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Name of student: Thi Thanh Thuy Nguyen
o The main points:
Interviewing a small nine-year girl about how people can save the
Alex who is introduced, showed 3 solutions: saving water by not using much
water when washing dishes , taking a bath, watering the plants; keeping the
garbage untill finding a trashcan to push it in and saving the forest by wasting
paper and by collecting newspapers
o Three most important environmental issues discussed in the audio:
Wasting water by using much water in the daily activities
Littering makes our plant dirty.
Wasting paper also means devating the forest where animals live.
2. The presentation:
This audio tell about the interview between a man and a small nine-year girl, Alex
When being asked how we can save the environment, Alex showed some solutions
such as saving water by not using much water when we take a bath, wash dishes,
water the plants, etc in the daily activities ; not littering by keeping the garbage
untill we find a trashcan to put it in and saving the forest by not wasting paper,
collecting and recycling paper.
As you know there are the three most important environmental issues which the girl
told in this audio, are wasting water, littering , destroying the forest. Now lets me tell
more about them.
Firstly Water is really necessary for everyone to use daily when washing dishes,
clothes, hand , taking a bath, cooking, watering the plant, etc. However we often
unnecessarily use so much water that wasting it or forget to turn the tap off when
being focus on another things, etc. So in my opinion, raising the awareness of saving
water is the first thing, then making notes such as securely turn the tap off when
not using or using the solar water heating system which help us have hot water
immediately instead of leaving a large amount of first cold water .
Sencondly littering which occurs over the world, is one of the most serious
environment issues in many countries and is caused by wasting the products and the
low conciousness. Cardboard boxes, aluminium cans, plastic bottles etc can be
recycled , if they are disposed properly. But most of us often forget or do not time to
do this. The National Academy of Scientist in the USA estimated in 1997 that around
6.4 million tonnes of litter enter in the worlds ocean each year. This has caused the
serious influences to the habit of fish, crab, seal, sea urchin,etc and also contribute
the great part to pollute the environment.And I wonder that why we can not save the
products such aluminium can, plastic bottle, cardboard box while we know that most
of them is often man-made . According to the experts, it will take around 500 years
for plastic bag to break down in a landfill. We should restrain from using much
plastic. This is also my individual solutions.
Finally deforestation is not only cuting down trees to make paper, ship, pallet or the
furniture in our house but also clearing lands to build house, farm, ranch, urban etc.
Forest which is the green lungs of the earth,supply oxygen source , help us to
improve atmosphere more purely by absorbing carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
Destroying the forest has resulted in damage to the habitats of human and the
extinction of many animal spieces. On the other hand, it has maken global warming,
climate changing, greenhouse effect and the serial harm. Maybe the profit and the
life requirement are the two bigest reason for us to do this. In my personal opinion,
we can polish the old wooden furnitures up and then paint , we can also recycle the
old pallets to a fence or a small storehouse. Lets improve the asmostphere around
your house by planting the fruit or green trees or flower. Furthermore The human
also need plant trees on the land where forests have been cut down.
After all, our conciousness is still the most important, because there would not be