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Written Report - Worksheet

Please complete the Written Report worksheet and include it in the Portfolio section of your ePortfolio)
Topic: Discuss some of the things that you could do to enhance your employability when you
graduate from University.

Enhancing employability is imperative with the intense competition in labour markets students must stand out from
their competitors and look for strategies to upsurge employability. Must understand that there is more expected to do
than just good GPA many other approaches of increasing employability in the workforce is essential in todays
workforce. Upon graduating a student must be able to demonstrate soft skills and career specific skills. Have
accumulated knowledge and can apply information in the workplace. Show a positive attitude of energy, commitment
and contribution. The three main foundations that employers look for when recruiting graduates are work experience,
extra-curricular activity (volunteering) and networking.

The most observed employability strategy from employers are graduates with Internships and work experience. These
programs are designed to provide students with formal, supported practical opportunities in the workplace. Formal
experiences develop both students technical skill based capacities and their graduate attribute such as employee
identity (Garca, 2010). Internship opportunities help graduates manage the transition from study to work. Internships
are positively perceived by employers because students gain probationary experience with improved skills,
knowledge, attributes, communication skills for prospective employees (Gault, Leach, and Duey, 2010).
There is evidence of gaps between the perspectives of graduates and employers on how to approach employability,
statistics show that employability comes from those with broad-based experience with 87% of employers value
students with work involvement. With many graduates of 74% have obtained some sort of work experience.


Another imperative approach that graduates should do is participating in extra-curricular and volunteering groups.
Less than half graduates appeared not to associate extra-curricular activities with employability, as indicated by the
percentage more than half of employers look at participation and engagement in this area. Group activities can
demonstrate transferable skills that are valuable in the workplace. Skills associated are communication, leadership,
creativity and self-promotion skills giving them real life experience and being able to utilize in realistic situations.
Students can benefit enormously from volunteering, says Janice, senior careers adviser. It expands students
networks, builds self-confidence and allows them to develop the key skills sought by almost every employer.
Employers will appreciate the willingness for a student whose engaged with unfamiliar contexts and groups of people,
making them more employable and likely to fit into workplaces effectively.

Networking is shown that majority of opportunities will come through relationships with others, making the ability to
network an important skill to have. People network to expand and learn about potential opportunities and
collaborations, research careers, build relationships, learn from other peoples failures or experiences. Some great
connections can be having a relationship with lecturers, they tend to have a professional background and can assist
you in networking event or even eye outs for jobs that might be interested. Connecting with people who have
previously or have worked in an industry will increasing enhance a students employability.

The labour force is intense and competitive, with multiple components who may be fighting for the exact same job. To
enhance employability focus on what employers in the industry are looking for these are work experience, volunteering
and networking. Employers are attracted to students who have transferable skills and a broad of complex capabilities
and accumulated knowledge with broad-based experience. These characteristics attract stakeholders because graduates
can adapt to the workplace a lot more efficiently and faster than those who have only grounded knowledge of study.


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