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1.Good anti-seismic function Chinese wooden bldgs.

& have no deep foundations for columns so that it

could stand during earthquakes.

2.A high degree of standardization The dimensions of structural components are based on standard

3. Bright Colours colours play vital role a. Red for palaces or temples , walls, pillars, doors & window
frames b. Yellow for roof c. Blue & Green are cool colours applied under the eaves

4. The systematic grouping of bldgs. - palaces and villas were grouped Only Forbidden City (1406) during
the Ming & Qing dynasties is preserved & remained intact.

The architecture of China is as old as Chinese civilization. A very important feature in Chinese
architecture is its emphasis on articulation and bilateral symmetry, which signifies balance. The
most significant characteristic is the use of timber framework. Paintings and carvings
were added to the architectural work to make it more beautiful and
attractive. Architecture and culture are tightly related to each other. In a sense,
architecture is the carrier of culture. Styles of Chinese ancient architecture are rich and
varied, such as temples, imperial palaces, altars, pavilions, official residencies and folk
houses, which greatly reflect ancient thought - the harmonious unity of human beings
with nature.