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& Inequalities
f, Period: A

is 1 inch more than


/ 5.
/t Choose the correct solution for the equation: The length of a rectangle
.,,ir{h 2 timeslts width. The wea of the rectangle is
inches. /
4nitt&s 36 square

I %=1a x--'+) What is the length of the rectangle?

B. x=24 A. 4 inches u.[]-1 8 \\;; A

C. x--6
fil fi;6inches 6'xu{:36
\J x=72
J (t) n tn'n"*
2. The lengths of the sides of a triangle are y' D. 18 inches f
. y + 1, and 7 centimeters. If the perimeter is

/ e:
56 centimeters, what is the value of y?
/ Solve for x.

,)utT;fr*,, 3x*7=2x.
'.]'v ']x Xfi
-"i "cl
B 2s A. ,=tr y'"= u l
c. 31 jr =qoiJ/3
*t ? *=-tr
D 32
-.F5J 4$:4fi .\=21 /'# D.
3. Jeremy plans to construct a storage building that
will have a square-shaped floor' In his plans, each
side is represented by the expression (4x + 4) feet'
7.' What is the solution to the equation below?
If the plans show that the perimeter of the floor
/ 3(x-4)=5x-6

v/ Q{h=-z -3y-,):Sx-L
of the building is 64 feet, what is the value of -r ?

(93 -\6K+l_ 6 =6q4 3x 3x

B.7 ta *tG B. *=7 / \l : Jx:G
c. tbLa 1s C. x=l {6
(e ,l&
D. 16
D. x=9 -(-r?^'p# -et?
X zj 8. Solve: :-a
4(6x-10)=8x+40 K
4. Choose the correct solution for the equation:
t'.-1-11 *=3jr 21r(-tt6 :$X\t"49
F' r'4. A.o -6k _tt<
A. x= 10 B t, lAxlJC *- 30
/\ x=j X-- \LAO *t^0
\J C. x=175 :" t6x.'8(

@s t6 16 jF 4P*

D. x=5

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g. What is the solution to the equation below? 12. Diane delivers newspaperc for $5 a day plus
$0.04 per newspaper delivered' Jeremy
x x*I n"*rpup"tt for $2 a day plus $0'10 per.
fel.snaner --
(qi= ' (t) delivered. How many newspapers would Diane
and Jeremy each need to deliver in order to
the same amount?
/ G)x=-4
B. x=-l
'-ftr(iot[*; 30
bt.s4x z.)t,}02
/ /, '') - )
V rv. *---l 7
9x:n)^*\ /@'o
D. *=1 -(4 \ -r\y V/ c.'ts
D 83
J =,OeV ^,oux.
- X--. t-\ X--
' 10. Solve the following equation:*- I 1 7: s*u'.0
4x-3=!2+x 13. Bonita spent $8'94 on groceries' Sfr"%1rs11 r-/
-f -x gallon oi milk for $4.29 and 3 pounds. of. slic.ed X' Z \ t
*t"V How much does 1 pound of sliced turkey
A. x= 45 7x :5 --t).
+- e' *9
B. x= 15
/s3 x=5 4='l/
D. x=3 tx-t c." $2.08
1i. A piece of pipe 54 inches in length is cut into two
pieces as shown in the diagram below
D. $2.98 .X -t,35
14, Trish's resting heart rate is 50 beats per minute'
For every minute she exercises, her heart rate
ir1"r"ur., 5 beats per minute' How long will it
Aake hq to reach a heart rate of 120 beats per
I/ rntnute?

indres V A, 5 minutes Sstbx 1t^)*

-*f ''i
^; C :) r'l
What is the value of x? /A 14 minutes *
{ +tr(' : i\-IG
fo-*Ib c. 34minutes a]<{- -:* 1C
A., D. 70 minutes
@M q
c. 27 Jr'- )% 15. The soccer club is going on a trip to {";;""
park. The cost of attending the tip is $63'
D. 40 included in that price is $13 for lunch and the cost
of 2 wristbands, one for the morning and one for

X:r\ the afternoon' Write an equation representing the

cost of the field trip and determine the price of
one wristband.

\"[ 3+)r<

' i ' 2x
K Yt)',,
') -53
/' d-
Equations & Inequalities
r6. Manuel has $50 in his bank account. Starting this Solve: -10 > -4x * 2
week, he will deposit $30 into the account each -p,[,!,f -q\x
week. If Manuel does not take any money out of
his account, how many weeks will it take for the
total amount of money in his account to reach
A. x<3
>3 +ra
.--\oHKx> )
A. 4 weeks 5o{:01 :3J'
D. x>2
/ B.
7 weeks -t6 -- f-)a
/ / d eweeks
D. 16 weeks
&x: 2r. A store rnakes a profit of $14;76 on eac{f belt
it sells. The company will also give each store
$50.00 for carrying its product. If the store wants
x -q to make at least $475.00 on the belts, what is the
fewest number of belts it will have to sell?
I7. Eva bought 5 pairs of identical socks and a
$6.50 hairbrush. The total cost for the items was
less than $29. Which of these inequalities best
describes the cost (c) of each pair of socks?

G c < $4.50
l-utc,S 6-L'aq
\'je1ij {o,
B. c > $4.50

(* The rental company charges $35 a day plus $0.25
per mile. Which of these inequalities represents
LJ,, the number of miles (rz) Manuel can drive in one
18. /ay and stay within his budget?
2x-3> -4x+2
{.h* *t"y ,/p*=,,0
v \-/
-2o-- nl
A. x> I 6x,::)
+1 +1
B. ru>180 )> -5"
C. m<460
fuz$ s*qs
B. A
D. rn2460
D. *<tr
G \o
K J,
19. Which is the solution to the following inequality?
x 4160
/rp 1r7 ;rlla
B. x>
C. .r<8
D. x> -I

Periodr- Equatlons & Inequalities

zJ. The members of the school band need at least 24. Which graph below best represents the solution for
$400 for a trip; They have received $50 in this inequality?
donations and are selling pecans for $5 a pound' -.22 -1 ,
The following inequality can be used to find the -(x+4)>-7^ ' iL
- -i
number of pounds of pecans, x, that will meet or -k+E=ih -l
.A < , , r., r r t>
exceed tle band's goal of $400. d i a i 4 5 6 !7 I s Xl
U' -;;-;;-;-ij'i
5"x+50>400 B. -; -i-t-i-r-*-s-2-t o t 2 a 4 a 6 ? I e

Which graph shows the number of pounds of r I I I l.l ll l1 i I t l+

c. <r
--a;-t-e-5-i-s-e-i ri I 2 e 4 6 6 7 8!1>
pecans &e band members need to sell to meet or
exceed their goal? -j-6-t'i*s-l-g-?-t
D. d I 2 e 4 5 s 7 I e

A. #
5b 60 70 80 90 100 25. Use the graph below to answer the question that
-10 - - *7 *S *5 -4 -'O *S *1 0 1' 2
This graph is the solution set for which inequality?

/o l ,_:
V \,
/ \'\'- x-t4)7ti{^

S23> -r+
-1 >-r!

S-xl;c '-7 -'>c/

/-"/ D. !g>*

-52 I

9r ZSso
f )

k Z?c

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