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Unit 3 test

Listening Language focus

1 1.04 Listen to a telephone conversation. 4 Look at the table. Then complete the sentences
Then answer the questions. Write one or two using the present perfect. (10 marks)
words. (10 marks)
Ross Andy Emma
Who works at the internet help centre? Caroline
download a film
1 What has Simon got a problem with? __________
2 Has he tried turning off his computer? __________
log on in another country
chat to a friend in a
3 Who was he chatting to when he lost the chat room
connection? _____________
Ross has downloaded a film.
4 When did he send five emails? ________________
1 Andy ____________________________ a film.
5 How many films did he download yesterday?
2 Ross and Andy ____________________ on in
another country.
3 Emma ____________________ on in another
Vocabulary country.
2 Complete the dialogue. You do not need one of 4 Ross and Emma ____________________ to a
the words. (10 marks) friend in a chat room.
post log webcam networking online blog 5 Andy ____________________ to a friend in a
chat room.
Ann Have you seen the (1) ______________ which I
created when I went on holiday to Asturias? 5 Complete the sentences with the present
perfect. (16 marks)
Bill No, I havent, but I can (2) ______________ on
1 Vikki __________________ a new dress. (buy )
now. Ooh, very nice. Look, theres an
2 We __________________ all the fruit. (eat )
(3) ______________ game you have to match
3 They _________________ like this before. (feel )
the mountains with their names. I know, why
4 I _________________ there before. (be )
dont you create a social (4) ______________
website, so we can meet online?
5 He _________________ the problem. (identify )
6 Sally _________________ for ten hours. (sleep )
Ann But I see you all the time youre in my class
7 We _________________ any tea. (drink )
and you live next door!
8 Tim _________________ a webpage. (create )
Bill Yes, but we could (5) ______________
messages for each other. 6 Write questions in the present perfect using the
prompts. (14 marks)
3 Complete the text. (10 marks)
1 you / ever / download / a film
Yesterday, I had thirty emails in my
(1) i__ __ __ __ . Most of them were (2) s__ __ __
2 he / log on / in another country
lots of adverts and junk emails. Some were
(3) p__ __ __ __ __ __ __ emails, which asked for
my bank details. I think I need to get a spam 3 they / meet / a friend in a chat room

(4) f__ __ __ __ __ , so I dont get so many of these __________________________________________

messages. And I must get a better firewall, too, so I 4 we / ever / share files online
dont get any (5) v__ __ __ __ __ __. __________________________________________
5 Daisy / make a phone call / on the internet

Unit 3 test
6 you / spend / six hours online without a break Communication
___________________________________________ 9 Complete the dialogue. (10 marks)
7 Fatima / ever / create / a webpage
A Kolya, Ive got something to tell you.
B What is it? Whats the (1) m___________?
A Im (2) a___________ Ive lost your umbrella
Reading the one I borrowed at the party. I dont know
7 Read the text. What is it mainly about? (2 marks) how it (3) h___________.

a a complaint about a gadget B Oh no!

b a review of a gadget A Ill buy you a new one. Im really
c a description of someones favourite gadget (4) s___________.
B Well, OK. Please be more careful the next time
THE NEW FUMIX WEBCAM you borrow something!

Fumix have created a new version of their popular A It wont happen (5) a___________. I promise.
webcam, which you can buy online. It isnt available in
shops, but you can also order it over the phone from
their catalogue. Writing
This new model also sits at the top of your computer
screen, but its much smaller than the old one, so you 10 Complete the sentences. (5 marks)
almost dont know its there. You can use it with any
also although but however too
computer because you just attach it to a flat surface.

Theyve also reduced the price. The old model cost 1 I download music ____________ not films.
125, but this new version only costs 99, plus 10 2 We chat and ____________ play games.
more if you want a silver or gold version. The design is
3 I read books and magazines, ____________.
slightly less attractive, but its much better value in a
competitive market. 4 ____________ computer games are popular, I
The picture quality is also excellent, and its perfect for dont enjoy playing them.
chatting online. Theyve obviously listened carefully to 5 I like surfing the internet. ____________, I dont
their customers. I sent some comments to them last
year about the old model. The pictures were clear but go online every day.
not light enough. People who I met online thought I had
11 Imagine you read the opinion below on a
dark hair, but Im blond!
website. Write a comment. Use the ideas to help
you. (5 marks)
8 Choose the correct answers. (8 marks)
Young people spend too much time playing computer
1 Where cant you buy the webcam? games. They should have other hobbies, like sport or
a online b on the phone c in shops music, instead.
2 The new version of the webcam is ... .
Paragraph 1: Write about how often you and
a bigger b the same size c not as big your friends play computer games.
3 The new version is ... . Paragraph 2: Why do you think people enjoy
a cheaper c more attractive playing computer games? What other hobbies do
b more expensive you and your friends enjoy doing?
Paragraph 3: Do you agree that young people
4 The picture quality of the old model was ... .
spend too much time playing computer games?
a too dark b not clear enough c too light What can people do if they become obsessive?

Total marks: Listening _______ / 10 Vocabulary _______ / 20 Language focus _______ / 40

Reading _______ / 10 Communication _______ / 10 Writing _______ / 10 TOTAL _______ / 100