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A Brief History of Anoria

Written by: Lordanel Oralin-Ralund Esmond.

Preface: Anorias history has large gaps due to record loss. Much of which is
being reclaimed as time passes onwards. Many of the ancient sights that house
ancient knowledge are too treacherous to enter to attempt recoveries. Whether it
be by ancient traps to keep the records safe. Or by other creatures who had made
it their home. Because of the gaps, new information is being found all the time. So
I have enchanted this book, and the other sister books just like to rewrite pages
that are made in the origin source book. Do not be alarmed if you find your book
is spawning in new ink.

In the Stars: Where Anoria lies within the cosmos, the cosmos grants the world its
magical properties. The element that is magic courses through the stars and subsequently
through Anoria as well. It is speculated by other historians that this was the perfect place to
build a world full of life and a world highly enveloped with creation and magic.

First era: Some 3000 odd years ago.

Creation of Anoria: As far as the records hold, the world of Anoria was created by
many gods; and many of those same gods havent been seen since, but few remain and on rare
occasions make an appearance. When Anoria was being birthed, the gods had shaped the land
with the creation of beasts of primordial elements known as dragons, leaving the task to them
to bend the elements and aid the gods in the creation. But their purpose in this matter
wouldnt last forever, and once the creation of the world was complete, they were left to their
own devices. Eventually there would be generations of dragons that would differ and produce
offspring with different motives, and the original motives of creation would be lost through the
decades. There are claims that some of the earlier dragons remain, but that has yet to be seen.
The shaping of flesh and The First War:
When Anoria was new, and the task of creating the land was over, much of the gods had
gathered what was theirs and nearly vanished. The dragons who were left to tend the elements
would soon find the true purpose of Anoria. They found creatures of flesh, humanoid creatures
with the capacity of creation within each of them. These humanoid creatures began to obtain
knowledge and the art of craft; and subsequently the art of war. The hostilities of these new
creatures were apparent from the beginning, attacking the dragons in their reckless fear of
them. The dragons ripe with power wanted to obtain the same level of sheer numbers, in an
effort to defend their claimed homelands, and to pass on their knowledge down to offspring.
They didnt know how to create life as of yet. One of the great dragons who had faced the
threat the most, the first Red dragon; began to grow malice in his heart towards the other
creatures of Anoria. The other dragons hadnt known of the wickedness that would soon be
growing. The great red dragon had started to gather small villages of different races and burrow
them down into his lair deep within the earth at a grand mountain, where he began twisting
their forms to suit his needs to form an army of his own making. The only race that seemed to
withstand his corruption without peril were the race of human. The hatred within his heart
warped his means of creation, he had used this new tool to warp the race into what we now
know as Tieflings. He had enhanced these new creatures with the means of destruction,
creating the first warlocks, and sent what small forces he originally had to capture and bring
back more to shape. The race of human was almost wiped out in the conversion, if it werent
for the other races banding together with them to thwart the new foe. It is believed at this time
that the creatures of Anoria looked to the stars for aid, and were blessed with the new-found
power of magic, of all variety, from the various gods that remained; granting them as blessings.
A large clash of armies had met on a battle field outside of the dragons mountain lair. The
corrupted tieflings were being overthrown completely by the immeasurable odds and might of
their magic and steel. Many scattered in the surrounding landscape to prevail. The mountain
was stormed, and a great evil was slain within. The first red dragon had fallen. It was said that
his essence had seeped out of him, and into the darkness below; that his heart had remained
down in the darkness of his lair, pumping, shaping, creating dark forces. These would birth the
creatures not of the gods will. Creatures of dark nature like trolls, goblins, kobolds, wyverns,
and many other creatures with dark intentions. Once the dragon had fallen, the remaining
tieflings were freed from the red corruption, and began to rejoin the other races as a new
society, though they were frowned down upon for many centuries. Some of those prejudices
still live today the offspring of the red dragon would come to be, but only many hundreds of
years later; presumably by the same means that the other evil races were formed.

Second era: Some 2000 odd years ago.

The great movement of creation and purpose: By this point in history,

the race of human had recovered and the land had flourished with fruitful crops for all he
humanoid races. The dwarves had found immeasurable wealth that was hidden under the
lands, and developed means to keep historic records. The gnomes had begun to develop and
discover new means of technology, especially in sync with their fellow dwarves; and especially
in the art of gem cutting. The Elves had begun a renaissance of art and poetry and
advancement of magic and its sources. The tieflings had erected a capitol and thrived, and were
well known for their outstanding craftsmanship in weapons and armor. The halflings aided in
crop growth and sprung out little villages across Anoria, and found routes in druidic traditions.
Around the early years of this era new races would form as well. The orcs had sprung from the
earth just like the other evil races, but kept to their small tribes and hunting parties. There is no
historic record found so far that shows us where half-orcs come from as of now. The half elves
would be born in a twist of fate and a chaotic amount of magic. The elves wanted to tap deeper
into the arcane arts of magic, and found that they as a race were more adept and attuned to it.
So, they tapped deep into their bloodline to enhance it, only to accidently create a version of
themselves. Smaller versions who were more human than elf, but more keen and adapted to
magic. They were welcomed with wide open arms as elvish kin. For reasons that arent
recorded or understood, this also allowed elves to reproduce with humans, little did they know
that this would cause two types of half-elves and a divide between elf kind in the years to
come. During this era, the dragons that remained had finally found the means to produce
offspring, naturally. What isnt known is the source of magic used. But the great ancient
dragons could carry out their blood line and produce kin. Two types of distinct kin were formed,
that of nature, and that of mind. The ones of nature are what we know today as traditional
dragons, that of mind are the dragonborn. With the first war, the dragons knew theyd need
more numbers with the growing humanoid races; so the dragonborn were created with the
same knowledge that the other races were formed, but their intent was as guardians. The
dragonborn grew in knowledge, and in craft, and in their own art of warfare for the purpose of
defense. The other dragons werent like the first red dragon, and didnt seek conquest or
retribution directly against the humanoid races Years of peace and prosperity would pass
while in this era. Until.

The Second War: Unknown to the world,

something from the greater dark of the cosmos, believed to be a gods dark gift; was given to a
single woman. She would be the rise of the undead and the first lich; many of these undead
that are found to this day are reminiscence of this era long ago. The motive was clear, to end
life and create a new one in undeath. The fallen from the first war was the start of the army.
The battle field that once was at the base of the first red dragons lair would be used as a pool
of creation to spawn an undead army. She marched her undying forces across the land,
destroying villages, towns, echo systems, and eventually the tiefling capitol city. The tieflings
would never recover from this again. Many of the numbers that made up the tielfings were
demolished in a short period of time as the city was raised to ash. To this day their numbers
remain low, but not endangered. The other races banned together once more and fought back
the new foe of death. This also created the order of the Silver Dawn and brought up the first
paladins and the first clerics who sought power and blessings from the gods, namely Lathander,
god of good, nobility, protection, and the sun. The war was hard fought, the undead army could
replenish with no need of food or drink, but instead with the bodies of the fallen. They were to
this day Anorias greatest threat, and could have marked the end. The war was on the losing
end, until the march of the dragons. The battle cries and roars marked the first appearance of
these new-found creatures during one fateful battle at the dwarven capitol city. These new
creatures were aiding the other humanoid races, demolishing the undead ranks from a perfect
flank. When slain, the dragonborn couldnt be turned to undeath so easily, for it would take a
great deal of magic and time to fully convert; they made a great foe for the undead. The
numbers of these new creatures were dwindled down to the point of no recovery as well. They
are now more rare of a sight than tieflings, but arent looked so far down upon; but as great
champions, protectors, and warriors. The intent of the dragons aid wasnt clear, but one thing
was understood; once the war had been fought. The dragons didnt resume creating these
creatures in large values, but in smaller ones. And never again did they interfere with the
humanoid races affairs. Many of the dragonborn from this era and onward were allowed to
leave in search of their own freedom, and with the years of intermingling with the humanoid
affairs, they meshed with their society and began to have their own. Though no town, city, or
village had ever been constructed by this race, for they are rare in numbers and are mostly seen
carrying out duties to guilds and armies.

Third era: Some 1000 odd years ago.

The spirit of adventure and individualism: With the ending of the second
war and the mark of a new era, all of the civilized races we know today have flourished. The
war brought on a sense of pride in the humanoid races, spawning guilds, one united faction,
and identity in ones race. Each race contributing differently to society with music, art, magic,
medicine, and luxury drinks. All were at ease and with peace. Exploration had a renaissance and
many new towns and islands were settled by many of the races. Not all of the races would be
contempt with being under one banner however, and though no major war was fought, there
were battles for independence. From this era forward, there was a separation in one united
faction, and instead three are now formed in its place that have remained to our own era.
Though each faction boasts a specific race in numbers, they typically are a mishmash of many
different races. Most of Anoria is a free inhabitant to roam and be a member of any region in
the world they may choose. The mark of the end of this generation was when the dwarven king
Agolin had died, for he was the last rein of his bloodline that were directly linked to the first
unified faction.

Fourth Era: Current Day.

The elf sundering: Everything has been

working in unity in terms of trade and humanoid advancement since the third era, even
through the different laws between the three factions. though as of recent history, not but 2
years ago; the elvish queen that currently resides in the elvish capitol has banished and
outlawed half-elves in a fit of racism. She has ended many lives and the half-elf population has
been much smaller since. Her motives arent clear as to why, but she has spread distain and
distrust in the region of her woods towards the other half of her kin. There have yet to be new
reports to reveal as to why this is. She is shutting her walls off and there are talks of her leaving
the faction her people reside in: The Free Reign.