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EM103 HERE Introduction to Design Spring 2017

Team Charter

Team name & logo:


Team members names and current roles:

Cydney Ogan
o Client Liaison
William McEvoy
o Project Manager
Tommy Lee
o Project Editor
Colin Xie
o Project Recorder

Team mission statement:

The mission of our team is to maximize the efficiency of water cooling towers on Rose-
Hulman Institute of Technologys campus as well as minimizing the cost without interfering with
the lives of those on campus.
EM103 HERE Introduction to Design Spring 2017

Code of conduct your ground rules and guiding principles for team participation. State your
shared expectations for team member behavior:

All members will be respectful of each others ideas and will always continuously
participate in discussion of ideas.
All members must be on time for project meetings, submissions and other collaborative
All members are expected to complete the tasks given.

Shared aspirations:
Our aspiration is to:
1. Create a sustainable design
2. Have a cooperative learning experience
3. Have fun
4. Grow as individuals