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How is EVD prevented?

Protective measures can be utilized to World Health Organization: Ebola virus
prevent the transmission of the virus to disease, Fact sheet N103
other humans. Measures include: Centers for Disease Control and Pre-
1. Handling wildlife with gloves and vention: Ebola Update, 2014
protective clothing.
2. Avoid contact with body fluids of
Additional Information may be
people with Ebola symptoms.
obtained from the following sites:
3. Regular hand washing.
4. Maintain good hygiene and clean factsheets/ebola
5. Monitor Ebola contacts for 21 days
and separate anyone who starts to Http://
exhibit symptoms.

How is EVD virus treated?

There is currently no specific treatment
for Ebola. Treatment involves provid-
ing supportive care and associated
symptom treatment which may include:
intravenous fluids
maintaining oxygen saturation levels,
maintaining blood pressure,
antibiotics for associated infections, 818 E. Broadway Asked
dialysis for kidney function support
Sparta, Il 62286 Questions
There are currently no vaccines
approved for use. 618-443-2177
October 14, 2014
What is Ebola? Additional symptoms may include:
Ebola is a disease caused by a virus Vomiting or diarrhea
that first was detected in 1976 in an
area in Africa close to the Ebola River. Rash
Impaired kidney or liver function
Where are the Ebola virus pa- Internal or external bleeding
tients found? Respiratory difficulties
The most severely affected countries
are currently in western Africa and in-
clude Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra
Leone. Some cases have now been
What is the risk of exposure?
detected in Nigeria, Democratic Re- The Ebola virus is not transmitted through
public of Congo, Spain, and the air, water, or food so the risk of exposure
United States. Airport screening of is low for most people. The risk of expo-
passengers who have traveled abroad sure increases if you travel to any affected
How is Ebola virus transmitted? area, have direct contact with someone
has been instituted to try to detect
anyone with possible symptoms of the It is thought that the virus starts in fruit who is currently sick with the virus, or
disease. bats that are natural hosts for the virus. have contact with belongings or the body
It then spreads to other animals and hu- of someone who died from the illness.
mans who have contact with infected Prevention is the key to decreasing risk of
What are the symptoms of Ebola animals. Human to human transmission exposure.
Virus Disease (EVD)? occurs by direct contact (through broken
skin or mucous membranes) with blood,
Symptoms start appearing within 2 to secretions, or body fluids of infected How is EVD diagnosed?
21 days after being exposed to the vi- people or contact with surfaces or mate-
rus. Humans are not infectious until Symptoms of Ebola Virus disease are
rials that have been contaminated with similar to many other infectious diseases.
they start developing symptoms. Ini- the virus. People remain infectious as
tial symptoms most often include: Diagnosis is made by obtaining informa-
long as the virus is contained in the tion about symptoms, travel or exposure
Fever greater than 101.5F blood and body fluids. Precautions history, and performing laboratory testing
should also be taken for breast milk and to confirm the presence of the virus.
semen. The virus is known to live in
Muscle Pain semen for up to 7 weeks after patient
Headache has recovered from the illness.
Sore throat