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Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Prof. Jamel Joseph A. Obnamia and

Prof. Jose Manuel L. Sicat
Gawad Tsanselor trophy, 2014
31.5 x 26.8 x 10.5 cm

Cover design by Jefferson Villacruz

Ugnayan is a publication of the UP Diliman Information Office under the Office of the Chancellor,
UP Diliman. Its editorial office is located at 2/F Villamor Hall (University Theater), Osmea
Avenue, UP Diliman, Quezon City, with telephone numbers 981-8500 loc. 3982/3983, telefax
924-1881/924-1882, email address

Ugnayan accepts announcements of activities of UPD academic and administrative units and
student organizations. Text should not exceed 400 words and must contain the title of the event,
venue, date and time of the activity, contact information of the organizing group and ticket prize,
if applicable. Photos should be in jpeg format, 200 dpi.

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Schedules subject to change without prior notice. For confirmation of program schedules, please
coordinate with concerned organizers using contact information indicated in each activity.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Marso 20Abril 30 Abril 5-11, 19-25

Terraforming National Training of Trainers
of Grade 4 Science and
1F Galleries
Vargas Museum
Mathematics Teachers for the
K-12 Basic Education
The UP Vargas Museum, in cooperation with
Art Informal and Box Plot, presents
Terraforming, an exhibit of Mark Science Teachers Training Center
Valenzuelas and Pablo K. Capati IIIs NISMED
contemporary ceramics.
The sessions for elementary school
Terraforming goes beyond its literal mathematics are designed to highlight
definition of earth-shaping to present the teaching mathematics through problem
importance of the process of making ceramics solving. For elementary school science, the
and the way the artists use these works in emphasis will be on teaching through inquiry.
order to re-create and re-examine the world
around them. Since terraforming is the process Problem solving/inquiry plays an important
by which the earth is re-created (to the point role in developing mathematical/scientific
of being habitable for humans) in order to thinking. Its importance is reflected in the K
transform a planet or a moon, the exhibition to 12 mathematics/science curriculum, where
is a reflection of the artists physical and it envisions graduates of the basic education
conceptual practice of re-forming the earth program who are good problem solvers and
and re-creating their own worldsbeautiful, critical thinkers. Students who have these
yes, but also full of conflict, confusion and (in) abilities are believed to be independent
humanity. The exhibition invites its viewers learners. Thus, the sessions will help
to look at ceramics not as a beautiful object teachers who experience difficulty
that has been shaped by ceramic traditions incorporating meaningful problem solving/
and age-old techniques, but as a platform inquiry activities in their mathematics/
by which the artists reveal something of science teaching and learning.
themselves and the spaces they inhabit.
A total of 504 selected public school
For more information, contact the Vargas teachers will be trained in two batches on
Museum at 928-1927, 981- 8500 loc. 4024, Apr. 5 to 11 and Apr. 19 to 25 with 252
928-1925 or e-mail vargasmuseum@gmail. participants per batch.
com. You may also check their website at or like us Open to the public. For inquiries, contact the
at Office of the Director at tel. 928-3545 or
um.upd and follow us @UPVargasMuseum email
for updates.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 6-17 Abril 7

Teaching Preschoolers and Tragedy on Television:
Early Graders in the Context Aristotles Revenge
of the K to 12 Curriculum
College of Mass Communication A101
5:30-7 p.m.
College of Education Training Center
8 a.m. While tragedy as a genre seems increasingly
irrelevant to cinema, the recent trend in
A seminar for preschool and primary television serial dramas revolving around a
teachers, administrators and tertiary level central anti-hero makes contact with central
early childhood education (ECE) educators and tenets of classical tragic theory. Dr. Joel Mann
organized by the Teaching in the Early Grades views examples from the recent dramatic
(TEG) area of the College of Education. series Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy
through the lens of Aristotles poetics, though
For inquiries, contact 981-8500 loc. 2821, other series in the same vein will be up for
0928-382-5615, or email discussion (e.g., Mad Men, The Sopranos).

About the Speaker

Joel E. Mann received his PhD in Philosophy and
Classics in 2005 from the University of Texas at
Austin. His primary areas of historical interest are
ancient Greek philosophy and post-Kantian
European philosophy, especially existentialism,
though his treatment of these figures is heavily
colored by so-called analytic method. He has
published on Nietzsche, specifically on his
engagement with ancient thought. His work in
ancient Greek philosophy concentrates on
Presocratic thought and its intersections with ancient
medicine, law, rhetoric, drama and historiography.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 8-15 Abril 10

BS Interior Design ID123 Tampisaw:
Table Setting Exhibit An Interactive Exhibit

CHE Lobby Palma Hall Rm. 400

College of Home Economics 12-3 p.m.
8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Tampisaw is part of the UP Tomokais 24th
An open exhibit by the class of ID123 year celebration of cultural exchanges
Decorative Arts and Soft Furnishings between the Philippines and Japan.
featuring table settings designed in various
themes such as Filipino colonial-inspired The exhibit will have booths that feature
breakfast and Mediterranean-style al cultural offerings such as origami of Japan
fresco lunch. and baybayin of the Philippines.

The table settings include the students For inquiries, contact Dan Ang at
printed fabrics and floral arrangements and 0922-821-0617 or
based on set menu provided by the
Department of Hotel, Restaurant and
Institution Management.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 13Mayo 11 Abril 13Mayo 22

(Lunes-Miyerkules-Biyernes) (Lunes-Miyerkules-Biyernes)

Sining Bulilit 2015 Reading Link:

Beginning Reading Program
Grade School Building
UP Integrated School (UPIS) UPIS Grade 3 to 6 Building
10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 8-10:30 a.m.

Sining Bulilit is an Art Enrichment Program The Beginning Reading Program of Reading
that caters to two age groups: 6-8 years old Link is designed for incoming Kindergarten
and 9-11 years old. Young pupils are taught (5.6 years old) to Grade 2 pupils who need
various art activities by Art Education graduate more assistance to prepare them for reading.
students of the College of Education. The program is handled by the faculty and
graduate students of the Reading Area of
Interested applicants are encouraged to fill the College of Education.
out forms available at the Art Education Area
(Room 200, Benitez Hall). Registration fee: Registration fee: P1,000, inclusive of
P1,500 (inclusive of art materials). Slots are materials. Only 25 slots per class are offered.
offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
For inquiries, call 981-8500 loc. 2815.
For inquiries, call 981-8500 loc. 2815 or

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 13Mayo 22 Abril 13-17

Mining, Metallurgical and
Reading Link: Materials (MMM) Engineering
Reading Enrichment Program Days 2015
UPIS Grade 3 to 6 Building
8-10:30 a.m. The MMM Days 2015 is the most anticipated
week-long celebration of the 78th anniversary
The Reading Enrichment Program of Reading of the Department of Mining, Metallurgical
Link is meant for incoming Grades 3 to 7 and Materials Engineering (DMMME). This
students. The program is facilitated by the years celebration also showcases DMMMEs
faculty and graduate students of the Reading contribution to the society and promotes the
Area of the College of Education. department by organizing fun-filled activities.

Only 15 slots are offered, interested Target audiences are MMM students, faculty,
registrants should enlist on or before Apr. 4 invited high school students and
at Room 200 of the Benitez Hall, College Department Donors.
of Education.
For inquiries, call 981-8500 loc. 2815. The celebration will be opened
An assessment session for all enlisted pupils formally through a program, the
is scheduled on Apr. 6, 8-10:30 am. exhibits from the different department
organizations and Grand Pa-Cupcake.

Mar. 23-Apr. 13: SPORTSFEST

A fun-filled competition where the
different DMMME batches compete in
Basketball, Volleyball and Jak-En-Poy.

Apr. 14-16: ORG FAIR

The different department organizations
will put up booths for the students to
enjoy. Fun-filled mini-contest will be held
where cash prizes will be given away.


A night of enjoyment where the
anticipated Mr. and Ms. MMM, the
outstanding students and the outstanding
theses and the winning batch of this years
MMM Days will be awarded.

For inquiries, contact Christian Ed R. Uytico,

Marketing Co-Head, MMM Days 2015 at 0917-
702-2375 or

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 13-17 Abril 14

Civil Engineering (CE) Days Weak or Strong State:
The Implications of
The CE Days is the biggest and the most Self-organization in a
awaited annual institute-wide event attend-
ed by UPs civil engineering students and Disaster-Prone Community
faculty. It is where students, instructors and in the Philippines
professors are able to
showcase their individual talents and where
camaraderie and unity among the institutes College of Mass Communication A101
constituents are built. 3:30-5 p.m.

ICE (Institute of Civil Engineering) Fieldtrip The paper is an offshoot of an earlier study
An academic field trip for the students on the manifestations of self-organization in
to have a grasp of how it is to actually the community of Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal
work as an engineer on site or in the in their response to Tropical Storm Ketsana
corporate world. (local name Ondoy).

Are You Smarter Than Your CE Prof? The study examines the implications of
A ribbon cutting ceremony for the ICE self-organization as contextualized in the
exhibit featuring the week-long above community, vis-a-vis the states
celebration will be launched together capacity for governance and social services.
with the students-faculty battle in an
anything-under-the-sun trivia game.

ICE Colloquium & CE Hour

The Institutes general assembly of
students and faculty will include
company talks and colloquium.

Culminating Night
Students, faculty and staff participate
in various activities such as the Singing
CEnsation, Mr. and Ms. CE, and the
awarding and recognition of outstanding
CE students in academics, sports, arts,
music, dance and leadership. About the Speakers
Edgie Francis B. Uyanguren is a Master of Industrial
Relations student at the School of Labor and
For inquiries, contact
Industrial Relations in UPD. He is working as a University Researcher at the College of
Mass Communication.

Glennis S. Uyanguren is a student of Doctor of

Philosophy (Philippine Studies) at the Tri-Col-
lege in UPD. She works as a University Extension
Specialist at the UP Institute for Small-Scale
Industries, where she manages training programs
for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 14-17 Abril 14-17

Electrical and Electronics 2015 Summer Training-Seminar
Engineering Institute Days for Social Science Teachers

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering CSSP Audio-Visual Room

Institute (EEEI) Days is a week-long event Palma Hall
designed to promote camaraderie and
community spirit among the EEEI student body, The College of Social Sciences and
faculty and staff. Every year, the EEEI Day draws Philosophy (CSSP) and the Social Science
hundreds of EEEI students and faculty to and Philosophy Research Foundation, Inc.
participate in its unique and enjoyable (SSPRF) will be holding the 2015 Summer
events and gatherings. Training-Seminar for Social Science Teachers.

SupEEEr Mario This years theme is Strengthening Social

A quiz show among students who will Science and Philosophy Content in Grades
choose the professors that they think 11 and 12. The training-seminar is geared for
answered the question correctly. teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary
educational institutions throughout the
UltEEEmate Sonic country. It is also designed to help improve
Institute organizations will set-up booths the social sciences and philosophy content
with games and prizes for visitors and in Grades 11 and 12 of the K-12 Program
passers-by and laboratories will open in the context of recent reforms in the
their facilities to the student body. This education sector.
is to promote various laboratories and
student organizations and to celebrate Registration fee: P4,000 (training materials
their contributions to the Institute. and lunch, snacks and a dinner for the dura-
tion of the training-seminar.)
Counter StrikEEE
Counter StrikEEE is this years student- For inquiries, contact the training secretariat
teacher dialogue where 200 EEEI through:
students and faculty will tackle Website:
various issues and policies of the Institute announcements/130-2015-summer-train-
to promote better understanding and ing-seminar-for-social-science-teachers,
cooperation between two sectors of the email:
EEEI community. Trunkline: 981-8500 loc. 2436
Telefax: 426-3801 Mobile: 0905-263-7879,
Final FantasEEE 0917-736-7879, 0910-328-0985.
A night of live music by the Institutes
local bands, with drinks and barbecues
served to the community to promote the
EEEI community spirit among its faculty,
students and staff.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 15 Abril 16
CLRG@50 Lecture Series: Myanmar Planning:
ICTs in Local Governments First-Hand Impressions
by Dr. Remigio D. Ocenar (SURP 50th Anniversary Public
Lecture Series)

Assembly Hall
National College of Public Administration Cario Multi-Purpose Hall
and Governance (NCPAG) School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP)
2 p.m. 6 p.m.

The CLRG@50 Lecture Series is held in The talk is the fourth in the SURP 50th
celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Anniversary Public Lecture Series and will be
NCPAG Center for Local and Regional presented by Cesar B. Umali Jr.
Governance (CLRG).
The lecture touches on community planning
The lecture series aims to revisit the past strategies to mainstream the poor into the
issues and challenges on local governance as socio-economic growth processes.
it relates to the present through the eyes of
CLRGs past and present directors. Established For inquiries, call 926-2120 or email
by the University and Congress as the Local
Government Center in 1965, CLRG is UPs
research, training and consulting center for
local governments.The Center is a constituent
unit of NCPAGand subscribes to NCPAGs
paradigm of the healthy mix of theory and
practice (praxis).

For inquiries and reservation, call 928-3914,

925-4722 or email

About the speaker

Cesar Umali Jr. served as the Team Leader of the
Myanmar National Community Driver Development
Project from September 2013 to September 2014.
He is currently the Project Operations and M&E
Adviser for the Partnership for Transparency Fund,
a US-based NGO.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 16-17 Abril 17Mayo 20

ISKOpreneur 2015:
Iskasaysayan UP EDTEG Summer Fun
Classes 2015
UPD Extension Program in Pampanga K-2 Building
Kinder: 8-11 a.m.
ISKOpreneur is an annual fair that Grades 1-3: 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
showcases the entrepreneurial skills and
innovative products of the senior Business The summer workshop for kids caters to
Management students of UP Diliman Kindergarten (5 years old) to incoming Grade
Extension Program in Pampanga. 3 kids who will be engaged in integrated
developmentally appropriate literacy, arts,
Now on its 7th year, this years theme is numeracy, science, music and physical
Iskasaysayanfeaturing different eras in activities facilitated by the faculty and
world history, across different cultures. graduate students of the Teaching in the
Early Grades (TEG) area of the College
For inquiries, contact Hazel Valloyasat of Education.
An assessment session for all enlisted
children is scheduled on Apr. 7. Registration
fee: P1,000 Room 208 of the Benitez Hall.
Slots are limited.

For inquiries, call 981-8500 loc. 2821.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 17Hulyo 17 Abril 17, 20-24

(Lahat ng Biyernes)
Speech and Theatre Fest 2015:
Management Development SPECTRUM
Program for Coops, NGOs
and Trade Unions A SPECTRUM is a group of colors that can
be separated from red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo and violet. These colors can be
School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR) a byproduct of a prism. Just like a prism,
9 a.m.-5 p.m. the Department of Speech Communication
and Theatre Arts produces different kinds of
The certificate course in Management students passionate in different disciplines.
Development Program is designed to build This years Speech and Theatre Fest aims to
the managerial, leadership and showcase what these disciplines are.
entrepreneurialskillsprimarily for
cooperatives, NGOs and trade unions. OUROBOROS:
Pananalamin at
The entire training package covers 12 Panganganino
sessions, held on a once-a-week basis, Apr. 17 (7 p.m.), 18 & 19
starting onApr. 17 to Jul. 17.The program (2 p.m. and 7 p.m.)
topics include: Strategic Planning, Values Teatro Hermogenes
Formation, Human Resource Management Ylagan, Faculty Center
and Development, Planning and Operations
Management, Basic Entrepreneurship, Labor Speech and Theatre
Relations, Financial Management, Project Theses Colloquium
Development and Management. Apr. 20
Pulungang CM Recto,
The training approach is participatory and Bulwagang Rizal
engages participants through case studies,
group discussions and interactive presentations. Oral Interpretation Workshop
Apr. 21
For inquiries, call 920-7717, 928-6396 or CAL Bldg Rm. 306
Career Orientation
Apr. 22
Sulod Taguibanwa, 4F Faculty Center

Impromptu Speaking Contest: Ansaveh

Pulungang CM Recto, Bulwagang Rizal

Musical Theatre: Broadway Showdown &

Culminating Night
Apr. 24
Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, 2F Palma Hall

For details, call the Department of Speech

Communication and Theatre Arts at
924-3224 or send a message through

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 18 Abril 20
Social Studies Education and Ayala Corporation-UP School
the K to 12 Curriculum: of Economics Forum
Trends and Challenges (AC-UPSE Economic Forum):
A Case for the Philippine
Benitez Theater Competition Law
College of Education
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Ayala Museum, Makati City
The conference provides a venue to share 3 p.m.
best practices and present developments
and results of research projects in Social The AC-UPSE Economic Forum is a quarterly
Studies Education. It aims to promote forum organized by the UPSE with support
collaboration and connection among from a grant by the Ayala Corporation. The
scholars, educators and administrators in program encourages and publicly
the field of Social Studies. disseminates applied economic research on
factors that promote sustained economic
Dr. Maria Serena I. Diokno, chair of the growth in the Philippines. Presentations
National Historical Commission of the involve a variety of topics affecting the
Philippines, will be the keynote speaker of Philippines and the world economy.
the conference. Her lecture will be followed
by four parallel sessions with Speaker: Dr. Ma. Joy Abrenica, School of
speakers from the UP faculty, UP Integrated Economics professor
School and the Department of Education.
Open to the public but will require
The conference fee is P150 (conference confirmation at the Public Affairs Office,
materials for the programs entire duration). School of Economics, tel: 920-5481 or email
For inquiries, call 981-8500 loc. 2816.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 20-25 Abril 21

Computer Science (CS) Week Korean War Films:
From Unending War to the
A week-long event for the CS students, Peace Movement
faculty and staff.

Apr. 20: Opening Day College of Mass Communication Auditorium

An opening ceremony will be held with CS 10:30 a.m.-12 noon
Week exhibit featuring the department and
booths of various CS organizations and The paper represents the current research
sponsors. of Dr. John R. Eperjesi on the Korean War in
both US and South Korean culture.
Apr. 25 (Awarding):
CS Pop Awards Hollywood films such asSteel Helmet
A contest of popularity, talent and recognition (Samuel Fuller 1951) andThe Bridges at
among the CS constituents. Toko-Ri(Mark Robson 1954), and South
Korean films such asWelcome to the
Abril 20-25: Batch Competition Dongmakgol(Park Kwang-hyun 2005)
Batch competition aims to build up andThe Front Line(Jang Hoon 2011), all
camaraderie, sportsmanship and bonding incorporate to varying degrees the defining
among the different batches through features of the anti-war film.Through the
various mini-games, contests and activities. practice of contrapuntal reading between
these films, ethical and political questions
Abril 20-25: Scavenger Hunt can be raised and addressed in ways that
Scavenger Hunt comprised of different they might not when the texts under
challenges and obstacles and their analysis are fixed within a specific historical
corresponding rewards scattered around the period and national tradition and then
department for the participants to overcome. regulated by a geographically bounded
discipline such as Korean Studies or
Abril 21 (Chorale) & Abril 23 (Design): American Studies.
Lab Competitions
Different CS laboratories will battle out as
the Best Lab Chorale and Lab Design.

Abril 22: Org Booths & Events

The student organizations that comprise the
CS Network are given an opportunity to hold
their own booths and events during the
CS Week.

Abril 25: CS Party

Serves as the awarding ceremony for all the
winners of all the events, with performances
from the winners of the Lab Chorale. About the speaker
Eperjesi is Associate Professor of Literature at
Contact info: Abbey Quiones, Kyung Hee University in Seoul. He received his PhD
Overall Marketing, Head CS Week 2015 in the Literary and Cultural Theory program at
Carnegie Mellon University. He is the author ofThe
Imperialist Imaginary: Visions of Asia and the
Pacific in American Culture(University Press of
New England, 2005).

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 21 Abril 21
Ang Pagbabagong-bihis ng Alimbukay: An Acoustic Caf
mga Aklat Pambata
Panayam ni Eugene Y. Evasco Palma Hall Rm. 400
1-4 p.m.

Pulungang Claro M. Recto, Bulwagang Rizal Guests will be served with free coffee
Kolehiyo ng Arte at Literatura and tea while Original Pilipino Music and
1-2:30 p.m. Japanese cover bands entertain them with
popular acoustic tunes.
Sa panayam na ito ni
Dr. Eugene Y. For inquiries, contact Dan Ang at
Evasco, tatangkaing 0922-821-0617 or
suriin ang mga bagong
panitikang pambata
sa anyo ng ebooks o
kayay picture book
Interactivity ang
pagtutuunan ng pansin sa mga tekstong
ito. Tatalakayin dito ang natatanging uri ng
mga aklat na may teknolohiya. Ibig sabihin,
nakinabang ang mga aklat pambata sa mga
pagbabagong dulot ng teknolohiya gaya
ng animation, touch screen technology,
musika at games. Sa huli, maglalatag ng
tanong at hamon ang pag-aaral kung may
tulong pa ang mga pagbabagong ito upang
makapanghikayat ng mga mambabasa sa
hanay ng kabataan.

Ang panayam na ito ni Evasco ay bahagi

ng Panayam Lecture Series ng Likhaan: UP
Institute of Creative Writing. Wala itong
bayad at bukas para sa lahat.

Para sa mga detalye, maaari kayong

makipag-ugnay kay Ronnie Amuyot sa
telepono blg. 981-8500 loc. 2117.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 21-24 Abril 24

Engaging in Advocacy Work: UPSE 50th Anniversary
An Essential Skill for Fellowship Night:
Social Development Bond for Gold

CSWCD Seminar Room School of Economics (SE) Auditorium

8 a.m.-5 p.m. 6 p.m.

A College of Social Work and Community A gathering of the UPSE alumni, students,
Development (CSWCD) through the faculty, staff and friends for a night of
Research and Extension for Development fellowship and renewal of camaraderie.
Office (REDO) initiated training. This is held in celebration of UPSEs
50th anniversary.
This training acknowledges the ever
changing situation that the Philippines is Event is open to UPSE alumni, students,
contending with which social development faculty, staff and friends.
workers should be sensitive about and face
in order to be effective in uplifting the lives For more information, call Rosemarie San
of the people they assist. The training aims Pascual, Program Coordinator UP School of
to enhance their capabilities to be proactive Economics Diliman, Quezon City at
and purposive in involving the community 920-5481, 927-9686 loc 241 or
and other stakeholders in dealing with
problems and issues.

For inquiries, contact Anne-Di or Celes, at

tel. 981-8500 loc. 4107 or at redo_training@ and

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Abril 24 Abril 25
Uli-Uli: A Cultural Night Impact of Transatlantic
Investment Treaties on
Sunken Garden Labor Relations
6-9 p.m.

An evening of cultural performances and School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR)
traditional games of Philippines and Japan. 1-4 p.m.

For inquiries, contact Dan Ang at SOLAIR hosts the Annual Lecture Series
0922-821-0617 or featuring national and international experts
from the academe, the government and the
industry sectors.

The lecture Impact of Transatlantic

Investment Treaties on Labor Relations
focuses on the extent to which corporations
make use of the dispute settlement
process of international investment treaties
to challenge specific aspects of labor law
(e.g. minimum wage).

The resource person is Visiting Professor
Dr.ChristophScherrer. He is a full professor
at the University of Kassel and Director of
the International Center for Development
and Decent Work.

The lecture series is open to the public and

intends to generate productive discussions
on emerging and critical issues relating to
labor and employment relations.

For inquiries, call 920-7717; 928-6396; and


Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Mayo 4 Mayo 5
Parada ng Parangal Chancellors International
Academic Oval
5 p.m. UP Theater Lobby
5:30 p.m.
Hudyat ng pagsisimula ng Linggo ng
Parangal sa pamamagitan ng parada na An annual event that brings together UPD
magpapatingkad sa mga tagumpay at officials and members of its international
karangalang inihatid ng ibat ibang yunit ng community, comprising of visiting students,
UP Diliman sa nakalipas na taon, habang faculty and researchers. With some
sama-samang sasalubong nang buong-sigla members of the diplomatic corps in
at sigasig sa mga darating pang panahon. attendance, the event will also be the
opportunity for UPD to promote its
academic, research and extension programs.
Highlights of the event are the performances
by foreign students from Asia, Europe and
the Americas. To be featured too are cultural
presentations by UPD students.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Mayo 6 Mayo 8
Parangal sa mga Mag-aaral Gawad Tsanselor
GT-Toyota Asian Center
2 p.m. Institute of Biology Auditorium
2 p.m.
Isang pagbibigay-pugay at pagkilala sa mga
natatanging mag-aaral na nagpamalas ng Isang hapon ng pagdiriwang at
katalinuhan at kagalingan sa kanilang mga pagkilala sa kahusayan, tagumpay at
gawaing pangmag-aaral. serbisyo ng kaguruan, REPS, kawaning
administratibo at mag-aaral ng
Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. Pinakatampok na
Mayo 7 araw sa Linggo ng Parangal.

Parangal sa mga Retirado

at Gawad Paglilingkod
GT-Toyota Asian Center
1 p.m.

Bilang pagpapahalaga at pasasalamat sa

mga retirado at mga kawaning lubusang
nag-aalay ng kanilang buong kakayahan sa
pagtataguyod ng adhikain ng Unibersidad.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Mayo 4 Mayo 5-6

UP Diliman-wide Academe Meets the Unions:
Extension Colloquium Enhancing Labor Protection in
Asias Global Production Networks
Bulwagang Tandang Sora
College of Social Work and
Community Development University Hotel
11 a.m.-5 p.m. 9 a.m.

A sharing of extension work and practices, A workshop of leading Asian academics

perspectives, structure and organization and researchers in the field of transnational
among UPD units to generate and enrich global production networks (GPNs) in the
discussions for policy Asia-Pacific region and the leading Asian
recommendations in line with the public labor voices advocating for social protection
thrust of the University. and labor rights throughout the GPN chain
of production, particularly in the automotive,
For inquiries, call 981-8500 loc. 2621. electronics/semiconductors and garments/
textiles industries.

Dr. Rajah Rasiah of the University of

Malaysia and Dr. Martin Hart-Landsberg of
Lewis & Clark College (Portland, USA) shall share
the results of their studies and the implications
of their findings on the labor movement.

The expected workshop output will be a

draft program on decent and fair
employment across the production chains
and tiers of Asias GPN.

For inquiries, call 920-7717, 928-6396 or


Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Mayo 7 Mayo 10-17

Evolution of the Philippine The 54th UP National
Working Class Struggle and Writers Workshop
Labor Movement
Baguio City
Bonifacio Hall
School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR) An annual literary workshop held every
9 a.m. summer in Baguio City by the Likhaan:
University of the Philippines Institute of
A forum in honor of Crisanto Evangelista Creative Writing (UP ICW). The fellows,
organized by SOLAIR. associates and advisers of the UP ICW select
12 writers in mid-career to participate in this
The forum gathers academics, labor workshop.
historians and labor movement leaders to
analyze and discuss the evolution of the For the 54th UP National Writers Workshop,
Philippine working class struggle and the fellows for English are Armida Mabitad
labor movement. Azada, Gutierrez M. Mangansakan II, Isidro
T. Marinay, Benedict Bautista Parfan, Charlie
For inquiries, call 920-7717, 928-6396 or Samuya Veric and Eliza Victoria. The fellows
927-8340. for Filipino are Jack A. Alvarez, Kristoffer
Brugada, Resty Cena, Segundo D. Matias Jr.,
Rhoderick V. Nuncio and Will P. Ortiz.

Heading this years workshop is

award-winning writer Prof. Luna Sicat-Cleto.
Other workshop panelists include National
Artists for Literature Virgilio S. Almario and
Bienvenido Lumbera, Amelia Lapea-Bonifacio,
Gmino Abad, Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo,
Jose Y. Dalisay Jr., J. Neil Garcia, Charlson
Ong, Rolando Tolentino, Victor Emmanuel
Carmelo Nadera Jr., Pedro Jun Cruz Reyes,
Romulo P. Baquiran Jr., Rosario Cruz-Lucero,
Eugene Evasco and Isabela Banzon Mooney.

The workshop is Likhaans most important

outreach program and perhaps the most
prestigious in the country today. It entails a
considerable budgetary allocation from the
UP Diliman Chancellor and a grant from the
National Commission for Culture
and the Arts.

For inquiries, call 981-8500 loc. 2117,

920-5301 loc. 7974 or send email to likhaan.

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Mayo 11-15 Mayo 13

A Basic Course in Urban and CLRG@50 Lecture Series:
Regional Planning Devolution
by Nestor N. Pilar
School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP)
Assembly Hall
The SURP Training and Extension Division National College of Public Administration
holds its second run of the training and Governance
program A Basic Course in Urban and 10 a.m.
Regional Planning (ABC in URP). The training
program is an introductory course on the The CLRG@50 Lecture Series is held in
basic concepts, processes and celebration of the 50th anniversary of the
methodologies of urban and regional Center for Local and Regional Governance
planning and provides updates on the latest (CLRG) of the National College of Public
planning approaches, tools and techniques. Administration and Governance (NCPAG).

Interested participants may inquire at The lecture series aims to revisit the past
926-2120, or email issues and challenges on local governance
for more details. as it relates to the present. Featured speakers
are CLRGs past and present directors.

Established by UP and Congress as the Local

Government Center in 1965, CLRG is UPs
research, training and consulting center for
local governments.The Center is a constituent
unit of theNCPAGand subscribes to NCPAGs
paradigm of the healthy mix of theory and
practice (praxis).

For inquiries and reservation, call 928-3914,

925-4722 or email

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Mayo 14 Mayo 15
Learning Mathematics Paliwanagan sa UP Diliman:
Through Origami OVCRD Colloquium Series

Dolores F. Hernandez Hall Quezon Hall

Science Teacher Training Center, NISMED 3-7 p.m.
2 p.m.
A bi-annual activity of the Office of the Vice
Learning Mathematics Through Origami is a Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD).
public lecture by Patsy Wang-Iverson, Vice
President for Special Projects at the Gabriella The colloquium aims to create greater
& Paul Rosenbaum Foundation. Her work focuses public awareness and appreciation of UPDs
on improving mathematics and science research and development initiatives and
education by learning from practices around programs.
the world, including jugyokenkyuu (translated
as lesson study) and origami. For inquiries, call OVCRD at 981-8500
loc. 4048.
In her presentation, participants will
examine how origami might help students
gain better access to a number of Trends
in International Mathematics and Science
Study (TIMSS) public release items. There
will also be a discussion of the results from
the case study accompanied by exploration
of how origami may help low performing
students improve their understanding and
performance while increasing their interest
in and enjoyment of mathematics. By
constructing their own models, workshop
participants will have the opportunity to
examine how origami can help students
deepen their understanding
of mathematics.

The lecture is open to the public.

For inquiries, call 928-3545 or send email to

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Mayo 20 Mayo 26-29

Need for and Principle Enhancing the Supervisors
Contents of a National Capability in Mentoring
Transport Policy Act and Coaching
(SURP 50th Anniversary Public
Lecture Series) CSWCD Seminar Room
8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Cario Multi-Purpose Hall The 4-day, live-out training aims to

School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes
6 p.m. of middle level supervisors in providing the
needed support to improve the functioning
Presented by Dr. Primitivo C. Cal, it is the of the supervisees.The focusis on making
fifth in the SURP 50th Anniversary Public them proactive in intervening when there are
Lecture Series which commenced in January performance gaps among the supervisees
and will continue until October 2015. andsystematically and purposively
providing opportunities for their growth in
For inquiries, call 926-2120 or email surp. their work.
For inquiries, contact Anne-Di or Celes at
981-8500 loc. 4107 or email or redocswcd@

Ugnayan AbrilMayo 2015

Mayo 26-29 Mayo 27-29

Data Analysis Using SPSS 2nd Training Workshop on
(Beginners Course) Legal Research and Library
Services Made Ready
Computer Laboratory
UP Population Institute (UPPI)
Room 334, Palma Hall UP Law Library

The course is designed to provide an Organized by the UP Law Library and the
intensive introduction to the latest version AADI (Asosasyon ng Aklatan at Sinupan
of the Statistical Package for the Social ng Diliman), the 3-day training workshop
Sciences (SPSS), now known as IBM SPSS on legal research and library services uses
Statistics. SPSS is a user-friendly informative and interactive discussions,
Windows-based statistical software and a networking sessions and activities to allow
powerful and versatile tool for data analysis. participants to interact, inspire and learn
The training combines lecture and hands-on from one another.
laboratory sessions and involves an analysis
of a subset of a large dataset. Registration fee is P3,000 inclusive of meals,
snacks, use of computer/internet and
Participants should have knowledge of certificate of participation. Lawyers,
basic statistical concepts and should have librarians, researchers, support staff,
experience in computer operations using students and others who are interested in
MS Windows. Experience with SPSS is not research are welcome to attend.
necessary, although a basic understanding
of the purpose and functions of the software For inquiries, please call920-5514 loc. 300-
is helpful. 308, 316-317 or contact Olga Bondal at; Tina Sobrevinas at
The trainers consist of UPPI faculty; Armie Crisostomo
members who have extensive experience at
both in teaching SPSS and in survey data
processing and analysis using the software.
Faculty members from other UP units may
also be invited as resource persons.
Facilitators or laboratory assistants are
available to assist the participants during
the hands-on sessions.

For more information, visit http://www.uppi. or email