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Lesson Plan One

Day: _Tuesday____ Date: ___XX_______ Time: __2pm_______ Class: Y4_____

Subject: HASS Civics and Citizenship Topic: Rules and Laws 1

Students Prior Knowledge and Experience:
(Outline what the Students already know about this topic)
Last year students should have covered who makes rules, why rules are important and the
consequences of rules not being followed. We will revise this and compare to laws.
Learning Purposes: Student Evaluation:
(Outline the specific learning outcomes to (Explain how Student learning will be
be achieved based on ACARA they should monitored)
be concise, observable and attainable)
FA: Q&A outcomes for individual students
At the end of this lesson students will be SA: Class will participate in interactive quiz via
able to identify the difference between a Quizziz. This will determine their baseline
law and a rule. They will be able to give understanding
examples of rules and laws

ACARA Content Descriptors

The differences between 'rules' and 'laws'

Questioning and Research: Identify

current understanding of a topic

Preparation and Resources:

(Detail what resources will be used and what other preparation of the learning environment
will be required)

- IPADs booked for class

- Projector working and connected
- PP pres complete and ready WIAR, WIAL cover punishments and who enacts the
- Butcher Paper (extra textas)
- Quizziz Code and Prepped Test Ready to go
Timing: Learning Experiences:
(Specify the discussion and activities that will take place. Divide into sections for
Introduction, Main body of lesson, Closure and Transition to next lesson)

5min Setup Class gets iPads ensure to manage transition. Movement by tables
works best to eliminate congestion
10min PP Presentation What is a law What is a Rule (revision)
5min Placemat activity in table groups examples of rules/laws give half of the class
groups laws and half of the groups rules.
5min Discuss the outcomes of the placemat look at the differences between the rules
and the laws.
2min Get iPads ready and Login to Quizizz (students have used before and are familiar
with the program)
5min Run Quizziz quiz to confirm knowledge on base learning (Summ Ass)
2min Discuss answers and outcomes
2min Discuss overnight research assignment What rules and laws have you had to
follow today. Get the students to discuss with their parents. Ensure that they are
aware that this will be talked about tomorrow to encourage them to participate
5mins Return iPads and Pack and stack classroom
-- Transition to fitness (time permitting) --

Lesson Evaluation:
(Reflect on the success of the lesson)