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The hunt

Ivan was Ivan was Rainsford had The hunt Ivan had his
took place
deaf in the over three
considered to swim to the only hearing in the
short-story. days. savage and shore of the lasted one movie.
dumb in the island in both day.
film and short the movie and
In the book story. the book.
there were In the movie
only 5 there were 10
characters. characters

In the book it
didnt mention
Book Rainsford was
victorious in the Movie In the movie
there were
any noticeably (The Most Dangerous Game) hunt with Zaroff strange murals
strange murals. in both the book (The Most Dangerous Game) on the walls
and the movie.

In the movie
In the book the ship hits a
Rainsford Zaroff used a The dogs were Rainsford was hunts with reef and sinks
falls off the He stays on small pistol to the author of a bow and He leaves
used to hunt him
the island by hunt in the hunting books in arrow in the island
in both the book with the
himself. book.
and the movie. both the short the film
story and movie. woman on
a boat.

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