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Marine Vessels AEM initiates Leaning Panaga Health Centre gets

Replacement Strategy Design Processes International Accreditation
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Dear Colleagues, Our Marine Department (SMR) has
PUBLISHED BY It has been a busy time here at BSP made recent step changes in its
Communications & External Affairs as we continue our focus on our core Maritime Safety Performance and
Brunei Shell Petroleum business of delivering energy for life, acquired the new Ampelmann
Jalan Utara fuelling Bruneis future. We are pleased gangway technology both of which
Panaga to share with you successes and stories literally bridge our people to our
Seria KB3534 that highlight the sustained effort on business safely and reliably.
Brunei Darussalam how teams are working hard AND Furthermore, SMR has also
smart to ensure we deliver in line with implemented their Marine Vessels
EDITOR Roda Kemajuan. Replacement Strategy which is excellent
Khairul Anwar Ismail
In addition to the Roda Kemajuan, news for local business development.
WRITERS we are also guided by our priorities. Other desired outcomes are to reduce
Ayla Abdullah Our top business priority is Business the frequency of significant maritime
Sharif Ibrahim Integrity. In this issue we share with you incidents in BSP operations, to
the story of our Business Integrity demonstrate that Goal Zero is possible
LAYOUT AND DESIGN Campaign, specifically the launch and deliver Roda Kemajuan.
Hajah Fauziah Jahis earlier this year. Fighting corruption is On Safety, you will read about an
good for business and even better for interview on how HSE is translating
PRINTING the country. During the launch, the Roda Kemajuan into their tasks and
Asia Printers leaders and the audience shared their targets. HSE is stepping up in Safety
pledges. Let me share mine here: Leadership from managers to frontline
I will make visible how I operate staff and embedding Continuous
according to the fundamental principles Improvement by making their people,
of business ethics and integrity, I will plans, processes, and procedures more
ensure proper investigation of any issue LEAN. LEAN is about finding ways of
raised and I will have zero tolerance working that are more efficient by
A Brunei Shell Petroleum Company where individuals choose to operate eliminating waste and making
Sendirian Berhad publication contrary to the BSJV Code of Conduct. processes more streamlined.
Being confident that our business is The brilliant thing about this
Brunei Shell Petroleum Company being carried out with integrity, we can company is that everyone works
Sendirian Berhad (1952), rest assured that our a ssets are safe together and pulls together to get the
unless otherwise indicated. All rights and that we can concentrate on job done safely and with integrity.
reserved. delivering energy for life for Brunei. Everyone is responsible for their
The Panaga Health Centre is also impact- lets continue the good work
Neither the whole nor any part of this making headlines with its recent that weve been doing and achieve
newsletter/magazine may be reproduced
international quality health care even greater things in 2014 and
or stored in any retrieval system
or transmitted in any form or by any accreditation the first health centre in beyond.
means (electronic, reprographic, Brunei to do so, making it an Terima Kasih.
recording or otherwise) without the prior achievement for both BSP and Brunei.
written permission of Brunei Shell This is another example of Continuous
Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad. Improvement in action and the
organisations efforts in focusing on the
Ken Marnoch
Roda Kemajuan to ensure delivery.
Managing Director, BSP
Business Integrity Campaign

HSSE on Roda Kemajuan

Generate Lunch and Learn
features the Bloodhound

AEM initiates Leaning
Design Processes

Marine Vessels Replacement
Champion Waterflood A2

Panaga Health Centre gets
International Accreditation

Champion Waterflood Project
Lays Flexibles Safely In
Challenging Pipeline Corridors

BSJV Wins Two Shell UI Impact
Awards In 2013
8 10
Step Change In BSP Maritime
Safety Performance

Convention to mark end of
BEES 2nd Cycle

BSJV Volunteers help
community affected by floods
12 22

Business Integrity
Campaign Launched
We aim to be a group of companies that talks about
Business Integrity and acts with Integrity. We are here today
to reinforce this commitment and ask that you, our business
partners, join us and the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in
promoting transparent business practices so this great
country can continue to prosper for years to come, said Mr
Ken Marnoch, the Brunei Shell Joint Venture Companies
(BSJV) Companies and Shell Country Chair, in his
welcoming remarks at the launch of the Business Integrity (BI)
Campaign at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, Jerudong.
Present as the guest of honour was Yang Berhormat Pehin
Datu Singamanteri Colonel (Rtd) Dato Seri Setia (Dr.) Awg
Hj Mohd Yasmin bin Hj Umar, Minister of Energy at the
Prime Ministers Office. Also present at the launch were
Director of Anti-Corruption Bureau Yang Mulia Dato Paduka
Haji Mohd Juanda Hj Abdul Rashid, foreign dignitaries,
YB Pehin Datu Singamanteri Colonel (Rtd) Dato Seri Setia senior officials from the government and private sectors, as
(Dr.) Awg Hj Mohd Yasmin bin Hj Umar officially launch- well as BSJV senior management.
ing the campaign witnessed by the Director of ACB, Dato In his speech, the Minister of Energy pointed out that
Paduka Hj Mohd Juanda issues such as corruption and misrepresentation need to be
dealt with seriously as they are diseases that must be cured
and eliminated and if leave unhindered, could have serious
implication to the economic, social and political well-being
of the current generation but also in the future.
The Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang
Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam the Minister reiterated, is
very clear on matters relating to business integrity, that is
having a zero tolerance to any forms of corruption.
He further stressed that a clean business environment
especially in the oil and gas industry is important for the
countrys economy to develop in a sustainable way.
There is no alternative to this and we must stem conducts
that are contrary to the principles of Business Integrity swiftly
and in non-compromising way as they as a harmful not only
to companies but the nation as a whole, he stated.
Meanwhile Ken Marnoch in his remarks encouraged the
use intervention tools such as the LAPOR voicemail and other
whistle-blowing initiatives aimed at strengthening the BSJVs
commitment to business integrity in all company affairs.
Business integrity is a fundamental business principle and
BSJV Companies number one business priority. The BI
campaign was launched in collaboration with the ACB, in
support of its zero tolerance policy on corruption, especially
on behaviours that contradict core values and business
This years BI campaign initiatives are intended to
communicate further what the BSJV companies expect of
their business partners, and display their commitment to
these same principles through their actions.

From left: BSP Deputy MD Hj Salleh Bostaman Hj Zainal Abidin, BGC MD, Hj
Shahbudin Hj Musa, BSM MD, Pg Shamhary Pg Dato Hj Mustapha and BLNG
MD Mohamad Hj Awg Damit at the event

It is aimed at encouraging everyone to work together to reinforce

these principles that His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam and His
Majestys government together with BSJV companies consider to be a top
The launch enables the BSJV to communicate to the public why they
avoid any actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest, and refrain
from exchanging gifts and hospitality.
The BSJV aims for transparency when it comes to business partnering
and contract management. Creating and maintaining processes and
building relationships around trust is important to promote
competitiveness and continue developing relationships with local
The campaign also aimed at encouraging the community to
participate in this BI journey, and to report any suspected violations of
these principles.
Before the event, all attendees were asked sign a declaration form
agreeing that any courtesies offered at the event are not meant to
influence their business decisions The BSJV companies will now adopt this The campaign also aimed at encouraging
new practice in all their events to create and sustain partnerships with the community to participate in this BI jour-
principles. ney, and to report any suspected violations
The BSJV leadership emphasised their zero tolerance for business of these principles
integrity violations, and discouraged the offer or acceptance of gifts and
hospitality between business partners, as these could give rise to
perceptions that compromise fair play and honesty.
BSJV supports a No Gifts Policy, as simple goodwill gestures can
often be overshadowed by perceptions of influence or wrongdoing,
dangerously close to corrupt behaviours.
The Brunei Shell Joint Venture Companies remain committed to the
core values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect and excellence in all aspects of
its business, and the same values are expected from those they do
business with.


HSSE on Roda Kemajuan

ith the roll out of Roda Kemajuan earlier this year, departments and teams all across BSP needed to connect
and align their task and targets to Roda Kemajuan in order to support BSPs delivery in 2014. This will
demonstrate to everyone in Brunei and the shareholders that we can Deliver Energy for Life Fuelling
Bruneis Future.
Recently, Salam had the opportunity to catch Hj Idris Hj Jaafar, Head of Health, Safety, Security and
Environment (HSSE) in Brunei Shell Petroluem (BSP). Lets find out how HSSE is connecting and aligning the work that they do
towards Roda Kemajuan.

Salam: Haji Idris. So, what does Roda

Kemajuan mean to you?
HSSE: Roda Kemajuan in HSSE is about delivering our
business in a safe way in short: safe and reliable
production. This requires leadership commitment, and a
sharp focus on safety at various levels, from management to
front line workers.
Salam: What are the targets that you have set
for HSE with Roda Kemajuan in place?
HSSE: Our goal has always been Goal Zero No Harm
and No Leaks.
We want to create and have a Goal Zero mindset of
No harm and No Leaks where everybody chooses to be
safe and wants to go home safely every day.
Put simply, we want to statistically reduce our Total Hj Idris Hj Jaafar,
Recordable Cases Frequency (TRCF) from last year by BSP Head of
around half. However, the most challenging part is actually Health, Safety,
how we change the mindset. Security and
Salam: So how do you plan to achieve this? Environment
HSSE: The journey starts with the leaders. The Roda
Kemajuan in HSSE is an integrated program which starts
with the Leadership, Middle Management Supervisors, HSE
Professionals and the workers with that aim in mind. We make it very clear
The safety leadership program, which has around 150
leaders, will help mold their mindset to being a genuine
safety leader. Leaders who are concerned, not just about
to the line if they feel
production but also safety, to lead their organisations.
We want them to look into and understand why their
people are non-compliant. Sometimes, it is the leaders
it is unsafe, they should
behaviour that leads workers to be non-compliant and we
need to change that. shut down. There are
no repercussions or
If we succeed in this, it will be sustainable more than
just a one-off campaign or initiative.
Its about Process, Plan, People, and LEAN its to do
with the step up and how do we do it in a LEAN way.
Salam: How will you make sure that the questions asked if they
program is LEAN?
HSSE: We have many programs and initiatives in HSSE
so it is important we do not waste resources and duplicate
do that and we will
We talk to the LEAN practitioners and experts in HSE
training from the Shell Group to design the program such
support them.
that it is LEAN, tailored to our requirements and is
We are embedding it through mandatory training in
safety critical positions. Our journey is ongoing and we are
researching now so that we make it LEAN.

BSP Roda Kemajuan

Salam: What other efforts are you doing to Also, on Asset Integrity and Process Safety we have a
make HSE more efficient? huge challenge to demonstrate we are safe. We are
HSSE: One example is how we are now delivering our looking into how we fix things, how we demonstrate that
HSE Cases. HSE Cases are documents that demonstrate to when we have a deviation, we have all the mitigations in
our regulators that we are in control of our major safety and place and they are being verified. Our HSE professionals
accident hazards. At the moment, there are many things have to verify those mitigations and challenge the line to
being put in that are not required by regulation, and some ensure they have all the barriers in place.
are. So we ask ourselves how we can make these documents We make it very clear to the line if they feel it is
fit for purpose. unsafe, they should shut down. There are no repercussions
Secondly, we are also making the HSE department more or questions asked if they do that and we will support them.
LEAN to deliver some of our agenda, for example our HSE Salam: Are there any success stories to date?
Plans, by making them relevant, fit for purpose and easy to HSSE: First, the leaders feel the need to listen to people.
implement. There is more support from the leaders and thats the first
The third effort is our focus on People developing thing we need. Leaders are supporting our programs, and
competencies and the upgrading of our HSE professionals. they want it to be LEAN. We need them to be aware and
So in Roda Kemajuan, we have to ensure each of the HSE committed to this effort.
professionals have their competency development plans to We are happy to get further support from our Board of
reach a certain competency level. We are making good Directors and the Shell Group on the Roda Kemajuan plans
progress on this. for HSE.
Fourth is how the HSE department is delivering our job I am also glad that there are more people reporting
for example in Incident Investigations. We are looking into incidents whether security, safety and environment related
how we can make it visible and efficient. There are many issues. People report everything! This is good and we want
incidents and many people involved, so we need to make it to encourage this behaviour.
LEAN to ensure we deliver the learning that we want. Salam: This is great to hear and we wish you
Salam: What are the major challenges you and the HSSE team all the best. Do you have any
face in implementing Roda Kemajuan in HSE? final words, Haji?
HSSE: One major challenge is when there are new HSSE: Our key message is that safety is our top priority
players in the organisation internally and providers we want to be a leader in safety. We want to create an
externally that we need to bring along. There are a lot of environment where people choose to be safe and people
green helmets now - people who are new to the go to work and go back home safe. We will stay the course
organisation and we need to manage this. towards Goal Zero the goal of No Harm and No Leaks.
Thank you.


and Learn
Nurul Syazwina Rosli,
Production Geologist, CPG/11

Andy Green giving an overview of the

Bloodhound supersonic car

he finale of the 2013-2014 ready to give that title up just yet. design, build and testing of the car is
Lunch and Learn hosted by However, this was not the main made easily available to teachers,
Generate in February 2014 objective of the Bloodhound SSC students and the general public.
ended with a supersonic bang. project. Therein lay a deeper, more The fighter pilot guest shared a
The bang was delivered by meaningful agenda. success story about a struggling school
guest speaker Wing Commander The project aims to confront and in the UK, which in the end, in a feat of
Andy D. Green OBE BA RAF, British overcome the impossible, using inspiration, managed to build the
Royal Air Force fighter pilot and World science, technology, engineering and fastest model rocket car in the school
Land Speed Record holder, to an mathematics while at the same time backyard.
audience of hungry engineers, car inspiring and stimulating kids to be the Ken Marnoch, BSP Managing
enthusiasts and curious Joes from next generation of scientists and Director himself also expressed his
Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) with the engineers. surprise when his son, Scott, came
revelation of the highly anticipated Wing Commander Green home from school - after a presentation
Bloodhound supersonic car that uses a highlighted that the world is in a from Wing Commander Green -
hybrid rocket. shortage of engineers and the only wanting to build a rocket
The car itself is still an ongoing way around this was to motivate the It would appear the efforts from the
work in progress, expected to be younger generation in that direction. Bloodhound team have not been vain.
completed in 2015. In order for the Bloodhound team to From what I saw, the Lunch and
The United Kingdom currently holds achieve this, they have implemented Learn audience were left awe inspired
the title for the fastest land speed an extensive advertising campaign to by the end of Wing Commander
record in the whole world. raise awareness of their project. Greens presentation.
So you may ask - what is the point So far, the feedback has been As a proud Geologist for many
of them creating another one? immensely positive. years myself, throughout the
According to the record holding What sets the Bloodhound SSC presentation, I could not help but
speedster, first of all, there is fierce project apart from other ground entertain thoughts of jumping on the
competition from other countries to breaking engineering ventures is that Engineering wagon!
build the fastest car and the UK is not all the information about its research,


n support of Roda Kemajuan stated that individuals were nominated
2014, Asset Engineering by the line, who they believe are able
Management (AEM) team initiated to help and make a difference to the
a Business Improvement (BI) design processes, for better project

initiates program named Leaning BSP

Design Processes with their business
partner, aiming to adopt LEAN
concepts in the current design
delivery for the company as well as the
nation. Thus, he urged all the team
members to be committed to the
program and beyond.

Leaning processes.
The initiative is also targeted to
continuously improve the existing
Design Engineering processes for a
Pg Omarali and Hj Jamain Hj Md
Lot, contract manager from Petrokon
Utama, signed the 2014 Business
Improvement charter paper to initiate

BSP better project delivery from AEM as

well as to develop local capability in
LEAN and business improvement (BI).
The team comprised a total of 12
the commencement of the program.
The initial phase started in March
2014 and is expected to be completed
by June 2014.

Design engineers and executives from Asset

Engineering Services (AES), Offshore
Engineering & Construction (AEO),
Melissa Teoh, Quality Assurance
Engineer - Design Contract from the
Quality Assurance team, AES/411,

Onshore Engineering & Construction briefed the objectives of the program to
(AEN), Front End Engineering (AEF), the team.
Asset Engineering Design (AED) and This was followed by a presentation
five engineers from the design by Gerard Grattan who shared the
consultant Petrokon Utama. BI Journey of LEAN, including the
Coaches, Gerard Grattan and Steven courses, pre-read materials, duration
Song will provide coaching to the team of the program, methods of coaching,
throughout the program. and course fees.
The kick-off meeting was held on At the end of the session, all the
February 13th, 2014. team members signed the commitment
Pg Omarali Pg Mohammad, Asset matrix by putting specific dates on
Engineering Manager, AEM, gave his required activities to signify their
opening address to the team and commitment to the program.

Charter paper signed by sponsors - Pg

Omarali AEM (right) and Hj Jamain
(Petrokon contract manager) witnessed by
the contract holder Othman Kamaluddin


Marine Vessels
Replacement Strategy
Major Boost for Local Business Development

s part of the Marine Vessels management capabilities whilst launched by the Government.
Replacement Strategy, bearing in mind the expertise as well To make this initiative a success
Brunei Shell Petroleum as maturity of the local vendors. required innovative form of contracting
(BSP) awarded a total of 9 Consistent with the above - new to both BSP and its Business
Infield Utility Vessels philosophy, BSP took up the challenge Partners. Specialist support was drawn
charters to a local Business Partner to replace 10 existing vessels reaching from Shells Global Category Manager
with ten year contracting commitments. the end of their service life, in an for Marine to assist with the
This was a key step towards provision economically viable and locally procurement strategy.
of more local jobs marking a major sustainable way. The solution was to With the 9 vessels now in Brunei
boost in supporting the Nations efforts enter into 10 year charters for 9 new and being gradually phased into
of local business development and build vessels with a Bruneian Business operations, it is safe to say that
employment for Bruneians. Partner. All the vessels are financed successful delivery of this project could
In an exclusive interview with though local institutions, Brunei not have been achieved without close
Salam, Ramit Gangopadhyay, BSPs flagged and logistical support for the collaboration between the pertinent
Marine Superintendent and Head of vessels are available in-country. All stakeholders within BSP and support
Marine Logistics (SMR) said, We contracts contain the maximum from the Government.
realized we needed vessels with better possible recruitment and training Having proven this contracting
capability for transferring personnel commitments for Bruneian seafarers model to be a success, the strategy will
offshore. In parallel BSP is always over the total duration thus taking be replicated whenever a long-term
looking at opportunities to promote advantage of the newly established charter opportunity can be supported.
local ship owning and ship Brunei Maritime Academy programme

Amanah 1 - the latest vessel built to cater the

growing need to service offshore facilities


Champion Waterflood A2
Achieving Successful Construction and Production Milestones through Teamwork

2013 was a busy year for the A2 project. Construction

and platform modifications were completed on the drilling
platform DP37 in the early part of the year. This allowed the
Deep Driller 8 jack up rig to enter and begin drilling, and
resulted in A2 first oil flowing from the CP204 well in May
The DD8 went on to drill four successful wells in total on
DP37, all of which have now been completed and are
During the first half of 2013, Detailed Design was also
successfully completed for the DP33/PP01 and DP31/PP04
scopes of the project.
In the second half of 2013, an opportunity was identified
within BSP to accelerate the DP33/PP01 offshore scope of
work into the 2013/2014 monsoon period to assist with
shortfalls in corporate production.
Resources were allocated to carry out this work, and
together with the Offshore Reliability Maintenance
Watriah Sarililah and Ismah Ismail, two of the Construction (ORMC), plans were put in place for BSPs first
Bruneian Project Engineers working on the A2 major monsoon working campaign.
Project The successful execution of the A2 project is highly

dependent upon the contributions and teamwork between
he Champion Waterflood Project is by far the largest BSP and a number of contractors from early design through
single project in the history of Brunei Shell Petroleum to offshore execution.
(BSP). An example of this is onshore fabrication, which has
The first phase of this project is the A+ Phase, been ongoing for the A2 project in BSPs Marine
comprising of A1 which was fully constructed and Construction Yard (MCY) in Kuala Belait, throughout the
completed with first oil flowing in 2012. course of 2013.
The project is currently in execution A2 phase. The A2 The onshore fabrication scope has included fabricating
phase involves the drilling of 22 new oil and water wells, as the two 100t Integrated Modular Skids as well as the two
well as associated modifications to existing platforms and smaller Electrical and Instrumentation skids for each of the
the installation of a new water injection pipeline and two drilling platforms.
subsea composite cables to provide power and fibre optics. These skids will form extensions to the DP33 and DP31
Hj Hamidun Hj Tamit, Champion Waterflood Project platforms, and will provide the infrastructure to
Lead, MPC, stated, The A2 project has had a challenging accommodate the flowing of the additional wells to be
year in terms of schedule, priority changes and resource drilled. The image below shows the layout of the skid deck
constraints. Through strong teamwork and partnerships extensions on the platforms.
across the organisation and with our contractors, the project In October 2013, the A2 project celebrated the
has managed to achieve a number of successful milestones successful completion and loadout from MCY of the first two
in 2013. skids for the DP33 platform.
The Project Lead continued, The focus now is to keep the The skids were loaded onto a transport barge, and
pressure on and to make 2014 an even more successful handed over to the ORMC offshore installation contractor to
year, with the safe completion of construction, drilling, and sail offshore for installation.
the delivery of first oil from DP33/PP01, and to push for a The transition of equipment between the contractors went
solid start to offshore execution of DP31/PP04. Well done to smoothly and was a further example of how teamwork has
the A2 lead, Claire Mueller and her team! led to successful results on A2.
The sequencing of work on A2 can be generalised as Shortly after loadout, the skids were successfully lifted
follows: and installed onto DP33 (see Pic 4 and Pic 5 below).
Stage 1 : Construction on CPDP 37 and first oil These lifts were part of a safe and successful monsoon lift
(completed May 2013) campaign that was completed for the first stage of the A2
Stage 2 : Demolition and construction on CPPP01, project, where in addition to the skids, a number of other
CPRP01, CPDP33 and first oil (2014) smaller lifts were also performed including a new separator
Stage 3 : Demolition and construction on CPPP04, for CPPP01 (see Pic 6 below) and a new Vent Knock Out
CPRP04, CPDP31 and first oil (2015) Drum for CPRP01.

Through strong
teamwork and
across the
and with our
the project has
managed to
achieve a number Successful installation of both skid onto CPDP33

of successful Other challenges have included change-out of major contractors and the
resulting teething problems that have ensued, as well as the difficult weather
milestones conditions experienced during the 2013/2014 monsoon period and pressure for
limited resources across the business.
in 2013 A key highlight of the A2 project has been the opportunities that it has
provided to train young Bruneian Project Engineers and attachment students.
Despite being a small project, A2 covers a wide range of activities across a
number of locations, providing the team with experience and exposure as well as
Towards the end of 2013 there was the opportunity to overcome challenges and achieve success on a number of
also a significant amount of pipeline fronts.
activity on the A2 project, to ensure When asked about her experiences on the A2 project, Watriah Sarililah,
that the platforms could receive the Project Engineer MPC/23 said, A2 has been a great opportunity for me and
required water for injection and cables has exposed me to a number of interesting challenges. I have managed to learn
required for power and more about projects from the design phase up to handover and I am looking
communications prior to start up. forward to gaining even more experience as I progress further.
In August 2013, the new DN200
water injection flexible pipeline (PID
1502) was installed from CPRP04 to
CPDP33 using the Jascon 25.
In addition, in December 2013, a
new composite cable consisting of a
Low Voltage (LV) power cable and fibre
optics were installed by the Ajang
Harapan between CPDP33 and
Overall, A2 has experienced a
number of risks and challenges
throughout the course of the project.
Being a Brownfield project on ageing
facilities of more than 40 years, the
team inevitably have had to deal with
issues that have arisen such as
maintaining the scope within the
design battery limits of the project,
ensuring that the assets are safe,
compliant and fit for purpose prior to
start-up, whilst at the same time
adhering to cost and schedule Loadout of the integrated Modular Skid
requirements. for DP33 in MCY


Panaga Health Centre gets

International Accreditation

he Panaga Health Centre of Brunei Shell Petroleum Mohd Yusof.
(BSP) held an accreditation award ceremony at Also present at the event was the Managing Director of
Pusat Insani Seria after being successfully awarded BSP, Ken Marnoch, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of
by the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health the Malaysian Soc iety for Quality in Health, Prof Dr Kadar
(MSQH). Marikar, who delivered his key note lecture.
The ceremony marks a special day for the Panaga In his welcoming speech, the MD of BSP said, ``Todays
Health Centre. BSP is very proud of the accomplishment, as event marks a key milestone in realizing Bruneis aspiration
it recognizes all the hard work done by the team at the to deliver high quality healthcare services to its people. We
Health Centre in ensuring clinical operations are on par with will continue to work closely with our colleagues at the
international standards and guidelines, all of which have Ministry of Health and other healthcare providers to support
been extensively audited by the Malaysian Society for quality healthcare services in the country. It is this spirit of
Quality in Health. collaboration that will raise the bar and bring us closer to the
Present as the Guest Honour of the event was the targets set in the Wawasan 2035.
Minister of Health, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya ``On a personal note, I share the excitement with the
Johan Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Adanan bin team at the Health Centre who have worked diligently over
Begawan Pehin Siraja Khatib Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji the last 18 months to achieve the goal of accreditation.

structured manner by going through the accreditation

The accreditation process looks at the standards of
delivery of health care, the standards of professionalism of
staff, the facility, infrastructure, the training and Human
Interview with Resources and manpower support.
Dr Hjh Siti Haziah Abidin Accreditation was a path way and we wanted to be
Chief Medical Officer the first in the country, recognised not just in BSP and in
Brunei but also internationally.
Salam: What were some of the main
challenges you and HML faced in the
accreditation journey?
Salam: What does the Accreditation HML: One was the physical aspect of the Health
achievement mean to the Panaga Health Centre Centre, such as the infrastructure. We had to go through a
(HML) and Brunei? lot of processes within BSP, such as acquiring an
HML: Accreditation means that a facility has been Engineering certification for fitness of building safety.
externally verified by an established body in Quality The most challenging was getting the openness of staff
Assurance, We have complied with international quality to adopt new practices. A lot of us have been in the
health care services standards. medical field for many years and are used to doing things
Salam: Why did you want to get accredited? in a certain way. And when we are trying to adopt new
HML: During one of our engagement sessions with our standards, it means we have to change the way we do
HML staff, everyone expressed this desire for a clear things to change our behaviour mindsets to do things
direction for the Health Centre. 90% of HMLs 88-strong in the right and safe way.
staff have been here for the whole of their careers, since the Salam: What were the key enablers for HML
Health Centre was a hospital. Hence, they have a sense of in achieving accreditation?
great pride and love for this place. HML: The staff has got to want it. They expressed
There is a desire and passion to be recognised, not just desire for clear direction for the Health Centre for
for their professional quality but also for the beloved Health professional quality. That really helped. It is a major
centre. We also recognised that some of our facilities were change and requires a lot of training. We identified who
outdated and required some replacements. were going to be champions the change agents - like Dr
So, we decided the best way to modernise the facility Rao and Rosita. People who would do a lot of the running
and address the views of our HML community was for HML around and driving people, and develop Standard
to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence as a Operating Procedures, on top of their normal everyday
professional delivery of health care, was to do it in a duties.

Todays success is made possible by
the teams commitment to excellence
and also with the great support and
collaboration with the Ministry of
Health and Jerudong Park Medical
Centre, added Ken.
Accreditation to a health care
organisation stimulates continuous
improvement. It enables the
organisation in demonstrating
commitment to quality care. It raises
community confidence in the services
provided by the health care
organisation. It also provides
opportunity to healthcare unit to
benchmark with the best.
Staffs in an accredited health care
organisation are satisfied and
motivated as it provides for continuous
learning, good working environment,
leadership, and more importantly,
ownership of clinical processes.
MSQH is accredited by ISQUA, the
Minister of Health, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Johan Pahlawan Dato Seri
global apex body in monitoring quality
Setia Awang Haji Adanan presenting the accreditation to BSP MD Ken witnessed
standards in health care.
by Dr Hjh Siti Haziah Abidin, Panaga Health Centre Chief Medical Officer

We also needed to address many staff misconceptions for us to do newer things, in a more structured manner.
by opening our eyes and ears, listening to their concerns Salam: What can the rest of BSP and Brunei
and addressing them very openly. learn from HMLs accreditation?
Throughout the 18 months of the journey, we HML: Accreditation is often seen as very difficult. So,
maintained everyones motivation through a lot of emails what we hope is that everyone in Brunei recognises that
sent out. Rosita would regularly send out an Accreditation health care accreditation is very, very possible for us to do
Day Countdown. Dr Rao would also send out the progress in Brunei. Although we initially had a strong drive to be the
reports, on what we have achieved and what we need to first health care provider to be accredited, we do not want
achieve so people knew what the Balanced Scorecard to be the only one.
looks like. This kind of constant stream of messaging kept At the end of the day, all of this is to create and support
reminding everyone and sustained the motivation the Ministry of Healths vision of Together towards a
throughout the 18 months. Healthy Nation.
Our change agents were passionate and motivated We are happy to share our experience with others
people and their passion was very infectious and got about how we did it. We are not doing anything
everyone else equally passionate and motivated too. Its all extraordinary. A lot of it is about reflecting on what you are
about creating an inclusive atmosphere of excitement and doing and tidying things up and having the mindset to
HML Pride and recognition. want to change for the better.
Salam: What are some of the benefits Salam: So now that HML has reached
realised from Accreditation for HML staff? accreditation, whats next?
HML: We have created new job opportunities and HML: Maintain, maintain, maintain. This is not forever.
talents. During the process, some people went beyond their We have to maintain our standards and sustain the
call of duty and we reward them for their extra effort motivation. The good thing is that accreditation has created
towards the success of the project. a lot of passion for continuous quality improvement. For
Salam: What are the benefits for BSP staff? example, this year, we have increased the number of goals
HML: If you had to choose between two Panaga Health for audit activities that we are doing, and the number of
Centres, where one had a badge of Accreditation and one Business Improvement activities. Everyone is inspired to
that didnt which would you choose? It shows that we make this work.
have complied with international health standards. For Continuous Improvement is about always wanting to
example, when a nursing staff is dispensing medication, improve and we have to continually look at our services, so
our clients can be assured that they are following standards what may be applicable now, may not be applicable in
of nursing dispensing practice and safety procedures. future.
Another important aspect of accreditation is the process
of continuous quality improvement. This acted as a platform


Flexible Pipeline Safely Laid

in Challenging Pipeline Corridors
19.6 km of Flexible pipeline laid on the seabed in three months

runei Shell Petroleum (BSP) is planning to increase
the existing Champion Field production by
re-developing the field under the Champion
Waterflood Project.
The Champion Waterflood (CWF) Project aims
to implement large scale waterflooding for its more
developed reservoirs (A2), and drill the less developed
reservoirs at Champion field (B2/3).
The Champion Field Waterflood re-development plan
aims to increase economic ultimate oil recovery from the
field by end of license year 2037. The Greenfield B2/3
scope consists of a new production complex with associated
pipelines, subsea composite cables and umbilical. 1
Inner Carcass
(304L, 316L, Duplex)
Hydrostatic Collapse Resistance
Provide hard wearing surface for pigging
As of August 2013, 12 flexible pipelines were safely
installed for the Champion Waterflood Project. 2
Pressure Sheath
(HDPE, Cross-Linked PE, PVDF)
Leakproofness of internal fluid
Subject to gas diffusion
Protecting the Corals Hoop Stress Resistance
Hj Hamidun Tamit, the Champion Waterflood Project 3
Pressure Armour
(Various Grades of Carbon Steel)
Burst and crush resistance
Fatigue resistance of dynamic risers
Lead said CWF B2/3 project has had an increasing Flat wire back-up layer can be specified

challenge and responsibility in avoiding the real potential to Tensile Armours

Axial Load Resistance

damage high quality corals during the installation of many 4 (Various Grades of Carbon Steel)
Also contributes to burst resistance
Fatigue resistance of dynamic risers
pipeline systems on-seabed that connect between the new
Protection from seawater ingress and corrosion
platforms. The flexible pipeline technology offers a real 5
Outer Sheath Maintains armours in position

flexibility for us to go around those corals from an

(HDPE or Polyamide) Provides abrasion protection
UV Protection

environmental point of view. The overall value supports the Construction of the Flexible Pipeline
project objectives in the long run. Champion Waterflood is a
flagship project that will contribute to the countrys
sustainable oil production. Executing the project with Flexible pipeline, on the other hand, offers fit-for-purpose
consideration of environmental impact is an important customisation of inner carcass which can be made of
responsibility. superior corrosion-resistant materials.
Flexible pipelines were selected after an environmental In this project, the Flexible pipeline inner carcass is made
impact assessment was carried out in 2010. The of Duplex Stainless Steel, which is used to deliver water for
recommendation from the assessment was to avoid pipe lay the water injection system, and 316L stainless steel carcass
over high quality corals found at the Champion field. for hydrocarbon.
Recently, in February this year, the Minister of Industry In addition, the teams operational expenditure (OPEX) is
and Primary Resources has also called for the protection of reduced by eliminating the costly requirement of intelligent
corals, as they are important in the regeneration of marine PIGs (Pipeline Inspection Gauges) for inspection throughout
organisms and fishes in an awareness campaign. its design life.
As a result, the pipeline routing was designed to reduce The project deployed a vessel, the Jascon 25 to install
risk of underwater wildlife to as low as reasonably possible and lay the 12 Flexibles - two of which are 16 in diameter,
(ALARP). one 12 and the rest 8.
However, the pipeline routing was also beyond the The vessel is classed as a dynamic positioning pipe-lay
limitations of the conventional carbon steel pipeline used construction vessel (DP3) that is capable of manoeuvring
throughout BSP. around the field without using anchors, thus significantly
Subsequently, flexible pipeline technology was selected reducing the risk of damaging existing pipelines on the
for its unique flexibility that unlocks the possibility of seabed and improve lay rates, where the fastest lay rate
routing around corals. achieved was 500 metres per hour.
Equally important, material studies and historical records It is equipped with an 800 metric ton crane on its stern to
from the oil and gas industry have proven that corrosion is help lift Flexible reels off the material barge and into position
severe when water service is introduced to carbon steel. on the deck. The reels are engaged onto a reel-drive unit

which then unspools the reels as laying commences. Consequently, these are the project key technical risks as
The Flexibles a robust preservation plan is essential to asset integrity prior
The heaviest flexible reel weighs in at 300 metric tonnes, to handover. The project is scheduled to complete in 2015
which was dubbed the PID 1823 an eight inch single after the tie-in of flexible and topside hook-up of umbilical
length 2,500m Flexible pipeline. and composite cable.
The longest 16 flexible comes in four reels, each at The project team responsible for the planning and safe
approximately 400 m and is connected using a Grayloc execution of Champion Waterflood subsea pipelines and
clamp for the mid-line connection. It is one of the very few umbilicals is located at the contractors office in Kuala Belait.
16 flexible pipelines in the world. Humphrey Chin, who retired in 2013, was the Pipelines
In total, a remarkable 19.6 km of Flexible pipeline was Lead, MPC/4, and had led the team of experienced
laid on the seabed. pipeline engineers and graduates. The team worked on the
The duration for the complete laying of all flexible basis of an Engineering, Procurement and Construction
pipelines was three months, between June to August 2013, (EPC) contract to safely deliver the installation of Flexible,
which included activities such as initiation and termination at Umbilical and Cable.
platforms, travelling back and forth between Muara Port and Bruneianisation
Champion field for the lifting of reels, midline connection The project also oversees the development of local talent
and pre-commissioning, namely, pigging and hydrotesting in the areas of project management, and engineering of
of the Flexibles. flexible pipeline technology through secondment of a
The preservation plan includes activities such as wet graduate from Asset Engineering Design (AED) to Kuala
storage of flexible, chemical sampling in umbilical, an Lumpur for the detailed design engineering. In addition,
underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) survey and several graduates from AED (Asset Engineering Design)
tri-monthly inspections of accessories. were invited to visit during the offshore installation.

A total of 19.6 km of Flexible pipeline was

laid on the seabed for this project


BSJV Wins Two Shell

UI Impact Awards In 2013

n a demonstration of its Outstanding Operations and
Winning Partnerships, joint teams amongst Brunei Shell
Petroleum (BSP) and Brunei LNG (BLNG) have won two
awards in the latest prestigious Shell Upstream
Internationals (UI) Impact Award for 2013.
The global UI Impact Awards aim to recognise and
celebrate teams that show extraordinary commitment to find
ways of doing things, safer, cheaper and more effectively.
These teams demonstrate a way of thinking that will drive
delivery, results and ultimately, setting up Shell to be
Nominations can be made for teams, which can include
staff and contractors, working for projects or assets across
UI, as well as in joint ventures.
Teams from all across BSP as well as BLNG submitted a
total of 27 nominations for 2013. Globally, the UI Impact
Awards for 2013 received a total of 352 nominations,
beating last years record of 244.
From these, 32 winning projects were selected
recognising the efforts of 274 people in 18 countries.
This year, awards were granted in five Categories from
each of the six UI Lines of Business plus one Central group
for UI SE & SP, Global Production Excellence and UI
A joint team between BSPs Exploration team (XM) and
Geophysics team (TSG) were Winners according to
Category for Portfolio Value, and were further crowned in
the final round as Top Winners for the Line of Business of
Exploration (UIX). Meanwhile, the joint team between staff Developing the EICF involved a multitude
from BSP and BLNG were Winners according to Category of collaboration across all level
for People Effectiveness, for supporting the Energy
Industries Competency Framework in Brunei.
Broadband seismic and CSEM
Their bold step to transform BSPs exploration opportunity
space offshore with an industry-first approach has directly The global UI Impact
resulted in significantly increased risked prospect volumes in
Brunei. Awards aim to recognise
Faced with limited opportunities, the team decided to
acquire country-wide offshore Broadband 3D seismic and
3D Controlled Source Electro Magnetic (CSEM) data. The
and celebrate teams that
Broadband 3D allowed for significantly greater resolution in
deeper undrilled sections of the offshore area, and around
show extraordinary
and below gas clouds, and the CSEM data provided
additional prospects and leads. commitment to find ways of
The combination of Broadband 3D and regional CSEM
is a Shell and industry first making it an excellent example
of a technologically innovative step-change.
doing things, safer, cheaper
Energy Industries Competency Framework
For not only clearly addressing People Development but
and more effectively.
also for linking to the Secondee Affiliation programme,
specifically by touching on Development, Leader Behaviour

The technolgy used for CSEM was an example of innovative step-change
and excellent teamwork

& Recognition, this project went beyond the People Impact Waterflood Pipelines Umbilicals and Cables from the
to also address the business and relationship impact. Champion Waterflood Project, Commuter Bus Services
The Energy White Paper of the Energy Department at the during Ramadhan from a joint Logistics, SCM, and HR
Prime Ministers Office (EDPMO) in Brunei has an aspiration team, Rigs Portfolio from a joint Wells and SCM team,
to create employment by about 50,000 jobs in the oil and PINTAR Implementation EAST & WEST from a joint
gas industry by 2035 - in which 80% are to be filled by Operations, Production and Maintenance (OPM) and
Bruneians. Production & Engineering IT & IM (IPE) team.
Currently the number of local workforce in the energy Other submissions were Alarms Rationalisation and
industry is low, with many jobs being filled by foreign Implementation Journey from a joint Asset Engineering
workers. The most common reason quoted for the shortfall is Design (AED) and OPM team, BSP East Fast Response
the lack of suitably qualified locals. To counter this, the Team from East Operations (EOP), Environmental Data
government issued a number of Directives to the industry Processing from a joint HSE and Geomatics (TSM) team,
requiring an increase in local spend, thus supporting more and East Asset Uninterrupted Gas Supply from a joint EOP
business to be conducted in Brunei as well as increasing the and Offshore Engineering & Construction (AEO) team,
number of locals in the workforce. Flying Dragons by a cross-departmental team, Marine
Building on this directive, BSP and BLNG actively Vessels Replacement Strategy from the joint Marine (SMR),
initiated and facilitated collaborations with the key Logistics, SCM and Finance team, Engage Project from the
stakeholders local agencies, educational institutions, Panaga Health Centre (HML), Fatigued Drivers Initiative
private training providers, industry players, business from a joint STL, SMR and SCM team, Finance Outreach
partners and set up a number of industry network groups. from the Finance Directorate, and the Iron Duke NFE from
The other nominations from BSP included IAP Value a joint Wells team.
Maximisation from Painting & Fabrication Services (PBS), Through being everyones partner of choice and by
Materials Management from Supply Chain Management being responsive and adaptive, teams and individuals all
(SCM), 100% Success in Wells Training & Competency across the BSJV companies take pride and excellence in all
Development in BSP and Process Safety Competence they do, towards achieving the BSJV Vision of Delivering
Assurance in Wells from Technical Wells, Champion Energy for Life Fuelling Bruneis Future.


Step Change In BSP Maritime

Safety Performance

ver the last six months, Maritime Safety and Assurance staff.
Quality Assurance within BSP have gone While the GMAS tool is being implemented across Shell
through a major step change. Group, BSP remains as one of the top quartile performing
Ramit Gangopadhyay, BSPs Marine units on maritime assurance compliance within the GMAS
Superintendent and Head of Marine Logistics, league table.
SMR, underlined the importance of safety in SMR - Informed Involvement
Transportation by water remains a key risk for SMR to The second step change was Informed Involvement. The
manage for pan-BSP operations. By creating the step existing business partner engagement programme was
change in maritime safety we want to ensure full delivery of revamped. A Safety and Assurance group (SAG) was
Roda Kemajuan for BSP in 2014. Improving contractor formed together with participation of Senior HSSE
safety performance is a key focus area and we now have Managers from all business partners.
the right person, Capt. Vivek Sharma in the role of Project The group now meets on the last Tuesday of every month
Manager for Health, Safety, Security and Environmental and discusses the safety, operational and reliability issues
Management Systems (HSSE MS) Implementation, to drive that affect BSPs maritime operations. The engagement is
this as a project. focused and feedback is actively sought for continuous
Assurance improvement from the frontline staff, business partners, end
Their first challenge was Assurance. For contractor users and regulators; action items are identified, generated,
assessment, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum assigned and tracked for implementation across BSPs
(OCIMF) Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment maritime operations.
(OVMSA) tool was adopted, instead of the more traditional Visible and Felt Leadership
HSSE-MS questionnaires, which did not focus on some of Last but not the least was the focus on Visible and Felt
the key risk areas in the Maritime Hazards and Effects Leadership. 2014 Maritime Safety Improvement Plan was
Management Process (HEMP) namely -navigation, rolled out for all our business partners which includes
mechanical and operational reliability, recruitment and leadership commitment, quarterly campaigns to address
training of seafarers. high risk exposure in Navigation, Mooring, Equipment
The OVMSA evaluation was piloted from September to Failure, Spills, Personal Safety and effective dissemination of
December 2013 and implemented across our spectrum of Learning from Incidents to frontline staff on a monthly basis.
maritime business partners with effect from January 1st, The focus in SMR throughout 2014 will be to continue to
2014. develop chronic unease, reduce the frequency of significant
Additionally, the Global Maritime Assurance System maritime incidents in BSP operations, increase boots on deck
(GMAS) was implemented from December 20th, 2013 the approach from SMR Leadership Team Members,
maiden clearance, for both BSP and for the Shell Group, demonstrate that Goal Zero is achievable and deliver Roda
was generated and completed by SMR Safety & Quality Kemajuan.


Convention to mark
end of BEES 2nd Cycle
BEES programme
aims to stimulate
the development
of entrepreneurial
behaviour and
capability in

he Brunei Entrepreneurship Education Scheme institutions, especially in developing the entrepreneurial
(BEES) 2013 Convention and 2014 Launching culture. The programme has acted as a platform in
Ceremony was held at the Ballroom of Hua Ho successfully bringing together two different streams of
Manggis Mall. The Guest of Honour was Yang Mulia education, which has allowed students from science and
Dato Seri Setia Haji Awang Yusoff bin Haji Ismail, technical backgrounds to think about what they do in a
Deputy Minister of Education. viable way.
Jointly organised by Brunei Shell Petroleum Company He acknowledged the contributions made by the
Sdn Bhd (BSP), the Ministry of Educations Curriculum LiveWIRE Business Network members and all the school
Development Department and Universiti Brunei Darussalam teachers who personally committed their time and effort into
(UBD), with LiveWIRE Brunei acting as the BEES Secretariat, supervising and mentoring the students throughout the
the BEES programme carries the aim of stimulating the programme. The opportunity has allowed them to have a
development of entrepreneurial awareness, behaviour and more open-minded approach and the experience itself has
capability in students through education and learning. This is enriched their entrepreneurial aptitudes.
done by having participants form a company and carry out Most Innovative Product went to BZ BEES Company
sales activities which develop students competency in from Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan (Science
decision-making, working in teams and collaboration, College), while Most Outstanding Planner went to Honey
creativity, communication, business and marketing skills. Wisdom BEES Company from St Georges School.
The BEES 2013 Convention marked the end of the Most Entrepreneurial Company was won by Wasan
second cycle, which saw the participation of 17 secondary Vocational Schools BEESVW BEES Company, while Seri
schools and two vocational schools. The programme is Mulia Sarjana Secondary Schools Sarjana BEES Worker
made up of three phases, which include the starting phase BEES Company walked away with the Most Competent
where they plan and start the business, the trading phase Company award and Nakhoda Ragam Vocational
where they sell their products or services, and the liquidation Schools Nakhoda Ragam BEES Company was named
phase where they close their business and create a financial Most Profitable Company.
report of their business. Meanwhile, Al-Hijrah Bees Company from Sayyidina
BSPs Commercial Director Hj Azhar bin Hj Yahya, Abu Bakar Secondary School, Lambak Kanan won Most
speaking at the event, said, The BEES programme has Outstanding Company.
made a huge impact on youths through Bruneis educational


BSJV Volunteers help community

affected by the Tutong floods

n February volunteers from Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd, its
business partner, Champion Technologies and Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd
made their way out to Sekolah Rendah Rambai, Tutong II to assist with
cleaning up efforts at the school which was affected during the
January floods.
The BSJV volunteers participated in the activities to remove mud and
debris from the schools interior and exterior compound, working
together with the schoolteachers, local villagers and firemen from
Operation E Fire and Rescue Department, Tutong. All the volunteers were
glad to be part of the initiative to give something, in this case, their time
outside work, back to the community.
We really appreciate the volunteers from BSP, BLNG and their
business partner coming out today to help in our clean-up efforts. This is a
much welcomed surprise and we are touched by the camaraderie and
teamwork amongst the BSJV volunteers, teachers, local villagers and
firemen in making this cleaning campaign successful, the Principal of
Sekolah Rendah Rambai commented on the BSJV volunteers.
Their effort was a continuation of the relief aid provided to flood
victims in the form of food and household necessities and a total of
B$45,000 in funds donated by BSJV staff members. Students from Sekolah Rendah Rambai
whose school was affected by the floods

Special Mention of all the 19 Volunteers: Khatan Ur Rehman Ansari, AEF/62, Rajesh Panthavoor, AEO/113, Irina
Muratova, AES/33, Nadiah Hanim Md Salleh, FBF/24, Allysa Koh, HSEA/1, Mahyatol Mohammad, CEA/6, Haziq
Lim, CEA/61, Rachel Martine, DM/0, Fadzillah Ismail, MPN/232, Izzat Azmi, PRM/1211, Norainni Janai,
SCM/544, Mohammad Faizal Mohammad Firdaus, ULD/11, Nor-Hazrin Matusin, IIS/331, Mohd Amalazme Ismail,
CTI Chemicals AP, Asmah Asni, CTI Chemicals AP, Hanafiah Hj Safar, CTI Chemicals AP, Hj Mohd Jefri Hj Ibrahim, CTI
Chemicals AP, Muhd Azrin Md Harun, CTI Chemicals AP, Mohd Noorhisham Yakup, CTI Chemicals AP

Riddle from Issue No. 2

Its Snow White and the
seven dwarves.
Theyre the fairest of them
Except theyre not that

So where is this
exact location?

Its the STL Muara Supply

Base Jetty for the storage
of barites, bentonites and

And the winner is:

Yong Chiew Yin SMR/41

A riddle from history for Issue No. 3

Like a little Calgary or Aberdeen,
This backwater boomed and blossomed.
The cars and clothes have changed,
But not this memory lane.
Have a guess
If this street you can name.

Name this street and town, and

what it has in common with
Calgary and Aberdeen.

Find out the answer in the next

issue of Salam.

Email your answers to:

The first best answer will win a prize! The

Riddle is open to BSJV staff only.