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9th Grade Physical Education/Health Syllabus

Instructor: Coach Martin


Rules: 1. Get to class on time, i.e in the class when the bell rings.
2. Do not talk while I am talking.
3. Act mature; you are in high school!
4. Participate daily.
5. Respect peers and authority

Below you will find information helpful to becoming a successful student in my P.E. class. Certain rules and regulations are
discussed as well as expectations that will be beneficial to you as a student to familiarize yourself with. THIS IS A REQUIRED
COURSE FOR GRADUATION so completion is essential and necessary for you to GRADUATE. I look forward to having
you in class this semester and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.


* ONLY a signed doctors note or a phone call from a parent will be accepted as a valid reason for not participating. NO
handwritten notes from parents will be accepted.

* No food, drink, or candy is allowed in the class at any time. NO exceptions.

* Stay with class for the duration of the period. Any breaking of this rule constitutes skipping and will be treated as such.

* No electronic devices permitted in class; No cell phones, IPods, etc. Breaking of this rules will result in confiscation, and
the device will be turned in to the front office.

* All other school rules apply

50% Engagement (Participation, Classwork, Homework, etc)
15% Quizzes
35% Tests (Health and Fitness)

35% Semester 1
10% Midterm
35% Semester 2
20% Final Exam

* For your PE grade, each day you are responsible for participating in class. Each student will receive a maximum of 25 points
per day for physical participation. Students will receive a participation grade at the end of each week. Participation grade will
be based on level of participation, effort and improvement in an activity, not on athletic ability. See rubric on back for grading.

* Health is a required portion of this course. All assignments must be completed on time to receive full credit and will follow
the school policy on missing work due to absences.

* For your fitness tests, examples include mile run, 400m, 800m, sit-ups, shuttle run, push-ups, etc.

* If you have any questions/concerns/comments please contact me via the above email or phone number.

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