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EIGHTIES FLASHBACK (Thriller + Time After Time * Eye Of The Tiger * Up Where We Belong * You Give Love A Bad Name) Bb TRUMPET 1 Arranged by PAUL MURTHA “Thriller” Mysterioso Vocal “Wind Effect” ey “Time After Time” nN a3 8 8 TIME ATER TIME, Words and Music by CYNDI LAUPER and ROB HYMAN ‘Copyright © 1983 Rell asic Co, and Deb Nos ‘This arranguent Copyigh ©2006 Raa Masi Co. and Dub Nows AI Rigs Admitted by Sony/ATY Mase Palsting, 8 Musi Square West, Nave, TN 37203, Tatzatoral Copytgh Secured Al Rights Reseed THRILLER From th Parinount tre AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN (Wenz end Matic by ROO TEMPERTON ‘Words by WILL JENNINGS Copyright© 1982 RODSONGS Music hy BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE and IACK NITZSCHE ‘This arrangement Copyright © 2006 RODSONGS Copyright © 1982 by Famous Music LLC and Easgn Music LLC All Rights Controlled and Administered by ALMO MUSIC CORP, “This arangzment Copyrigh © 208 by Famous Mure LLC and Ensign Music LC All Rights Reserved Used by Permission, Tntratonal Copyright Secured AIIRights Reserved ‘YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME ‘Words and Musi by JON BON JOVI RICHIE SAMBORA snd DESMOND CHILD. Copyright © 1986 UNIVERSAL POLYGRAM INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING, INC. BON JOVI PUBLISHING, AGGRESSIVE MUSIC, SONY/ATV TUNES LLC EM APRIL MUSIC INC, and DESMOBILE MUSIC CO. INC. “This arangument Copyright © 2006 UNIVERSAL - POLYGRAM INTERNATIONAL FUBLISHING. INC. BON JOVI PUBLISHING, AGGRESSIVE MUSIC, 'SONVIATY TUNES LLC. EMI APRIL MUSIC INC. and DESMOBILE MUSIC CO. INC ‘NL Rights for BON JOVI PUBLISHING Conioled sn Adminisin by UNIVERSAL. POLYGIRAM INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING. INC. “At Rights or DESMOBILE MUSIC CO, INC. Conolled and Administered by EMI APRIL MUSIC INC. Ags or SONYIATV TUNES Lan AGGRESSIVE MUSIC Airey SOMT/ATW MUSIC PUBLISHING Ms Suse Wes Nie, T3723 ‘ARs Ros Permission EYE OF THETIGER “Thame ftom ROCKY Hit rds and Music by FRANK SULLIVAN and JIM PETERIK CCopsiehe © 1982by Rude Musi, Enslgn Mie LLC, Eaxy Acton Music and WB Music Com. “Tis eran "© 2006 by Rude Msi, Ensign Masi LLC, Easy Action Masi ard WD Moric Cor "Aight fc Rue Mute Contoted and Adminiserd by Ensign Masi CLE ™ 4001064 "AUIRighes for Easy Acton Music Administered by WO Music Cop Eighties Flashback -1 Tnseraional Copyight Secred Allg Reserved Bb TRUMPET 1 6 NB. =v (No Break) “Eye of the Tiger” a [73] Rock 4 a A A> A A iz “ = slight rit. f 95 >, x —=—— f