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- Daily chnating shani mantra & hanuman chalisa with devosion (respects)

shani mantra "OM Sham Shanishchrai Namah"

- Every saturday visiting the temple & worship shani. Not eating any non-veg on
that day.

- Keeping a Red handkerchief with me.

- Doing my daily works in such ways that it satisfy Shani & then he will give me
good results.

Remedies for SadeSati
1. Lord Saturn should be worshipped and oil may be offered in temple on every
2. In the evening, the following mantra of Saturn should be muttered for 108
times : "OM Sah Shanishcharai Namah" or "OM Sham Shanishchrai Namah".
3. Keep a fast for atleast 40 Saturdays. This fast should be started in the
brighter half of the lunar month.
4. A mustard oil lamp should be lighted under a peepal tree.
5. Iron, black collyrium(kala surma), mustard oil, leather shoes, black cloth,
liquor, black urd dal etc. should be donated on Saturday.
6. A ring made up of black horse shoe or nail of the boat or blue sapphire should
be worn.
7. Serve the people of low birth or give donations to them.
8. Liquor or meat should not be consumed on Saturday.
9. The black collyrium (kala surma), should be put under earth, on Saturday.
10. The Almonds and coconut should be caused to flow in the river or running water,
on Saturday.
11. Do not drink milk on Saturday night.

Keep a red coloured handkerchief with you to attract luck.

Planet Saturn is constantly teaching lessons. It causes delays so you may learn
patience, it causes trouble so you may learn to be honest with yourself and others
and to teach you to be objective. It balances Jupiters expansiveness with
prudence, Jupiters luck with practicality, Jupiters enthusiasm with soberness and
conservation in short it is the opposite of Jupiter.
Where Jupiter is the optimist, Saturn is the pessimist.

People complain about how shani destroys them. And I have also seen who have gone
to the extreme lengths to insult Lord Shani and call him Satan.
However such people do not realise that they are suffering for their own sins.
Sade Sati and Shani Dhaiyya happen once every 30 years.
Lord Shani gives us 30 years to nullify our sins and do good onto others.
However the only thing people focus on is trying to pacify shani.
Lord Shani is a very krur Graha. King vikramaditya is a very good example of the
extreme lengths of Lord Shani's cruelty.
He will not get much pacified by chanting Mantras as he will get pacified by doing
good karmas.
If do good karmas you will very soon see that Lord Shani's bad effects are going
He gets extremely easily pleased if you do good towards others.
This is truth. What peace cannot be achieved by chanting shani mantras thousands of
times can achieved by proving to Lord Shani that you have realised that you are
suffering for your sins and you are ready to do everything you can to get rid of