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GRANIDUR Screed 0/4 GR E

KORODUR Design Floor



GRANIDUR screed 0/4 - a factory-pro- grain size: 0-4 mm The GRANIDUR surface is repeatedly
duced, ready to use, cementitious design compressive strength: CTC 70 ground/polished:
floor on the basis of KORODUR hard ag- wear cm/50 cm: 5 1. grinding with stone grain 36
gregates. GRANIDUR screed 0/4 is pro- processing temperature : > 5 C 2. grinding with stone grain 60
duced with polished finish. material consumption kg: 3. grinding with stone grain 120
GR E is available also coloured, see per m / per mm layer thickness approx. 2,1 4. grinding/polishing with stone grain 240
KORODUR colour chart.
APPLICATION The base concrete, min. C25/30, must be After grinding/polishing the whole
For the production of polished design pre-treated by milling, shot-peening etc. GRANIDUR surface must be repeatedly
floors for of post-modern architecture in For permabond composite the surface wet cleaned by means of cleaning ma-
sales rooms, boutiques, exposition must be free from cracks, even, free from chine with brush head.
rooms, restaurants, foyers, loose and brittle particles and enrich-
museums, office buildings, airport ments of finest mortar, rough and PRODUCTION
terminals, subway and railway stations open-pore. The evenness should be acc.
KORODUR Westphal Hartbeton
as well as any representational areas. to DIN 18202, table 3, line 3.
GmbH & Co. KG, works Wattenscheid
Placement of joint-profiles in exact level
Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
PROPERTIES and aligned. Joint profiles made of hard
PVC, aluminium or brass. Fixing by
resistant against gasoline, mineral oil, means of epoxy resin mortar or dowels SUPPLY
solvents 25 kg special paper packaging
and screws.
highly wear resistant even under the The base concrete is thoroughly pre-wet-
most severe stress ted, avoiding puddles. On to the matt- STORAGE
water resistant, qualified for wet rooms damp surface the KORODUR Bonding Dry, like cement,
chloride-free Compound HB 5 is brushed on uniformly shelf-life approx. 6 months
anti-skid, non slip in case of oil and in using hard broom (see technical data
wet rooms sheet on KORODUR HB 5).
frost and de-icer resistant
Then the GRANIDUR 0/4 screed is
This product contains cement and has an al-
electrostatic non-chargeable applied in 15 mm thickness in stiff kaline reaction with moisture/water. Therefore
improved surface density to plastic consistency, fresh-on-fresh protect hands and eyes. In case of contact with
on the still moist bonding layer. eyes consult a doctor.
Striking off and timely grinding and Our recommendations for application tech-
smoothing until a dense and closed sur- niques are based on our experiences. It is re-
face is achieved. commended to adapt processing and material
The installed mortar has to be cured quantities to the given local conditions and we
refer in this context to our general terms of sale
acc. to DIN 1045 (e. g. covering
and delivery.
with foil).
per July 2008
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