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This essay will make assessment about task 1: The similarities and
differences between Australia culture and Vietnam culture. At the same time, this
essay will provide the advantages and disadvantages when I write the task 1.

First, I'll admit my task 1 and self-assessment about it. Clarity: the essay is
clear and easy to read, some sentences does not feel so smooth, but generally the
idea is well handled and distributed. Expression: the essay is very informative, able
to give a lot of common things and compare different things between Australia and
Vietnam. Structure: I can see three main components, introduction, body with one
paragraph for similarities, two for differences, and conclusion. The body can be
better with some reasons why there are such differences. Sequence: yes, there are
some sentences that can use some arrangements, but the overall idea is well linked.
Appropriateness: the content is well researched and is correct.

Ly is one of my classmates. After watching my task 1, she has made the

comments on my assay as follows: Clarity: She talks my information in my essay
is clear, easy to understand, grammar is correct, the sentence make sense.
Expression: She talks my essay is interesting, it express many factors similarities
and differences between Australia culture and Vietnam culture. Structure: She talks
my essay have clearly structured according to the structure TEEL. My information
are arranged logically. Sequence: She talks my essay are linked well, the sentences
are supported and coordinated information together well. Appropriateness: She
talks information in my essay is addressing the requirements, given the correct
information to the reality in Australia and Vietnam.

While performing this Task1 I had the advantages are: I have had experience
in the education in Vietnam, I realized a lot of similarities and differences between
the cultures education of Australia and Vietnam. I also find a lot of information on
the internet to add to my essay. However I also met a lot of difficulties in doing this
essay. The beginning, I had difficulty in choosing topics, when I choose any topic I
can only find the similarities that can not find a different, or vice versa. Further, I
just arrived less than a year, so the time to approach and learn about Australian
culture education have not been many.