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Field of Study

Field of Study Description:
Computer administrators may work in laboratories or office settings for government organizations, small
businesses or large companies. The administrator works to ensure that the computer systems are kept
working in an efficient manner. This can include fixing any issues with the design of the network, software
and computers of the company's computer systems. Maintaining these systems, answering questions,
monitoring them and issuing upgrades are all duties a computer systems administrator performs to meet the
computer needs of the company.

Required Portfolio Pieces:

Screenshots of a completed tutorial in 2 softwares/technologies specific to this field of

study (ie: xCode, Mit App Inventor, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Coding Programs,
Scratch, Android Studio, other approved field specific software)
List them here:

Independent application- something YOU created on YOUR OWN (not what you created
through the tutorial) using your newly acquired skills.

Slide Presentation: Computer Administration Presentation

Completed career research for your field of study. Career Profile Poster

Learning Community involvement: You must create a tutorial/instructional video, host

a hands-on workshop or demonstration (in class), or write a step-by-step tutorial
complete with specific instructions and screenshots (something that I can use to learn
this process).
EAST U Reflection on a Tutorial

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