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Culmination Minutes 8-30-17

Ms. Cade will serve as a liaison between parents and teachers so that everyone has
the same information. She will be available to answer any questions. You can email her

5th grade class website is up and will be updated with all information regarding
culmination as well as 5th grade events. Please log onto the website below for details.


If you can fill any of the open positions below, please contact Kanon Riecks or Tara


Contact Chairs: Tara Kline & Kanon Riecks

Secretary: Holly Watson (Alice can assist as needed)

Treasurer: Tara Kline & Jolie Lindner

Website: Ing Lee

Fundraising: Jennifer Bedolla & Cortney Pellettieri

Child Welfare: Jolie Lindner

Buses for Field Trips: OPEN (Kanon Riecks can fill in, but needs help)

Class Gift/Art: OPEN

5th Grade T-shirts: Veronica Lopez

Sweatshirts/Gift to Kids: Cortney Pellettieri, Alice Park, Jasmine Jae

Science Camp (Jan 24-26): Jolie Lindner. Debbie Wang and Mike Paley will also help
with paperwork.

Dance: Danielle Balthazar & Teri Shoustal

Memory Board: Catie Desjardins & Tara Kline

Culmination Event (June 5): Alice Park, Kanon Riecks & Dylan Sugar
Culmination Program: Mark Littlestone

- Alice to look into printer

Culmination Reception (June 5): Jasmine to lead for 4th grade parents

- Alice & Kanon will help coordinate

Picnic Reservations/Insurance: OPEN

Picnic Food (June 6): Teri Shoustal, Yuki Takashima & Susan Thurmond ONeal

Picnic Games (June 6): Teri & Mike Shoustal

Brunch (June 7): Catie Desjardins & Wendy Senelick

- Popsicle Sales: Jennifer Bedolla

- Karaoke Night: Danielle Balthazar

- Conference Week Pizza Sale (Nov): Tues, Thurs - Jolie Lindner and Tara Kline

- Winter Show (Dec 8): Mike Paley & Celly Avellaned

- Ice Skating (Jan): Catie Desjardins

- Spring Break Pizza (Mar 23): Mike Paley & Celly Avellaned

- Open House Pizza (May 3): Hadas Abouaf

- STEAM Night Pizza (May 18): Hadas Abouaf

- Scooters Jungle (May): Catie Desjardins

- can consider some parent night events as a fundraiser

- can consider Beauty Counter, Tupperware or other sales group as a fundraiser

- as we track progress of funds raised, can consider asking parents for additional
voluntary cash donations as needed

- will need help from as many 5th grade families as possible to help out with events

- families can contact any of the Chair Positions to let them know that they are
interested in helping out for specific events


- child welfare includes families who are financially in need. We want to help

children from these families to have all the same items and opportunity to go to

Pali Camp as other 5th graders.

BUSES FOR FIELD TRIPS: Kanon will fill in, but needs to have someone else help

- calling and scheduling for field trips and science camp

- music center will be a carpool trip

- school pays for Rileys Farm, Reagan Library Discovery Center, Picnic

- 5th grade pays for Pali camp bus, Observatory


- need to get approval from Ms. Choe once decided

- need to look into what the budget will be

- ideas for this project are welcome


- class sweatshirts were suggested by Ms. Cade as an idea for a gift to students so
that they can wear it during school year as well as to Pali Camp

- this would be in lieu of a memento that was given in the past

- Jasmine can help look into getting a printer for sweatshirts and t-shirts

- cost of sweatshirt will be included with Pali Camp

- would like to order early so that kids can wear throughout the school year

SCIENCE CAMP (Jan 24-26)

- tentative $400/student (this includes bus and sweatshirt costs)

- someone from Pali camp will come and speak to parents regarding camp and
answer questions. Date TBD.

- Ms. Cade asks to PLEASE adhere to deadlines for forms needed before camp

- any concerns regarding your child can be brought to Ms. Cades attention. Any
information will be kept in confidence.

- we can ask PTA/MVSEG to sponsor a child for camp for any families in need


- 4th grade to help with reception; Jasmine will help coordinate with room parents

- Jasmine has oered to do flowers for culmination day

- Tara will order cookies and water for reception

- spring pictures are done to give culmination certificates/portfolios to students

- banners are in community room

- Kanon, Alice, & Dylan will take care of tent & chair rentals and will be onsite the day
before and day of to make sure things are in place

- Mark L. will be preparing programs to be handed out that day

5th GRADE PICNIC (June 6)

- Palms Park was used last year because LAUSD is in litigation with State Park

so could not use Kenneth Hahn Park

- can research other parks

- will move forward with booking Palms Park for now, unless someone else wants to

look into another park. Will talk with Erin Cullen about booking (she works there).

BRUNCH (June 7)

- brunch is on the last day of school on June 7 after recess. All families and

students are invited for last good byes. Breakfast items.

- can be potluck or if funds are left over, then money can be used for foods.


- traditionally on last day of school, but last years committee stated that they

wished theyd done it earlier

- maybe 2 weeks before so that it doesnt conflict with Family Fun Night and last

week isnt so busy

- flyers will not be posted at school because it is not an ocial school event

- usually at Mar Vista Rec Center

- Ms. Concotellis class will not go to Rileys Farm or Reagan Library Discovery Center

- they will go to Grith Park, Music Center, Pali Camp, Picnic

Next Meeting Wednesday, September 27th @8:20 am, Ms. Cade to come @8:30 am

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