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Freshman Year

What were some of your successes this year?
Getting Straight As All Year
Making New Friends...
What Were Some of Your Struggles This Year?
Got Really Stressed Out
What community service projects have you participated
in this year? What do you feel you have gained and
contributed through these experiences?
I have volunteered a lot at East and with schools. I feel like Ive really helped out
and gave back to the schools I went/go to and Ive grown to understand how
happy it makes you feel to help others.
How do you feel you have grown academically this year?
What academic areas to you most want/need to work on next
I feel like Ive grown with my grades this year.
like Iveto work
grown ongrades
with my math more
this year. next year
I want
to work on math more next year
Explain your progress on your goals this year.
I have been making
good progress on my
goal to make straight on my goal to make straight as. Th
as. This will help me get will help me get into a good college
into a good college.
How have you grown this year concerning your preparedness
for college? In what ways do you think you still need to grow
to be ready for college?
I still need to learn a lot and get more mature.
I have grown in maturity, intelligence, and
determination to have an amazing future.
What advice or words of wisdom could you share for next
years students in your grade?
Keep going you will make it through this