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Wrong thinking is the only problem in life

Right knowledge is the ultimate solution for all our problems

Selflessness is the only way to progress and prosperity
Every act can be an act of prayer
Renounce the ego of individuality and rejoice in the bliss of infinity
Connect to the higher consciousness daily
Live what you learn
Never give-up on yourself
Value your blessings
See divinity all around.
Have enough surrender to see the truth as it is
Absorb your mind and heart in the supreme lord
Detach from Maya and attach to divine
Live a lifestyle that matches your vision
Give priority to divinity
Being good is a reward in itself
Choosing the right over the pleasant in a sign of power
Lets go, lets move to union with god
Please check the following while buying a used car from a Car Dealer:

1. Check the Original Certificate of Registration see if anywhere it reads DRC issued (DRC
means Duplicate Registration Certificate). Ask for it in writing that the Original Certificate of
Registration is available.
2. Check if the Comprehensive Insurance is valid and for how long.
3. Ask for it in writing that the Car is an accident free car.
4. Do not believe the Speedometer reading as almost every car sold by a dealer is
calibrated add atleast another 20000 Kms. to whatever is showing on the speedometer.
5. Check the tyres for date of manufacture the date of manufacture should be two or
three months before the date of purchase of the car as mentioned in the Certificate of
Registration. This gives you a fair idea whether the cars speedometer reading is genuine or
6. Most of the cars come with pirated music systems.
7. Insist on a duplicate key if the duplicate key is not there most likely it would be with
the Finance Company.
8. Avoid buying a car which has been repossessed/confiscated by the Finance Company
you will not get the Original Certificate of Registration and besides you may end up in
problems with the original buyer even though the car maybe transferred in your name.
9. The dealers will make you talk to the seller directly face to face but these sellers are
not the original customers but are free lance car dealers who have bought the car from the
original customer and want to make a quick buck on resale. To find out whether the seller is
a direct customer or a dealer himself just carry a set of transfer forms (Form 29, Form 30,
Insurance Form, NOC Form, Sale Receipt and Delivery Note) with you and if the deal is
truck ask him to sign on the same when you make the advance payment he will
immediately refuse or will take out another set of forms already signed by the original
10. Check where the car is being serviced you can find this out in the Car Manual but in
the event that the manual is not available most of the service companies put the sticker
on the cars call them with the car number and ask them for the history of the car. Also,
you can check with the service company as to what was the last service date and the Km.
reading recorded with them at the last service this way you can figure out whether the
speedometer has been tampered with or not.
11. When taking the delivery of the car please mention the date, the time and
speedometer reading on the Delivery Note this way you are ensuring that before that
date, time and speedometer reading if any liabilities are on the car it would be on the seller.
12. Bargain on the EMI as there are varying figures for EMIS. Also, if the car dealer is a DSA
of any Finance company he is earning anything between 2% to 3% on the loan amount
from the finance company.
13. Bargain on the transaction fee though most dealers charge 2% they normally settle
between 1% to 1.25%.
14. If you are buying a second hand car that is less than a year old please check the total
cost i.e. your investment + the loan amount + the interest that you would end up paying at
the end of your loan term period. The interest is almost half or more than half for a new car
loan vis-a-vis the interest on the Used Car Loans.
15. Preferably if you know someone in one of the service stations or having been using one
take the car for a drive there and ask them to evaluate the car.
16. All the second hand car dealers are hand in glove with one another.
17. Use only reputed car dealers who advertise for accident free vehicles and who have had
a good reputation in the market for a number of years.
18. Now that Maruti as well as Hyundai have a division dealing with used cars take my
advise buy preferably from them though they would be slightly more expensive than the
market but remember that the car is certified by the manufacturer.