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Clinical Medicine: Prevention Module

8-9 am (8/25/2014)

Tools for Information Mastery

Jenny Pierce

Slide 2: Learning Objectives

- At the end of this session you will:
o Know where the library resources stand on the evidence pyramid
o Find what you are looking for on the library site
o Choose a resource based on the type of question
Slide 3-5: Evidence Pyramid
- The higher up on the pyramid, the closer you are to objective truth
- As you go further up, each level builds on the levels underneath it
o There is less resources as you go up because it takes a longer time to get
things done
- Cochrane Review:
o Highest level of evidence
o June 2014, there were over 6,000 reviews
o Harde r to find answers within these reviews because they are more specific
- Dr. Keaton talked more in-depth about POEMS

Slide 6: Library Site Tour - Demonstration

- We basically got a tour of the library website but I outlined few of the searches Ms. Pierce did:
o Google search: SOM LIBRARY (first link that comes up)
o Click on Medical E-Resources
o Scroll down to Cochrane library
Cochrane database of systematic reviews
You will find various subsets like: DARE, method studies, technology assessments, economic
evaluations, Cochrane groups (central just trials)
o Click advance search to limit by database
Example she did in class:
Search simvastatin
On left side you can modify your search
Clinical Medicine: Prevention Module
8-9 am (8/25/2014)

o Back on the Medical E-Resources screen, click Trip Database

Type simvastatin into search bar
On the right, you can modify your search even further
In guidelines, you can limit search to country
o Back on main library home page, click Clinical Care Tools
Has certain topics (ex. Diabetes Mellitus Type 1)
After you search something, on the left side is an outline so you can jump immediately to what
you are interested in
If you click treatment you can see the grades of evidence based on the American Diabetes
Essential Evidence Plus
Broken down by system
At treatment, you can see the grade
You can also sign up for POEM
o Gives the question, the bottom line, the reference and synopsis
o The bottom line is also summarized in the title
o Consists of one article
o Back on Medical E-Resources site
Click on Stat!Ref
Click on first article
You can see medical disciplines and relevance to practice and if the information is new
Can modify the alerts based on what you want (frequency, topics, etc)
o Easiest way to get evidence based journals is to search it in E-journals
o Research databases:
Under medical E-resources
Alphabetically listed
Trip is found here which gives you access to PubMed
BMJ case reports
- To sign up for a personal account on access medicine:
o Go to the library home-page
o Click on E-Resources
o Click on Access medicine
o At top right click Rowan University
o Click Login or create free personal account
o Click Dont have an account
o Fill out required information
Slide 9-11: Searching any database (or Google Scholar)
- Combine terms with OR
o Smoking OR tobacco either term can be present
Clinical Medicine: Prevention Module
8-9 am (8/25/2014)

- Commbine terms with AND

o Smoking AND cessation both terms must be present

Slide 12: Searching Pubmed - Demonstration

- Go to librarys home page
- Click on Pubmed
- Search your topic
o Dont have to add in and Pubmed will take that into account
- On the left, you can filter your search
- You can add filters via show additional filters
Slide 13-14: Searching Tips
- Try title searches for quick & dirty searches
- In Pubmed sese the Related citations
- Use Clinical Queries if it makes sense
- For more in depth searching consider subject searching
- Pubmed uses MeSH
o Subject headings added to articles
o Search the MeSH database to find ones that match your search
Slide 15: MeSH terms for Prevention
- In Pubmed, you can search MeSH in the dropdown
- Preventive Medicine
- Public Health
- Primary prevention
- Secondary Prevention
- Tertiary Prevention
- Health promotion
o Prevention and control [Subheading]
Slide 16: Getting Full Text
- Going from the library site increases your chance of getting full text:
o Go to Pubmed
o Go to advance and search what you want
o Click on an article
o On the right it says Full text
Slide 17: Assignment
- Access the library website on your mobile device
- On drop down (grey square with lines), click on resources
- Click mobile apps and sites
- Click RowanSOM only subscriptions
- Download Access medicine application by clicking download link (unboundmedicine)
Slide 18: Question Is it safe to take Simvastatin with Coumadin?
- Answer question through:
o Dynamed
Mobile subscription
Clinical Medicine: Prevention Module
8-9 am (8/25/2014)

You can get Dynamed from front page of RowanSOM library

o Epocrates
Free subscription
You can download on your mobile device!
Slide 19: Question What is the significance of high aldosterone level?
- Diagnosaurus 2.0 can be accessed from AccessMedicine app
Slide 20: Question What are the steps involved in performing knee injection?
- Clinical Key has a video on this
Slide 21: Question What are recommended screening test for 35 year old smoker?
- ePSS
- Mobile app available
Slide 22: Question Can you give Adacel(TDaP) vaccine when the patient has just received a Td booster last
- Cant find on App
- You need to go to "print guidelines"
Subject Guides
Prevention subject guide: set up for this module
o Library website
o Resources
o Rowansom subject guides
o Go to "p" for prevention
Specific practice for prevention of disease
o Also public health guide
Books, journals, tools, statistics
Second year SOM resource guide
o On home page under curriculum support