. P. Owen. European Inspector: C. A. Bradley.

SOUTHERN RHODESIA Bulawayo Mission District

MISSION FIELD (Native Mission District)
Organized 1921 Established 1929
Territory: Native work in Southern Address: c/o Box 563, Bulawayo,
Rhodesia, and Tati Concession of Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Bechuanaland Protectorate. Director: John Ncube.
NativeTeachers: 5.
Area: 150,616 square miles.
Village Schools: 4.
Population: Native, 1,376,000. European Inspector: W. Bastiaans.
Churches: 19 ; members, native, 4,900;
European, 24.
Chiduku-Makoni Mission District
Address: Private Bag, Gwelo, Southern (Native Mission District)
Rhodesia, Africa.
Established 1938
Telegraphic Address: 'Adventist."
Gwelo. Address: c/o Inyazura Mission, Inya-
zura, S. Rhodesia.
Officers: Director: Edward Janda.
Superintendent, A. E. Rawson. Native Teachers: 8.
Secretary-Treasurer, D. R. Symons. Village Schools: 7.
Executive Committee: A. E. Rawson, European Inspector: Christopher Rob-
W. Bastiaans, A. N. Gams, Edward inson.
Janda, Stephen Ngwenya, Christopher
Robinson, D. R. Symons.

Departmental Secretaries: Filabusi Mission Station
Sabbath School, R. E. Eva ; Associ- (Native Mission)
ates: A. N. Gains, Edward Janda. Established 1929
Y. P. M. V. and Field Missionary,
S. B. Dube. Address: Insimbiti School, P. 0. Fila-
busi, South Rhodesia, Africa.
Self-Supporting Secretaries: Director: J. N. Sibanda.
A. N. Gama, Edward Janda. Village Schools: 4.
Mission School: 1.
Ordained Ministers:
Native Teachers: 8.
European: I. B. Burton, C. Robinson. European Inspector: W. Bastiaans.
Native: Alfred Gama, Edward Janda,
Paul Mbono, Emory Mlalazi, James
Moyo, James Ndebele, Stephen
Ngwenya, John Nigani, Philip Fort Victoria Mission District
Nkomazana. (Native Mission District)
Licensed Ministers: Established 1910
European: G. M. Krick. Address: c/o "Stanhope," P. 0. Fort
Native: S. B. Dube, John Lupahla, Victoria, Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Jeremiah Mogobola, Timothy Moyo, Director: James Moyo.
William Moyo, John Ncube, Phila-
. mon Ncube, Register. Ndhlovu, Native Teachers: 2.
Harry Nkiwani, B. S. Nkosi, Enoch Village Schools: 2.
Wahungana, Noel Zemba. European Inspector: R. E. Eva.
Licensed Missionaries:
W. Bastiaans, Mrs. W. Bastiaans,
Mrs. I. B. Burton, It. E. Eva, Mrs. Gwaai Mission Station
R. E. Eva, Miss H. Furber, Mrs. G. (Native Mission)
M. Krick, Miss H. McCullough, Mrs.
C. Robinson, D. R. Symons, Mrs. D. Established 1929
R. Symons, Miss W. Tickton, Miss D.
R. Webster. Address: P. 0. Gwaai Siding, Southern
Rhodesia, Africa.
Native Colporteurs: 12. Director: Stephen Ngwenya.

Mission School: 1. Lower Shangani Mission District

Village Schools: 4. (Native Mission District)
Native Teachers: 5. Established 1911
European Inspector: W. Bastiaans. Address: c/o Messrs. Chitrin & Treger,
Shangani Reserve, P. O. Lonely Mine,
Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Hanks Mission Station Director: John Lupahla.
(Native Mission) Native Teachers: 4.
Established 1910 Village Schools: 3.
Postal Address: P. 0. Selukwe, South- European Inspector: W. Bastiaans.
ern Rhodesia, Africa.
Director: James Ndebele.
Native Teachers: 9. Mapani Mission Station
Mission School: 1. (Native Mission)
Village Schools: 4. Established 1936
European Inspector: R. E. Eva. Address: c/o Private Bag 29 K, Bula-
wayo, Southern Rhodesia.
Director: Register Ndhllovu.
Headlands-Mrewa Mission District Native Teachers: 4.
(Native Mission District) Mission School: 1.
Established 1929 Village Schools: 3.
Address: P. 0. Headlands, Southern European Inspector: W. Bastiaans.
Rhodesia, Africa.
Director: Paul Mbono.
Native Teachers: 2. Maranke Mission District
Village School: 1. (Native Mission District)
European Inspector: C. Robinson. Established 1938
Address: P. 0. Odzi, Southern Rhode-
sia, Africa.
Inyazura Mission Station Director: Enoch Wahungana.
Established 1910 Native Teacher: 1.
Address: Inyazura Mission, P. 0. Inya- Village School: 1.
zura, Southern Rhodesia, Africa. European Inspector: Christopher Rob-
Director: Christopher Robinson. inson.
European Headmistress: Miss H. Mc-
Cullough, assisted by 3 native teach-
ers. Midlands Mission District
Village School: 1. (Native Mission District)
Village School Teachers: 2. Established 1936
Dispensary: Mrs. C. Robinson. Address: c/o Lower Gwelo Mission,
Private Bag, Gwelo, Southern Rhode-
sia, Africa.
Lower Gwelo Mission Station Director: Emory Mlalazi.
(Formerly Somabula) Village Schools: 7.
Established 1901 Native Teachers: 8.
Address: Private Bag, Gwelo, Southern European Inspector: R. E. Eva.
Rhodesia, Africa.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Gwelo.
Director: I. B. Burton. Mondora Mission District
Central Day and Boarding School: Eu- (Native Mission District)
ropean Headmaster, I. B. Burton,
assisted by 3 native teachers. Established 1936
Village Schools: 3. Address: P. 0. Featherstone, Southern
Village School Teachers: 5. Rhodesia, Africa.
European Inspector: R. E. Eva. Director: Philip Nkomazana.

Nata Mission District Nchwanga Training School, P. 0.

(Native Mission District) Mubende, Uganda, East Africa.
Solusi Training School, Bulawayo,
Established 1936 Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Address: c/o Solusi Mission, Bulawayo, Publishing:
Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Advent Press, Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu,
Acting Director: Jeremiah Mobobola. Kenya Colony, E. Africa.
Native Teachers: 3. Malamulo Mission Press, P. 0. Mala-
Village Schools: 3. mulo, Nyasaland, British Central
European Inspector: R. L. Garber. Sentinel Publishing Co., Rosmead
Ave., Kenilworth, Cape, South Af-

Solusi Mission Station Medical:

Established 1894 Hospitals
Address: Solusi Mission, Box 573, Bula- Bongo Mission Hospital, Lepi, An-
wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Africa. gola, Portuguese West Africa.
Kanye Hospital, Kanye, via Lobatsi,
Director: R: M. Mote. British Bechuanaland, Africa.
Union Training School (See Educa- Kendu Hospital, Gendia, P. 0. Ki-
tional Institutions). sumu, Kenya Colony, East Africa.
Lower Gwelo Mission Hospital, Pri-
Dispensary: F. B. Jewell, Mrs. R. L. vate Bag, Gwelo, Southern Rho-
Garber. desia.
Malamulo Mission Hospital and Leper
Colony, Malamulo Mission, P. 0.
Malamulo, Nyasaland, Central Af-
Tati Mission District rica.
(Native Mission District) Maun Medical Mission Hospital, P. 0.
Maun, via Palapye Road, Bechu-
Established 1940 analand Protectorate.
Address: c/o Mr. L. R. Tarr, P. 0. Mwami Mission Hospital and Leper
Tsessebe, Bechuanaland Protectorate, Colony, Fort Manning, Northern
S. Africa. Rhodesia.
Ngoma Mission Hospital, P. 0.
Director: William Myengwa. Usumbura, Urundi, Central Africa.
Nokuphila Hospital, Western Native
Township, Johannesburg, Trans-
vaal, South Africa.
INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTHERN Ntusu Mission Hospital, Maswa, Lake
AFRICAN DIVISION Province, Tanganyika Territory,
East Africa.
Educational: Songa Mission Hospital, B. P. Ka-
Bethel Training College (Native), P. mina, Belgian Congo, Central Af-
0. Butterworth, C. P., So. Africa. rica.
Bongo Training School, Missao Ad-
ventista, Lepi, Distrito de Bengu- Dispensaries
ela, Angola, Portuguese West Af- Cancele Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
rica. Cancele, via Mount Frere, East
Gitwe Training School, via Usumbura, Griqualand, South Africa.
Urundi, Central Africa. Chimpempe Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
Good Hope Training School, River- Kawambwa, Northeast Rhodesia,
side, Klipfontein Road, Athlone, Africa.
Cape Province, South Africa. Cuale Mission Dispensary, Duque de
Helderberg College (for Europeans), Brafanca, Malange, Angola, Portu-
Box 22, Somerset West, Cape Prov- guese West Africa.
ince, South Africa. Gitwe Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
Ikizu Training School, Ikizu Mission; Usumbura, Urundi, Central Africa.
P. 0. Musoma, Tanganyika Terri- Inyazura Mission Dispensary, Inya-
tory, East Africa. zura, Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Kamagambo Training School, Kama- Katima Mulilo Mission Dispensary,
gambo, P. 0. Kisii, Kenya Colony, Private Bag, Livingstone, North-
E. Africa. ern Rhodesia.
Malamulo Training School, P. 0. Kirundu Mission Dispensary, Ki-
Malamulo, Nyasaland, British Cen- rundu, via Kindu, Province Orien-
tral Africa. tale, Congo Belge, Central Africa.

Kolo Mission Dispensary, Morija, Bag, Ndola, Northern Rhodesia,

Basutoland, South Africa. Africa.
Liumba Hill Dispensary, P. 0. Nova Lisboa Dispensary, Caixa Pos-
Kalabo, Barotseland, Northern tal No. 3, Nova Lisboa, Angola,
Rhodesia, Africa. Portuguese West Africa.
Lucusse Mission Dispensary, Caixa Rusangu Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
Postale No. 34, Missao de Lucusse, Mission Siding, Northern Rhodesia,
Vila Luzo, Angola, Portuguese Africa.
West Africa. Rwankeri Mission Dispensary, Rwan-
Luwazi Mission Dispensary, P. 0. keri P. 0., Kilgali, Ruanda, Central
Nkata Bay, Nyasaland, Africa. Africa.
Luz Mission Dispensary, Caixa Postal Shiloh Mission Dispensary, Lunsklip,
33, Vila Luzo, Angola, Portuguese Northern Transvaal, South Africa.
West Africa. Solusi Mission Dispensary, Bulawayo,
Munguluni Mission Dispensary, P. 0. Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
Mtinhemade, Districto de Quile- Thekerani Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
mane, Portuguese East Africa. Thekerani, Nyasaland, B. C. Af-
Musofu Mission Dispensary, Private rica.
Organized as the India Union Mission, 1910; reorganized 1919
Territory: India, Burma, Ceylon, and Medical,
adjacent islands, politically attached, Ministerial and Religious Liberty, R.
Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Nepal, and Publishing. L. C. Shepard (acting)..
Bhutan. L. Kimble.
Sabbath School and Home Missionary,
Area: 2,232,057 square miles. E. D. Thomas.
Population: 400,000,000 ; churches, 155 ; Transportation Agent, A. F. Tarr.
members, 7,414. Uplift, L. C. Shepard.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: "Ad- Ordained Ministers:
ventist," Poona, India. R. A. Garner, R. L. Kimble, E. M.
Meleen, E. W. Pohlman, L. C. Shep-
Post Office Address: Box 15, Poona, ard, J. M: Steeves, A. F. Tarr, E. D.
India. Thomas, W. H. Jordan, M. G. Cham-
Officers: pion.

President, A. L. Ham. Licensed Minister: J. S. Dason.
Acting President, E. M. Meleen.
Secretary-Treasurer and Auditor, A. Licensed Missionaries:
F. Tarr. Miss L. Baird, Mrs. R. A. Garner,
Division Committee: A. L. Ham, R. R. L. Juriansz, Mrs. R. L. Kimble,
A. Garner, It. L. Kimble, F. H. Mrs. G. G. Lowry, W. Mackett, Mrs.
Loasby, 0. 0. Mattison, E. M. Me- W. C. Mackett, Mrs. Nora Mattison,
leen, H. C. Menkel, L. G. Mooker- Mrs. E. W. Pohlman, M. S. Prasada
jee, E. W. Pohlman, L. C. Shepherd, Rao, R. Rice, J. L. Shannon, Mrs.
South India Superintendent, F. E. L. C. Shepard, Miss L. Streeter, Mrs.
Spiess, J. M. Steeves, A. F. Tarr, E. A. F. Tarr.
D. Thomas.
Legal Assn.: "The India Financial As-
Departmental Secretaries: sociation of Adventists."
Educational and Y. P. M. V., J. M. Chairman, E. M. Meleen (acting).
Steeves. Secretary-Treasurer, A. F. Tarr.


Organized 1919
Territory: Burma, .including the Shan Aye Maung, Tun Maung, Maung Nee,
States; the Andaman and Nicobar Thra Paul, Ma Than Sein, Ma Shwe,
Islands. Mrs. 0. A. Skau, Saw Yai.
Population: 14,696,601 ; churches, 12 ;
members, 898.