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Setting Up the 3P Fast File for WITS Data

1) In INSITE, open Database Admin and look for a Record Named 3P Fast.
If the record already exists, make sure you have the variables Block Position and Hookload Avg within that
If the Record is not present, there are few options:
1. Build the Record (Not Recommended).
2. Import the record from ADI export if you have one.
3. Copy the Time SDL Fast record to 3P Fast using the Database Administration View
and Edit Record function Copy Record. This is my recommendation!
If 3P Fast is present, skip to step #21

2) We will go through option #3 above: Copy Record using INSITE Database Administration View and Edit Records.
Open INSITE Database Administration View and Edit Records: System Manager > Data button.

Data > Database Admin option Opens to this view

3) Click on the Pen Quill then the Record button to open View and Edit Records GUI.
4) Click on the Edit button and open the Find window.

5) Type in Time SDL Fast and hit the Find Next button.

6) You may have to continue with Find Next until you come to the Record Time SDL Fast, not any of the variables called
Time SDL Fast.

7) Highlight the Record name Time SDL Fast by clicking on the Record name.

8) Next use the Copy Record button, when the Copy Record window opens use the From Record drop down to
find Time SDL Fast record. Then in the To Record option Type: 3P Fast and OK.
9) Scroll down to the bottom of the Records and you should now have the 3P Fast Record.
At this point you can remove unwanted variables from this record using the Remove Variable button.
Dont remove any variables which will be written into this record by WITS.

10) Save your work using the save button .

Note: If this is a new install or you have not imported records or received Data Exchanges from other Parties MWD/SDL
then the Time SDL Fast and now 3P Fast records should have +/- 50 variables. If you have had imports or exchanges
into your database who knows how many variables are now in these records? I would reduce the records in the
newly created 3P Fast to a manageable number keeping the ones you believe may be needed in future WITS
transfers, it makes finding the data you want easier.