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VU 21500 TASK 1

Group: Anna & Marcos

Plan : Marcos: Agree : The zoos are cruel to animal
Anna: Against : The zoos are not cruel to animal
*Anna: The zoos are not cruel to animal
1. The zoo can protect animal.
Hunting animal has been become one of many urgent issues in many countries
throughout the world. Although, there are many laws about protecting wild
animals have been promulgated. We cannot fully protect them from hunters in wild
habitat. But with the zoos, they are safe and live under good conditions.
2. The zoo help people explore the lives of animal.
The zoo plays a huge role in education. It can help people to learn about wild
animal. For example, through visiting zoo, children can understand about animals
life such as animal behavior and habitats, and about the environment. For example,
people can know about how animal eat or how they take care of their babies. In
this manner, people will broaden their knowledge, and it educates them about
protecting animal. As a result, the zoo bring people into contact with nature.
3. The zoo help animals more closely with humans.
With all reasons above, due to zoo, the animal will become more closely with
*Marcos: The zoos are cruel to animal
1. The animal are belongs natural
However, there are many dangerous issues when the animal live in natural
condition. For example, hunting animal makes many species extinct every year. In
addition, the wild habitat are being destroyed by environments pollution or
disasters. Thereby, it is better if animal can be protected and preserved in the zoo.
2. The zoo lost animals inborn
I disagree with that because if animal keep in the zoo, they are taught by zoo staff.
Moreover, they also provide food. It will help them grow up more than living in
3. They dont have real freedom
If some dangerous animals can live in nature, they can harm humans. There force,
animal should be kept in the zoo.