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Data Exchange (DX) when Running IRIS for MPD Depth

Two procedures need that will make a better and efficient Data Exchange between MPD and MWD.

1. Put the MWD computer into MPD workgroup. Only works when you have direct Lam Cable (Cat5)
running between MPD and MWD not over the satellite.
2. Use the Selected Data Set option in the Data Exchange, as not to corrupt or write over MPD Records.
Exchange to only the records MPD requires for PWD or Calculator from MWD.

If you are running IRIS on the MPD System and receiving Data Exchanged data from Sperry
MWD, you will have to limit or restrict the data being Exchanged (received). If you dont then
their data will over write the Database Records which IRIS is writing to plus cause issues
between INSITE applications trying to read (and/or) write (use) database records.

Adding MWD Computer to MPD Work Group

1) Set up (add) the MWD Data Exchange computer onto the MPD Local Network (workgroup 192.168.91.#). This keeps
the Exchange path at the rig location with the fastest connection possible for Realtime data. If you dont add the MWD
computer to MPD workgroup it will go through the Satellite on the Halliburton network. The ROC will also have to give
your IP (34. Address) permission to connect to MWD for Data Exchange. Going through Halliburtons Intranet (34. IP
address) you may be able to ping MWD computer but you will not be allowed to DX without permissions setup.

Setting up the MWD computer onto MPD workgroup, this is done on the MWD Sending/Receiving computer.
Open the Network Connections application on MWD system.

Right click on their Local Area Connection

Right click on Properties
Scroll down to Internet Protocols (TCP/IP)

Double click on Internet Protocols (TCP/IP)
Go to Advanced

IP Settings Add

Add - When the TCP/IP Address window opens add an IP with 192.168.91.# address, one that is
not already taken by another computer within the workgroup. Give it same Subnet mask as the
MPD workgroup and save.

You should now be able to ping each computer within the workgroup.
Not Selecting the Only Selected Dataset Options running IRIS Data Mapping from the MPD Computer will have unwanted

consequences to the MPD Records

Note: There are very detailed Help files within the Data Exchange Insite application under the Help option.

2) Go to Data Exchange in the System Manager Transfer GUI.

3) Set up the Allowed Transfer options in the Exchange menu > Change Allowed Settings
MWD is the sending machine
MPD is the Receiving machine

These options may have to be reset each time you start Data Exchange as the default is not to allowed to send.

OK to save setting.
4) Select the Exchange option or the button to open ADD Component setup window.

5) When starting an Exchange you have to be careful to choose the correct options as you can overwrite data by not
selecting the correct (send / receive state) option on this page.
Steps to setting up a Selected Data Set Data Exchange.
a) Both MPD and MWD Data Exchanges have to be setup correctly to send and receive Data Exchange.
b) Set the Data Exchange up to send on the MWD Machine.
c) Set the Data Exchange to Receive on the MPD Machine.

Set this option correctly !

Default Window:

There are basically four Data Selection options to transfer data, but when running IRIS for
Depth Tracking on the MPD System. Three would require the user to Restrict Records and
one requires the user to Select Records to transfer. I prefer the Data Selection Only
Selected Datasets option because I have to think each time which records to exchange thus
reducing the chances of overwriting Records within MPD database. The Records we are
trying not to over write are our Well Based Records and the Records IRIS is writing to;
Time/Depth; Time SDL Fast; and any other you have left checked in IRIS Data Mapping.
To add an exchange send component from MWD Side
To add an exchange receive component from MPD Side

Click or select Exchange>Add Component.

The Exchange Component dialog box opens.

If starting the exchange on the MPD Computer : Change the radial button to Receive from remote computer, if not
you could overwrite the MWD data. The default on initial window is SEND.

1. Select or type the Remote Computer (IP, DNS address, or node name) you want to send to, or receive from.
2. Select the Component state Active Disabled = (Paused).
3. Select to Send to or Receive from the remote computer
Select Send to on MWD Computer
Select Receive from on MPD computer
4. Select a Communications method: Normal Communications.
5. Select a Data Included option RT/Stored data.
6. Select a Mode option Continuous.
7. Select Data Selection option Only Selected Datasets : When Running IRIS
8. Select the Run the Data Mgr button - will open the directory tree in Data Manager.
9. Select the Well and Run.
10. Clicking on the Run from the right window will populate the Records in the left window
11. From the left Window select the Records you want to exchange : Hold down the Ctrl Key while picking Records
12. You can drag the Records from Data Manager into the Existing Dataset Selection Window
13. Once all required records are added, close Data Manager
14. Clear the check box to improve Transmission : Enable Database Configuration Table Transfer
15. Clear the check box Enable Configuration Change Notification to keep from changing the Run and Well on the
receivers side. We want to change our own Runs and vise verse for MWD.
16. Click OK.

Examples below of Only Selected Datasets workflow:

Opens the Data Manager GUI:

Clicking on the Active Well and Run in Right Window will open Record Names in the Left Window:

Hold down the Ctrl Key and choose the Records to exchange, drag and drop into the Existing Dataset Selection window.
Continue this process until you have selected all records to exchange. Can exchange from multi runs.
Close Data Manager
Uncheck both boxes Bottom right corner of the window:
Enable Database Configuration Table Transfer
Enable Configuration Change Notifications

Example of the MWD to exchange : PWD records, Survey record, Temp record, other sensor data the MWD tool is

Example of Records to Exchange

Active Run
PWD Records
Survey Record
Temp Records

Records from other Runs if needed.

Once the Existing Data Section is complete you can close using the OK button.
6) On the Exchange Component Window once all option have been completed select ok to start the Exchange.
You may get a message stating this will stop and restart the exchange, agree to the option.

7) Example of three exchanges: ROC - MWD MPD Backup Application Machine

Other Note:

1. Exchanges to MPD backup computers should use Data Selection option All Data in Active Well/Job
no Restrictions.
2. Exchanges over the Satellite may backup at connection but should begin to catch up over time.
3. Exchanges over the Satellite that are slow may require the reduction of Records transferred to elevate
load. Use Only Selected Datasets with Well Based and Active Run as selections.
4. Disable the Enable Database Configuration Table Transfer when possible.
5. Enable the Configuration Change Notification when Data Exchanging to Halliburtons ROC\RESC

Enable Database Configuration Table Transfer

Select this checkbox to enable the transfer of database configuration

tables. These tables define Records, Variables, Units, and Option
Lists. With this checkbox disabled (clear), performance might be improved, but newly created configuration items
will not be visible on the receiving computer.

Note The tables can be very large (500 Kbytes or more) and could take a long time to transfer if you are using a
low bandwidth connection. The configuration tables are transferred by default except in real-time only mode.
Some applications or calculator scripts might modify the configuration tables, resulting in the continuous resending
of these tables. This can make a real-time stored exchange unusable.

Enable Configuration Change Notification

Select this box if you want the sending machine to change the receiving machines Run number.
Not recommended for exchanges between MWD and MPD.