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Date : 6th September 2016

Class : Year 4 Baiduri

Focus : Grammar
Theme : World of Self, Family and Friends
Topic : Good Values


5.1.7 Able to use articles correctly and appropriately:

a) the
b) zero article (-)

Objective: Pupils will be able to understand article - the correctly and

complete assigned exercise appropriately.

1) Teacher introduces the use of article -the according to its functions as

mentioned on page 122 by asking the pupils to read a few sentences.

2) Teacher briefly explains to the students the functions of article -the.

3) Teacher asks her pupils to match the sentences they just read in step 1
with each of -the functions respectively.

Sentences Scavenger Hunt

4) Before the class begins, teacher pastes sentence strips around the class.
Each sentence has a word omitted, which is marked with a dotted line. There
are two types of sentence strips: Ones in which the dotted line should be filled
with -the and the remaining sentences which dont need -the.

5) During this activity, the pupils get into pairs. Each pair has to find one
sentence strip that needs -the to complete the sentence.

6) Then, the pair reads their sentence in front of the class to check whether
it is correct or not.

7) The pupils complete the exercise on page 122 of the textbook, individually.