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ITM SAAD, Vadodara

Urban Design Studio January April 2017 Fifth Year ninth semester

The studio is the introduction of the student to the realm of urban design the
objective is to expose them to the complexities of the design process. To create an
understanding of the role of various physical, social, economic and infra structural
components and decision making processes; the contribution of related disciplines
associated with the production of the city. The studio will also familiarize the student
with urban design terminologies, methods of surveys and site analysis.

The design tutorial will assist the students in acquiring skills of documentation,
analysis and presentation of urban design projects and typological studies.

With this background they are given Hathikhana Hathi Talav in Vadodara, as
their area of study. The site has got its meaning since history which is somewhere
getting lost, so the main aim of studio will be to understand the relationship of site
with the people living around and reviving the past glory through sensitive

The various aspects to be studied on site are as follows:

1. Past, present and future of the site as mentioned in the development plan
if available.
2. Physiography/ topography of the city and its adjacent areas: landscape
3. Infrastructure and services.
4. Access networks: road, railway and air
5. Social infrastructure
6. Plant species and green cover , environment and ecology
7. Open space structure plan
8. Legibility: focal points, graphics and signage
9. Density distribution
10. Climatic data analysis
11. Study of street picture : traditional areas, public places
12. Built form studies: typology, landmarks, historical etc.
13. Occupation based activities: economic, tourism, traditional etc.
14. Social composition: demography, dominant/traditional community,
culture and family structure

Design studio faculty:

Parul Vyas.