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Video G

Field of S tudy

Field of Study Description:
Game developers design and create video games for computers and video game consoles. They
are involved in the conception as well as the execution of the game creation.

Required Portfolio Pieces:

Screenshots of a completed tutorial in 2 softwares/technologies specific to this field of

study (ie: Unity, other approved field specific software)
List them here:

Independent application- something YOU created on YOUR OWN (not what you created
through the tutorial) using your newly acquired skills.

Slide Presentation: Video Games Slide Presentation

Completed career research for your field of study. Career Profile Poster

Learning Community involvement: You must create a tutorial/instructional video, host

a hands-on workshop or demonstration (in class), or write a step-by-step tutorial
complete with specific instructions and screenshots (something that I can use to learn
this process).

EAST U Reflection on a Tutorial

Teacher Signature when completed : _______________________________________