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OUTCOMES Second Edition

Real situations, real language, real outcomes

The second edition of Outcomes is the only course

that is consistently focussed on helping students
achieve the real world communicative outcomes they
want and need. This lexically rich course emphasises
students need to have the conversations in English
that they would in their own language.

This new edition contains more contemporary and

global content, reflecting English as it is used in
the world and is visible via rewritten texts and new
National Geographic photos and videos. There is a
strong emphasis on real and natural English usage
so students can develop the English language skills
necessary for the real world.

About the Authors

Hugh Dellar is a teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty years'
experience in the field. He is also the co-founder of Lexical Lab and co-author
of two five-level General English series, Innovations and Outcomes, both
published by National Geographic Learning.

Hugh Dellar

Andrew Walkley has 25 years experience as a teacher, trainer and materials

writer. As a trainer, hes interested in getting teachers to engage more with
language and consider their students language needs and wants. Hes
the co-founder of Lexical Lab, a company promoting excellence in lexical
materials and teaching.

Andrew Walkley


Outcomes, Second Edition contains:

A clear, evenly-paced grammar syllabus with

strong links to context that is presented and
practised through a consistent guided discovery

Inspiring National Geographic videos provide

real global content and language plus
Conversation Practice videos provide a model
for real, natural output

An Understanding Fast Speech feature helps

students understand authentic English; an
integrated pronunciation syllabus helps students
use the language accurately and fluently

An expanded and updated Online Vocabulary

Builder allows students to personalise and
engage with vocabulary language learning by
developing their own word lists and testing

Component array

For Students
Students Book + Access Code* + Class DVD
Student's Book + Class DVD
Workbook + CD
Resource website (see page 15)
* Access code for extra online activities on
For Teachers
Teachers Book + Class Audio CD
Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM
Resource website (see page 15)
Outcomes Resource site for teachers and
students. For more infromation see page 15

Turn the page to try out a sample unit! 3

OUTCOMES Second Edition

Find supporting teacher's notes, videos and audio for this sample unit at

OUTCOMES Second Edition

Find supporting teacher's notes, videos and audio for this sample unit at

OUTCOMES Second Edition

Find supporting teacher's notes, videos and audio for this sample unit at

OUTCOMES Second Edition

Find supporting teacher's notes, videos and audio for this sample unit at

OUTCOMES Second Edition

Find supporting teacher's notes, videos and audio for this sample unit at

OUTCOMES Second Edition

Grammar Reference

The probability / likelihood is that itll require surgery. (= Itll

16 DANGER AND RISK probably / most likely need surgery.)
The odds are youll put them off. (= Its highly likely / probable
TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE that youll put them off.)
Verb structures The odds / chances of it happening are pretty high / low.
Be set to is often used in journalism when something is likely Theres a distinct possibility youll end up involved in a legal
to happen. We also use be set for and looks set to. dispute. (= Its highly likely / probable you will / The odds
are that you will )
This is a problem thats surely set to get worse. (= Itll almost
certainly / Its bound to get worse.) Exercise 1
Campaigners are set to challenge the decision in court. Decide if both options are possible in each sentence.
(= Theyre going to / ready to )
1 Theres a distinct / probable possibility that youll
The banking sector is set for explosive growth this year.
experience side effects from the medication.
(= Its going to / about to experience explosive growth.)
2 Hes about to be / on the verge of being kicked out of
The strike looks set to intensify after talks broke down.
school for good.
(= Its almost certainly going to intensify.)
3 We are due to / just about to hold meetings on the matter
Be to basically means the same as be going to. Its often used in a few months time.
in if-clauses to show that one thing needs to happen before
4 Theres a slim / slight chance we might be late.
something else can. Its also sometimes used in journalism
to talk about actions that have been officially arranged or 5 It seems probable / likely that the election will be held in
scheduled. June.
If the shows to work, we need you to call up and tell us 6 In all chances / likelihood, well be done by tomorrow.
whats on your mind. (= You need to call because if you dont, 7 Theyre set to announce / on the brink of announcing
the show wont work!) record profits.
The Queen is to meet the President in private tomorrow. 8 The odds of things going wrong are pretty high / likely.
(= Shes meeting / going to meet ) 9 Theyre bound / set to find out about it sooner or later.
Be due to is used to show something is planned to happen at 10 If the company is to / will survive, itll need to make some
a particular time. serious cutbacks.
Im due to stop work in the summer. (= Im going to stop ) Exercise 2
The next train is due to arrive on Platform 3 in six minutes. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.
(= Its going to arrive )
1 The likelihood them listening is pretty low.
We can also use other prepositions with be due.
2 Hes due court tomorrow.
All three films are due for release this month. (= Theyre
3 The stage is set a thrilling race.
supposed to / They should be released then.)
4 Im the brink of quitting, to be honest.
The baby is due in December. (= Thats when the doctors say
itll arrive.) 5 Apparently, Im due a tax refund.
Im due at a meeting in a minute or two. (= Im supposed to / I 6 The odds getting hurt are too high to make it
should be there.) worth the risk.
7 all probability, itll be a struggle to maintain the
Be likely to shows we think something is highly probable. It is
principles of Internet openness.
often used for making predictions.
I honestly dont think things are likely to get any better in the Exercise 3
foreseeable future. (= I dont think they will get any better.) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar
The offer is highly likely to be rejected by shareholders. meaning to the first sentence using the word given. Do
(= Itll almost certainly be rejected.) not change the word given. Use between three and five
Critics claim the legislation is not likely to / is unlikely to stop words, including the word given.
the problem. (= It probably wont stop the problem. /
1 Arrangements have been made for a team of international
Its doubtful that it will stop the problem.)
inspectors to oversee the work.
Be bound to shows youre 99% sure something will happen IS
usually because of past experience. The work a team of international inspectors.
Thats bound to cause problems in the long run. (= Itll 2 In all probability, the news will damage his reputation.
inevitably / Im certain it will cause problems.) SURE
Hes bound to hear about it sooner or later. (= Hes certain / The news his reputation.
sure to hear ) 3 Police believe theyre close to finding the killer.
Noun phrases BRINK
There are several nouns and noun phrases used to talk Police believe theyre the killer.
about future events and to show how sure we are of things 4 Were on the verge of being evicted.
happening. ABOUT
Im on the verge of retiring. (= Im about to retire. / Im due to We evicted.
retire very soon. / Im on the brink of retiring.) 5 Where there is passion, it is inevitable that success will
The chances of people avoiding all this are pretty slim / follow.
small / slight. (= It probably wont help.) BOUND
Where there is passion, follow.
The chances of it happening are pretty good / high. (= Itll
probably happen.) 6 Prices will almost certainly rise this year.
Theres no / a slim / a good chance of it working.
Prices this year.
In all likelihood, most offenders are actually pretty harmless.
(= In all probability, theyre harmless. / Theyre most likely


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Find supporting teacher's notes, videos and audio for this sample unit at
Outcomes Resource Site Watch a guided tour of the Outcomes
website to see all the features and materials
available to accompany the course at

The Outcomes Resource site contains a wealth of free materials for teachers and students.
Sample worksheets
Student Book and Workbook audio
Video and audio scripts
Act or Draw games
Unit Quizzes
Pronunciation worksheets
Dictation exercises The code to access the teacher
Tests resources can be found in the
And much more! front of your Teachers Book

Interactive Vocabulary Builder

The Interactive Vocabulary Builder is brand new to the second
edition and allows students to personalise their vocab learning

Students can search for vocabulary from their

Student Book and then see:
the phonemic script of the word
the definition of the word
the part of speech The code to access the
examples of the word in use Interactive Vocabulary Builder
can be found in the back of
the word family it belongs to the Students Book
and examples of the word family

Test Your Vocab Create Wordlists

With the Test Your Students can
Vocabulary feature students create and
can filter by level, unit and personalise
page number or by their wordlists and add
wordlists. They are then their own notes
tested on key vocabulary and translations.
from that section.

This is perfect for use on an

Interactive Whiteboard or for
quick revision at home.

Vocabulary Builder PDFs

Key language from the Student Book can
be downloaded unit by unit as Vocabulary
Builder PDFs

Outcomes, Second Edition

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Upper Intermediate

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