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Importance of

Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing

Training and Testing EIS/OEIS

The Navy Mission Realistic Training is Essential

Realistic and diverse training opportunities allow Navy personnel to maintain
Title 10 of the U.S. Code requires the
the highest level of readiness and capability so they can react swiftly and
U.S. Navy to organize, maintain, train
decisively in a wide range of situations, from combat to civilian evacuations
and equip combat-ready naval forces
capable of winning wars, deterring and disaster relief.
aggression and maintaining freedom
of the seas. Training Activities
Training activities include:
To accomplish this mission, the Navy:
✦✦ Operating aircraft, ships and submarines;
✦✦ Establishes and executes at-sea
training and testing programs ✦✦ Conducting weapons training;
✦✦ Ensures forces and commands ✦✦ Conducting mine counter-measures; and
have access to military training ✦✦ Detecting and locating submarines. The U.S. Navy
and testing areas has trained in
Testing Activities and over the
Testing activities include: waters of Southern
✦✦ Conducting scientific research; California and
✦✦ Evaluating new weapons systems, vessels
and aircraft; and
Hawaii for
✦✦ Maintaining the operational capabilities decades to prepare
of current systems. personnel for

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Conducting research, development, testing deployment.
and evaluation in the sea and airspace off
Hawaii and Southern California ensures and
improves the quality and safety of weapons,
sensors and other systems.