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Film Study: Film Review Rubric Name:____________________________________

4 3 2 1
Summaryofmovie Writergivesabrief Summaryiseithera Summaryiseither Littleornosignificant
anddetailssupport summaryoffilm littletoolongornot muchtooshortor summary;nodetails
reviewersopinion withoutdisclosing longenoughbutdoes muchtoolong;maybe fromthemovieand
ending;includes notgiveawayending; vagueortelltoo littleevidencefrom
enoughinfotosatisfy;notquiteas much;fewdetails summarytosupport
detailsfromthemovie compelling;fewer fromthemovieand reviewersopinion
andevidencefrom detailsfromthemovie littleevidencefrom
summarystrongly andevidencefrom summarytosupport
supportreviewers summarytosupport reviewersopinion
opinion reviewersopinion

Evaluationof Containssufficient Containssome Containsinsufficient Containsnosignificant

evaluationofmany evaluationofmany evaluationofmany
variousaspectsof andknowledgeable
evaluationofmany aspectsoffilmto aspectsoffilmto aspectsoffilmto
filmsupport supportreviewers supportreviewers supportreviewers
opinion supportreviewers
opinion,including opinion,including opinion
directing,acting directing,acting
opinion,including cinematography, cinematography,
directing,acting editing,scenery, editing,scenery,
cinematography, specialeffectsand specialeffectsand
editing,scenery, soundtrack;references soundtrack;no
specialeffectsand maybemadetoother referencesmadeto
soundtrack; worksofkeyplayers otherworksofkey
referencesaremade (actors,director)or players(actors,
tootherworksof otherfilmsingenreas director)orotherfilms
keyplayers(actors, appropriate ingenre

Final Review offers Conclusion is A conclusion is No conclusion is

Evaluation a clear satisfactory but present, but its present
conclusion or is lacking of a weak, lacking of
stylized clear final a clear
evaluation or evaluation has
evaluation of
style leaves the
the movie with
reader with a
a poor sense of
recommendati the writers
on for viewing talents
to others
4 3 2 1
CCSS.ELA- An exemplary Writing may be Writing lacks No clear sort of
Literacy.W.11-12.4 exhibition of clearly development of organization,
Produce clear and skills learned organized but style and style, purpose or
coherent writing in lack style or coherency. identifiable
as a journalist
which the fails to reach Style is lacking target audience
development, writing for a
target audience and the reader
organization, and high school has no clear
style are publication as understanding of
appropriate to evidenced by who the writer
task, purpose, and points of
is or who the
relevancy, target audience
word choice is.
and style